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A Journal of 2018 – 5


Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich In a Tweet, Michael Voris states the truth as no one else seems to want to state it. He said, “Men sodomizing each other isn’t marriage.” And yet cardinals like Cupich want to “bless” this sodomy? Get serious.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Maybe after another synod or two, “married priests” will include Cardinal Cupich’s two priests arrested in Florida for performing oral sex on each other in a car in broad daylight, on street near a school.

@Pontifex The dancing cardinal ( Our next pope? Oh boy. Dancing just like Jesus did? Really?

@Pontifex This present pope will be forever remembered for the grave damage he has done to the Church, to souls, and to his own soul.

@Pontifex The seminary of Christ the King at Gricigliano has 90 seminarians! They celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass. So many RIGID young men MUST, according to this pope, have GRAVE problems. No doubt the pope will find a way of closing this seminary.

@Pontifex “End the careerism, the politics, the clericalism used to protect this monstrous evil, as both Viganò and Burke have stated. No Catholic — most especially bishops — gets to be cowards in this instant of great torment in the life of the Church.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “If you want to listen to the Lord’s voice, set out on the journey, live out your search. The Lord speaks to those who search.” (When will this pope listen to the Lord’s voice, set out on the journey, live out his search? He doen’t have much time.)

@Pontifex “They accused us of lacking compassion while hiding the depravity and abuse inherent in their own ranks.” (Sound familiar?)

@Pontifex “We want orthodoxy, the Traditional Latin Mass, and bishops who act like successors of the apostles rather than politicians, a group of young Catholics said in a message released to the world’s bishops today.”

@Pontifex “Moreover, and more sadly,” Weigel added, “the Instrumentum Laboris has little to say about ‘the faith’ except to hint on numerous occasions that its authors are somewhat embarrassed by Catholic teaching.”

@Pontifex “Vatican’s proposed Soviet-style tactic to quash dissent invites questions, derision”

@Pontifex People would have more respect for this pope if, instead of going on and on ad infinitum and ad nauseam about his “Great Accuser,” he actually did something to eradicate the homosexual network among the clergy, the hierarchy, and his closest advisers.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis ends Youth Synod by again rebuking ‘Great Accuser’ for ‘persecuting’ Church” (Soon this pope will face Christ the Judge. Who will Christ say is “persecuting” the Church by not eradicating the sodomite network among the clergy?)

@Pontifex “Jesuit-run America mag runs article denying link between homosexuality and clergy sex abuse.” (A joke?) Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons said, “The Pope should acknowledge that the worldwide sexual abuse crisis is caused by clerical homosexual predation.”

@Pontifex “Young Catholics tell world’s bishops: ‘We want orthodoxy…we want truth’” (Young Catholics will have to wait. They’ll get neither orthodoxy nor truth during this pontificate.)

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “We need smiling Christians, filled with the joy of God, because they believe in love.” (We need smiling Christians, filled with the joy of Truth, the joy of knowing the Church’s real moral teaching, the joy of taking up their cross to follow Christ.)

@Pontifex “Youth synod reveals disturbing connection between pro-‘LGBT’ and pro-Islam (Catholic) clergy” (That clergy is in for a shock when Islam takes over and starts throwing homosexuals off the top of buildings.

@Pontifex This is what justified anger looks like.

@Pontifex On this Feast of All Saints, Catholics everywhere are asking the saints to beg God to convert this pope and make him a good, honest, and decent man, a pope who teaches without error or confusion and who does not hide or deny the Church’s homosexual network.

@Pontifex The Synod: “Requests for timely translations were rather brusquely turned away – a strange thing when the alleged desire of “synodality” is for all to listen and be heard, to “walk together” in an open and respectful and intelligent dialogue.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Let us strengthen the bonds of love and communion with all the Saints.” (And let us strengthen the bonds of truth with all the saints – no more error or heresy or confusion, no more lies about “the Great Accuser” while the homosexual network thrives.)



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Primate accuses Archbishop Viganò of ‘hijacking’ World Meeting of Families” (Who was it, exactly, who “hijacked” this meeting? Was it really Viganò? Or was it more truth about the Church’s homosexual network?)

@Pontifex This present pope is an old man. He will have to face God soon for his particular judgement. What kind of an account can he give of himself, for his errors, confusion, lies, denial of the Church’s homosexual network, and the general ruin he has inflicted on the Church?

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Jesus made it so those who believe in Him will be transfigured by the Father’s merciful love for an eternal and blessed life.” If they die in a state of grace, not as a pope who, without repentance, spreads error and hides sodomites among the clergy.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Jesus made it so those who believe in Him will be transfigured by the Father’s merciful love for an eternal and blessed life.” (The Father is also just. He cannot show mercy to a man who does not repent of error and hiding sodomites, even a pope.)

@Pontifex “It’s a disheartening feeling when you learn you have been duped. Nobody likes to be wrong, but I had been. I had been downright gullible in my lockstep adherence to the bishops.”

@Pontifex When this pope speaks of the mercy he expects God to show him, he should be careful he doesn’t commit the sin of presumption.

@Pontifex “‘Pope Francis still has a chance – perhaps his only one left – to right the ship.’ Whatever else this October meeting accomplished, it did not enhance confidence in the Pope’s leadership.”

@Pontifex “The bishops lost our confidence because they were – and were shown to be – dishonest. They covered up evidence of sexual abuse, and misled the public with claims that the problem had been resolved.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “God is faithful and our hope in Him is like a fixed anchor in heaven.” But a pope must also be faithful to God. He must not spread error, heresy, or ambiguity. He must not rig synods. He must not protect and hide the Church’s homosexual network.

@Pontifex “SYNOD FATHERS REJECT ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ LANGUAGE ON SEX ABUSE” And @ChristineNiles1 comments, “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…” (With this present woeful pope, it can ALWAYS get worse. How long, O Lord, how long must we suffer?)

@Pontifex Father James Martin, SJ, (@JamesMartinSJ) preaches that homosexual activity is moral and God’s will. The pope wants to encourage vocations. Even with the homosexual network in the Church, aren’t those two goals – the pope’s and Father Martin’s – mutually exclusive?

