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A Journal of 2019 – 5


Message sent to Senator Mitt Romney and the Republican Party:

Dear Senator Romney,

I’m an American living in Germany. Yesterday, September 1, on German public television, I watched and listened to a live broadcast of Vice-President Pence giving a brilliant speech at ceremonies in Poland. He spoke in a calm, statesman-like way about many things, about the importance, for example, of a belief in God in the life of a nation. He quoted Alexander Solzhenitsyn on that subject.

Afterwards, it occurred to me what a disaster the current administration is, under Donald Trump. You were right about him, in what you said before the 2016 election..

I think Trump is only going to get worse, and therefore the Republican Party has to take drastic action. Trump must be convinced that he must resign “for health reasons,” and in return, Congress will end all investigations. Trump must know that those investigations will only end in a catastrophe for him.

If Mike Pence – or some other Republican – should then run for president in 2020, Republicans will have a chance of winning the White House again. With Trump, Republicans have no hope winning.

Best regards,

Robert John Bennett



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex (1/2) Response to a papal Tweet: Let us pray that this tragically confused pope and his “advisers” will repudiate all the misguided German cardinals, like Kasper, together with the demonic “spirit” of the Council,… @Pontifex (2/2) so that the Church will be – and will remain – the Body of Christ, not some non-governmental organization concerned with protecting the world’s seas and oceans – and the tribes of the Amazon.

@Pontifex (1/2) “Newman once said in an 1846 letter to Henry Wilberforce: ‘even those who think highly of me have the vaguest, most shadowy, fantastic notions attached to their ideas of me; and feel a respect, not for me, but for… @Pontifex (2/2) some imagination of their own which bears my name.’ Of all the commentators currently seeking to misappropriate Newman, none has been more brazen than Cardinal Walter Kasper.”

@Pontifex We have to be prepared for the worst. “Leonardo Boff’s ties to Pope Francis along with his influence on the Amazon Synod do not bode well for the synod’s outcome with respect to Catholic teaching on celibacy and male-only ordination.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Now is the time for this confused pope to rediscover his vocation as pope – and to become a real pope, one who supports and defends the teachings of the Church and tries to eradicate financial and homosexual corruption.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Or might this be “the season for letting our prayer be inspired anew by closeness to” God? But of course this troubled pope apparently never learned to think in those terms.

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet – This is also the season for this troubled pope to reflect on his lifestyle, on the ruin he’s caused in the Church, on his failure to support Church teaching, and on his failure to eradicate the financial and homosexual corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex Response to another hilarious Tweet by Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori – It seems that under ANY circumstances, WHATEVER the number, every time the cardinals are in procession it qualifies as a gay pride parade! What else could it be?

@Pontifex I think there are heroic souls all over the world who offer their ordinary daily pains and suffering for the conversion of this pope. These good people beg God to remake this sick pope into a good pope, one who will build up the Church not ravage it for the modernists.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: No doubt, @JamesMartinSJ will “reflect on his lifestyle” and undertake (more demonic) actions,” while our sick pope will sit back and continue to do nothing about the homosexual and financial corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex How did it ever come to this? We have a pope who protects sodomites and sodomy. James Martin writes, “The Pope named Archbishop Matteo Zuppi of Bologna as a cardinal! He is a great supporter of #LGBT Catholics and wrote the foreword for the Italian version of my book.”

@Pontifex If you oppose sin, are you a bigot? LGBT Catholics seem to think so.

@Pontifex From today’s Liturgy of the Hours: “O God, take pity on us and bless us, and let your face shine upon us” by giving us a good pope.

@Pontifex From today’s Liturgy of the Hours: “My tears are my food, by day and by night, and everyone asks, ‘Where is your God?’,” your God Who can allow this horrific pontificate to go on and on and on.

@Pontifex From today’s Liturgy of the Hours: “Rejoice in the Lord, O you just; for praise is fitting for loyal hearts.” And what is fitting for hearts – like the heart of this sick pope – which betray the teachings of the Church and ignore homosexual and financial corruption?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This confused pope too is a beloved creature of God, Who in His goodness calls this pope to defend Church teaching and the Gospel, while at the same time calling this pope to rebuild the Church from the ruin this pope has made of it.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This may be the best example so far of this confused pope’s delusional thinking. Some people see a future ( that may be quite different from “a song of cosmic praise to the creator.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “May God, the lover of life, grant” this tragic pope the courage to do good by defending Church teaching, not destroying it, and by eradicating the Church’s sodomite network, not by using @JamesMartinSJ to promote and encourage it.

@Pontifex Msgr. Nicola Bux said that “the changes at the John Paul II Institute are part of a larger bid to force change in the Church through the exercise of Vatican power, ‘using Stalinist methods with velvet gloves’.”

@Pontifex “Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, is a charlatan theologian. He has published a piece in Fishwrap sneering at the Catholic belief concerning the Eucharist.” Meanwhile, this sick pope is worried about “the seas and oceans,” as he says in a recent Tweet.

@Pontifex A friend said that it would take a century to repair the damage this sick pope has inflicted on the Church with his latest appointments to the College of Cardinals (formerly the Sacred College of Cardinals, but course “sacred” was dropped; it was SO very Tridentine).

@Pontifex In Purgatory, this tragic pope will learn what he has done to the Church.

@Pontifex A friend said that the horrors of this pontificate have been inflicted on the Church in order to purify it. In the words of Julian of Norwich, “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”

@Pontifex No wonder so few Catholics believe in the Real Presence. This benighted pope himself doesn’t believe. He never genuflects at mass (but he can kneel in order to – oh, so very humbly, for all the world to see – kiss the feet of a Muslim.

@Pontifex In today’s Liturgy of the Hours, we hear the voice of the Church, the voice of Christ, crying out: “Rescue me from betrayers, from the wicked.” (Psalm 42 [43])

@Pontifex And will this tragic pope allow the German cardinals (Kasper, Marx, et al.) to do to the Church as a whole what they’ve done to the Church here in Germany, causing more and more people to flee the Church?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Faithful Catholics invite the Holy Spirit into His Church, wounded by the ravages of this tragic pope. And we beg God to stop this sick pontiff from causing any more damage and ruin.

@Pontifex Today is the feast day of St. Gregory the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church. Will God ever again send us a heroic pontiff, one who will restore the Church, instead of wrecking it as this present unholy pontiff is managing to do – and God in His wisdom is allowing?

@Pontifex “As I walked around Buenos Aires for two weeks, I saw some Argentine pride in Jorge Bergoglio, but not much.”

@Pontifex (1/2) “Far from reviving Catholicism in Buenos Aires, this pontificate has deflated it. “Immediately after his election church attendance seemed to go up a little bit,” said one Argentine Catholic. ‘But now it has gone down. Parishes which once had perpetual… @Pontifex (2/2) Eucharistic adoration no longer have it. The situation in Buenos Aires has gone from bad to worse.’ Another Argentine Catholic tells me, ‘I stopped going to daily Mass because the quality of it has become such a joke’.”

@Pontifex “According to seasoned observers, the power in Buenos Aires lies largely in the hands of liberal groups, the very groups a power-hungry Jorge Bergoglio did the most to cultivate.

@Pontifex “Last week, ‘Crux’ ran a tortured piece about the ‘Francis effect,’ noting desperately that it is seen not in the Church (where sacramental use is down) but in society at large, whatever that means.”

@Pontifex “The Eucharist has been under attack for decades, and reception in the hand, shoving the tabernacles to the sides, emphasizing the “meal” as opposed to the “sacrifice” — all of this and more have contributed greatly to the lack of faith.”

@Pontifex Another pro-LGBT bishop is named a cardinal. This sick pope proceeds in his destruction of the Church. Despite Viganò. Despite promises. May God help us. And may God have mercy on the soul of this tragically confused, error-prone pope.

@Pontifex When this tragically sick pope appoints another pro-LGBT bishop as cardinal (, in what way is he eradicating the sodomite rot in the Vatican, among prelates, among clerics, and in the seminaries. The priesthood is has become a “gay profession.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “ANOTHER pro-gay cardinal ( There must be enough now to make the next consistory into a gay pride celebration!”

@Pontifex I suppose if a bishop wants to be a cardinal, he doesn’t HAVE to be pro-sodomy, but it sure seems to help if he is.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This troubled pope should be praying that God will restore His Church in Africa and throughout the world, that He will bring this sick pope back to the Gospel and Church teaching and have him end the sodomite corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex The collapse goes on: “Fuller was an active homosexual who received sacrilegious Holy Communion and then committed suicide. This was known in advance by various people, including the archbishop who gave his sanction for the funeral.”

@Pontifex “What thinking Catholic cannot see that there is something very sick in the U.S. episcopate — very sick indeed?

@Pontifex More sodomite rot ( for a pope to clean up, but of course THIS sick, pro-LGBT pope won’t be the one to do it. (“Pro-LGBT”? Yes, because he keeps making these guys bishops and cardinals.)

@Pontifex “Fewer Catholics but more income for the Church in the Germany” ( Well, Church income is what’s really important for the German cardinals, isn’t it? Who cares how many Catholics there are, right?

@Pontifex “The Amazon Synod’s solemn-sounding Instrumentum Laboris is hard to let go. Its glittering fatuity is the keynote of a Vatican syllabus…It is impossible to think the bishops believe their own cant.”

@Pontifex “Nearly 200 scholars demand removed JPII Institute profs be reinstated”( Demand? DEMAND? Nobody “demands” anything from THIS “merciful” pope.

@Pontifex “Amazon missionary bishop: Synod plans miss the real problems” ( Well, I guess we know ONE Amazon bishop who’ll be missing from the Synod. This sick pope’s synods are clearly ONLY for those bishops who agree with him.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “The pope is corrupt.”

@Pontifex This interview ( will give renewed hope to all those who feel crushed by the horror of this present pontificate.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Says It’s an ‘Honor’ to be Criticized by Americans” As an American, I’m happy I can “honor” this tragic pope in this way.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And faithful Catholics pray for our brothers and sisters who have lost their faith and who are suffering because of what this corrupt and confused pope and his “advisers” have done to the Church.

@Pontifex “I am convinced that the pontificate of Pope Francis has been Providentially permitted to demonstrate the depths to which the center of ecclesiastical power has fallen.”

@Pontifex Americans are glad that this troubled pope feels it is an “honor” to be criticized by them. Americans also rejoice in the knowledge that Divine Providence will ultimately use the rot and horror of this tragic pontificate to purify the Church in centuries to come.

@Pontifex A wonderful new Tweet for this sick pope from @CaproEspiatori (of the “Vatican Post Office [not]”): “The Pope says he likes when people are critical of him and don’t like him. That’s a great news because wait until he finds out what God thinks of him!”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Ah, but it’s not only Americans who ‘honor’ the pope with their criticism, Italians like @CaproEspiatori ‘honor’ him that way too.”

@Pontifex Americans also feel it is an “honor” that this tragic pope even NOTICES their criticism enough to comment on it.”

@Pontifex Will the new cardinals help to ensure that the next pope will be even worse than this one? Of course. And will they also ensure that the changes in the Church are “irreversible”? Yes, but not in the way this dreadful pope thinks. There are decades and centures to come.

@Pontifex What this sick pope has allowed at the JPII Institute cries out to heaven. God will “reward” him for everything the pro-LGBT Cardinal Paglia is doing. Instead of clearing out the sodomite rot from the Church this dreadful pope is allowing it to be entrenched. For now.

@Pontifex People in Europe and America are leaving the Church in droves, but for faithful Catholics, Church teachings and the Gospel have never been more meaningful since they have been twisted and attacked by this horrific pope and all his (sodomite) “advisers.”

@Pontifex A friend asked why this pope surrounds himself with sodomites and crooks. Another friend said that such “advisers” are easier for this dreadful pope to manipulate and control. “Everyone knows that,” she said. “That’s the way he worked in Buenos Aires.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Paglia will turn the once-glorious JPII Institute into an sodomite-friendly organization. God, though, will one day intervene, and Paglia won’t like it.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “So now, after two thousand years, we have our first pro-sodomite pope. Satan must be dancing for joy, especially since the JPII Institute will be turned into a pro-sodomy institution by Cardinal Paglia (of sodomite painting fame).”

@Pontifex This pope of horrors says that the changes he makes in the Church will be “irreversible.” And when he entered the Garden of Eden, perhaps Satan too said that the changes he’d make would be “irreversible.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “The pursuit of lasting peace is a mission that involves” devotion to Church teaching and the Gospel. It involves ridding the Church and the world of sin and corruption – especially, in the Church, this pope’s tolerance of sodomite corruption.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Peace is like a delicate flower trying to blossom on the stony” papal ground of hypocrisy and self-promotion, and on the stony ground of the papal destruction of the JPII Institute.

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet – “Peace is like a delicate flower trying to blossom on the stony ground” of this pontificate of endless horror.

@Pontifex “Pope orders action as Holy See’s debt swells” ( Uh oh, it looks as if those rich German bishops have turned off the money-spigot. This pope must not be doing what he’s told.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Catholics pray that this sick pope will “keep quiet a moment” and let God speak to him about being faithful to Church teaching and the Gospel, about ridding the Church of the sodomite filth and financial corruption, the worst in centuries.

@Pontifex Michael Voris tell us ( “You are being screwed by bishops who know this evil is present in the ranks of the clergy, yet they keep paying them with money you put in the plate each Sunday. It gets paid to active gay men living at your expense.”

@Pontifex “Heck, the gay bars in Rome would probably go out of business if the American clergy stopped being sent there.”

@Pontifex “Videos extoll the great things we pay for: Catholic school kids benefit from our donation, etc. What we don’t see is Fr. Gay and his loverboy priest whooping it up at our expense and counting the days to get the diocesan pension we funded.”

@Pontifex “The big gay machine in the Church is funded by us. We are paying for clerical gay sex. When the bishop comes and says he needs $190 million, tell him to fire all the gay clergy, add up the money saved, then come with his message of deception.”

@Pontifex “We’ve suffered under a reformed liturgy designed by experts; we’ve seen the Church ravaged by clerical abuse of various kinds; and we’ve tasted modernity’s bitter fruit, choked on it, and spit it out — well, we’re not buying it any more.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And no one does more harm to the Church than a pope left to his own devices. He becomes a pope of horrors, who ignores Church teaching and the Gospel, a pope who ignores danger signals like sodomite clergy and financial corruption.

@Pontifex Once there was a religious order called the Society of Jesus. Once there were men called Jesuits:

@Pontifex “’Progressives’ and modernists have been beating the same drum for the last fifty years. The results for the Church have been disastrous.”

@Pontifex “The liberalizing clericalist regime of Pope Francis is assaulting orthodox laypeople, whose only crime is refusing to reduce Catholicism to a sort of party line, which may be changed at the whim of its leaders.”

A friend said, “The destruction will go on in the Vatican – the sodomy, the finances, the ruin of organizations like the JPII Institute – but the Church of the faithful will survive outside the Vatican. Then, decades or maybe even a century from now the Church will be rebuilt.”

@Pontifex “The pope wrote to Cardinal Marx, head of the Vatican’s financial oversight council, expressing the gravity of the situation.” (Cardinal Marx, a German, was the one to contact. The German Church is loaded. Marx will tell the pope what to do.)

@Pontifex This confused pope is no longer young. He will be entering eternity soon. We beg God to forgive him for what he has done to the Church.

@Pontifex The Church has survived periods of horror before – and horrific popes like this one – and the Church will survive this period and this tragic pope. Even if this sick and confused pope doesn’t believe Christ will protect His Church, we faithful Catholics do believe it.

@Pontifex “The changes I make in the Garden of Eden will be irreversible.” – Satan.
“The changes I make in the Church will be irreversible.” – This present sick and confused pope.

@Pontifex “Be pleased, Lord, to look kindly on Zion, so that the walls of Jerusalem can be rebuilt.” – From today’s Liturgy of the Hours. And faithful Catholics beg God to rebuild His Church – even if far in the future – out of the wreckage this sick pope will have left behind.

@Pontifex “I will rest and be quiet on the day of tribulation and let it overtake those who have invaded us….I will rejoice in the Lord, take joy in God my saviour. The Lord God is my strength.” – From today’s Liturgy of the Hours

@Pontifex Satan detests humility in all its forms, except one. Satan absolutely loves the fake humility of a pope.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Let’s not forget our poorest brothers and sisters,” and let this tragic pope not forget that he is responsible for saving their souls, by not betraying Church teaching and by ridding the Church of sodomy and financial corruption.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Belief in Christ implies another golden rule. “Present the Gospel and Church teaching so that their meaning isn’t twisted and corrupted and the souls of others are led to hell. Do not present divorce, sodomy, etc., as actions God approves.”

@Pontifex “Cardinals Brandmüller and Burke are sounding the alarm over the Amazon Synod as a threat to the Church. They’ve warned bishops to guard against attempts to overthrow Church teaching.” The Synod outcome has already been decided by this sick pope.

@Pontifex “The Pope,” tweets @CaproEspiatori, “in order to heal the divide inside the Church, has invited any “conservative” religious orders that still seek clarification to contact the Holy See with questions. {Please be sure to include all bank statements and asset lists.}”

@Pontifex Reply to @CaproEspiatori: And while he awaits the asset lists, this pope will be following instructions from his masters, the German cardinals. The German Church is rolling in money, and as long as this pope does what he’s told, he can tap into that cash at any time.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Dear Francis, we could never attack you as you have attacked the Faith. It is impossible for us to cause as much damage as you have. We criticize you because you wound the Church; you mock our concern. You have no shame.”

@Pontifex “Two cardinals of the Catholic Church are asking their fellows to prepare a response to inevitable heresy in a synod led by a pope, and are warning about direct indications of apostasy from this official event.”

@Pontifex And so the destruction continues. “Pope Francis has criticized Cardinal Gerhard Müller,…’He has good intentions, he is a good man. The Pope likes him. But he is like a child’.” Only we faithful Catholics will remain in the coming centuries.

@Pontifex We faithful Catholics who are following this tragic pope’s path of destruction through the Church know that when the destruction is ended, and all the other Catholics have left the Church, we will remain, and we will rebuild.

@Pontifex The Church is suffering grievously under the horrors of this pontificate, and the worst is yet to come, after the Amazon Synod. But faithful Catholics remember the words of St. Paul: “Bless those who persecute you: never curse them, bless them.” (Romans 12:14)

@Pontifex When faithful Catholics think of the present and coming horrors of this pontificate, we also think of God’s promise, expressed in the Benedictus of the Liturgy of the Hours. God swore that one day “we could serve him without fear,” free of those destroying the Church.

@Pontifex Confronted with the devastation this tragic pope is inflicting – and will inflict – on the Church. faithful Catholics think of St. Paul’s words from today’s reading at mass: “Persevere in the faith, firmly grounded, stable, and not shifting from the hope of the Gospel.

@Pontifex Just as we look back on certain ages of Church corruption with horror, so will future generations look back on this age of sodomite, financial, and theological corruption with the same kind of horror – especially after the Amazon Synod takes place.

@Pontifex “Philippines: bishops welcome court decision against same-sex marriage” ( Of course, even if this confused pope even WANTED to welcom such a decision, his masters in the German episcopacy and @JamesMartinSJ would never allow it.

@Pontifex “Brazilian government should not fear October synod, bishop says” ( No? Well, faithful Catholics should fear it, even though we trust God not to allow that synod or this tragic pope to destroy much more of the Church.

@Pontifex “The German bishops are creating a new ‘binding’ Synodal Assembly, despite a warning from Pope Francis that German bishops must remain in step with the whole Church.” Or maybe the whole Church should remain in step with the German bishops?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – A real “sower of peace and hope,” tells the truth, is truly humble, doesn’t deceive himself or others, doesn’t take revenge on critics. Such a man also supports Church teaching and eradicates sodomite and financial corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex A New York Times columnist ( describes Boris Johnson as “this gifted buffoon, who could be dismissed as inconsequential if he had not done so much damage to his country.” Does that perhaps remind you of a current religious leader and his Church?

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet – This delusional pope says God wants people to write “the most beautiful page” of their lives. But he doesn’t tell them how to do that as he wrecks the truth of Church teaching, and while he supports sodomite clergy and financial corruption.

@Pontifex “The Rhine-Tiber Two-Step Is Back – As each of the synods during the pontificate of Francis gets underway, we are treated to what has become a familiar dance.” Is our sick pope also a deceitful pope?

@Pontifex St Alphonsus Liguori wrote that the devils tremble before the name of Mary. ( Faithful Catholics hope the devils producing the “smoke of Satan” in the Vatican will tremble at Mary’s name and that the demons there will stop destroying the Church.

@Pontifex I friend said, “I think the whole society will continue to sink into a morass of sin, and this tragic pope will continue to sink the Church into a morass of heresy: permission for sacriligious Communion, sodomite ‘marriage,’ women ‘priests.’ And God will react.”

@Pontifex In today’s Office, the psalmist reassures us that God will not forever subject the Church to the horrors of this pontificate: “All your promises are to be trusted: and holy is your habitation, O Lord, to the end of time.” (Psalm 92 [93])

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragically delusional pope (with his clumsy poetry) tweets that “our life and our talents are the result of a gift woven between God and…many silent hands” (silent hands?). Why is this sick pope using that gift to destroy the Church?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Yes, by all means, let us turn in prayer to the Holy Virgin and beg her – beseech, IMPLORE her – to ask Her Son to have mercy on His Church, which is suffering so grievously under the horrors of this pontificate.

@Pontifex “Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller send letters to the College of Cardinals, warning that apostasy threatens to find its way into the tribal socialist Pan-Amazonian Synod in Rome next month.”

@Pontifex Two of the world’s most important entities are being destroyed by their leaders – the United States under Donald Trump and the Catholic Church under this tragic and delusional pope.

@Pontifex “The Novus Ordo Church is dying before our eyes, and we’re still celebrating the ‘springtime’ of Vatican II like crazy people.”

@Pontifex “We are in a truly dark moment for the universal Church: The Supreme Pontiff is now blatantly lying to the whole world to cover up his wicked deeds!” – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

@Pontifex ““It is a mistake for the Church to try to hold on to old traditions or to have clear answers for everything.” – Pope Francis

@Pontifex “The Presbyterian Church – Where Believing in God Isn’t Strictly Necessary” And how long will it be before this becomes a description of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church as well?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – God did decide “to live and remain in the midst of His people.” But he does so on the basis of true Church teaching and the Gospel, not on the basis of clerical sodomy and financial corruption. When will we have a pope who understands that?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This poor, delusional pope tweets, “happy is the Church of the poor and for the poor.” The tragic man doesn’t understand that only a Church based on solid teaching and on the Gospel, not on one of his endless fantasies, can be truly happy.

