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A Journal of 2019 – 2


Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Church must be safe place for minors, Pope tells pilgrims” (Zenit) And the Church must be a safe place for faithful Catholics, instead of for monsters of a perverted theology.

@Pontifex “We are seeing the self-destruction of the Church accelerated with Pope Francis’s pontificate.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: If this pope believes in God, he must try to live justly. That means not only following the Golden Rule, it also means following Church teaching and the Gospel. It means eradicating the Church’s sodomite network. It means being a good pope.

@Pontifex “POPE FRANCIS GUILTY OF COVER-UP and his pontificate needs to end.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: If only this poor, tragic pope would take a little time every day to examine his conscience to convert to the Lord. And may God grant him the grace of conversion to being a good, faithful pope, one who will eradicate all the rot in His Church.

@Pontifex Christine Niles quotes Michael Hichborn: “Pope Francis appointed the main culprits of abuse to run the summit, who in turn did everything possible to deny the connection between abuse and homosexuality.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Michael Hichborn writes, “We faithful Catholics will and must pray daily for this pope and his cadre of prelates who protect homosexual clergy and abusers.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich @CardinalJWTobin Michalel Hichborn “calls for Pope Francis to remove all clerics — including cardinals like Cdl Cupich, Cdl Farrell and Cdl Tobin — who are ‘either practicing or promoting homosexuality … from their positions’.”

@Pontifex “There was a time when many Catholic faithful assumed their bishops knew better and would willingly uphold the common sense of Church teaching. That time has passed, and in its wake, the ‘gaying’ of the Catholic Church at all levels continues.”

@Pontifex Response to a Tweet by this tragic pope: Yes, “in order to pray well, we need to have the heart of a child.” And that means being faithful to Church teaching and the Gospel, not covering up the rampant homosexuality among the clergy, and eradicating the sodomite network

@Pontifex Why is he still there? Does the Vatican have any concerns about its credibility on the world stage?

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics everywhere are praying for the conversion of this sad and tragic pope.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: We are all praying that the Lord will open up a new path for this sad, tragic pope, a path to conversion, so that he can be good pope, one who will stop protecting his sodomite friends and start eradicating the Church’s homosexual network.

@Pontifex If this sad, tragic pope knew what Professor Roberto de Mattei said in this interview – about the Church, about the pope and his homosexual network – he would do everything he could to punish and even destroy Professor de Mattei.

@Pontifex “Many are wondering privately how this strange and rather vulgar man, with his subversive ideas and obvious contempt for staunch Catholics and for Tradition even in matters of basic morality, could possibly be the Vicar of Christ.”

@Pontifex “It has probably entered into the mind of practically every serious, tradition-minded Catholic that Bergoglio is acting like an anti-Pope, one who attacks the Church and the teachings he is supposed to be conserving and defending.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “Let us hear the cry” of the Church, suffering under a confused and tragic pope, one who propagates perverted and evil doctrines and who refuses to eradicate the homosexual rot from the clergy, one who sees the Church as only an NGO.

@Pontifex “The Old Covenant faithful suffered under a pharaoh who knew not Joseph; the New Covenant faithful suffer under the reign of a pontiff who knows not Jesus. The pharaoh sought to crush true religion; this pope seeks to crush Catholicism.”

@Pontifex “It is hard to imagine that Jorge Bergoglio has any supernatural faith whatsoever, in light of his heretical statements.”

@Pontifex “St. Thomas teaches that someone who denies even one article of the Faith forfeits the supernatural grace of faith, as surely as mortal sins forfeit the grace of charity. Does Francis possesses this grace, after insulting devout Catholics?”

@Pontifex “Lawyers and attorneys general are poised to financially crush many more dioceses for sexual crimes.”

@Pontifex “For six long decades we have suffered the destruction of Catholic institutions and an infiltration of homosexuals. Diocese after diocese has gone into bankruptcy because of the sexual abuse of minors by clergy.”

@Pontifex “The faithful and the fallen world are scandalized by the corruption of so many clerics and prelates, such that the institutional Church has lost its pastoral and moral authority and it will soon be completely irrelevant.”

@Pontifex “Jorge Bergoglio and Modernism will one day be crushed like the Egyptian armies in the Red Sea and the true religion will once again have been purified and set free.”

@Pontifex “Traditional Catholics must suffer along with the rest but we do have a word of warning for Francis of Rome on behalf of the Lord God: ‘Jorge Bergoglio: Let my people go!’”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Father George Rutler: “People are often considered blind and useless when they make the supreme Good their aim and give themselves up to the contemplation of God, but Paul made a boast of this.” We pray this pope is “blind and useless” like that.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’s advocacy for Islam could destroy Europe”

@Pontifex This confused and tragic pope tweets: “Prayer gives consistency and vitality to everything we do.” A friend commented, “Maybe it would help if this woeful pope started praying.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich A discussion of the recent “sex abuse” meeting in Rome, and the role that this befuddled and tragic pope played in that meeting.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “So they penetrate and poison, slowly at first, releasing their infection, looking for victims they can latch onto and exploit a weakness, any weakness — spiritual, psychological, physical, whatever.”

@Pontifex “‘Before condemning others, we must look within ourselves,’ Pope tells pilgrims” (Zenit) True, and before criticizing this confused and tragic pope, we have to look at his statements that contradict Church teaching and at his cover-up of the sodomite network.

@Pontifex In response to the usual papal Tweet: Let us pray that Christian communities will not suffer too much because of this befuddled pope’s naive and even blind attitude toward Islam. May they not suffer too much because of his cover-up of the Church’s rot and corruption.

@Pontifex “‘Bishops in China have almost unfettered power,’ said a priest about ‘the selling of religious property, sexual liaisons, and other corrupt practices … At the dictate of a corrupt Chinese government, clerics succumb to the secular world’.”

@Pontifex “American Woman, Divorced From Saudi Husband, Is Trapped in Saudi Arabia” Maybe this poor, benighted pope should travel to Saudi Arabia and enlighten the people there about the “true nature” of Islam, how we all worship the same God, etc., etc.

@Pontifex “Cardinal says agreement between Vatican and China will help the Church in the country” (Macau News Agency) He’s kidding, right? Or does he mean that the agreement will help the autodemolition of the Church in China.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: We wonder if this sad and tragic pope has ever considered “an authentic spirit of penance and conversion” as something he might want to encourage in himself. His failure at eradicating the rot and corruption in the Church indicates he has not.

@Pontifex “De Mattei interview in ‘La Verità’: Dear Church, quit being ‘gay friendly’ and go back to being sovereign”

@Pontifex “When the vertical relationship with God fades, the Church becomes a political society. This is the principal characteristic of the present Papacy, which is a political Papacy, as opposed to a religious Papacy.” – Roberto de Mattei

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: It would also be good for this sad, confused, and tragic pope to preserve the memory of all that the Lord has entrusted to His Church. This poor pope should not try to pervert that memory in support of the homosexual agenda.

@Pontifex Christ said that certain devils can be driven out only by prayer and fasting. During this Lent, faithful Catholics are hoping that their prayer and fasting will drive out the devils possessing the Church, the Vatican, and this tragic pope himself.

@Pontifex “God’s anger is manifested when He permits the existence of clerics who are priests more in name than in deed, priests who practice the cruelty of ravening wolves rather than the charity and affection of devoted shepherds.” —St. John Eudes

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics everywhere pray that God will mitigate the Church’s suffering under the horrors of the present pontificate.

@Pontifex “‘No formal diploma’: Jerusalem college denies Rosica’s claim they gave him ‘advanced degree’” Well, when you compare this “little” lie to the vastness of his plagiarism, it really isn’t so very consequential, is it?

@Pontifex “Vatican theologian: ‘Clericalism’ is ‘smokescreen’ hiding homosexuality as abuse crisis’ real cause” You have to wonder what kind of punishment this theologian will undergo when the present confused and tragic pope hears about this statement.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “David Carlin writes that, to end confusion in the Church, it would be good if the pope would restate Catholicism’s immemorial opposition to homosexual activity.” A friend said, “An encyclical on homosexuality? From THIS pope? Oh, that IS rich!”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: We pray that even this confused pope will one day have the courage to give of himself, instead of punishing critics, insulting faithful Catholics, denying the sodomite rot in the Church, refusing to eradicate the Church’s homosexual network.

@Pontifex Someday we will have a pope who will fulfill this prophecy from Isaiah in today’s mass reading: “Foundations from ages past you shall raise up; ‘Repairer of the breach,’ they shall call you, ‘Restorer of ruined homesteads’.” God, send us such a pope soon, we beg you.

@Pontifex In today’s Gospel, Jesus says, “I have not come to call the righteous to repentance but sinners.” Oh God, give this present tragic pope the grace to listen to that call. Let him undergo a conversion, God. Make him a good pope, not what he is now.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Faithful Catholics, grievously suffering under a confused pope, are praying that this tragic pontiff will learn to leave behind earthly attachments and find the mystery of God in restoring the Church from the devastation his papacy has caused.

@Pontifex “Those (like this pope) who accuse the Church of ‘adultery’ when they are the adulterers themselves — may Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom, who calls her ‘my love, my dove, my Undefiled,’ punish them mightily for their horrid defamation!

@Pontifex “Preserve the memory of what the Lord has done, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) Will this tragic pope follow his own advice by preserving the memory of what the Lord has done in being faithful to the Gospel and teachings of the Church? It doesn’t seem so.

@Pontifex “Consider how great God’s patience is, how great our impatience. If we are provoked by injuries, or by some attack, influenced by rage we either take vengeance for ourselves to the extent of our ability, or we threaten to do so.” – St Gregory the Great (And THIS pope?)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: This poor, tragic pope can be certain that millions of faithful are praying for his conversion and the conversion of his associates, praying that they will stop destroying the Church and start rebuilding it, eradicating the homosexual rot.

@Pontifex “Experts including Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider are sounding the alarm over a shocking proposal at the Vatican to consider changing the matter of the Eucharist.” (Every proposal by this confused pope is shocking.)

@Pontifex “Vatican: Eucharistic Yuca Off the Table at Amazon Synod” Dear God, we thank You for this rare display of reason by this confused and tragic pope.

@Pontifex “Since the Church is Satan’s chief enemy, he twists the Church’s weakest parts: fallible humans. This is why saints pray to be saved from becoming the worst sinners, since their powerful virtues can be turned into equally powerful vices.”