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Sunday Mass is at the heart of the Church’s life.” (Is it really? Is it still a sacrifice? Are we still present at the crucifixion during Mass? “Become Church”? Another of this pope’s many fuzzy catch phrases that mean nothing, like “accompaniment.”)

@Pontifex “It is disorienting to hear certain figures in the Church call for “updated language,” “deeper reflection,” and “putting things in terms of today,” only to find texts these people produce are constructed out of impenetrable sociological argot.

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics hope that the Vatican will soon start “certifying” those news websites that it has “approved.” Then we will know which websites to go to if we want the truth: those websites that the Vatican has NOT “certified.” We will avoid the “approved” websites.

@Pontifex Many faithful Catholics are praying for this pope so that when he dies, his errors, ambiguities, heresies, lies, and his protection of the homosexual network in the Church will not prevent him from saving his soul and reaching heaven.

@Pontifex “Catholics suffer from that (post-conciliar) period’s destructive arrogance. Look at the churches and ugly music that replaced venerable shrines and chants.” Fr Rutler must be careful what he writes. If the devil doesn’t get him, the pope will.

@Pontifex Surely this pope must understand that he cannot go on like this.

@Pontifex Surely this pope must understand he cannot go on like this, wreaking havoc in the Church, protecting the homosexual network. The civil authorities in the US and Argentina are investigating the Church and him. They will stop him, if he doesn’t stop himself.

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics everywhere pray, “O Theotokos, dear Mother of God, please, beg you Son to stop this pope, stop the suffering he is imposing on the Church, as if with the bloody hand of a tyrant.” No wonder fewer Americans view him favorably.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex This pope is an old man. God is merciful. But how merciful will God be toward a pope who has done what this pope has done?

@Pontifex In the United States, how is evangelization working out for this pope?

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics are praying, “O God, you sent St. Catherine of Siena to Pope Gregory XI to convince him to do the right thing for the Church. God, send someone to this current pope to convince him to be a good man, a good pope, and to stop ruining the Church.”

@Pontifex St James writes, “There will be judgement without mercy for those who have not been merciful themselves; but the merciful need have no fear of judgement.” James 2:12-13 (But what about those who are “merciful,” but whose mercy is only a sham, who are inwardly tyrants?)

@Pontifex Even this pope must have that small, barely audible voice of conscience within him, whispering that everything he’s doing is wrong and that he is ruining the Church with his errors and his protection of the homosexual network. When will this pope listen to that voice?

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Jesus loved us freely. Christian life is imitating Jesus’ free love.” Really? In English, “free love” means “the idea or practice of having sexual relations according to choice, without being restricted by marriage or long-term relationships.”

@Pontifex “Netherlands: only 6% of those who say they are Catholic attend Sunday Mass” The answer according to this pope and his homosexual network? “We need more of the ‘spirit’ of the Council.” (Or the demon-spirit of the Council?) That way madness lies.

@Pontifex A writer asks, with regard to The Great Religion of Peace: “How could a Catholic not see thorough these blatant lies? Pope Francis, I am speaking to you.” (There are so many things this woeful pope cannot see.)

@Pontifex A friend commented sarcastically, “Look at those puritanical Amerians! They and their attorneys general get so worked up over priests having sex with one another and with children! Such a narrow-minded attitude!”

@Pontifex “The impassioned appeal to the upper hierarchy of the Church and ultimately to the pope to join (the faithful) in combating the scourge of homosexuality among the clergy and the bishops is not meeting with correspondingly adequate responses.”

@Pontifex “As for the pope, Brandmüller attributes not only to the current one but also to his predecessors the weakness of not opposing the moral theology according to which ‘what was forbidden yesterday can be allowed today,’ homosexual acts included.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Jesus invites us to celebrate with Him, to be close to Him, to change our lives.” (If only Jesus would change the life of this pope, and convert him into a good and decent pontiff, who does not spread error nor protect sodomite clergy.)

@Pontifex (1/4) “It is also true that ‘some books on sexual morality were condemned’ and ‘two professors had their teaching licenses revoked, in 1972 and 1986.’ ‘But,’ Brandmüller continues, ‘the truly important heretics, like the Jesuit Josef Fuchs, who from 1954 to 1982 was a @Pontifex (2/4) professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University, and Bernhard Häring, who taught at the Redemptorist Institute in Rome, as well as the highly influential moral theologian from Bonn, Franz Böckle, or from Tübingen, Alfons Auer, were able to spread without @Pontifex (3/4) interference, right in front of Rome and the bishops, the seed of error. The attitude of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith in these cases is, in retrospect, @Pontifex (4/4) simply incomprehensible. It saw the wolf come and stood looking on while it ravaged the fold’.”

@Pontifex “The Church is in the midst of what may be the worst crisis of its existence. The pope and the men around him—the ones we would ordinarily expect to lead us out of the crisis—are the ones who have led us into it.”

@Pontifex “If (the pope and bishops) meant (the rainbow crosses) as a gay symbol, they are unfit for office and should resign. If they didn’t mean it, they are too stupid for words, unfit for office and should resign.”

@Pontifex “A sign that Pope Francis knows what he is doing is that he has surrounded himself with men who appear to be morally compromised, and that he continues to appoint them to key positions even after they have been credibly implicated in cover-ups.”

@Pontifex “Church leaders haven’t thought about the consequences of their solicitude for two favored ‘victim’ groups, gays and Muslims.” “Berlin Sees Rise in Homophobic Attacks with Nearly All Committed by Migrant-Background Men”

@Pontifex “If the bishops are so deeply concerned about prejudice toward homosexuals, why are they so eager to welcome cultures that persecute homosexuals? Don’t they know about Islam’s harsh treatment of gays?”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Although the ‘reformers’ who now wield power in the Vatican are serious in the sense of seriously seeking and maintaining power, they are not intellectually or spiritually serious. Church leaders continue to deny the aggressive nature of Islam.”

@Pontifex “At a time when family life has been shattered as a result of too much experimentation, some key figures in the Church seem to think that now is the time to experiment with new family forms.”

