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A Journal of 2020 – 3


@Pontifex “You can’t talk about a lay Church (in Querida Amazonia) — that the Amazon Church should be a lay Church. Well, if the Amazon Church is going to be a lay Church, then it won’t be Catholic.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex A friend said, “When Cardinal Burke claims that a lay Amazon Church won’t be a Catholic Church (, does anyone think Bergoglio or his German overlords really believe that or are even concerned about it? Tell me another.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “I think Bergoglio and his German overlords really WANT a lay Amazon ‘Church’ ( Such a ‘Church’ will quickly spread and will approve gay ‘marriage,’ divorce and ‘remarriage,’ Intercommunion, and everything else they want.”

@Pontifex Another friend said, “This horror-pontificate will almost destroy the Church, if that were really possible. Even the Gates of Bergoglio cannot prevail against the Church.”

@Pontifex Unless Bergoglio and his corrupt prelates undergo a conversion, this verse from today’s Lauds will apply to them: “I swore in my anger: they will never enter my place of rest.”

@Pontifex Papal Tweet Response – On the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church, let us pray for an end to the horrors of division that the tragic errors of Bergoglio, his German overlords, and all corrupt prelates have caused in the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – When Bergoglio confesses his sins, is he simple and concrete, admitting that his errors and his betrayal of the Gospel and Church teaching have led to all the horrors of this pontificate and may have caused many people to lose their souls?

@Pontifex Papal Tweet Response – Being poor in spirit, mourning, meekness, thirsting for holiness, showing mercy, purity of heart, and being faithful to Church teaching can lead to ridicule and persecution by this tragically confused Bergoglio. Catholics know this all too well.

@Pontifex “China resumes cross removals as virus subsides” (There seems to be just no end to the wonderful fruits that the (secret) agreement between China and Bergogolio/McCarrick has produced. More good news from the fantasyland of this pontificate.)

@Pontifex In the course of her talk with Pope Gregory XI, St. Catherine of Siena “bewailed the fact that at the Roman court, which should have been a paradise of heavenly virtue, there was the stench of all the vices of hell.” ( (Sound familiar?)

@Pontifex “Nuzzi claimed the Vatican was experiencing a financial crisis and a task force set up by Pope Francis found that the deficit had ‘reached worrisome levels, at risk of leading to default’.” (Not to worry, the Germans are still rolling in money.)

@Pontifex “In case of an interdict of the traditional Latin Mass, Dr. Kwasniewski expects that some clergy would ‘continue celebrating it – perhaps going underground – as they would recognize that the Holy See had overstepped its competence’.”

@Pontifex “The pastoral charity exercised by the successors to the apostles is essential. The confection of the sacraments as the supreme act of pastoral charity is related to the teaching and governing offices of the priest.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Dr. Taylor Marshall makes a point ( about Bergoglio’s survey of bishops on the Extraordinary Form. Taylor predicts Bergoglio will publicize the negative comments and use them to abolish the TLM. (This will align with past deceits of the Vatican.)

@Pontifex Papal Tweet Response – Let us pray today for those who have died and may perhaps have endangered their souls because of Bergoglio’s errors and heresies. Let us pray especially for these souls who may be in Purgatory because of the horrors of this monstrous pontificate.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope tweets about “encountering” Christ. And Bergoglio will encounter Him. At his judgement. Christ may ask him then, “Why did you abandon My teaching, My Gospel? Why did you destroy so much of My Church?

@Pontifex Papal Tweet Response – Bergoglio’s “witness” of error and heresy closes the way for others. And if his prayer opens the door to the Father’s heart, who is that “Father”? From that first encounter in the Garden, Bergoglio’s “Father” has been driving people away from God.

@Pontifex A German website tries to answer the question why Bergoglio has many people against him. The author mentions one main reason: because Bergoglio “is not always against” gay marriage, abortion, and contraception. Oh, but there’s much more.

@Pontifex A message for Bergoglio: “The Lord will ask you to give an account for the souls who die without the sacraments, for sinners who have not been able to reconcile with Him.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex “TORTURE, ARREST, RUIN – Vatican silent in face of Chinese communist persecution” Ya gotta wonder what the Chinese gave McCarrick just to get him to sign the secret Vatican/China agreement. A roomful of pretty Chinese boys for a week? Two weeks?

@Pontifex “If Our Lord is summoning us, in this era of ecclesiastical dereliction, to an ever deeper participation in the mystery of the Agony in the Garden, should we not bow our heads, and thank Him tenderly — ‘not my will, but Thy will be done’?”

@Pontifex “The people lost their love and trust in the Church of Christ. The morals of the clergy had in many places sunk so deep that the hearts of the faithful were filled with horror and grief.” – Sigrid Undset, “Life of St. Catherine of Siena”

@Pontifex “The release of the Vatican’s long-promised McCarrick Report has been ‘imminent’ for at least five months now.” (So where is it? Or is Bergoglio hoping we’ll all forget about the McCarrick report? I don’t think so. This isn’t Peron’s Argentina.)

@Pontifex “We see in Querida Amazonia a Protestant idea, the idea that the priesthood is not a sacrament, and therefore the one who receives the sacrament doesn’t act in the person of Christ. That’s of the gravest of concern to us.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex A reminder for Bergoglio, from today’s Lauds: “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place? The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.”

@Pontifex As Bergoglio goes on trying to destroy the Church, he may want to stop occasionally and pray like this, from today’s Lauds: “Take pity on me, Lord, in your mercy; in your abundance of mercy wipe out my guilt. Wash me ever more from my guilt and cleanse me from my sin.”

@Pontifex Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker and also International Labour Day. Let us pray that this tragic pope will remember the Church’s divine mission, that of saving the souls of workers and others, and that he will not go on trying to turn the Church into an NGO.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Catholics beg the Lord to give us a good pope, instead of what we have in Bergoglio. We pray for a pope who will see his work as one of building up and restoring the Church, not tearing it down and trying to destroy it.

@Pontifex Papal Tweet Response – Let us rediscover the beauty of the Rosary during May. At the end of each Rosary, we can recite a prayer asking for Mary’s intercession, that the Lord might free us from the horror of Bergoglio’s pontificate and that the Church can be restored.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis financially bails out transsexual prostitutes struggling with no street ‘customers’” (As long as you’re not a faithful Catholic, this tragic pope will do anything to help you.)

@Pontifex “How a growing movement is restoring the devastated vineyard of Christ the King” (As soon as Bergoglio finds out about this “movement,” you can bet he’ll put a stop to it. Can’t have any “restoration” of what he’s worked so hard to destroy.)

@Pontifex “The next step in Brazil is to say, why aren’t these women ordained? This was the kind of argumentation used in the synod, with lay people simulating the Mass. So I’m afraid that’s exactly where the thinking is heading.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “You know that survey about the Tridentine Mass that was sent to all bishops? Bergoglio will publicize all the negative responses, and then use them to abrogate the Tridentine Mass, not all at once – that would provoke an outcry – but by bit by bit.”

@Pontifex Another friend wrote, “Bergoglio will eliminate the Tridentine Mass bit by bit, one small element at a time. That’s the way a Peronist pontiff works, by subtlety bordering on deceit.”

@Pontifex Yesterday at 3 p.m. around the world, Catholics prayed Rosaries for a Divine intervention that would save the Church. Many of us were also praying for an end to this pontificate of horror.

@Pontifex If Bergoglio had once prayed the following verse from today’s Lauds, the Church would not have sunk to its present depths: “God of my fathers and Lord of mercy,…give me Wisdom, who stands by your throne, and let me not be unworthy to be your servant.”

@Pontifex An antiphon from today’s Lauds: “The learned will shine as brightly as the vault of heaven, and those who have instructed many in virtue will shine like stars for all eternity.” (And what about those like Bergoglio, who seem exactly the opposite?)

@Pontifex Bergoglio tweets, “Let us pray for government leaders who are responsible for taking care of their people.” (But let us pray even more for this tragic pope and other Church leaders responsible for the eternal souls of their flock – and for their own eternal souls.)

@Pontifex Bergoglio tweets, “A crisis is the moment to make a choice.” In his crisis on the cross, the Good Thief chose to repent of the evil he had done, and save his soul. Can this tragic pope repent of his heresies and evil, now, near the end of his life, and save his soul?

@Pontifex Papal Tweet Response – Let us turn this time of pandemic to prepare for our future. Unless we have a good pope, a great pope with an all-embracing vision of the Gospel and Church tradition and morality, there will be no future for anyone. Let us pray for such a pope.

@Pontifex “New Orleans archdiocese files for bankruptcy” “New Orleans is the 23rd American diocese to file for bankruptcy because of the sex-abuse scandal.” (Still no McCarrick report, promised by last December. Broken promise? The Vatican? No surprise.)

@Pontifex “Vatican greeting to Muslims, call to respect houses of worship In it the Vatican refers to the joint statement calling for respect for holy places of all faiths.”(Respect for all holy places? Muslims get a kick out of that. The Chinese, too.)

@Pontifex “Pope Benedict links dominance of ‘homosexual marriage…abortion’ to spiritual power of ‘Anti-Christ’” Bishop Batzing (head of the German Bishops’ conference) doesn’t want to hear this. It conflicts with all his beliefs.

@Pontifex “Former Vatican doctrine head corrects modern, wrong understanding of ‘synodality’” (Now we know why Bergoglio made Cardinal Gerhard Müller the “former” head of the CDF. Can’t have a cardinal trashing Bergoglio’s heretical view of “synodality.”)

@Pontifex We pray that when it’s all over, we won’t too often have to repeat – with regard to this pontificate – Joseph Conrad’s words, “The horror! The horror!”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets: “Pope Francis reminds us as the #Covid19 crisis begins to ease, we should not forget that Mother Nature still hates us because of air conditioning.”

@Pontifex “Archbishop Fernández stated that none of these issues like clerical celibacy and deaconesses are resolved; the Pope simply saw he had to wait a little bit to accomplish his agenda because there are people causing difficulty.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Good Shepherd Sunday is a beautiful Sunday.” And it will be even more beautiful when we again have a great pope, like Pius X, Pius XII, Gregory the Great, and so very many others who, in their greatness were the opposite of what we have now.

@Pontifex “Let us pray for the many pastors who give their lives for the faithful,” tweets Bergoglio. despite all he’s doing to destroy the Church – and these pastors. But we know that even the Gates of Bergoglio’s Hell cannot prevail against the Church. Let’s pray for him, too.

@Pontifex “Let us pray today for vocations,” tweets this tragic pope. The poor man doesn’t understand why traditional seminaries are full while “postconciliar” seminaries are desperate, empty, or have closed May God help Bergoglio.


To Klaus, Ulrich, and Andreas:

Steve Mosher erwähnte dasselbe in einem Video, das mir jemand (Klaus oder Ulrich) geschickt hatte. Und heute Abend sendete CNN ein ausgezeichnetes Interview mit Peter Navarro, einem der wichtigsten Berater von Trump (es war eine Fernsehsendung, daher habe ich keinen Internet-Link, den ich in diese E-Mail kopieren kann). Navarro machte es klar, dass er China als “klare und gegenwärtige Gefahr” (wie die Amerikaner es nennen) ansieht. Navarro betonte wiederholt, dass Trump ihm zustimme.

In Christo Rege



Tweet to Matthias Neufeld:

I know, politics isn’t always very interesting. I voted for Trump in 2016, and I will – reluctantly – vote for him again in November. I don’t follow him on Twitter, because the Tweets that the main-stream media repeat appear so very wrong-headed and even stupid and uneducated. Of course, the main-stream media probably select the worst of his Tweets for public broadcast, but even so, the man is for me a disappointment.

So why will I vote for him? The first reason is that he and at least one of his top advisers, Peter Navarro, understand what China is and what an enormous danger China presents. The second reason for voting for Trump is that I’m one of those conservative, traditional Catholics that the pope refers to as “rigid” and “unstable.” So I can’t vote for someone like Biden, who supports the whole liberal gender ideology (although I used to be quite liberal myself). That ideology includes abortion, among other things.

So, I’ll reluctantly vote for Trump, even though I think he’ll probably lose the next election.



@Pontifex Bergoglio tweets, “Let’s pray today for vocations.” I don’t think God will send the flabby, post-conciliar vocations Bergoglio wants, but if we pray to Bergoglio’s demonic “patron,” I’m sure we’ll get more of the gay, faithless vocations now destroying the Church.

@Pontifex “Bishops mustn’t allow any false authority to tell them what to do. They mustn’t allow the Church’s freedom to be restricted under any pretext. Not by the State or a bishops’ conference! The Lord will hold them to account” – Archbishop Viganò.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “During the current crisis, we need good, free journalism that serves all people,” especially those who are waiting for the McCarrick report and articles on Bergoglio’s success in eradicating corruption. That will bring “communion and peace.”

@Pontifex This is not fake news. It really happened. If you speak Italian, watch the video: “Can a Catholic Pope tell an autistic child “maybe we’ll see each other in hell?” Dear God, is there no end to Bergoglio and his creepy pontificate of horror?

@Pontifex Bergoglio thinks traditional Catholics are “rigid” and “unstable.” Again, is he describing himself? “Rigid” and “unstable” with regard to religious belief might be a good description of the mindset of this poor, tragic pope now in the Vatican

@Pontifex Interviewer to Cardinal Burke: “Why do you think the Pope appeared to step back (in Querida Amazonia)? Because of potential opposition?” Burke: “Yes, on the question of celibacy especially, but also on the question of deaconesses.” (

@Pontifex In today’s Lauds, we read, “A thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday, that has passed; like a short watch in the night.” And a friend commented, “And that’s how it will someday be with this present pontificate of horror – ‘like yesterday, that has passed’.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And Catholics should unite on 14 May to pray for this tragic pope’s conversion and an end to his destruction of the Church. God may then help humanity overcome all its difficulties.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us also pray for the Church, that it can survive this pontificate of horror and persevere in peace, at the same time that it prays for this tragic pope’s conversion.

@Pontifex May it be the Holy Spirit who’s guiding Bergoglio, and not some demonic spirit. May the Lord free this tragic pope from his errors and heresies, from his contradictions and divided thinking. Dear God, help him to understand the great mystery that You are. Make him good.

@Pontifex “Disordered attachment to one’s own ideas can cause divisions which break the unity of God’s people,” the pope said at Mass on Monday. (And Catholics pray that during this ruinous pontificate, this tragic pope will have no “disordered attachment” to his own ideas.)

@Pontifex “Believers Tortured to Renounce Their Faith in Xinjiang’s Camps” (More precious fruit of this tragic pope’s “agreement” with the Chinese Communist Party.)

@Pontifex “The book written by Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah underlines the integral nature of the perpetual continence of the priest with the office of the priesthood. Querida Amazonia could not have openly opposed that.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Catholics pray constantly that this tragic pope will recover his faith and become a Catholic, perhaps for the first time. We pray that he will stop destroying the Church and endangering his very soul.

@Pontifex Catholics cannot understand how this tragic pope, now, near the end of his life and close to facing God’s judgement, can continue to try to turn the Church into a department of the United Nations. We ask, “Doesn’t Bergoglio fear for his soul?”

@Pontifex Catholics ask, “As Bergoglio continues his efforts to destroy the Church, doesn’t he fear for his soul? Or doesn’t he believe he even has a soul?”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Today we pray for the deceased who have died because of the pandemic. They died alone,” (because this “courageous” pontiff insisted the Church follow the orders of the State. He turned the “Church of Accompaniment” into a hypcritical joke).

@Pontifex Bergoglio tweets, “There are certain attitudes that do not allow us to progress in knowledge of the Lord: wealth, apathy, rigidity, clericalism, worldliness.” (Is that why Bergoglio has made so little progress? And does he lack the freedom that knowledge of God brings?)

@Pontifex “Unfortunately, many things are done in Germany that are not Catholic, but that doesn’t mean you have to imitate them.” – Cardinal Sarah (But don’t tell this to Bergoglio or his German overlords. They’ll be FURIOUS!)

@Pontifex “A moment of crisis is a call to conversion: papal homily” (And Catholics beg God to give this tragic pope the grace to answer that call.)

@Pontifex “What defines a Christian is not being virtuous or obedient, but living by trusting in a God who is near.” – Argentine Bishop Unless he’s “virtuous or obedient” toward the Church, how does a Christian know he’s trusting God, and not some demon?

@Pontifex In a video, this tragic pope praises all the qualities of a good deacon. We pray for this confused pope’s conversion, so that he too will exhibit those qualities.

@Pontifex “Still no answers to questions on Vatican finances…Many observers would say the Vatican’s finances are more opaque, less transparent, and more in the hand of the old guard than when Francis started.” (Does this pope ignore difficult questions?)

@Pontifex “Sooner or later, Pope Francis will have to face the perplexities of reform” (Perhaps, but we shouldn’t count on it. We can only count on God’s grace as we pray for this poor man’s conversion.)

@Pontifex “Pope distorts basic Christian teaching in homily” (This happens so often, it’s hardly newsworthy anymore. God help this error-prone pope.)

@Pontifex “A bishop who received Cardinal Hummes’ message to bishops about Querida Amazonia, and giving them texts, said the paragraph (on celibacy and deaconesses) was clearly there. It seems it was to be included, but then omitted.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Catholics continue to pray for this poor, addled pope – and for a speedy end to his pontificate of horror, one way or another.