@Pontifex At last, in Kansas, a bishop with cajones ( If only we had a pope like that, instead of the sad, confused specimen pontificating at present.

@Pontifex “The world suggests temptations that lead us to ruin, Pope says in reflection on temptation of Christ” ( A friend commented, “This tragic pope should know all about the world’s suggestions of ‘temptations that lead us to ruin’.”

@Pontifex “Avoid hypocrisy, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) Oh, coming from this confused pope, that IS rich!

@Pontifex “Spokane’s bishop weighs in on gay priests, sex abuse, and abortion” ( One MORE good bishop. Why aren’t there more like this? And why don’t we have a POPE like this, instead of that poor befuddled figure now lounging on the Chair of St. Peter?

@Pontifex The “blessings” of the “spirit” of Vatican II are almost too numerous to count: drastically decreased mass attendance, closed parishes and schools, shuttered seminaries, a lack of priests, a homosexual clerical network, but this tragic pope races on toward the cliff.

@Pontifex “Vatican clears the way for sex change drugs” ( God. Help. Us.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis meets, poses for photos with pro-homosexual ‘Catholic’ group” (Surely, in his madness, this tragic pope is not culpable for the destruction he has carried out in the Church.)


Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Psychologist explains why Catholic Church is right to exclude homosexuals from priesthood” (If only our confused pope would really listen to arguments like this, instead of just SAYING that he listens to them and believes them.)

@Pontifex “But we must hope, for one is obliged to hope it, that the Pope will be driven from Rome….” – John Henry Cardinal Newman, soon to be canonized by the present tragic pope

@Pontifex_fr Mgr Gaillot sur le pape : “je suis déçu de voir que les réformes de fond se font toujours attendre” ( Un ami a commenté: “Nous sommes tous déçus.”

@Pontifex Michael Voris posts a photo of this tragic pope with an LGBT group. I suppose the next group this confused pontiff will pose with is the International Union of Sex Workers ( While @CardinalBCupich and others will no doubt say, “Hey, why not?”

@Pontifex After seeing Michael Voris’ picture of the pope posing with an LGBT group, a cynical friend commented, “That’s pretty much all this pontificate is – a series of poses.”

@Pontifex “Data suggests that the more a religious movement is concerned with progressive causes, the more likely it is to rapidly lose members.”

@Pontifex “The one place where the church is growing most, Africa, is dominated by conservative bishops often at odds with Francis.”

@Pontifex Religions can only hope to thrive if they serve a purpose that is not met elsewhere in society. It is all well and good to perform good deeds, but if religions do not make themselves indispensable to families, their future could be bleak.”

@Pontifex “Though Pope Francis has faced questions and even criticism for his overall handling of the clerical sexual abuse scandals in Catholicism, few cases touch the pontiff quite as directly as that of Argentine Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta.”

@Pontifex “Vatican spokesman: love, mercy, and courage are ‘the key words to understanding this pontificate’” (Vatican News) A friend said, “Some people might choose other ‘key’ words: ‘insults, vengeance, denial, and hypocrisy’.”

@Pontifex “Christian artist savagely attacked by Islamic radicals in Algeria” (Algiers Herald) A friend said, “When this pope visits Algeria, he can explain to these ‘Islamic radicals’ that Islam is a religion of peace, so they really should stop attacking Christians.”

@Pontifex_fr “Nous estimions qu’avec Vatican II les relations entre prêtres et fidèles laïcs s’étaient profondément renouvelées. Nous étions naïfs”

@Pontifex “German theologian who influenced Pope Francis sees ‘sign’ pope open to female deacons” God help us. The Gates of Hell are preparing for another attack. Lady, pray for us.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Reinhard Marx signaled that the Catholic Church in Germany is open to revisiting Catholic sexual teaching that prohibits contraception, cohabitation, and homosexual relationships.” (And the rest of the article will turn your stomach.)

@Pontifex The Last Days of Vatican II

@Pontifex A friend of mine told me about a new conspiracy theory: this sick and tragic pope, together with his homosexual clergy, are all determined to destroy the Church and are trying as hard as they can to do it. Another friend said sarcastically, “Good luck with that!”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Reinhard Marx has announced that the Church in Germany is embarking on a “binding synodal process” to tackle three key issues: priestly celibacy, the Church’s teaching on sexual morality, and a reduction of clerical power.” Dear God.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: For this sick and tragic pope, Lent should be a reminder to stop and think, to return to Church teachings and the Gospel, to stop his denials and eradicate his gay network. Lent is a call for him to wake up.

@Pontifex @fatherrosica “Plagiarism expert: How did Fr. Rosica get away with so much for so long?”

@Pontifex “Why did Pope Francis write such a strange paragraph about Cardinal Danneels?” “The message from Rome could be interpreted two ways: We know you were outraged by the appointment, and we don’t care OR you were outraged, and we didn’t even notice.”

@Pontifex “US bishops’ anti-poverty charity gave $60,000 to pro-gay Marxist group last year” A friend commented, “Seems to be just a normal day at the office for US bishops.”



A response to a posting on the blog Catholicism Pure & Simple:

(The response begins with some sentences quoted from the posting

“The Book of Genesis is a foundational document for the Jewish people and for us who follow Jesus Christ. Abram would become the father of the Chosen People and eventually of the Christian Family.” Or in other words, “we are heirs of the promise to Abram.”

And so, would it be wrong to say that Jews and Christians, in a way, belong to the same family? Perhaps Pope St. John Paul II answered that question when he called Jews, “our elder brothers.”

With Antisemitism on the rise almost everywhere, we may have a duty to protect Jews, before that Antisemitism morphs into anti-Christianity.

As Nazi-opponent and Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller famously wrote:

“Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me…”

Dear Team Bernie,

I’m sorry. I can’t contribute. I’m planning to simply not vote in 2020. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, so I can’t vote Republican. Lately, though, I’ve become aware of what a horror abortion is, so I can’t vote for a Democrat either, since they all support abortion, including Bernie. If it weren’t for the abortion issue, I’d contribute and vote for Bernie in a heartbeat.

Best regards,

Robert John Bennett



A comment to a Church Militant “Vortex” episode:

Vortex episodes are always excellent, but from time to time there is an episode that simply goes far above and far beyond excellence. This episode is an example of that. (

Perhaps there is a superlative greater than “excellent,” but at the moment I can’t think what it might be. If there IS such a word, however, I would apply it to this absolutely stunning Vortex episode.

I suppose it would be uncharitable and unchristian to say that I hope Church Militant sues Father Richards for defamation, but if he does not meet the demands expressed in the letter from your attorney, then I think simple justice would require a lawsuit on your part.

The gall and effrontery of the man are almost beyond belief.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex With prayers that God will have mercy on his suffering Church and send us a good pope, one who is the opposite of this sick and tragic man, Bergoglio,

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich @FatherRosica “This kamikaze papacy.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich @FatherRosica Response to a papal Tweet: for this sick and tragic pope Lent should be a return to three essentials: stop covering for homosexual cronies like Maradiaga, stop allowing the homosexual network, stop denying Church teaching and the Gospel.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Millions of faithful Catholics are praying that prayer will reconnect this confused and tragic pope to God, to the teachings of the Church, and to the Gospel. And may prayer reconnect him also to the need to dismantle his homosexual network.

@Pontifex This tragic pope’s “invitation for prayer and gestures of peace to combat hatred and violence” would have more resonance if he were a pope who supported Church teaching and the Gospel, a pope who tried to eradicate active homosexuality and corruption among the clergy.

@Pontifex “8 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fr. James Martin” Why doesn’t this sick and tragic pope put a stop to @JamesMartinSJ? Of course the Gates of Hell won’t prevail against the Church, but they will prevail against the Church of Francis.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: faithful Catholics pray that this tragic pope will “be generous in giving” the true teachings of the Church to the world, not this confused assortment of fantasies and whims. We pray he will “be generous” in eradicating the sodomite network.

@Pontifex “Is Pope Francis the Worst Pope Ever?”

@Pontifex In this two-minute video (, we experience the fruits of the “spirit” of Vatican II here in Germany. Yes, Germany, where Catholics are leaving the Church in droves.

@Pontifex God converted St. Paul from being a destroyer of the Church to one of it’s greatest saints. We pray that God will, in the same way, convert this present sick and tragic pope from being a wrecker of the Church to one of its greatest rebuilders.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: St. Joseph, watch over the Church. Protect it always, especially now, when a sick and tragic pope and his corrupt, homosexualist hierarchy seem to be doing all in their satanic power to bring the Church down.

@Pontifex “Pope deplores government corruption” (Vatican Press Office) Corruption is something that this sad, sick, and tragic pope knows a lot about.

@Pontifex “Imitate the mercy of the Lord, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) Yes, but by all means do NOT imitate the mercy of this confused and tragic pope, who insults faithful Catholics, takes revenge on critics, and punishes anyone who opposes him.

@Pontifex “The proclamation of the Gospel in China cannot be separated from a stance of respect, esteem, and trust toward the Chinese…state authorities” – Cardinal Parolin And OBEDIENCE to those authorities. Right, cardinal?

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: and faithful Catholics everywhere entrust the victims of this confused pope’s sense of vengeance and punishment to the mercy of God, because this tragic pope shows no mercy to critics and opponents.

@Pontifex “Six years in, Francis has shown himself to be the most troubling pope in history”

@Pontifex How many bishops are there now who follow these “teachings” of the 1970s? ( In the meantime, faithful Catholics everywhere pray that the Church can survive this sick pope, and all the Gates of Hell.

@Pontifex On today’s Church: “Why did you destroy its wall?…The wild boar of the forest broke it, every wild beast could graze off it. Turn back, O God of hosts, look down from heaven and tend this vine.” – Psalm 79

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: When this tragic pope abandoned the law of love, he ended by insulting other Catholics, taking revenge on critics, punishing opponents, and denying the widespread homosexual network and other flagrant corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: today faithful Catholics think of – and pray for – those individuals suffering from the same blindness and mental limitations that this tragic pope suffers from. May they never be discarded from the list of those who are destroying the Church.

@Pontifex “‘Thy will be done’ is theme of Pope’s general audience” ( Millions pray, with sadness, “Thy will be done,” when they consider the havoc this pope has wreaked within the Church. And they pray for an end to their suffering, caused by this pope.