@Pontifex “At a time when rigid fundamentalist Catholics are as rare as palm trees in Siberia, Pope Francis’s greatest ire is reserved for rigid fundamentalist Catholics.”

@Pontifex “Our disordered world is coming apart at the seams, and the pontiff thinks the solution is to ‘make a mess’.”

@Pontifex ” Church leaders ask us to be open to the promptings of the Spirit, but it often seems that the only spirit they follow is the spirit of the times.”

@Pontifex “Ironically, these men who are so keen on keeping up with the times, seem incapable of reading the ominous signs of the time.”

@Pontifex “They talk incessantly about the importance of speaking to young people in their own language, yet the documents they have produced for the Youth Synod are full of turgid psychobabble.”

@Pontifex “Many of the men who now lead the Church are seriously out of touch with the times. They seem to have forgotten the adage that ‘he who marries the spirit of the times is soon a widower’.”

@Pontifex “In trying to make the Church palatable to everyone’s tastes, the “reformers” only make it more irrelevant. Those they are trying to reach will not conclude that the Church is a wonderful place, but that it is an unnecessary place.”

@Pontifex “Those that (the “reformers”) are trying to reach will not conclude that the Church is a wonderful place, but that it is an unnecessary place.” “Sunday Mass attendance in Holland: 1.2% of the population”

@Pontifex “Landmark study proves homosexuality is strongly linked to Catholic clergy sex abuse”

@Pontifex “A new report asks the question that those in authority in the Catholic Church have avoided for decades: Is there a correlation between the presence of a high proportion of homosexuals in the priesthood and the incidence of clergy sex abuse?

@Pontifex “The recent agreement between the Vatican and China is a step towards the ‘annihilation’ of the Catholic Church in China, Cardinal Joseph Zen, former bishop of Hong Kong, wrote.” (How severely will the pope punish Cardinal Zen for this remark?)

@Pontifex “Is Cdl.Parolin the Puppet-Master behind the Pope’s Deal to Betray the Chinese Catholics or Does Francis have ‘No Faith'”? (I think most of us can guess the answer to that question.)

@Pontifex “The number of states initiating grand jury investigations is increasing daily. The federal investigation into abuse by Catholic priests now includes every diocese in the country.” (I pity brave @MsgrPope. This kind of truth enrages this pope.)

@Pontifex “In response to the crises, from Rome there has been silence, name-calling of those requesting investigations, and only occasionally promises to look into the matters.” (I doubt that US attorneys general will be deterred much by “name-calling.”)

@Pontifex Headline: “Verifying Viganò: Francis Incriminates Himself.” From the article: “Make our own judgment? Well, we have. Viganò is telling the truth.”

@Pontifex We Americans have a saying: “If you find you’ve dug yourself into a hole, stop digging.” The Church has dug itself into a hole with the “spirit” of the Council. Now, STOP DIGGING, before more people leave the Church, before the Church is ruined.

@Pontifex “Failure at the top – America’s Catholic bishops vowed to remove abusive priests in 2002. In the years that followed, they failed to police themselves.”

@Pontifex “Pope warns against selfish ambition and conceit” (A friend commented, “Selfish ambition and conceit? Yes, if there’s anyone who’s an authority on selfish ambition and conceit, it’s this pope.”)

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Praying means knocking at the door of a friend. God is our friend.” True, but it’s wrong to presume on God’s goodness, especially for a pope who spreads error, who twists the meaning of sin, and who protects the gravely sinful homosexual network.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Cardinal Raymond Burke described as ‘diabolical’ the current ‘situation’ of the Church seemingly trying to ‘accommodate’ herself to the world and its ‘culture of death’.” I think we can be sure this pope will not let these remarks go unpunished.

@Pontifex A “red pill moment” for this pope? Actually, this video is eighty-seven “red pill moments.”

@Pontifex So now this pope is punishing orthodox clerics like Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider (, while homosexuality-promoting clerics like @JamesMartinSJ are free to preach everywhere. O God, send us a pope who does not spread error and lies.

@Pontifex (1/2) “All those liberal bishops (and priests – James Martin SJ anyone?) spouting their pro-gay, politically correct banalities can go wherever they want, whilst enjoying manifest praise and even promotion from Pope Francis,… @Pontifex (2/2) through his mouthpiece, Cdl. Parolin. On the other hand, the courageous bishops (and priests) loyal to the teaching and traditions of the Church are gagged, stalled and demoted at every turn.”

@Pontifex “What are the progressive, Masonic, lavender mafia infiltrators so scared of? That they are losing support among the faithful? That the laity is beginning to see through their shenanigans?”

@Pontifex “When Cardinal Burke appears anywhere in the world, he attracts many faithful, while liberal prelates garner only interest from oligarch journalists.”

@Pontifex (1/2) “These unjustiable measures to restrict and silence the voices of our good and true shepherds are no more than further proof – as if we even needed any – that the “smoke of Satan” has become a raging fire inside the Church…. @Pontifex (2/2) But the fire will die out eventually; one day it will be extinguished. We are seeing many signs of a growing resistance to this takeover of our beloved Church by Her enemies. Only hellfire lasts forever.”

@Pontifex “The last thing they want is the circulation of certain ideas. It would be interesting to start a Bishop Watch effort. I wonder how many days bishops such as Card. Maradiaga or Cupich are outside their dioceses.”

@Pontifex As they work to punish and exclude faithful clerics, this pope and his homosexual network show exactly how much they are starting to panic. Perhaps they’re beginning to feel on their heads the crushing effect or Our Lady’s heel.

@Pontifex By trying to silence Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider, this pope and his homosexual network probably think they are solving the “problem” they have with faithful, orthodox Catholics. However, their problems have only begun.

@Pontifex If this pope and his homosexual network think they’re having to defend themselves NOW against “the great accuser,” they just won’t know what hit them when the attorneys general and other authorities in the US and in Argentina start “accusing” them.

@Pontifex This pope believes in “synodality” as long as the bishops do what he wants. And if they oppose his errors, his lies, his manipulations, and his homosexual network? In that case, it’s punishment, punishment, punishment.