@Pontifex Catholics have no animosity toward this tragic pope. We know his probable successor, the dancing cardinal, Tagle, could be worse. We just pray for the souls of all corrupt, heretical prelates, and we thank God for His promise that the Gates of Hell will not prevail.

@Pontifex A friend writes, “Dear God, this tragic pope – and all corrupt prelates – must once have had faith. Please give them the grace to believe in You again, and in the Gospel, and in all Church teaching. Save their souls from Hell.”

@Pontifex Does this tragic pope really believe that the ordination of married deacons (and deaconettes) will relieve the priest shortage? The traditional Mass and traditional orders (which Bergoglio is trying to crush) are thriving. Does this confused pontiff have eyes to see?

@Pontifex Many predict that this tragically confused pope will try to use the survey on the Traditional Latin Mass, a survey sent to all bishops, as a way of eradicating that Mass. If the Gates of Hell have no power against the Church, the Gates of Bergoglio will also fail.

@Pontifex Do dancing cardinals and heretical prelates make the world conform to the Church? Clearly, they’re trying to make the Church conform to the world. Their efforts are doomed – as they themselves are, if they don’t feel sorrow for what they have done.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Let us pray for men and women who work in the media….May the Lord help them always in their task to transmit the truth.” (But does Bergoglio REALLY want them to transmit the truth about this destructive, error-filled pontificate?)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “It is not easy to live in the light. The light makes us see many ugly things within us.” If Bergoglio really believes that, why doesn’t he DO something about the “ugly things” within him – “vices, pride, the worldly spirit.” We pray for him.

@Pontifex A papal Tweet: “Prayer is the breath of faith. It is like a cry that comes forth from the heart….Faith is a voice that cries out for the gift of salvation.” (And after all the ruin he’s imposed on the Church, Bergoglio must cry out very loud indeed for that gift.)

@Pontifex “Pope contrasts voice of Christ, voice of the evil one” (Catholics sometimes wonder if this tragic pope really knows the difference between these two voices. We pray that he does.)

@Pontifex “The most serious form of religious suppression in China is making Christians sign a declaration rejecting religion under the threat of losing government benefits, like pensions. Chinese Christians comment in this article.” Does the Vatican CARE?

@Pontifex “‘May the Lord free us from that psychology of division,’ Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (And Catholics pray that the Lord will free this tragically confused pope from the psychology of error, heresy, AND division.)

@Pontifex “‘Peace, tenderness, meekness’: papal homily on Christ, the Good Shepherd” (EXCEPT of course for those “rigid” and “unstable” faithful Catholics. They deserve NO mercy, NO “peace, tenderness, meekness.”)

@Pontifex Does this fantasy ( of socialism in the old Soviet Union have anything to do with the fantasy socialism that this tragic pope seems to see in other countries, like China?

@Pontifex “Pope backs universal prayer day against coronavirus with Muslims, doesn’t mention sin or Christ” (Of course he doesn’t mention such things. It might make the Church seem like less of an NGO.)

@Pontifex “The Pope intends solely to present the final document of the Amazon synod. It’s very clear what’s going on. Yet clearly the final document is quite problematic.” – Cardinal Burke ( (A friend said, “But would this tragic pope be DECEITFUL?”)

@Pontifex Catholics pray that this tragically confused pope will regain his faith, return to the Church, and become a Catholic again, so that he won’t suffer the fires of hell when he dies. (Bishop Sheen once said, “You don’t believe in hell? You will when you get there.”)

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Surely the deepest circles of hell are reserved for popes who betrayed the Church, and tried to destroy it by not supporting Church teaching and the Gospel.”

@Pontifex Another friend commented, “Perhaps it’s not a question of this tragic pope RETURNING to the Faith; maybe it’s a question of his professing the Faith FOR THE FIRST TIME in his life! May God help him to do that before the end.”

@Pontifex Someone should remind this tragic pope that it’s never too late to give up evil and follow Christ. He has an example in the Good Thief, who gained Paradise at the very last minute. This poor pontiff could do something like that as well. To repeat: it’s never too late.

@Pontifex Some people, like H. J. A. Sire, (“The Dictator Pope”) contend that this tragic pope achieved power mainly by surrounding himself with corrupt subordinates and then using their corruption to manipulate them and make them obey him by threatening to expose them. Dear God.

@Pontifex Antiphon from today’s Lauds: “The disciple is not above his master; but the fully-trained disciple will be like his master.” (To what extent is this tragic pope like his apparent master, and to what extent is he like Christ?)

@Pontifex “Pope Francis begins new series of general audiences on prayer” (Catholics pray that as this tragic pope teaches, he will also learn what prayer really is, and that he will return to the Faith and to the Church and will save his soul.)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “I would like to ask the Lord to bless artists, who make us understand what beauty is.” (And Catholics pray for this confused pope, who should be one who makes us begin to understand what beauty is, what the beauty of God is.)

@Pontifex “Pope decries attitudes that hinder the sheep from following Christ” (Catholics pray the pope will understand that those attitudes are created by the demonic “spirit” of the Council and have driven millions away from Christ and His Church.)


Message to Matthias Neufeld:

As for voting, I was raised with the idea that a citizen always votes, so I’ve usually voted. Certainly here in Germany I always vote by mail in US elections.

Why doesn’t God communicate with us in an objective, physical way? Whenever I consider that question, I think of Christ’s parable in Luke’s Gospel (16:19-31) that ends with the line, “But he said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.’ (I.e., communicates with them in an “objective, physical way.”) I also think of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima and Lourdes, and elsewhere, and that leads me to remember a line from one of Shakespeare’s plays that meant a lot to me at Harvard: “There is a world elsewhere.”

Because my life as a boy, before, during, and after my parents’ divorce was such a disaster, I had only my religious faith to give any stability to my young life. Perhaps that’s when that faith was imprinted on my mind, so that I’ve always believed in God.

Even though the Catholic Church is a royal mess right now, I believe in the old, traditional teaching. It gives meaning to my life. I literally could not survive without it. I admit I haven’t always lived as I should, though, certainly not, for example, during some wild, “lost,” and deeply regrettable years in Honolulu in the early 1980’s. But eventually I remembered: “There is a world elsewhere.”



An die Mitarbeiter von Kardinal Woelki,

ich erwarte keine Antwort auf diese Nachricht.

Das aber, was ich damit erreichen möchte, trotz meines schwachen amerikanischen Deutsch (mit Hilfe von Google Translate), ist einfach: Ich möchte darum bitten, dass die Priester der Petrusbruderschaft die Mundkommunion spenden dürfen, wenn die entsprechenden Vorsichtsmaßnahmen getroffen werden. Ich hoffe, Kardinal Woelki verstehen wird, wie wichtig das für viele von uns ist. Man sagt, der Kardinal gehört nicht zu diesen “fortschrittlichen”, “synodalen” Bischöfen, die eine homosexuelle “Ehe”, Priesterinnen und die “neue” sexuelle “Moral” gutheißen. Es wird auch gesagt, dass der Kardinal in der deutschen Hierarchie außergewöhnlich ist, ein Prälat, der der Lehre der Kirche und dem Evangelium treu bleibt und in der Lage ist, den Unterschied zwischen dem Wunder der Messe in der außergewöhnlichen Form und der billigen, abgenutzten Qualität der Novus Ordo-Messe wahrzunehmen.

Der Amerikaner Peter Kwasniewski schreibt (ich [und Google Translate] habe dies aus dem Englischen übersetzt): “Wenn wir im Gewissen davon überzeugt sind, dass die Mundkommunion unseres Herrn unwürdig ist, wegen des regelmäßigen Verlusts von Fragmenten und wegen des kumulativen Schadens, den Unterschied zwischen Geistlichen und Laien zu ignorieren, werden wir dies nicht tun. Wir werden aus keinem Grund an der Praxis der Hand Kommunion teilnehmen oder sie unterstützen, da wir uns des Konsequentialismus schuldig machen würden: ein gutes Ziel mit schlechten Mitteln suchen. Wir werden mehr Gnaden von unserem Herrn erhalten, indem wir einen selbstlosen Eifer für seine göttliche Ehre üben, als wenn wir aus einem egozentrischen Wunsch heraus, ein Sakrament zu bekommen, Kompromisse eingehen.“

Wenn das Mundkommunion in anderen Ländern möglich ist, ist es auch in Deutschland nicht möglich? Ist Deutschland ein weniger würdiges Land als andere Länder? Sicherlich ist es nur der Druck anderer deutscher Bischöfe, der die Mundkommunion in der Erzbistum Köln verhindert, und ich wäre enttäuscht, wenn Kardinal Woelki diesem Druck nicht widerstehen könnte. Ich habe immer gedacht, dass Kardinal Woelki mehr mit Kardinal St. John Fisher gemeinsam hat als mit all den Bischöfen, die Heinrich VIII. bei seinem Aufstand gegen Rom unterstützt haben.

In Christo Rege

Robert John Bennett



To the Dominicans in Dusseldorf:

Lieber Pater,

leider kann ich nichts von den Hinweisen und Predigten in der Andreaskirche hören und verstehen, weil ich etwas schwerhörig bin und mein gesprochenes Deutsch sehr schwach ist, aber ein Freund von mir erwähnte, dass ein Priester letzte Woche bei der Heiligen Messe sagte, wir sollten für “die Feinde des Papstes” beten.

Ich war schockiert zu erfahren, dass der Papst “Feinde” hat. Ich wusste, dass dieser tragische Papst Kritiker hat, denn ein Papst, der so viel Fehler ausdrückt und verbreitet und so korrupt zu sein scheint, muss Kritiker haben. Zum Beispiel habe ich Folgendes auf der ARD-Webseite gelesen: „Vigano gehört zu den schärfsten Kritikern von Papst Franziskus. Er bezichtigte das Kirchenoberhaupt im Umgang mit Missbrauchsfällen in den USA im vergangene Jahr der ,offensichtlichen Lüge‘.“ (

Wie schon gesagt, wusste ich, dass dieser verwirrte Papst Kritiker hat, sogar viele Kritiker (zum Beispiel Kardinal Burke, Kardinal Müller, Kardinal Brandmüller, Erzbischof Vigano und Bischof Athanasius Schneider unter anderen), aber ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass er auch echte Feinde hat. Das ist wirklich traurig und bedauerlich.

Natürlich werde ich für diese Feinde des Papstes beten. Das sollten wir alle tun. Und ich habe dafür zwanzig Euro auf Ihr Konto überwiesen. Bitte feiern Sie eine Heilige Messe für die Feinde dieses armseligen, fehleranfälligen Papstes.

Sie haben viele wichtige Dinge zu tun, nehmen Sie sich also bitte nicht die Zeit, um diese Nachricht zu beantworten. Ich erwarte keine Antwort.

In Christo Rege

Robert John Bennett


An Roland Fischer:

Lieber Roland,

in der Andreaskirche heute waren rund 10 Plätze frei? Letzte Woche hat Pater Brülingen mir gesagt, es gibt 16 Menschen, die die 16 Plätze in der Dionysiuskirche reserviert haben, aber nicht alle 16 Menschen waren heute da. Trotzdem hat Pater Brüllingen heute morgen gesagt, dass zwei traditionelle Heilige Messen jeden Sonntag in der Dionysiuskirche gefeiert werden, nicht nur eine, wie es bisher der Fall war. Auf diese Weise können mehr Menschen an der Messe teilnehmen, da die Anzahl der Personen bei jeder Messe auf 16 begrenzt werden muss.

Leider gab es heute nur die geistige Kommunion, aber Pater Brüllingen hat ein Gebet von Padre Pio mit uns gelesen und gebetet, ein Gebet für die geistige Kommunion. Also gab es keine “echte” Kommunion, aber es freute mich, dass nur der gregorianische Gesang während der Messe gesungen wurde. Wie Peter Kwasniewski geschrieben hat, ist nur dieser Gesang für die Messe in außergewöhnlicher Form wirklich angemessen. In 1969, als die alte Messe abgeschafft wurde, war ich schon 28 Jahre alt, also ist diese alte lateinische Messe – mit dem gregorianischen Gesang – für mich die echte Messe, nicht diese “Novus Ordo”-Messe.

Ich weiß, dass Kardinal Müller für seine Ideen zu “Verschwörungstheorien” in Bezug auf Covid-19 kritisiert wurde, aber ich habe nicht gelesen, was er tatsächlich gesagt hat, deshalb zögere ich, mich den Kritikern anzuschließen. Kardinal Müller ist offensichtlich ein intelligenter Mann.

Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Sonntagabend.

In Christo Rege




@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Dear God, give this tragic pope an understanding that to be Christian is to remember those who have preceded us on the journey to salvation, those who were faithful to the Gospel and Church teaching, unlike the present confused pontiff.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – In the midst of this tragic pope’s isolation from the true Church, when he is suffering from the attention of demons, let him once again listen to the words to Christ, to Church teaching and the Gospel. Let him recover his faith.

@Pontifex “Pontiff hails St. John Paul II’s ‘great witness’ ahead of centenary” (A friend tweets, “Good God, is there no limit? Bergoglio knows John Paul’s ‘great witness’ didn’t include an end to priestly celibacy and the ordination of priestesses.”)

@Pontifex “Vatican releases bafflingly vague statement about financial discipline ‘measures’…If you’re trying to develop a reputation for candor and transparency, this isn’t the way to go about it.” In papal fantasy land, this IS the way you go about it.

@Pontifex Nineteen months have passed since Francis promised a full investigation of the McCarrick affair. Three months have passed since Cardinal Parolin disclosed that the investigation was complete. “The work has been done,” he said.” We’re still waiting.

@Pontifex “Bishops Cannot Mandate Communion on the Hand or Forbid Communion on the Tongue” (A friend commented, “Are you kidding me? Here in Germany, the land of pope’s overlords, bishops can do whatever they feel like doing.”

@Pontifex “Bishops Cannot Mandate Communion on the Hand or Forbid Communion on the Tongue” (A friend commented, “Oh, yes they can, especially when they know this tragic pope has their back. Bergoglio’s going to end Communion on the tongue eventually.”)

@Pontifex “Catholic Priests Tortured to Join the Patriotic Church of Communist China” (There just seems to be no end to the terrific (and of course still secret) agreement that this tragic pope made with the Chinese Communist Party.)

@Pontifex “German bishops condemn predecessors’ failure to oppose Hitler, ignoring their own far worse failures….PETITION: Join faithful German Catholics in resisting the bishops’ plan to ‘Protestantize’ the Church”

@Pontifex “About the magisterium of Pope Francis: if you mean his way of teaching the deposit of faith, that’s acceptable. If you mean he has a teaching of the deposit of faith that contradicts the deposit of faith, that’s not acceptable.” – Cardinal Burke

@Pontifex Catholics continue to pray for this tragic pope’s conversion. We pray that Bergoglio’s sins, his tolerance of financial and sexual perversion among prelates and priests, his errors, his heresies, and his concealment of the truth not lead to the loss of his eternal soul.

@Pontifex Catholics believe that their prayers will eventually – if only moments before he dies – help this tragic pope to regain his faith and return to the Church.

@Pontifex Prayer gives purpose to the lives of many Catholics. They believe their prayers will save this pope from the fires of hell by causing him to recant his errors and express sorrow for tolerating financial and sexual corruption among priests and prelates.

@Pontifex Prayer gives purpose to the lives of many Catholics. We believe our prayers will save this pope from the fires of hell by causing him to recant his errors and express sorrow for tolerating financial and sexual corruption among priests and prelates. God, let us be right.

@Pontifex Thousands of priests and religious left their vocations after Vatican II, and thousands of lay people left the Church. Why do the pope and his German overlords, and others, continue to believe that following the “spirit” of the Council will bring people into the Church?

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “During Vatican II, the fantasy was that the Council would bring a ‘new springtime’ into the Church. Surely some demon was the source of that fantasy, because what we have now, instead of springtime, is the most bitter winter the Church has ever known.”

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, where Jerusalem symbolizes the Church: “Jerusalem, holy city: he will punish you for what you have done. Thank the Lord for his good deeds, and bless the eternal king, so that in you, once more, with gladness, your tabernacle may be built.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets about “isolation.” And no wonder. His errors and heresies have isolated him from 2000 years of Church teaching, 2000 years of companionship with the saints. Will he ever be converted and return to the Church?

@Pontifex Another friend wrote, “We are constantly praying that this tragic pope will be converted and will recover his faith.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us pray for those people who work for the Red Cross / Red Crescent. And let us pray that this tragic pope remembers that those people are sharing in the goodness and kindness of Christ.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us hope that this tragic pontiff will not deceive us and will speak the truth about the McCarrick report and the report on Vatican finances, without deceit, openly, not trying anymore to hide anything.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us pray that through the intercession of Our Lady, the Lord might convert this tragic pope, make him a good man, and free him and the Church from all the errors, heresies, and confusion arising from this horrific pontificate.

@Pontifex “German bishops’ synod drafts call for radical changes….Documents call for ordination of women, acceptance of homosexual unions, and encouragement of family planning.” Dear God, the Gates of Hell and the Gates of Bergoglio are close to us now.