@Pontifex A friend said, “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so I have to give this sick pope credit. With all his wacky ideas, he’s right about one thing: climate change ( But in that coming devastation there is hope for a rebirth of the Church.”

@Pontifex More “fruit” from the “spirit” of the Council: “A US priest, a Philippine village, and decades of secrecy” ( It will end only when someday – perhaps decades or even centuries from now – the Church admits it was a mistake to follow that “spirit.”

@Pontifex “There is infinite hope, only not for us.” – Franz Kafka ( Thank God, we know there IS hope for us, despite the horrors of this pontificate.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Happy are they who stop believing in this delusional pope’s loopy fantasies.

@Pontifex We’ve had 50 years of the “spirit” of the Council, not 40, but, “For forty years they wearied me, that generation. I said: their hearts are wandering, they do not know my paths. I swore in my anger: they will never enter my place of rest.” (Psalm 94 [95[)

@Pontifex The psalmist sings: “One day in the courts of my God is worth more than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be at the doorstep of the house of my God than live in the dwellings of sinners,” like those in the Vatican who tolerate sodomite clergy and financial corruption

@Pontifex Response to this pope – To be a good Christian? Do more than follow the Beatitudes. Jesus said, “If you want to enter life, keep the commandments.” (Matthew 19:17) A friend said sarcastically, “Keep the commandments? This “merciful” pope would NEVER advise doing THAT!”

@Pontifex “The unaccountable hierarchy is simply out of control. They let homosexual men run the Church, they lie and cover it up, they refuse to tell the truth — and now they are blocking even secular media types from asking tough questions.”

@Pontifex And on he goes: “protection of the most corrupt in the Church at the expense of the weak and the vulnerable, a hatred from on high for the faithful and their deep-rooted concerns, and repeated attacks on the very fabric of the moral law itself.”



Comment on a video by Father Mark Goring:

Excellent, excellent commentary on what is happening to the Church here in Germany. And it’s not just that the bishops are “abdicating their role of leadership,” most of them WANT THE SAME GOALS as the ZdK (the lay group Father Mark mentioned). The head of the German bishops’ conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, along with the ZdK, approved the plan for a “Synodal Assembly” to review “authority and separation of powers” in the Church; teaching on “sexual morality”; clerical discipline and “the priestly mode of life” (i.e., celibacy); and “women at the service of ecclesiastical offices” in the Church. The results of this assembly are to be “binding”

And what else is happening to the Church in Germany? Membership is declining. According to official statistics 216,078 people left the Catholic Church here last year. (The number can be exactly known, because taxpayers in Germany are required to declare their religious affiliation on their income tax forms, so that their “church tax” can be deducted from their total income. If they end their religious affiliation, they indicate that on their tax form.)

And why do German bishops and cardinals have so much influence in Rome? Precisely because the “church tax” provides them with a steady, enormous source of revenue which they use to prop up Vatican finances whenever needed by the pope

One of the few prelates who show any opposition to the “Synodal Assembly,” is Cardinal Rainer Woelki of Cologne. Is it a coincidence that the background photo for this video is St. Peter’s Cathedral in Cologne?



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Response to a Tweet by @ChristineNiles1 – What’s taking so long is the fantasy world this sick pope lives in. It’s a world where he waits and says nothing and everyone just forgets about the sodomy problem among the clergy and it all just magically goes away.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And may God’s love and mercy protect this confused pope from the machinations of the demonic “spirit” of Vatican II. May God bring about the conversion of this troubled, tragic pope. May God free him from the malign influence of the Germans.

@Pontifex Another message for this tragic pope and his “advisers,” from the Liturgy of the Hours: “If only, today, you would listen to his voice: ‘Do not harden your hearts’.” Follow the teachings of the Church and the Gospel, get rid of all sodomite and financial corruption.

@Pontifex Today, faithful Catholics who pray the Liturgy of the Hours will recite this verse: “My helper is my God; I will place my trust in him.” Can this confused pope and his “advisers” honestly pray those same words?

@Pontifex From the first reading at mass today, for this pope and his “advisers”: “See to it that no one captivate you with an empty, seductive philosophy according to human tradition, according to the elemental powers of the world and not according to Christ” (Colossians 2,6-15)

@Pontifex “American Catholics actually believe what the Church has always taught and they broadcast that belief. The conspiracy theories being promoted in the upper echelons of the Church are laughable.”

@Pontifex Today, a friend pointed out to me a prophetic passage in the book of Isaiah: “The dogs have a mighty appetite; they never have enough. The shepherds also have no understanding; they have all turned to their own way, each to his own gain, one and all.” (Isaiah 56:12)

@Pontifex (1/3) “Philip Lawler has written a cogent and informative book about the decline of the Church under the current pope, including this pope’s apparent indifference… @Pontifex (2/3) to the Church’s past. ‘If a Catholic today is free to ignore the teachings of John Paul II, as Francis implies, then a Catholic tomorrow… @Pontifex (3/3) will be free to ignore the teaching of Francis….By that standard, the papacy of Francis has been a disaster for the Church’.” – The Remnant Newspaper, 15 September 2019, “LOST SHEPHERD: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock”

@Pontifex “THE AMAZON PAPACY (#ToHellwithVaticanII)” Video from The Remnant newspaper

@Pontifex “Will the Church, this October, lose its Roman face in order to assume an “Amazonic face”? Somebody wants this to happen, but he’s not in the Amazon, he’s in Rome where Saint Peter was martyred, the Apostle who was the first bishop of Rome.”

@Pontifex Reply to @CaproEspiatori – Right, it’s no joke. He says he is not afraid of provoking schism. But like so many things that this delusional pope says – living as he does in a fantasy world – it’s so ridiculous that faithful Catholics can only laugh.

@Pontifex A friend said there are two catastrophes looming in October: Brexit in the UK and the Amazon Synod in the Vatican. A “no deal” exit from the EU will break up the UK, and when the Amazon Synod approves adultery, sodomy, and women priests, the Church break up.

@Pontifex Antiphon from today’s Office: “Blessed is the man who walks in justice and speaks what is true.” Catholics pray that someday we will have a pope like that, not like what we have now. We need a pope who “walks in justice and speaks what is true.”

@Pontifex “If we take happiness from God’s hand, must we not take sorrow too?” (Job 2:10) And if we take good popes from God’s hand, must we not take evil popes too? Must we not also take popes who tolerate sodomite corruption and all kinds of corruption in Church teaching?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope says he believes the Gospel is “the most powerful leaven of brotherhood, freedom, justice and peace.” It is also a leaven of truth, which a blind pope cannot see, as he tolerates sexual and financial corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Christ is also the hope of the Church, if only we had a good pope, one who truly followed Christ, instead of his own whims and those of his “advisers,” and, of course, the so-called “spirit” of the Council.

@Pontifex A pontificate brimming with truth and honesty: “We must not propose liberation theology. It scares many people. We need to talk about socio-environmental issues instead.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis is packing the court ahead of the next papal conclave. In a surprise move, Francis announced last week that 13 clerics will be added to the College of Cardinals next month — among them, several of the pontiff’s key leftist allies.”

@Pontifex If only this troubled pope really believed, as he says, that “Christ is the hope of the world.” But when this confused pontiff confronts Christ at his judgment, will he be able to convince the Lord that he really believed in the Gospel and in Church teaching?

@Pontifex “Amazon Synod working document earns strong criticism from Amazon experts” This sick pope probably “welcomes” this criticism.

@Pontifex “How the condemned heresy of modernism has infiltrated the Amazon Synod” Modernism in the Amazon Synod? Surely this sick pope is just ecstatic!i

@Pontifex This sick pope says he’s “not afraid of schism,” especially from Americans. The only question: if and when the schism comes, will it be this confused pontiff who remains in the Church, or will his schismatic tendencies have pushed him out of it?

@Pontifex “The Church, in its concrete juridical structure, as it exists now, is at an end.” A friend said, “This tragic pope – not to mention Satan himself – must be ecstatic!”

@Pontifex A friend said, “I wake up every morning and wonder what horror this sick and tragic pope is going to inflict on the Church today, and then I pray that God will either convert him or send us a good pope. Meanwhile I shudder to think what the next consistory could bring.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “When I think of this pope’s scorn toward faithful Catholics, I pray the Benedictus: ‘Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, for he has come…to rescue us from our enemies and all who hate us’.”

@Pontifex When future generations look back on the devastation this pontificate is causing in the Church, they may find it hard to believe that a pope could be so sick and blind as not to understand what he was doing to the Body of Christ.

@Pontifex A friend asked, “Is this confused pope really so desperate for money that he obeys the weird theology of the German cardinals in return for the money they give him?”

@Pontifex “We can not just dispose of everything we want or by majority decide what faith and church should mean today. We have been entrusted with something we must preserve. ” – Cardinal Rainer Woelki #SynodalerWeg

@Pontifex “We can not just dispose of everything we want or by majority decide what faith and church should mean today. We have been entrusted with something we must preserve. ” – Cardinal Rainer Woelki #SynodalerWeg (Will Cardinal Woelki be punished for this mild criticism?)

@Pontifex “An American priest has responded to Pope Francis’ recent remarks on “young, rigid priests,” saying in a social media post addressed to the Pope that he must “honestly and painfully say that I am wearied from being scorned and demonized by you.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider issued an eight-page declaration warning against six ‘serious theological errors and heresies’ contained in the Amazon Synod IL, and calling for prayer and fasting to prevent them being approved.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider say these ‘implicit and explicit’ errors (in the working document of the Amazon Synod) are an ‘alarming manifestation of the confusion, error and division which beset the Church in our day’.”

@Pontifex “(Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider) add that ‘no one’ can say they were not aware of the ‘gravity of the situation’ (regarding the Amazon Synod) and so excuse themselves from ‘taking appropriate action’ for love of Christ and His Church.”

@Pontifex “(Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider) write that ‘every Catholic’ is called to ‘safeguard the truths of the faith’ lest the synod bishops ‘betray’ their mission, which is to assist the Pope in the ‘preservation and growth of faith and morals’.”

@Pontifex “Recalling that Blessed John Henry Newman will be canonized during the synod, (Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider) reference two of his writings in which he ‘warned against theological errors similar to errors in the instrumentum laboris’.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “After the way Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have criticized the Amazon Synod (, I wouldn’t be surprised if this sick pope takes horrific revenge on them, as he almost always does with critics.”

@Pontifex “The pontiff also said that he does not ‘fear schisms’ and said that there had been many schisms in the Church.” Yes, but did any of those schisms involve a pope who was in schism with the rest of the Church, as seems to be happening now?

@Pontifex (1/4) Santo Padre, I’m not feeling the love here, I don’t feel accompanied by you. Make room in your heart for me and others like me. I am not a young priest, but I know you don’t like my type of priesthood… @Pontifex (2/4) Further I am an American and this mere fact seems to also make me troublesome in your eyes. I am not afraid of everything a you state, but I do have concerns for the ambiguity of some of your teachings and severity of some of your actions…. @Pontifex (3/4) Yet when we, your less favored sons, ask you questions you will not answer or clarify. In all this I am still your son and share the priesthood of Jesus with you. I await the solicitude and gentle care from you that you say I, and others like me, lack…. @Pontifex (4/4) Meanwhile I must honestly and painfully say that I am wearied from being scorned and demonized by you.

@Pontifex Fr. Raymond Blake wrote, “I don’t see this continuous criticism from our beloved Holy Father as Christlike, I find it painful and destructive of faith and unity, and contrary to the action of the Holy Spirit’s action in the Church.”

@Pontifex “Mark Lambert, an American Catholic lay blogger and father of five, posted Msgr. Pope’s message on his blog. He believes millions of Catholics feel the same sense of being abandoned” (by this tragic pope).


Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Francis and company make it quite clear that any and all criticism is motivated by some irrational, ideological, political, and unCatholic hatred of Francis. They would rather stonewall, deflect, and even insult rather than actually dialogue.”

@Pontifex “Mark Lambert was horrified by Francis’ tone. ‘It seems frankly inconceivable to me that any pope would speak of one of the very worst things to happen to the Church in the way this Pope is speaking of possible schism’.”

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet – Indeed, as this tragic pope says, let Our Lady inspire us “with a Christian outlook, so as to live like and imitate her Son Jesus.” But God forbid that we should ever live like and imitate this sick pope.

@Pontifex “Swiss diocese officially applauds govt’s efforts to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’” And this tragic pope’s destruction of the Church grinds on.

@Pontifex The Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets: “In another boring Hollywood re-tread, Pope Thanos makes clear his intention to snap his fingers in the Amazon and remove half the Church so it can be re-made in his image.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – A friend said, “If this tragic pope spent less time an global educational projects and more time on, for example, making sure the world really was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, there might be fewer crowds of people leaving the Church.”

@Pontifex For @EdwardPentin: Right, we don’t want any “rigid” spiritual exercises like those that encouraged early Jesuits like St. Francis Xavier to make the journey by ship to Asia, baptize tens of thousands, and evangelize generations. We want masses with guitars and dancing!

@Pontifex “Discerning the Priesthood: One Form or Two Forms?” A friend commented sarcastically, “HERESY!! SCHISM!!!”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis knows the Amazon Synod may provoke a schism. He is ready to say others are making the schism, but he is provoking it himself. Is this the attitude of a pastor who cares for the faithful?” —Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex “Chinese Catholics Increasingly Bullied to Join Communist State-Run Church” Oh, surely this all-wise (but frequently delusional) pope will just phone Xi Jinping and put a stop to this, won’t he?

@Pontifex The opinion of one Catholic layman, a former US intelligence analyst and investigator: “The Fool in the Vatican”

@Pontifex A friend said, “When you consider the leaders of the world’s two most important entities, the USA and the Catholic Church, you realize how close we are to the fulfillment of the prophecies of doom that Our Lady expressed at Fatima and Akita and elsewhere.”

@Pontifex A friend said, when I read this verse from Jeremiah, I think of what this pope has done to the Church: ‘Let my eyes shed tears, night and day, let them never cease, for the daughter of my people is afflicted with a great affliction, with the worst of all wounds’.”

@Pontifex St. Paul writes, “I have been mercifully treated because I acted out of ignorance in my unbelief.” (1 Timothy 1:13-17) If God could treat St. Paul like that, won’t he treat this troubled pope equally mercifully, convert him. and make him a good pope?

@Pontifex When faithful Catholics read, “Can a blind person guide a blind person?” (Luke 6,39-42), they think of this tragic pope, his “advisers,” his followers, and his masters in Germany.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – To be “certain that the Lord will support and accompany them,” Jesus’ disciples, above all this tragic pope, “must act and commit themselves,” to the truth, to the Gospel, to Church teaching, and to the eradication of sodomite corruption.

@Pontifex Everywhere in the US, bishops are “being exposed as duplicitous schemers, liars, deception artists and cover-up experts.” Some would say we have a tragically sick pope who is a duplicitous schemer, liar, deception artist, and cover-up expert.

@Pontifex “No matter where you look, no matter what rock you turn over, these men — products of a system of lies and privilege and cover-up and lack of transparency and financial misdeeds and homosexual relationships — continue along in their sins.”

“These men are proof that the U.S. episcopate is little else than a brood of vipers.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Cupich could say sex between priests doesn’t really mean that much because it’s consensual. And he ought to know since two of his priests got caught by police having car sex on a public street in Miami. But hey, it’s consensual.”

@Pontifex “Missouri Attorney General Refers 12 Catholic Clergy for Prosecution -The investigation found that 163 priests or clergy members were accused of sexual abuse or misconduct against minors.” The “spirit” of the Council just keeps on giving.

@Pontifex “Pro-contraception priest hired to teach ethics at new John Paul II Institute in Rome” It may not be the end of the Church, but it’s certainly the beginning of the end of the John Paul II Institute. This sick pope is doing his work well.

@Pontifex “If Pope Francis doesn’t fear a split in the Church, then I fear Pope Francis” I think we should all have a healthy fear of Satan and all his works.

@Pontifex “Vatican: German Synod Plans ‘Not Ecclesiologically Valid’” Not ecclesiologically valid? This delusional pope is probably laughing at that. For him, NOTHING is ecclesiologically invalid, especially when it comes from his wealthy German masters.

@Pontifex “Further Anti-Christian Decisions By Communist China” That agreement with China was SUCH a smart move on the part of our tragically delusional pope, wasn’t it?

@Pontifex “New JPII Institute Professors Question Church Orthodoxy on Homosexuality, Contraception” This sick and delusional pope says he doesn’t care about schism. He seems not to care about trying to destroy the Church either.

@Pontifex Read this and weep: “New JPII Institute Professors Question Church Orthodoxy on Homosexuality, Contraception” This sick pope seems well on his way to his apparent goal of schism and destruction of the Church.

@Pontifex “German plans for binding Synod violate Church law, Vatican says” That’s what Cardinal Ouellet thinks. This confused pope will bring him back into line, because this pope knows better than to contradict his German masters – and lose their money.

@Pontifex This tragic pope displays his peronist side (“tell ’em what they want to hear, even if it contradicts what you’ve said before.”) He tells the Augustinians, “Detaching oneself from one’s roots in order to be modern will lead to ruin and suicide.”

@Pontifex “Avoid The Scandal of Being Airport Bishops” said this benighted pope After his trip to southern Africa a week ago, this pope announces he’s going to Thailand and Japan in November

@Pontifex “Synod’s special secretaries discusses ‘why the Amazon merits a synod’” Well, SOMEBODY’s got to try to explain it.

@Pontifex “Vatican U.N. nuncio laments ‘cycle of violence’ surrounding 9/11 attacks” So isn’t it wonderful that this confused pope signed his agreement making The Great Religion of Peace more or less equal to our Faith? That’ll really do a lot of good.

@Pontifex The high incidence of suicide among US veterans ( is a quasi-religious problem this tragic pope might want to address. Oh, wait. No. He can’t. It could harm his image. He might be seen as supporting the “patriarchy.” Gotta maintain the image.

@Pontifex The high incidence of suicide among US veterans ( is a quasi-religious problem this tragic pope might want to address. Oh, wait. He can’t. It could harm his image. He might be seen as supporting the “patriarchy.” Gotta maintain the image. right?

@Pontifex An elderly friend said, “Pope Pius XII had a huge impact on me and a billion other Catholics around the world, and he never left the Vatican. Our no-influence pope condemns ‘airport bishops’ and takes off for another continent every few months.”

@Pontifex From a papal tweet, “Christ humbled Himself by becoming a servant.” We want a pope who is humble when no one is watching, a pope who will humble himself by remaining faithful Church teaching, and not appoint to the JPII Institute those who tolerate sodomy and adultery.

@Pontifex “This pope said, ‘Fair criticism is always well received by me.’ Really? I can easily recall dozens of occasions on which he lashed out as his critics—characterizing them as Pharisees and hypocrites, ‘doctors of the law,’ rigid and uncharitable.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis is not afraid of a split in the Church. I am. That’s why I’m afraid of this Pope.” – Phil Lawler

@Pontifex After attacks on by this confused pope, faithful Catholics find consolation in these verses from today’s Office: “They chased and pursued me, to make me fall, and the Lord came to my help. The Lord is my strength and my rejoicing: he has become my saviour.” (Psalm 118)

@Pontifex “God waits for us,” tweets this tragic pope. Yes, God must be waiting for him, at least, to acquire true faith, to stop the theatrics and the fake humility, to begin believing in the Gospel and Church teaching, and to end the grievously sinful devastation of the Church.

@Pontifex “True shepherds take care of their sheep, not themselves. This is the principal reason why God condemns those shepherds.” (St. Augustine, Second Reading in today’s Liturgy of the Hours) Does this confused pope take care of the sheep – or of himself?



Some recent Tweets

“Our duty is to obey the United Nations!” – Pope Francis
“That is insane.” – Michael Matt

@Pontifex So this confused and troubled pope says he’s “not afraid” of a schism? ( He should be afraid. He’s not a young man. He’ll be facing Christ’s judgment soon. He will have to answer for any schism. That should make him afraid, if nothing else does.

@Pontifex So this tragically confused pope thinks we “must obey the United Nations”? ( He’ll be facing Christ’s judgment soon, and Christ is likely to ask him why he didn’t tell Catholics that they must obey Jesus Christ, not the United Nations.

@Pontifex Today is the feast day of Pope St. Cornelius, martyr. He wasn;t a coward who wanted to “dialogue” with his opponents, or look around for “accompaniment.” He didn’t rationalize his cowardice by thinking that betraying the Gospel was in fact “God’s will.”

@Pontifex “Lord, you have been our refuge from generation to generation.” (Psalm 90) And You will be our refuge through the horrors of this pontificate, and through the next if necessary, or for however many generations You permit us to suffer under popes who betray You.

@Pontifex “Give us joy for as long as you afflicted us, for all the years when we suffered. (Psalm 90) And for all the years we have suffered under the devastation caused by this tragic pope.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “St Paul asks us to pray ‘for all in authority’ (1 Tim 2:2). I think faithful Catholics everywhere pray for this confused pope’s conversion, so that he will not continue to betray the Gospel and Church teaching or tolerate sodomy among the clergy.

@Pontifex Edward Pentin @EdwardPentin tweets: “A news website owned by the Church in Malta has published this article ( saying why people should take part in gay pride marches.” Of course our sick pope will do nothing about this.

@Pontifex “Psychiatrist To Bergoglio’s Priests Who Sought Help: ‘I Need to Treat Your Archbishop’…This revelation from an acclaimed psychiatrist explains much towards understanding the twisted mind of Francis.”

@Pontifex “SITUATION WORSENING FOR CHINESE CATHOLICS AFTER VATICAN-CHINA AGREEMENT – It is increasingly difficult to attend Mass” There just seems to be no end to the benefits that accrue from this sick pope’s agreement with China.

@Pontifex (1/2) “The founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci, said that for the ideals of Marx to be spread throughout the world, the Catholic Church would have to be destroyed. Now we hear from the Vatican almost non-stop attacks… @Pontifex (2/2) against politically conservative, theologically orthodox Americans, accusing us of being greedy capitalists, racists, xenophobes, climate changers, immigrant-haters.”

@Pontifex “Years after the reported activity was launched, what do we have? A highly corrupt and immoral hierarchy, with deep involvement in the homosexual world, actively and passively destroying Church dogmas, eroding faith in nearly everything Catholic”

@Pontifex “We have a highly corrupt and immoral hierarchy embracing socialist politics, striking deals with communist governments which result in horrors for Catholics in those countries, sitting atop a virtual empire of lies and deceit and cover-up.”

@Pontifex “Catholic universities are no longer Catholic; Catholic hospitals are no longer Catholic; Catholic bishops reject Catholic tradition. Good priests who remain Catholic are persecuted or have to go into hiding so as to escape their superiors.”