@Pontifex Does this pope think that by appointing Cardinal O’Malley to head the Papal Foundation, the Pennsylvania Attorney General will drop his investigation of the foundation and go away? I really don’t think that’s going to happen, it’s more of this pope’s “magical thinking.”

@Pontifex “What man among you having a hundred sheep and losing one of them would not leave the ninety-nine in the desert and go after the lost one until he finds it?” O God, please go in search of this lost sheep, this present pope. Don’t leave him among the wolves.

@Pontifex This pope allows the heretical priest @JamesMartinSJ to openly preach Church approval of sodomy and other homosexual acts, while he tries to silence faithful, orthodox clerics like Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider. O God, how long must Your Church suffer?

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “May the Lord help us understand the logic of the Gospel, that of mercy with bearing witness.” (And may the Lord help us understand the logic of this pope: that of error, “mercy” without repentance, and protection of the Church’s homosexual network.)

@Pontifex “These actions (against Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider) are a sign of an ever growing unease with voices that speak freely under a regime which speaks much about dialogue but where in fact any criticism is feared.”

@Pontifex “Fr. James Martin: Pope appoints ‘gay-friendly’ bishops, cardinals to change Church on LGBT” (Sodomy will always be a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance, especially against this pope, James Martin, and the Church’s entire homosexual network.)



In response to a Facebook entry:

In the early 1960’s – while the “Golden Age” of the Church in Europe and America was still going on – writers and thinkers like Joseph Ratzinger and Thomas Merton were already predicting that the “Golden Age” would not continue, that the number of Catholics would decrease drastically, and that only a small remnant would remain.

I think we’ve almost reached that point. This small remnant will be here always, however. And I happen to believe it will once more act like the leaven mentioned in the Gospel: “To what shall I compare the kingdom of God? It is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, until it was all leavened.” (Luke 13:20–21)

This is not the end. “The Kingdom of God is already among you.” (‎Luke 17:22)


Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex It seems that if you’re a cleric who preaches error and heresy, this pope lets you do what you want. But if you preach the truths of the Gospel and the ancient teachings of the Church? This pope will punish you, as he’s done with Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider.

@Pontifex I believe now that God will use the fifteen US attorneys general who are investigating the Church, together with two federal investigations, to end the shame of this pontificate, and He will do it soon.

@Pontifex In 1955, 73% of Catholics, ages 21-29, attended mass weekly. In 2017, 25% of Catholics, ages 21-29, attended mass weekly. ( And this pope and his homosexual network think there should be MORE implementation of the “teachings” of Vatican II?

@Pontifex “ROME PRESSURES PUBLISHER TO RESTRICT BOOK ON WHISTLEBLOWER VIGANÒ” (You have to wonder if this pope and his homosexual network are EVER going to figure out that lies, denial, and silence work in Argentina, but not in Europe or the US.)

@Pontifex This pope: “Where there is sin there is also the merciful Lord God who forgives if you go to Him.” (But the demonic “spirit” of Vatican II and the errors of this pope have made confession obsolete in most countries. Or are we Protestants now and don’t need confession?)

@Pontifex “The final document of the Vatican Youth Synod demonstrates in key passages that senior hierarchy ‘used the young people’ to further their own agenda.” – Bishop Athanasius Schneider

@Pontifex “Fr. James Martin: Pope appoints ‘gay-friendly’ bishops, cardinals to change Church on LGBT” (In other words, this pope supposedly wants to change the Church on one of the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. How long, O Lord, how long?)

@Pontifex “Four Underground Priests Reportedly Disappeared in China’s Hebei Province” This pope’s pact with China was a REALLY smart move, wasn’t it? And now we have something else to thank Cardinal McCarrick for. How did they bribe him? Toyboys?

@Pontifex This pope should not canonize people for political reasons, as he did with Paul VI and John XXIII. ( It weakens the Church and drives people away. (Or is that what this pope and his homosexual network want to do – to free their consciences?)

@Pontifex “Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not let yourselves be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.” – St. Paul (Hebrews 13:7-9)

@Pontifex “Lord God, you built your Church on the firm foundation of the apostle Peter, and you promised that the gates of hell would never overcome it.” (From today’s Morning Prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, the feast of Leo the Great, a pope who was a REAL saint.)

@Pontifex “Why Catholic Teaching Is ‘Increasingly Embarrassing’ to Church Leaders” (A friend commented, “I suppose this pope will now try to punish, silence, and exclude Professor Thomas Pink – as he did with Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider.)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “Prelates rarely defend the unborn, condemn artificial contraception or same-sex “marriage” — topics that bring conflict with the modern world. Instead, it’s safe social justice issues such as migration, climate change”

@Pontifex “The fundamental point is this: we have an official theology that no longer treats the unconverted nature of the world as living under the dominion of the devil, and so inevitably in a state of spiritual war against Christ and his Church.”

@Pontifex “There’s nothing in the documents from the Vatican II that teaches that the Church’s sacramental system is effectively a form of theatre – but official statements and policy within the modern Church increasingly treat it as if it were.”

@Pontifex “The Church’s magisterial teaching is increasingly embarrassing to many bishops. Sooner or later some bishops stop pretending it’s only about changes in pastoral policy, and start openly claiming that the doctrine itself really can be changed”

@Pontifex “The Church teaches that in a fallen world, human nature will degrade, in a way that must lead to spiritual conflict with the Church. But modern official theology will not admit the inevitability of the conflict or its roots in the Fall.”

@Pontifex “It does not look like the new Vatican arrangement with China is going so well: Chinese ‘underground’ bishop taken into police custody” (Good ol’ ex-Cardinal McCarrick – a gift that just keeps on giving.)

@Pontifex “This, the Pope continued, is an attitude that consists in always making negative comments ‘to destroy the one bearing witness’.” (Is it something like what’s happened to Archbishop Viganò? He bore witness and this pope is trying to destroy him.)


@Pontifex “We have been faced with some of our significant donors saying, ‘No more money to Catholic Charities until the bishops straighten out this mess,’ said the president of Catholic Charities USA.” (MORE “Great Accusers”???)