@Pontifex “’Magisterium’ is a somewhat recent theological term. It is the duty of the Church to teach, safeguard and promote the truths of the faith, as handed down in Tradition. Otherwise, it’s not magisterium, even if you say it is.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex At Mass, the priest said we should pray for this pope’s “enemies” who “harass” him. Catholics aren’t this tragic pope’s “enemies,” even though he ridicules us, calls us, “rigid, unstable neo-Pelagians.” We pray for him and for his “enemies,” who surely pray for him too.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets:
“One Pope, two Popes, Black Pope, White Pope
This Pope, that Pope, My Pope, Your Pope.
This one is a little Czar.
That one didn’t go so far.
Say! What a lot of Popes there are!”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “This tragic pope’s ‘synodality’ will split the Church. The German synod aims to approve gay ‘marriage,’ priestesses, a whole new sexual ‘morality.’ Even Americans won’t go along with that, so the end of the Church seems near.”

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, for corrupt prelates: “The fool does not hear, the slow-witted do not understand. When the wicked sprout up like grass, and the doers of evil are in full bloom, it will come to nothing, for they will perish for ever and ever.”

@Pontifex David speaks to corrupt priests and bishops in a psalm in today’s Lauds: “For behold, Lord, your enemies, how your enemies will perish, how wrongdoers will be scattered. You will give me strength as the wild oxen have.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Let us pray for the Vincentian sisters who have worked at Santa Marta for nearly 100 years,” under popes who were saints, like John Paul II, and under a poor, tragic, error-prone pope like Bergoglio.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Church strives forward between the consolation of God and the persecution and ruinous power of a pope like Bergoglio. The evil spirit inspires popes like him to destroy the Church. Let’s place our trust in Christ, not in a tragic pope.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Those with responsibilities in the EU are called to face certain social and economic consequences, just as this tragically misguided pope is called to face and correct the consequences of his errors, heretical statements, and confusion.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis: ‘Let us not be afraid of Jesus’ light’” Catholics beg God to give this tragic pope sincerity when he makes such a plea, and to give him the strength to tolerate that light when it reveals to him all his errors and heretical ideas.

@Pontifex “Don’t lose sense of belonging to God’s people, Pope advises in homily” (No, please don’t lose it, even if this tragic pope, his German overlords, and all the financially and sexually corrupt priests and prelates seem to have lost it.)

@Pontifex “Franciscan priest appointed Archbishop of Genoa….The appointment of a priest who is not yet a bishop to head a major archdiocese is unusual” (A friend said sarcastically, “Unusual? Then we know what his agenda’s going to be. Another Cupich.”)

@Pontifex “Cardinal Baldisseri signals the Pope isn’t presenting the apostolic tradition — he’s presenting his framework, as the Pope calls it, his dreams. Those have to accord with the faith. The Pope saying it doesn’t make it dogma.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex If only this confused pope could have prayed these verses from today’s Lauds years ago, and meant it: “Thus I will bless you throughout my life, and raise my hands in prayer to your name….I will remember you as I lie in bed, I will think of you in the morning.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – It does take courage to pray, if you’re a faithful Catholic. You’re ridiculed for preferring the traditional Mass. Bergoglio says “it is God who ‘does things’ in the Church.” Pope Paul VI pointed out that Satan is active in the Church too.

@Pontifex Response to papal Tweet – Faith in Christ means supporting Church teaching and the Gospel, eradicating Church corruption. Does this tragic pope have the faith for that? As Bergoglio ruins the Church, he does really think Christ has “reserved a place in heaven” for him?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Today, on Mother’s Day, everyone wishes to remember all mothers with gratitude and affection. In particular, we entrust this dangerously confused pope to the protection of Mary, our – and his – heavenly Mother.

@Pontifex “The Pope doesn’t say ‘Querida Amazonia’ has magisterial weight, but the Vatican press spokesman announced this is a magisterial document. I would find that very difficult to believe, in terms of some of the things said here.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex A priest recently mentioned “the pope’s enemies” in a sermon. I was shocked to think this tragic pope has enemies. Until now, I thought he had only critics who want to correct his many errors. “Catholics pray he won’t continue to make so many errors,” said a friend.

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “There’s a line of St. Paul in today’s Lauds that I wish this tragic pope could really embed in his mind: ‘The word is very near to you, it is on your lips and in your heart: the word, that is, of the faith we proclaim.’ If only the pope had such faith.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And let us pray for this tragically confused pope, who seems to be suffering from an inability to understand what it means to be a good pope, or even to be a pope at all.
@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – What is the Holy Spirit doing in this tragic pope? The Holy Spirit’s trying to remind Bergoglio of everything Jesus said, to enlighten him, but critics say no matter how much the Spirit tries, Bergoglio isn’t responding.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – On 14 May, believers of every religion are invited to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus. Catholics will also be imploring God to help the Church overcome internal corruption and the destruction this pontificate has caused.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pachamama’s a demon. In the Vatican Gardens they prostrated themselves in front of a pagan idol. People said, “This is their image of the Mother of God.” The indigenous people themselves said “No, no — this is pachamama.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “Of course this tragic pope has enemies, but there are many more people who wish him well, despite his errors and heresies and his catastrophic pontificate.”

@Pontifex Verses from a psalm in today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope: “If you turn back to him with all your heart and soul – if you keep faithful to him – he will turn back to you and hide his face no longer.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The peace the world gives isolates this confused pontiff from others. This may be one reason this tragic pope is so isolated. He is lulled to sleep, in a temporary and sterile peace, not filled with hope, not looking toward Heaven.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – During this pandemic, many have given an example of heroism. Some have even given their lives. And this tragic pope? Has he heroically resisted State demands to close churches and forbid Communion on the tongue? Let us pray for this poor man.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis: Follow the way of Jesus, not self-centeredness” (Good advice, that even a tragic pope might want to consider.)

@Pontifex Unlike a pope who enforces distance with ridicule and insults (“rigid,” “neo-Pelagian”),”Jesus ‘consoles in closeness, with truth and hope’: papal homily” (Catholics pray for a pope who can do that.)

@Pontifex Unlike a tragic pope who enforces distance with ridicule and insults (“rigid,” “neo-Pelagian”),”Jesus ‘consoles in closeness, with truth and hope’” (Catholics pray for a pope who can do that.)

@Pontifex “The devil uses envy, power, and money to destroy the Church, Pope warns in homily” (The devil also uses confused popes, financially and sexually corrupt prelates, and their German overlords.)

@Pontifex “There was no clear answer from the Vatican about what Pachamama was. We never incorporate anything into the sacred liturgy unless we know very certainly that it is coherent with the worship of God.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex In a recent video (, it is pointed out that even before the current pandemic, far fewer pilgrims were visiting St. Peter’s or attending this tragic pope’s public audiences. Pilgrims are real Catholics who mourn over the ruin this pope has caused.

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “We can always be joyful. Neither the Gates of Hell, nor the German bishops’ conference can prevail against the Church.”

@Pontifex Verses from today’s Lauds that seemed directed at this tragic pope, his German overlords, and all financially and sexually corrupt priests and prelates: “Evil whispers to the sinner in the depths of his heart: the fear of God does not stand before his eyes.”

@Pontifex From St. Paul, in today’s Lauds, another word of advice for this tragic pope, his German overlords, and all financially and sexually corrupt priests and prelates: “You too must consider yourselves to be dead to sin.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Faithful Catholics pray that this tragic pope will soon understand what it means to “remain in the Lord,” and that he will stop trying to destroy the Church.

@Pontifex Reponse to a papal Tweet: May the Mother of the Lord place her protective mantle over this confused pope and help him to give up his errors; let him build up the Church, not destroy it.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Catholics pray that this tragic pope will someday understand what prayer really means, so that he, his German overlords, and his financially and sexually corrupt priests and prelates will comprehend the horror they’ve inflicted on the Church.

@Pontifex “Vatican employee took post with firm in suspect London real-estate deal” (A friend said sarcastically, “Oh, it was probably just a coincidence, right? This tragic pope, His “Holiness,” would NEVER do anything illegal or unethical, right?”)

@Pontifex “The Holy Spirit helps us as we make decisions, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (But this tragic pope never seems to accept that help. If he did, this pontificate might be less of a catastrophe.)

@Pontifex “Ecclesial issues prevent, or sap, the energy of the Church for presenting her true image to the world — having a very dynamic missionary effort in which the Church’s teaching is presented very clearly with a united front.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Catholics pray constantly that the Holy Spirit will lead this tragic pope out of error and away from his ongoing destruction of the Church.

@Pontifex All of us unite for a day of prayer, fasting, and penance, and we beg God to protect the Church from the ravages of this tragic pope, his German overlords supporting gay “marriage, and his financially and sexually corrupt priests and prelates.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – May God have mercy on us and put an end to this tragedy, this pontificate of horrors.

@Pontifex “Christian prayer is intimate, trusting, confident, Pope says at weekly audience” And Catholics pray intimately, trustingly, and confidently for a pope who will build up the Church, not tear it down, for prelates who are not corrupt in any way.

@Pontifex “Still no transparency in Vatican financial investigations” (A friend commented sarcastically, “Transparency? You want transparency from THIS tragic pope? Hey, I’ve got one terrific bridge in Brooklyn you can have cheap!)

@Pontifex “Dialogue in no way implies the alteration of divine revelation to suit the views of a partner in dialogue in order to come to an agreement more easily.” – Dietrich von Hildebrand, Trojan Horse in the City of God, P. 208 (Does this idea make sense to this tragic pope?)

@Pontifex “We are divided, not over merely ecclesiastical issues. Celibacy isn’t some internal concern; it has to do with who the priest is. People tell you the priest’s celibacy is key to his ministry. The deaconess issue is the same.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex God, save the souls endangered by the horrendous teachings of this tragic pope, encouraged by his German overlords and his financially and sexually corrupt priests and prelates.

@Pontifex Where’s the McCarrick report? God, forgive this pope for hiding it.

@Pontifex We hope this tragic pope sincerely prays this verse from today’s Lauds: “Take pity on me, Lord, in your mercy; in your abundance of mercy wipe out my guilt.” May God have mercy on the soul of this poor pontiff.

@Pontifex Whenever this tragic pope makes some error, destroying part of the Church, he commits a sin and crucifies Christ again. St. Paul is quoted in today’s Lauds: “It was the God of our ancestors who raised up Jesus, but it was you who had him executed by hanging on a tree.”

@Pontifex May God help this tragic pope and his corrupt prelates understand that by trying to destroy men like Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Müller, Bishop Schneider and others, they cannot hide the truth. This pope and his corrupt prelates have committed grave errors.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us pray for this tragically confused pope, so that the Spirit of the Lord – the spirit of love, respect, and freedom – may turn him away from his destruction of the Church, his German overlords, and his corrupt prelates and priests.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The perfect path to follow Jesus is not the loss of tradition, holiness, and the Gospel, nor is it insulting others. Those things cause only the chaos and destruction this tragic pope brings to the Church. Obeying God brings freedom, joy.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – In light of the tragic events that have marked 2020 and this entire horrific pontificate, faithful Catholics dedicate the Church’s suffering to all those souls endangered by this tragic pope’s errors and by the corruption of his prelates.

@Pontifex “Priests will arise who have been formed in the missionary seminaries – who will speak out and proclaim the ‘Bread of Life’ and the Mother of the God. They will be torn to pieces for having testified that the Church is His Church.” – Pius XII

@Pontifex “Abiding in Jesus enables us to bear great fruit, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (We pray that even this tragic pope will begin to abide in Jesus so that he can bear great fruit, instead of what he’s produced up to now.)

@Pontifex “With the present pontificate, the ongoing Church crisis rooted in the Modernist heresy and the “Nouvelle Théologie,” has reached an unimaginable degree.”

@Pontifex “In a time when the Church is again suffering from the oppression of evil, Pope John Paul II is for us a sign of hope and confidence.” – Benedict XVI

@Pontifex_ln Communion in the hand – really? Maybe take a look at this video The video came from this article

@Pontifex “There’re so many contradictions (in the Church) your head begins to spin – this approach is to “get the Church out of the sacristy.” But our witness is weaker than ever; our enemies claim the Church herself vindicates them.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “The Vatican Post Office issues statement that all claims that VPO lost Jesus’ invitation to join the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity are categorically false.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Today, let us pray for those persons whose souls are dead because of the horrific destruction this tragic pope and his corrupt prelates have wrought in the Church. We pray this confused pope will learn what a work of mercy really is.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – What is the spirit of the world that Jesus talks about (Jn 15:18-21)? It’s a way of life, a culture of the temporary that doesn’t know how to be faithful. Let us ask God to give this tragic pope the grace to give up the spirit of the world.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – God, let this tragic pope learn to care for the Church as much as he claims to care for “all of creation.” Let the poor man ask his ghostwriter to produce something like a “Laudato si” for the Church, its teaching, its Gospel, its purity.

@Pontifex “Vatican finances: the fox in the henhouse” “Why would any sober Vatican official entertain such an outlandish suggestion? A cynic might wonder whether the real goal is not to uncover financial misconduct but to cover it up.”

@Pontifex “Communist China: Online Buyers of Religious Books Caught & Interrogated” (This poor, tragic pope’s secret agreement with China is a gift that keeps on giving. What a terrific idea – turning control of the Church over to the Communist Party!)

@Pontifex “FRANCIS: Vicar of the ‘Higher Committee of Human Fraternity'” “The Higher Committee has nine members, and their stated goal is to fast, perform charitable works, do a little praying and pose for lots of pictures.”

@Pontifex “Francis and presidential hopeful Joe Biden seem to suffer from the same delusional malady, i.e., they actually believe the world can’t get enough of their pearls of wisdom. (NOTE TO FRANCIS: The shtick is wearing thin.)”

@Pontifex “It’s clear that the human element of the modern Church has little interest in being Catholic. As if to celebrate this milestone, Francis the Humble elects himself head of a Higher Committee hailed by Freemasons but ignored by everyone else.”

@Pontifex VIDEO: This tragic pope and his woopy-doopy New World Religion (You wonder which could come first: the end of this pontificate of horror or the end of the Church itself. Christ said the Gates of Hell won’t prevail. But the Gates of Bergoglio?)



@Pontifex “There’s a fundamental problem with synodality, or the “synodal way,” which has not been clearly defined. What’s at stake right now is a misunderstanding about the Church, the papacy, the College of Bishops and Tradition.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Catholics continue to pray that this tragically confused pope will recover his faith, return to the Church, and become a Catholic again, before it’s too late.

@Pontifex Priests, nuns and laypeople by the thousands have left the Church. Few young people are joining. Everywhere churches are emptying. Vocations (except to traditional groups) are down. Yet this tragic pope and his corrupt prelates keep following the “spirit” of Vatican II.

@Pontifex Vatican announces “Special Year Dedicated to Laudato Si, beginning on May 24th. The year will include various initiatives with clear emphasis on ‘ecological conversion’.” (But no “religious conversion.” The Freemasons wouldn’t like that.)

@Pontifex Let us pray for this tragic pope when he is alone and no one sees him. Let us pray that at that hidden time he may undergo a conversion and return to the Church.

@Pontifex Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to give this tragic pope the grace to rediscover the Father in Heaven, and give up the other “father,” who seems to have led him to abandon his faith.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope wants to “urgently appeal for dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet.” Catholics pray that this poor man will recover enough of his faith to be concerned with what he is doing to the future of the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope says he remembers John Paul II “with great affection and gratitude” (while he continues to act undermine the Gospel and all Church teachings, which John Paul II supported. There’s a word for that. Is it “hypocrisy”?)

@Pontifex “Some parts of “Querida Amazonia”are very confusing. It says, ‘There is a need to respect the rights of peoples and cultures.’ Well if the culture is a true culture, yes, but there are things in a culture which are not true.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex “Not a speech, not a word, not a voice goes unheard.” Catholics know that when they ask God to send us a good pope, one who will stop the destruction of the Church and start to rebuild it, they can rely on the sentiment of that verse from today’s Lauds.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – If only God would send us another pope and pastor like John Paul II, a pope who has faith, a pope who believes in the Gospel and Church teaching, a pope who doesn’t pretend to be close to the people but in reality is destroying them.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let’s open wide the doors to Christ, but not to the values of the world, not to the “paths of the world,” as this tragic pope has done. This poor pontiff will always be alone in his errors, cut off from the faithfulness of his predecessors.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – As the Church is being destroyed by papal error and financial and sexual corruption among the clergy, this tragic pope is concerned with the environment. He asks people to help preserve – not the Church – but “creation.” Dear God. Help us.

@Pontifex VIDEO: “The worst pontificate in the history of the Church….Let’s pray for pope Francis.” – Dr. Taylor Marshall

@Pontifex “When Querida Amazonia says the ‘authentic Tradition of the Church’ is ‘not a static deposit or a museum piece, but the root of a growing tree’. Well, the Tradition is not just the root; the Tradition is the tree itself.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This misguided pope praises “transparency.” There’s a word for that – hypocrisy. Where’s the McCarrick report, due last December? Where’s the report on Vatican finances? Where’s the explanation as to the Cardinal Pell case?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – When we can see God reflected in all that exists, our hearts are moved to praise the Lord, because we know that despite the horrors of this present catastrophic pontificate, He will rebuild His Church to be more splendid than it was before.