@Pontifex Will the German Church’s new “synodal” sexual morality (on divorce and remarriage, cohabitation, homosexuality, masturbation, etc.) stop the slow disappearance of the German Church? Dream on, friend, dream on.



I’m an American, a faithful Catholic, and I’ve lived in Germany for nearly thirty years. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I really think that there’s hardly any need to worry about Cardinal Marx and his “binding synodal process.” The good cardinal’s Vatican II Church is disappearing in Germany, as it has all but disappeared in the nearby Netherlands and Belgium. And as it disappears, its lavish church-tax-support will disappear along with it (which is what Marx is really afraid of).

And what will replace the Marx-Church? The traditionalist Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), approved by the Vatican and receiving no church-tax-support, is thriving here in the Archdiocese of Cologne, and elsewhere in the country.



Lieber Andreas, Grüß Gott!

Ja, Du hast Recht. Die ganze Sache ist nicht klar. Am Ende eines Artikels (auf Englisch) ( auf dem Blog, schreibt der Autor diesen Absatz (Google Übersetzung):

„Zuvor hatte ich in diesem Essay zu den päpstlichen Absätzen bemerkt: ,Diese Frage ist nicht leicht zu beantworten. Wenn Sie sich die Geschichte dessen ansehen, was die Kirche zu diesem Thema gelehrt hat, sowie die tatsächlichen Aufzeichnungen möglicher päpstlicher Absätze, erhalten Sie eine verwirrende Reihe von oft widersprüchlichen Meinungen, Handlungen und Lehren.’ Obwohl meine Schlussfolgerungen diese päpstlichen Absätze sind Ich bin mir bewusst, dass dies nur eine weitere Meinung in der ,verwirrenden Reihe von oft widersprüchlichen Meinungen, Handlungen und Lehren’ ist. Lassen Sie uns alle zum Heiligen Geist beten, dass Klarheit in diesem Bereich gewährt wird, aber noch mehr Wichtig ist, dass es niemals notwendig sein wird, es in die Praxis umzusetzen.”

In diesem Artikel auch schreibt der Autor über dem Konzil von Konstanz in 15. Jahrhundert. Dieses Konzil hat das Dekret ‚Haec Sancta” erlassen, in dem es heißt:

„Diese heilige Synode von Konstanz… erklärt in erster Linie, dass sich rechtmäßig im Heiligen Geist versammelte, einen allgemeinen Rat bildete und die militante katholische Kirche vertrat. Sie hat ihre Befugnisse unmittelbar von Christus, und dass jeder von jedem Rang und jeder Würde, selbst wenn er päpstlich ist, ist verpflichtet, dem zu gehorchen, was den Glauben, die Ausrottung des Schismas und die allgemeine Reform der Kirche Gottes in Haupt und Gliedern betrifft.”

In Christo




Some Tweets:

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Yes, by all means, let’s thank God for the element of water. But let’s also pray for a pope who believes in all the elements of Church teaching and the Gospel. Let’s pray for a pope who will eradicate the homosexual rot in the Church.

@Pontifex “‘It’s a good thing to protest, but one must also build,’ Pope tells young people” (Vatican Insider) With the ongoing wreckage of the Church under this pontificate, you have to wonder if this confused pope is the one who should be telling people they “must also build.”

@Pontifex “Why Cdl. Marx is wrong in thinking ‘sexual freedom’ is answer to clerical abuse crisis” Our confused pope knows he must think the same thing if he wants to continue enjoying the largesse of the obscenely wealthy, but schrinking, German Church.

@Pontifex “Vatican begins investigation of Argentine bishop promoted by Pope who’s accused of sex abuse” Of course, our befuddled pope surely had no prior idea of the accusations against this bishop.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: if anyone needs to free his heart from the vanities of “outward appearance, money, career,” together with the vanities of vengeance against critics and denial of the sodomite network in the Church, it is this present tragic pope.

@Pontifex “None of the novel notions by which Bergoglio has afflicted the Church can be found anywhere in the deposit of faith laid down by the Church as a whole since apostolic times. (They) are nothing but his own ideas.”

@Pontifex The Church teaches that we must respect the office of the pope, even if the pope himself is not worthy of respect. Millions are praying that God will send us a pope we can respect, instead of this befuddled and tragic figure now occupying the Chair of Peter.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Today we honor the Missionary Martyrs.” What would those martyrs think of a sick and confused pope who punishes critics, takes revenge on those who disagree with him, and allows sexual and other corruption to flourish in the Church?

@Pontifex This confused pope honors the missionary martyrs, who were truly humble individuals. They did merely pretend to be humble, like this tragic pope, with his “humble” acts of anger, vengeance, and punishment toward critics, and his tolerance of homosexual corruption.

@Pontifex May the Blessed Virgin help everyone, especially this sick and tragic pope to follow the path of true morality according to Church teaching. May this pope learn to be humble and merciful, may he stop punishing critics, and may he end the Church’s homosexual rot.

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “Today we remember in prayer the victims of modern forms of slavery.” We should perhaps also remember the victims of this tragic pope’s punishments and vengeance, and the victims of the Church’s homosexual network about which he does nothing.

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet – It is worthwhile to welcome every life, even the life of this present sick and tragic pope. Nothing is impossible with God, and He may bring about the conversion of this confused pontiff and make him a good man, not what he is now.

@Pontifex “History has shown us that heretical popes are possible….We must accept that in a moment where the Church is afflicted with such a pope, it is a cross God asks us to bear…”

@Pontifex “The cross of a heretical pope – even when it is of limited duration – is the greatest imaginable cross for the entire Church.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “God, and God alone, will root out the infection in His Church.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich ““The Faith of the entire Church is greater and stronger than the errors of a heretical pope and this Faith cannot be defeated, not even by a heretical pope.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “Bishop Schneider is telling us that the problem of a heretical pope isn’t ours to fix, and that Catholicism, under Divine protection, is strong enough to withstand it until God steps in.”

@Pontifex The confused pope tweets, “The culture of appearance…is a great deception.” He should know. There are few greater deceptions than this pope’s apparent “humility,” “mercy,” “poverty,” and “morality,” especially where it concerns the homosexual network in the Church.

@Pontifex Voris on Church leadership: “From financial corruption to sex abuse (homopredator) and cover-up, nothing deters this crowd from their doctrinal, liturgical, financial or moral incompetence and filth, as if nothing’s happened and life is normal.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Raising concerns about Pope Francis” (Video)

@Pontifex “Disturbing video: Pope Francis refuses to let Catholic faithful kiss his papal ring” Could it be that this sick and confused old man won’t let people kiss his ring, because deep within his mind lurks the thought that he’s really not the pope?

@Pontifex “Scicluna denied the empirical fact that the crisis of clerical sex abuse in the Church is due mainly to active homosexuality. This denial of truth would be incomprehensible, unless they were preparing a subversive plan to advance the gay cause.”

@Pontifex “Pope asks universities to disseminate his claim ‘diversity of religions’ is ‘willed by God’” So let me get this straight. Is this sick and confused old man asking universities to disseminate a heresy?

@Pontifex Here’s another Gospel passage that this sick and tragic pope happily ignores: “Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5,17-19)

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: Millions pray that this sick and confused pope can follow Christ’s Cross as it points him toward Church teaching and the Gospel, and away from the errors of his pontificate and the Vatican’s sexual and financial corruption.

@Pontifex This video of our sick and tragic pope has gone viral. It’s easy to see why. It’s so bizarre. But it fits right in with his usual fake humility.

@Pontifex “Although the Catholic laity may never know the good vs. evil struggles that take place within the Church hierarchy, one thing we do know is that there is an element within the Church that is controlled by ‘The Father of Lies’.”

@Pontifex In this video (, we can see that this tragic pope is not only sick and confused, but quite ridiculous as well.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: If this confused pope does not listen to the voice of the Lord, he ends by listening to the demonic “spirit” of Vatican II. His heart becomes hardened and he cannot follow Church teaching or eradicate the homosexual network.

@Pontifex @DearJimRussell writes: “If you’d like a textbook example of how clericalism really works, look no further than Abp. José H. Gomez of Los Angeles and the fact that his disgraced predecessor Mahony remains ‘in good standing’ in the archdiocese.”

@Pontifex “‘GAY PRIESTS ARE OKAY’ As long as it isn’t minors.” But does this befuddled pope care? (Oh, you gotta be kidding. He’s got more important things to think about, without going down that rabbit hole, right @CardinalBCupich ?)

@Pontifex “The phases: The ‘naïve’ phase – the problem wasn’t the reform, but how it was implemented. The ‘hopeful critic’ phase – the reform has problems, but they can be mitigated. The ‘realistic’ phase – the reform is flawed and must be rejected.”

@Pontifex “One reaches a point where one cannot NOT know, and feel in the depths of one’s soul and bones, that something is seriously wrong in the Novus Ordo, and seriously right in the traditional worship of the Catholic Church.”

@Pontifex “I do not fear to state that priests, bishops, and even cardinals are afraid to proclaim what God teaches and to transmit the doctrine of the Church….They are afraid to be disapproved of, to be seen as reactionaries.” – Cardinal Robert Sarah

@Pontifex Catholics are disappearing in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and all across the rest of Europe. When is this confused pope, and his “friends,” going to figure out that plunging on along the path of the “spirit” of Vatican II is leading to complete disaster?

@Pontifex Michael Voris tweets: “It’s an OUTRAGE against the faithful – a complete slap across the face – if Wilton Gregory becomes DC Archbishop. He’s a pro-gay McCarrick clone and shouldn’t even be ordained – much less an archbishop of DC. This homomob needs to just die off.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: God calls us once again to conversion? Millions of Catholics are praying that this confused, tragic pope will at last answer that call. We hope he will be converted into someone who supports Church teaching and roots out the sodomite network.

@Pontifex Response to a Tweet: Islam a religion of peace and fraternity? Christians and Muslims believe in the same God? Muslims think God wants us to respect each other’s diversity? This poor, befuddled pope has swallowed it all, hook, line, and sinker. He should read the Koran.



In response to (

Reverend Father Leisy writes, “This reconciliation preceded the military attacks on Jericho; Jericho fell not from the military tactics but through an act of God with the obedient cooperation of his people: a fruit of reconciliation.”

The “military tactics” used by our forefathers, the ancient Jews, were carried out after “an act of God.” However, those tactics have always shocked and puzzled me. In the New American Bible, we read (Joshua 6:20-21): “The wall collapsed, and the people attacked the city…by putting to the sword all living creatures in the city: men and women, young and old….”