@Pontifex So is it now the VATICAN that is encouraging schism among the bishops? (A friend answered: “Of course. In this shameful pontificate, anything is possible.”

@Pontifex “There is a type of churchman that Francis seems to favor: the morally compromised and the doctrinally suspect.”

@Pontifex Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote, “The Francis pontificate was to be an era of mercy for sinners at the peripheries and accountability for malefactors at the Vatican. Instead, almost the opposite has taken place.”

@Pontifex (1/5) “One must add that Pope Francis himself is increasingly autocratic and bereft of sympathy for those who remain faithful to traditional Church teachings: They are, in his view, “rigid,” doctrinaire, and heartless and… @Pontifex (2/5) must be driven from a transformed Church. His inner circle shamelessly castigates a truth-teller such as Archbishop Viganò. Francis acts more like an oriental potentate, an agent of revolutionary change, than a guardian of Christ’s teaching @Pontifex (3/5) He will leave behind a Church that is hopelessly politicized, morally lax, and at odds with any traditionally Christian understanding of sin and repentance — a Church that has no place for the grace and mercy that lie at the heart of God’s @Pontifex (4/5) demanding love. At least the Borgia and Medici popes, however personally corrupt they may have been, deferred to Catholic doctrine…. @Pontifex (5/5) Francis’s “humanitarian” substitute for a recognizably Catholic dispensation will speed up the decline of the Church and the dechristianization of the West.”

@Pontifex “Prominent British, Irish Catholics sign open letter criticizing Vatican’s new China policy” (A friend commented, “Come on, man, do you think this pope CARES about letters like this? Gimme a break! He’s the pope. He does what he wants.)

@Pontifex “A Willful Ignorance of an Ongoing Catastrophe?”

@Pontifex Jesus said, “Beware of the scribes, who like to go around in long robes….They devour the houses of widows and, as a pretext, recite lengthy prayers. They will receive a very severe condemnation.” (Mark 12,38-44)

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Sunday is sanctified by the Eucharist, which is the living presence of the Lord.” This pope may believe that, but how many clerics in the pope’s homosexual network believe it? And if the pope really believed it, would he lie and protect that network?

@Pontifex A bishop should be “just, holy, and self-controlled, holding fast to the true message as taught so that he will be able both to exhort with sound doctrine and to refute opponents.” (Letter to Titus 1,1-9) (If only we had – at the very least – a pope like that.)

@Pontifex In 2013, this pope said, “Let us ask ourselves: how much do I love the Church? Do I pray for her? Do I feel part of the family of the Church?” (General Audience of 29/05/2013) (He might have said, “Or do I betray her with error and agreements with the Chinese state?”)

@Pontifex Time to clean it out

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: Let us pray for bishops, that they may always be courageous and ready to fight corruption in the Church, especially the corruption of this pope’s homosexual network, even if the pope himself lies about it.

@Pontifex “Catholic Scandal: What Can We Laypeople Do? Dr Taylor Marshall interviewed by Dr Tom Curran” (

@Pontifex “It is no secret that there in Rome and very close to Pope Francis various high-ranking churchmen who are rushing headlong into advancing the homosexual agenda in the Church.”

@Pontifex “US bishops table key votes on response to scandal, at Vatican’s request” ( Hasn’t this pope and his homosexual network figured out that this approach only makes the whole scandal worse for them?

@Pontifex “US bishops table key votes on response to scandal, at Vatican’s request” (Like everything this pope does, that makes a lot sense. Instead of the bishops, just let fifteen US attorneys general and two federal investigators respond to the scandal)

@Pontifex “Pope Francis, for his part, has appeared uneasy with the public responses of the American hierarchy, and had suggested that this week’s USCCB meeting be postponed.” (He feels much more at ease with the responses of the US attorneys general.)



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Yes, don’t allow the US bishops to deal with the homosexual rot in the Church (, let fifteen US attorneys general and two federal investigators do it. Now that will REALLY bring people back to the Church. What FINE evangelization!

@Pontifex “I am speaking as God’s poor servant: do not put your trust in us; do not put your trust in men. Are we good? We are servants. Are we evil? We remain servants. Good servants are the true servants.” – St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (Sermon, Ordination of a bishop, 3, 9)

@Pontifex “Until the (manipulated) election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis I, never before in the history of the Catholic Church has a pope worked against the Church’s doctrines, dogmas and traditions.”

@Pontifex “NEVER before has the Church had a Pope who consistently works against the Church’s Magisterial teachings and traditions… Until today! We MUST take measures to set a Catholic Restoration rolling before more destruction is allowed to take place.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The first step to knowing Jesus Christ is to recognize our own poverty and our need to be saved.” Will this POPE ever take that first step? Will he EVER recognize his intellectual poverty and his need to be saved from the rot of his sodomite network?

@Pontifex A message to this pope from a Catholic layman: “You must resign….You yourself are one of the cover-up bishops.”

@Pontifex “The Vatican is now beginning to quietly circulate an unofficial list of approved Catholic media.” (Oh, GREAT! So now it will be MUCH easier to know WHICH Catholic media are telling the truth, i.e., those that are NOT on the “approved” list!)

@Pontifex “Zen presents letter to pope warning him on China” (After his “negotiations” with the Chinese communists, McCarrick is a gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t he?)

@Pontifex “Imitate the poor and generous widow, Pope tells pilgrims” (Vatican News) Oh, right. Except that the generous widow wasn’t giving her money for the support of a homosexual network that would use that money to settle claims of sexual abuse.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis: a ‘Eucharistic culture’ fosters communion, service, and mercy” (Vatican Press Office) Yes, and isn’t it wonderful? THIS pope’s “Eucharistic culture” also fosters sacrilegious communion for adulterers, sodomites, Protestants, and others!

@Pontifex “Pope praises German Catholic journalism school, calls for ‘journalism by the people, for the people’” (Vatican News) Sure, but only if that journalism is on the list approved ( by the Vatican and @FatherRosica

@Pontifex “Pope, at weekday Mass, warns against idolatry of money in the Church” (Vatican News) Oh, that IS rich (pardon the pun), and from a Vatican that is obsessed with the Knights of Malta’s money, the German Church’s money, the property of the FFI, and so much more.