@Pontifex “Abp. Viganò repeats dire warnings of Abp. Sheen and Pope John Paul II”

@Pontifex “Archbishop Viganò repeats the dire warnings of Archbishop Sheen and Pope John Paul II”

@Pontifex The Amazon Synod has been criticized so much. I asked a friend what would happen if this tragic pope just cancelled it. “The wealthy German cardinals would be FURIOUS,” she said. “They’d cut off the flow of money from the German Church to this sick pope – instantly.”

@Pontifex Another “benefit” of married priests after the Amazon Synod. @ChristineNiles1 reports, “A gay ex-priest marries another ex-priest – yet continues to serve on the canon law tribunal overseeing MARRIAGES in the diocese of Wilmington, Delaware.”

@Pontifex Again I have to say whenever I read Psalm 95, I am struck by: ““Forty years they wearied me, that generation. I said: their hearts are wandering, they do not know my paths. I swore in my anger: they will never enter my place of rest.” But it’s not 40 years, it’s 50.

@Pontifex “How can, as one bishop put it, a synod ‘of this magnitude be built with a presentation so far from reality’?” A friend said, “Oh, the answer to that question is quite simple. This tragic pope is used to thinking and acting ‘far from reality’.”

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “Our God is a God of compassion.” Catholics pray that someday we will have a pope who is a pope of compassion – real, not fake compassion. We pray for a pope who will not repeatedly insult us, while tolerating sexual perversion and corruption.

@Pontifex “I asked the diocese of Wilmington how a former priest who rejected the Catholic faith (and therefore in the eyes of the Church is a heretic) and entered a gay marriage could serve as a “defender of the [marital] bond” on a Catholic tribunal.”

@Pontifex “The American episcopate has become a cesspool of wickedness and cowardice — uncaring, unmoved by the suffering of faithful Catholics all around them. They have together produced a sheepfold that has almost entirely walked away from the Faith.”

@Pontifex “There is no voice of protest raised by bishops, no love or charity for the faithful demonstrated. The sheep are viewed as little else than a flock to be fleeced and head-achy public relations nightmares spun so as to keep the money flowing in.”

@Pontifex “Other gay bishops promoted them. This is a revolting and disgusting, depraved state of affairs, and it has created a de facto schism in the Church, where the establishment Church is little else than a gay dating service or gay nightclub.”

@Pontifex “The embracing of all things gay by clerics isn’t the cause of EVERY evil in the Church, but it’s the leading cause of any corrupt situation you can see there today. This pope mentioned schism. Yes, and it’s being driven by homosexual clergy.”

@Pontifex “It would appear to be a double standard if the diocese will allow priests to dine with convicted sex abusers, but disallow them from associating with a group calling for preventative action against abuse,” Hebert said.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Marx Says German ‘Synod’ Will Proceed Despite Vatican Objections” ( Of course. The Germans are bankrolling this pope. So why should they do what he wants if he has the effrontery to try to tell them what to do? THEY tell HIM what to do!

@Pontifex “Cardinal Marx Says German ‘Synod’ Will Proceed Despite Vatican Objections” Another friend commented, “Certainly. Did you expect anything else? Marx isn’t going to let that twerp in the Vatican – on whom he showers money – tell him what to do.”

@Pontifex “In China, pilgrims flock to save Shrine of Our Lady from destruction” A friend said, “When he wasn’t molesting boys, McCarrick did SUCH a good job negotiating that agreement between the Vatican and China, didn’t he?”

@Pontifex Another priest who died in a Nazi concentration camp is to be beatified. (Does this confused pope perhaps scorn this priest for being “rigid”?) Will we ever have a pope who exhibits such courage, such loyalty to the Gospel and to Church teaching?

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet – Our Lord had no compassion for someone who couldn’t recognize he’d done wrong, wasn’t sorry for his sin, and didn’t resolve to avoid that sin in the future – a sin, for example, like trying to wreck the Church.

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet – Our Lord had no compassion for someone who scorns those faithful to Church teaching and the Gospel, and no compassion for someone who insults and denigrates loyal Catholics by calling them “rigid.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Cardinal Marx Says German ‘Synod’ Will Proceed Despite Vatican Objections” Father Richard Henkes, German opponent of the Nazis, will be beatified If only we had a German cardinal who was so holy and obedient.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Every human project can first be approved and then end up shipwrecked. But everything that comes from above and bears the “signature” of God is destined to last.” The shipwreck of this pontificate shows it doesn’t come from above. It comes from below.

@Pontifex This benighted pope talks of “schism” ( But – “One cannot cause a schism by defending the established doctrine of the Church.” ( Does that mean this tragic pope will start defending the established doctrine of the Church?

@Pontifex “This is How Society Will Normalize Cannibalism” Hey, why not? They do it in the Amazon (And so, will they approve it at the Amazon Synod, along with married priests, sodomy, and female priests [uh, priestesses]?)

@Pontifex “Anyone STILL think that homosexuality isn’t the leading issue among the clergy? Well, here’s another one….”

@Pontifex “An archbishop held up as a hero by “conservative” Catholics permits traveling to his diocese of the promoter of all things gay in the Church and won’t issue any warning to his sheep, but attacks faithful Catholics for calling attention to it.”



As a US citizen living in Germany, I want to say that Father Mark is one hundred percent correct in what he says in this video. If anything, he’s too kind to the German bishops. As many of us see it, these bishops present a clear and present danger to the Church. (Fortunately, the radical-liberal ZdK that Father Mark mentioned isn’t the only lay organization here. There is also an organization of faithful Catholics known as the Forum der Deutschen Katholiken [German Catholics’ Forum]. What is NOT so fortunate, though, is that most German bishops deal only with the ZdK.)

The German bishops are exporting more than compomise, however. In the words of Phil Lawler of (, they’re exporting FAILURE. As is well known, the German Church lost 216,078 members in 2018 ( But they keep charging on to the edge of the cliff.

So why do these bishops have so much influence? Follow the money, friends. Because of the German “Church tax,” money just gushes into the coffers of the Church here, and that money buys plenty of influence in the cash-strapped Vatican.

Maybe the German Bishops are trying to make themselves look good by exporting failure and causing even MORE people to leave the Church in other countries. France, for example, is a disaster. Only 5% of French Catholics attend mass

Meanwhile, the German bishops and their sodomite buddies in the Vatican busy themselves not with the disastrous state of the Church in Europe and North America, but with the Church in the AMAZON?? (I think Father Mark is right here too. One of the ultimate goals of the Amazon Synod is married priests – gay married priests, lesbian married priests, whatever. They’re not picky.)



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis: Through Sin and Scandal, God’s Church Remains, Sustained by the Holy Spirit” Well, it certainly isn’t being sustained by this tragic pope, that’s for sure. So I guess the Holy Spirit is all that’s left.

@Pontifex “BISHOP DONS HINDU ROBES FOR MASS BEFORE RITUAL GENITALIA OF PAGAN GODS” “I wish this were an Onion headline,” tweets @ChristineNiles1. Whether it is or not, it IS an example of how this tragically sick pope makes episcopal appointments.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori says that when choosing a side in a schism, you should pick the side that “less buttsecks.” He’s MUCH more hip that I am!
I had to google “buttsecks” to figure out what he was talking about! I did, though – and he’s right!

@Pontifex “Two Reforms Dear To Francis Flunk the Test. Too Full of Errors” WHAAAAAT? You mean this pope can make MISTAKES?? Surely it’s a mistake to say that Bergoglio the Great makes mistakes.

@Pontifex “Cdl. Marx defies Vatican: German ‘synod’ will go ahead despite plan being called ‘not…valid’” No surprise here. Why should Cardinal Marx obey that guy in the Vatican, the guy that he supports with the wealth of the German Church.

@Pontifex “Cdl. Marx defies Vatican: German ‘synod’ will go ahead despite plan being called ‘not…valid’” No surprise here. Why should Cardinal Marx obey that guy in the Vatican, that confused pope who depends on Marx’s vast wealth?

@Pontifex “Amazon Synod proposing ‘blueprint for a new Church,’ warns Catholic leader” But a “new Church” is exactly what this tragically sick pope want, isn’t it?

@Pontifex “The Courage of Bishop Schneider” I’m sure this sick pope will deal with Bishop Schneider’s courage quickly and efficiently.

@Pontifex As the catastrophe which is the Amazon Synod looms ever closer, faithful Catholics everywhere pray that God will not inflict an even greater catastrophe on the Church and the world as a punishment for what happens at that synod.

@Pontifex “These are the two things that pastors demand when they want to feed themselves rather than their sheep: the fulfilment of their bodily wants and the pleasure that comes from honour and praise.” – St Augustine’s sermon On Pastors

@Pontifex “He would have been one of those pastors who feed themselves and not their sheep. He would have said to himself, ‘What has that to do with me? Let them do as they like: my food is safe, my honour is safe – I have as much as I want’.” – St Augustine’s sermon On Pastors

@Pontifex “He would have been one of those pastors who feed themselves and not their sheep. He would have said to himself, ‘What has that to do with me? Let them do as they like: my food is safe, my honour is safe – I have as much as I want’.” – St Augustine’s sermon On Pastors

@Pontifex How long, O Lord, shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph? (Psalm 94:3)

@Pontifex We can be sure that we know God only by keeping his commandments. Anyone who says, ‘I know him’, and does not keep his commandments, is a liar, refusing to admit the truth. (1 John 2:4)

@Pontifex This sick pope tweets, “Every human project can first be approved and then end up shipwrecked.” If there was ever “a human project,” it’s this catastrophic Amazon Synod. It won’t wreck the Church, but it’ll ultimately be shipwrecked itself, along with this pontificate.

@Pontifex People are leaving the Church in Germany in large numbers (216,078 in 2018 []), but German bishops want to “export their model for failure” ( at the coming Synodal Assembly with its “binding” resolutions, despite this pope.

@Pontifex As the German bishops work to “export their model for failure” ( at their “binding” Synodal Assembly, this sick pope has no choice but to accept what his German masters decide, not if he wants to keep the money flowing from across the Rhine.

@Pontifex This confused pope is an old man, and even though he seems to have lost his faith in God, he’s going to face Christ’s judgment soon, and – whether he believes in Christ or not – he will be required to give an account of this pontificate of horror.

@Pontifex The Church in Europe and America is shrinking rapidly, but this benighted pope and his German masters are concerned with the Church in the AMAZON?? God help us.

@Pontifex One day soon, when this elderly pope faces Christ and His judgment, he’s going to be asked why he didn’t convene a synod to deal with the Church in Europe and America, which is hemorrhaging members. In France, 5% of Catholics attend mass (

@Pontifex Today’s Office: “Our God is great and great is his strength, his wisdom is not to be measured. The Lord supports the needy, but crushes the wicked to the ground.” (Psalm 146) And God does that, whether or not this tragic pope and his “advisers” believe in Him at all.

@Pontifex @ebmuc (1/2) This tragic pope says priests shouldn’t turn “God’s gift” into “a job”. It may be too late to be concerned about that. In Europe, for example, the German Church seems intent on…. @Pontifex @ebmuc (2/2) …exporting failure It lost 216,078 members in 2018 And in France? Only 5% of French Catholics attend mass Meanwhile the sodomite-infested Vatican is worried about the AMAZON??

@Pontifex “Pope’s proposal for ‘new humanism’ would ‘wipe out Christianity'” – Mother Miriam ( or ( If this tragic pope can’t achieve his goal one way, he’ll just try something else.

@Pontifex This pope wants a Global Pact for “Educating young people in fraternity, in learning to overcome conflicts, promote hospitality, justice and peace.” Poor man doesn’t understand that all that is impossible without Church teaching and the Gospel.

@Pontifex This tragic pontiff just goes from one delusion of grandeur to another

@Pontifex There was once a Church where the pope, the bishops, and priests all had faith. They believed in Church teaching and the Gospel. Now we have a Church full of sodomite clerics and financial corruption. Dear God, why?

@Pontifex “Catholics in the diocese of Metuchen, already bearing the stigma of having been ruled over by ex-Cardinal McCarrick, are calling it as they see it, lumping Bishop Checchio in as part of the corrupt gay mafia referred to by Abp. Viganò.”

@Pontifex “The more than 250 parishes on the list of New Ways Ministry have parishes from many more dioceses and bishops than just Bishop Checchio, giving you a greater understanding of just how far-flung and deep the corrupt gay mafia actually is.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “More fresh hell from beyond the ‘limes’: the Land of Karl Rahner and Walter Kasper and Really Bad Ideas”

@Pontifex Another genius Tweet from “The Vatican Post Office (Not)” (@CaproEspiatori) – “Some people say the Pope might be Antichrist. I think no. Antichrist, they say he will deceive almost everybody. The Pope, he does not fool anybody.”

@Pontifex I wonder what this tragic pope thinks when he reads this verse from Psalm 51, as he says the Office (IF he says the Office): “For I know how guilty I am: my sin is always before me.”

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “These were holy men: they will live for ever!” Will anyone ever say such a thing about this sick pope and his equally sick “advisers,” especially those planning the demonic Amazon Synod?

@Pontifex An antiphon in today’s Office applies to all those faithful Catholics that this tragic pope scorns, insults, and despises: “Blessed are those who are persecuted in the cause of right: theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

@Pontifex From the first reading at mass today: “Whoever teaches something different and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the religious teaching is conceited, understanding nothing, and has a morbid disposition for arguments and verbal disputes.”

@Pontifex_de “Der Eindruck, den viele Katholiken derzeit haben, ist der einer Kirche am Rand einer neuen Katastrophe.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – If only this tragic pope really believed in “closeness to God, prayer.” If only he really believed in Church teaching and the Gospel, if only he believed in eradicating financial corruption and the sodomite infestation in the Church.

@Pontifex “The well has been so poisoned there is no quick fix. It will be a hundred years’ war of attrition. The Church of Nice is imploding. It’s like standing on the beach on a beautiful day, and a monster storm is forming beyond the horizon.”

@Pontifex Michael Voris is speaking the absolute, hard truth in this video. This crisis will take a long time to resolve. Voris is one of the few people who understands that right now, but slowly, gradually, more and more people will start to catch on.

@Pontifex “Another Vatican Perversion Story With Coccopalmerio’s Name All Over It” – “According to Viganò, just like the McCarrick case, the pope was informed of the accusations by the primary witness, but refused to act.”

@Pontifex “The dirty, leering grin of Coccopalmerio is still haunting our minds from previous stories, and we are forced to ask yet again: why does Pope Francis refuse to take action against the perverse monsters he counts as advisers and friends?

@Pontifex “This Synod document is the proverbial pig wearing lipstick — red lipstick. The author’s limp attempts to dress it up as something remotely Catholic make the whole thing just that much more farcical but no less ominous.”

@Pontifex “Bishop Paprocki issued a statement supporting Chaput, saying that aspects of @JamesMartinSJ ’s teachings are ‘deeply scandalous,’ and his ‘messages create confusion and disrupt the unity of the Church’.” Two more bishops on this pope’s hit list?

@Pontifex “This is pretty weird. But… well… not really. It’s Germany, after all.” Hey, we can’t criticize Germany, that’s where this sick pope’s masters live.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex_de @ebmuc “Der ‘Synodale Weg’ erinnert an das ‘Pastoralkonzil’ in den Niederlanden….Über viele Jahre hat man in den Niederlanden als Folge dieses „Pastoralkonzils“ innerkirchlich eine Zeit der Uneinigkeit und Spaltungen erlebt.”

@Pontifex A friend said with tears in her eyes, “When will it end? Dear God in heaven, when will the horror of this pontificate end? And we haven’t even gotten through that monstrosity of an Amazon Synod yet!”

@Pontifex Another friend said, “Doesn’t this sick pope know what he’s doing to his immortal soul by going on with his wreckage of the Church? Does this sick pope even know that he HAS an immortal soul?”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Don’t pray too much for an end to this pontificate. The next one may be even worse. We may looking at a century of horror for the Church, extending well beyond our lifetimes. But remember what she said: ‘In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph’.”

@Pontifex You can’t blame some Americans for being mad. They put money in the collection basket every week, and then that money goes to pay for legal settlements and lawyers’ fees for sodomite priests and their victims.

@Pontifex “Brooklyn diocese teaming with NYPD to search for church vandal” If the vandal is who the police think it is, then she just doesn’t know about the pope’s agreement concerning The Great Religion of Peace. That agreement will make a big difference.

@Pontifex A confused papal Tweet: “Peace entails a conversion…that demands to be taken up ever anew.” A conversion that has “to be taken up ever anew” can’t really be called a conversion, can it? But don’t ask this tragic pope. He doesn’t answer such questions.

@Pontifex This tragic pope says he’s “honored” by “attacks” from America. Then he should REALLY be honored by attacks coming from countries like Italy. The “Vatican Post Office (Not)” by @CaproEspiatori is brilliant and brilliantly hilarious, a real “honor” for this pope.

@Pontifex The crash looms. @EdwardPentin tweets: “Vatican has released #AmazonSynod list of participants. Invitees: former UN chief Ban Ki-moon, population control advocates J Sachs, H Schellnhuber. Pope’s choices: +McElroy, +Paglia, Cdls Maradiaga, Marx”

@Pontifex This tragic pope thinks that conversion “demands to be taken up ever anew.” But a “conversion” that needs to be repeated and repeated isn’t really a conversion. Maybe that’s this tragic pope’s essential problem. He’s never undergone a conversion and become a good man.

@Pontifex An article by @EdwardPentin is headlined, “German Catholic Relief Agencies Fuel Synod’s Push for Change” ( Oh,so THAT’s how it works: this tragically sick pope does all he can to wreck the Church, and the Germans pay (him) for it.

@Pontifex Hilary White (@hilarityjane) tweets: “It is becoming increasingly obvious that people who want to continue to practice the Catholic Faith in any capacity, lay or religious or ordained, must do so outside the structures of the Church and bishops who hate it and them.”

@Pontifex And doesn’t Bishop Overbeck look pleased in this photo? ( He once said that the Amazon Synod will lead the Catholic Church to a “point of no return” and that, thereafter, “nothing will be the same as it was.” Money talks.

@Pontifex Francis, the rot stinks: “’Priests in the section responsible for handling cases of abuse were dismissed from the CDF.’ These appear to be the priests Francis fired, without explanation, over then-CDF prefect Cardinal Müller’s objections.”

@Pontifex “(Francis and) they want it to appear, that THEY are Church and the Catholics are splitting off from them. That way they get the money and can claim to be the Catholic church when by belief they are not.” Who EVER said this sick pope was stupid?

@Pontifex “Very powerful secular forces seem anxious to subject the Church to their worldly agenda, which begins as a call for ‘mercy’ and ends with an attack on all traditional Christian doctrinal and moral teaching.”

@Pontifex “The current assault on religion in China under President Xi Jinping is the most comprehensive attempt to manipulate and control religious communities since the Cultural Revolution.” Golly, didn’t McCarrick just do a terrific job?

@Pontifex Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois, and Bishop Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon – two bishops that this sick pope will be getting rid of as soon as possible. Imagine, they actually believe in the Real Presence, and other traditional “schismatic” ideas!

@Pontifex Our prayer may not be answered, but we pray that the Amazon Synod will not turn out to be the disaster that some of this sick pope’s other recent projects have become, like the agreement with China or the “God-wills-all-religions” pact with the Great Religion of Peace.

@Pontifex A friend said sarcastically, “It’s good to know that when I put money in the collection basket at mass, the hundreds of millions of dollars given by us all is going to really needy people, like priests’ sexual abuse victims and their lawyers.”

@Pontifex Another friend said, “Some people think that this tragically demented pope is the source of all the evil in the Church. No. He isn’t the source of the evil, he’s merely an expression of it.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc When German Catholics decrease in number, when fewer Catholics attend mass regularly, when – in other words – the German Church is in a hole, Cardinal Marx’s solution is: “just keep digging.” That may not be a winning strategy.

@Pontifex A papal Tweet: “Jesus assures us that we are always in time to right our wrongs by doing good.” Correct. And a pope who wrecks the Church can rebuild it; a pope who approves sodomite priests can condemn them; a pope who overlooks financial corruption can eradicate it.

@Pontifex @ebmuc The “spirit” of the Council dug the German Church into a hole. And Cardinal Marx’s solution to that problem? Just keep digging.

@Pontifex A friend said she prays, “God, You gave the grace of conversion to the Good Thief on the cross. Give the grace of conversion to this tragic pope, make him a good pope, let him rebuild the Church out of the ruins he has made, and please, let him stop the Amazon Synod.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc For fifty years the “spirit” of the Council has promoted a “new church,” but people keep leaving the Church in droves. What makes this tragic pope and Cardinal Marx think that things will be different if they just keep rushing toward the cliff, like lemmings?

@Pontifex @ebmuc It is a popular misconception that lemmings commit mass suicide by jumping off a cliff. But Catholic bishops, especially Germans, actually do something like that when they run away from the truth of traditional Church teaching and the Gospel, as they are now.

@Pontifex “Remember your leaders, who preached the word of God to you. As you reflect on their lives, imitate their faith. Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not let yourselves be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.” (Hebrews 13)

@Pontifex Unfortunately this tragic pope does the opposite of what he advises in his latest Tweet: he is a messenger of fake mercy, he offers darkness and confusion instead of light, despair instead of hope, sins against Church teaching instead of salvation.

@Pontifex “So, here you go, bishops. Let’s start dialoguing (with @JamesMartinSJ ). First question in the dialogue: Fr. Martin, do you believe, affirm and accept the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality?”

@Pontifex “Shepherds, the Lord says: Trouble for the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Shepherds ought to feed their flock, yet you have…failed to feed the flock….You have failed to bring back strays or look for the lost.” – Office of Readings, 2019.09.23

@Pontifex “I am convinced that priests must proclaim the centrality of God through their own lives. A Church where the priest no longer carries this message is a Church that is sick.” – Cardinal Sarah

@Pontifex “We are facing a real cacophony from bishops and priests. Everyone wants to impose their personal opinion as a truth. But there is only one truth: Christ and his teaching.” – Cardinal Sarah

@Pontifex “Benedict XVI dared to write just recently that the crisis of the liturgy is at the heart of the crisis of the Church. If in the liturgy we no longer put God at the center, then neither do we put him at the center of the Church.” – Cardinal Sarah

@Pontifex “A member of the International Theological Commission has announced that she is no longer available to participate in the “binding synodal path” undertaken by the bishops’ conference of Germany.” But the lemmings will press on toward the cliff.

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place? The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart.” And this tragic pope? What will happen to him? Is he “innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart”? A friend laughed.

