Lord, please don’t let me win….

This unlucky man, Jody Lee Taylor, won $4.3 million dollars
in the Virginia Lottery. Unfortunately, "He had a weakness for drink and
drugs, they say." Now he’s lost his wife and his job, and he’s in the Henry
County Jail, "charged with trying to kill a police officer after sheriff’s
deputies dragged him — naked — from his pickup truck."

from the Washington Post

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3 Responses to Lord, please don’t let me win….

  1. Nelda says:

    Not to worry… people who do those things, would have anyway; money or not. It is obvious, “taylor” was a ticking time bomb, just waiting to explode… the money just gave him “the excuse” to act the fool. IF your NOT an ass to begin with, money can’t make you one.

  2. JR says:

    Having met Jody, I can tell you he had a few issues to deal with. After the win (I never knew him before he won), there seemed to be any number of people looking to take advantage of Jody, and he struggled to deal with the pressure. I know he had drinking and drug issues before he won, and they certainly got worse after he won, but the bottom line is he was simply unprepared to deal with the money he won. He tried to do some smart things, liking purchasing a large parcel of property, but it seesm the pressure of being a special person in the neighborhood was too much.

    It’s very easy to critisize him, but until you’ve been in his shoes, you have no idea how hard it is. He deserves our pity, and I for one hope he finds some peace in the future.

  3. Herb Reisinger says:

    I will share the wealth!!

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