@Pontifex “Papal nuncio tells US bishops to tackle ‘clericalism’, does not mention homosexuality” Yes, remember those two priests from @CardinalBCupich ‘s archdiocese who were caught “clericalizing” each other in broad daylight in a car in Florida?

@Pontifex “The following report on the meeting of the US Catholic Bishops in Baltimore from The American Conservative yesterday – with some important updates – is really a must-read for all anxious Catholics under this increasingly bizarre Pontificate.”

@Pontifex “Can there be any doubt? PF is a liar, a hypocrite, a fraud, radically corrupt, and gravely wounding the Church. I am beside myself with anger right now. PF is more interested in showing his ‘enemies’ who’s boss than he is in dealing with evil.”

@Pontifex “He is all about himself, completely blinded to the needs of others. He hides his corruption and bankruptcy and pride behind a patina of ‘synodality’ and ‘humility.’ Pope Francis is a disgrace to every person committed to reforming the Church.”

@Pontifex St Paul says, “Remind them…they are to slander no one” (Letter to Titus 3,1-7) But St. Thomas Aquinas taught that faithful Catholics have a duty to correct a prelate who is in error. That is not slander.

@Pontifex “Pope Orders US Bishops to Be as Negligent as the Vatican Is” (And the same article comments: “So much for decentralizing the governance of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio is beginning to make the Borgia popes look like pussy cats.”

@Pontifex “Francis Fatigue is setting in everywhere, even among our hapless American shepherds, as evidenced today by the perfectly reasonable complaint of an exasperated Bishop McKnight….”



Some Tweets:

@Pontifex “The inept leadership of Pope Francis is now threatening the very future of the Church in America.” – Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant newspaper, in an e-mail.

@Pontifex “It has taken the intervention of the state and the media to fully expose the darkness of abuse in our dioceses.” Fully expose? Many think the exposure has only begun.

@Pontifex “A bishop should be a humble and meek servant, not a prince, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) A friend commented, “A humble and meek servant? Like THIS pope? Oh, gimme a break!”

@Pontifex “News outlets ignore arrest of Chinese ‘underground’ bishop” (AsiaNews ) You can be sure of one thing: the VATICAN is sure going to ignore this arrest, no matter what the news outlets do.

@Pontifex “The pope just confirmed what he was forced to admit in Chile: he’s part of the problem. No one convinced him the Vatican’s request that the American bishops not vote on steps to resolve the abuse crisis would be a public relations nightmare.

@Pontifex Regarding If the punishment meted out to Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider is any indication, we know what’s going to happen to Bishop Strickland. Only heretics like @JamesMartinSJ are allowed to speak freely about homosexuality in the Church.

@Pontifex This pope Tweets, “Jesus is not pleased with a “percentage of love”: we cannot love him at twenty, fifty or sixty percent. It’s all or nothing.” Can a pope spread error, can he lie and protect his sodomite network and then claim he loves Christ “one hundred percent”?

@Pontifex “Washington Post: ‘The Catholic Church proves incapable of exorcising clergy sex abuse—again’”

@Pontifex Thank you, @FatherRosica . This IS a helpful list of sources to avoid. (And as @fatherz says, it IS hilarious!)

@Pontifex “Australia: Muslims laugh as they’re found guilty of jihad plot to massacre non-Muslims on Christmas Day” (Clearly, this pope needs to go and “dialogue” with these guys and explain to them the real teachings of The Great Religion of Peace.)

@Pontifex “Msgr Nicola Bux has warned that the current pontificate is issuing statements that are generating ‘heresies, schisms and controversies of various kinds’ and that the Holy Father should issue a profession of faith to restore unity in the Church.”

@Pontifex Msgr. Bux said, “The name of Jesus Christ ‘has become an excuse to talk about something else: migration, ecology and so on. Thus, we are no longer unanimous in speaking (1 Cor 1:10) and the Church is divided’.”

@Pontifex “Intense debate over handling of abuse scandal ensues at USCCB meeting” (Catholic World Report) Debate? DEBATE? Bishops, you WILL follow this pope’s ORDERS. No DIALOGUE! (He only dialogues with those who already agree with him.)

@Pontifex “Pope, in general audience, reflects on Eighth Commandment” (Vatican News) Commandment? Come on, this pope doesn’t believe in the Ten Commandments anymore. That is SO rigid, so VERY neo-Pelagian. It’s the Ten Ideals now!

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The Kingdom of God is in your midst. It grows in silence, in hiding.” Is it the Kingdom of God that’s growing? Really? Or is it this pope’s errors, heresies, lies, and his protection of his sodomite network that are growing “in silence, in hiding”?

@Pontifex “A Sicilian priest who has denounced Pope Francis as a ‘false prophet’ and urged resistance against the Vatican, has been excommunicated.” (Right. We can’t have these priests running around upholding Church teaching, can we?)

@Pontifex “A Sicilian priest who has denounced Pope Francis as a ‘false prophet’ and urged resistance against the Vatican, has been excommunicated.” (St. Athanasius was excommunicated too, by Pope Liberius, in 357 You never know.)

@Pontifex “The likelihood is that right now, the homosexual current in Rome is plotting how to run the February synod in a way that looks like it’s getting something done, but its main purpose will be to continue to cover the crimes and protect the evil.”

@Pontifex “My wife and I are poised to join a puzzling trend of modern American Catholicism: the small but growing set of Millennials finding a home in the Mass of Trent. This confuses our bishops and elders.”

@Pontifex “Most priests who celebrate the Extraordinary Form are strong in their faith and ask others to take their Catholicism seriously. They are not “selling” redemption on the cheap.”



Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex The “Vatican Post Office” tweets, “The US Bishops, trying to convince the faithful that they ‘get it’ after a disastrous meeting, will hold a free screening of ‘Call Me By Your Name’ for discerning young men.” (Funny but sad, because it could almost be true.)

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has broken with previous popes, causing ‘heresies, schisms’: Vatican theologian”

@Pontifex “Notre Dame president says child abusers aren’t monsters. Student asks, ‘Is this a joke?’”