@Pontifex ‘The only medicine against worldliness is Christ’: papal homily (And Catholics wait for this poor, misguided pope to take advantage of that medicine for himself and his own immortal soul.)

@Pontifex “Pope renews warning against rigidity” Against rigidity that favors the shallow Novus Ordo Mass? Rigidity that opposes Tradition? Rigidity opposing sexual morality? Rigidity opposing the Gospel? Yes, all that’s dangerous.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis (wildly popular with Freemasons and atheists) leads the way to the new normal, to whatever hellish, inhuman, dystopian landscape the new normal is.”

@Pontifex “Querida Amazonia says a relationship with Christ ‘is not inimical to the markedly cosmic worldview of indigenous peoples, since he is also the Risen Lord who permeates all things’ and cites Aquinas. But that can’t be true.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex A friend tweeted, “Dear God, the HORRORS of this pontificate! How long, O Lord, how long?”

@Pontifex “Christ said, ‘Thou art Peter (the Rock) and upon this Rock I will build my Church.” (And what if the “Rock” turns out to be the Freemasonic nonsense of this present tragic pope? Didn’t Bellarmine say a heretical pope is no longer pope?)

@Pontifex A friend tweeted, “God, we beg You, save Your Church from the ravages of this tragically misguided and confused pope – and save him from Hell for what he has done.”

@Pontifex From a friend’s version of a famous prayer: “St. Michael the Archangel, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of Bergoglio, who wanders through the Church seeking the ruin of souls.”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of Bergoglio; May God rebuke him and all evil prelates who wander through the Church seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – For this tragic pope, if “the events of life – with all its bitterness – risk suffocating the gift of prayer within us,” he could find help in a return to the Church, the Gospel, and Church teaching. Bergoglio could find help in conversion.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope can grow and mature, can even be converted into a saint if he asks God to restore his faith and if he returns to a belief in the Gospel and Church teaching. He must also stop manipulating the corrupt prelates around him.

@Pontifex “John Paul II was a man of prayer, closeness, justice, Pope Francis preaches on saint’s centenary” May God send us another such pope. Since John Paul II died, the only pope we’ve had with those qualities was Benedict XVI.

@Pontifex “Learn from John Paul and ‘enter Christ with your whole life,’ Pope Francis tells Kraków’s young people” (Catholics pray that this tragically misguided pope can learn from John Paul what it means to be a real pope, not like Bergoglio.)

@Pontifex “This great 20th-century pope spelled out what human fraternity really means” (Catholics pray that God will again send us such a pope, instead of what we have now.)

@Pontifex “The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity assumes Islam and Christianity share the same values. One wishes that were so, but what we see is not a sharing of values, but a subordination of Western and Christian standards to those of Islam.”

@Pontifex “Prayer opens the door of hope, Pope Francis said at the general audience.” (Catholics agree. They place their hopes on prayers for a good pope, a truly holy pope, an honest pope, a pope who’ll eradicate financial and sexual corruption.)

@Pontifex “Will Pope Francis prohibit practices contrary to Catholic teaching and excommunicate those who abandon the Faith Christ died to prove? Will the ‘Synodal Path’ in Germany awaken the episcopate of the West?” No. Francis needs German money.

@Pontifex “Querida Amazonia says: ‘The Son of God incorporated in his person part of the material world.’ Christ became man, but I don’t know what it means to say that he ‘incorporated part of the material world’ into his person.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This life is the gift that God has given tp this misguided pope. It is too short for him to spend it with corrupt prelates and German overlords, all the while ruining the Church. May God grant him the grace of conversion and repentance.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Jesus entrusted the apostolic work of the Church to the Spirit for all time. Catholics pray that this confused pope will convert and will not continue to frustrate the work of the Church.

@Pontifex Reponse to a papal Tweet – If one follows Jesus, others will take notice. They will also notice the difference between those who really do follow Christ, and those – like this tragic pope Bergoglio – who only claim to follow Him, while destroying His Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The joy of the Gospel shines on the faces of those who believe in the Gospel and in Church teaching, but not on the faces of those who distort the Gospel and Church teaching, those who – like this tragic pope – work to destroy the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope tweets about preaching the Gospel. If only he would do that, instead of supporting the synod of his German overlords. They want to pervert the morality of the Gospel with homosexuality, adultery, cohabitation, etc.

@Pontifex “Uncovering the grotesque organ harvesting practices in China” And Bergoglio signed an AGREEMENT with those people? No wonder he’s so “joyful in the spirit.” Some are asking if he gets a cut the profits.

@Pontifex “Cdl Sarah: Corona crisis has laid bare ‘insidious disease’ of Church thinking she’s a ‘worldly institution’” Many Catholics are now wondering how long it will take Bergoglio to retaliate against Cardinal Sarah.

@Pontifex “The pontificate of Pope Francis has proven to be a catastrophe for the Church.” – Roberto de Mattei (Rome Life Forum, Response to question

@Pontifex The “spirit” of Vatican II has decimated parishes and even whole dioceses, led countless numbers of priests, religious, and lay people away from the Church, wiped out vocations, and yet bishops and cardinals keep blindly following it – like lemmings over the cliff.

@Pontifex “Querida Amazonia says, ‘Christ is present in a glorious and mysterious way in the river, the trees, the fish and the wind and reigns in creation.’ This kind of thinking leads us to see Christ as relative to the world.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex From the reading at today’s Lauds: “It was the God of our ancestors who raised up Jesus, but it was you who had him executed by hanging on a tree.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – While this tragic pope worries about “the disappearance of thousands of plant and animal species,” a far more serious problem is the disappearance of thousands of lay people from parishes all over the world, especially young lay people.

@Pontifex “The Vatican continues the transformation of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate from a flourishing, faithful bastion of Catholic orthodoxy and piety, for which it drew vocations from around the world, to another post-conciliar dead zone.”

@Pontifex This pope’s crushed the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, because of their orthodoxy and piety, but he hasn’t gotten the 30 million euros (32 million dollars) in assets they possess. (Not ALL Bergoglio’s money comes from his German overlords.)



@Pontifex This pope ignores the fact that Islam demands capital punishment for blasphemy: “No Christian or Jewish leader would defend Khomeini, but somehow it seems less serious when a Muslim cleric orders another man’s death for insulting Mohammed.”

@Pontifex “The Holy Spirit prevented weakening clerical celibacy and female priests. But those in favor of that say: “The agenda is going forward.” So the Holy Spirit does one thing and those closest to the Pope support the opposite.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex “The fool does not hear, the slow-witted do not understand.” (That verse from today’s Lauds seems directed straight at this tragic pope and all his financially and sexually corrupt prelates in the Vatican and elsewhere.)

@Pontifex “For behold, Lord, your enemies, how your enemies will perish, how wrongdoers will be scattered.” (Another verse from today’s Lauds that seems to have been written expressly for this tragic pope and his financially and sexually corrupt priests and prelates.)

@Pontifex “They have sinned against him, they are no children of his.” (Another verse from today’s Lauds that seems to be describing this tragically confused pope and his corrupt cohorts in the Vatican.)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Men and women of prayer safeguard this basic truth: the life of the Church must be protected from a modernist pope who is destroying the Church and who teaches error, protected from a hierarchy sunken in financial and sexual corruption.

@Pontifex “Vatican to contribute to pro-abortion World Health Organization” (Of course, what else could we expect from this tragic pope and his pontificate of horror?)

@Pontifex “‘Epitome’ of ‘absurdity’: Priest responds to Pope’s suggestion COVID-19 caused by Earth’s anger” (ANOTHER epitome of absurdity from this tragic pope? This priest should be careful. Bergoglio is NOT merciful to those who call him “absurd.”)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Certainly life must be filled with “fatigue, trials, and difficult days” for those who live by the Modernist syllabus of errors, like this tragic pope, his corrupt prelates, and their German overlords. Catholics pray for them all.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Once again, this confused pope seems to revive his error of allowing Protestants to receive the Eucharist. He also implies that since “we have God as our common Father” and we are “brothers and sisters,” one religion is as good as another.

@Pontifex “The Holy Spirit is at work in all of us within the Church. There are many today who feel disorientated; they feel even betrayed by the Church. Study your faith, and in a serene and strong way, say what the faith really is.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex “Some conclaves have elected bad popes. It’s one thing to say the Holy Spirit is there, which we know, indeed, is true: The Holy Spirit is present; but it’s another thing to have cardinals obedient to the Holy Spirit.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – An “integral ecology” is a meaningless concept dreamed up by a tragic pope and a corrupt hierarchy, all of whom seem to have lost their faith and replaced it with meaningless ideas and verbiage.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope says, “Knowledge of the Lord is handed down from generation to generation.” If only this confused pontiff understood that this knowledge is Church tradition, which he is incessantly trying to destroy. God have mercy on him.

@Pontifex “In the past, cardinals and bishops have failed in their duty, and it’s been other faithful, who have defended the faith. We respect the hierarchy; hence, the laity’s disappointment that the hierarchy is not doing its duty.” – Cardinal Burke (

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope says the Feast of the Ascension is “the source of our strength, perseverance and joy.” Catholic pray that this confused pontiff will tell the truth about himself, his pontificate, and the Vatican.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope tweets, “Let us entrust Catholics in China to the guidance and protection of our Heavenly Mother.” They need that protection more than ever, after this pope’s secret agreement allowing the destruction of the Church in China.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us entrust to Mary Help of Christians the entire Church in this difficult time, when we have a misguided pope and corrupt prelates who appear to be doing all they can to destroy the Church, just as the Freemasons have always wanted.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – God of love, show this tragic, confused, and misguided pope his place in the world and in the Church. Teach him what Tradition means, what the Gospel means, what good prelates mean. Help him rid the Church of financial and sexual corruption.

@Pontifex This tragic pope sounds like a hypocrite, tweeting about the “God of love.” Catholics know he crushes traditional groups and tries to seize their assets We know the insults he pours down on faithful Catholics Is that love?

@Pontifex “In the history of the Church, there was at least a group of three or more, who would go to the Holy Father and say that something is simply not right and can’t go on.” – Cardinal Burke ( (Catholics ask themselves, “Where is that group now?”)

@Pontifex Catholics grieve for this tragic pope. They mourn for him, because he has created such a catastrophe in the Church We beseech God to convert this confused and misguided pontiff so that he will rebuild the Church from the catastrophe he has made.

@Pontifex “The coronavirus pandemic, as with all diseases and death itself, are a consequence of original sin.” – Archbishop Viganò ( (But this tragically confused pope cannot understand such a thought at all. May God help the poor man.)

@Pontifex O God, if You love this tragic pope – and we know You do – convert him to a builder of the Church, not a destroyer. Have him surround himself with good prelates, not the corrupt ones he has now. Give him the strength to resist the commands of his German overlords.

@Pontifex In November the German bishops hold their “synod,” aimed at approving homosexual acts, cohabitation, Communion for Protestants and for the divorced and “remarried,” and other horrors. God, strengthen good bishops, like Cardinal Woelki, who want to resist such heresy.

@Pontifex O God, give this confused and ignorant pope a true understanding of You and Your Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This poor, confused pope says, “I give thanks to the Lord for the journey he has allowed us to travel as Christians in quest of full communion.” He’s kidding, right? No pope has ever done more to divide the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope tweets, “Jesus bore our humanity and brought it beyond death to a new place, to Heaven, so that there where He is, we might also be.” Can a Modernist pope who has destroyed much of the Church ever come to that “new place”?

@Pontifex “What Jesus Really Said About Sins of the Flesh” A friend commented, “You have to wonder if this tragic pope and his sexually corrupt prelates have ever read the Gospel.”

@Pontifex “Disease and death came into the world as a punishment for disobeying God. Our Lord, redeemed Adam and his descendants from eternal damnation; but consequences remained. This must be remembered when the Catechism is denied.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex “Vatican announces special year devoted to Laudato Si’” Oh. Good. Because the environment’s SO important. Then maybe we could have a special year devoted to restoring and preserving the Church against the ravages of this pontificate.

@Pontifex Parishes closing, churches turned into mosques or restaurants, lay people fleeing, Catholic marriages and baptisms down, Novus Ordo vocations collapsing, but “a special year for Laudato Si”? Right. Why worry about the elephant in the room?

@Pontifex “Remember your leaders, who preached the word of God to you, and as you reflect on the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Catholics pray the Holy Spirit will transform this tragic pope into someone who has mercy on traditional groups like the FFI and will not try to crush them and seize their assets; faithful Catholics want a pope who’ll stop insulting them.

@Pontifex It’s nice that this tragic pope is praying for Chinese Catholics but wouldn’t it be better if did something – anything – to try to stop the CCP from destroying churches and persecuting Catholics?

@Pontifex This confused pope and his corrupt prelates promote the ecumenism of “Ut unum sint” because, apparently, they think a union of Protestants and Catholics will fill up all those empty Catholic Churches It won’t. Protestant Churches are empty too.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Praying the Rosary with Pope Francis” should be “Praying the Rosary FOR Pope Francis.” Without divine intervention, it may be impossible to save our crumbling, half-destroyed Church, together with the soul of this tragic, confused pope.

@Pontifex This is the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, and the BBC and PBS have produced some fine documentaries. One thing we learn is: there were some VERY dark days, when Hitler’s evil seemed invincible, so we know the evil in the Church will also ultimately be crushed.

@Pontifex “Catholics know disease must be accepted in a spirit of faith and humility. Thanks to the Communion of Saints we may also bear these trials for the sins of others.” – Archbishop Viganò ( (Does this present tragically confused pope believe that?)

@Pontifex “‘Diverse and United’: Vatican publishes new book by Pope Francis” Oh, so now this tragic pope is no longer concerned with division in the Church. The poor, confused man is happy the Church is so “diverse.” (What PR man dreamed up THAT gambit?)

@Pontifex The Church is not divided, it is “diverse,” according to this misguided pope ( God help us.

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope and his corrupt prelates: “You too must consider yourselves to be dead to sin but alive for God in Christ Jesus.”

@Pontifex From today’s Mass: “I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you, and they will not spare the flock. And from your own group, men will come forward perverting the truth to draw the disciples away after them.” (Are these words now fulfilled?)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Prayer can liberate this tragic pope from his instinct toward error, heresy, anger, and false promises. If only he could learn to pray, really pray, God would convert him.

@Pontifex “Bishop of Brescia has priest admitted to mental hospital for refusing to wear a mask” Is the Bishop of Brescia simply following the example of “mercy” set by this present tragic pope? It would seem he is.

@Pontifex “I recall with gratitude the spiritual formation I received from the sons and daughters of Don Bosco,” said the pope.” He entered a Salesian school at 12, but I don’t think we can blame the Salesians for what Bergoglio’s done to the Church.
@Pontifex “Laudato Si’ can help us look to the post-pandemic future, Vatican spokesman says” Could some attention to the Gospel, Church teaching and Tradition help us even more?



Message to Klaus Beckmann:

Perhaps you’ve seen the attached forwarded letter from the President of Harvard.

America is burning, and Lawrence S. Bacow says, as he should, that he has hope. But what does he base that hope on? To give us his reasons, he begins eleven paragraphs with “I believe….”

Not one of those paragraphs contains the words “I believe in God,” which of course would be the key to hope. He does, though, say, “I believe in the goodness of the people,” but perhaps he thinks that that goodness is just inborn, having evolved in our DNA.

Many people consider Franklin Roosevelt a hopeless leftwing liberal, but at least he wasn’t afraid to mention God in public. As Governor of New York, he said in a 1930 Thanksgiving Day address: “Almighty God, who hast given us this good land for our heritage; We humbly beseech Thee that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of Thy favor and glad to do Thy will.”

( “Several months after his 1930 Thanksgiving Day Address as Governor of New York, it was pointed out that Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speech bore a striking resemblance to the very same prayer [from the 1928 US Book of Common Prayer].”)

So God seems to have disappeared from public life. That reminds me of another well-known statement by Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever…”

And the quote presciently continues: “….that considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation, is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference.”



Another message to Klaus Beckmann:

Here’s another prayer by Franklin Roosevelt:

“Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity.”

To me, it seems unthinkable that any politician would dare pray so openly today. He would probably by laughed at or ridiculed.



@Pontifex “FEMALE ‘EPISCOPAL VICAR’ VIOLATES CANON LAW” Come on. Get serious. Do you think any of Bergoglio’s bishops worry about a little thing like Canon Law?

@Pontifex Bergoglio’s China policy: “One hand stabs, the other one blesses”

@Pontifex The Rosary meme on Bergoglio’s Twitter page looks nice. But we know it won’t mean anything when this pope has to agree to his German overlords’ November synod approval of Communion for the divorced and “remarried,” homosexual activity, cohabitation, fornication, etc.

@Pontifex “A new book commissioned by Austrian bishops demands that Church teaching on homosexuality be overturned” Right. And while they’re at it, they’ll overturn St. Paul’s teaching on homosexuality, and Christ’s implicit teaching on homosexuality too.

@Pontifex This pope’s new book says the Church is united and diverse. So diverse that a divorced and “remarried” couple sin grievously by receiving Communion in Poland, but if they cross the border into Germany the priest happily gives them the Eucharist.

@Pontifex “Still Waiting for Full Accountability on Abuse – As we await the results of the Holy See’s McCarrick investigation, anger at and dissatisfaction with the hierarchy only grow worse.” (Or is this more of Bergoglio’s fantasy-land “mercy”?)