@Pontifex “You must wake up now: the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon.” A friend said he thought of this tragically sick pope when he read that verse in today’s Office, from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

@Pontifex “Join the Maccabees!” The Maccabees fought corruption in their time, and suffered for it. We know that we too will suffer from the vengeance of this pope and others who allow financial and sodomite corruption in the Church

@Pontifex This pope is right in what he tweeted today. We must call people by their name, as the Lord does. As God weeps over this pope, He does not say, “This tragic pope,” but rather “This tragic Pope Francis.”

@Pontifex “Seminarians in short order will soon begin inheriting a Church in near-complete shambles. Your sacred duty will include the massively uphill struggle of restoring faith in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.”

@Pontifex “German bishops to press ‘binding assembly’ plans despite Vatican caution” Sure, hey, why should Cardinal Marx obey this confused pope? He doesn’t obey anyone or anything. Not God, not the teachings of the Church, not tradition, not the Gospel.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “China’s Catholic Patriotic Association has directed all Catholic churches to conduct ceremonies celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Beijing regime.” Is there no end to the wonderful benefits of this sick pope’s agreement with China?

@Pontifex This confused pope talks about “Jesus, who makes one feel at home.” In other words, good ol’ Jesus, always there with some comfy cushions and slippers before a cozy fire.

@Pontifex “A prominent theologian who had been invited to participate in the synod of the German bishops has withdrawn from the process, complaining of the ‘fixation’ on the ordination of women.” Well, that’s the end of THAT theologian’s career.

@Pontifex “Proclaim the faith, Pope instructs Vatican communicators” Yes, proclaim the faith, but not the faith that sustained souls and created saints for 2,000 years. No, not that “neo-Pelagian” faith, the NEW faith, as proclaimed by this confused pope.

@Pontifex “Tell the truth, Pope urges Catholic press” A friend said, “Oh, that IS rich! This pope admonishing people ‘to tell the truth’? For starters, ask people in Argentina about his penchent for ‘telling the truth’.”

@Pontifex “Bishops and priests must be close to each other and to God’s people, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” A friend said, “‘Bishops and priests close to each other’? Sure, but not TOO close, espcially in places like the Archdiocese of New York.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “German ‘synodal way’ is rapid response to abuse scandal, bishops’ spokesman says” A friend said, “That ‘rapid response’ will ultimately end in more abuse. The REAL response is a return to authentic Church teaching and the Gospel.”

@Pontifex “If Pope Francis encourages criticism, why won’t he meet with dubia cardinals?” Why won’t he? Are you kidding? He’s afraid.

@Pontifex “Meet the new faculty at the John Paul II Institute” “This repudiation of John Paul II’s legacy is a repudiation of a powerful voice in the epic and final battle to save marriage and family from the abyss of the Sexual Revolution.”

@Pontifex “One month after his election, Francis began laying the groundwork to refashion the Church — to remake the face of Roman Catholicism.”… “Expect things that you never expected…profound changes.” To coin a phrase: Be afraid, be very afraid.

@Pontifex “Do you think this is really about women deacons and married priests?” Watch the video, think again.

@Pontifex @ebmuc If this tragic pope and Cardinal Marx were concerned about the vast numbers of people leaving the Church BEFORE the Amazon Synod and Marx’s “binding” synod, they just have no IDEA how many people will leave AFTER these synods take place.

@Pontifex @ebmuc Cardinal Marx thinks that by obeying the relatively small number of German Catholics in the ZdK, he can reverse the disastrous trend of people leaving the Church in Germany. He could not be more wrong. If he listens to the ZdK, Marx will INCREASE the numbers.

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “Evil whispers to the sinner in the depths of his heart: the fear of God does not stand before his eyes…He follows the wrong path; he does not hate malice.” Do we now have a pope and cardinals who fit that description?

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets that we should “learn to live the Gospel faithfully…by contemplating the martyrs of yesterday and today.” If only this sick pope would learn to do that, instead of distorting the Gospel in corruption and monstrosities like the Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex “Changes will help John Paul II Institute ‘start to become’ excellent, new president says” I showed this to a friend of mine, and she couldn’t stop laughing.

@Pontifex “So, to try and incorporate into Catholicism aspects of other religions, to insist that salvation is possible by more than one means is not only wrong but blasphemous and diabolical.”

@Pontifex “There is a de facto schism, one that has been going on for years, a schism brought on by the pope and his ilk. As for any liberal, what they accuse others of is what they are guilty of themselves. Let the faithful Catholic fear not “’schism’.”

@Pontifex “The onus for carrying Holy Mother Church on in salvation history, in light of this canonical quagmire and the associated sodomite infestation of the Vatican and priesthood, now rests on those few remaining faithful laity and clergy.”

@Pontifex “Fear not our being named ‘schismatics.’ If such a term existed in Christ’s time, would not the term have been ascribed to Him? We are in good company. He carried His Cross in the perfection of the God-Man. Now it is our time.”

@Pontifex “Cdl Marx: ‘no stop sign’ from Pope Francis for our German synodal path on celibacy, sexual morality” Of course there’s “no stop sign”, this tragically sick pope has got to keep the money rolling in from his rich, German masters.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis…claims that terrorist leaders simply misunderstand Islam…If that’s so, how is it that so many Muslims in so many different parts of the world interpret Koranic texts the same way—as a justification for jihad?” (See Koran 9:5

@Pontifex “Al-Tayeb doesn’t misunderstand Islam, though Francis appears to. He must be acquainted with the darker aspects of Islam, and yet he seems sure that they have nothing to do with ‘true’ Islam.”

@Pontifex “Islamic teaching mandates not only that Nigeria be Islamized but also Europe, Canada, the U.S., and the entire globe. Only at that point, from an Islamic point of view, can peace and human fraternity be achieved.Al-Tayeb understands it.”

@Pontifex “The astonishing ignorance on the part of Pope Francis doesn’t make for a more harmonious world: it makes for a more dangerous one. Those who buy into his fantasy view of Islam are in for a rude surprise when they encounter the real thing.

@Pontifex “The Antichrist presents himself as a pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist” (Cardinal Biffi)

@Pontifex A somewhat bitter acquaintance said, “The Church has become a cesspool of corruption – sexual, homosexual, financial – and this bizarre Amazon Synod along with this tragically sick pope will just make everything worse.”

@Pontifex You can hear the voice of the Church crying out in this verse from today’s Office: “He will send help from heaven to set me free. He will disgrace those who trample me underfoot.” That is true even when those who trample the Church underfoot are its pope and bishops.

@Pontifex This tragically confused pope tweets, “The Lord wants conversion, today.” The Lord certainly wants conversion, so why does this sick pontiff refuse? Why isn’t he a good, wise pope, like the great popes of the past? Why does he tolerate the Amazon Synod cesspool?

@Pontifex “I am shocked and outraged that the spiritual distress of the poor in the Amazon is being used as a pretext to support projects that are typical of bourgeois and worldly Christianity”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “In advance of the Amazon Synod, Vatican installing hundreds of lightning rods.” (You have to wonder if “hundreds” will be enough.)

@Pontifex “Martyrdom remains common today, Pope reminds audience” But not common for this troubled pope. He’ll do anything to avoid the martyrdom that confronting the evil in the Church would entail. Much easier to plan, e.g., the Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex “Number of Chinese seminarians plunges as government bans those under 18 from entering churches” There just seems to be no end to the benefits of the Vatican’s agreement with China, does there? Another masterful move by this sick pope!

@Pontifex “God always helps you rebuild your lives, Pope tells New Horizons community” And how long before God helps us all to rebuild the Church out of the wreckage this sick pope has left us with?

@Pontifex Brebeuf Jesuit High School – More homosexuality protected by the Vatican. Is this sick pope’s cesspool of sodomite corruption in the Church really bottomless, or does it only seem that way?

@Pontifex Even if you’re an archbishop and you support the 2,000-year-old teaching of the Church, you don’t stand a chance against this tragically demented pope and his sodomite supporters. God help us.

@Pontifex “Vatican III, put on by this wretched hive of scum and villainy. Now isn’t that a cheery thought?”

@Pontifex “Vatican gives nod to ‘Abrahamic Family House’ that equates Christianity, Judaism, Islam” A friend commented, “The horror of this pontificate never ends.”

@Pontifex “Noted US Philosophers Say Changes at John Paul II Institute Threaten Its Credibility” A friend commented, “Please, as long as the JPII Institute spreads this sick pope’s confused ideas, does anyone think he CARES about ‘credibility’?”

@Pontifex “This pontificate, and its radical destruction of the Church’s doctrine, worship, and governance, is the result ‘that, sooner or later, was to occur as a result of the principles laid down by the Council’.”

@Pontifex “Amoris lætitia represents, in recent Church history, what the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are in the modern history of Japan: humanely speaking, the damage is irreparable. It is undoubtedly the most revolutionary act of Pope Francis.”

@Pontifex “One can only rejoice…at a progressive awareness on the part of many of the faithful and some prelates that the Church is approaching a new catastrophe.”

@Pontifex “The voice that advocates these errors cannot be that of Christ, nor that of the Magisterium of the Church.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “All these efforts to denounce the errors of Francis change nothing. Francis merely remains silent and moves on to the next novelty. These men refuse to name the cause of which Francis is merely the necessary effect, the Second Vatican Council.”

@Pontifex “The ‘clans’ must unite behind a clear condemnation of the errors of Vatican II and all the errors that flow from it. The only way to reverse the damage being done by Francis is to openly acknowledge its true cause, the Second Vatican Council.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc From “Vatican Post Office (Not)” (@CaproEspiatori): “Germans Bishops are concerned that ‘German Episcopal Synodal Path’ is too confusing for the faithful. To make it easier and more understandable, they have unanimously voted to simply call it ‘Lutheranism’.”

@Pontifex “If Pope Francis encourages criticism, why won’t he meet with dubia cardinals?” What a question. He won’t meet, because he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. (Or he thinks if he waits. he could get lucky and the last two cardinals might just die.)

@Pontifex If only this confused pope could pray this psalm from today’s Office – and have the prayer answered: “Turn your face away from my sins and wipe out all my transgressions; create a pure heart in me, God, put a steadfast spirit into me.”

@Pontifex Once again, from today’s Office: “Remember your leaders…and as you reflect on…their lives, imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not let yourselves be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “We all pray that this sick pope will climb out of the cesspool that the Church has become and that he will be converted.”

@Pontifex From today’s mass: “One moment yet, a little while, and I will shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake all the nations, and the treasures of all the nations will come in, and I will fill this house with glory, says the LORD of hosts.”

@Pontifex Benedict XVI: “It must be acknowledged that one of the most serious effects of the secularization just mentioned is that it has relegated the Christian faith to the margins of life as if it were irrelevant to everyday affairs.” (And the cesspool of today’s Church?)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “The true face of love is mercy.” We pray that he will show mercy to the traditional religious orders (like the FFI) that he has destroyed, mercy to the faithful Catholics that he regularly insults, and mercy to the Church that he’s destroying.

@pontifex “Church forcibly closed in Algeria—the 8th since 2017” Didn’t these people get the news about the “historic declaration of fraternity” that this pope signed with The Great Religion of Peace in the UAE?


@Pontifex “A rethinking of the mystery of human sexuality is important,” said Cardinal Tobin A friend said, “Well, it’s certainly important for any prelate or priest who needs to legitimize sodomy and other homosexual activity, that’s for sure.”

@Pontifex A cynical and rather bitter friend e-mailed me: “So, the cesspool of the Amazon Synod will soon begin. It’s only one more of the many cesspools this sick pope created and protects: sodomy, financial corruption, bankruptcy in US dioceses, and all the rest. Dear God.”

@Pontifex The Amazon Synod begins a week from tomorrow. Pro-LGBT German Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck happily announced that it’s the beginning of the end of the Church as we know it. Shall we congratulate this delusional pope now, or shall we wait?

@Pontifex A friend said, “So we have this crazy con-man in the White House and this tragically demented pope in the Vatican. If that doesn’t bring about the end of Western society, I don’t know what will.”

@Pontifex Evil in the Church, evil in society – and we ask the question in Job and Ecclesiastes and elsewhere, “Why does evil triumph?” We hear St. Augustine’s answer, “God shows His power by drawing good even from evil.” And also, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

@Pontifex A friend reminded me, once again, “If God could convert Dismas, the Good Thief, at the last minute, then God can convert even this tragic pope. And so, we beg God for this tragically troubled pontiff’s conversion. We hope and pray that He won’t wait too long, though.”

@Pontifex Another friend said, “At some point in this sick pope’s life, Satan converted him. Will God convert him back to truth and goodness and decency? Will God stop him from wallowing in the cesspool of corruption that is today’s Church, in many places?”

@Pontifex Will this pontificate be remembered as being full of corruption, like the pontificates of the Borgia popes? Or will it be known as one where the pope underwent a miraculous conversion and began to rebuild the Church he’d nearly destroyed?

@Pontifex From today’s mass: “”Run, tell this to that young man: People will live in Jerusalem as though in open country, because of the multitude of men and beasts in her midst. But I will be an encircling wall of fire, says the LORD, and I will be the glory in her midst.”

@Pontifex A papal Tweet: “We need others in order to live.” But if this sick pope’s “others” are corrupt prelates who care nothing for the teachings of the Church or the Gospel, and who concentrate on sodomy and financial corruption, then what kind of life – or “love” – is that?

@Pontifex Edward Pentin: “For the fourth Consistory in a row, Pope Francis will not meet with the entire College of Cardinals. He hasn’t met with the entire College, since 2016.” “Dialogue” and “mercy” are so important for this sick and troubled pope.

@Pontifex This tragic pope says, “Have you never seen young priests stiff in black cassocks and hats like the planet Saturn on their heads? Behind all the rigid clericalism there are serious problems.” Right, and this “merciful” pope can “solve” them.

@Pontifex Cardinal Joseph Zen: “Rome no longer dares to criticize the Chinese government, to which it has sold off the Chinese Church.” Our sick (but “merciful”) pope is no doubt thinking up some delicious punishment for Cardinal Zen.

@Pontifex What is WRONG with this tragic pope, that he feels “bitter” when he meets converts to the Church? Is he really THAT sick?

@Pontifex This sick pope criticizes ‘rigid’ young priests. But they have a strength, discipline, a faith in Christ and in the Gospel and Church teaching, and an opposition to sodomite clerics and financial Church corruption that this poor, demented pope can’t begin to comprehend.

@Pontifex This tragic pope says young priests who wear a cassock. Supposedly they have “moral problems.” But we have a sick pope who wears a cassock and who really DOES have SERIOUS moral problems.

@Pontifex This tragic pope complains about young priests who wear a cassock. Supposedly they have “moral problems.” But we have a sick pope who wears a cassock and who really DOES have SERIOUS moral problems.

@Pontifex The great popes are remembered for what they have done FOR the Church. This tragic pope will be remembered – and condemned – for what he has done TO the Church, to the Mystical Body of Christ.

@Pontifex “My process of ‘conversion’ with respect to Bergoglio’s pontificate began after reading Amoris laetitia. I became fully aware of the penetration of a neo-modernism in the Catholic Church.” – Aldo Maria Valli

@Pontifex “Pope Francis does not speak like a Catholic, and much of what he says can easily be mistaken for gibberish.” – Hilary White

@Pontifex “POPE: ‘Criticism always well received by me’ (Is Francis Losing Recall Memory?)”

@Pontifex A papal Tweet: “It’s about all of us, called to build together a world more in accord with God’s plan.” A pope who is faithful to the Gospel and the teachings of the Church, one who gets rid of sodomite and financial corruption, could do that, but not this tragic pope.

@Pontifex “How Saint Michael Saved This U.S. Marine” And Michael of the Morning, save God’s Church from the Amazon Synod and from sodomite and financial corruption, save the Church from this tragic pope, just as you saved a marine from the enemy.

@Pontifex This tragic pope claims the coming schism does NOT have its origin in the German Church. But does anyone really believe that claim? It’s like all the other confused claims by this troubled pope.

@Pontifex “Syria: 14-year-old girl murdered by her grandparents for not wearing niqab in Islamic State camp” That’s part of The Great Religion of Peace and the “diversity of religions” that this sick pope signed on to at Abu Dhabi.

@Pontifex Fr. Kevin M. Cusick, LCDR (Ret.) @IntroiboAdAltar
tweets: “Do not yield against the attacks of the Evil One. He will use any means necessary to destroy the family & the Catholic parish: anger, bitter words, pettiness.” Any means, including a tragically sick pope.

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend said, “Does this tragic pope, together with his “advisers” and the equally tragic German bishops, really believe that this Amazon Synod nonsense will bring people BACK to the Church? They’ll leave even faster.”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “Good St. Michael, my friend Michael of the Morning, please, do whatever it takes to thwart the Enemy as he continues wrecking the Church through this Amazon Synod. Stop this synod, Michael. Derail this synod. For the love of God and His Holy Mother.”

@Pontifex A friend also prays, “Mother of God, thwart the “work” of the Amazon Synod. Stop the Amazon Synod. Crush the head of the Serpent as it continues ravaging the Church along with this sick pope. In the name of God, help us, Holy Mother.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “It’s not just about migrants.” If it were, this confused pope would allow at least one migrant into Vatican City, as he preaches to the rest of the world that all countries should permit migrants to enter. Hypocrisy? No, of course not.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex A friend says he prays, “Mother of God, I’m a simple person with a simple faith. But I beg you, now that the Serpent has entered the Church, entered the Vatican, crush its head. Stop the Serpent Synod of the Amazon. Good St. Michael, help us.”

@Pontifex From today’s first reading at mass: “I am intensely jealous for Zion, stirred to jealous wrath for her…Even if this should seem impossible in the eyes of the remnant of this people, shall it in those days be impossible in my eyes also, says the LORD of hosts?”

@Pontifex This tragically confused pope tweets about “a culture of hope,” while he ravages the Church, destroying all real hope, as opposed to the hope that illusions bring.

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “The sweetness of God’s word leads us to share it.” And yet he feels “bitter” at meeting two African who converted to Catholicism.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “May…the Word of God help his (sic) people to grow in religious and intimate familiarity with the sacred Scriptures.” Does this pope believe in the Gospel, for example? Does he have any “intimate familiarity” at all with sacred Scriptures?

@Pontifex “Apparently, the condemnations against judging and being gossipyare lifted when speaking of traditional clergy and faithful. Tradition-minded faithful are also growing increasingly embittered by the constant insults emanating from Rome.”

@Pontifex From today’s Invitatory Psalm: “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place? The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.” And does that include this tragic pope?

@Pontifex This tragically and desperately confused pope tweets about this “Extraordinary Missionary Month.” Let us pray that he doesn’t experience any more “bitterness” in meeting Catholic converts in missionary countries.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Burke has inspired many people to stand and resist.” But Cardinal Burke has probably also inspired this tragic pope to go on taking revenge on Cardinal Burke in whatever way possible.

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics beg St. Therese of the Child Jesus to ask God to send us a good pope, one who will not feel “bitter” when he meets Catholic converts We beg God for a pope who understands what “Extraordinary Missionary Month” really means.

@Pontifex I’m sure our sick pope and his “advisers” will REALLY get a good laugh out of this: “Canon lawyer: Vatican should, after a warning, punish German bishops, ‘excommunication’ possible”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis unveils statue at Vatican honoring migrants, refugees” Hey, why not? If this tragic pope refuses to let any of those migrants into Vatican City, as he keeps telling other countries to do, then the next best thing is a statue, right?

@Pontifex “CDL. BURKE: SYNOD IS APOSTASY AND ATTACK ON CHRIST’S LORDSHIP” I’m sure this tragically sick pope and his “advisers” must be rolling on the floor laughing over this one.

@Pontifex “Cdl Kasper: Laity will ‘not accept’ future pope who doesn’t continue Francis’ legacy” Kasper’s kidding, right? If any future pope continues this sick pope’s legacy, there won’t BE any laity.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis sends gifts to mosque to show ‘esteem and affection to the Muslim community’” WONDERFUL! And maybe “the Mulsim community” will respond by desecrating no more churches, killing no more Christians, and even stop suicide bombings.

@Pontifex “Why is Pope Francis so uncomfortable when people convert to Catholicism?” A friend answered, “Why? Because he’s probably the most tragically sick and confused pope the Church has ever seen. That’s why.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis meets privately with pro-homosexual celebrity priest James Martin” Sure. Gotta keep those sodomite clerics on board, gotta keep ’em happy. Otherwise, they might start ratting on each other, and on their sodomite bishops.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Dubia Cardinal warns Church in Germany against synodal path that leads to ‘final decline’”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Burke: Amazon Synod working doc ‘is a direct attack on the Lordship of Christ’” A friend prays, “God save us from this Amazon Synod. Save Your Church from this sick pope’s synod of evil.”

@Pontifex A friend said sarcastically, “Isn’t it great to know that we’re part of some vast American conspiracy against the Church and against this pontificate, a conspiracy that exists only in the delusional mind of this tragically confused and sick pope?”

@Pontifex A friend said, “A sick delusional pope in Rome and a sick, delusional president in Washington – either one alone would be bad enough. Together they represent a potential catastrophe for the world.”

@Pontifex As photos ciriculate of this pontiff in that asinine Amazon headdress, in which he looks so very stupid (, this sick pope complains about seminarians wearing cassocks and “Saturn” hats ( Oh God, how did we come to THIS?

@Pontifex From today’s (English) Morning Prayer: “Lord, we thank You for Your glorious power; we praise Your victory over the powers of darkness,” and we look forward to Your victory as those same evil powers gather in Rome for the horrors of this Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex This delusional pope meets with @JamesMartinSJ (, who is a promoter of a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance, and the silence from US bishops is deafening. What are they afraid of? Their own sodomite priests?

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet – May the angels sustain this sick pope in BEGINNING the act of “proclaiming and living Christ’s Gospel for a world renewed in God’s love.” He’s done precious little of that so far.

@Pontifex A priest who wants Church teaching to allow homosexual acts sits with the successor of St. Peter; the same successor who won’t grant an audience to cardinals who signed the dubia letter pleading with him for clarification on Church doctrine.

@Pontifex James Martin “spews the lie that God willfully made, intentionally created, men and women to be homosexual or lesbian. And he announces to gay Catholics, ‘God created you with special gifts and then called you into the church for a reason’.”

@Pontifex “This meeting, while disgusting, can hardly come as a shock.”

@Pontifex “It is supremely ironic that while Pope Francis scolds nations that care about their sovereignty by attempting to secure their borders, that he himself lives ensconced behind some of the most famous and largest walls in the world.”