One explanation for this slaughter may be that the people of Jericho were not innocents, attacked by the wildly aggressive men under Joshua’s command. For one thing, prostitution seems to have been accepted among them (and prostitution in the Old Testament is always a symbol of the horrendous sin of worshipping a false god). After all, the harlot Rahab, who saved Joshua’s reconnaissance team, was living quite openly with her family. Other grave sins, like those of Sodom and Gomorrah, may have been committed and accepted in Jericho. So the people may, through Joshua, have simply suffered the same punishment that God inflicts on all cultures where prostitution, abortion, infanticide, homosexual acts, divorce, cohabitation, lying, horrific corruption among religious leaders, other immoral behaviors are widespread.

Reconciliation with God, however, is the way that the people of such cultures can avoid punishment. That happened, in the end, with the people of Nineveh, after Jonah preached to them and they responded by asking for forgiveness for their sins.

We have to pray that something like that will occur among the people of Europe and the Americas, before it’s too late.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has signed new legislation setting standards for the handling of sex-abuse complaints in the territory of Vatican City. Oh, great! So Vatican City is safe! And the rest of the Church? Um, well, that’s a SYNODAL matter!

@Pontifex “Archbishop Wilton Gregory asked to lead Washington archdiocese” ( Hey, terrific! Just what we need – another pro-gay “friend” of McCarrick waving the LGBT-rainbow banner around Washington! Another great choice by our sick and tragic pope.

@Pontifex “China: ‘underground’ bishop arrested after asserting his authority” ( Arrested? I guess the police hadn’t yet heard about the agreement between China and the Vatican, brilliantly negotiated by this poor, befuddled pope.

@Pontifex “Pope at Mass: hardened heart is unfaithful and slanders the Lord” ( Good thing this pope isn’t unfaithful to Church teaching or to the Gospel. Good thing he doesn’t slander the Lord by allowing the Church’s sodomite network to proliferate.

@Pontifex “What we need is not a new Church, but a Church that situates itself in another way,” said Cardinal Marx (President of the Bishops’ Conferences of the EU, President of German Bishops’ Conference, member of the Pope’s advisory Council) Dear God.

@Pontifex This pope Tweets: “The courage to extend a hand of friendship is a pathway of peace.” Except that for members of The Great Religion of Peace, “extending a hand of friendship” is a sign of weakness and inferiority. This tragically naive pope should read the Koran.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweets: “Scandal-plagued Father Rosica has gone on sabbatical. Some time to clear his head, think about his actions, and do some journaling. ‘Dear Journal, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…'”

@Pontifex A moving video ( The tragedy of the post-conciliar Church goes on, but the tragedy will end one day, and this horrendously confused pope will be remembered for what he is – a sick old man who devastated the Church.

@Pontifex “DC CATHOLIC GROUP SLAMS ALLEGED APPOINTMENT OF ABP. GREGORY” Some lay people criticize Wilton Gregory’s appointment as Archbishop of Washington? Does this woeful pope CARE? Of course not! He’s probably having a good laugh over their “slam”!

@Pontifex As he tries to turn the Church into an NGO, this pope tweets about “the right to life, to dream, to find a rightful place, and to have a future.” Poor man. Does he ever think about bringing “every human being” closer to God? Certainly not. Only rigid Pelagians do that.

@Pontifex “Muslim leader wants Spanish King to apologise for defeating Islam in 1492” ( Clearly, this leader hasn’t read the pope’s Tweet. “Christians and Muslims believe in God, the Creator and the Merciful, who created people to respect each other.”

@Pontifex Some US federal investigator are saying about the Catholic Church, “We’ve never seen a more corrupt organization.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “Culture of encounter”? What in the world is THAT? Only prayer and faithfulness to the Gospel and Church teaching offer the best opportunity we have to work at building up a culture where Christ, not heresy, is All in All. (Colossians 3:11)

@Pontifex And the wreckage continues: “When Coffessionals Are Turned Into Broom Closets!”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Finally, this addled pontiff writes about Christ. But contemplating the heart of our Father leads us to “acknowledge once more that we are brothers and sisters”? More than that, it leads us to contemplate the ancient truths of Church teaching.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Appoints French Patristics Scholar to Handle SSPX Talks” ( “Last year, Pope Francis spoke openly about his misgivings about liturgical traditionalists” ( So will he get control of the SSPX only to crush it?

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Encourages Religious Freedom in Morocco” Oh, but there’s always been “religious freedom” in Muslim countries, as long as non-Muslims have accepted their inferior status as “dhimmis.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: May “the Almighty, Gracious and Merciful” – we assume this deluded pope refers to God – protect this pope and the Church from taqiyyah. (Taqiyya is a term in The Great Religion of Peace meaning that it is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie.)

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Let us not pass this favourable time of #Lent in vain! Let us ask God to assist us on a journey of true conversion.” Dear God, perhaps no one in the entire Church needs conversion more than this confused pope. God, convert him. Make him a good pope.



Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Says Responses to Sex Abuse Crisis Cannot Forget the Influence of Evil” And responses to the sex abuse crisis also cannot forget the influence of a tragically confused pope.

@Pontifex Millions pray, “Dear God, protect Your Church from the ravages of this pope.”

@Pontifex Recently overheard comment by a “modern” Catholic: “Oh, Jesus was SUCH a fundamentalist!”

@Pontifex A friend said sarcastically, “Yes, once the German Church approves of divorce and “remarriage,” homosexual behavior, cohabitation, masturbation, etc., we’ll all be a LOT better off! No need for all that fundamentalist claptrap preached by Jesus!”

@Pontifex A friend said, “So this addled pope calls you a “rigid, neo-Pelagian fundamentalist”? Don’t worry. Remember, ‘“Blessed are you when people insult you…because great is your reward in heaven’.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Yes, Christ is more alive than this poor, confused pope can know. It is Christ who brings us hope that the Church will one day have a good pope, faithful to Church teaching, ready to eradicate the financial and sexual corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Indeed, the Church is young when she shows herself capable of constantly returning to her source, and when she is not blocked by a pope who is unfaithful to Church teaching and the Gospel, a pope who roots out sexual and other corruption.

@Pontifex The Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweets: “Public Announcement: Reminder tomorrow Super-Gay Vatican will issue post-Super-Gay-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation that was all about the pre-approved youth until it got super-gay.” And be sure to note: it’s SYNODAL!

@Pontifex As usual, this troubled pope has it backwards: the Church shouldn’t be “listening” to young people. They need – and want – to “listen to the Church and learn from its wisdom.” ( But this tragic pope sees such youth only as “rigid neo-Pelagians.”

@Pontifex This pope’s comment on the Church ( is really a comment on himself, i.e., he is: “A pope always on the defensive, who loses his humility and stops listening to others, who leaves no room for questions….”

@Pontifex “Pope raps religious fundamentalists during in-flight press conference” (CWN) A friend said, “Yes, if only Jesus hadn’t been such a fundamentalist. Well, this troubled pope can not doubt tell us how to deal with that.”

@Pontifex Archbishop Chaput said that it is “self-delusion” to say that “clericalism” is the source of the problem in the Church, which in reality is “predatory homosexuality.”

@Pontifex Pope Francis: “It is our hope that in the Holy City, full freedom of access to the followers of the three monotheistic religions and their right to worship will be guaranteed.” It is guaranteed under Israeli rule, but Jerusalem under Muslim rule?

@Pontifex So this troubled pope thinks he’ll attract young people to the Church by “listening” to them? The Protestants have tried that and in the end succeeded only in appearing irrelevant to many young people. The wisdom of the Church’s ancient teaching will attract the young.

@Pontifex Cardinal Sarah: “The Church is dying because the shepherds are afraid of speaking with truth & clarity” The Church is also dying because we have a troubled, confused pope who CANNOT speak with truth and clarity.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Even if you are not young in years, do not feel weak, weary, or disillusioned, because the hope never fails that Jesus will send us a good pope, who supports Church teaching and the Gospel, and won’t allow the gay network to run the Church.

@Pontifex Dietrich von Hildebrand wrote: “It’s sad when people lose their faith and leave the Church; but it is worse when those who’ve lost their faith remain within the Church, giving to Christian revelation the interpretation that suits ‘modern man.’”

@Pontifex “Bishops who deny or distort Catholic doctrine betray Christ and His Church” And a pope who denies or distorts Catholic doctrine betrays Christ and His Church a thousand times over.

@Pontifex Does it ever seem strange to our troubled pope that in areas where bishops “listen” to the young, seminaries are nearly empty, but in areas and in religious orders where the youth are given the ancient wisdom of the Church, seminaries are full?

@Pontifex “Pope Francis says those who build walls ‘become a prisoner’ of them” And a pope who walls himself off from Church teaching and the Gospel becomes a prisoner of the homosexual network and ideology that are tearing down the Church.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Millions are praying that this tragic pope will, through prayer, “learn to renounce the idolatry and self-sufficiency of (his) ego and to admit (he) need(s) the Lord and His mercy.” With God nothing is impossible.

@Pontifex Many faithful Catholics in the U.S. believe that engaging with the “new” Catholic Church and its hierarchy can be “more sinister than dealing with mob bosses”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich @CardinalJWTobin @CardinalDolan “As the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said, ‘You may not believe in hell, but you will when you get there’.”

@Pontifex This addled pope condemns those in the Church who are “battling obsessively over two or three issues.” Imagine: battling over issues that Jesus was “focused narrowly on,” things like chastity and truth. This confused pope will “update” Jesus.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis: God Desires Solidarity Among Catholics and Muslims” This troubled pope may say that, but in the Koran Mohammed says the opposite. I wonder which one Muslims believe – and will continue to believe.

@Pontifex “FSSP apostolates are booming all across the US. The story is always the same: Church scheduled to be shuttered, flourishes after traditional fraternity takes over.” (A friend said, “Well, this tragic pope will no doubt put a stop to THAT!)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “When we pray, let us recall that we do so with Jesus. Jesus is our courage. Jesus is our security, who in this moment intercedes for us” as we pray for a good pope, faithful to Church teaching, a pope who will rot out Church corruption.

@Pontifex “Archbishop Gregory Appointed to Washington” ( ) Millions are now praying that God in His wisdom will have mercy on the Archdiocese of Washington, now almost defenseless against the assaults of the homosexual network.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Yes, by all means, let’s pray for doctors and others who risk their lives to save people in war-torn areas, but let’s also pray for a misguided pope who seems to have lost his faith and is bent on reducing the Church to the status of an NGO.