@Pontifex “If we consider only the clinical side of the disease – which we must do everything to fight – the transcendental side of our lives is removed, leaving us without any spiritual outlook and locking us into hopeless selfishness” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex The feminization – and resulting depopulation – of the Church continues

@Pontifex “This coming Sunday — Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church — Detroit’s archbishop will essentially announce the death knell of the Church in the archdiocese of Detroit.” The spirit of Vatican II continues to work its magic.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Holy Spirit will anoint this tragic pope’s painful memories and restore his hope, only if Bergoglio expresses sorrow for what he’s done to the Church and tries to rebuild the Church out of the wreckage he’s made.

@Pontifex “In 1990, the Archdiocese of Detroit had almost 400 parishes. Today it’s about 200. And when the current ‘consolidation’ is over, it may be 70 parishes. The archbishop says this is the work of the Holy Spirit (not the “spirit” of the Council).

@Pontifex “Ex-Muslims are lamenting Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s naïveté. ‘In Christian anthropology, humans are created in God’s image and called to share God’s life. Both of these notions are anathema to Islam, which considers them blasphemous’.”

@Pontifex “Prayer transforms hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, Pope says” Catholics pray that this pope’s heart will be transformed into a heart of wisdom that supports the Gospel and immutable Church teachings, despite his German overlords.

@Pontifex “The rulers of the Catholic Church have never allowed liturgical practice to degrade to the extent that it has done in the past half-century.” – Peter Kwasniewski

@Pontifex “The modern hierarchy’s indifference to, or encouragement of, the liturgical abuse of which St. Paul speaks — symbolic dissonance, profanation, idolatry, sexual immorality, and usurpation of ministries — makes the evil qualitatively different.”

@Pontifex “Pope prays again for Chinese Catholics to be ‘good citizens’ as communists wage persecution” Ya gotta hand it to the guy – he’s completely open and transparent about his hypocrisy. Never even TRIES to hide it!

@Pontifex “The head of the German bishops conference, called for a change in the Church’s teaching on homosexuality in an interview with a German newspaper”….”Record numbers leaving the Catholic Church in German archdiocese” Could there be a connection?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Holy Spirit restores hope, all right. Every day, in the face of some new papal error, heresy, or weird statement, the Holy Spirit gives Catholics hope that this horrific pontificate will soon end.

@Pontifex “God is a loving Father. He teaches us what we have to do to be worthy of eternal happiness. When we disobey His commandments, He does not let us die but comes to find us and sends us many signs, often very sternly.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope -some are saying the worst pope in history, because he attacks the Church itself and the Faith itself – this tragic pope wants Catholic to pray the Rosary with him. Instead, many Catholics pray the Rosary FOR him.

@Pontifex If only this tragically misguided pope, his German overlords, and all his financially and sexually corrupt prelates and priests could pray this verse from today’s Lauds: “For I know how guilty I am: my sin is always before me.”

@Pontifex Millions of Catholics pray this verse from today’s Lauds, which we see as referring to our ruined Church: “Let my eyes shed tears, night and day, let them never cease, for the daughter of my people is afflicted with a great affliction, with the worst of all wounds.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet -This tragic pope, after spreading error and heresy, after causing such destruction in the Church, after doing what his corrupt German overlords wish, returns to his fantasy-world and thinks the Holy Spirit opens up a wonderful destiny for him.

@Pontifex “The truth about a just God Who rewards the good and punishes the wicked is part of natural law. Those who feel sympathy for pagans fail to accept a truth that the Church has always considered the best way to attract them.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex From Friday’s Office: “If anybody does not keep within the teaching of Christ, he cannot have God with him. If anyone comes to you bringing a different doctrine, you must not receive him in your house or even give him a greeting.”

@Pontifex “The Reluctant Dragon”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Reinhard Marx, a member of the Council of Cardinals that advises Pope Francis. Since Cardinal Marx was installed in Munich, the Catholic proportion of the local population has dropped from 53% to 47%.” Ah, that “spirit” of the Council!

@Pontifex “Pope Francis said his priority is evangelization. It’s odd that he chose a panel of two career Vatican diplomats who have never led a diocese, and four residential archbishops who have presided over marked numerical decline in their churches.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope’s German overlords believe if a Church teaching (like the ban on priestesses) is “no longer accepted,” “that cannot mean the question is not discussed further.” The Church is a democracy, right? Let’s put all teachings to a vote.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet -This tragic pope speakes of a “journey of praise for the Lord and of service to our brothers.” You’d never guess that he’s spread error, presided over idolatry, crushed thriving religious groups, and surrounded himself with corrupt prelates.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This pope’s “faith” provides him with an imagination, capable of deceiving himself and abandoning logic, the Gospel, and the preservation of Church teaching. Bergoglio invites us into a demonic fantasy world where everything is “always new.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – We need the Holy Spirit to give this tragically misguided pope new eyes, to open his mind and heart in order to face the reality that he desperately needs conversion, that he needs to become a Catholic again, instead of whatever he is now.

@Pontifex “The crimes which stain each of us in the eyes of God are another hammer blow on the nails used to pierce Our Lord’s sacred and venerable Hands, a lash ripping away the flesh from His Sacred Body, a spit in His beloved Face.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex “Along with individual sins, there are the sins of nations: abortion, divorce, euthanasia, the abhorrence of so-called gay “marriages,” the celebration of sodomy and other perversions, pornography, the corruption of children.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex “Against a vernacular liturgy: The Church should have a sacred language” (A friend commented, “This tragically confused, modernist pope will soon put a stop to THAT idea!”)

@Pontifex Once again, for this tragic pope and his corrupt prelates, from today’s Lauds: “For forty years they wearied me, that generation. I said: their hearts are wandering, they do not know my paths. I swore in my anger: they will never enter my place of rest.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – From humanity’s great trials, like the ongoing ruin of the Church and her teachings by this tragic pontiff, we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit so that He might convert this pope and make him stop the destruction.

@Pontifex Holy Spirit, memory of God, revive in this tragic pope the memory of what the Church was before the attack by the “spirit” of the Council. Free Bergoglio from the paralysis of selfishness and awaken in him the desire to restore the Church, not tear it down.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Come, Holy Spirit: make this tragic pope a builder of unity, not error, heresy, and division. Grant him the courage to go out of himself, to love and help the Church, and to lay aside hypocrisy.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let this error-proine pope view the Church with the Holy Spirit’s eyes, not with the eyes of someone hungry for power, someone full of hidden anger and a desire for revenge against anyone who disagrees with his idea of a “new paradigm.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope says, “Mission is a free response to God’s call. We discern this call when we have a relationship of love with Jesus.” As Church attendance drops, what does that say about this pope’s mission and his relationship with Jesus?

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “How I desire that we Christians be more deeply united as witnesses of mercy.” (God might hear that prayer, if this tragically hypocritical pope showed mercy himself, instead of destroying groups like the FFI and taking revenge on critics.”)

@Pontifex “Maybe God Himself is getting tired of this papal windbag.” – Michael Matt, Publisher, The Remnant Newpaper,

@Pontifex “There are those nations which require their citizens to accept laws against natural morals and Catholic teaching, such as recognizing the right to abortion, euthanasia, sodomy. Those nations cannot evade God’s punishment.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “Let us not forget that the ecclesiastical community is not exempt from heavenly punishment when its leaders become responsible for collective offences.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “The Poor Need Real Mercy, Not a Marxist Fantasy” (And not a papal fantasy, either.)

@Pontifex “Trump, Francis and the War on God”by Michael Matt (publisher of The Remnant Newpaper)
@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “The Holy Spirit assures us we are not alone; God sustains us.” God sustains this tragic pope, despite his errors and heresies, despite surrounding himself with financially and sexually corrupt prelates, but God will not “comfort” him forever.

@Pontifex For Bergoglio, from today’s Office: “Here is one who is pregnant with malice, conceives evil and brings forth lies. He digs a pitfall, digs it deep; and in the trap he has made he will fall. His malice will recoil on himself; on his own head his violence will fall.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – A Church that is mother follows the path of tenderness and compassion for a pope who deserves it. But the present tragic pope appears to be a son of the Church who is, deep down, the exact opposite of “meek, tender, smiling, and full of love”



Message to Klaus Beckmann:

Since the covid-19 has affected the Church, I’ve been assuming that Father Fuisting brings the Eucharist to you when he visits the lady in your building. I guess I was mistaken. He says a private Mass about once a week in Cologne, to which he invites Andreas Unterwalden. Andreas often takes me along. At these Masses, Father Fuisting gives Communion on the tongue. Why don’t you ask him to let you know when he celebrates these private Masses and you could attend too? Or when Andreas tells me about one of these Masses, perhaps next week or the week after, shall I let you know?

The only problem with those Masses is that Father Fuisting expects Andreas and me to leave almost immediately after Mass, so there’s no possibility of making a proper thanksgiving. Thanksgiving after Communion and at least a brief adoration before the Blessed Sacrament are very important. It seems almost sacrilegious to rush out of the chapel immediately after Mass and engage in one of Andreas’ loud, rather one-sided discussions, with wind roaring around us as he drives at a fairly high speed back to Dusseldorf.

(Actually, I’m preparing a letter for Father Fuisting and Andreas in order to explain that I’ll come to the Mass there in Cologne, but that I’d rather not receive Communion if there’s no chance of spending fifteen minutes or so in thanksgiving afterwards. I’ll send you a copy of the letter.)

So, do you want me to let you know the next time Father Fuisting says one of these Masses at the FSSP chapel in Cologne? Or do you want to ask him about it yourself?

In Christo Rege,



Some recent Tweets to the Vatican:

@Pontifex “No doubt Cardinal Parolin is being manipulated by Beijing. According to Cardinal Zen, Parolin’s ‘vainglory’ and desire for ‘diplomatic success’ have deluded him into believing he can hoodwink China and promise ‘peace in our time’.”

@Pontifex “Why the LATIN MASS Attracts Youth Back to Mass” This is a long video discussion. This tragic pope and all his priests and prelates who are in parishes and dioceses that are dying may want to listen to this.

@Pontifex Want to know why “rigid” young Catholics are attending the Traditional Latin Mass in parishes that are still alive and growing? This short (8 minute) video has several of these young people explaining why. (Modernist clergy will HATE this video.)

@Pontifex “The Church has always been holy; She is the Mystical Body of Our Lord. It would be rash and blasphemous to consider that this divine institution which Providence placed on this earth to provide us Grace might be imperfect.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “The Church is also terrible as an army set in battle array, because Our Lord has given his sacred ministers the power to crush demons and the authority of the Keys to Heaven.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex A long version of a video explaining why young “rigids” are attending the Traditional Latin Mass ( Not only this tragic pope but also his financially and sexually corrupt prelates might learn why so many Novus Ordo parishes are closing.

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope, his German overlords, and all his corrupt prelates: “You must wake up now: the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us invoke the Holy Spirit. May He give light and strength to this tragic pope, sorely tried by his impulse toward error, heresy, and corruption. May God help him resist his German overlords and their claim that evil acts are good.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope has such need of the light and strength of the Holy Spirit. He needs the Holy Spirit’s help in ending papal error. He needs the Holy Spirit’s help in renewing his own faith and in eradicating corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex “The faithlessness of the Sacred Pastors is a scandal for many among the faithful. They have even committed acts of unprecedented gravity, such the adoration of the pachamama idol in the Vatican itself.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “Let us not forget that the example given by so many in the Hierarchy is not merely a scandal for Catholics: it is a scandal for those outside who look at the Church as a lighthouse and a point of reference.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “This scourge of scandal cannot dispense the Church from making an examination of conscience for giving in to the spirit of this world. She cannot escape her duty to condemn the errors she has allowed after Vatican II.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex These verses from today’s Lauds may refer to this tragic pope and hierarchy: “Evil whispers to the sinner in the depths of his heart: the fear of God does not stand before his eyes. Evil’s flattering light disguises his wickedness, so that he does not hate it.”

@Pontifex These Lauds verses may also have something to do with this tragic pope (who needs are prayers): “His words are false and deceitful, he no longer considers how to do good. Even when in bed he plots mischief; he follows the wrong path; he does not hate malice.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to error and corruption in the Church in any form. At the same time, we recognize the present tragic pontificate is also self-destructive and self-defeating. Nothing is gained by perpetuating evil.

@Pontifex Edward Pentin tweets, “Regular requests made to the Vaticn asking when the McCarrick Report will be released have gone unanswered. The investigation was announced in Oct. 2018.” (This tragic pope has more important things on his mind than Vatican sexual corruption.)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Vatican doesn’t bother about the release of the McCarrick Report. This tragic pope has more important things than Vatican pederasty on his mind, things like “learning to pray from Abraham, listening, walking, engaging in dialogue.”

@Pontifex “Make your lives a reflection of the Church, Pope tells consecrated virgins” (But don’t be like this pope. Be honest. Bergoglio is still hiding the McCarrick report; he said last December it would be released “soon.”

@Pontifex “Pandemic losses force Francis to snuff out Vatican’s dodgy dealings….What is urgently needed now is action, to drain the Vatican swamp of corruption and nepotism.”

@Pontifex “Under Francis the scandals have proliferated and Vatican corruption seems more entrenched than ever.”

@Pontifex “These bishops saw homosexual activity by priests with other adults as ‘not an issue’.” (So goes the Church into its gay future. And when the German November synod is over, we may be on the verge of a Church with no heterosexual priests at all.)

@Pontifex “Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of ‘great apostasy’ in the Church followed by a risk of World War III”

@Pontifex “Francis said, “The Lord must not, at the end of our lives, say to us, ‘You are corrupt. You have bowed down before idols’.” Such words are truly bewildering if we remember that he committed a sacrilege with pachamama.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “It pains me to say that we go on offending the Majesty of God by speaking of “mother earth demanding respect,” as the Pope said some time ago in his umpteenth interview.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “What we must do is ask forgiveness for the (Pachamama) sacrilege in Saint Peter’s. Prelates must call down the mercy of God upon themselves and upon His people. This would be a sign of true humility, as reparation.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, once again, for this tragically misguided Bergoglio, his German overlords, and all the corrupt priests and prelates in the Vatican and throughout the Church: “If only, today, you would listen to his voice: “Do not harden your hearts.”

@Pontifex “Unfortunately, the Catholic Church is led by many false pastors. Do not follow them, as they lead you to perdition. They are mercenaries. They teach and practice falsehoods and corruption!” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us learn from Abraham how much truth there is in Bergoglio’s belief ( that Islam as an “Abrahmic” religion (

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – It is important to bring together learned and orthodox men of God in order to guarantee universal access to the Truth of Christ, not the modernist NGO nonsense peddled by this misguided Bergoglio, his German overlords and corrupt prelates.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – We pray that all those Catholics who suffer because of Bergoglio’s errors and heresy and his widespread destruction of the Church (with the help of his corrupt prelates and the chthonic “spirit of the Council”) may be consoled by Christ.

@Pontifex “Catholics criticize Vatican’s long delay in releasing McCarrick report” (A friend commented, “They can criticize all they want, but Bergoglio isn’t going to release that report any time soon.)

@Pontifex “The Vatican did not profit from the Knights of Malta takeover: Cardinal Parolin” (A friend commented, “And pigs have wings.”)

@Pontifex “The minute coronavirus prevention restrictions were eased in China, state-run churches in Jiangxi Province felt the resurgence of onslaughts. Many were closed for good.” The benefits of Bergoglio’s secret China agreement go on and on and on.

@Pontifex “In the discourse of the Good Shepherd (Jn 10), Jesus described the wolf as one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. This is surely an apt description of Bergoglio.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “Our Lady of Fatima asked that Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, and foretold wars and disasters until then. She has gone unheard. The Hierarchy must reform and obey the Mother of God! All else is shameful.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex “Bergoglio, with his seemingly insatiable desire to change Church teachings to conform with oppressive world goals, is constantly misinterpreting Holy Scripture and insulting the faithful.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “Bergoglio’s focus seems to be turned to the destruction of Tradition, the very essence of the holy Catholic faith; a goal far beyond his meager power.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “Thus the wolf is an oppressor, a heretic, and surely (in the case of Bergoglio), an apostate. By definition of a number of Church Fathers, he (the wolf) is of his father the devil, and so does the will of his father.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “A good pope will teach true doctrine with unambigous clarity. He will not indulge in verbose and ambiguous babbling on important subjects, or irrelevant palavering on any and every secular subject under the sun.” “Portrait of a Perfect Pontiff,” The Remnant, 2020.05.31

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Everything is interconnected: If Bergoglio has no genuine care for the Church, its teachings, and the Gospel, he has no care for his own soul or the souls of others. Those relationships are inseparable – from God.

@Pontifex “Bergoglio is currently able to enjoy success within the narrow definition of the false church, because of the ‘hirelings’. The hireling is different from the wolf. He seems to be a shepherd, but is actually only a hired hand” – “Christ the King” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “According to St. Gregory, the Church hireling holds the place of a shepherd, but doesn’t really seek to gain souls for Christ.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “According to St. Gregory, Church hirelings are concerned with ‘the good things of earth’ and ‘rejoice in the pride of station’. They feed the Lord’s flock not out of love, but to receive temporal goods.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Heart of Christ is great, true, but it can “welcome” this tragic pope, his amoral prelates, and others, only if they renounce their evil and their errors, express contrition, and do penance.

