The 17-minute Season

101807-tom-brady-model.jpgIt’s not a wonderful life. Food doesn’t taste good. Sleep doesn’t
come easily, and the air is polluted. New England sports fans are lost
boys and lost girls. They have lost their leader and their mojo. They
have lost their way.

It was just two days ago that the football
season was starting and hope was infinite. The Patriots were going to
go 18-0 again and this time they were going to finish the job. Jealous
haters across the land were going to be forever silenced. Tom was going
to win the Super Bowl and there would be no tarnish on the Patriots’
claim as “greatest ever.”

from the Boston Globe

The 2008 season of the New England Patriots lasted exactly 17 minutes.  For all the protestations, promises and optomistic bleatings from the lockerroom and the pressbox, all realistic football aficionados know that for all intents and purposes this campaign is over and done with.

Which is not to say that there isn’t a lot of football yet to be played, or that enjoymnet cannot still be sucked from the shell shocked schedule and the challenges to come.  But it will be hard to watch.

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