@Pontifex “The reluctance (in “Christus Vivit”) to touch on some of the most consequential matters of the Faith may be one of the very things that has failed to attract young people desperately searching for deeper answers.”

@Pontifex This tragically uninformed pope says, “With the Muslims we are descendants of the same Father, Abraham.” Muslims CLAIM to be descendants of Abraham, but Abraham died c. 1858 BC Islam was founded c. 610 AD. So Muslims are descendants of Abraham?

@Pontifex “The list of Fr. Rosica’s plagiarism is a long one. Here are 57 examples”

@Pontifex While @BishopBarron writes that Abp Gregory was his friend, mentor and spiritual director, @ChristineNiles1 tells us Abp Gregory helped McCarrick inflict a fraud on fellow bishops in 2004 re the Ratzinger memo; he promotes dissenting LGBT priests and groups in Atlanta.

@Pontifex “This pontificate ended a recovery from a post-Vatican II low point. It disrupts discipline, doctrine, and unity. The low quality of the pope’s associates, and a sense that the Church needs reform he can’t provide, limits his pontificate.”

@Pontifex “In normal times, Gov. Cuomo would have been excommunicated. But he wasn’t. In normal times, our civil and religious leaders would be leading a crusade to defend the innocent. But now they remain silent.”

@Pontifex Millions are praying for a pope who will have the courage of these young men Millions more are praying for a pope with the courage to be faithful to Church teaching and to eradicate the homosexual and other corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office @CaproEspiatori tweets: “Congratulations on the appointment of Archbishop Wuerlton McGregory to the Archdiocese of Washington DC.” Yes, “Wuerlton McG’s” appointment is certainly a brilliant one!

@Pontifex Michael Voris (@Michael_Voris) tweets: “REVOLTING CHOICE –
But a victory for the homosexual hive in the hierarchy.” (So this tragically confused pope has exchanged one supporter of the Church’s homosexual network for another. What’s the point?)

@Pontifex “With what looks increasingly more and more like a U.S. Justice Department RICO investigation becoming a reality, Archbishop Wilton Gregory may soon be experiencing buyer’s remorse at his latest placement.”

@Pontifex “Wait for full results of Vatican-China pact, says Vatican Secretary of State” (Crux) “Chinese authorities raze ‘underground’ parish church”(AsiaNews) A friend: “Yes, this poor, naive pope and his Vatican-China pact. Will the ‘full results’ mean no Church in China?”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “De Mattei on the Francis Pontificate: Six Years of ‘Hypocrisy and Lies’”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Dolan suspends priest who embezzled church money to pay male prostitute” Oh great, and it’s taken Dolan only three years to suspend him. (I guess the homosexual network must have put up a lot of resistance.)

@Pontifex “Could homosexual hookup site sale to China open Vatican to blackmail?” The Vatican blackmailed by China? Oh, surely not. This is probably all covered in this confused pope’s famous Vatican-China pact.

@Pontifex “Flagrant pro-LGBT priest suspended only after publicly boasting about homosexual exploits” Isn’t it amazing that the Church’s homosexual network didn’t put a stop to this suspension?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Millions pray that this troubled pope too “will be set free from slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God” (Rom 8:21). (But the prospects for that happening don’t look very bright.)

@Pontifex “As in Islam, God is reduced from loving wisdom to almighty will, so in the Vatican, the Pope is reduced from a servant of perennial doctrine to a domineering engineer of change.”

@Pontifex “Michigan governor requests $2M to investigate abuse by priests”

@Pontifex “Michigan governor requests $2M to investigate abuse by priests” If this tragically confused pope won’t let the US bishops’ conference investigate sexual abuse and the Church’s homosexual network, other entities are ready to oblige.

@Pontifex “Take your wrong-doing out of my sight. Cease to do evil. Learn to do good….Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:16-18

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Lent is the time to rediscover our way back to life. The Lord is the destination of our journey in the world.” If only this confused pope could show by his faith in Church teaching that he really believes “The Lord is the destination of our journey.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “The pope’s explanation re kissing his ring is not believable. How does he behave when offering the chalice for Communion? No infection? Why does he offer his hand to official guests, e.g., Muslims? Can’t they be infected? And cardinals kissing his ring?”

@Pontifex “To declare what I know and what they have done to me is not only a right that I have, but a duty; because I am a victim of the corrupt system that reigns in the current papacy.”

@Pontifex “I have been betrayed by people who carry a sacred investiture: former Bishop Juan Josè Pineda, Cardinal Oscar Andrès Rodrìguez Maradiaga and Pope Francis — three people I trusted blindly.”

@Pontifex “The former president of the Vatican Bank says that he almost lost his faith and feared he could be assassinated at the instigation of some members of the Roman Curia as he attempted to tackle corruption.” Life in the modernist Church.

@Pontifex “Vatican pushes aside valid Chinese bishop for Communist government-approved replacement” The Vatican-China pact – another “brilliant” move by our tragic pope.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: We pray that this troubled pope will follow his own advice, that he will look upward with prayer that frees him from a horizontal, flat life, where he finds time only for his own ego and forgets God and the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Millions pray that God will free this confused pope from the vanity of possessing, from thinking that things are good if they are good for him.

@Pontifex A friend said, “Why does this troubled pope live in a guest house instead of in the papal apartments? Why doesn’t he let people kiss his ring? Humility? Please. It’s because deep in his heart even he knows that he’s pope in name only.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: We hope Lenten fasting will free this pope from his attachment to things and money. We hope it will free him from corruption, from the homosexual network, and from the worldliness that makes him try to convert the Church into an NGO.

@Pontifex “There is not one corner of the Church which has not been swarmed by the homosexual hive and been corrupted. Until faithful Catholics begin to understand this — that there is a hive — and how it operates, this evil will continue.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Sunday emphasized the need for people to have a firm resolve to change their lives when they ask for forgiveness of their sins.” Sounds fine, except that this troubled pope seems to have a confused idea of what constitutes a sin.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex In the US, there is now a petition online ( that asks this confused pope not to appoint a member of the homosexual network, Wilton Gregory, as archbishop of Washington. This pope should be ERADICATING the Church’s gay network, not expanding it.

@Pontifex As this tragic pope says, “may the Lord always give us hope for the future and the strength to keep going,” no matter how much the Church is damaged by this pontificate, by this pope’s lack of faith in Church teaching, by his tolerance of homosexuality among clerics.

@Pontifex “We look back at this monstrous masterpiece of liturgical reform—we often feel moved to ask the simple question: Why was it necessary to make such radical changes in the Mass? —A figurative ‘sack of Rome’ that throws the Alaric into the shade.”

@Pontifex “The basic error is to imagine that the new liturgy brings the Sacrifice of the Mass nearer to the faithful. The question is whether we better meet Christ in the Mass by soaring up to Him, or by dragging Him down.” – Dietrich von Hildebrand

@Pontifex “The new liturgy actually threatens to frustrate the confrontation with Christ, for it discourages reverence in the face of mystery, precludes awe, and all but extinguishes a sense of sacredness. – Dietrich von Hildebrand

@Pontifex Pope Paul VI says that the reform “puts an end to uncertainties, discussions, arbitrary abuses. It calls us back to that feeling proper to the Catholic Church…” (Comment: “What is important in the world of doublespeak is the ability to lie.”)

@Pontifex Paul VI: “If the Latin language kept us apart from the world of labor, would it be right to maintain it as the language of prayer and intercourse?” (Comment: “The most dramatic decline in Mass attendance after the Council was among laborers.”)

@Pontifex “While the number of children born to mainstream Catholics and the retention rate of young adults continues to be alarmingly low, the large families and the overall youthfulness of the traditional Mass movement tell a very different story.”

@Pontifex Paul VI said the new Mass is “a school of spiritual depth. The soul’s relationship with Christ and the brethren thus attains new and vital intensity.” (Comment: “In lines like this, we see Paul VI abandoning himself to full-scale fantasyland.”)

@Pontifex “Montini’s defense of the Novus Ordo relies on equivocation, deceitfulness about the extent of the changes, and a brute exercise of top-down authority. It is based on a poor theology of liturgy, sacraments, and prayer.”

@Pontifex “If one cannot trust tradition, then Christians would rightly despair of ever learning what Christianity really is. This is the state in which those who reject tradition find themselves.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “Cardinal Cupich’s Selective Justice?”

@Pontifex “Widow details ‘betrayal’ by Pope Francis and chief cardinal advisor in damning new book” ( “I have been betrayed by people who carry a sacred investiture: former Bishop Pineda, Cardinal Maradiaga and Pope Francis — 3 people I trusted blindly.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: May this troubled pope emerge from the foolishness of the illusion that he is securing some authentic future of the Church. We all pray that he will emerge from his confusion, be faithful to Church teaching, and end Church corruption.

@Pontifex “Young Catholics are jumping ship at a frightening rate, with a huge percentage leaving between the ages of 10 and 18. Older Catholics are the most likely to have stayed, but they are dying off, and within 10 years, there will not be many left.”

@Pontifex In the US Church, (1) our de facto leader is the heterodox, Zeitgeist Puppet Cupich; (2) homosexualist priest Fr. James Martin peddles his lavender gospel; (3) the USCCB voted to NOT encourage the release of allegations of sexual misconduct.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Marx of Germany recently suggested that the Church could possibly offer a ‘liturgical’ blessing to same-sex couples. The German Bishops’ Conference has established a commission to study such a ‘blessing.’” Oh. Dear. God.

@Pontifex “You don’t have to be a devout Catholic to recognize that the recent sexual abuse summit in Rome was a dog and pony show designed to avert our eyes from the root problems causing the crisis.”

@Pontifex “One of the evident, observable and deepest roots of the sexual abuse of minors is homosexuality among the clergy.” – Bishop Athanasius Schneider (I hope our present confused pope doesn’t punish Bishop Schneider too severely for that statement.)



Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis warned Wednesday that pride is the most dangerous attitude in the Christian life.” He should know something about pride: insulting faithful Catholics, punishing anyone who disagrees with him, taking vengeance on critics, and more.

@Pontifex “We will never go forward,” tweets this confused pope, “if we are weighed down by heavy loads.” This poor pope’s heavy loads include his inability to remain faithful to Church teaching and his tolerance of the Church’s vast homosexual network.

