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A Journal of 2018 – 4


Some Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope appeals for prayers for China’s Catholics” (Vatican Press Office) First, betrayal, and now this confused pope asks everyone to pray for these poor people he’s abandoned.

@Pontifex “Clericalism has facilitated violence and abuse, Cardinal Marx tells German bishops” (Clericalism again? CLERICALISM? Oh, that IS rich! Marx and his colleagues should be stand-up comedians. Come to think of it, maybe that’s what they are already.

@Pontifex “Bishops (supported by orthodox theologians) must recognize their obligation to respond to papal pronouncements that are dangerously ambiguous or contradict Scripture and Tradition.”

@Pontifex This present pope tweets, “St Michael, help us to fight for our salvation.” (And St. Michael, help this poor pope to fight for his own salvation, which is in great danger. Help him to stop spreading error and protecting sodomite clergy. Ask God for a good and holy pope)

@Pontifex Catholics are praying to Our Lady, “Mother of God, crush the serpent with your heel, and beg your Son to send us a good and decent pope, one who does not lie, who teaches the truth, clearly, and who does not protect sodomite sinners in the hierarchy and clergy.”

@Pontifex Catholics everywhere are praying, “St. Raphael, cure this present pope’s sickness of soul, stop him from spreading error and heresy, stop him from covering up the homosexual network and activities among the hierarchy and clergy.”

@Pontifex “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil, especially those propagated by this pitiable present pope: his errors, his heresy, his protection of sodomites in the hierarchy and clergy.”

@Pontifex “Spanish bishop sees Pope as threat to Catholic doctrine” (I think the next bishop to be crushed by the present miserable, merciless, power-hungry pope is going to be a Spanish bishop.)

@Pontifex “Pope, in press conference, linked China agreement, Archbishop Viganò’s testimony” (CNA) This poor deluded pope says, “For me, it was a sign from God.” (Or a sign from “the Great Accuser,” who likes to disguise himself.)

@Pontifex This is true. No one is making this up: “Accused abuser McCarrick moved to Kansas friary, next door to grade school” (A friend commented, “Only during this miserable pontificate could such a think happen.”)

@Pontifex “China’s communist-run church declares ‘independence’ immediately after deal with Vatican” (A friend said, “Oh, it’s just a result of another of this pitiable pope’s “brilliant” moves. How – and why – does he keep going with this nonsense.”)

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweets,
Papal Presser:
Reporter “Can the communists appoint bishops?”
Pope: “Can the communists appoint bishops?”
Reporter: “That’s my question”
Pope: “That’s my question”
Reporter: “Are you copying me?”
Pope: “Are you copying me?”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Sunday is the day to say to God: thank you.” (Catholics say, “Sunday is the day to say to God: Dear God, have mercy on Your Church, free us from this pope, with his errors, heresies, lust for power, and lies about the sodomite network in the Church.”)

@Pontifex This pope says we should pray the Rosary against “the Great Accuser.” That is a GREAT idea, because “the Great Accuser” is attacking everyone who calls for eradicating the homosexuals and the sodomite network among the clergy and hierarchy.

@Pontifex At the request of this pope, Catholics are praying the Rosary this month for Our Lady’s help against the Great Accuser. He is attacking Archbishop Viganò and others who criticize the homosexuals and the sodomite network among the Church hierarchy and clergy.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Catholics are asking Our Lady to crush, with her heel, the head of the Great Accuser, who is attacking Archbishop Vigano and others who criticize the homosexuals and the sodomite network among the Church hierarchy and clergy.

@Pontifex Catholics pray, “O Theotokos, Mother of God, protect us from the Great Accuser, the one who is attacking Archbishop Viganò and other critics of the homosexual network among the Church’s hierarchy and clergy.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets about “holy anxiety” today. Surely he has no anxiety as the Catholic world prays the Rosary each day this month, prays against the “Great Accuser” who is attacking Archbishop Viganò for revealing the extent of the homosexual network in the Church.

@Pontifex Maike Hickson tweets, “Dear @Pontifex, a week ago, Der Spiegel reported about the 14 Argentine abuse victims – among them Julieta Añazco – who wrote to you in 2013, but never heard back from you. Will you be answering them now?” (Well, WILL you?)



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis launches global prayer campaign to protect Church from ‘Great Accuser’” And let’s also pray that Archbishop Viganò will be protected, together with all others who are trying to eradicate the Church’s homosexual network.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “We fly to Thy protection, O Holy Mother of God.” And we ask you to crush the head of the Great Accuser, who is attacking Archbishop Viganò and others because they want this pope to eradicate the homosexual network in the Church.

@Pontifex “No further evangelization can take place until the Church undergoes the most thorough and public cleansing of its 2000 year existence.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis: Pray the Rosary daily in October for the protection of the Church from Satan” (Vatican Press Office) (And for the protection of Archbishop Viganò and others who want to eradicate the homosexual network in the Church.)

@Pontifex (1/2) This pope thinks that by next year people will have forgotten about the homosexual network among the hierarchy and clergy in the Church, and he can return to “normal”: errors, heresy, cover-ups, etc…. @Pontifex (2/2) …However, the attorneys general of these states will not have forgotten: Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Mexico, Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Wyoming

@Pontifex”It is scandalous that amidst these grave claims and a crisis of overwhelmingly homosexual predation on the young, both minors and adults, the synod is now targeting youths with a homosexual agenda championed by McCarrick and the St. Gallen mafia.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The presence of our Guardian Angel is to show us where we need to go.” (Catholics pray, “May this pope’s Guardian Angel lead him away from lies, error, heresy, and away from protecting the homosexual network in the Church’s hierarchy and clergy.”)

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “We fly to Thy protection, O Holy Mother of God. Deliver us from all dangers.” (And we beg you, mother of God, deliver us from the dangers of this pope, with his errors, lies, and protection of the Church’s homosexual network.)

@Pontifex “Too many Synod organizers are using it to dilute Church teachings and, instead of calling young people to join the Church on the narrow path to Christ, are plotting to have the Church meet them on the secular world’s easy, wide path.”

@Pontifex “Confidence in Pope Francis Down Sharply in U.S. – By a two-to-one margin, American Catholics now give Francis negative marks for his handling of the sex abuse scandal”

@Pontifex Catholics pray, “O God, convert this pope. Make him a good and holy man, free of error, heresy, and lies, ready to eradicate the homosexual network in the Church’s clergy and hierarchy. Or else, O God, send us such a pope soon.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis laments the trend toward legalization of euthanasia” (Rome Reports) But…but what about “discernment”? If people “discern” that something is licit, if they just “follow their conscience,” as this pope says in Amoris laetitia, then why does he “lament.”

@Pontifex “Be transformed by the Spirit, Pope tells French priests” (Vatican News) Catholics everywhere pray that this pope too will be “transformed by the Spirit,” away from error, heresy, and lies. Or that the Spirit will send us a good and holy pope soon.

@Pontifex “Holiness in charity transforms the Church and the world, Pope tells Rosminians” (Vatican News) If only holiness in charity would also transform this pope and stop him from protecting homosexuals and sodomites in the Church’s clergy and hierarchy.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Baldisseri questions Archbishop Chaput’s critique of synod working document” (CNS) “It’s a matter of loyalty and honesty,” said Baldisseri. (Yes, “loyalty” to the truth, and “honesty” – both so very evident during the present pontificate.)

@Pontifex “Women must fight clericalism to heal church, Vatican publication says” (CNS) Sure, “women fighting clericalism,” not this pope eradicating homosexuality and sodomy from the Church’s clergy and hierarchy. THAT will “heal the Church.” God, send us a good and holy pope.

@Pontifex “Report: students in 2 Chinese schools told to deny they are Christians” (World Watch Monitor) The agreement that this “good and holy” pope has signed with the Chinese communists has really done a lot of good, hasn’t it?

@Pontifex “Cardinal Zen joins protesters opposing worsening human rights situation in Hong Kong” (AsiaNews) Oh, but this present “wise,” “good,” and “holy” pope knows best, doesn’t he? After all, he’s the POPE. WhatEVER he says MUST be true, right?