@Pontifex “The mission of the Church is the salvation of souls and the promotion of the reign of Christ. The focus since the Council, by an emphasis on religious liberty and ecumenism, has been the destruction of these goals. ” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “Since the wolf does the deeds of his father the devil by attempting to destroy the kingdom of Christ and His Bride, one can easily see Bergoglio and his prelate-allies as wolves.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex ” Over the past twenty years, the Archdiocese of Washington has been and continues to be deeply afflicted and wounded by false shepherds whose way of life is full of lies, deceits, lust and corruption.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex “Catholics criticize the Vatican’s long delay in releasing the McCarrick report…Fr. Dwight Longenecker declared on Twitter today that he finds it “baffling and reprehensible that we still haven’t had the report on Mr McCarrick’s crimes.”



Response to a survey:

I think people like me will either not vote in November or vote (very reluctantly) for Trump. Why? Because Trump understands that the greatest danger facing the United States today is not COVID-19, not Muslims, not anything except a dangerously resurgent China, and its deceptive, deceitful, and power-hungry Chinese Communist Party. On the other hand, a vote for Biden would be a vote for abortion, gay “marriage,” transgenderism, anti-Catholic laws, and the whole panoply of politically correct, supposedly “liberal” ideas that may already have irrevocably undermined and weakened the United States, if not Western Civilization itself.

So, a choice between Trump and Biden. God help us. Here in Germany, where I live, people call that sort of thing “eine Wahl zwischen Pest und Cholera,” i.e., a choice between infection with cholera or infection with the plague.


Message to Klaus Beckmann:

Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Institut Montaigne article. I had no idea the situation in Syria had been changing so much. The idea that the Russians are not so enthusiastic about their support for Assad is good news indeed. Now I don’t feel quite so bad about the American abandonment (or betrayal) of the Kurds in Syria.

You’re right about Israel. According to this Reuters article (, the Israeli telecom regulator has launched a tender for a 5G network there, with three Israeli companies expected to bid. A commercial launch is expected this year and development will continue into 2023.

But if Israel can develop its own 5G network, why can’t Germany? I’m just cynical enough, though, to believe that the difference between Israeli 5G and Huawei 5G is that Israelis don’t buy as many German cars as the Chinese do.

By the way, we say “axis of evil,” not “axle of evil.” I know, in German, they’re both “Achse.” In English, though, an “axle” is, literally, the steel bar that wheels rotate on, so it has a concrete meaning. An “axis” is an imaginary line, a metaphor, around which something (like countries) can be thought of as rotating. It was Mussolini, of course, who started this idea, with his concept of the “Axis Powers,” i.e., a Rome-Berlin “axis” around which the other countries of Europe would rotate.

But Assad weakening? Thoughts of German-Israeli cooperation on 5G? It all makes this Saturday brighter!

ALSO, I haven’t watched it yet, but there’s ANOTHER Stephen Mosher video ( It’s on the Vatican-China agreement, so perhaps it contains information that I wasn’t aware of.

In Christo Rege




Message to Roland Fischer:

Lieber Roland,

danke für Deine Nachricht. Offensichtlich habe ich Kardinal Woelki falsch eingeschätzt. Ich wusste überhaupt nicht, dass er sich für homosexuelle Partnerschaften ausgesprochen hat. Das ist eine echte Enttäuschung. Und wenn es um P. Elias geht, hat Andreas Unterwalden erwähnt, dass P. Elias einen homosexuellen Lebensstilu unterstützt, aber ich wusste nicht, dass er ein schwules Paar gesegnet hat. Das ist auch eine große Enttäuschung.

Und in Bezug auf die Anfrage aus Rom an alle Bischöfe, stimmen viele Amerikaner Dir zu, dass diese Anfrage darauf hindeutet, dass der Papst Summorum Pontificum rückgängig machen will. Ob dieser tragische Papst und sie Prälaten es wissen oder nicht, sie zerstören die Kirche; sie tun alles, was die Freimaurer wollen.

Aber trotz allem wird die Kirche überleben: “Am Ende wird mein Unbeflecktes Herz triumphieren”.

In Christo Rege




Message to Klaus Beckmann:

This article (, published in Forbes, reports “Norway Scientist Claims Report Proves Coronavirus Was Lab-Made.” The scientist’s claim is supported by the former head of MI6.

The report was published in Cambridge University’s “Quarterly Review of Biophysics.” The report ( states, “(Data) suggests that attachment to such previously reported membrane proteins has been enhanced directly due to the basic and positive charged inserts in the Spike protein.”

“Enhanced directly”? “Inserts in the Spike protein”?

But at least Huawei is not involved.

In Christo Rege,




@Pontifex “The former apostolic nuncio to Germany is ‘alarmed’ at the German bishops’ plan to ‘reinvent’ Church” (He’d be more alarmed if he knew that these are the bishops whose orders Bergoglio routinely follows. The German Church is rolling in money.)

@Pontifex “Politics is an unsavory business, even Church politics, and corruption is always to be found.”

@Pontifex “Catholics Disallowed Religious Funerals in China” (And Bergoglio’s master diplomacy continues to bear fruit. A little more diplomacy like this, and the Church in China will cease to exist.)

@Pontifex “The perfect illustration of the sickness that has entered the Church is the Bergoglian stunt regarding the display and worship of the Pachamama, bringing idol worship—that is, the worship of demons—into the house of God.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “Bergoglio’s legion of bishops and priests can be seen as hirelings who refuse to resist the possible sanctions by the wolf (Bergoglio) for fear of danger—or at least discomfort—to themselves. ” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “Synodality: A path for renewing both the church and society” (and the lemmings follow their leader over the cliff).

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope and all corrupt prelates: “Give your light, Lord, to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.”

@Pontifex On “synodality” (from today’s Mass) “For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires, will stop listening to the truth.”

@Pontifex “According to St. Gregory, hirelings flee not by changing place, but by withholding consolation from the flock, considering only their own outward comforts and overlooking the internal sufferings of the sheep.” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets that we’re not the Holy Spirit’s “confetti,” we’re His “mosaic pieces.” Dear God, if only we had a theologian as pope, not a half-baked poet. I mean a REAL theologian who is familiar with and believes all Church teachings, and the Gospel.

@Pontifex “The Germans need to understand that the Catholic Church among them is in the process of disappearing, and time is very short.” (Bätzing and co will never understand. They want priestesses and sodomite “marriage,” and the Church disappears.)

@Pontifex “German cardinal criticizes ‘synodal path,’ exhorts German Church to ‘remain Catholic’” ( God bless Cardinal Woelki. If only this tragic pope was so courageous. This confused pontiff’s German overlords will now try to destroy Cardinal Woelki.

@Pontifex “Fr. Ewald Volgger hopes it’s only a matter of time before the Church ‘recognizes a same-sex relationship as a common development of the baptismal vocation’.” Only a matter of time? Right. Until hell freezes over.

@Pontifex “Francis, the boss “who doesn’t want to fire anyone.” But the facts say the opposite” (Such a merciful pope.)

@Pontifex “Do not follow them, as they lead you to perdition. They are mercenaries. They teach and practice falsehoods and corruption!” Archbishop Viganò’s warning to faithful Catholics about the corrupt prelates in the Church today.

@Pontifex “Like dogs returning to their own vomit (Pr 26:11), apostate prelates have gleefully turned backwards, working for the destruction of souls and shaming our Lord and our Lady. ” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex “The prelates who serve the world and reject the doctrine and commandments of God, teaching instead the “doctrines of men”, honoring God with their lips, do not belong to God. They belong to Satan (Mt 15:8).” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet -Why can’t this tragic, error-prone pope let himself be attracted to God’s beauty, goodness, and truth on this feast of the Holy Trinity, and every day. Too often this misguided pontiff seems attracted to Satan’s “beauty,” evil, and lies.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Catholics pray that this tragic pope will some day express his closeness to those who are sick of his errors, sick of his destruction of the Church, sick of his contradicting Church teaching and the Gospel, sick of his denial of the Truth.

@Pontifex Many people say this tragic pope plans to annul Summorum Pontificum and get rid of the Traditional Latin Mass. That will accelerate the already horrific trend outlined in the 5th and 6th paragraphs of this article and the Freemasons will rejoice.

@Pontifex “What motive could conceivably explain the blasphemous errors sometimes expressed by the current occupant of the Holy See and his officers—the obvious rebellion against our Lord?” – “Christ the King,” The Remnant, 2020.31.05

@Pontifex Why do this tragic pope’s German overlords have so much power over him? Simple. He needs money. The German Church is rolling in money. It’s the richest Church in the world. When its bishops tell this confused pope to jump, he says, “How high?”

@Pontifex Bergoglio’s German overlords will have a synod in November. The agenda: priestesses, sodomite “marriage,” cohabitation, Communion for divorced and “remarried,” etc. By protestantizing the Church they hope to attract Protestants and stop the decline. It will accelerate.

@Pontifex When it comes to the “new” Church and the “spirit” of the Council, let’s hope Cardinal Parolin is smarter than he was in signing the disastrous (and still secret) agreement with China: churches destroyed, Catholics “re-educated,” images of Xi in the Church, not Christ.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – God at times gives Himself to us by drawing good from the evil of a pontificate of horror, the evil of an error-prone pope, the evil of German bishops who approve of priestesses, sodomy, all perversions, illicit marriages, cohabitation, etc.

@Pontifex “The Vatican seems to be working on the assumption that Islam and Christianity share the same values. One wishes that were so, but what we see is not a sharing of values, but a subordination of Western and Christian standards to those of Islam.”

@Pontifex “Why the Latin Mass is bringing young people back to Mass” (And why so many prelates around the world and in the Vatican, perhaps including even this tragic pope, are doing all they can to crush and stop the Traditional Latin Mass.)

@Pontifex “How the Traditional Liturgy Contributes to Racial and Ethnic Integration” by Peter Kwasniewski (Bergoglio should NOT read this article. He may find it so disturbing that he will question everything he lives and works for.)

@Pontifex “Thanks to a misguided movement of modernization, lowest-common-denominator localization, and narrowly-construed inculturation, the Church’s postconciliar rulers have squandered those liturgical resources for unity the Church possesses.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – There are two Christian responses for this tragic pope and his corrupt prelates in order to escape the downward spiral into error, heresy, destruction of Church teaching. and sexual perversion: prayer for conversion and a return to the Faith.

@Pontifex “The old Latin liturgy united nations, clans, tribes, races. Everyone had (more or less) the same kind of liturgy. It was in a high style, said in a language no longer anyone’s vernacular.”

@Pontifex “Latin has rendered our Faith Catholic (which is to say, universal) in time and space.”

@Pontifex “Bishop Schneider: Catholics and Muslims share no common faith in God, no common adoration” Maybe Bergoglio wants to revise his Abu Dhabi Statement on Human Fraternity? (No, of course not. He’ll never do that.)

@Pontifex “Cardinal Becciu: Torzi Arrest is No ‘Earthquake’….’And the Vatican will continue as before’.” (That’s what we’re all afraid of. Will this pontificate of corruption and perversion never end?)

@Pontifex “Even into modern times, one could see very diverse congregations gathered in the same church for the same Latin Mass: servants and their employers; rich and poor; “blue-collar” and “white-collar” workers; the educated and uneducated.”

@Pontifex “Negotiator: Vatican Should Renew China Deal for ‘One or Two Years’” (Dear God. “After the agreement, Chinese persecution of Catholics continued: the demolition of churches and crosses and the continuing detention of underground clergy.”)

@Pontifex In this video (, Steve Skojec talks about – among other things – “the Queen of the Nile” (also known as “the African Queen”), while also discussing some other relevant issues.

@Pontifex “By cutting off the life of the Church from a timeless tradition, the Modernists have immersed it in a contemporary social setting. This is especially noticeable in Germany, where this has produced a parish Mass of comically bourgeois style.”

@Pontifex “The liturgical reform homogenized and narrowed the reach of Catholic liturgy, cutting off all those to whom people-directed vernacular discourse with obligatory responses was not appealing, or worse, was an impediment to prayer.”

@Pontifex “You end up with Masses for white upper-middle-class golfers, Mass with African-American Gospel music, Mass for Hispanics, Mass for Vietnamese, etc. How can the Church “unite the different races” if she can’t even unite us in a single worship?”

@Pontifex During this pontificate of horror, faithful Catholics remember, “Nothing can come between us and the love of Christ, even if we are…being persecuted,…or being threatened or even attacked” by this present tragic pope and his corrupt and perverted prelates.

@Pontifex Catholics pray in the words of today’s Lauds: “Shed your clear light on our hearts, Lord, so that walking continually in the way of your commandments we may never be deceived or misled.” (And we add: “never deceived or misled by Bergoglio and his German overlords.”)

@Pontifex Catholics pray not to be deceived by the pope’s German overlords, who want Church approval for sodomite “marriage,” adultery (sex after divorce and “remarriage), and priestesses.

@Pontifex “Scholar warns of dangers of ‘nonsensical’ literalist interpretation of the Bible” (Sure. The Ten Commandments should not be interpreted “literally.” That would be “nonsense,” right. They’re really only the Ten Suggestions.)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets about his “darkest moments.” Catholics beg God to do for him what he says God does for others, i.e., change his heart and bless him. Dear God, change Bergoglio. Make him a good man. Don’t let him go on as he is – in the horror of his errors.

@Pontifex “My experience with TLM communities around the world is this: Almost everywhere I go, especially in urban parishes, I see different races and ethnicities side by side in the pews: Asians, African-Americans, Africans, whites of all backgrounds.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – In his “darkest moments,” does it ever occur to Bergoglio to ask God to change his heart, to let him undergo a conversion so that he returns to the Church, becomes Catholic again, and tries to end the corruption and perversion in the Church?

@Pontifex “After the Council they abandoned the power of a single Creed, acknowledged and taught as such; a single observance with real asceticism; a common body of Latin liturgy to draw together people of different ethnicities, languages, backgrounds.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic, error-prone pope says that at every Mass, Jesus is happy to welcome us at His table. Yes, but we cannot receive him unless we are in a state of grace. Does this poor, confused Bergoglio know that?


Message to Roland FischerÖ

Lieber Roland,

danke für Deine Mail. Ich weiß, was Du meinst: “Bei der Gewissenserforschung heute Abend muss ich mir wieder vorhalten, dass ich den Klerus kritisiert habe.” Gestern war ich in Neuss, bei meinem Beichtvater, einem amerikanischen Priester, und jeden Monat, als ich beichte, muss ich mich dieser Angelegenheit stellen: “Ich habe den Klerus kritisiert.” Aber heutzutage, insbesondere im englischsprachigen Internet, gibt es unzählige Menschen, die den Papst und die Hierarchie kritisieren. Man kann das kaum vermeiden.

Und im November kommt der Horror der deutschen Bischofssynode. Lieber Gott, hilf uns.

In Christo Rege



Some recent Tweets to the Vatican:

@Pontifex This tragic pope says, “We cannot pretend to be healthy in a world that is sick.’ No, but we can BE healthy in a world that is sick, if we have a pope who is a good Catholic, who supports and believes in the Gospel and Church Tradition.

@Pontifex “Faithful German priest urges Church to end ‘catastrophic mistake’ of allowing Holy Communion in hand” (This priest will suffer a kind of martyrdom, because most of the other German priests and bishops will destroy him.)

@Pontifex “After the Council they abandoned the power of a single Creed, acknowledged and taught as such; a single observance with real asceticism; a common body of Latin liturgy to draw together people of different ethnicities, languages, backgrounds.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Many children are forced to begin life without a real knowledge of Church teachings. They grow up with a superficial insight into the Gospel and the ancient intellectual treasure of the Church – then they leave the Faith as soon as they can.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets we should “draw God’s mercy, forgiveness, and tenderness from the Heart of Jesus.” True. But we cannot combine that with Bergoglio’s errors, sentimentality, dismissal of the Gospel and ancient Church teaching. That way leads to more catastrophe.

@pontifex Somewhere on the internet is the account of a man who dreamed that he died and went to purgatory. In his dream, he discovered that for him purgatory didn’t mean fire and flames; it meant a thousand years of attending the Novus Ordo Mass day after day after day.

@Pontifex “How to get [young Catholics who have left] back?” The answer is simple: Start proclaiming the truth that the Catholic Church is the only means of salvation and that without it in your life, you will die in your sins and suffer for all eternity.”

@Pontifex “Viganò describes this as ‘the most serious apostasy to which the highest levels of the Hierarchy are exposed, while the Christian people and the clergy feel hopelessly abandoned and that they are regarded by the bishops almost with annoyance’.”

@Pontifex “The world needs the grace and truth of the one Savior of mankind and His one Church, vividly symbolized, in the West by the common Latin liturgical inheritance still embodied—and happily returning—in the usus antiquior.”

@Pontifex A verse from today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope, his financially and morally corrupt prelates, especially the perverted ones, and for all Bergoglio’s rich German overlords: “The fool does not hear, the slow-witted do not understand.”

