Which One is Madonna?

Rush Reviews Standing CPR

Nobody is shocked by Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears "honoring" Madonna
by making out with her at the Mtv Music Awards, but everyone is acting
as if they are. One year, there was none of this sort of thing at the
Awards and the columnists freaked out the next day. Now it’s mandatory
that some staged "outrage" occur. It’s boring and anything
but spontaneous or scandalous.

This is simply an example of our culture’s decline: people acting like
fools because they think they have to. You know, we keep hearing how
these terrorists hate our amoral culture. Isn’t it possible, some might
ask, that some Al-Qaeda thug could see this kissing (and more of them
are watching in their caves than will ever admit it) and decide to punish
us? Who knows what they might do!

from Rush

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    wow.. great photo.. very nice kiss!

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    Interesting point there. You can read more of it here as well ! they have an good view on it. http://celebrityhotblog.blogspot.com/

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