@Pontifex “Since Modernism in its various forms has turned countless seminaries and Catholic universities into ‘chairs of pestilence,’ the effects in the spiritual and moral fields are there for all to see.” (“All,” that is except the present poor pope.”)



Some Tweets:

@Pontifex “Homosexual Scandals and the ‘Smoke of Satan’: Understanding the Depth of the Present Crisis”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “We ask for the grace to listen to one another, in order to discern what the Lord is asking of His Church. #Synod2018” Catholics ask for the grace to discern remedies for this pope’s errors, heresy, lies, and cover-up of the Church’s sodomite network.

@Pontifex “Archbishop mocks Viganò: I wonder if he ‘thinks he… should be pope’” (That’s right. Attack Viganò. Do NOT – under ANY circumstances – attack the Church’s homosexual network and other grievous moral failings that Viganò wrote about.)

@Pontifex The world is anxiously awaiting – not the RESULTS of the current synod, because they’re a foregone conclusion – but the ways in which this pope will MANIPULATE the synod so that it approves of homosexual acts, cohabitation, adultery, etc., etc. (

@Pontifex Nick Donnelly posts Catholic homosexual network wish list: 1 Gay sex accepted as Eucharistic 2 Equivalent: homosexual & heterosexual 3 Not “intrinsically disordered” but “differently ordered” 4 Mandate acceptance of gay partnerships 5 LGBT part of ordinary magisterium

@Pontifex “They try to stop the traditional Latin Mass whenever they can. Most bishops won’t even allow priests to say the Traditional Latin Mass, or hire FSSP priests, although the FSSP seminary is full to bursting, and the diocesan seminaries are empty.”

@Pontifex “Jesuit university in Mexico hosts pro-abortion event, touting ‘freedom of conscience’” A friend commented, “How HAPPY this present pope must be! Now he’s got real help in destroying the Church!”

@Pontifex (1/2) “US Bishops will have to investigate sex abuse without pope’s support” Well, at least they have the support of the attorneys general of… @Pontifex (2/2) …Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Mexico, Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Wyoming – and counting.

@Pontifex “Even a top Vatican media official now publicly criticizing Pope Francis over abuse” Well, I guess that’s the end of Father Hagenkord. We all know how “mercifully” – i.e., with what a sense of vengeance – this present pope reacts to criticism.

@Pontifex A friend prays, “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of all who are trying to destroy Archbishop Viganò and those who support him against the errors and lies spread by this pontificate.”

@Pontifex “The Roman Pontiff preaches an obligation on the part of Catholic priests not to witness Holy Matrimony if the spouse is pregnant.” As Joseph Conrad wrote, “The horror! The horror!” O God, when will You end our suffering? End this pontificate.

@Pontifex “JUDGE ANNE BURKE QUITS ORDER OF MALTA OVER SEX ABUSE GAG ORDER” A good, brave woman, suffering under an error-prone, vengeance-prone, lie-prone pope, one who is still trying to cover up his clergy’s sodomite network.

@Pontifex “The Better Church Governance Group launches $1 million plan to investigate all cardinals eligible to vote in next conclave” Can this present pope ignore THIS? (Oh, I bet he’ll try to.)

@Pontifex (1/2) A friend commented, “This pitiable pope can NEVER resign. That would leave him open to an investigation by the civil authorities in Argentina, not to mention investigations by… @Pontifex (2/2) …the attorneys general of Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Mexico, Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, and Wyoming.

@Pontifex may think that trying to change 2,000-year-old Church teaching is “a sign of great human and spiritual maturity,” but Catholics know in their hearts that it is a sign of error, heresy, disobedience to God, and sheer blind stupidity.

@Pontifex “Why does it so often seem to be the case that the same bishops who are allowing sexual license so much latitude are the very same who find their inner disciplinarian when it comes to the Church’s traditional expressions of worship and piety?”

@Pontifex A sensible Tweet from the “Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) reads: “The pope says we must avoid prejudice and keep an open mind as we gather together to reach a predetermined conclusion. Anything else is clericalism.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The Gospel lets you know the living Jesus, it speaks to your heart and it changes your life.” If only it would change this pope’s life. Then he would stop spreading error, heresy, and confusion. He would stop protecting the Church’s sodomite network.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis opens Synod of Bishops on youth, calls for ‘capacity to dream and to hope’” (Vatican Press Office) Many of us, young and old, are dreaming of a good and holy pope, while at the same time we are hoping for a speedy end to this pontificate of lies and error.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope’s approval ratings dropping in US, survey shows” (Pew Forum) This present pope doesn’t really care much about such things. Power is – and always has been – everything for him. As long as he has power, that’s all that counts. We pray that will change, as he ages.

@Pontifex (1/2) From Edward Pentin: +Chaput says Church leaders & others have failed to form young people due to “ignorance, cowardice and laziness.” The sexual abuse crisis is “precisely a result of… @Pontifex (2/2) …the self-indulgence and confusion introduced into the Church in my lifetime” … @NCRegister

@Pontifex “‘Overcome the scourge of clericalism,’ Pope says in Synod’s opening address” (Vatican Press Office) Clericalism? CLERICALISM? What IS this poor man talking about? Can’t he admit it’s HOMOSEXUALITY and the demonic “spirit” of the Council?

@Pontifex A friend commented, “St. Francis of Assisi acted on Christ’s words, ‘Rebuild My Church.’ This present pope seems to hear only the demon’s words, ‘TEAR IT DOWN!'”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Let us ask the Holy Spirit to throw open the doors of our hearts so that Jesus can enter….” (Let us ask the Holy Spirit to throw open the doors of this pope’s heart so that Jesus can bring him to the truth and free him from error and lies.)

@Pontifex (1/2) “Two Chinese bishops at Synod, but others still barred from travel to Rome” (AsiaNews) “The two bishops participating in the Synod are ranking officials in Catholic organizations… @Pontifex (2/2) …that are recognized by the government but not by the Holy See.” Oh good, so only bishops approved by the Chinese government are permitted to travel to Rome. Looks like the agreement with the communists was another brilliant move by this brilliant pope.

@Pontifex (1/4) “It is a MORAL CERTAINTY that the stick that Antipope Bergoglio tried to pass off as a ferula yesterday in the Mass opening the Sin-nod on Sodomy is a ‘STANG’…” @Pontifex (2/4) “…Antipope Bergoglio said it was a ‘gift’ from ‘young people’ who SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED that he use it in the opening Mass of the Sodo-synod. That story right there by itself is DAMN PECULIAR…” @Pontifex (3/4) “…A Stang is a witch/warlock’s ceremonial staff. It is always forked, and always has an iron nail driven through it. Ideally it has a human form carved or integrated into it somehow….” @Pontifex (4/4) “…The Stang signifies several things, the first being a satan himself…..And if that makes me a conspiracy theorist, so be it. Some conspiracies are real.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “We ask the Lord for the gifts of dialogue and patience.” (If this pope really asks for those gifts, God will answer. Instead, this poor pope refuses to dialogue (the Dubia cardinals, the homosexual network matter) and shows no patience in his anger.)

@Pontifex “An international conspiracy, uniting the US and Russia in a bid to undermine the Pope: have you seen that theory anywhere else but in the writings of Father Spadaro? Perhaps, if you spend your time searching through the online fever swamps.”

@Pontifex “Listen to young people, be open to change, Brazilian cardinal tells synod” (CNS) Oh boy, here we go: this pope will manipulate the synod to accept divorce and remarriage, homosexual “marriage,” sodomy, adultery, cohabitation, masturbation. “It’s what they young want!”

@Pontifex (1 of 2) “Pope Francis Orders New, ‘Thorough’ Study of Archbishop McCarrick – In a statement, the Vatican says it is conscious that the new study may reveal choices not ‘consonant with a contemporary approach to such issues…’ @Pontifex (2 of 2) …A friend commented, “Oh, and such choices were consonant with the approach to such issues at OTHER times in Church history? Sure, in the Church’s most corrupt and decadent periods.”

@Pontifex “Families like mine come to church each Sunday, put their fair share and maybe more in the collection plate, send their children to Catholic schools, and end up being victimized.”

@Pontifex Catholics ask, “Oh God, You promised that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against Your Church, but does that mean that not even this present pope will prevail against it?”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: we should pray for the Church and pray to Our Lady of the Rosary. He should be careful what he asks for. She promised that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph, and the prophesy is also that she will crush the serpent’s head with her heel.