@Pontifex “No one is says the Vatican should tear down its walls, or hand over its guns. It’s just that the Pope shouldn’t be telling OTHER countries to do so because, well, it’s more than a little hypocritical.

@Pontifex “Loving your neighbor does not mean abandoning your borders. And respecting the dignity of each person does not mean accepting their perverted sexual practices.”

@Pontifex “Faithful Catholics don’t hate migrants, refugees, homosexuals or the earth. But we will not sit back silently while Church teaching is twisted in such a manner to supplant truth with falsehoods.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “In denouncing errors in the Instrumentum Laboris, Coetus Internationalis Patrum joins a chorus of critics, including Cdl. Raymond Burke, Cdl. Gerhard Müller, Cdl. Walter Brandmüller, Cdl. Jorge Urosa and Bp. Athanasius Schneider.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “In denouncing errors in the Instrumentum Laboris, Coetus Internationalis Patrum joins a chorus of critics, including Cdl. Raymond Burke, Cdl. Gerhard Müller, Cdl. Walter Brandmüller, Cdl. Jorge Urosa and Bp. Athanasius Schneider.”

@Pontifex A friend says, “According to the latest rumor, @JamesMartinSJ will be made a bishop soon, maybe even a cardinal. That’s just what the Church needs: another prelate who supports sodomy and sodomite clerics. Well, at least Martin will feel right at home. God help us.”

@Pontifex Like all politically correct people, this sick pope believes in free speech and “dialogue,” as long as the speech and the “dialogue” are about ideas he already agrees with. Otherwise, you can expect silence or insults.

@Pontifex A friend said, “At least @JamesMartinSJ has “built a bridge” for us to this reality: the Catholic priesthood really has become a gay profession, like being a hairdresser or a professional drag queen.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “At least James Martin, S.J., has “built a bridge” for us to a new reality: the Catholic priesthood really has become a gay profession, like being a hairdresser or a professional drag queen. Martin will do well as a bishop and cardinal.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “No, after the Amazon Synod nothing will EVER be the same. We’ll have gay priests and married priests, and gay priests married to each other. And of course, lesbian priestesses married to each other, too. We can’t discriminate.”

@Pontifex You have to wonder what the Church – and the world – would be like if we had a pope who generated as much attention to Christ and the Gospel as this tragic pope has generated around the horror of the Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex You can’t help but wonder what the Church – and the world – would be like now if we’d had a pope who generated as much attention to Christ and the Gospel as this tragic and sick pontiff has generated around the horror of the Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex A friend commented sarcastically, “The world should pay attention to Christ and the Gospel instead of to the wonders of the Amazon? Oh, please. Christ and the Gospel are so VERY medieval.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Let me see if I understand this right. This sick pope honors a priest who approves of sodomy, honors him with a long private audience. But this confused pontiff refuses even to dialogue with orthodox cardinals about the Faith. How did we come to this?”

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “Turn back, O God of hosts, look down from heaven and tend this vine. Protect the vine, for your right hand planted it…We will not forsake you, and you will give us life; and we will call on your name.”

@Pontifex Is there a “Francis effect”? Of course there is: people leaving the Church in droves in Europe and the Americas.”

@Pontifex “Just this week, a group of bishops, priests, and laypeople released – anonymously, for fear of reprisals – a statement identifying four major problems with the Working Document.” Good thinking. The “merciful pope” is always ready with reprisals.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Contrary to the Vatican’s extremist ecology-mongers and population-controllers, current forms of development save lives, offer greater freedom and dignity, are eliminating scourges like famine, plagues, resource wars, and early mortality.”

@Pontifex “Why we need a synod on the Amazon at all is a fair question. Persecution of Christians, for example, is a far more immediate and pressing problem globally. How about a synod on religious persecution?”

@Pontifex “Is disagreement with a strange Roman concoction – invocation of cosmovisions, rainforest primitivism, shamans, indigenous religious beliefs and practices (some quite shocking) – really defiance of doctrine and the Church’s teaching authority?”

@Pontifex A friend writes, “Nobody can tell me why the Pope protects Msgr Roberto Toledo.” The answer is easy. This sick pope is not obsessed with the Gospel or Christ or the Faith. He’s obsessed with power. Protecting Torledo protects his power.

@Pontifex “What’s very different under the papacy of Francis is the vindictiveness and pettiness that is the normal course of business here” (in the Vatican).

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The Word of God fills us with joy.” Sounds nice, but “what’s different is the vindictiveness and pettiness that’s the usual course of business. People who work here have taken to calling this pontificate ‘The Reign of Terror’.”

@Pontifex “Various cardinals and archbishops have many deep secrets to hide; and between the threat of blackmail, or being exposed as not being on board with the Francis papacy, or just plain old revenge, there is a pall of fear hanging over the Vatican.”

@Pontifex “The operating principle here is fear. For all the talk about caring for humanity and reaching out to the most vulnerable, the truth is that this papacy is a tyranny racked with fear, uncertainty, and revenge — masked by a false humility.”

@Pontifex “The Holy See’s deficit doubled in 2018 to roughly €70 million. Fewer donations are coming in. A group of U.S. Catholic businessmen stopped its annual donation of almost $1 million due to the sex and money scandals. Even heresy has a price tag.”

@Pontifex “If dealing with budget deficits and financial shortfalls isn’t difficult enough on its own, when you layer on top of that personal agendas, the Vatican has become one big, dysfunctional mess.”

@Pontifex ” Francis has set up an out of control, alternative curia, creating havoc. It is responsible for locking down ALL information on the Theodore McCarrick investigation and to deflect ALL inquiries, waiting until interest in the scandal has passed.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Catholic sociologists calculate that weekly attendance at Mass fell from 55 percent of Catholics in 1970, to 21 percent in 2018.” Still the Vatican follows the “spirit” of the Council. The lemmings are REALLY racing toward the cliff edge.

@Pontifex “There are whispers and quiet chatter all over Rome now that the conclave which elected Pope Francis might have been invalid; a very close second to the talk of an invalid conclave is that Francis may have committed heresy.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Most of the discussion at – and about – this horrific Amazon Synod centers on its political implications. There’s little about the salvation of souls. It’s such a quaint idea, isn’t it? ‘The salvation of souls’. It means nothing to the modernists.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Burke: Amazon Synod working doc ‘is a direct attack on the Lordship of Christ’” A friend’s sarcastic remark: “Another quaint and medieval idea that makes the modernists and the Synod ‘fathers’ laugh – ‘the Lordship of Christ’.”

@Pontifex A friend remarked, “Cardinal Burke’s ‘Lordship of Christ’ idea probably has this pope rolling on the floor laughing. It’s like a joke he never heard during all his years of Jesuit ‘education’.”

@Pontifex For this sick pope and his bishops, ideas like “the Lordship of Christ” and “the salvation of souls” probably have no place in the Amazon. Such concepts are for them simply not up-to-date and have no place in this tragically confused pope’s ‘New Church’.”

@Pontifex If only this sick pope could sincerely pray a psalm from today’s Office: “Turn your face away from my sins and wipe out all my transgressions; create a pure heart in me, God, put a steadfast spirit into me.” But does this poor pope know what sincerity and honesty are?

@Pontifex St. Francis of Assisi understood this line from today’s Office: “Do not model yourselves on the behaviour of the world around you.” That saint’s namesake, this present tragically confused pope, cannot comprehend that. And the angels weep.

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “Francis, the destitute and lowly, enters heaven a rich man, acclaimed by the songs of angels.” If only we had a pope to whom those words could apply. But we have the opposite: a rich and tyrannical pontiff who will enter the next life a poor man.

@Pontifex A friend joked: “I hear that after the Amazon Synod, this tragic pope will change the Our Father, because it’s ‘too patriarchal.’ So the prayer will become, ‘Our Father-Mother, who art in heaven’.” Then my friend started laughing and almost couldn’t stop.

@Pontifex From today’s Gospel: “Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty deeds done in your midst had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would long ago have repented, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment than for you.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – I think St. Francis of Assisi has already started to watch over the Synod, as can be perceived in the tone of this discussion (, especially when one of the participants called for this sick pope’s resignation.

@Pontifex “Ouellet, not formerly classified as an enemy of the Pope — but will be now — wrote, ‘The Church either proposes the authentic Jesus, identical with the Christ of faith, or loses its reason for being.’ How long can Ouellet keep his present post?”

@Pontifex “Baldiserri also took a swipe at faithful Catholics suggesting that what we all report fake news. This marginalizing of the faithful is the Vatican’s message, because our reports have clearly gotten to them and are waking people up to the rot.”

@pontifex “If Francis II walks out on the loggia after the next conclave, the Amazon Synod will seem like child’s play compared to what’s down the road. If you aren’t praying for the Church every day, you better be.”

@Pontifex Congrats to Vatican Post Office (Not) (@CaproEspiatori) for pointing out that that this brave “Pope participates in Vatican ritual to Mother Earth to prevent unhealthy Catholic influences from corrupting indigenous paganism.” And he does it in the Vatican gardens! Wow!

@Pontifex In response to a comment, a friend reiterated, “Resign? RESIGN? For this tragic pope, the exercise of POWER is and has ALWAYS been the sole reason for his existence. Not God, not the Church, not the Faith or the Gospel, but sheer POWER! Popes like that NEVER resign!

@Pontifex Another friend said, “This tragic pope has worked his whole life to GET power. That’s all he cares about. And you think he’ll give it up? Voluntarily?” And she burst out laughing.

@Pontifex A friend commented, “This sick pope is so obsessed with power, that when he dies, God Himself may not be able to tear the papal crozier out of his cold, dead hands.”

@Pontifex “The pope’s gained the friendship of the world but at the price of betraying the Savior’s truth. In crushing good cardinals; by indirectly approving homosexual acts; and more, the pope shows he’s led by a spirit contrary to that of the Gospel.”

@Pontifex “The diocese (of Buffalo) has paid out more than $18 million to more than 100 victims.” A friend remarked, “Sodomite priests are expensive, aren’t they?”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “St. Michael the Archangel, you protected Rome and the Church so often in the past. We beg you to protect them now from the onslaught of this evil pope and his evil bishops at this Amazon Synod of horrors.”

@Pontifex It follows from what St. Augustine wrote, that God can draw good even from the greatest of evils, like this present horrific pontificate and its monstrous Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend prays, “Dear God, protect the Church from the ravages of the German bishops, the great majority of whom are what Jesus warned us against: “false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

@Pontifex This tragic pope doesn’t genuflect before the Holy Eucharist at mass, so he probably doesn’t say the Office, either. If he did, he would be among those who know the joy of saying, “Lord, we proclaim your love in the morning and your truth in the watches of the night.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “The end of this evil pontificate can start from any quarter: “Out of the mouths of children and infants you have brought praise, to confound your enemies, to destroy your vengeful foes.” (From today’s Office.)

@Pontifex Today’s Office reminds faithful Catholics what attitude they should have toward this tragic pope and the insults and ridicule he directs toward them: “Bless those who persecute you: never curse them, bless them.”

@Pontifex Since nothing is impossible with God, we pray for this tragic pope’s conversion, and an end to his attempts to impose on the Church: James Martin’s “right” to sodomy, the end of priestly celibacy, and invalid women’s ordinations, among other evils.

@Pontifex A friend said, “The Anglican and Episcopal churches in the UK and US are “flourishing,” aren’t they? They have gay, married, and female priests and bishops. Now this sick pope, the German bishops, and their Amazon Synod want to do the same thing to the Catholic Church?”

@Pontifex The first reading at mass today is relevant to faithful Catholics, regarding the horrors of the Amazon Synod: “Fear not, my children; call out to God! He who brought this upon you will remember you. He who has brought disaster upon you will bring you back enduring joy.”



@Pontifex Michael Hichborn discusses his video of this delusional pope presiding over a pagan/satanic ritual in the Vatican Gardens. How long, O Lord, how long?

@Pontifex “Rigidity,” the pope said. “Have you never seen young priests all stiff in black cassocks and hats in the shape of the planet Saturn on their heads? Well, you sure can’t this guy “rigid.” Heretic, yes. Rigid, no.

@Pontifex Tweet by @EdwardPentin “Faithful gather under the banner ‘Let’s Pray for the Church!’ close to St. Peter’s basilica to pray for the Church as she faces many internal challenges.” #letsprayforthechurch #preghiamoperlachiesa St. Michael, help us.

@Pontifex “Mumbo-Jumbo in Vatican Gardens: Gullible Francis Participates (Video)” Gullible? Really? Delusional? Yes. Confused? Yes. Sick? Yes. Troubled? Yes. Even demented? Yes. But “gullible”? Uh, no.

@Pontifex @ebmuc (1/3) Kardinal Woelki (@ErzbischofKoeln) schreibt, “Es kommt immer und in schwierigen Zeiten besonders darauf an, Christus tiefer zu erkennen. Das ist das erste, was nottut. Das ist der Quellpunkt, der Ausgangspunkt für alle praktischen Überlegungen.” @Pontifex @ebmuc (2/3) Ist der “Synodale Weg” der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz ein solcher Ausgangspunkt? Oder die Amazonas-Synode? @Pontifex @ebmuc (3/3) Gott segne Kardinal Woelki, denn er ist skeptisch und mutig und scheint die richtige Antwort auf diese Fragen zu wissen. (Und wir beten, dass dieser tragische Papst ihn nicht zu hart bestrafen wird.)

@Pontifex “Cdl. Gerhard Müller affirmed that the Church’s ban on female deacons and priests is an infallible dogma of the Faith.” A friend commented, “This demented pope’ll just ignore that for a while, then he’ll find some way to punish Cardinal Müller.”

@Pontifex Papal Tweet reply: A friend said, “So is there anything that this pope does that’s really “rooted in compassion,” that’s not fake, truly received from God, and “given to his brothers and sisters” in a way that’s not like something given by a wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

@Pontifex “Vatican unlikely to weigh in on Hong Kong protests, Catholic leaders say” After the “agreement” that this tragic pope signed with China, does the Vatican have any choice about whether will “weigh in on Hong Kong”?

@Pontifex “Pope hosts tree-planting ritual where indigenous bow to topless pregnant statue” Steve Skojec comments, “And to think what poor Pope Marcellinus went through for allegedly offering a pinch of incense to the pagan gods.”

@Pontifex “Lay Catholic leaders warn about Amazon Synod: ‘Pope Francis has gravely harmed the faith. It is time to say it out loud’.” A friend said, “‘Gravely harmed the faith’? I’m sure this confused pope will get a chuckle out of that.”

@Pontifex “The Amazon Synod is expected to be the most severe calamity for the Faith that the Church has ever known.” – John-Henry Westen

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Today there is a good piece at Crisis – everyday more valuable – about the antics of the present day caput malorum omnium. No, not the Society of Jesus, though they are hard upon the heels of the front-runner. The Church in Germany.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Synods and Sausages: Making a mess in Germany – Three things need to be sorted out when it comes to the covert agenda being pursued by the German bishops.”

@Pontifex Reply to a papal Tweet: A friend said sarcastically, “The willingness of a Cardinal to shed his own blood….”? Please. Isn’t that an example of the “rigid,” “museum Church” of the past that this confused pope is always complaining about?”

@Pontifex “Paris prosecutors: Police attack suspect adhered to ‘radical vision of Islam'” This tragic pope needs to try harder to tell people that the religion that dare not speak its name (at least not on Twitter) is really a Great Religion of Peace.

@Pontifex Many are saying that this pope is simply a naive, confused old man who is manipulated by evil advisers into doing and saying things that could destroy the Church. Maybe so. Whatever is true, the Church is in enormous danger and we must continue to beg for God’s help.

@Pontifex Ed Pentin tweets: “’The Church is in deep crisis and at this time no human effort is likely to rescue her, so prayer is the only option, for heavenly intervention,’ said Swiss citizen Boris who traveled to Rome especially for the prayer vigil.”

@A friend said, “Perhaps it’s not this tragic pope’s conversion that we should be praying for. We should be begging God to cure him of his weakness, naivete, and senility, for those are the reasons why he does so many horrible things.”

@Pontifex There is hope for the Church, now. in the horror of this present pontificate. The hope is expressed in a reading from today’s Office: “The Lord says this: I am now going to open your graves; I mean to raise you from your graves, my people.”

@Pontifex A friend says he prays, “O God, save Your Church from the looming catastrophe of the Amazon Synod, from the evil German bishops, and from this confused old pope’s demonic advisers.”

@Pontifex Despite the coming horrors of the Amazon Synod, there is hope for the Church in today’s first reading at mass: “For the vision still has its time….If it delays, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not be late.”

@Pontifex You have to wonder who the evil advisers are, the ones who write these lie-filled, reality-distorting Tweets for this naive, confused, and sick old pope.

@Pontifex “In the run-up to the Amazon Synod, Archbishop Vigano, the former Vatican U.S. ambassador-turned-whistleblower, is casting a long shadow over Rome, as his extensive accusations about the darkness within these walls continues to be proven true.”

@Pontifex Response of a friend to a Tweet by this sick pope, “This pope says “‘We are useless servants’ is an expression of humility.” For this sick pontiff, the first part of that sentence is true, but not the second, not when applied to him, unless it reads, ‘fake humility’.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis prayed that the Holy Spirit would help the Church in the Pan-Amazonian region.” The only thing that will help the Church there is the authenticity the Protestants exhibit, not the fake authenticity of the “spirit” of the Council.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Urges New Cardinals: Imitate Christ’s Compassionate Heart” This tragic pope should urge them to imitate Christ. Period. And this he might try imitating Christ as well, instead of aping the demonic “spirit” of the Council.

@Pontifex “Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has today issued a statement warning all pastors of the Church not to ‘hide in silence’ but to speak out against the ‘wolves’ and ‘worldly powers’ that are threatening Christ’s flock.”

@Pontifex This confused pope has ravaged the Church, but he doesn’t fear death. After all he doesn’t believe he’ll go to hell. His soul, he thinks, will simply be “annihilated” as his ultimate punishment.

@Pontifex Jim Hale (@therealjimhale): “Following mass at St Peter’s, Indians unfurl Mother Earth banner.” And Christine Niles (@ChristineNiles1): “When was the last time there was a pagan demonstration inside St Peter’s?” Another friend tweets: “God save us from this evil pope.”

@Pontifex “The first confrontation between Europe and Islam happened in the 7th century. In 1570 Pope Pius V contacted the chief rulers of the West to unite against an enemy that threatened them and the Catholic church.” And the present pope? Is he evil?

@Pontifex A friend prays, “Lady, the Serpent is now coiled up in the heart of the Church, in the Vatican itself. Lady, we beg you, crush him with your heel.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend said, “Except where the Tridentine Mass is said, churches in Europe and America are emptying, but this sick pope is busy with the AMAZON?? Does he think married priests, approval of sodomy, and priestesses will bring people back to church? Dream on.”

@Pontifex The catastrophe of the Amazon Synod makes me think of the last four lines of T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men”:

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

And this is the way the Church ends?

@Pontifex This sick pope says, “Our brothers and sisters in Amazonia are bearing heavy crosses.” What about “our brothers and sisters” in Europe and America who are fleeing the Novus Ordo Mass? They are awaiting “the liberating consolation” of the Tridentine Mass.

@Pontifex One day, when the Amazon Synod’s horrors are forgotten, the Church will sing the words from today’s Office: “I exult for joy in the Lord, for he has clothed me in the garments of salvation, he has wrapped me in the cloak of integrity, like a bride adorned in her jewels”

@Pontifex Helen Duddy on Facebook: “How can Bishop Toal of Motherwell Diocese and his priests preach care, compassion and forgiveness when they can’t show this to Father Mathew Despard?” Mark Murray: “Hypocrisy was always a weakness of the Church.”

@Pontifex “Nigeria: Muslim group executes 2 Christian aid workers, vows to kill every Christian it captures” Clearly, our “inclusive” pope needs to dialogue with these people. That will fix everything.



Message sent to the police after receiving an answer about a complaint I made:

Sehr geehrte Frau Kriminaloberkommissarin Lampe,

vielen Dank für Ihren Brief. Um Ihre Fragen zu beantworten, füge ich dieser E-Mail zunächst eine Kopie der Rechnung bei, die ich erhalten habe. Ich habe bar bezahlt und keine Kreditkarte benutzt.

Zweitens hatte die Person, die hier war, leider nichts Markantes an seinem Aussehen. Er hatte einen dunklen Teint, einen Bart und kurze schwarze Haare. Er schien ungefähr dreißig Jahre alt zu sein und war ungefähr so groß wie ich (1,73 m). Er war auch leicht übergewichtig. Es tut mir leid, aber ich glaube wirklich nicht, dass ich ihn auf einem Foto wiedererkennen würde.

Ich weiß nicht, ob die Polizei die Identität der Person herausfinden kann, die die Website eingerichtet hat (https://www.schlü, da die Website wurde kurz nachdem ich eine E-Mail mit einer Beschwerde an die Firma geschickt hatte, die die Website eingerichtet haben sollte, entfernt. (Die Firma ist echt, aber ich denke, die Person, die die Website eingerichtet hat, hat einfach den Namen und die Adresse dieser unschuldigen Firma verwendet, um die Website authentisch aussehen zu lassen.)

Vielleicht konnte die Polizei herausfinden, wer für die auf der Website verwendete Telefonnummer (0151 66133339) verantwortlich war. Die Telefonnummer unter “Impressum” auf der Webseite (0151 66133339) war auch echt, aber nachdem ich mit der Person gesprochen habe, der diese Telefonnummer gehört, denke ich, dass diese Person unschuldig ist. Die Betrüger verwendeten eine echte Adresse und eine echte Telefonnummer, um ihre kriminellen Aktivitäten zu verbergen.

Ich hoffe, die Polizei kann die Personen finden, die für diesen Betrug verantwortlich sind. Ich bin mir sicher, dass ich den geringen Geldbetrag, den ich verloren habe, niemals zurückerhalten werde, aber ich würde gerne anderen Menschen helfen, die so betrogen werden könnten, wie ich es war, damit diese Menschen so einen Betrug und Geldverlust vermeiden können.

Sollte die Polizei in diesem Fall jemals Verhaftungen vornehmen, wäre ich Ihnen sehr dankbar, wenn Sie mich darüber informieren könnten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Robert John Bennett



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Faithful Catholics will accompany this “important ecclesial event,” the Amazon Synod, with prayers that the catastrophic horrors and damage it inflicts on the Church will be corrected someday soon.

@Pontifex “Pope opens Synod for the Amazon, calling for fidelity to the newness of the Spirit” And which “spirit” would that be? The demonic “spirit” of the Council which is responsible for the emptying of the Churches in Europe and the Americas?