@Pontifex “US bishop challenges brother bishops for allowing pro-LGBT priest to speak in dioceses” (This bishop’s right. And worse: Cardinal Burke is banned, but @JamesMartinSJ goes on spewing his heretical sodomite filth.)

@Pontifex “Scotland pushes LGBT agenda into Catholic schools. Bishops hope ‘impact…will be positive for all’” (These are bishops who, along with this woeful pope, are destroying the Church – or at least trying to.)

@Pontifex “Rome is not serious about solving the sex abuse crisis” (Finally, people are starting to wake up about this.)

@Pontifex “If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man.”

@Pontifex “Anyone who is so ‘progressive’ as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God; whoever remains in the teaching has the Father and the Son. (Second Letter of John 1,4-9)

@Pontifex It takes courage for a priest to say these things. Saying anything that supports the true Faith can get you in trouble. If you’re @JamesMartinSJ you can preach all the sodomite rot you want, but if you preach AGAINST the sodomite rot, watch out!

@Pontifex “At a stroke, Pope Francis has made himself the face of the sexual abuse crisis in the United States and taken personal ownership of the church’s response, or nonresponse, to it.”

@Pontifex “By a two-to-one margin, American Catholics now give Francis negative marks for his handling of the sex abuse scandal. And yet, for some reason, the people running the Catholic Church are still doing the same things.”

@Pontifex “Looking at the Catholic horizon, confusion reigns. An endless succession of scandals and controversies surround the Francis pontificate.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Do not follow Jesus only when you feel like it.” No, certainly not, because that’s what this pope does. When he doesn’t feel like following Jesus, he spreads errors and heresy, and he works hard to protect his sodomite network within the Church.

@Pontifex “Mr. Ureta affirms that Catholic teaching has always supported the right of Catholics to ‘enter a state of resistance until the true Catholic paradigm becomes again the compass that guides, inspires, and vivifies the whole life of the Church’.”

@Pontifex_de “„Das Leugnen stoppen“

@pontifex_de “Ob er nicht den Vorwurf der Homophobie fürchte? ‘Wenn man sich entscheiden muss, lieber als „homophob“ bezeichnet zu werden oder aber zuzulassen, dass immer mehr Jungen missbraucht werden, so riskiere er eher, homophob genannt zu werden’.”

@Pontifex This pope will find some way to silence and punish these men for their faithfulness to the Gospel and the teachings of the Church.

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Shame. Shame on this pope for allowing his sodomite network to control the conference of American bishops in Baltimore – and to control the rest of the Church as well. Does this pope really think such a Church has any future in America?”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Doesn’t this pope ever fear for his soul? He silences Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider but Cardinal Cupich allows active homosexuals to receive Communion and @JamesMartinSJ preaches in favor of sodomy, which cries out to heaven for vengeance.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Doesn’t this pope ever feel any sense of shame at what he’s doing to the Church? Does he really think he can escape God’s judgement and escape hell when he dies?”

@Pontifex Why does this pope allow his homosexual network free rein in the Church, while scorning and insulting faithful Catholics?

@Pontifex Does this pope really think he can stop the exodus of Catholics who are leaving the Church, by allowing his homosexual network complete freedom while silencing faithful Catholics? Our Lady of Fatima showed souls in hell. Will this pope be among them?


More copies of recent Tweets:

@Pontifex It may be comforting for this pope to think that there is no hell and no one goes there, but then what was it that was revealed to St. Teresa of Avila in her vision of hell? If this pope continues his attempts to destroy the Church, he will suffer eternal fire.

@Pontifex The Lord said, “Will not God then secure the rights of those who call out to him day and night? Will he be slow to answer them? I tell you, he will see to it that justice is done for them speedily.” (Luke 18,1-8.)

@Pontifex “Just wait. The bishops are going to take action. Pretty soon. Probably. Trust them.”

@Pontifex “The bishops will discuss the same crisis next June, when they meet in Baltimore again. Because it’s very urgent, you see, and so they don’t want to postpone their decisive action any more than another seven months.”

@Pontifex “So just be patient, because after sixteen—no make that seventeen—years, the American bishops are definitely going to take decisive action. Maybe. Next June. If the Vatican says it’s OK.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Ten Commandments: Do Not Bear False Witness.” A friend of mine burst out laughing.

@Pontifex “God’s Kingdom, manifest in the Eucharist and good works, ‘doesn’t make the news,’ Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) But this pope, with his errors and the protection given his homosexual network, makes up for any anything else that “doesn’t make the news.”

@Pontifex “Vatican, US bishops face class-action lawsuit from victims of clergy sex abuse” “There’s just a louder and louder outcry going on across the US for the Church to do something about this situation,” said a lawyer. (Can the pope “postpone” THIS?)

@Pontifex Editorial: ‘The Catholic Church is in crisis, and its leaders are making it worse’ (Baltimore Sun) “The Church once moved abusive priests from parish to parish, now it is shuffling the fallout from meeting to meeting.”

@Pontifex “The bishops’ failure to act this week now places the priest sex abuse scandal squarely in Pope Francis’ lap. By insisting that American bishops hold off on any action, he has taken full ownership of the matter. It will now determine his legacy.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Nobody can delude themselves by thinking, “I’m fine because I’m not doing anything wrong”. (Oh yes, they can; this pope can, and does, easily, every day in fact.)

@Pontifex “THE CATHOLIC CHURCH’S HOMOSEXUAL SEX ABUSE CRISIS: IS CLERICALISM ITS FINAL CAUSE?” Sure, “clericalism.” Like @CardinalBCupich ‘s two priests arrested for “clericalizing” each other in public in a car in Florida.

@Pontifex “US BISHOPS, VATICAN SLAPPED WITH SIMULTANEOUS LAWSUITS” (I think there are things that this pope just won’t be able to postpone and postpone and postpone and….)

@Pontifex “TEXAS BISHOP CALLS FOR FIDELITY TO CHURCH TEACHING ON HOMOSEXUALITY” (“Fidelity to Church teaching”? That’s the LAST thing this pope wants. I shudder to think what he’s going to do to THIS bishop for that remark. His punishment won’t be pretty.)