@Pontifex Cardinal Ouellet writes, “I conclude that (Viganò’s) accusation is a political set-up without a real foundation that can incriminate the Pope, and I reiterate that it deeply hurts the communion of the Church.” What really hurts the Church is this pope’s errors and lies.

@Pontifex (1/2) Cardinal Ouellet writes, “I conclude that (Archbishop Viganò’s) accusation is a political set-up without a real foundation that can incriminate the Pope, and I reiterate that it deeply hurts the communion of the Church.” (… @Pontifex (2/2) …This pope’s errors, confusion, apparent lies, and his cover-up of the homosexual and sodomite network among the Church’s clergy and hierarchy are really what hurts the Church. (

@Pontifex This pope’s errors, confusion, apparent lies, and his cover-up of the homosexual and sodomite network among the Church’s clergy and hierarchy are really what hurts the Church, not Archbishop Viganò’s quiet, reasonable, well-supported, and credible accusations.



In response to

“(I)t is customary for such feasts (like the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, commemorating the victory at Lepanto) to be moved onto the following Monday in many places,” writes H.W. Crocker.

Well, maybe in some places, but not here in Germany.

To celebrate that feast today (Monday, October 8) would be so very politically incorrect. It would be, in a word, Islamophobic.

And we wouldn’t want to offend Germany’s future overlords, uh, I mean, the future “new Germans.”



We have here ( a very, very fine exposition of ancient truths, along with an analysis of the grave errors we are confronted with as we navigate the horror of this present pontificate.


Some Tweets:

@Pontifex In The New York Times, Ross Douthat writes: “Silence and stonewalling promise a church permanently in flames.”

@Pontifex (1/2) “Archbishop Viganò argues persuasively that the continuing lack of a response from the Pope, and the other Vatican officials he named in his first statement, represents proof that he’s telling the truth here, too. ‘If they want to deny his… @Pontifex (2/2) “…assertions, he wrote, ‘they have only to say so and provide documentation to support that denial. How can one avoid concluding that the reason they do not provide the documentation is that they know it confirms my testimony?’”

@Pontifex What a fine picture of this humble pope, sitting quietly in the back seat of his humble limousine, with his humble security guard in front! This pope looks so kind, so very merciful, doesn’t he? NOT a “dictator pope.” NOT a pope who would cover for a homosexual network.

@Pontifex I think it’s very sad that this poor pope needs a security guard to protect him from all those rigid, neo-Pelagian Accusers of Satan who are apparently surrounding him and who wish to do him harm.

@Pontifex “Brothers and sisters: I am amazed that you are so quickly forsaking the one who called you by the grace of Christ for a different gospel (not that there is another). But there are some who are disturbing you and wish to pervert the gospel of Christ.” (Galatians 1,6-12)

@Pontifex “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach (to you) a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed!” (Galatians 1,6-12)

@Pontifex “Am I now currying favor with human beings or God? Or am I seeking to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a slave of Christ. Now I want you to know, brothers, that the gospel preached by me is not of human origin.” (Galatians 1,6-12)

@Pontifex “People are also puzzled by the pope’s refusal to answer what seem to be quite legitimate and straightforward questions about what he teaches. Common sense would normally suggest that, if someone is not guilty, he would be anxious to state why.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Each of us is the wounded man, and the Good Samaritan is Jesus, who approached us and took care of us.” (But the wounded man did not then spread lies about the Good Samaritan, or try to draw him into a hidden homosexual network.)

@Pontifex “There’s a special place in (Dante’s) hell for fathers who say not one word ( to their children when they are in distress. It’s on the vast ice lake, the last stop before Satan.” (

@Pontifex “The truth will out. The window of opportunity for the pope and the Vatican to get out in front of this growing crisis – and not only in the United States – is rapidly closing.”

@Pontifex “Like many of you, I feel awkward in this new role of loyal agitator. It should not be this way, but it has become necessary in a pontificate of weaponized ambiguity and often stubborn refusal to listen.” – Msgr. Charles Pope

@Pontifex “More and more young priests are turning to traditional liturgical worship, an ars celebrandi. Good bishops are getting good vocations and are inviting groups to take dying parishes. The mask is being pulled off the fakers and the parasites.”

@Pontifex We have here ( a very, very fine exposition of ancient truths, along with an analysis of the grave errors we are confronted with as we navigate the horror of this present pontificate.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Contemplation and service: this is our path of life.” This poor pope should follow his own advice, instead of spreading errors and lies about the ancient truths of the Church, as he is now doing with the youth synod and its approach to homosexuality.

@Pontifex “The corruption of the shepherds affects more than themselves. Their corruption essentially consists in their establishing their own rules, not in following the example laid down by Christ for that office.” – James V. Schall, S.J.

@Pontifex “Augustine is famous for stating that God could permit evil in a good world if, and only if, by allowing it, a greater good could follow. Evil can thus be the occasion of an unexpected good coming about.” The evil of this pontificate brings hope.

@Pontifex (1/3) “Whatever else one thinks of this ongoing drama, I would argue that Viganò has already lost everything: his good name, his sense of safety, his ability to live in his own country… @Pontifex (2/3) “…Yet he persists. What does he gain by this? Why would he do this if it weren’t true? Those seeking to take his credibility from him face a daunting task…. @Pontifex (3/3) “Why would a man at the end of his life, who could have lived quietly in retirement with the esteem of his ecclesiastical colleagues, expose himself to vicious public attacks and ridicule for nothing but a lie?”



I believe that the Church has survived periods that are as bad as this one, and periods that were even worse – the Borgia popes, the time through which St. Catherine of Siena lived, and more. Faithful Catholics survived all that, and even flourished. If we are faithful, we will survive this, too.

I sometimes think of the Good Thief, hanging on his cross next to Christ, seeing the wreckage of everything Christ tried to do, and yet knowing that it wasn’t wreckage at all, but the beginning of something glorious.

We too can see what the Good Thief saw; we too can know what he knew.

In the words of King Lear: “Look there!”



Some Tweets:

@Pontifex (1/2) “The pope has been alleged to go into apoplectic fits over opposition, was reported to have been ‘boiling with rage’ about the dubia,… @Pontifex (2/2) “…forced the grand master of the Knights of Malta to resign after the faithful discharge of his duty, and has engaged in proxy wars against his opponents in the past.”

@Pontifex “We have entered a whole new era — in the Church and the culture — where people who love God and decency and morality have had it with being steamrolled and abused and told to shut up.”

@Pontifex “With Pope Francis warning bishops against “falling into moralistic or elitist postures” at the Rome Youth Synod, faithful Catholics are voicing concern over threats to Church teaching.”

@Pontifex Edward Pentin quotes Msgr Charles Pope: “Like many of you, I feel awkward in this new role of loyal agitator. It should not be this way, but it has become necessary in a pontificate of weaponized ambiguity and often stubborn refusal to listen”

@Pontifex “It’s no coincidence that bishops who saw no danger in the growth of a homosexual culture within the Church also see no danger in the advance of Islamic sharia across the globe. Encounters are coming, but they won’t be what the pope envisions.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The newness of the Gospel transfigures us inside and out: spirit, soul, body, and everyday life.” True, except that when this pope reads the Gospel, he twists its meaning and spreads errors. Then the Gospel doesn’t “transfigure” him, it condemns him.

@Pontifex “Scoundrels, who can not be given the benefit of a doubt, because there no longer is any doubt, are running the Church and major archdioceses, and how this all functions must change.”

@Pontifex Copy of a message sent to the Pennsylvania Attorney General in the US: “The Attorney General may want to look at this video from a Catholic website: ” The video states: “These cardinals are crooked; they think they are accountable to no one.”

@Pontifex “On Deposing Popes” “We cannot expect Pope Francis, who is a major cause of the problems the Church is suffering under, to be a major part of those problems’ solution.”

@Pontifex “Francis has brought to clarity the bankruptcy of “Vatican II Catholicism,” with its lightweight liturgy; its unserious opposition to the world, the flesh, and the devil; and its continual compromise with the reigning forces of liberalism.”