@Pontifex Every corrupt leader or dictator, like Omar al-Bashir or Boris Yeltsin or whoever, first negotiates a non-prosecution agreement concerning his crimes, and then he resigns. This present tragic, pitiable pope should do the same.

@Pontifex Many say that when this present befuddled pope is gone, another pope just like him will be elected, and the devastation in the Church will simply continue. Perhaps. Perhaps not. It’s a chance faithful Catholics will have to take – and pray over.

@Pontifex From @CaproEspiatori this Tweet: “Clever Cryptologists discover that if you take the first letter of each paragraph of Benedict XVI’s pseudo-encyclical in the original German it spells “IchbinnichtderPapstIdioten” which roughly translates as ‘The Carnival is Over’.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweeted: “Vatican issues important clarification about Pope Benedict’s pseudo-encyclical: ‘Document carries no magisterial weight as clearly indicated by its coherence and focus on Christ’.”

@Pontifex This troubled pope tweets about “the temptation to ‘devour’ everything to satisfy our greed.” Has he resisted this temptation? The Knights of Malta? The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate? The Legatus donations? Other sources of money? We all pray for this poor pope.

@Pontifex How can this tragic pope speak to the laity about almsgiving? He and his bishops ask us for alms, and then they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits resulting from the Church’s homosexual network. Really, what kind of a confused pope is this?

@Pontifex This tragic pope is very confused: “Francis Kneels To Kiss Feet Of South Sudan Politicians…He never genuflects or kneels during the celebration of the sacrifice of the Mass, nor in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed for adoration.”

@Pontifex “Showtime: Francis Kneels To Kiss Feet Of South Sudan Politicians” What a wonderful DISPLAY of humility! It’s something this confused pope can really be PROUD of!

@Pontifex “Benedict said what Vatican abuse summit dared not: ‘Homosexual cliques’ ruined seminaries” Fine, but this present tragic pope simply ignores Benedict when he says such things.

@Pontifex From the recent essay by Pope Emeritus Benedict: “In various seminaries homosexual cliques were established, which acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the seminaries.” Has the present pope done nothing about this?

@Pontifex When this confused and troubled pope kisses the feet of Muslims, that act does not evoke an equal humility in them – as the pope thinks it will – it only reinforces their belief (as the Koran states) that Muslims are superior to all other people.

@Pontifex “Chinese faithful block police from razing Marian shrine” Clearly the sick, troubled pope needs to explain to these Chinese faithful that he’s signed an agreement with their government. He has no problem with the Chinese police razing a shrine.

@Pontifex In the US in 1969, there were 59,620 priests,11,755 religious brothers and 167,167 women religious. By 2015, there were 37,578 priests, 4,200 brothers and 45,605 women religious. And this sick pope plunges on with the “reforms” of Vatican II.

@Pontifex We pray this confused pope will “return to the Lord” and “will take the way of love” for Church teaching. We pray that this tragic pope can eradicate the clergy’s homosexual network. If he could do that, he’d be remembered as a great pope, instead of what he is now.

@Pontifex On Cardinal Danneels: “His period in office saw an unparalleled decline in the Church’s fortunes, with the influence of the once mighty Belgian Church reduced to insignificance…He enjoyed the confidence of Pope Francis to the end.” ( Of course.

@Pontifex “Congratulations, Cardinal Danneels and your generation of churchmen. Your legacy is to have helped euthanize Christianity in Belgium.”


Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Michael Voris (@Michael_Voris) tweets, “Michigan Bishop Raica Calls Faithful Catholics Agents of Satan” ( A friend commented, “Yes, the influence of this present sick and confused pope continues to expand from Rome outward. May. God. Help. Us.”

@Pontifex So now, bishops too are learning to insult faithful Catholics. ( This pathetic pope’s poison is spreading farther and farther.

@Pontifex “Countless churches throughout Western Europe are being vandalized, defecated on, and torched…smeared with Islamic expressions like ‘Allahu Akbar.'” But Bergoglio believes “the Christian and Islamic worlds appreciate and protect common values.”

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets: “Jesus wanted to open up to us the path of faith and to precede us on that path.” Millions pray that this present disturbed pope will stop doing everything he can to block progress along that path by faithful Catholics.

@Pontifex “Appeasing Hitler – how Britain fell for a delusion” ( And is our tragic, misguided pope falling for a similar delusion regarding “The Great Religion of Peace”?

@Pontifex “Pope Francis said the French priest murdered at his altar was a martyr, and on the road to sainthood.” ( Please, don’t tell our confused pope that the priest was killed by a member of “The Great Religion of Peace.,” which he cherishes.

@Pontifex This befuddled pope tweets that God “sometimes likes to surprise us” with saints known only to Him. Millions pray that God will surprise us by turning this troubled pope into a great saint who will rebuild the Church, not try to destroy it with his homosexual network.

@Pontifex “FRANCIS: Papal Humility On Display” “‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people.” (Luke 18:11) A friend said, “WOW! Such HUMILITY! For all the world to SEE!! And Bergoglio calls US FAITHFUL CATHOLICS pharisees? Now THAT is confusion!”

@Pontifex This misguided pope kneels and kisses the feet of Muslims ( but won’t kneel before the Eucharist at mass? ( Tragic Bergoglio really makes a lot sense sometimes, doesn’t he?

@Pontifex A friend said, “People complain because Bergoglio won’t kneel before the Blessed Sacrament (, but you can’t expect the poor guy to kneel in front of something he doesn’t believe in, can you?”

@Pontifex A non-Catholic friend said, “I just can’t get over how HUMBLE this pope is! Kissing the feet of Muslims, not letting people kiss his ring! For all the world to see! Didn’t some people do things like that in Jesus’ time? What were they called? ‘Pharisees’ or something?”

@Pontifex This sick and troubled pope should definitely NOT watch this video: “Pope emeritus Benedict XVI essay re Church scandal – Fr. Mark Goring, CC” (

@Pontifex This poor pope tweets: “Christ, out of love, sacrificed himself completely in order to save you.” Fine, but now the question is this: As this troubled pope continues to devastate the Church and does nothing to eradicate its vast homosexual network, can HE be saved?

@Pontifex The diocese of Manchester (@CatholicNH): “more than 60 priests and brothers have been credibly accused of sexual abuse.” Now this diocese attacks a traditional community “untainted by any charge of sexual abuse.” Will the pope help? Can cows fly?

@Pontifex And so this confused pope is in the process of crushing – or at least trying to crush – still another traditional community ( The FFI and the others weren’t enough. Millions pray, “Oh God, protect Your Church from this tragic pope.”

@Pontifex May God protect His Church from the devastation this pontificate is causing.

@Pontifex We pray God will send us a good pope, one who understands and is faithful to the Church and her teachings, one who knows the Gospel, and one who will eradicate this confused pope’s homosexual network. We need a pope who will rebuild Your Church from this pope’s ruins.

@Pontifex The fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is horrific for faithful Catholics, because it is a physical expression of the nightmarish devastation in the Church that has been caused by the “spirit” of Vatican II and by this poor, misguided pope.

@Pontifex “European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched ‘Every Day’…There is an eloquent silence in France and Germany about the scandal of the desecrations and the origin of the perpetrators.” After Notre Dame, will there be more silence?

@Pontifex This tragic pope says of the Notre Dame fire that he and others in the Church “wait for the sorrow to be transformed into hope.” And faithful Catholics also wait for the sorrow inflicted on us by this horrific pontificate to be transformed into hope.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Nobody seems to know just yet if the fire was set intentionally, but last month, a dozen Catholic churches in France were desecrated over the span of a week. The church of Saint-Sulpice, another major Parish church, was purposefully set ablaze.”

@Pontifex Maybe we shouldn’t look forward to the end of this present pontificate. The next pope may be worse than what we have now. We were spoiled by a series of good popes in the 19th and 20th centuries. We could be in for some bad ones, but we’ve survived such popes before.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Burke: Notre Dame fire prompts ‘sobering reflection’ on ‘grievous sins’ of our day” And some say the devastation of Notre Dame symbolizes the devastation of the Catholic Church all across Europe and America in the wake of Vatican II.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’ disturbing support of Cardinal Godfried Danneels” This troubled, misguided, tragic pope just goes on and on, but many of us fear that the next pope may be even worse.

@Pontifex It’s just WONDERFUL how this confused pope DISPLAYS his HUMILITY! When the cameras are rolling he kisses the feet of Muslims and embraces gays and abortionists and MORE! The whole WORLD sees him and praises him for his TOWERING HUMILITY!!

@Pontifex How great is the humility this pope displays for everyone to see and praise! And the world, especially, glorifies him for his great shows of humility!

@Pontifex Why does a “humble” pope not kneel before the Eucharist, but he kneels to kiss the feet of Muslims? The answer is easy: there are not often any cameras at mass, but he can ALWAYS count on the cameras being there when he’s “humbly” kissing the feet of Muslims.

@Pontifex Why doesn’t this pope kneel at mass before the Eucharist? Hey, as he says himself, he’s the pope, and he can do whatever he wants.

@Pontifex “First 2 bishops chosen after the China-Holy See agreement” (AsiaNews) That’s great, but “In China, 2 underground priests kidnapped; church destroyed” (AsiaNews) More results of this poor pope’s “genius.”

This confused pope tweets: “Christ died because He loves each one of us.” But if this tragic pope doesn’t love God in return, isn’t faithful to the Gospel, and doesn’t eradicate the Church’s homosexual network, then Christ will have for him died in vain.

@Pontifex “In an explicable way, the choir director had compelled me to flee my home parish, a frequent source of anguish, and journey to a far greater place than I deserve — indeed, somewhere greater than I could have ever hoped: to authentic Catholicism.

@Pontifex “The cause of the Notre Dame fire is unknown, but officials say it was an accident, not arson.” Many other French churches were set ablaze and vandalized lately, and it’s great that officials can say, with no investigation, this was an accident!

@Pontifex Millions pray that God will not allow more suffering to be inflicted on His Church by the next pontificate, and that He will prevent it from being even more horrific than the reign of this present tragic pope.

@Pontifex This tragically confused pope tweets, “In the Eucharist you really meet Jesus.” But if he really believed that, why wouldn’t he kneel before the Eucharist? Or doesn’t he believe it at all?