@Pontifex When Bergoglio’s cesspool of a Church is drained of its corruption, it will again be full of good priests and prelates: “The learned will shine as brightly as the vault of heaven, and those who have instructed many in virtue will shine like stars for all eternity.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Stretch forth your hand to the poor” (Sir 6:7). Catholics pray that Bergoglio will become a real pope and will stretch out his hand to those poor souls who are suffering from what he and his corrupt, perverted prelates have done to the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us ask God to give Bergoglio the grace to regard faithful Catholics as his brothers and sisters, and not to continue seeing them as enemies to be insulted, ridiculed, and despised.

@Pontifex “A leftist Vatican expert alleges that one-third of Catholic clerics and lay people are against Pope Francis. ‘You shouldn’t underestimate that [number], it’s just the tip of an iceberg’, Politi said.” (One-third? Really? Are we THAT powerful?)

@Pontifex Catholics the world over pray for a Catholic pope, or the conversion of Bergoglio into a Catholic pope. We pray that the corruption and perversions among priests and prelates will soon end. We pray for an end to the destruction of the Church, especially in Germany.

@Pontifex Again, from today’s Lauds, for Bergoglio and his corrupt and perverted clergy: “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place? The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.”

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: despite all the destruction Bergoglio and his corrupt prelates cause in the Church, “The Lord reigns! He is robed in splendour, clothed in glory and wrapped round in might.” That is something the perverts in the hierarchy can never destroy.

@Pontifex At the next German bishops’ synod, they will approve homosexual “marriage,” priestesses, adultery (“remarriage”), cohabitation, etc. With their wealth, they will pressure Bergoglio to accept it all too. Dear God, don’t let them succeed.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – God knows how weak our memory is, so He left us the papacy to remind us of – and maintain – the ancient teachings of the Church. Now we must pray that he’ll give us a good pope, a Catholic pope who will do just that, a pope unlike Bergoglio.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Lord knows that evil and sins do not define us, but He also knows they come very close to defining the horror, the corruption, the perversion, and, yes, the evil of the current tragic papacy.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Lord invites us not to waste our lives chasing the illusions of this current tragic pope, his corrupt and peverted prelates, and his German overlords who approve of homosexual acts, adultery (“remarriage”), cohabitation, priestesses, etc.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – In the Eucharist, Jesus draws close to us. We pray that Bergoglio will not turn away from Him in favor of more Pachamama-type idolatry, more error, schism, perversion, corruption, more insults and contempt directed toward faithful Catholics.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragically error-prone pope should search for a path to peace in the Church, and a path to Heaven for the thousands of souls who have been led astray during this pontificate of horror, corruption, perversion, and evil.

@Pontifex This tragically misguided pope tweets that “World Blood Donor Day is an opportunity to encourage society to be in solidarity with those in need.” He should also think of that 30% of Catholics who are in need of a Catholic pope and the true Church

@Pontifex Catholics pray, “Dear God, when will we have a pope who knows that he’s the Vicar of Christ on earth, instead of this present tragic pontiff who lives in a fantasy world, under the illusion that he heads some non-governmental relief organization, or even the UN itself?”

@Pontifex A friend tweeted, “Dear God, we need a pope who is Catholic, not some guy who seems to be doing all he can to get elected Secretary General of the United Nations.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The present pontificate of horror has shown that the Church is not organized well enough to accommodate the young, with their longing for the depth and transcendence of the Tridentine Mass. Without the young, the Church has no future.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Our principle of unity is the Holy Spirit who reminds us that if this pope’s German overlords have synodal approval of homosexuality, adultery (“remarriage”), priestesses, cohabitation, etc. (, there will be no unity.

@Pontifex “Disgraced Argentine Bishop Zanchetta returned to work at the Vatican’s Investment Bank this month….Had Zanchetta worked for good, not for evil, Francis would have ditched him a long time ago.” (And Pell was sent to Australia to face trial.)

@Pontifex Bergoglio’s corruption seems to have no end.

@Pontifex “Most of the Hierarchy seemingly had no scruple in closing churches and preventing the holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They behave like cold bureaucrats. Most of the faithful see their actions as sign of their lack of Faith.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex This Vortex episode from Church Militant is more than simply excellent. It has an aura of greatness about it.

@Pontifex Catholics pray for a truly Catholic pontificate, not the horror confronting us now.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “The Lord urges us to remember, repair, rebuild, never forgetting those who suffer.” That’s rich, coming from a pope who tries to make us forget Church teaching, who damages and destroys the Church, who ignores those suffering from his errors.

@Pontifex “A German bishop said German efforts to change doctrines on sexual morality ‘must be a success’ or else the Catholic Church will become a sect. ” The lemmings don’t get it: the Church will become a sect if it DOES “change” doctrines on sexuality.

@Pontifex Faced with the horror and the ravages and destruction of this present tragic pontificate, Catholics cry out with these verses from today’s Lauds: “Let your ears hear my prayer, O Lord! Turn to the voice of my pleading!…I call on you, for you, O Lord, will hear me.”

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope and all those priests and prelates who are corrupt and perverted: “Which of you could live with a devouring fire? Which of you will abide in everlasting burning?”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – To pray means to intercede for the world and the Church, to remember that despite the horrors of Bergoglio’s pontificate, despite the corrupt and perverted priests and hierarchy, the Church belongs to God.

@Pontifex “(Bishop) Bätzing shows that the episcopal ‘magisterium’ has formed in Germany not a Christian people, but a public opinion now so distorted as to pursue nonsense.”

@Pontifex “May German Catholicism not bow down out of a sort of deference, completely misplaced and certainly not owed today, to a hierarchy that is dissolving itself.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis wields the kindness sword with particular ferocity against those who oppose him.” – Robert Morrison, “Missionaries of Counterfeit Kindness,” The Remnant, June 15, 2020

@Pontifex Archbishop Vigano was asked, “How do you judge the suspension of the Sacraments?” He said, “A terrible suffering, perhaps the worst the faithful have seen. It is unbelievable such a thing has been denied to the dying.” – Archbishop Viganò (

@Pontifex Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen: “You are a courageous Confessor of the Faith and you have all my esteem and veneration! Unfortunately, in the Vatican lying has been set into the system.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Lord cannot enter certain hearts, like that of our tragic pope, who seems not to believe in Church teaching and the Gospel. The Lord enters open and merciful hearts, not an “open” papal heart that in reality appears closed and vengeful.

@Pontifex “Black Lives Matter” is the kind of organization this tragic pope supports reflexively. But does poor Bergoglio have any real idea what the group in fact stands for? Does he know its members despise everything the Church teaches?

@Pontifex Steve Skojec: “It would be baffling for any cleric appointed by and living in the same residence as the pope who is facing credible sex abuse allegations would be allowed to continue in his position.”

@Pontifex Steve Skojec: It would be equally baffling why a man being investigated for serious financial fraud would be allowed to work at the Vatican’s central reserve bank, which is itself under scrutiny for international real estate investments.”

@Pontifex Steve Skojec: “They (the members of the Anti-Church) have already replaced any efforts at personal holiness with woke virtue-signaling.

@Pontifex Steve Skojec: “The entire Church is being run by a transparently tin pot Latin American dictator who is more loyal to his friends than to God and his commandments. Let that sink in.”



Message to Ulrich Bonse:

in Deiner Mail hast Du ein paar Sätze zitiert, “In den USA gab es im 19. Jahrh. eine Gemeinschaftshaftung des Bundes für die Schulden der einzelnen Bundesstaaten. Resultat: Bundesstaaten verschuldeten sich ohne Hemmung, da doch der Bund für die Schulden aufzukommen hatte.”

Aber das stimmt nicht ganz. “Nach geltendem Recht muss der Gouverneur in 44 (von 50) Bundesstaaten und im District of Columbia (Washington, DC) dem Gesetzgeber einen ausgeglichenen Haushalt vorschlagen. In 41 Staaten und DC muss der Gesetzgeber einen ausgeglichenen Haushalt verabschieden, und in 40 Staaten muss der Gouverneur letztendlich einen ausgeglichenen Haushalt unterzeichnen. Untersuchungen haben ergeben, dass starke Antidefizitbestimmungen wie die in BBRS (Balanced Budget Requirements, d.h. Ausgewogene Budgetanforderungen) mit geringeren Ausgaben, geringeren Defiziten, schnelleren Ausgabenanpassungen während Rezessionen, weniger Schulden, niedrigeren Kreditkosten und höheren Überschüssen verbunden sind, die die Staaten dann in einen Haushaltsstabilisierungsfonds einzahlen können Lücken bei den Ausgaben zu späteren Zeitpunkten schließen.” (Der Originalartikel ist in englischer Sprache.)

In Christo Rege


Message to Andreas Unterwalden and others:

Liebe Freunde,

man muss auf alles vorbereitet sein – sogar auf den Krieg. Aber ich glaube, Kim blufft. Krieg mit den USA? Die Amerikaner essen Kim zum Frühstück. Die Tragödie würde die Auswirkungen auf Südkorea sein. Aber trotz der Tragödie würde es zumindest ein einziges gutes Ergebnis geben: Sobald Nordkorea zerstört ist, könnten sich die beiden Koreas vereinigen.

In Christo


Message to Klaus Beckmann:

Dear Klaus,

EXCELLENT letter to Kessler, EXCELLENT article in Renovatio, EXCELLENT statement by Cardinal Sarah!

One of the dirty little secrets that I never discuss with anyone is this: when I worked in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) as a Harvard student in 1961-62, while that area was still a part of the British Empire, I came to greatly admire many of the characteristics of that empire, and the men who managed it. (Believe it or not, when the other students went back to Cambridge after our summer as volunteers, I was actually hired and assigned the position of District Officer in the British Colonial Service. There may even be a record of that in some dusty file in London.)

Cardinal Sarah may be raked over the coals for that statement about colonialism, but history has its fashions, and there may come a time when more historians and other people agree that colonialism and imperialism were not unmitigated evils, and Cardinal Sarah will be seen to be right.

In Christo Rege


Message to Klaus Beckmann:

Ja Klaus, Berichte über die Situation dieser beiden Menschen wurden heute Nachmittag im Internet veröffentlicht. Wir im Westen waren so dumm. Wir dachten, wenn wir nur der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas erlauben und sie ermutigen würden, ihre Bürger viel Geld verdienen zu lassen, würden die Chinesen alle freiheitsliebende Kapitalisten in einer großen Demokratie werden. Was für eine blöde Idee DAS war! Wie konnten wir so idiotisch sein?

In Christo Rege




To Klaus Beckmann in response to a question about a Chinese mutual acquaintance:


I really don’t know her at all. I’ve only spoken to her once, briefly, a couple of years ago, long before she promoted herself to “General Secretary” of the Harvard Club. For all I know, she could be sympathetic to the people of Hong Kong who are demanding freedom and independence from China, or, on the other hand, she may be a card-carrying member of the CCP, dedicated to its ideals.

So, trust her? I really don’t know. But what can she do? She certainly can’t turn our names in to the CCP (to be marked for arrest and torture after being smuggled into China!). There are simply too many of us who now see the CCP for what it is: just another monstrous, tyrannical movement like Mussolini’s Fascists, or Hitler’s NSDAP, or Stalin’s Soviet followers.

And by the way, the CCP will, in the end, suffer the same fate as those groups. They’re on the wrong side of history. We can only hope Angie’s not – for her own good – on THAT side!

In Christo Rege,



Message to Johnny Proctor on Facebook:

Thanks, Johnny. (And it’s good to be called “Bob” again. I’ve dropped that nickname here in Germany, because the word “Bob” is the term commonly used in German for the sport of bobsledding. So it would be as if someone had a nickname like “Golf” or “Snookers” or even “Baseball” or “Cricket” in the US or the UK.)

I’m glad you were just “funning” with me. By the way, I’m just as bothered by Church Militant as you are. Michael Voris is annoyingly dramatic and sensational, and he exaggerates and uses hyperbole too often. I too was irritated and even a little angry by his campaign against the SSPX, and I dropped my “premium” membership. BUT I’ve started accessing his website again, because he does provide a lot of useful information in his Vortex episodes and news articles and in other items on his site.

And I take to heart what Michael Matt (The Remnant newspaper) says in HIS videos, namely, that all of us conservative and faithful Catholics are all on the same side, so we shouldn’t keep tearing into one another. We need to stick together, because we’re fighting a demonic enemy who is much more powerful and cleverer than we are. We do have God on our side, but I think He expects us to get along and cooperate in the struggle, even with people like Michael Voris!


Answer to a message from Ulrich Bonse:

Lieber Ulrich,

obwohl ich Amerikaner bin, habe ich mein Land seit den 60er Jahren und der Zeit des Vietnamkrieges immer sehr kritisch gesehen. Vielleicht habe ich deshalb fast die Hälfte meines Lebens ausserhalb der USA gelebt. Ich schäme mich also nicht zu sagen, dass die Dinge in den USA oft ziemlich chaotisch sind, besonders jetzt.

Seit einigen Jahren sagen die Leute, dass die USA im Niedergang begriffen sind, wie das Ende des Römischen Reiches. Wenn man sich die Situation dort jetzt ansieht, scheint das wahr zu sein. Aber auch ein verwundeter Tiger kann großen Schaden anrichten. Deshalb mache ich mir Sorgen über Kims Kommentare, dass ein Krieg zwischen Nordkorea und den USA “unvermeidlich” sei.

Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich falsch liege, aber es können schwierige Zeiten bevorstehen.

Wie auch immer, Du hast recht, wenn Du sagst, “Anscheinend hat die US-Regierung niemanden über sich, der sträfliche Verstöße gegen das Gemeinwohl rügt – z. B. Vertragsbrüche.”

In Christo Rege



Lieber Roland,

Ich bin froh, dass Du heute Morgen ein gutes Gespräch in der Straßenbahn geführt hast. Es war wahrscheinlich besser als jedes Gespräch, das Du mit mir und Klaus Beckmann geführt hättest, wenn Du mit uns in seinem Auto gefahren wärest!

Eine Sache hat mich in Deiner Nachricht überrascht. Du hast geschrieben: “Wir haben über die alte Messe gesprochen, die trotz Deiner optimistische Sicht über England und Amerika wahrscheinlich keine Zukunft hat.” Trotz meiner optimistischen Sicht? Keine Zukunft? Hier ist eine Liste der Diözesen in den USA und Kanada, in denen die alte Messe gefeiert wird:

Ich denke, es ist die Novus Ordo Messe, die keine Zukunft hat. Erinnerst Du Dich an die täglichen Messen in St. Lambertus, St. Maximilian und St. Andreas? Viele Menschen haben diese täglichen Messe vorher besucht. Jetzt gibt es in St. Andreas nur noch tägliche Messen – und wie viele Menschen sind bei der Messe um 12:00 Uhr anwesend?

Wenn es den Bischöfen in Europa, insbesondere in Deutschland, gelingt, die alte Messe zu zerschlagen, werden sie am Ende die Kirche selbst fast vollständig zerschlagen, außer denen von uns, die anwesend sind, wenn Priester der Petrusbruderschaft die alte Messe feiern.

In der englischen Katholischen Douay-Rhems-Übersetzung der Bible, im Buch der Genesis, spricht Gott zu Satan, “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head.“ („Ich werde Feindschaften zwischen dich und die Frau und deinen Samen und ihren Samen stellen. Sie wird deinen Kopf zerdrücken.“

„Am Ende wird Mein Makelloses Herz triumphieren.“

In Christo Rege

(Übrigens, diese Inschrift auf dem Grab von Erzbischof Bugnini – es muss ein Witz sein, oder?)



Some copies of a few more (sarcasm alert) immortal Tweets to the Vatican:

@Pontifex “ Truth has been totally overturned, and the most perverse deception is shamelessly practiced even by the most unexpected figures, who have now given themselves over to acting as accomplices of the Adversary.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex Catholics pray that even this tragic, god-forsaken pope will one day be able, sincerely, to utter this antiphon from today’s Lauds: “The heart of Jesus was wounded for love of us: come, let us adore him.”

@Pontifex Another antiphon from today’s Lauds, in which Our Lord pleads with the present tragic and god-forsake pope, this poor Bergoglio: “My son, let your heart attend to me; keep your eyes fixed on my advice.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets: “The Lord cannot enter into hard or ideological hearts.” Perhaps that’s why the Lord cannot enter into the heart of this present misguided pontiff.

@Pontifex This tragic pope must wonder how he can improve the “image” of the Church. He can’t. He has to improve the reality.

@Pontifex Catholics pray that this tragic pope and all his corrupt priests and prelates will be given the gift of Faith.

@Pontifex From today’s Mass: Moses said, “The Lord…repays with destruction the person who hates him….You shall therefore carefully observe the commandments, the statutes and the decrees which I enjoin on you today.”

@Pontifex This poor pope tweets, “The Lord always watches over us with mercy.” This tragic pontiff should not be afraid to approach Him and beg forgiveness for all of the destruction he has caused in the Church. God has a merciful heart and He will surely forgive Bergoglio.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Let us remember that even though this tragic, godforsaken pope seems to have lost his faith, he still embodies a need for God. The way he chooses to fill that need reveals his level of humanity.

@Pontifex This tragic, godforsaken pope tweets an invitation to pray for priests. God knows they need it. In the face of a “modern” seminary education, the loss of the Traditional Latin Mass, and perverted, corrupt, and heretical bishops, it’s amazing many still have a vocation.