@Pontifex “Catholics today who have gone back to the traditional liturgy often come away with amazement: “They took that away from us?!” Yes, they did: this incomparable school of prayer, this staff to support our weakness, this comforting beauty.”

@Pontifex “The last five years are not a sudden catastrophe that came from nowhere; they are the last act in a tragedy. Bergoglio is the distillation of the worst tendencies in Roncalli, Montini, Wojtyła, and Ratzinger, without their redeeming qualities.

@Pontifex “The alternative is equally clear: the complex but internally consistent religion taught by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church; savored by monks and mystics; authoritatively proclaimed by the great councils.”

@Pontifex “Cdl. Cupich backs Cdl. Ouellet’s roasting of Viganò, slams those who ‘attack’ Pope Francis” Of course. Cupich knows what this *merciful” pope would do if Cupich DIDN’T back Ouellet and DIDN’T slam those who “attack” this pope.

@Pontifex “Source: Vatican cardinal was at drug-fueled homosexual party, and Pope knows it”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Cupich: allow Communion for Catholics in same-sex marriages” ( And this present pope allows this man to remain a cardinal? What is wrong with these poor men? May God forgive them.

@Pontifex Video from The Remnant newspaper Quotes: “Revolutionary nonsense…This is the Vicar of Christ babbling here…The Church is being run by a kindergartener…This kind of leadership represents a crisis…The most dangerous pontificate in history.”



Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “If the Vatican homo squad actually tries to push out a final report blaming St. John Paul, oh my. Go ahead and try.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Prayer requires commitment, constancy and determination.” Catholics everywhere are committed, constant, and determined, praying for an end to this pontificate; St. Michael, cast Satan into hell; Mother of God, crush the serpent’s head with your heel.

@Pontifex “Why Pope Francis’ method of ‘discernment’ could lead souls away from God”

@Pontifex “The Youth Synod may be used as a vehicle for introducing a general acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle within the Church.” MAY be used? Forget it. This pope’s LGBT Church is HERE, folks. Face it: it’s over. For now, anyway.

@Pontifex “Vatican Post Office” (@CaproEspiatori) tweets: “Kim Jong Un invites Pope over to have tea and share favorite recipes for sesame tea cookies and serene oppression of your people.” (Especially those people for whom truth, clarity, decency, and honesty are important.)

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “What is worse: the recognizable demon that pushes you to sin, or the well-mannered demon that lives within you and possesses you with the spirit of worldliness?” (For this pope, is it “the well-mannered demon…and the spirit of worldliness”?)

@Pontifex “In China, repression of ‘underground’ Church continues despite pact” (AsiaNews) Is anyone (besides the present pope, of course) surprised at this?

@Pontifex A tweet by @EdwardPentin informs us, “Pope Francis Accepts Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s Resignation” (Will we have to wait a long time before we hear similar news about @CardinalBCupich ? Unfortunately, the answer is probably, “Yes.”)

@Pontifex “Synod press briefing’s themes: changing social reality, totalitarian ideologies, joyful collaboration” (Vatican News) Fine, but of course what the Vatican sodomite network is anxiously waiting for is the approval of ALL homosexual activities.

@Pontifex “San Diego bishop says Archbishop Viganò has ‘political agenda’” (California Catholic Daily) Of course. Atttack Viganò, blast him, censure him, drive him away, but for heaven’s sake DON’T TOUCH the homosexual network among the clergy and in the Vatican.

@Pontifex “I think we all have a chance to make our voices heard,” @BishopBarron said at the synod ( (Unless, of course, you advocate the traditional Latin mass and believe homosexual acts are sinful and disordered. In that case, you should just SHUT UP.)

@Pontifex “Robert Royal: At the Synod on Youth, there’s much talk about the ‘future.’ But unless young people marry and stop contracepting, what future will there be?” (Doesn’t matter. The main thing: the homosexual network feels accepted by the synod.)

@Pontifex Okay, @Cardinal_Wuerl is finally gone, and we all hope that @CardinalJWTobin is next. But let’s not forget @CardinalBCupich . Shouldn’t his turn be coming up soon?

@Pontifex Archbishop Bruno Forte (@arcivbrunoforte) has been pretty quiet. Whatever happened to the scandalous passage in the mid-term report at the 2014 Synod on the Family about “valuing” homosexual relationships? (Did McCarrick and the whole homosexual network get in the way?)

@Pontifex “The world will be forced to choose between JPII’s Theology of the Body and extinction. Islamic nations haven’t swallowed the poison pill of contraception. Their populations grow; they are religious. The West may not avoid demographic suicide.”

@Pontifex “A parish priest explains how Pope Francis is undermining his ability to teach moral truths:…If a pope can simply bypass common sense, convention, and tradition to revise the Catechism, all moral teachings are questionable.”

@Pontifex This pope and the death penalty: “It’s simply inexplicable that an act that is morally good/allowable for thousands of years is today an intrinsic evil. I believe that Francis has no clue about the workings of the Magisterium or the Holy Spirit!”

@Pontifex “Are you a Catholic tempted to tear out your hair and say: ‘Wait a minute, if the pope can’t be trusted, who can?’ One may always be confident believing what has been held ‘by everyone, always, and everywhere’ prior to this time of confusion.

@Pontifex “Only the group moderated by pro-LGBT Cardinal Cupich questioned the traditional nuclear family.” (When his investigation is complete, the Illinois Attorney General may have something about Cupich and his “traditional nuclear family.”)



Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “What is the point of listening to Francis anymore? His theology is atrocious. His knowledge of scripture is rudimentary and his ‘insights’ are at best banal. Oh, for the days of St. John Paul the Great and Benedict XVI.” – Response to a blog

@Pontifex “It is none other than Pope Francis, the willful canonizer of Paul VI, who has demonstrated past all doubt the self-destructive trajectory of postconciliar Catholicism.”

@Pontifex (1/2) Current investigations of sexual abuse by Catholic priests, conducted by the relevant attorneys general: @Pontifex (2/2) In the U.S.: Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Mexico, Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Wyoming, Arkansas. In Germany: Bavaria, Lower Saxony

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Let us defend ourselves from the risk of being actors rather than witnesses.” (No, this pope should act to eradicate the Church’s homosexual network, not simply stand by and “witness” (and remain silent).

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “We are called to be living memory of the Lord.” For a pope, that should mean carrying on the living, 2,000-year-old tradition of the Church, without error or heresy, without ambiguity, without taking revenge on those who expose evil in the Church.

@Pontifex “As in the U.S., some states in Germany will now investigate clerical sex abuse cases of the Catholic Church – in Bavaria and Lower Saxony.” The Germans are proud of the great importance they place on one virtue: “Gründlichkeit” – thoroughness.

@Pontifex “The biggest crisis in the Catholic Church right now is not whether bishops, cardinals or priests are sinners, a noted priest and author said. It is whether the Church will uphold its own teaching. At the center of the crisis is Pope Francis.”

@Pontifex “The Church’s Greatest Crisis” by Rev. James V. Schall, S.J. “People rightly want to know the truth; they want to hear a fair assessment of the situation from the pope himself; but they do not want their concerns dismissed.”

@Pontifex “Thanks to the dictatorial hand of Albrecht von Boeselager, members of the Order of Malta have been ordered to be complicit in that cover-up and in a way that could seriously damage the reputation of the Order of Malta, perhaps permanently.”

@Pontifex “This pope has elevated immoral men in order to change the Catholic faith.”

@Pontifex (1/3) “Ultimately the vision Francis has promoted presents a God who is not merciful but indulgent, even lazy, and indifferent. It is God as a Baby Boomer parent. He expects less of you, and you can expect less of Him. In this new religion… @Pontifex (2/3) “…where our faults become semi-virtues, salvation itself is changed. Instead of a free gift from God, it becomes a debt owed to us… @Pontifex (2/3) “…Christ is not moved by an act of love to sacrifice himself as a propitiation for sinners. Instead, he dies on the cross because our human dignity, revealed in our semi-virtues, obliges him to do so.”

@Pontifex No wonder that the Vatican itself is filled with moral mediocrities, with men who are sexually and financially compromised.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The world needs saints, and all of us, without exception, are called to holiness.” Is this pope responding to that call, with his errors, heresies, ambiguities, lies, anger, revenge against critics, and his cover-up of the Church’s homosexual network?