@Pontifex “Cardinal Müller: Pope Benedict’s letter ‘more intelligent than all’ contributions at Rome Abuse Summit” ( The present confused pope may have to look hard for a way to punish Cardinal Müller for this remark, but I’m sure he’ll find one.

@Pontifex “Only four percent of French Catholics attend Sunday Mass on a regular basis.” ( The spirit – demonic or otherwise – of Vatican II is clearly alive and well in France.

@Pontifex “Whether or not the French leadership takes the fire at Notre Dame as a sign from heaven, Muslims almost certainly will. They will see it as a sign from Allah—a sign that Islam is destined to triumph over France and all of Europe.”

@Pontifex “Most French citizens, we assume, would prefer not to live under sharia law. But that’s the direction in which France is headed, and secularized France doesn’t seem to know how to prevent it from happening.” Nor does this tragically naive pope.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “LA ARCHDIOCESE PAYS RECORD $8 MILLION IN SEX ABUSE SETTLEMENT” ( So is THIS why the current misguided pope is always trying to get his hands on as much money as he can – from the Knights of Malta, the FFI, Legatus, etc., etc., etc.?

@Pontifex “These groups stand out due to Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslims, jihadi violence, and the insistence that Islam enjoy a privileged status vis-à-vis other religions” — Daniel Pipes, “Europe’s Civilizationist Parties,” Commentary, November 2018.

@Pontifex “The left defends any gratuitous offense, even the most beastly ones, against Christians as ‘freedom of expression.’ At the same time, the mere fact of criticizing Islam is branded as ‘Islamophobia.’ …. Is this still Spain or are we in Iran?”

@Pontifex “‘Allah Akbar’: As Notre Dame burned, muslims celebrated on social media” Will this tragically misguided pope now remind these members of “The Great Religion of Peace” that we all just need to “dialogue”?

@Pontifex This confused pope’s latest tweet applies to himself: “Look at the open arms of Christ crucified, and let Him save you. Contemplate His blood shed out of love and let yourself be purified by it. In this way you can be reborn.” Oh God, let this pope be saved and reborn.

@Pontifex Cardinal Gerhard Müller said “they want to silence Benedict XVI because he is telling the truth.”

@Pontifex “These are examples of the rift between Catholic France and Islamic migrants. France’s churches have been tagged, burgled, desecrated, and targeted by arson in unheard of proportions over the last 18 months.” More “dialogue” anyone?

@Pontifex “What can we do to protect the Faith?” Millions are praying that the next pope will not be worse than this one.

@Pontifex Millions pray that God will send us a pope who still believes in the teachings of the Church and in the truth of the Gospel. And if that is not God’s will, then we beg Him – at the very least – not to make the next pope worse than this one is.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets: “Do not be afraid! He is risen!” No, we should not be afraid for the Church, because even a pope cannot destroy it with errors and confusion.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The resurrection of Christ is the true hope of the world.” It is also the true hope of the Church, despite a pontificate filled with errors and confusion, despite a pope who replaces one homosexualist bishop with another in Washington, D.C.

@Pontifex CNN reports that Pope Francis condemns blasts across Sri Lanka and offers condolences to Christians targeted “while gathered in prayer” Clearly this pope needs to kiss the feet of more Muslims. That – and more “dialogue” – will surely help.

@Pontifex By replacing one homosexualist prelate (Wuerl) with another homosexualist prelate (Gregory) in Washington, this tragic pope is just trying to remind people of his new doctrine: if your conscience tells you something is okay – sodomy, for example – well then, it’s okay!

@Pontifex “Today we have a pope in Rome who is more worried about climate change than he is about mass apostasy in formerly Catholic Europe.”

@Pontifex This misguided pope tweets: “The resurrection of Christ is the true hope of the world.” No, the true hope of the world is a good pope, one who is faithful to Church teaching and the Gospel, one who works to rid the Church of the homosexual network.

@Pontifex “We have lost the concept of a Supreme Entity which used to restrain our passions. We have placed too much hope in political and social reforms, only to be deprived of our spiritual life..” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Harvard Commencement Address, 1978

@Pontifex A Tweet from @inflammateomnia notes: “Christians throughout the world (Egypt, Nigeria, & #SriLanka) worship God even if it means putting their lives at risk. Their churches are full.” Why does this poor pope allow the “spirit” of Vatican II to empty churches elsewhere?

@Pontifex The bombings in Sri Lanka show this humble pope must kiss a few more feet of members of “The Great Religion of Peace.” The Koran teaches they are superior to all other people (Surah 2:221). If the pope proves he truly understands that, maybe such bombings will stop.

@Pontifex This confused pope thinks that if he displays his wonderful humility to members of “The Great Religion of Peace,” then they will show humility to him? Dream on. The Koran teaches them they they are a superior people (Surah 2:221), so why should they be humble?

@Pontifex Fortunately for this poor, confused pope, he’s regarded as a “dhimmi” by most members of “The Great Religion of Peace,” even though he’s inferior (Surah 2:221), so they probably won’t try to get rid of him. Not yet, anyway.

@Pontifex A Tweet by this poor, error-prone pope suggests that we “join in prayer with the Christian community of Sri Lanka, struck by terrible violence on Easter Sunday.” Many of us are surprised he didn’t also call for more “dialogue” with “The Great Religion of Peace.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “An hour after flames began above Notre Dame, the French rushed to say that the fire was an ‘accident’ and ‘arson has been ruled out’ – like all official statements made by the French government after attacks in France during the last decade.”

@Pontifex “The Notre Dame fire also occurred at a time when attacks against churches in France and Europe have been multiplying. More than 800 churches were attacked in France during the year 2018 alone.”

@Pontifex “Churches in France are empty. Priests are very old or come from Africa or Latin America. The dominant religion is Islam. Churches are demolished to make way for parking lots or shopping centers. Mosques are built all over, and they are full.”

@Pontifex Notre Dame is more than 800 years old. It survived the turbulence of the Middle Ages, the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, two World Wars and the Nazi occupation of Paris. It did not survive what France is becoming in the 21st century.

@Pontifex To those inspired by the “spirit” of Vatican II: we have so very much to be grateful for. “The results of French secularism are visible. Christianity has been almost completely wiped out from public life. Churches are empty.”

@Pontifex “‘It was 8:30 am and it was busy. It was families. He came up to the top of the queue and set off the blast’. He wanted to maximize the carnage; his god promised Paradise for those who ‘kill and are killed’.” (Qur’an 9:111) This pope is naive.

@Pontifex In November 2015, this lamentable pope tweeted, “Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters, and we must act as such.” I guess the bombers in Sri Lanka must have missed that Tweet.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Let’s welcome Christ’s victory over sin and death in our lives.” And let’s welcome Christ’s future victory over corruption in the Church, His victory over a pope who isn’t faithful to many Church teachings, who wpn’t get rid of the homosexual network.

@Pontifex Oh, now I get it. According to The New Yorker, the problem isn’t terrorists from “The Great Religion of Peace.” The problem is Sri Lanka.

@Pontifex If this short video were in Spanish or Italian, instead of English, perhaps even our lamentable, error-prone pope, so unfaithful to Church teaching, so reluctant to eradicate the Church’s homosexual network, perhaps even he could learn something from it.

@Pontifex Bishop Martin said the Church is “imprisoned in its past,” in “a culture that doesn’t respond to reality.” The Church is imprisoned in the past horrific years since Vatican II, without contact with traditional Church teaching in the real world.

@Pontifex “Gesture of kissing South Sudan leaders’ feet shows Church is field hospital, Vatican newspaper editor writes (L’Osservatore Romano (English edition, p. 4))” For Catholics, a “field hospital,” for Muslims a sign of their superiority (Sura 2:221).

@Pontifex We pray that this poor, misguided pope will soon be freed from the narrow confines of the modernism of the past 50 years since Vatican II, and that he will be allowed to enter the broad uplands of the liberty of the Gospel and 2,000 years of Church teaching.

@Pontifex Response to this pope: May the proclamation of the Lord’s Resurrection sustain our hope and transform the Church into the vibrant, growing institution it was before Vatican II, a Church faithful – not disloyal – to the truths of the Gospel and 2,000 years of teaching.

@Pontifex Cardinal Sarah tweets: “Despite the violence of the attacks it may suffer, the Church will not die. This is the Lord’s promise, and his word is infallible.” That includes attacks from within the Church – by bishops, even by the pope – as well as attacks from without.

@Pontifex It’s too bad that our confused and misguided pope doesn’t seem to know what earlier popes – like Pope St. John Paul II – have thought about communism.

@Pontifex “Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka Easter bombings (CNA)” So of course what our confused pope must do is find some more members of “The Great Religion of Peace,” whose feet he can kiss, as he asks them for “dialogue.” Clearly, that will do lots of good.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The martyrs of all times, with their fidelity to Christ, tell us that injustice does not have the last word: we can continue to hope in the risen Lord.” And we can also continue to hope God will send us a pope who knows what he’s doing.

@Pontifex “US envoy: no change on religious liberty since Vatican-Beijing deal (Crux)” And there will be no change until God in His mercy sends us a pope who understands what’s really going on with the Chinese government and Chinese Catholics.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex The world remembers the Armenian genocide while the Turks deny it. Maybe this misguided pope could urge Turkey to admit the truth, as Germany admits the Holocaust. But no. That would be “Islamophobic.”

@Pontifex No doubt this great pope has a plan to deal with the problem of churches in Europe that are emptying while the mosques are filling up. Probably more “dialogue” and foot-kissing are the answers.

@Pontifex Of course members of “The Great Religion of Peace” support the idea of “dialogue” with this poor pope, as long as the “dialogue” goes only one way, in their favor. (And as long as this pope keeps kissing their feet.)

@Pontifex A friend asked me, “When was the last time you saw a leader or a member of ‘The Great Religion of Peace’ kiss the feet of this lamentable pope – or the feet of any Christian, for that matter?”

@Pontifex Some friends have said to me recently, “If this present great pope says God wills all religions – and they are all essentially the same – then why bother being a Catholic? Why not join the crowd leaving the Church in Europe and America?” I hardly knew what to say.

@Pontifex A friend said, “No, all religions are definitely NOT the same! NO religion has leaders that bless homosexual activity the way certain Catholic priests and bishops do. (And in Germany, after a report this fall, there will be even MORE such priests.”)

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Christ is risen, and with Him our creative hope arises to face the problems of our…” Church, especially the problem of a confused pope and hierarchy – especially in Germany – who are ensnared by a homosexual network unfaithful to Church teaching.