@Pontifex Theoderic Wolthuis on Facebook: “Buckle up … the Horror Synod has begun. #BergoglioGaslighting #DictatorPope #AmazonSynod #PapalMarxism” Someone responds: “When he kicks it all off with an appeal to ‘fidelity to newness,’ you can guess what’s coming down the pike.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Yes, the Holy Spirit “always shows the ways for bearing witness to the Gospel.” If only we had a good pope, one who followed at least one of those ways, instead of veering off into heresy and apostasy.

@Pontifex Cardinal Hummes tweets: “We must not fear Christ, the new.” No, but we must fear the ways in which this synod will distort the teachings of Christ, into something heretical. We’ve had “newness” since the Council, and churches are emptying.

@Pontifex Cardinal Hummes tweets: “We must not fear Christ, the new.” No, but we must fear prelates who use tricks and rationalizations to twist Christ’s teachings. The “newness” of the (demonic) “spirit” of the Council has devastated the Church.

@Pontifex Cardinal Hummes tweets: “We must not fear Christ, the new.” God help us: “Hummes is a promoter of the slackening of priestly celibacy. He also has been under critique for questioning whether Jesus Christ really was opposed to homosexuality.”

@Pontifex “There was nothing, absolutely zero, Catholic about this pagan rite carried out just yards from where St. Peter was crucified upside down for the Faith, making this sacred ground.”

@Pontifex “Other gods being prayed to on holy ground, officially watched over by the successor of St. Peter, is yet another example of how far from tradition this pontificate has moved.”

@Pontifex “When a cardinal relayed to us last week that ‘there is no faith left in Rome,’ he actually may have been understating the issue. If only it was a question of just no faith. This is pagan faith, worshipping demons, as St. Paul warned.”

@Pontifex “What occurred in the gardens of the Vatican this weekend was pagan worship and prayers — period. And any pretense that it was all fine and OK and no big deal is just that: a pretense.”

@Pontifex “In a way, it’s more than symbolic, the tree that Francis planted here and then stood in silent prayer before. It’s a living symbol, a concrete expression of modernism, paganism, and worldliness boring their roots deep into the Church.”

@Pontifex “There is no such thing, no divine mandate, that the Church be so much of a listening Church that it listens to paganism and heresy.”

@Pontifex Tweet by (@Michael_Voris): “The Pope said, ‘I want the confusion.’ That comment was so striking, it stirs fear in the soul.” Watch the full video here: (This sick pope seems to want people to fear him, but they fear his destrction of the Church.)

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “Rescue us, God, our saviour, and turn your anger away from us.” A friend adds, “And Lord, do not let this evil Amazon Synod and the sick pope who presides over it cause any further damage to Your Church.”

@Pontifex Ultimately we have nothing to fear from this current synod of horrors. From today’s Office: “The city is ours, with its walls and ramparts, a refuge and stronghold. Open the gates, let the just people enter, the nation that keeps faith.”

@Pontifex A friend writes, “Around the world, countless thousands of faithful Catholics continue to pray for this sick pope’s conversion, especially now when this evil Amazon Synod, full of heresy and apostasy ( is pushing the Church on over the cliff.”

@Pontifex From today’s mass: “When God saw by their actions how they turned from their evil way, he repented of the evil that he had threatened to do to them; he did not carry it out.” God may react similarly, if this confused pope turns from the evil way of the Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Lord is merciful, so he forgave decadent Nineveh after its people did penance. But if all this sick pope wants to do is “accompany” people in our decadent world, and not warn them as Jonah did the people of Nineveh, CAN God forgive?

@Pontifex Ed Pentin (@EdwardPentin): “Father Weinandy said, ‘The only phrase that I can find to describe this situation is “internal papal schism,” for the pope will be the leader of a segment of the Church that is for all practical purposes schismatic’.”

@Pontifex This sick pope’s comedy synod goes on: “If there’d been a desire for real dialogue, there’d have been a few figures participating in ‘the process’ who would challenge the most radical proposals.” Of course this tragic pope wants no real dialogue.

@Pontifex “Does anyone seriously believe the Vatican is ‘listening’ to the indigenous people of the Amazon in pursuit of new pathways for moving forward? If these people are so advanced, does the pope need to call a Synod to save and protect the Amazon?”

@Pontifex “If the indigenous peoples of the Amazon are so advanced why do they need the white pope to save them? It makes no sense.”

@Pontifex “I think the Vatican is concerned that people are seeing through this balderdash….This is just another case of dressing up native people and using them to advance a political agenda….We must expose the lies here….It needs to stop.”

@Pontifex “So what do we have here – total stonewalling from the Vatican about what amounts to a theft of at least 13-million dollars from the Papal Foundation – involving Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin.”

@Pontifex “It appears theft can now be added to the list of crimes and immoralities happening here under the Francis papacy — unaccountable, zero transparency, lies, cover-up, deflections.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets: “Pope participates in Vatican ritual to Mother Earth to prevent unhealthy Catholic influences from corrupting indigenous paganism.”

@Pontifex After seeing people bowing down before idols in the Vatican gardens, Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweeted, “Sometimes its a good to surprise the God of Surprises and the other gods too!”

@Pontifex After watching this video (, a friend said, “So, now we have a sick pope who insults and ridicules people, a tragic pope who ridicules priests for wearing a biretta. Dear God, how did we ever come to this?”

@Pontifex “Sins of Impurity? No Worries, Says Pope Francis” A friend commented, “Dear God in heaven, please, we beg You, end the horror. The Gates of Hell are about to prevail.”

@Pontifex “The motu proprio (Aperuit illis) follows a trend: celebrate something in order to denigrate and forget it….We are witnessing here the consummately Machiavellian application of the old expression ‘promoveatur ut amoveatur’.”

@Pontifex @ErzbistumKoeln @ebmuc (1/2) Cardinal Marx: “Rome will not be the one to tell us what we have to do in Germany.” @Pontifex @ErzbistumKoeln @ebmuc (2/2) Cardinal Woelki: “We in Germany seem to be ready willfully to change the deposit of the Faith as it has been entrusted to us.” God bless Cardinal Woelki.

@Pontifex If Our Lady weeps for the Church, because of what this sick pope is doing to it, as she wept at La Salette, then countless thousands of faithful Catholics try to console her by weeping along with her.

@Pontifex This sick pope tweets: “The Lord always wants to heal and to save, not to condemn.” This tragic pope, on the other hand, always wants to insult, ridicule, and condemn anyone who disagrees with him. Mercy? As they say in New York, “Fuhgeddaboudit.”

@Pontifex Father Mark Goring: “What have we done?…We’ve lost something.” A friend commented, “A few more videos like this one, and Father Mark is going to find himself transferred to the wilds of Saskatchewan. This sick pope abhors such ideas.”

@Pontifex “Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on Sunday issued a statement warning all pastors of the Church not to ‘hide in silence’ but to speak out against the ‘wolves’ and ‘worldly powers’ that are threatening Christ’s flock.”

@Pontifex “Did the Pope deny the divinity of Christ?” A friend commented, “Of COURSE this sick pontiff denied the divinity of Christ. Such a belief is so VERY pre-conciliar. For this confused pontiff, that idea is positively medieval, isn’t it?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The (Munich) parish I visited has some 10,000 parishioners—average Sunday Mass attendance among those 10,000 parishioners was 200.” But German bishops keeps running after the (demonic) “spirit” of the Council – right over the cliff.

@Pontifex “The words that Dr. Scalfari attributes to the Holy Father cannot be considered a faithful account of what was said” Despite these “misquotes” by Scalfari, this sick (or simply evil) pope keeps him coming back for interviews. Strange, isn’t it?

@Pontifex “So the question has moved from ‘is what Scalfari reported true?’ to ‘does Pope Francis absolutely and unequivocally declare his full and entire belief in the divinity of Christ while He was present on earth and prior to His death on the cross?'”

@Pontifex “What is needed from Rome is a flat-out denial of the report, not just a vaguely worded statement left open to interpretation. Also needed: a clear affirmation of the Pope’s belief in Our Lord’s divinity.”

@Pontifex ” Catholic Churches in Rome have been draped in pagan images and symbols since the beginning of the Amazon Synod. For example, the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina in Rome has been transformed into a shrine to Amazonian indigenous culture.”

@Pontifex “The Pennsylvania attorney general’s office is fighting efforts by the diocese of Pittsburgh to use a needy children’s fund for sex abuse payouts.” Ah, the Francis Effect. Just one mercy after another.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex In the Amazon? Infanticide? What infanticide?

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Warns Catholics: Do Not Profess Ideology Over Faith” Oh, that IS rich! This sick (and probably evil) pope, who is quoted as denying the divinity of Christ ( is telling US not to profess ideology over faith?

@Pontifex Will this sick (and now apparently evil) pope publicly acknowledge the divinity of Christ? Or would that be to “profess ideology over faith”?

@Pontifex This tragic, evil pope erased all censures that Pope St. John Paul II had imposed on renegade priest Ernesto Cardenal and is now making “Mother-Father Earth” part of Catholic teaching. And Christ, he says, he not divine.

@Pontifex Cardinal Müller: “‘Mother-Earth’ – but this is a pagan expression. The earth comes from God and our mother in faith is the Church.” A friend said, “This evil pope must burst out laughing when he hears things like that.”

@Pontifex So we have this wicked pope and his henchmen, the German cardinals, to thank for bringing “Pachamama” into the Church. Will they try to replace Our Lady next?

@Pontifex If this sick (or simply evil) pope no longer believes in the divinity of Christ (, then Mary is no longer the Mother of God. Will this tragic pontiff now replace Our Lady with the Amazon “Mother Earth”/Pachamama? (

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets: “At the synod press conference today, Bishop Erwin Kräutler said indigenous people are attracted to lights and don’t understand celibacy. What happen in Vegas stays in Vegas, yes?” (I.e., Kräutler speaks “Amazonish.”)

@Pontifex This tragic pope says St. Paul was an “ideologue” ( who attacked the Church. A friend commented, “So does that make this sick pope an ideologue too?”

@Pontifex This confused pope says, “An attack against a member of the Church is an attack against Christ himself!” But of course when this sick pontiff insults and ridicules faithful Catholics, that is in no way “an attack against Christ himself,” right?

@Pontifex A friend said, “This tragic pope speaks and acts in line with Liberation Theology and takes money from German cardinals who believe the same (, and then he complains about OTHER people’s ideology? ( Dear God in heaven.”

@Pontifex So this pope has said Mary was “a normal girl,” “a normal woman,” “no strange things in life.” ( Dear Mother of God, St. Michael the Archangel, when will the serpent be crushed? How long, O Lord, how long?

@Pontifex This confused pope should publicly reaffirm his belief that Christ is God, instead of having the Vatican Press Office simply issue a statement saying he was “misquoted” by Scalfari. And why does he keep giving interviews to Scalfari?

@Pontifex Cardinal Joseph Tobin says it’s “absurd” to think that this pope doesn’t believe in Christ’s divinity. Eugenio Scalfari says he said it. A friend remarked, “It’s the old Peronist trick: state something and it’s opposite at the same time. Then EVERYONE supports you!”

@Pontifex Response to Bishop Erwin Kräutler – So let me get this straight – instead of missionaries who “preach the Gospel to all nations,” Kräutler wants missionaries who allow pagans to preach to THEM, on celibacy, on whatever. How did we come to this?

@Pontifex “Walk beside one another”? What does that even MEAN? Wouldn’t it be better for this sick (or maybe simply evil) pope to pray, “Holy Spirit, give us the grace to have the courage to follow the Gospel and the teachings of the Church, and rid the Church of sodomite rot?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Walk beside one another”? How would it be if we just followed Christ?

@Pontifex “Workers in the Vatican diverted approximately 400 million euros; that’s almost $500 million from the account which administers Peter’s Pence. Francis’ “Church of the Poor” has high-level workers stealing from a pot intended to help the poor.”

@Pontifex “Jorge Bergoglio was presented to the cardinals in conclave as the man who could get everything cleaned up because he was an outsider. But under Francis, the scandals have proliferated and Vatican corruption seems more entrenched than ever.”

@Pontifex This sick (or maybe simply evil) pope says we should all “walk beside one another.” Fine. But as we do that, let’s try not to notice the proliferating scandals that make Vatican financial corruption seem more entrenched than ever.

@Pontifex “Cardinal says Church needs to ‘exit’ clerical abuse scandals” Good luck with that, unless the Church can be returned to its pre-conciliar form, when, among other things, priests were men and the priesthood wasn’t a gay profession.

@Pontifex “This belief, that Jesus was not God when He was in Galilee 2,000 years ago – if THAT is the commonly held belief by those here at the Vatican, what happens at this synod doesn’t matter. There is a much, much deeper evil present.”

@Pontifex “We now have ‘two religions in the Church,’ says historian Roberto de Mattei. The first is traditional Catholicism; the second is ‘the Amazonian religion,’ he says, charging that the synod’s working document endorses ‘pantheism and polytheism’.”

@Pontifex “Evidence shows Amazonian infanticide goes on. It’s all the more reason the Church must bring Christ to the Amazon and cease its talk about interreligious dialogue, ecological conversion and listening to the voices of the indigenous tribes.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori says, “The Vatican issued a clarification: ‘As already stated, the words in the gospel attributed to Jesus cannot be considered a faithful account of what was actually said, but a free interpretation of those who listened’.“

@Pontifex A friend remarked, “This confused (or perhaps simply evil) pope seems content to go down in history as one of the worst popes ever, perhaps THE worst pope ever, because he’s done so much to destroy the Church from within. But does he care? Don’t make me laugh.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “This tragic pope doesn’t care how history or God judges him. He’s having his fun now, wrecking the Church. And he thinks that when he dies, his soul will simply be annihilated.”

@Pontifex If God brings about his conversion, this pope will be able to pray these verses from today’s Office: “Turn your face away from my sins and wipe out all my transgressions; create a pure heart in me, God, put a steadfast spirit into me.” Nothing is impossible with God.

@Pontifex Even a sick, power-hungry pope like the present one can be converted and say with St. Paul, “I am quite content with my weaknesses, and with insults, hardships, persecutions, and the agonies I go through for Christ’s sake. For it is when I am weak that I am strong.”

@Pontifex A friend prays, perhaps childishly, “Lady, at Fatima you performed the miracle of the sun. Will you not perform another miracle and turn this evil Amazon Synod, with all its horrors, into something good? Lady, as at Fatima, work a miracle.”

@Pontifex A friend writes, “Unless this pope is converted, history will show that the real heroes of this period of horror in the Church have been cardinals like Burke and Viganò.”

@Pontifex “If you abandon yourself to God by giving Him your faith in Him and submission to Him, you will receive the benefit of His skill and will become God’s perfect work. If you resist Him, the cause of your incompletion will remain in you who have not obeyed.” – St. Irenaeus

@Pontifex Ordaining married men in the Amazon “as an exception and on an experimental basis.” A friend said, “‘An exception and on an experimental basis’? Gimme a break. We all know the Germans are waiting for that – ‘Heute Deutschland, morgen die Welt’.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori wrote, “NBA Commissioner Adam Silver credits Pope Francis: ‘He set the example in how to kowtow to the Godless Chinese government and in the process betray your faithful and destroy your brand, all for very little in return.”

@Pontifex “Vatican spokesman says the Amazon’s Catholic communities are crying out for the Eucharist” What that spokesman really means is that the German bishops are crying out for an end to celibacy and the start of having priestesses.

@Pontifex Response to a papal tweet – Yes, this confused (or perhaps simply evil) pope is “precious” in the Lord’s eyes, but God did not entrust this sick pontiff with the mission of wrecking the Church the way he has. Faithful Catholics pray for this corrupt pope’s conversion.

@Pontifex “This pope is malicious. Something happened to him in Argentina.”

@Pontifex “The Pope says, ‘Yep, Eugenio. Jesus is God,’ and then Eugenio goes, ‘Yep. Got it. Jesus is not God.’ How could a journalist get this so terribly wrong? 100% wrong, 180 degrees backward. Why does the pope keep giving this guy interviews?

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Susan from the Parish Council has been impelling the youth to flee the Church for fifty years. Youths are now but a remnant, a fading memory, soon to vanish entirely. Susan will be lording it over an empty church.”

@Pontifex “There are only two options: either Francis denied the divinity of Our Lord in his conversations — which would amount to heresy and apostasy — or he was ‘gravely misrepresented’.” This sick (or simply evil) pope was not “gravely misrepresented.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Maybe this tragic pope isn’t completely evil. Maybe he just forgets what he’s said.

@Pontifex Maybe someone should remind this tragically sick (or simply evil) pope what the First Commandment is.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) (@CaproEspiatori) tweets, “I see many people say mean things about the Pope. Judge not! I say let those of you who have not “accidentally” participated in a pagan ceremony on Vatican grounds cast the first stone! I thought so.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc The fastest way to cause more people to flee the Church is to continue following the (demonic) “spirit” of the Council, to continue ordaining sodomite clergy, to ordain “priestesses,” to “reform” sexual morality, and to end priestly celibacy. Churches will empty.

@Pontifex Here’s the question: if Eugenio Scalfari keeps “misquoting” this tragically sick (or simply evil) pope, why does this pope keep giving Scalfari interviews. Or is it that Scalfari is NOT misquoting him?

@Pontifex When people think of this tragic pope, an antiphon from today’s Office sometimes comes to mind: “Give your light, Lord, to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – It’s true that some “entity” entrusted this tragic (or simply evil) pope with a mission, but it certainly wasn’t the Lord

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Our communities will surely NOT “see a flowering of the call to holiness” if we have more financial corruption, more sodomite priests, a lot ot “priestesses,” a “reform” of sexual morality, an end to celibacy, and more Vatican Garden idols.

@Pontifex An acquaintance commented, “I’m a liberal, and I believe in calling things what they are. Why do these bishops insist on saying that they favor ‘female priests.’ They should say they favor PRIESTESSES!”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Müller: ‘Neither the pope nor…bishops can change dogmas…to their liking’” A friend said sarcastically, “This pope can’t change dogma? Cardinal Müller doesn’t know this tragic pope. He can do ANYTHING (or at least he thinks he can).”

@Pontifex “I have no idea how to explain in any way that is remotely satisfying how a man like Jorge Bergoglio can occupy the papal office.”

@Pontifex “This picture of a woman nursing a dog, placed in a Catholic church in Rome, shows just how over-the-top and bonkers this ecological movement is, that Francis has signed on to.”

@Pontifex “What the Church will end up with is a pope who is the pope and, simultaneously, the de facto leader of a schismatic church.  Because he is the head of both, the appearance of one church remains, while in fact there are two.”

@Pontifex “The pope is using Scalfari to propagate his most extreme ideas under a veneer of plausible deniability….If the pope had an objection to the way Scalfari represents him, WOULDN’T YOU THINK HE WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING BY NOW?”

@Pontifex “If someone told the world that you, a Catholic, believed Jesus wasn’t truly God — even if you weren’t the pope — how long would it be before you declared your fidelity to Christ and condemned the vicious calumny you had been subjected to?”

@Pontifex “The American grandson of an indigenous ex-shaman was appalled when he saw a video of an Amazonian religious ceremony that took place in the Vatican this week. ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes,’ Rexcrisanto Delson told LifeSiteNews.”

@Pontifex “Canon lawyer priest on Amazon Synod’s pagan tree-planting: ‘This is horrendous’”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Ottaviani had written in his diary: “I pray God to allow me to die before the end of this Council. Thus, at least I shall die a Catholic.” I think many people could say the same thing about the horrors of the Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex (1/2) Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets: “The Synod is all about listening to the Holy Spirit tell us about all the things that indigenous brown people cannot do or understand…. @Pontifex (2/2) …This is the only way to forge new pathways that are much better than the old pathways.” And I respond ENTHUSIASTICALLY, “Yeah, old pathways just lead to things like truth, but new pathways lead to great things like apostasy and heresy!”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Our new saints. They walked by faith and now we invoke their intercession.” Do we ever. We invoke their intercession to protect the Church from this present evil pontiff and the horrors of his reign, especially this monstrous Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex This tragically corrupt pope tweets that Christ “alone frees us from evil and heals our hearts.” Thousands of faithful Catholics beg the Lord to do just that: to free this delusional pope from the evil that possesses him, and to heal the monstrous designs of his heart.

@Pontifex Vittorio giuseppe Benigno @BenignoVito tweets: “Instead of carrying the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary they carried the image of a pagan goddess Pachamama. Amazon Synod is from hell!”

@Pontifex (1/2) Edward Pentin @EdwardPentin quotes Elizabeth A. Mitchell (“Great civilizations are maintained, in their hour of crisis, by those willing to pay the price…. @Pontifex (2/2) …As Winston Churchill and King George VI faced the threat of Nazi invasion…they preferred to risk everything, in action, rather than go out with a whimper.” Not only “great civilizations” are so maintained, but THE great religion, the Catholic Church, as well.

@Pontifex “What’s going on here at the synod is like a skit from Saturday Night Live.”

@Pontifex “If the Church was completely wrong and racist and patriarchal for 2,000 years, then why should anyone take it her seriously now?”

@Pontifex What, really, is the point of this synod? “Eighty percent of the people in the Amazon live in cities. They do NOT live in the jungle. The biggest problem in the Amazon is not global warming. It’s drug abuse.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “You can’t help but feel sorry for this sick, possibly evil old man, this pope, leading a synod that – in the words of one commentator – has become like a skit on ‘Saturday Night Live’.” (

@Pontifex A friend said, “It’s only natural that someone who is as guilty of as much evil as this pope is guilty of, would try to deal with his conscience by destroying the institution that reminds him of his guilt: the Catholic Church. And that’s true of many bishops as well.”

@Pontifex Confronted with the evils of this tragic pontificate, faithful Catholics pray today’s Office: “Lord, you have been our refuge from generation to generation. Before the mountains were born, before earth and heaven were conceived, from all time to all time, you are God.”

@Pontifex A friend asked me, “How did we EVER come to this? We have a Church run by a pack of weak-minded and evil old men who care nothing for Church teaching and the Gospel, who want married priests and priestesses, and who tolerate financial and sodomite corruption.”

@Pontifex The problem this sick pope has is that he’s caught in a contradiction of his own making. On the one hand, he’s this kind, merciful old guy who wants bishops and others to do what they want. On the other hand, he’s an iron-fisted dictator and wants people to obey orders.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets only “an encounter with Jesus can save.” Countless faithful Catholics pray that this confused (or simply evil) pope will encounter Jesus soon, otherwise he may be damned for what he’s done to the Church. (There’s no “annihilation” after death.)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And to the service of which (demonic) “others” is this tragic pope putting his talents and abilities?

@Pontifex Does the pope believe Christ is God? “Doesn’t the Holy Father feel a duty to his children to jettison all doubt about what he believes? He speaks for hours on his plane trips with reporters. Can’t he spare 30 seconds for his hurting children?”