@Pontifex Laura Quigley (@lmquigley) tweets and many agree: “The Holy Father has absolutely no interest in being transparent or doing this (the Youth Synod) with integrity. He evidently does not care how it is perceived.” (He also seems not to care much about integrity at all.)

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweeted: After Cardinal Ouellet accidentally confirmed +Viganò’s accusations, the Vatican is now taking applications for another Cardinal to denounce both Ouellet & Viganò. (No Canadians, please) Leave résumé in Gay Lobby mail room.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweeted: “Pope says: ‘We must avoid prejudice and keep an open mind as we gather together to reach a predetermined conclusion. Anything else is clericalism’.”

@Pontifex “What is important is that in countries, run by Sharia law, the constitution becomes inferior to the Islamist laws of the land. When radical Islam gains power, every article in the constitution becomes contingent on compliance with sharia.”

@Pontifex “If only Pope Francis would learn such wisdom and true care for the immortal souls of men, rather than caring solely about his own popularity among them!”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Chicago’s next.



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Let us pray consecrated religious men and women may bestir themselves.” And let us pray that this woeful pope may bestir himself and eradicate the homosexual network in the Vatican and in the Church. Let us pray he will rebuild what he has torn down.

@Pontifex “In the current climate of treachery, confusion and threatening doctrinal apostasy among many of the bishops in the Church today, it is encouraging to hear the Truths and Traditions of the Catholic Church are in place and will remain so.”

@Pontifex “The Pennsylvania grand jury report (on the Church) has now touched off attorneys general investigations in FIFTEEN other states, and how bishops in those dioceses and archdioceses react will now be under scrutiny for months and years to come.”

@Pontifex “Think about it: the now undeniable fact that the priesthood and episcopate have been seized control of in large parts of the Church by homosexual men and sympathetic allies. That alone has done massive damage to the passing on of the Faith.

@Pontifex “The carnage these evil prelates have brought to the Church has exacted a heavy cost, and as a result, the Church is in full-blown retreat. But in the midst of all this, faithful Catholics are emerging, giving hope where there was none before.”

@Pontifex “What kind of ‘pastoral policy’ could induce imposing on the Universal Church beatifications and/or canonizations that undermine the Church’s unity; scandalize the faithful, or otherwise disturb the peace within Christ’s Mystical Body?”

@Pontifex should be proud. Father Cadore, O.P., looks so “welcoming” in his photo, doesn’t he? And here in Germany, the Dominicans “welcome” everyone except traditional, faithful Catholics. They are definitely NOT welcome.

@Pontifex This poor pope tweets, “Open your heart and let the Lord’s grace enter in.” If he did that himself, he wouldn’t spread error, confusion, and heresy. He would no longer take revenge on critics. He would understand that if he’s “humble” OUTWARDLY, that doesn’t mean much.

@Pontifex “The world is watching,…but as every day passes fewer eyes turn to Rome in the hope of finding a shepherd to provide clarity and leadership while more turn to heaven longing for a time when justice too, has its fair place next to mercy.”

@Pontifex “Be vigilant against ‘well-mannered demons,’ Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) Yes, and be especially vigilant against those “well-mannered demons” who call the Vatican home and who attend cocaine-fueled homosexual orgies there

@Pontifex “New York Times editorial: ‘The Pope ignores the damage as another prelate falls’” Oh, but it’s all just calumny directed against Cardinal Wuerl by that rascal Archbishop Viganò, right? This pope is so “proud” of Wuerl. (St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in….)

@Pontifex “Algeria: Christian family accused of ‘proselytism,’ faces court hearing” (World Watch Monitor) Obviously, the family didn’t “dialogue” enough with Islam. This present pope would no doubt have shown them how to do that.

@Pontifex_de “Die Kirche schweigt vom Kopfe her” – die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ( Und ein Fisch verfault vom Kopf….

@Pontifex This pope said the Pharisees and doctors of the Law were rigid people. “But always, under or behind rigidity, there are problems, grave problems.” (And under or behind the personality of error-prone, confused, heretical, angry popes, there are problems, grave problems.)

@Pontifex Catholics everywhere go on praying for this pope’s conversion, in spite of everything. May God make him a good, decent, and holy man who will rebuild the Church, not continue to tear it down and ruin it.

@Pontifex Catholics pray that God will make this pope a good man, one who is the opposite of error-prone, confused, heretical, and angry, no longer a man who takes revenge on critics or who covers up the homosexual network in the Church.

@Pontifex “The works of the flesh are immorality, impurity,…hatreds, rivalry,…outbursts of fury, acts of selfishness,…drinking bouts, orgies.” -Galatians 5,18-25 (But of course none of that happens in the Vatican under this pope. Or does it?)

@Pontifex A slightly modified version of today’s Gospel (Luke 11, 42-46) might read: “”Woe to you, Pope and Cardinals! You pay no attention to judgment and to love for God.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “When we listen to the Word of God, we obtain the courage and perseverance to offer the best of ourselves to others.” May this pope listen to the Word of God and stop spreading error and heresy and stop covering up the homosexual network in the Church.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “It’s too late. The bishops are even admitting that they have lost all of their moral authority. Nobody trusts them anymore, which is really sad because we do have some really good bishops and they are going to get lumped into the same group.”

@Pontifex “Jesus cleaned out the temple. This time He’s sending His Mom; there won’t be a cobweb left. She’s going to clean house and it is going to be beautiful. But, it’s not going to be pleasant getting there.”

@Pontifex So, what was Jesus, REALLY?

@Pontifex “The pope stressed that such ‘rigid’ individuals, like the ‘hypocritical’ Pharisees, look to the external, and – like whited sepulchers – hide corruption, greed, wickedness.” (Good thing this pope doesn’t hide corruption, greed, wickedness.)

@Pontifex “90-year-old philosopher priest: Pope Francis is at the center of Church’s current crisis”

@Pontifex “The Vatican’s explanation for the sex abuse crisis is embarrassing”

@Pontifex “The utter hypocrisy of Cardinal Ouellet’s attack on Viganò”

@Pontifex “Leading Islam scholar: Jihad will destroy Western civilization” (As other civilizations and societies were destroyed, especially those that were doing what this poor pope wants to do: “dialoguing” with Islam.)

@Pontifex “To insult or hate someone, or to have contempt, is a way of ‘killing the dignity of a person,’ the Pope said Oct. 17” (But is it permitted for this pope to insult people, by calling them “rigid,” or by comparing them to pharisees?)

@Pontifex “Vatican Agreement With China Legitimizes A Christian-Torturing Regime”

@Pontifex In response to a Tweet by Edward Pentin ( I don’t know how much effect the statement by the Australian young people will have on the cabal manipulating the synod , but I pray it will have at least some effect. I also say, “Good for them!”

@Pontifex Catholics pray, “O God, don’t allow the homosexual network to manipulate the Youth Synod into approving homosexual acts and other evils; convert this pope, we beg You, or give us a good and holy pope, faithful to Your teachings.”

@Pontifex “Pope’s Latest Homily: ‘Rigid’ Catholics Lack the ‘Spirit of God’” (And just who is he to judge?)

@Pontifex “The pope focused on the ‘hypocrisy’ of those who seem to ‘rigidly’ adhere to their Catholic Faith.” (This woeful pope. He spreads error, confusion, and heresy. He covers up the Church’s sodomite network. And HE speaks to US about “hypocrisy”?)

@Pontifex “Pope Francis warned: ‘Be careful around those who are rigid. There’s no Spirit of God there. They lack the spirit of liberty.” (Be careful of those who preach “liberty.” There’s no Spirit of God there, only Satan’s spirit of sinning freely.)

@Pontifex “Covering up the gay evil” Meanwhile, the Vatican twaddles on about “rigid” Catholics (i.e., those who still believe in the teachings of the Gospel and the Church). Mother of God, Theotokos, when will it end?

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The road of the disciple is one of poverty. Disciples are poor because their richness is Jesus.” But not disciples – or a pope – who are obsessed with the wealth of the German Church, the Knights of Malta, and the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

@Pontifex The “Vatican Post Office” (@CaproEspiatori) tweets: “The Pope assures everyone that the rainbow cross is not a pro-LGBT symbol and any perception of the obvious resemblance is a sign of unhealthy rigidity.”