@Pontifex “Jesuit Scholar: Seeking to Defend Islam at All Costs Is Betraying the Truth”

@Pontifex List of Killings in the Name of Islam: 2019 “During this time period, there were 536 Islamic attacks in 37 countries, in which 3189 people were killed and 3609 injured.”

@Pontifex “Jesuit Father Henri Boulad explains why he believes Islamist terrorists are applying what their religion teaches them, and why the Church fails to address this because she has fallen prey to a leftist ideology that is destroying the West.”

@Pontifex “The Church should not defend Islam ‘at all costs’ and seek to ‘exonerate it from the horrors committed every day in its name’ or else ‘one ends up betraying the truth,’ a leading Jesuit scholar of Islam has asserted.”

@Pontifex “Father Boulad said many think the Pope’s views on Islam are ‘aligned with leftist ideology, and that, from complacency, he goes from concessions to concessions, and compromises in compromises, at the expense of the truth.’

@Pontifex Jesuit Father Henri Boulad wrote to the pope, ““Christians are expecting something from you other than vague and harmless declarations that may obscure reality.”

@Pontifex “Father Boulad, what evidence is there to show that Islam is inherently violent?” “Statements from the Koran itself: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191. “Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood.” Koran 9:123.

@Pontifex “Father Boulad, Are the extremists simply being faithful to an authentic Islam in your view?” “Clearly YES. Extremists are just applying what their religion teaches them to do.”

@Pontifex “The West is in an ethical and moral debacle, both religious and spiritual. And it is not by relativizing the painful reality that these societies will be helped. By defending Islam at all costs, seeking to exonerate it, one betrays the truth.”

@Pontifex “All attempts to reform Islam by liberal open-minded Muslims have tragically failed so far and I doubt that a ‘reformed Islam’ will still remain ‘Islam’.” – Henri Boulad, S.J.

@Pontifex “Theme of Pope’s general audience: ‘as we forgive those who trespass against us’ (Vatican News)” Oh, that IS rich. Sure, this poor pope forgives EVERYONE who trespasses against him. Isn’t that right? Read “The Dictator Pope.”

@Pontifex “US church membership down sharply in past 2 decades (Gallup)”

@Pontifex “Britain has issued its sharpest condemnation of the Saudi government’s execution on Tuesday of 37 people, including three who were minors at the time of their alleged offence.” I guess this pope will just have to “dialogue” with the Saudis.

@Pontifex Maybe – by kissing a few more feet – this tragic pope can make the Saudis stop this: “The Saudi government executed 37 people on Tuesday, including three who were minors at the time of their alleged offence.”


Some Tweets:

@Pontifex “POPE REFUSES MEETING WITH FAITHFUL ITALIAN CATHOLIC OFFICIAL” So much for this pope’s belief in “dialogue.” This poor, misguided pope kisses the feet of Muslims but won’t meet with a Catholic Deputy Prime Minister of Italy?

@Pontifex “Corruption of Pope Francis’ reform chief portrayed in groundbreaking new book” Maradiaga is in the Vatican, so nobody can touch him. And if nobody can touch him, this confused pope doesn’t CARE how corrupt he is.

@Pontifex “If a man like Maradiaga fully supports the initiative of curial reform as outlined in Praedicate Evangelium, can we expect that any good will come of it?”

@Pontifex This poor pope tweets, “Proclaim the wonderful news that Jesus is Risen.” During this time of catastrophe, millions pray this pope will proclaim the Gospel with his life and his words, will be faithful to Church teaching, and eradicate the corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex “Macron says Notre Dame should be rebuilt in line with diversity; architect suggests an Islamic minaret be included” A minaret on the Notre Dame cathedral? Does this confused pope – so concerned about Islam – see anything wrong with that?

@Pontifex “Sultan of Brunei requests ‘tolerance’ from EU leaders for his implementation of Sharia stoning of gays” This kind of “tolerance” is something our confused and “merciful” pope perhaps believes in.

@Pontifex “CHILEAN BISHOP DENIES LAITY HOLY COMMUNION FOR KNEELING” Will the “mercy” of this misguided pope allow this Chilean bishop to continue to disobey the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in this way?

@Pontifex A friend said, “You have to wonder where this poor pope’s head is. He tells us to ‘evangelize’ (Evangelii Gaudium) but not ‘proselytize’ ( For Christians, there’s no difference (Merriam-Webster). Oh God, send us a clear-headed pope.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “When I consider all of the financial and homosexual corruption in the Vatican, and elsewhere in the Church, I think of Christ’s words: ‘My house is a house of prayer, and you have made it into a den of thieves’.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets the Lord “wants everyone to feel the warmth of His mercy and love.” This poor pope still cannot understand no one can feel God’s mercy and love without repentance for sin. God can’t love a Church, for example, steeped in corruption and homosexuality.

@Pontifex May God bless Archbishop Pontier for his courage ( – and may God protect him from the wrath that this confused pope and others are sure to level at him for not following the Vatican line.

@Pontifex French churches are burned and desecrated, Christians murdered in Sri Lanka. But this fantasyland pope still tries to “dialogue” with Muslims and “to live and embody through brotherhood his search for peace and coexistence.” What could go wrong?

@Pontifex A Jesuit expert on Islam lists 11 quotes from the Koran to show that Islam is inherently violent: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191; “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 5:33. (The rest are at

@Pontifex Read the Koran. The motive of the Sri Lankan killers isn’t such a mystery: “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran” Koran 8:12; “Terrorize the infidels” Koran 8:60; “Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood” Koran 9:123

@Pontifex Read the Koran, and the motive of the Sri Lanka killers isn’t such a mystery: “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran” Koran 8:12; “Terrorize the infidels” Koran 8:60; “Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood” Koran 9:123

@Pontifex “The latest reports show that those who support the idea of appeasing Iran, and criticizing Trump’s strict policy toward Iran, are dead wrong.” Appeasement and “dialogue” didn’t work so well at the Munich Conference in 1938. They won’t work now.

@Pontifex “Being a member of the Church today is no more difficult than in other ages, Pope tells French youth” (Vatican Press Office) Oh, yes it is. No other age had a pope so confused, without faith in Church teaching or the Gospel, without a desire to destroy the gay network.

@Pontifex Michael Voris’ excellent Tweet: “Why do NO bishops come out and condemn James Martin’s evil heresy? Are they afraid he would ‘out’ them? That the Vatican won’t further promote them? The man is a flaming heretic, yet they will call faithful Catholics all kinds of names.”

@Pontifex “Canadian imams join bishops in condemning Sri Lanka Easter attacks” (CCCB) Finally, a few imams. What took them so long? But will they in turn be attacked as “apostates”?



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “German cardinals, bishops, priests reject Cdl. Marx’ agenda to revisit celibacy, sexual morality” At last, some courageous members of the clergy. If only this misguided and confused pope would follow their lead.

@Pontifex “Francis seems oblivious to the existence of enemy ideologies, enemy activists, and enemy states. His career is strewn with reckless misjudgments about people’s character and about their suitability for office.”

@Pontifex This confused pope says we should “open our hearts to mercy.” Millions pray that this poor pope will do that, instead of punishing critics and insulting faithful Catholics. Millions also pray for a good pope, although we fear the next pope may be worse than this one.

@Pontifex This error-prone pope says we should “open our hearts to mercy. However, it should be real mercy, not what this poor pope seems to advocate and which is described in this article: “Counterfeit Mercy”(

@Pontifex “This is where we are now.” It may be useful to take another look at this video (

@Pontifex “Look around you: The collapse is in full swing, even in some ways reaching its zenith. The old Church of Nice, a creation of men who opposed the authentic Church of tradition, is evaporating into the mist.”

@Pontifex “Pope sends aid to migrants stranded at the US border” This error-prone pope is so enthusiastic about the acceptance of migrants by Europe and America. You have to wonder how many migrants have been accepted into Vatican City.

@Pontifex The Times states (, “Sri Lanka’s Muslims have been painfully perplexed by the question of why two of their most privileged sons would do this.” A possible answer to that question: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191

@Pontifex “Peter’s Pence should be directed to the Catholic Church in the Middle East and Africa, after unrelenting terrorism and Christian persecution? No…The man who sits behind his Vatican wall undermines American security by funding open borders.”

@Pontifex Catholics and other Christians are persecuted and murdered throughout the Muslim world, but this tragically confused pope gives half a million dollars for migrants coming across the southern US border? Shameful.

@Pontifex We can all see that Christ’s Church is in a desperate condition when the most that we dare hope and pray for is that the next pope will be no worse than what we have now.

@Pontifex Today, on the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, we pray that this great saint and doctor of the church will bring about the conversion of the present seriously misguided pope, just as she influenced Pope Gregory XI.

@Pontifex Once again, this seriously confused pope preaches to himself, when he speaks of one who has “uselessly squandered” all his talents. May God show him the way to conversion, the way to being a good pope.

@Pontifex A prayer by St. Josemaría Escrivá, for which a favorable answer is absolutely guaranteed, even during this horrific pontificate: “May the most just and most lovable will of God be done, be fulfilled, be praised and eternally exalted above all things. Amen. Amen.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “God allows evil in the Church – the modernists, the financial corruption, homosexual acts among clerics, drug-fueled orgies in the Vatican – so that He can bring forth a greater good. The Church of Francis will collapse. The Church will survive.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Out of the devastation that Francis and his modernist, homosexualist colleagues have caused, out of these ruins, God will one day raise up great saints who will restore the Church. God has done that in the past. He will do it again.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope told hairstylists visiting the Vatican, “Practise your profession in a Christian style, treating customers with kindness and courtesy.” We pray this pope will one day also treat faithful Catholics “with kindness and courtesy.”

@Pontifex “Papal Foundation denies adult stem cell research grant while Francis, Wuerl secure millions for scandal-ridden hospital” A friend said, “Why?”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets: “Let us ask the Lord to grant us the awareness we cannot be Christians unless we walk with the Holy Spirit, unless we let the Holy Spirit be the protagonist of our life.” Can’t this poor pope understand he’s the one who must start doing that?

Response to a papal Tweet: We pray that this poor, tragically confused pope will also become truly Christian, instead of whatever he is now.

@Pontifex St. Faustina, writing in her diary on December 17, 1936: “I have offered this day for priests. I have suffered more today than ever before.” Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936.

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