@Pontifex Jack P. Oostveen: “Nothing can remove the culpability of religious congregations for the huge loss of their members since Vatican II…The modernist ideology suggests a false solution for the priest shortage, but the shortage results from the “spirit” of the Council.”

@Pontifex “In my opinion, the proposal of the “viri probati” as a solution to evangelization is an illusory, almost magical proposal that goes nowhere near to addressing the real underlying problem.” – Fr. Martín Lasarte Topolanski, Salesian Missionary

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Recent news indicates the Vatican is doing something about its financial corruption problem. Now, when will it start working on its sodomite corruption problem? That problem is much more serious, and much more widespread.”

@Pontifex Someday, when the present evil pope is gone, we will – perhaps far in the future – again have a pontiff who can honestly say these verses from today’s Office: “I will walk with an innocent heart through the halls of my palace. I will allow no evil thing in my sight.”

@Pontifex An antiphon from today’s Office: “Those who have instructed many in virtue will shine like stars for all eternity.” We know that one day we will have a pope and cardinals to whom those words can apply. The cesspool of heresy and corruption in the Vatican will be gone.

@Pontifex “Vatican police chief resigns as financial investigation continues” A friend said, “Giani did nothing wrong, but this tragic and evil pope has to have a scapegoat of some kind for the cesspool of corruption that is his Vatican.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “I don’t know why everyone is so worried about married clergy and ‘priestesses’ in the Catholic Church. That’s worked out so well for the Anglicans and Episcopalians, hasn’t it?” And then she laughed.

@Pontifex “HUGE SIGN OF HOPE: Schneider, Burke Speak in Rome”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “We can only hope that this tragic, evil pope will take his own advice on rooting out hypocrisy, even though what he has tried – and is trying – to do to the Church is beyond hypocrisy, it is demonic.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex I told a friend that there’s a joke going around that this sick (or simply evil) pope wants to replace Our Lady with Pachamama. My friend smiled somewhat bitterly, “Don’t laugh,” she said. “It might not be a joke.”

@Pontifex This sick pope asks, “How do we root out hypocrisy?” One way would be to elect a pope who isn’t a hypocrite.

@Pontifex “The attraction to the Latin Mass is growing not because priests are accommodating or sentimental, but because they are ardent in their efforts to serve our Lord well. Parishioners realize those austere rubrics allow for true worship of God.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Did you see that picture of the pagan boat with this tragically evil pope and a couple of his cardinals IN ST PETER’S BASILICA, not 30 meters from the tomb of St. Peter? Can’t get much sicker than that.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Root out hypocrisy”? Great idea. And at the same time, what about rooting out financial, theological, and sodomite corruption as well? Or would something like that be going too far?
Would it be too “rigid”?

@Pontifex “Reacting to Pope Francis’s participation in a ‘pagan religious ceremony’ on the grounds of the Vatican, a canon lawyer said the ceremony was ‘horrendous’ and Catholicism is supposed to ‘overthrow pagan false notions,’ not be taught by them.”

@Pontifex “As week two of the Synod begins, preserving indigenous beliefs seems preferred to evangelization.” Is this crazy or is this crazy?

@Pontifex “HOW TO REVIVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – Two approaches confronted at the Amazon Synod”

@Pontifex “No Path To Woman Ordination To Priesthood & Diaconate, Automatic Excommunication for Germans”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Müller Accuses: From This Amazon Synod They Have Driven Out Jesus”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “How do we root out hypocrisy?” A friend replied, “We might start by rooting out this sick pope.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope seems to obsess at times about hypocrisy. Near the end of this video (, we have what seems to be hypocrisy on the part of some cardinals when it comes to “dialogue,” “accompaniment”, and meeting those who are “on the periphery.”

@Pontifex When you read “The Dictator Pope,” you understand that all this sick pope’s buzzwords – mercy, accompaniment, and all the rest – can be subsumed under one heading: hypocrisy. This tragic pope no more believes in them than he believes in Santa Claus (or Jesus Christ).

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics find hope in reminding themselves of what St. Augustine said about evil. We know that even out of the cesspool of evil – financial and sodomite evil – that is this pontificate, God can ultimately draw great good, though it may take centuries.

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics pray ceaselessly for this corrupt pope’s conversion, that God will turn him into a great and good pope who believes in Christ, the Gospel, and the teachings of the Church – instead of what he is now.

@Pontifex If we ever needed more proof that Satan has entered the Church, we have only to look at the monstrous expressions of paganism – in the Vatican gardens, in St. Peter’s, in some churches in Rome – that are displayed by this horrific pontificate.

@Pontifex I asked a friend why he repeatedly criticizes what this sick pope is doing to the Church. He said it was an idea from today’s Office: “For the sake of Jerusalem I will not be still, until her justice comes forth as brightness, and her salvation is lit up like a torch.”

@Pontifex A message for this troubled pope from the first reading of today’s mass: “By your stubbornness and impenitent heart, you are storing up wrath for yourself for the day of wrath and revelation of the just judgment of God.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Today we pray for an honest pope who will recognize “surprises” of the Demon for what they are, a pope who will not hinder God’s creativity in deepening the Faith of the people, and a pope who defends Church teaching and Gospel truth.

@Pontifex “We obey the hierarchy in all that is required, but never when they oppose the Faith. We love their souls, redeemed by Christ, and pray for their conversion and our own; no man alive is without sin. But the time for whispered misgivings is over.”

@Pontifex “The governing body of the Church came short, and the governed were pre-eminent in faith, zeal, courage, and constancy.” – St. John Henry Newman on the Arian crisis

@Pontifex “Newman asks why the shepherds were allowed to become wolves. Perhaps it was permitted, in order to impress upon the Church that, not the wise and powerful, but the obscure, the unlearned, and the weak constitute her real strength.”

@Pontifex A poster for the Amazon Synod in the Carmelite church of Santa Maria in Transpontina, near the Vatican, shows an indigenous woman breast-feeding a weasal. This demonstrates, of course, how much we have to learn from the people of the Amazon.

@Pontifex “Only one offence is now vigorously punished,—an accurate observance of our fathers’ traditions.”- St. Basil the Great, during the Arian crisis. This probably sounds familiar to many faithful priests and lay people today.

@Pontifex “May St John Henry Newman intercede for us as we pass through what Bishop Athanasius Schneider has described as the fourth and greatest crisis the Catholic Church has ever experienced.”

@Pontifex Yes, even at this synod, even for faithful Catholics – moments of joy!

@Pontifex This confused pope and his German “advisers” won’t agree, but, yes, access to food is important, but even MORE important than food is this: let’s work together so that every person can be saved and reach heaven.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) (@CaproEspiatori) tweets, “Scary story going around that if you turn off all lights, light a candle, look into a mirror and say “Pachamama” three times, Pope Francis appears and will bury you alive in our common home!”

@Pontifex “When the pope grants interviews to a reporter who’s attributed heretical statements to him in the past, and when he deploys vague responses through bureaucratic channels rather than through one definitive statement, he risks grave confusion.”

@Pontifex “Something … is starting to characterize this synod in a strange way…No one wants to take responsibility for how it was organized or who permitted it and why the pope was there and what it meant for him to be a witness as this was going on.”

@Pontifex “Ex-shaman’s grandson on Vatican ‘pagan’ ritual: ‘I…couldn’t believe my eyes’”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Let us work together so that every person can have access to” a Church that is free of sodomite clerics and other corruption, including the kind of weird apparent “idol worship” going on at the Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex This sick (or maybe simply evil) pope tweets about access to food. What about access to the truth? If the nude female idol that those wonderful Amazonians were worshipping in the Vatican gardens was not the Blessed Virgin, what was it? Why was this tragic pope there?

@Pontifex Why was the nude female idol (which of course was “not the Blessed Virgin”) brought into St. Peter’s and photographed in front of this confused pope and some of his “faithful” cardinals? And why is it in front of the dais in the synod assembly room?

@Pontifex In the Divine Office, faithful Catholics always find a word of consolation for the horrors of this catastrophic pontificate: “The Lord rebuilds Jerusalem.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope asks for “the grace of compassion.” Of course his kind of compassion doesn’t include faithful Catholic lay people and clergy. These receive only insults, criticism, and punishment, anything but “mercy” and compassion.

@Pontifex This confused pope asks for “the capacity to share in the poverty of our brothers and sisters.” That’s a capacity he already has, a capacity that forces him to go to the wealthy German bishops for money, and in return he follows their orders.

@Pontifex “THE AMAZON FRAUD: A Tale of Two Popes –
Today’s Vatican bureaucracy is filled to the brim with political activists from various institutions and think-tanks who care not one whit about Catholic doctrine or the salvation of souls.”

@Pontifex “Vatican rep denies claims that alleged ‘pagan’ statue is the Virgin Mary” Good to know that it was only an “alleged” ‘pagan’ statue in the Vatican gardens and in St. Peter’s. That’s a real relief!

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) (@CaproEspiatori) has tweeted, “‘Preach always, use nipples when necessary.’ –Pachumama” It looks like Pachumama and St. Francis of Assisi have something in common (sort of).

@Pontifex “The long war for female Catholic priests is reaching its climax” And it’s just what the Catholic Church needs – priestesses.

@Pontifex “Former nun participating in Amazon Synod: Female ‘ordination’ ‘simply has to come’” Of course. Because that’s what’s missing in the Catholic Church – priestesses. And priestesses have made millions of people flock to the Anglican Church, right?

@Pontifex “Even a Cardinal Close To Bergoglio Is Condemning the Dangers of the Synods of the Amazon and Germany” He won’t be close to Bergoglio for very long. And with the way this confused pope reacts to critics, he not even be a cardinal for every long.

@Pontifex “Pro-Abortion Ford Foundation Major Funder of Key Synod Organizations” After all the horrors of this tragic pontificate up to now, is that a surprise?



Response to a poll from Senator Schatz of Hawaii:

On the Rachel Maddow show yesterday, Rachel mentions six items on Putin’s wish list that Trump has delivered.

That is one more area that the impeachment inquiry should look into.

At the same time, I want to say this: I live Europe, and (besides Rachel Maddow) I recently saw a BBC documentary that showed how the Weimar Republic was slowly, steadily, and stealthily hollowed out from within in the 1930s. Germany wasn’t taken over by the Nazis in one dramatic stroke. It was done in fairly small increments, and almost no one noticed what was happening, until it was too late.

Looking at my country from the outside, I fear that something similar could easily take place there. An exaggerated fear? I don’t think so.

I hope Senator Schatz can somehow warn his Republican colleagues, and that they will join the Democrats in voting to remove Trump from office. Democracy is much more fragile than most people think.


I would like to add something to an earlier comment, where I mentioned the Weimar Republic.

If you watch German newsreels from the 1930s, for example in Leni Riefenstahl’s film, “Triumph of the Will,” you see scenes with crowds madly cheering the Führer.

Those scenes are scary, and what makes them scary now, eighty years later, is that the crowds in them look eerily like the people you see responding to Trump at one of his rallies.



Response to an essay on the blog “Catholicism Pure & Simple”:

A word frequently used here in Deacon Donnelly’s essay is “horror.”

I am reminded of the final words of Joseph Conrad’s novella, “Heart of Darkness.” Conrad writes that as Kurtz, the main character, was dying, “He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision—he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath: ‘The horror! The horror!’”

What “image”, what “vision” did Kurtz see? A demon? An idol? Perhaps the Congolese version of Pachamama?



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Countless faithful Catholics everywhere continue to pray for the conversion of this confused pope, so that the evil that often possesses him may be turned into something good.

@Pontifex @ebmuc In the Church today, especially here in Germany, it’s fashionable to speak of the “synodal way.” With all the confusion in the Church at present, many are wondering if the “synodal way” is God’s way, the way of Christ, or the way of some darker entity.

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend said, “You have to wonder what it says about the Church that there are so many bishops who are fat and unshaven. Cardinal Marx isn’t the only one. There are others.” (I was shocked that he would say such a thing.)

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “Brothers, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you….”

@Pontifex @erzbistumkoeln Many German bishops think the binding “synodal way” will force people to accept divorce and “remarriage,” sodomy, and other sins (under more innocent names, of course). This “synodal way” will only force more people to flee the Church in Germany.

@Pontifex This tragic pope said, “Do I love God or dogmatic formulations?” Peter Kwasniewsk says five famous modern Jesuit theologians totally disagree with the “false opposition and sentimentality” implicit in this pope’s question.

@Pontifex Countless faithful Catholics pray that God will help this sick (or maybe just evil) pope “rediscover the joy of being Christian” and being a true witness to “the goodness of the Lord.” Many say they see no real joy and very little goodness in this tragic pontiff now.

@Pontifex @ebmuc @ErzbistumKoeln “Listening” is popular with this tragic pope and others, as long as it doesn’t involve listening to faithful Catholics. This addled pope and his German friends, especially the bishops and the ZdK, want to listen only to those who agree with them.

@Pontifex “It seems long past the time for an imperfect council to consider the case of an imperfect pope.”

@Pontifex “Petition to the Cardinals of the Roman Church regarding the grave improprieties of Pope Francis”

@Pontifex “Here in America, we have an expression for this. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a duck. This pagan garbage has no place in Rome — period.”

@Pontifex “Here in America, we have an expression. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a duck. This pagan garbage has no place in Rome — period.”

@Pontifex “Declaration by Mgr. Gracida about the pagan ritual in the Vatican” (This excellent article is in Dutch, but English-speakers can read it by using Google Chrome’s translation tool – right click on the page, and select “Translate to English.”)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And faithful Catholics hope that young people will pray the Rosary for the conversion of this sick (some say evil) pope. Let him become a good and decent pope who will end the wickedness of this Amazon Synod.

@Pontifex @ebmuc @ErzbischofKoeln From the Invitatory Psalm today: “For forty years they wearied me, that generation. I said: their hearts are wandering, they do not know my paths.” Are the “New Paths” of the Synod the paths of the Lord? And the German ‘binding synodal path’?

@Pontifex A friend said, “Despite the horrors of this pontificate and the Amazon Synod, there is hope in a psalm from today’s Office: ‘For behold, Lord, your enemies, how your enemies will perish, how wrongdoers will be scattered’.”

@Pontifex Another friend said, “There’s even more hope in these verses from today’s Office: ‘I will pour clean water on you, and you will be cleansed from your filth: from all your worship of idols I will cleanse you’.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “If only God will give us patience. For decades, Satan was preparing to take control of the Church, as he has now. It may a century to pry his grip loose, even as Our Lady crushes his head.”

@Pontifex Only another week and one disaster (this monstrous Amazon Synod) will be over, and the next will begin (the Synod’s catastrophic aftermath, including this sick [or evil] pope’s final report). May God help us and May He preserve His partially ruined Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And we encourage this tragic pope to convert and bring the true – not fake – light of the Gospel to our contemporaries. May he be a witness of true freedom and true mercy, and may he learn what real fraternity and dialogue actually mean.

@Pontifex Wikipedia says, “Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes.” Wikipedia will soon be able to add that Pachamama is also revered by the indigenous people of the Amazon and by apostates in the Vatican.

@Pontifex “Was a demon enthroned at the Amazon Synod?”

@Pontifex “PETITION: Call on Vatican to remove all ‘pagan’ symbols from St. Peter’s and the Synod Hall!”

@Pontifex “The German Catholic Church, which is hemorrhaging members, is giving ‘expert’ advice to the Church in the Amazon, which is hemorrhaging members. The blind leading the blind.”

@Pontifex “At synod, collapse of Amazon’s Catholic faith takes backseat to ‘more important questions’” And the horror continues.

@Pontifex “Prominent German journalists criticize ‘Gaia liturgy’ and ‘adoration of Pachamama’ at Amazon Synod”

@Pontifex “It would be a fatal error to think that the promoters of the current Synod of Bishops were truly concerned only about the well-being of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon forests.” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller

@Pontifex “Amazon Synod: Don’t Impose Old Agendas on the New World – This attempted imposition of contentious and discredited Church concepts on the Amazon by Europeans and North Americans is nothing less than theological colonialism.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc @ErzbistumKoeln “The German bishops are proposing a counterfeit mercy – They want to change teaching not to free people from sin, but to say that sin is no longer sin.”

@Pontifex “One has to wonder what Fr. Spadaro would have thought of every other culture where the Church was nothing more than a mission when it began evangelizing the people. In fact, this would describe every culture outside of the 11 Apostles.”

@Pontifex “Fr. Spadaro does not seem to realize that the Vatican is participating in events which most pastors would not allow in their own small parish. Such is the problem of a hierarchy which is totally detached from the faithful and at times, reality.”

@Pontifex “Fr. Spadaro starts off by calling the Amazon Synod a ‘great ecclesial event’. I suppose that is appropriate if you consider Judas’ kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane to be a ‘great ecclesial event’. Great, not as good, but as significant or big.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “I hear this confused pope wants to change the “Hail Mary” prayer. The relevant changes would be “Hail Pachamama, full of grace…..Holy Pachamama, Mother the Earth….” Then he laughed. I told him, “Don’t be ridiculous!”

@Pontifex Another friend joked, “I hear the Amazon Synod also wants to change the “Our Father” prayer. In the future, it will be, “Our Father-Mother, who art in heaven….” I told her that I thought she was being absurd.

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets about “this missionary month.” We pray that the Church will return to preaching the Gospel to all people, instead of being turned into an NGO that concerns itself with economic, climate, and ecological issues, and “obeying” the UN.

@Pontifex This is rich: Father Spadaro joins the German bishops, his masters at the Amazon Synod, in following liberation theology, while accusing faithful Catholics of being fixated on “ideology.” I suppose that’s one way of getting this tragic pope to appoint him bishop.

@Pontifex Response to this confused pope – Even someone like this sick pontiff should be able to show that “God loves everyone and never tires of anyone.” So we pray that he will stop insulting and ridiculing faithful Catholics, and stop having his surrogates attack us.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – We pray that this tragically sick (or perhaps simply evil) pope will show love to everyone by demonstrating his belief in the Gospel and the traditional teachings of the Church. If he can’t do that, may God have mercy on his soul.

@Pontifex Cardinal Sarah said he was “shocked and indignant that the spiritual distress of the poor in the Amazon was used as an excuse to support typical projects of bourgeois and worldly Christianity. It is abominable.”

@Pontifex In this video, Michael Matt says that the Amazon Synod is like the canteen scene in “Star Wars.”

@Pontifex “Synod bishops attend demonic Way of the Cross” Sure, why not? As long as they do it with “mercy” and “love,” right?

@Pontifex A friend said, “This sick, tragic pope seems to be creating a Church with ‘an Amazonian face’ all right. And one with a satanic soul. But in the end, Her ‘Immaculate Heart will triumph’ and she will ‘crush the serpent with her heel’. Perhaps not today, but some day.”

@Pontifex A verse from today’s Office seems particularly apt for the Amazon Synod and its German paymasters: “You hate all who do evil – you destroy all who speak falsehood.”

@Pontifex These verses from today’s Office also seem fitting for the Amazon Synod: “There is no truth in their mouth – their heart is a bottomless pit – their throat is a wide open grave – their tongue seduces….Let their own plans destroy them….They are rebels against you.”
@Pontifex Some wisdom for this tragic pope, for the bishops of the Amazon Synod, and for the synod’s German paymasters – from St. Paul in today’s Office: “My brothers, never grow tired of doing what is right.”

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “The Lord expects great things from you!” And the Lord also expects great things of this sick pontiff. The Lord expects adherence to Gospel and Church teaching, not sodomite clergy and a supposed “new church.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Amazon Synod Statues thrown into Tiber River” “The Idols of Pachamama in Rome Are Destroyed and Cast Into the Tiber River”

@Pontifex The complete video of the brave men throwing the idols into the Tiber is here: Meanwhile, in this video Taylor Marshall asks whether St. Peter’s Basilica should be reconsecrated after Pachamama was worshipped there.

@Pontifex “Jane Porter fell victim to a “false” healing by a pagan religion. The effects led to ‘far greater suffering’ for decades. Porter expresses her concern that the Amazon Synod risks a practice similar to the one she experienced in Brazil.”

@Pontifex “PACHAMAMA DROWNED” The Vatican is (weirdly) upset, because pagan idols were removed from a Catholic Church! Michael Voris says, “The Vatican response underscores just how completely out of touch this pontificate is. Good work, men!”

@Pontifex “The new Pact of the Catacombs…calls for ‘respectful dialogue with all spiritual traditions’.” But of course no “respectful dialogue” with faithful Catholics and their “spiritual traditions.” For faithful Catholics only insults and ridicule.

@Pontifex The new Pact of the Catacombs calls for a “‘respectful dialogue with all spiritual traditions’.” And dialogue over the questions posed by the “Dubia” cardinals? For them only papal silence – and accusations of “hostility” from papal surrogates.

@Pontifex “US bishops snub their confreres deemed very close to the pope” (Article in French) A friend commented, “There’s not much to say about THAT piece of news, except that the Holy Spirit is making Himself felt among US bishops.”

@Pontifex “Respectful dialogue”? Of course. Any time. But naturally not with those “rigid,” “neo-Pelagian,” “coprophagia fomenting,” “self-absorbed” faithful Catholics. They don’t DESERVE “respectful dialogue,” right?They deserve only papal insults.

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “You must wake up now: the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon.” Of course this tragic pope and his German masters will never follow such advice.

@Pontifex This tragic pope says, “Let’s remember always his (John Paul II’s) call: ‘Open the doors to Christ!'” To Christ’s Gospel and His Church’s teaching. And let us close the doors to sodomy, financial corruption, and the entire agenda of the German bishops’ “binding synod.”

@Pontifex “Any ‘version’ of Catholicism must be venerated and celebrated and elevated — EXCEPT traditional Catholicism. Homo Catholicism, corrupt Catholicism, clericalist Catholicism — doesn’t matter, they’re all good (just don’t put on a cassock).”

@Pontifex “The major push for a restoration of the Faith is coming from American Catholics. It’s why the Pope and various cardinals are constantly belittling America or traditional Catholicism, or both.

@Pontifex “With every passing day it becomes clearer that the institution presently operating out of Rome under the name ‘Catholic’ is anything but; rather, it is an imposter that is merely mimicking the Church of Christ.”

@Pontifex A long video, but a GOOD one, a talk by John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews “We all know who wins in the end.”

@Pontifex “A sermon perfectly apropos to the apocalyptic times through which we are all now living.”

@Pontifex An old question but an important one: the pope kneels before Muslims in order to kiss their feet, so why doesn’t he kneel before the Blessed Sacrament, especially at mass? Is it because he doesn’t believe Christ is God?