@Pontifex “Always, under or behind rigidity, there are problems, grave problems,” the Pontiff preached during his weekday Mass. And always, under or behind popes who preach error and deny the Church’s sodomite network, there are problems, grave problems.

@Pontifex “Watering down Church teaching won’t attract young people, Cardinal Sarah tells Synod” (CNS) Cardinal Sarah may be the only one who gets it. How long before this pope takes revenge on him?

@Pontifex “More evidence is also emerging that the pope is personally involved in surrounding himself with and covering up for morally compromised men.”

@Pontifex “Herein, buried in the graveyard, among Donegal’s aged dead, lie the graves of eight young men who committed suicide. All eight were victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.” But for the present pope caring about “rigidity” is more important.



Copies of some Tweets:

@Pontifex “The Irish have long memories. The Donegal winds blow a warning from the graves of the eight young men. Their silenced voices cry out for vengeance and justice against the Church and its pope, who dismisses their pain and abuse as mere rumors.

@Pontifex This pope told seminarians to “report immediately to their bishop if they ever see or suspect any kind abuse, sexual or otherwise, on the part of a priest.” “Tell their bishop?” Gimme a break. So he can shut them up?

@Pontifex At the synod, a group complains, “Deliberately unclear words are relied on and repeated with rigidity. The Church should not discourage young people following its rules in love.” No RIGIDITY? More RULES? The pope’ll get rid of this group SOON.

@Pontifex Uh oh, it’s not just the Pennsylvania Attorney General; now the Feds are involved: “The federal government has issued subpoenas to multiple Pennsylvania dioceses in a criminal probe into sex abuse cover-up.”

@Pontifex Today, 19 October, is the feast day of Blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko, priest, murdered in 1984 by Polish “state security.” As they manipulate the youth synod, do members of the Church’s shameful homosexual network ever think about the strength and courage of such a man?

@Pontifex This pope can rig the Youth Synod and try to change Church teaching on the disordered nature of homosexual acts, but in the eyes of God they will still be mortal sins. A future pope or ecumenical council will correct this pope’s shameful “teaching.”

@Pontifex St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. By the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits – especially those in the Vatican – who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

@Pontifex Thanks to Benedict Gerald Wee for this meme. Will Father George Rutler be next on this pope’s hit list?

@Pontifex “This Pope takes the assault on doctrine to a new level (not judging sodomy, etc.). He’s allowed, either by gross neglect or willful intent, the sodomizing of children and adolescents. He may go down as the most evil Pope in Church history.”

@Pontifex “We wonder how much longer God will permit Francis to wreak havoc on the Church’s teaching and practice before the lawful authorities take action.” (E.g., the U.S. federal government and the attorneys general of fifteen U.S. states.)

@Pontifex “The US Justice Department has initiated an investigation into the sex abuse crisis in the Church. State borders may constrict state attorneys general, and federal investigators believe the crimes warrant its full investigative resources.”

@Pontifex “The Justice Department has opened an investigation into Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania accused of covering up sex abuse for decades, a significant escalation in scrutiny of the church.” – New York Times

@Pontifex “A federal investigation might focus on charges related to (Catholic Church) institutional cover-ups or conspiracy, perhaps seeking to build a case under the federal RICO laws meant for dealing with organized crime.”

@Pontifex “No synod has the authority to change core Christian teachings; nor does any Pope.” – Archbishop Chaput But if this pope tries to change Church teaching on sodomy, that wouldn’t make him a heretic. Would it?

@Pontifex This pope can get all warm and fuzzy about “welcoming” sodomites and the Church’s homosexual network, but the U.S. federal government has other ideas.

@Pontifex This is a fine and even splendid Vortex episode, full of righteous indignation and a suggestion of justified anger.

@Pontifex Many of us wish the U.S. federal government “godspeed” as it begins its investigation of the Catholic Church, preliminary to a possible prosecution under the RICO statute, which governs organized crime.

@Pontifex This pope is manipulating the Youth Synod so it will “bless” sodomy in the Church. But if this pope won’t clean out the homosexual rot in the clergy and hierarchy, the attorneys general in fifteen US states together with the US Justice Department will do exactly that.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The leaven of Christians is the Holy Spirit that allows us to grow amidst the difficulties of the journey, but always with hope.” (And the Holy Spirit will continue His work despite all of the monstrous evil carried out by the present pontificate.)

@Pontifex “200 youths write to Youth Synod: We don’t want to ‘shape’ Church, we want Church to shape us” (Of course this pope won’t listen to these “rigid” young people. They obviously have “grave problems.” Besides, they don’t fit his sodomite agenda.)



@Pontifex “Cardinal at Youth Synod: Youths want ‘clear teaching, and authentic, radical witness even to death’” (I doubt this cardinal will be around much longer. He’s clearly much too “rigid” for the present pope. He’ll be gotten rid of.)

@Pontifex “A look at barbarous customs in (CENSORED) nations (Well, they just need a little more “dialoguing,” right? Then everything will be okay. Riiiiiiight.)

@Pontifex “Beware of churches, whether Catholic or Protestant, that advertise themselves as ‘welcoming.’ Translated into English, ‘welcoming’ means ‘We are in the process of committing institutional suicide. Come join us as we leap off the bridge’.”

@Pontifex “How NOT to restore trust in the Catholic hierarchy” – by appointing Joseph Tobin Archbishop of Washington. Of all the errors this pope has made – and continues to make – that would be one of the gravest.

@Pontifex Manipulation: “Finally, in Rome, where the Synod of Bishops heads toward its conclusion, comes the news the bishops who were appointed to draft a final statement were presented with a draft already prepared by the Vatican’s Office of the Synod.”

@Pontifex More manipulation: ( Will this pope NEVER learn? Everything he does leads Catholics to distrust him more.

@Pontifex “Watering down Church teaching won’t attract young people, Cardinal Sarah tells Synod” ( But this pope keeps blindly going ahead with the illusion that young people will be attracted to watered-down teaching. The poor man.

@Pontifex Watering down Church teaching ( may help the homosexuals in the Church’s sodomite network feel better, at least for a time, but it won’t attract more young people to the Church – or many people at all, for that matter.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “God can act in any circumstance, even in the midst of apparent defeat.” That statement gives hope to us faithful Catholics, attacked by this pope’s insults as “rigid” or “pharisees.” We know that God can convert even this pope.

@Pontifex Michael Voris tweets: “When I walk around Rome and see groups of teenagers and young people who are being lied to by bishops and cardinals; being used as the excuse to push homosexuality, it’s impossible not to be outraged. When will these perverts stop their abuse?”

@Pontifex “‘I believe the Lord wants a change in the Church,’ Pope told Lithuanian Jesuits” (La Civiltà Cattolica) No doubt this pope will get his change, but maybe not the one he’s expecting: “Federal prosecutors open clergy abuse probe in Pennsylvania” (AP)

@Pontifex “Viganò: Man Up, Brother Bishops, And Tell The Truth” A friend commented, “And that goes for this present pope, too.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis described the abuse scandal as ‘a global scandal, that makes one reflect on the human sacrifices of children as pagans once did.’ He added, ‘The greatest scandal, to me, is the frivolous priest’.” Frivolous? FRIVOLOUS?

@Pontifex “The Church needs to overhaul seminaries, a seminary vice-rector writes in op-ed” (Washington Post) The Church also needs to overhaul the Church, and eradicate the homosexual network.

@Pontifex Archbishop Viganò writes that Cardinal Ouellet “concedes the important claims that I did and do make, and disputes claims I don’t make and never made.”

@Pontifex (1/2) Archbishop Viganò says that the Church is in “a crisis due to the scourge of homosexuality. It is no exaggeration to say that homosexuality has become a plague in the clergy. It is an enormous hypocrisy to condemn the abuse, claim to weep @Pontifex (2/2) for the victims, and yet refuse to denounce the root cause: homosexuality. It is hypocrisy to refuse to acknowledge this scourge is due to a crisis in the spiritual life of the clergy and to fail to take the steps necessary to remedy it.”