@Pontifex “German theologian calls for female cardinals and preachers – based on Pope Francis’ teaching” The headline could just as well read, “German theologian calls for an acceleration in the growing number of people who consider the Church irrelevant.”

@Pontifex “The Vatican has said ‘Pope Benedict XVI had approved the (China) Agreement’ signed in 2018, when we all know of his resistance and disapproval of the conditions imposed by a persecutory and bloody regime.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Jesus is present in Catholics who are attacked by this confused pope, as Jesus Himself was treated before Pilate. In them we see Christ’s face, Christ’s head crowned with thorns in anticipated reparation for the horrors of this pontificate.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Dear faithful Catholics, everyone sees how you are keeping the Faith in a very difficult situation. Even when this tragic pope attacks, ridicules and insults you, you forgive him and pray for him and thus receive countless graces from God.

@Pontifex “The Vatican has done everything and more to deliver the Chinese Martyr Church into the hands of the Enemy.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex “TX PRIEST UNDER FIRE FOR ORTHODOXY…A faithful Texas priest is being punished by his bishop for reaffirming Catholic teaching on homosexuality.” But of course this tragically confused pope doesn’t concern himself with trivia like “orthodoxy.”

@Pontifex “Catholic priest protests requirement for Islamic study in universities” Protest? PROTEST? Just wait till Bergoglio hears about THIS! He’ll put a stop to such protests. He knows it’s GOOD to have people studying the Great Religion of Peace.

@Pontifex Headline: “No Word on McCarrick Report as Second Anniversary of His Removal Passes Quietly” Bergoglio will never release this report. We’ll be reading the same headline on the Third Anniversary, and on the Four Anniversary, and….

@Pontifex “The Vatican has done everything to deliver the Chinese Church into the hands of the Enemy: it did so by signing the Secret Pact.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex The present pontificate of horror, with its corrupt and perverted prelates and priests, may be worse than any other, but the Church has suffered through these periods before in the last 2,000 years, and it has survived. “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us ask God to give this tragic pope the grace of a new heart through the intercession of Our Lady. May he become courageous enough to give up his illusions and return to the Faith – and save his immortal soul.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Jesus invites even this tragic pope not to be afraid, to be strong and confident that he can save his soul, despite the fact that he has often yielded to Satan’s seductions and brought untold misery through his attempts to destroy the Church.

@Pontifex “Murder inquiry launched after 3 killed in rampage…The suspect is understood to be Libyan…In November, 2 people were stabbed to death by Usman Khan.” “Pope Francis says it’s ‘not right’ to identify Islam with violence”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – We accept Christ’s invitation not to be afraid, despite the challenges and setbacks in our struggle to prevent this tragic pope from destroying the Church. We know God will take care of us, despite all the horrors of this pontificate.

@Pontifex Approve homosexuality? Check. Approve divorce and “remarriage”? Check. Approve priestesses? Check. And you ask HOW this tragic, godforsaken pope is destroying the Church?

@Pontifex “The Vatican legitimized excommunicated “bishops” who are agents of the regime.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex This is how this tragic, confused pope destroying the Church: approval of homosexual behavior, approval of divorce and “remarriage,” approval of “priestesses.”

@Pontifex Again, from today’s Office, a reminder for this tragic pope and his corrupt and perverted colleagues: “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord?…The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.”

@Pontifex From Lauds today, for this tragic pope and his corrupt and perverted priests and prelates: “You turn men into dust…They will be nothing but a dream; like the grass that sprouts in the morning: in the morning it grows and flowers, in the evening it withers and dries.”

@Pontifex On the surface, SO pious, SO religious, SO observant, SO Catholic, but inside – Approval of sodomy, approval of divorce and “remarriage,” approval of “priestesses.” There’s a word for that – hypocrisy.

@Pontifex From Lauds today: “Let us give thanks to the Lord our God who, as he tested our ancestors, is now testing us.” Yes, testing us with a pope and perverted prelates who are bent on destroying the Church as they run, lemming-like, over the cliff of Protestantism.

@Pontifex Prelates who try to destroy the Church? There was one even at the very beginning. His name was Judas. He failed. And the present prelate-destroyers will fail as well. “She shall crush thy head.” (Genesis 3, Douay-Rheims translation)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “The Word of God transforms, renews.” Catholics pray for a pope who will “transform, renew,” instead of a pope who distorts, destroys.

@Pontifex “Criminalizing the beating or murder of women is a clear-cut violation of Islamic teachings and values.” Ah, The Great Religion of Peace, so beloved of this present tragically confused pope.

@Pontifex From the Liturgy of the Hours for June 22, regarding this tragic Church hierarchy: “They wear their pride like a necklace….Their hearts overflow with malice, their minds seethe with plots.” But with all their plotting, they cannot destroy the Church.

@Pontifex Catholics everywhere pray this prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours of June 22: “Give us that peace which the world cannot give so that your Church may be freed from the schemes of arrogant men¬.”

@Pontifex “The Vatican handed the Chinese Church over to the Enemy by legitimizing ‘bishops’ who are agents of the regime, deposing legitimate bishops, and forcing priests to register with a church that is part of the Communist dictatorship”– Vigano to Zen

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – God created us “to know him, love him, and serve him in this world, and to be happy with him forever in the next.” If this tragic pope and his corrupt, perverted colleagues knew that and didn’t focus on themselves, the Church would be better.

@Pontifex “Chinese bishop re-arrested” There just seems to be no end to the wonderful benefits that flow from this godforsaken pope’s (still secret) agreement with the Chinese Communists.

@Pontifex “China recognizes another ‘underground’ bishop” Sounds good, but what did the Communist Party make him do, or agree to, in order to “recognized”?

@Pontifex ” The Pontifical Irish College, established in Rome in 1628, will no longer train seminarians for the priesthood, because of the sharp drop in the number of young Irish men entering the priesthood.” And the “spirit” of the Council strikes again.

@Pontifex “The Vatican has done everything to deliver the Chinese Martyr Church to the persecutory fury that has gained unprecedented strength, precisely since the signing of that unfortunate Agreement with China.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – God does not rely on this tragic pope’s reasoning and limited human abilities. If He did, the Church would be in even more of a shambles than now. We pray that this misguided pontiff will learn humility and silence where heresy is concerned.

@Pontifex Some familiar words attributed to Abraham Lincoln occurred to me, with regard to this tragic pope: “You can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time, and ALL of the people SOME of the time, but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Prayer arises from the conviction that life is not something that God leaves partly to the demons. God takes us by surprise with the stupefying mystery with which he brings great good out of great evil, such as the evil of this pontificate.

@Pontifex “No word on McCarrick report as 2nd anniversary of his removal passes quietly” Of COURSE there’s no word. As far as this tragic pope is concerned, we can all wait till hell freezes over before there’s any “word” on the McCarrick report.

@Pontifex “Vatican spokesman defends development of doctrine as ‘fidelity in newness’” A friend roared with laughter: “‘Fidelity in newness?’ That IS rich. So in November when the German synod approves sodomy and adultery, it’ll be “fidelity in newness!”

@Pontifex “America’s descent into rebellion and anarchy is largely due to the absence of fathers” And the huge number of homosexual priests and bishops, and the call for “priestesses,” is also an “absence of fathers.” More rebellion and anarchy are coming.



A copy of a message to Klaus Beckmann:

Yes, it very well could be. Thank you for sending this insightful article. Reischuster writes, “‘Die Westeuropäer haben nur Freiheit, Frieden und Wohlstand kennengelernt’, so Landsbergis, ‘und viele halten das für ein Naturgesetz’.”

And not only the West Europeans. The Americans do the same. Many of my fellow countrymen seem to be living in La-La Land. They think they can sit back and relax, and things will go on forever as they are.

Incidentally, one of the things in Reischuster’s article that really kind of stunned me was the fact that Landbergis had the offer of an honorary doctorate at the University of Leipzig rescinded, because he told an interviewer that the Red Army had committed horrible crimes in Germany!

As they say in New York, when something is incomprehensibly dumb, “Go figure.”

In Christo Rege




Some recent Tweets to the Vatican that may perhaps be of interest:

@Pontifex “The German Synod Has At Least Three Antecedents, All Ended With Schism” And with the next synod in November slated to approve sodomy (gay “marriage) and adultery (divorce and “remarriage*), the lemmings keep heading for the cliff.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’ version of evangelization without ‘convictions’ makes no sense” And this tragic pope’s version of so many things does make perfect sense, doesn’t it?

@Pontifex “The Vatican has delivered the Chinese Church into the hands of the Enemy. It is now doing so with this ignoble letter to all the cardinals, which is aimed at accusing you, denigrating you, and isolating you.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex A friend prays for a Catholic pope.

@Pontifex As it says in today’s Lauds, “The Lord rebuilds Jerusalem,” despite everything this tragic pope and his corrupt hierarchy and his perverted overlords in Germany try to do in order to destroy it.

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: “Creation still retains the hope of being freed…from its slavery to decadence.” And not simply creation, but also this tragically confused pope and those corrupt and perverted prelates he has surrounded himself with.

@Pontifex “Cardinal John Tong Hong, the apostolic administrator of Hong Kong, said he is not concerned about new Chinese security legislation, because China guarantees freedom of religion.” As it tears down churches? Freedom of religion? Gimme a break.

@Pontifex “Vatican confirms suspension of actively homosexual Dutch priest; new bishop hopes he will return to ministry” “Return to ministry”? Sure, in Germany, after bishops there approve sodomy, as they plan to do – in effect – in their November synod.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope says “in these difficult times” he wants to offer “a message of hope, comfort and consolation.” Such a message would announce the rebuilding of the Church from the ruins this confused pope has made. Is he capable of that?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragically misguided pope tweets of “generous, freely-given love” and “closeness, care, and sacrifice,” which he apparently is prepared to offer. But the old saying seems to apply here: “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

@Pontifex “Chinese communist govt cuts off widow’s pension for refusing to renounce Christ” Surely this “merciful” pope will help this woman. Such things must be covered in the wonderful “Agreement” he made with the Chinese Communist Party, aren’t they?

@Pontifex “Pressure on China’s Catholic conscientious objectors to join the Patriotic Church continues, as churches are shut, priests hunted down, congregations intimidated.” I’m sure our “merciful” pope with deal with this.

@Pontifex FINALLY, the secret is OUT. This video ( explains why this “merciful” pope is allowing the Chinese Communists to destroy the Church in China ( They gave this pope what he needs and cherishes most: MONEY!

@Pontifex “Our Lord assures us that nothing and no one will ever be able to snatch from His hands those who resist the infernal enemy and his acolytes, conquering them ‘by the Blood of the Lamb’ and by the testimony of their martyrdom.” – Vigano to Zen

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Only those who see without illusions and wishful thinking can see things well. They know that without real Church teaching and the truth of the Gospel, they can neither see God everywhere nor see others as brothers or sisters in God’s light.

@Pontifex “VATICAN CHINA SELLOUT” Even Bergoglio “can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” The truth will be exposed in the end, no matter how hard Bergoglio tries to hide it. Billions from Beijing for Bergoglio? Sure, if he sells out the Church.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis bashes ‘adolescent’ priests who defied COVID lockdowns to give faithful sacraments” Bashes “adolescent” priests? Hey, now THAT’s “mercy.” THAT’s “dialogue.” THAT’s “accompaniment.” What a great pope.

@Pontifex “Your example, dear Cardinal, and the very high price you are paying to defend the Cause of God and His Church, gives us a salutary jolt.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex This tragic pope keeps putting out these pious-sounding Tweets. He forgets that “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

@Pontifex No, you can’t fool all the people all the time, not when it involves taking billions from China and betraying the Church there. Is it any wonder Cardinal Zen couldn’t convince this tragic pope to change his mind? Not when it involves billions.

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope and all corrupt and perverted clerics: “How great are your works, O Lord, how immeasurably deep your thoughts. The fool does not hear, the slow-witted do not understand.”

@Pontifex Also from today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope and all evil clerics who have infiltrated the Church and are trying to destroy it from within: “When the wicked sprout up like grass, and the doers of evil are in full bloom, it will come to nothing.”

@Pontifex From today’s Mass: “To what can I liken or compare you, O daughter Jerusalem? What example can I show you for your comfort, virgin daughter Zion? For great as the sea is your downfall; who can heal you?”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – If you’re looking for meaning in life, you won’t find it in this tragic pontificate. But don’t throw your life away on pleasure or addiction. Look for meaning in what this pope seems ignorant of: ancient Church teachings and Gospel Truth.

@Pontifex From today’s Liturgy of the Hour, for this tragic pope and all corrupt and perverted bishops and priests: “Do not let false doctrine darken our minds.”

@Pontifex From today’s Office, for this tragic pope and all corrupt and perverted prelates and priests: ‘But how can you recite my commandments and take my covenant on your lips, you who despise my law and throw my words to the winds?”

@Pontifex A message for this tragic pope and his corrupt colleagues: “If out of pride or unfortunate obstinacy we do not know how to recognize the error and deception into which we have fallen, we will have to give an account to God.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex “Your example rips us from the inertia with which we witness the surrender of the Church, at its highest levels, to heresy and apostasy, by following the Prince of this world, who is a liar and murderer.” – Archbishop Vigano to Cardinal Zen

@Pontifex This has been mentioned before, but perhaps this tragic pope cannot be reminded often: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

@Pontifex In the name of this tragic pope, we repeat this prayer from today’s Lauds: “Lord God, since you have made us children of light, do not let false doctrine darken our minds, but grant that your light may shine within us and we may always live in the brightness of truth.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This tragic pope really does have a heavy cross to bear, doesn’t he? As he and his corrupt and perverted colleagues try to destroy the Church and its teachings, they face all that opposition from Catholics. What a terrible cross to carry!

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets about the “smallest gesture of love and service” given to others. And as he continues turning the Church into an NGO, with himself as its head, all this sick pontiff offers are the “smallest gestures,” not the profound saintliness of past popes.

@Pontifex From today’s Liturgy of the Hours, once again, a prayer that Catholics hope this tragic pope and his corrupt prelates will say constantly: “Lord God, do not let false doctrine darken our minds.”

@Pontifex “Catholic Crisis – The True Source of the Problem”

@Pontifex When a priest preaches a sermon so full of the truth (, you wonder how long this tragic pope will tolerate a group like the FSSP. Will this misguided pontiff try to destroy the FSSP, just as he destroyed the FFI (and tried to seize their assets)?

@Pontifex This tragic pope invites “everyone to pray for the people of Yemen, who are suffering.” And we pray for the Catholics of China, suffering as a result of the Vatican agreement with China: power over the Church in exchange for Chinese billions.

@Pontifex “Archbishop Vigano’s letter to Cardinal Zen comes as criticism continues to mount over the Vatican’s policy towards China, with the most recent reproach coming from the last Governor of Hong Kong, Lord Patten of Barnes.” – Edward Pentin’s Blog

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Unity cannot arise out of the tragic pope’s heresy and apostasy. And prophecy? Perhaps we’ve had enough of false prophets promising “heaven on earth.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Catholics pray that God will shatter his misguided pope’s illusions, bring him back to the true Faith, and make him a Catholic again.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople may not be ready for “full unity” with a pope whose German overlords will soon approve adultery (i.e., divorce and “remarriage”) and the “blessing” of sodomite “marriage.”

Says offering sacraments is ‘adolescent'” And this sick pope tweets that the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constaninople will “journey together” to “full unity” under a pontificate that utters that kind of nonsense?

@Pontifex “A British Catholic who negotiated with the Chinese over Hong Kong, Lord Patten said the Vatican has “got it badly wrong about China” in its efforts at rapprochement with the administration of President Xi Jingping.” – Edward Pentin’s Blog

@Pontifex Again and again, this verse occurs in Lauds, and would seem directed expressly to this tragic pope and the corrupt and perverted members of his hierarchy: “If only, today, you would listen to his voice: “Do not harden your hearts.”

@Pontifex A constantly recurring antiphon, today again, in Lauds, for the pope and his corrupt and perverted colleagues: “The man with clean hands and pure heart will climb the mountain of the Lord.”

@Pontifex More verses from today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope and his corrupt and perverted clerics: “If you turn back to him with all your heart and soul,…he will turn back to you and hide his face no longer.”

@Pontifex St. Paul’s words, from today’s Lauds, for this tragic pope and the corrupt perverts in his entourage: “You must wake up now: the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope and the corrupt perverts among the clergy may want to say this prayer from today’s Lauds: “Lord,…let Your light penetrate the hidden places of our hearts. May no sordid desires darken our minds.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Today the Fourth Conference of the European Union and the United Nations on Syria takes place. God, give us a pope who cares about You and the Church more than he does about the EU and the UN. Give us a pope, not the aspiring head of an NGO.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – The first martyrs of the Church of Rome left us the Gospel of love and mercy. But it is the TRUE Gospel of love and mercy. God doesn’t forgive sins unless we ask for forgiveness and stop sinning. If only this tragic pope understood that.

@Pontifex “Leading German bishop says Pope appreciates ‘synodal way’” And no doubt this tragic pope also appreciates the way German bishops’ favour heresy and apostasy through divorce and supposed remarriage, the blessing of homosexual unions, and more.


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