@Pontifex A friend asked rhetorically, “Are we close to the end of the Church? No,” she answered, “but we’re close to the end of the Francischurch.”

@Pontifex Some words from today’s Office that some may think apply to our tragic pope: “Evil whispers to the sinner in the depths of his heart: the fear of God does not stand before his eyes. Evil’s flattering light disguises his wickedness, so that he does not hate it.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Don’t worry, the Church will survive even this monstrous pontificate, with its “Amazonian Face” and its Pachamama idols, with its Communion for unrepentant sodomites and adulterers, with its pope who doesn’t believe Christ was God.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Hummes Will Head the Committee to Pen the Amazon Synod’s Final Document” Dear God. Will this perhaps be the beginning of the end of this pontificate of horrors?

@Pontifex Much of the Catholic Church has fallen prey to effeminacy. It has chosen comfort and softness. The consequence of this effeminacy: rather than fighting today’s grave disorders, the Church is choosing the path of least resistance. It is mute.

@Pontifex We pray for a good pope, one who will be the kind authentic witness the Church needs, not some sort of fake “witness” with fake humility. We need a pope who will “open the doors of the Gospel to all peoples” and teach them Christ’s Truth, not fantasies of fake “mercy.”

@Pontifex “Iran To Execute 8 Christians For Leaving Islam – Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam’s image” This tragic pope should go to Iran and explain to the mullahs that Islam is “The Great Religion of Peace.” He needs to “dialogue” with them.

@Pontifex “Conservatives still rule the US bishops’ conference” ( So, God does hear the prayers of US faithful Catholics, and He responds to our sacrifices. When will He do the same for faithful Catholics here in Germany? They desperately need His help.

@Pontifex “As far as public relations events goes, this synod has been an unmitigated disaster for the Vatican.”

@Pontifex “The onslaught of negative (and truthful) coverage has so upset and enraged the marxists inside the Vatican, that special papal pitbull Antonio Spadaro felt it necessary to lash out last Friday, attacking faithful Catholics reporting all this.”

@Pontifex (1/3) “Spadaro apparently hasn’t stopped to consider that that gate swings both ways, blindingly evident in this synod. Yes, it is all about politics. Just look at the list of everything he revealed: goddess worship, stealing hundreds of millions… @Pontifex (2/3) …from Peter’s Pence, infanticide, funding by abortion giants, questions about the pope’s lack of faith in Our Lord’s divinity, active participation by commuists, a list of completely manufactured never-before-heard-of sins — these are not the ingredients… @Pontifex (3/3) of a successful Vatican synod. Add to this the rampant speculation that, like previous synods, the outcome is already predetermined because the deck has been stacked by choosing largely only liberal or radical participants.”

@Pontifex “Not a few people think the final document is already written, with perhaps a few minor tweaks needing to be done. So the synod itself, all the discussions, the daily press conferences, even the final vote is nothing but a great big snow job.”

@Pontifex “Rome is increasingly viewed as a haunt of liars, homosexuals, thieves, con artists, heretics and marxists. If that’s what this synod brings into focus — if that’s what this sunshine has revealed — then perhaps it wasn’t a total waste of time.”

@Pontifex No doubt about it: this synod with its predetermined outcome is more of a disaster than the other synods this tragic pope has scripted. Still, with a good ghost writer, he can produce a final report that at least the most gullible and liberal Catholics will swallow.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets: “Vatican to issue arrest warrant for St. Boniface for crimes against dialogue and vandalism. Approach with caution, he is reported to be carrying an axe.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets a video of the crime ( He asks, “What does it mean? It means Pachumama sleeps with the fishes.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori
tweets that “Pachamama sleeps with the fishes.” And what could be more appropriate? Pachamama is just sleeping in an ecologically friendly place, isn’t she?

@Pontifex Somebody should tell this tragic pope that if he has to use deceit to achieve his goals, like predetermining the outcome of synods, he will fail in the long run. The Holy Spirit DOES exist (unlike what this pope thinks about Christ) and will never allow him to succeed.

@Pontifex THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. “The German Catholic Church, which is hemorrhaging members, is giving “expert” advice to the Church in the Amazon, which is hemorrhaging members. The blind leading the blind.”

@Pontifex “Is the Amazon synod being used by unbelieving clergy to set up a false church?” ( Gimme a break. Could there be any doubt? “The synod itself is ultimately a show trial whose outcome has likely already been determined.”

@Pontifex “In the tradition of shooting the messenger, there have been some stunning efforts recently, by various Vatican figures, to make it appear that criticisms of Pope Francis are simply scurrilous tactics by supposed ‘journalists without ethics’.”

@Pontifex If, as some believe ( the final document for the rigged Amazon Synod was written even before the synod began, then what does this sick pope’s “god of surprises” have waiting for us, already tucked away in a Vatican drawer or filing cabinet?

@Pontifex A description of the Church – the real Church, not Francischurch – from today’s Office: “Go round Zion, see it all. Feel its strength, so that you can tell the next generation – Here is God, our God, here he remains for ever; and for ever he will lead us and guide us.”

@Pontifex During this pontificate of horrors, every faithful Catholic can find consolation in this verse from today’s Office: “I will hide in the shelter of Your wings until the time of ambush is past.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “So let me get this straight: Andrea Tornelli ( thinks St. John Henry Newman would agree that taking pagan idols from a Catholic church and throwing them into a river makes you an iconoclast! Dear God. Gimme a break.”



@Pontifex “Vatican spokesman denounces ‘new iconoclasts’ who threw Amazonian images into Tiber” He says he’s right, because St. John Henry Newman approved the Church’s adoption of certain pagan elements. (Sure, like Apollo, Zeus, Thor, Odin, and others.)

@Pontifex “Many guys who responded positively to St. John Paul II’s invitation to become a priest were dismissed, because they were normal and traditional. The priest shortage results from gays taking over the priesthood and excluding good straight men.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Hummes is in charge of the Amazon synod’s final document” (CNA) (Unless he wrote it weeks ago) “The conern about Francis was his consistent promotion and defense of corrupt churchmen. The same point may be raised about Cardinal Hummes”

@Pontifex Antonio Spadaro, SJ, said “the preemptive attacks aimed at the Synod, dressed up as a fundamentalist religiosity, come from groups that protect political-economic interests.” (Like all all those rich, rigid, “fundamentalist” faithful Catholics.)

@Pontifex Spadaro said, “An authentic, Catholic response to the Amazon must be to adapt the liturgy by valuing the original cosmo-vision, traditions, symbols, and rites that include transcendent, community, and ecological dimensions.” Just what Jesus said.

@Pontifex “In Bangladesh, priest baptizes half of village’s families on single day” A friend said sarcastically, “This is the kind of thing the Amazon Synod will put a stop to! We can’t have priests running around BAPTIZING people, can we?”

@Pontifex “Europe, America, China, and Japan must change lifestyles”, Bishop Choennie warned, or “we are on the path to self-destruction.” We’re on a path to self-destrution, all right, not because of “life styles.” Because the Church is being destroyed.

@Pontifex In the Amazon, “Fr. Corrado Dalmonego brags that he is the director of ‘a mission of presence and dialogue,’ in which no one has been baptized for 53 years!” And is this what we have to look forward to now, in this tragic pope’s “New Church”?

@Pontifex A friend prays, “Dear God, forgive this pope for what he is doing and has done to Your Church. He’s sick and confused and troubled. He’s an utterly tragic figure. Forgive him, because he has no idea what he’s doing.”

@Pontifex “The recently named cardinals are all of strict Bergoglian observance, welcome mass-immigration and inter-religion at any cost while ‘in the meantime the faithful are running away from the churches’.”

@Pontifex “Francis is a ‘clever politician,’ a ‘harsh man,’ ‘reckless’.”

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “They were dismayed and ashamed, all the makers of idols, all of them fled in dismay.” But are the Pachamama-makers and their defenders still wandering around in the Vatican gardens and in St. Peter’s Basilica and in other Roman churches?

@Pontifex Some advice for this troubled pope, from St. Paul in today’s Office: “Never have grudges against others, or lose your temper, or raise your voice to anybody, or call each other names, or allow any sort of spitefulness.”

@Pontifex From today’s Office, a prayer that faithful Catholics can pray, as we are confronted with the horrors of this pontificate: “Strengthen in our hearts the faith you have given us, so that no trials may quench the fire your Spirit has kindled within us.”

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets: “Let us ask the Lord for the light to really understand what is happening within us.” That’s a prayer this troubled pope could pray himself, and with good reason. He might also pray for the light to understand how he’s wrecking the Church.

@Pontifex “About 10% of every 100 Catholics are Catholics in terms of belief. So every diocese has way too many parishes. So there really isn’t a priest shortage at all since the real number of Catholics is far lower than any bishop is willing to admit.”

@Pontifex “Bishops have to raise zillions of dollars to feed a top-heavy bureaucracy serving a smaller number of Catholics than really exists. So, bishops make sure solid priests don’t offend lukewarm parishioners and drive them, and their wallets, away.”

@Pontifex “Bishops could consolidate the actual faithful (“full of faith”) in far fewer parishes and minister to THEIR needs, to be ENRICHED in the Faith, not merely given a heavily watered-down version, designed to play to the lowest common denominator.”

@Pontifex “Bishops keep plowing ahead with Alpha and New Evangelization, and Church of Nice stupidity, Protestant-style Bible studies, laser light show Masses, rock bands, youth jamborees and anything else other than what has proven itself for millennia.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The current crop of senior prelates are the original innovators who cannot or will not admit their innovations have only produced one calamity after another.”

@Pontifex “There are only a few Catholics left who actually believe the Faith. This is the dirty little secret that no bishop wants to openly admit and deal with. Until they do, the Church will continue to shrink.”

@Pontifex The ability of the human mind to rationalize and make excuses is limitless. In Germany, according to the clergy, people are leaving the Church NOT because of anything the Church is doing wrong, but because people don’t want to pay their “church tax” to the government.

@Pontifex The ability of the human mind to rationalize is limitless. In Germany, according to the clergy, people are leaving the Church NOT because of anything the Church is doing wrong, but in order to avoid paying their “church tax” to the government. (No church means no tax.)

@Pontifex In a tweet, @EdwardPentin reports, “Pope asks forgiveness for destruction of Amazon statues” Sure. And after St. Boniface axed the oak venerated by the German pagans, he probably asked their forgiveness. We won’t ask if this pope is truly sick.

@Pontifex And the “Francis effect” plows on: “Alessandro Rico writes this in (October 22), ‘In Italy, the percentage of Catholics fell by 7.7%.’ The participation of the faithful at Francis events dropped by half.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “There must have been horror among the angels in heaven when the pope actually APOLOGIZED for the removal of the Pachamama idols from the Carmelite church. Where is this tragic pope’s HEAD?”

@Pontifex A friend said, “So, this confused pope has rewritten the first commandment. It’s now ‘I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before Me – except for Pachamama’.” And then my friend burst out laughing. “Bergoglio,” he said, “what a funny guy!”

@Pontifex “Pope apologizes for Pachamama destruction” And there’s a rumor that this tragically confused pope also wants to change the Our Father so it goes: “Our Pachamama, who art in heaven….”

@Pontifex “The Pope revealed that the Pachamama images might be placed on display in St. Peter’s during the closing Mass of the Amazon Synod.” Hey, what’s more fitting for the close of this monstrosity? Sacrilege in St. Peter’s! Why not Thor and Odin too?

@Pontifex “‘Our Mother Earth’: Vatican publishes new book by Pope Francis on the environment” But why be so coy? Use the Amazon name for “Our Mother Earth” – Pachamama!

@Pontifex “Political Maneuvering at Pan-Amazon Synod? Vatican Official Says No” Political maneuvering at the Amazon Synod? Of course not! How could ANYone EVER get THAT idea? The “final document,” written weeks ago, PROVES that! And NO RIGGED SYNOD either!

@Pontifex “There is no evidence that the Pope is mentally ill. However, plenty of Vatican employees will testify to his outbursts of temper, rudeness towards subordinates and vulgar language.”

@Pontifex “The Vatican is Gaslighting You. Again.”

@Pontifex “The intolerable silliness of the Vatican these days (and what we can do about it)… The pope said the Church is an ‘expandable tent’. ‘Yeah, a circus tent,’ remarked someone on Twitter.”

@Pontifex “Amazon Synod theologian: Virgin Mary represents ‘Mother-God’ in indigenous thinking” And the circus goes on.

@Pontifex “The Pachamama Pope…. I am Orthodox, not Catholic, but if I were a Catholic, and I saw those idols at the final synod mass in St. Peter’s on Sunday, my blood would run cold.”

@Pontifex Michael Matt: “The Catholics of the world are on to you, Holy Father. In this dark time we say to you, ‘For God’s sake, pack up your pagan goodies. And you and your globalist pals, get the literal Hell out of our Church. We’ve had enough.’”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis said the ‘Pachamamas’ thrown into the Tiber will be in St. Peter’s Basilica for the Amazon Synod’s closing Mass.” ( “When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place,…flee to the hills.” (Matthew 24:15-16)



Some recent tweets:

@Pontifex Rico: “Francis governs ‘in a way that is not collegial.’ He is ‘authoritarian’ and ‘a clever politician’ who ‘at times is reckless’ and surrounds himself with persons of ‘of dubious morality who therefore are weak and can easily be controlled’.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Really? Put the Lord back at the center? If that were true, why all the pagan rituals, why Pachamama, why not concentrate on the Gospel and Church teaching, why not apologize for the massive financial corruption?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet. One of the few true things this sick pope has every said: “We, all of us, are in need of salvation.” Especially those who directed and carried out the deceitful, perfidious changes to the Wikipedia page of a fine American Catholic.

@Pontifex “Francis is known in the Vatican as ‘a harsh man’ who expects his orders to be executed quickly. His invitation ‘to feel free to criticize him’ serves him ‘to ferret out his opponents’.”

@Pontifex “I don’t think many people doubt that the final report was written some time ago; these were the desired objectives all along. A comibination of German money and influence with a weak slate of participants guaranteed the predetermined outcome.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “So, the synod of horrors is finally over. ( Now, all we have to do is sit back and wait for this tragically sick pope to unleash the synodal destruction.”

@Pontifex And @EdwardPentin reports, “Last year’s pagan-demonic lightshow projected onto the facade of the basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva is back. Looks like it’s becoming an annual event.” #solidlight2019 (Of course. This sick pope’s gotta keep his pagan-demons happy!)

@Pontifex “The accusations of oppressive rigidity made against the Church by the ‘new morality’ in reality, attacks, in the first place, the adorable Person of Christ Himself.” – Pope Pius XII (Radio Message “La Famiglia,” 1952) (

@Pontifex A friend said, “The Vatican oppressive? It’s worse than that. ‘The atmosphere in the Vatican under Pope Francis is ‘like North Korea’.” ( (Well, so much for “dialogue,” “mercy,” “accompaniment,” and “listening.”)

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.” (And a pope can have no greater love than to lay down his most cherished lies and grasp the truth of the Gospel and Church teaching. We pray for this pope’s conversion.)

@Pontifex Even with his lies and heresies, whether he wants it or not, in spite of himself, even this tragic pope is “part of a building that has the apostles and prophets for its foundations.” – From St. Paul, in today’s Office.

@Pontifex St. Catherine of Siena is said to have convinced Pope Gregory XI, the last Avignon pope, to return to Rome. This perhaps indicates that even a pope can undergo a conversion, so we pray for the conversion of the present sick, confused, and tragic pope.

@Pontifex Another friend said, once again, “Even this confused pope, in spite of the heresies, the outbursts of anger, the threats, the vengeance taken against critics and ‘enemies,” and the deceit, yes, even this tragic pope can be converted and saved.”

@Pontifex This pope wants prayers “especially for men and women missionaries who encounter the greatest difficulties.” These difficulties include a sick pope who discourages “prosyletizing” and a missionary who brags he hasn’t baptized anyone in 53 years.

@Pontifex Re Andrea Tornielli: “Anyone who happened to share Newman’s own concerns against idolatry and devils was met with insults (‘intolerant’ ‘hateful’), a misguided reference to St. Francis, and supercilious proof-texting.”

@Pontifex “Whose teachings would you follow: the scandalous novelties of Pope Francis or the constant and infallible teachings of all his predecessors?” – From the Remnant Newspaper, Oct. 15-31, 2019, “An Open Letter to Pope Francis”

@Pontifex (1/2) “You have made it clear that, though you wish to listen to pagans, you have no interest in listening to your own scandalized children. In your eyes, we are rigid and fanatical and pharisaical…. (2/2) ….But, if is true, then so too were some 260 of your own predecessors rigid, fanatical and pharisaical.” – From the Remnant Newspaper, Oct. 15-31, 2019, “An Open Letter to Pope Francis”

@Pontifex A cartoon on the internet shows this tragic pope kneeling in front of an Amazonian shaman and saying, “Finally, I have found a God in front of whom I am comfortable to kneel.” Or is it just a cartoon?

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “I, for one, am a very happy Amazon Synod is over. No more pagan idolatry here in Rome and we can finally return to our regular every day heresy and indifferentism.”

@Pontifex You have to wonder who’s in charge in the Vatican now. The Latin American bishops with their “Pachamama” mentality? The German bishops going off the rails? Whoever is in charge, it’s certainly not this tragic pope.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “In these last days of October,” we certainly do “pray the #HolyRosary.” We pray for an end to this pontificate of horror. We pray for a good pope, one who will build up the Church, not a destroyer-pope.

@Pontifex The “Dictator Pope” may wonder why so many Catholics don’t respect and obey him. Maybe it’s because they follow his example. He doesn’t respect and obey the Gospel or Church teaching. He seems not to respect and obey God. He seems not even to believe in God anymore.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Hope is something that this confused and tragic pope really needs, as he lives “in anticipation of meeting the Lord.” He should hope God will forgive him for the Amazon Synod, and for the rest of the destruction he has caused in the Church.

@Pontifex The Washington Post has characterized the Church as “culturally incapable of reckoning on its own with what amounts to a systematic moral collapse,” regarding the McCarrick case.

@Pontifex “Agnostics and progressists are excited by Francis who speaks ‘like the UN Secretary General or the head of Greenpeace, not like the successor of Peter’.” A friend said, “Hey, if Francis excites agnostics and progressists, that’s good, isn’t it?”

@Pontifex “With the influence of Jacques Maritain and the heretic Teilhard de Chardin, an error crept into the Church that denied Original Sin or dismissed its effects. Thus did Vatican II and Paul VI pursue with great optimism a dialogue with modernity.”

@Pontifex “Papal interviewer: ‘So many bishops’ disagree with Francis but are ‘afraid’ to say so.” There are bishops who disagree with our holy pope? Impossible! Shocking! It simply canNOT be true! Can it?

@Pontifex “Swiss bishop: It is a ‘scandal’ that the Pope ‘defends those rituals inside the Vatican Gardens’” Scandal? He can’t cause scandal. He can do whatever he wants, can’t he? If he wants idol-worship in the Vatican Gardens, then it’s okay, isn’t it?

@Pontifex “‘Pachamama’ statues were not in St. Peter’s during the final Mass of the Synod. Some bishops said they wouldn’t be at the Mass if the Pachamama statues were present.” WHAT? Bishops wanted to defy our holy pope because of a few idols? Shocking!

@Pontifex “‘Demonic sacrilege’: Brazilian bishop condemns Vatican gardens’ ‘Pachamama’ ritual” (Huh? Obviously this bishop just doesn’t understand the wonderful “New Church” that our wise, all-knowing, holy, humble pope is trying to build.)

@Pontifex “Bishop Schneider condemns Pachamama statue as ‘new golden calf’ in open letter” (Hey, our wise, holy, all-knowing, brilliant, pious, humble, and absolutely wonderful pope would NEVER introduce “a new golden calf” into the Church, would he?)

@Pontifex “Not even Pope Francis can deny the Pachamama is a pagan idol” (Oh, yes he can. He’s the infallible, all-powerful, spectacular POPE, isn’t he? That means he can do ANYthing he WANTS, including a denial that Pachamama is a pagan idol. So THERE.)

@Pontifex “The 7 Greatest Popes in Catholic Church History” (And surely our truly wise, truly all-knowing, and truly terrific [in every possible way] present pope will be number 8.)

@Pontifex “The intolerable silliness of the Vatican these days (and what we can do about it)” (But we have a wonderful, super-humble, super-wise, understanding, merciful, truly spectacular pope who would never dream of tolerating silliness, would he?)

@Pontifex I thought of this present tragic pope and all his Pachamama friends in the Amazon and in Germany when I read these verses from today’s Office: “Let them be dismayed, who worship carved things, who take pride in the images they make.”

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “The protagonist of the Church’s mission, is the Holy Spirit.” That’s why faithful Catholics believe that the chaos in the Church, the financial corruption, sodomy among clerics, cannot continue indefinitely. The Holy Spirit won’t allow it.

@Pontifex This tragic pope writes pious little Tweets. But, “inside sources say the Vatican under Pope Francis is ‘like North Korea’ — fear reigns, especially among orthodox clergy. Much spying and bugging of phones/computers in the Vatican is going on.”

@Pontifex “Under Francis, the Church has already adopted a submissive attitude toward Islam — one that even exceeds its submissive attitude toward the secular world and the primitive world.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis. Nearly from day one he has been a source of scandal to the faithful. From “Who am I to judge?” to denigrating big families for “breeding like rabbits” to encouraging acceptance of adultery by blessing “remarriage after divorce.”

@Pontifex “In a leading Italian newspaper, reported around the world, Scalfari has put before us an appalling prospect — an apostate pope. To deny the divinity of Christ is the worst type of apostasy.”

@Pontifex For this tragic pope, from today’s Office: “If only, today, you would listen to his voice…”

@Pontifex For this troubled pope, a message from today’s Office: “If you would only hear me! You shall not have any strange god, you shall not worship the gods of foreigners.”
@Pontifex If only this confused pope could pray these words from today’s Office – and really mean them: “Lord God,…grant that faithfully pondering on all that is holy, we may ever live in the splendour of your presence.”

@Pontifex A verse from today’s mass: “What will separate us from the love of Christ? Will anguish, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword?” And we could add: Or the horrors of a pontificate like the present one?

@Pontifex “We should offer prayers of intercession and reparation to God for the eternal salvation of the soul of Pope Francis and those Catholic priests who perpetrated such acts of worship, which are forbidden by Divine Revelation.” – Bishop Schneider

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “The love of God is expressed in the tender tears of Jesus.” And Jesus weeps when this confused pope turns from the Gospel and Church teaching, toward corruption and false teaching on morality, married priests, and women’s “ordination.”


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