@Pontifex “Viganò has given up all earthly security to make his claims known. He has given up what life the Church would have provided for him in retirement in exchange for the life of a fugitive, unable even to finish out his life in his own country.”

@Pontifex This pope says an insult “is a way of killing a person’s dignity.” He should know. There is a huge collection online of the insults he has thrown at other people, especially faithful Catholics.

@Pontifex “Another Vatican PR disaster? Pope Francis wears ‘rainbow’ cross during Youth Synod” (A Vatican PR disaster? Nope. Just more comical Vatican PR. Period. If this pope knew what he was doing. you’d have to say he’s got a GREAT sense of humor!)



Many Catholics and other Christians prefer to ignore the idea that – as Abbot Philip expresses it – “If we follow the Lord Jesus, we will surely suffer.”

That’s unfortunate, because if we suffer in that way – as Abbot Philip also expresses it – “We will share more intimately in His life.”


Regarding this video: (

Taylor and Timothy asked several times, “What’s going to happen next?”

First of all, the attorneys general in at least fifteen states are investigating sex abuse by priests in the dioceses in those states; second, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania is launching ANOTHER investigation, this time into questionable financial dealings of the Papal Foundation, which is incorporated in Pennsylvania; and third, has this article on their website: FEDERAL GOV’T LAUNCHES CRIMINAL PROBE INTO CATHOLIC CHURCH IN PA.

With the Feds now involved, together with all these attorneys general, there is little chance that this whole issue is going to disappear any time soon.

This pope may be silent; his supporters and accomplices may even be silent for a while, and they all may want the whole issue to go away, but I don’t think the authorities in the US federal government and in the various state governments are just going to let it drop.

Meanwhile, in this pope’s former archdiocese in Argentina, according to Catholic News Agency, “An Argentine investigation into clerical sexual abuse involves a priest previously accused of abuse in Italy, who was the subject of a 2014 letter to Pope Francis from sexual abuse victims concerned about his ongoing ministry.

Maybe people with “nine-second attention spans,” as Timothy put it, will forget this whole matter, but quite a few others will be pursuing it far into the future.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Columnist: Youth Synod will only drive young people away from Catholic Church” Sure, that’s right. But the REAL point of the synod is not to attract young people, but to change homosexuality from being “disordered” to “differently ordered.”

@Pontifex “Saying Church is in a Francis-fueled ‘crisis’ isn’t polarizing, but reality”

@Pontifex “In reality, never have the papacy and the Vatican been more corrupt in the 2,000-year history of the Catholic Church. We have seen popes of venality, ambition, and lust, but even Alexander VI upheld Catholic doctrine!

@Pontifex “We will never find a solution to our crisis until we recover our Catholic identity through the celebration everywhere of the traditional Latin liturgy, with the doctrinal orthodoxy and moral strength it embodies, represents, and encourages.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis should resign. And he should heed Vigano’s call to accept the resignation of ‘cardinals and bishops who covered up McCarrick’s abuses’.”

@Pontifex “(This pope’s) willingness to pack the WMOF and the Youth Synod with the men who are most deeply implicated in the sex-abuse cover-ups, suggests that he doesn’t take the scandals seriously.”

@Pontifex “(It) suggests he considers the success of his progressive agenda to be more important than the damage being done to the Church. Francis seems determined to conduct business as usual—full speed ahead and damn the consequences.”

@Pontifex Archbishop Vigano wrote, “Francis is abdicating the mandate which Christ gave to Peter to confirm the brethren. By his action he has divided them, led them into error, and encouraged the wolves to tear apart the sheep of Christ’s flock.”

@Pontifex “The Vatican is invoking diplomatic immunity for a cardinal implicated in covering up sex abuse…François Devaux, who initiated the proceedings against Barbarin, slammed the Vatican’s move.”

@Pontifex Catholics everywhere are praying: “O God, convert this pope, or end this pontificate from hell. And please – we beg you – send us a good and holy pope. Send us a pope free of error and heresy, one who will eradicate the Church’s homosexual network, not cover it up.”

@Pontifex Catholics also pray: “God, don’t let the Church’s homosexual network – or the pope – stain the Youth Synod with error and heresy and confusion.”

@Pontifex Catholics pray, “God, stop this pope and his sodomite network from doing any more damage to the Church and her teaching.”

@Pontifex Catholics everywhere are praying, “O God, give us a pope who is not a ‘humble’ hypocrite, surrounded by a network of homosexuals in his hierarchy and clergy.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “We are all on the Road to Emmaus being called to see the face of Christ.” But some, like this present woeful pope, have taken a detour into error, heresy, and lies about the infestation of homosexuals in the hierarchy and clergy.

@Pontifex There are reports that this manipulated Youth Synod will give the Church’s sodomite network what it wants: “approval” of homosexuality and homosexual acts. The angels weep. And faithful Catholics give their money elsewhere.

@Pontifex Now reports: “At Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s parish’s annual pledge report shows only 335 pledges this year compared to 2,595 last year. Catholics are sick of bishops’ pro-LGBT agenda and are not giving.”

@Pontifex And also states: “Hey, Bishops, keep inviting Fr Martin, pushing LGBT agenda, ignoring Catholics’ pleas. Lose money as a result. We’re sick of your fleecing the flock & treating us peasant Catholics like garbage. We’ll take our money elsewhere.”

@Pontifex Within the last month, two French priests in their thirties have committed suicide ( The hellish “spirit” of the Council continues its work. Meanwhile, this pope and his accomplices press on with their satanic efforts to “change” the Church.

@Pontifex As the homosexual infestation in the Church spreads and worsens, Catholics threaten to give their money elsewhere. Hey, this pope couldn’t care less. He’s got the Germans, after all. The German Church is ROLLING in money thanks to the German government “Church tax.”

@Pontifex @Michael_Voris The German Church has piles of money because of the “Kirchensteuer” (Church tax) every German Catholic must pay. If they don’t pay, they’re excommunicated: can’t receive the Last Sacraments, can’t be buried in the Church, their children can’t be baptized.

@Pontifex @Michael_Voris No, I am not making this up: there really is a German “Church tax” that dates back to the time of the Kaiser. Of course any German has the legal right NOT to pay it, but then he must make a formal declaration that he has left the Church.



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Catholics everywhere are praying for Archbishop Viganò, praying that God will preserve him from the evil that is raging in the Vatican and throughout the hierarchy.

@Pontifex The Church’s homosexual network chooses to remain oblivious to it, but the more it infests the Church, and in particular this Youth Synod, the more likely it is that the wrath of God will be visited on the People of God, as has happened since Ancient Testament times.

@Pontifex A friend commented, “I’ve read one sarcastic writer who says that the next thing this woeful pope is going to do is abolish the Ten Commandments and replace them with the ‘Ten Ideals’ toward which priests can ‘accompany’ people.”

@Pontifex St. Teresa of Calcutta said (, “We can only find happiness and peace by loving God. Loving him brings us joy and happiness.” (We cannot find happiness by manipulating the Youth Synod to satisfy the Church’s sodomite network.)

@Pontifex “Their hardness of heart and betrayal of office has set off a storm of justified anger among Catholics now seeing that, as long as Francis is Pope, these wicked prelates are unaccountable and feel as though they can get away with murder.”

@Pontifex “The damage Francis and his homosexual pals in the Vatican are doing to the Church and to the papacy is so extensive that some in Rome are praying and quietly talking about the blessing it would be for the Pope to die or resign.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The company of the saints helps us to recognize that God never abandons us,” unless “we” are a pope who protects the Church’s homosexual network. In that case, the company of saints recognizes that such a pope has abandoned THEM and abandoned God.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweets, “I tell you, I find it amazing that the main concerns and desires of old gay prelates is exactly in tune with what young people want. Fingers on the pulse!”

@Pontifex “As I finished reading Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s third letter, I had an immediate sense that I had just read something that is destined to be one of the great pastoral and literary moments of the Church’s history.”

@Pontifex “Molester McCarrick lives in comfort near a grammar school. Here’s why he’s untouchable: HE KNOWS TOO MUCH. He could bring down other bishops, cardinals, officials inside the Vatican, clerics from the Papal Foundation’s board.”

@Pontifex This pope will continue to exploit young people and manipulate the Youth Synod, and sodomy and the Church’s homosexual network will be “approved.” People, though, will continue to flee the Church.

@Pontifex “If a future pope teaches anything contrary to the Catholic Faith, do not follow him.” – Pope Pius IX

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Out of the evil of some members of the clergy, out of the evil of some members of the hierarchy, out of the evil of the present papacy, God can ultimately draw the greatest good.”

@Pontifex This pope says, “Hope is not an idea, it is an encounter; like the woman waiting to meet the child who will be born from her womb.” And faithful Catholics hope that out of the evil of the present papacy, God will draw the greatest good.

@Pontifex A Tweet from the Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori): “Archbishop Viganò reiterates his claims. Says homosexual clergy are destroying the Church. Synod Fathers were so upset by this false accusation, they all went out for a mani-pedi and a good cry.”

@Pontifex “It’s not admiration for the current pope that defines a Catholic, but adherence to the faith.”

@Pontifex The “Silence Stops Now” rally will take place November 13, 2018 at the MECU Pavilion directly across from the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott, where the U.S. bishops will be holding their annual meeting.

@Pontifex The young are being used twice by the Church’s homosexual network: first, sexually; and then second, by the “youth synod,” which has been called and manipulated in order to protect and support that same homosexual network.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “This Synod is intended to be a sign of the Church….” (But many say this Synod is nothing more than a sign of the Church manipulated by the Vatican so that the homosexual network of clergy and hierarchy can be protected and lied about.)

@Pontifex “Prominent Cardinal: I have a ‘hunch’ that ‘LGBT’ will be in Youth Synod final document” (Of course, that’s the whole POINT of this synod. That’s the real reason the Church’s homosexual network wanted this synod to be held.)

@Pontifex “If that is true and it all comes to light, it could have the impact of bringing down the entire Francis pontificate as newspapers around the world would scream out the most sensational headlines perhaps ever associated with the Church.”



Copy of a message:

Dear Klaus,

Here is the link again: (

The Gatestone Institute is a conservative American group. John Bolton was its chairman from 2013 until he went to work as Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser earlier this year. The present chairman of Gatestone is a conservative Iranian-born writer named Amir Taheri (

Wikipedia has a very negative description of Gatestone ( “The Gatestone Institute is a right-wing, anti-Muslim[a] think tank with a focus on Islam and the Middle East. The organization has attracted attention for publishing false articles and being a source of viral falsehoods.” That description, however, reveals more about the fact that many of Wikipedia’s are written by Islamic ideologues and are pieces of Islamic disinformation.

I’ve read MANY articles on the Gatestone website, and the organization does seem to be conservative. And like many of us who recognize the enormous dangers Islam has presented to the West for 1400 years, and still presents, Gatestone is anti-Islam, but again like many of us, it is not anti-Muslim. The articles I’ve read have always been well-written, well-sourced and full of solid information. There have been articles about the Muslim influence and Muslim crimes in Germany which I know to be true, because I’ve checked them in the German news. To say that Gatestone is known for “publishing false articles and being a source of viral falsehoods” is itself false and a good example of fake news, again a product of Islamic disinformation.

Oremus pro invicem





“The Lord has delivered his people,” and Abbot Philip assures us that God loves us all, even us faithful Catholics, although we have a pope who insults us and mocks our belief in the truths of the Gospel and the traditional teachings of the Church.

We faithful Catholics feel like a remnant in the Church, a mere remnant of the People of God. So it is consoling to read not just the first part of Isaiah’s sentence, which Abbot Philip restates, but the entire quotation: “The Lord has delivered his people, the remnant of Israel.”

We are grateful to Abbot Philip for reminding us that God will help us survive this nightmare of a pontificate.



@Pontifex Oh, so it’s not the HOMOSEXUAL CLERGY that “dirties” the Church, it’s the ACCUSATIONS that there IS a homosexual clergy. Yes, by all means, do what the this pope says: hide it as much as possible (at least until the attorneys general arrive).

@Pontifex Just who exactly is “the Great Accuser” here? Those who try to HIDE the homosexual network in the Church, or those who want to ERADICATE it?

@Pontifex Just who exactly is “the Great Accuser” here? A confused and error-prone pope who tries to HIDE the homosexual network in the Church, or faithful Catholics who want to ERADICATE it?

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Yes, the Great Accuser and the police say that two of Cardinal Cupich’s priests were performing oral sex on each other in a car in Florida, but they were just “accompanying” each other, right?

@Pontifex “The Annihilation of Iraq’s Christian Minority” This pope doesn’t worry too much about Muslims killing Christians; he’s more concerned with making sure Muslim “refugees” get into Europe (and, soon, into the US as well).

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Faith has to do with encounter.” Yes, encounter with good priests, not with homosexual priests who are part of a network protecting one another and being protected by a confused, error-prone, and vengeful pope, full of illusions.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “I would like to say to young people: forgive us.” Yes, forgive this pope for ignoring you when priests have abused you, forgive this pope for doing nothing to eradicate the Church’s homosexual network, and for attacking those who expose it.

@Pontifex “Youth Synod Final Document: Five Areas of Concern” So in the end this pope and his homosexual network did get what they wanted: a way to eventually approve the grave sin of homosexual acts. The deconstruction of the Church in its last phase.

@Pontifex “Youth Synod Final Document: Five Areas of Concern” So in the end this pope and his homosexual network did get what they wanted: a way to eventually approve the grave sin of homosexual acts. And people will continue to leave the Church in droves.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “May the Lord bless our steps, so that we can listen to young people.” (Yes, and use them, too, if not physically, then in order to further the agenda of the Church’s homosexual network, while we lie and deny the machinations of that network.)

@Pontifex “Pope Francis can shake his finger at the international press and say he is not going to say a single word about any of this, but his American cardinals will not be afforded the same luxury when they are sitting in front of U.S. grand juries.”

@Pontifex A comment from Tom Kaye: “Have you ever taken a hike in the woods? Have you seen a large rock on the ground and flipped it over? Did you see a bunch of maggots scurrying around? That’s exactly what’s happening now. (And I hope you caught the imagery of the ‘Rock’).”

@Pontifex (1/2) Paragraph 146 of #Synod2018 Final document speaks of creating “certification systems for Catholic websites, to counter the spread of fake news regarding the Church.”… @Pontifex (2/2) Michael Voris comments, “Instead of expending energy censoring Catholic media you don’t like, might want to spend your efforts responding to federal investigation of your cover-ups and crimes. Priorities, gentlemen.”

@Pontifex “Be sure of this, that no immoral or impure or greedy person, that is, an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no one deceive you with empty arguments.” (Letter to the Ephesians 4,32.5,1-8)

@Pontifex This pope Tweets, “We are called to listen to what the Spirit tells us. The Holy Spirit is always something new.” (We are called not to deceive ourselves, to discern the difference between the Holy Spirit and some demonic spirit. Satan also “is always something new.”)

@Pontifex “The Case against Pope Francis: ‘He has elevated immoral men in order to change the Catholic faith’”

@Pontifex “As far as any final document on Francis’s watch is concerned…the Synod Fathers would end up saying whatever this Pope will have decided to say they said.”

@Pontifex “It is a difficult time,” continued Pope Francis. “Constant accusations dirty the Church.” Oh, right. A homosexual network among the clergy doesn’t dirty the Church, nor does a pope who promotes and covers for sodomites, a pope who subtly deviates from Church teaching.

@Pontifex Satan “is accusing strongly, and this accusation becomes persecution,” Pope Francis said “It’s time to defend our Mother the Church; and our Mother is defended against the Great Accuser with prayer and penance.” (Maybe we should defend her against the sodomite network?)



Response to a Facebook posting by Wally Kent:

In the European Union, people (citizens and permanent residents) were asked to vote on the question of whether or not to go on with this time change two times a year. We all (including Americans like me) voted overwhelmingly to stay on daylight savings time permanently, which would mean that when we go back to daylight time next spring, that should be the LAST TIME we have to make this change. HOWEVER, our dear friends the bureaucrats in Brussels are trying to decide if they will respect this vote, and if so, when. Anyway, it looks like this ridiculous and irritating twice-yearly time change is on its way out, eventually, on this side of the Atlantic.


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