@Pontifex “A class action suit has been launched against the Vatican and the American Catholic bishops, citing a federal anti-racketeering law known as RICO.” The Catholic Church? Racketeering? How long, O Lord, how long?

@Pontifex “What I have lost faith in is the hierarchy of bishops, and their ability to solve problems collectively. I have also lost faith in the pope.”

@Pontifex “How US bishops should have responded to Vatican hijacking their meeting on abuse crisis” (But at least the US court system, fifteen state attorneys general, and the US Department of Justice will respond.)

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has tended to surround himself with men who are at the very heart of the scandals rocking the Church throughout the world. His credibility as a reformer who will root out scandal and insist upon accountability is nearly nonexistent”

@Pontifex “What We, The Laity, Are Reading That Is Shaking Us to the Core”

@Pontifex “The Vatican’s stunning request that the American bishops press pause on voting on a plan to address the abuse crisis highlighted the sad fact that they still just don’t get it.”

@Pontifex Islamophobia? “Egyptian scholar Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd wrote several years ago: ‘If we follow the rules of interpretation developed from the classical science of Koranic interpretation, it is not possible to condemn terrorism in religious terms’.”



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex This documentary was made four years ago. It shows that the crisis has only gotten worse. The documentary ends with an almost delusional view of this current pope and what he is supposedly going to do for the Church. (Don’t laugh.)

@Pontifex This woman explains why she has left the Church: “After a lifetime of stubborn adherence on my part and criminal behavior on yours, your excellencies, you seem to have finally succeeded in driving me away.” How many Catholics are like this woman?

@Pontifex A journalist says, “My hopes for this Baltimore (bishops’) confab weren’t ever high, because fool me 6,000 times, shame on you. But that 6,001st time, well, I’m just all out of willingness to be conned into believing you are ever going to change”

@Pontifex “After ‘substantiated’ allegations that former Cardinal McCarrick had taken advantage of seminarians, assaulted an altar boy in 1971 and even abused the first child he ever baptized, the accused was shipped off to the quiet of a Kansas friary.”

@Pontifex “The Boston Globe and The Philadelphia Inquirer have found that more than 130 American bishops have been accused of failing to deal appropriately with sexual misconduct by priests in their dioceses at some point in their careers.”

@Pontifex A journalist writes, “I am a true-believing, rosary- and novena-praying graduate of St. Mary’s Elementary School, the University of Notre Dame and l’Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. I never thought it would come to this.”

@Pontifex “I received the sacrament of Holy Orders at the hands of a dishonest sexual predator (former Cardinal McCarrick), with a trail of ruined lives left behind him. Let’s stand with Christ. He will come again in glory to judge.” – Father Mark White

@Pontifex “While DiNardo was visibly dismayed, Blase Cupich had obviously been informed by the Vatican long before DiNardo, and his message to the bishops was clear: In the eyes of Pope Francis, Cupich, not DiNardo, is the de facto leader of U.S. bishops.

@Pontifex “‘Oh, the laity,’ Cardinal Levada said with a dismissive wave of the hand. ‘I’ve met so many laity throughout my life, and they’re all over the spectrum.’ The tone of disdain in his voice was unmistakable. With such cardinals, the laity can hope for little reform.”

@Pontifex “I asked Cardinal Tobin about Italian actor Francesco Castiglione living in his rectory. People had called me, suspecting that Castiglione was the recipient of Tobin’s accidental tweet in which he declared, ‘Nighty-Night Baby, I love you’.”

@Pontifex @Pontifex “I asked Cardinal Tobin about Italian actor Francesco Castiglione living in his rectory.” (Tobin as Archbishop of Washington? Sure. Another of this pope’s great choices “Who am I to judge?”).

@Pontifex “Bishop Daly then spoke on the behalf ‘good faith-filled families,’ who want to promote vocations within their family but are concerned that bishops will do nothing to clean up the homosexual activity within the Church.”

@Pontifex “Bishop Daly then spoke on the behalf ‘good faith-filled families,’ who want to promote vocations within their family but are concerned that bishops will do nothing to clean up the homosexual activity within the Church.”

@Pontifex So now we have @CardinalBCupich as (secret) head of the USCCB? Cupich was recommended by the star predator himself, ex-Cardinal McCarrick. Cupich thinks the problem is not sodomite clerics, but CLERICALISM! How long, O Lord, how long?

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Let us ask for the grace to open our eyes and hearts to the poor.” (And let this pope also ask for the grace to open his eyes and heart to God and to God’s truth, instead of spreading error and deceit and protecting his homosexual network.)

@Pontifex “It is only the Traditionalists and the rabid revolutionaries in robes we still call bishops who fully understand the importance of the ancient liturgy. They need to kill it in order to kill the Faith it embodies.” (And they ARE going to kill it)

@Pontifex The sins of this pope: “Archbishop Redaelli refused ‘to back up one of his parish priests who objected to having an adult male scout leader of the parish being in a same-sex “civil union”.’ The priest resigned; the gay scout leader remained.”

@Pontifex Why the future Church will condemn this current pope: “The hatred of the traditional liturgy always goes along with the hatred of the Faith it embodies.” It also goes along with the scorn many US Catholics feel for this pope.

@Pontifex “We have seen orchestration, manipulation, and the ecclesiastical version of political theater from this Vatican time and time again.” This pope has lost his faith in hell – and in everything else – but he should prepare for a surprise.

@Pontifex ” The hubris of the bishops most closely aligned with Rome is keeping the (sexual) issues in play — and the anger that comes from how they have been handled — in the Catholic consciousness. Whenever the anger starts to cool, they stoke the fire”



Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Fr. James Martin: Pope appoints ‘gay-friendly’ bishops, cardinals to change Church on LGBT” (Or, to put it another way, this pope is appointing bishops and cardinals to extinguish the Church everywhere.)

@Pontifex “Italian Bishops Take Aim at Summorum Pontificum, Want Traditional Mass Abrogated” (What more could the demonic “spirit of the Council” ask for? Now the Church in Italy will become as non-existent as the Church in the Netherlands.)

@Pontifex In business, if a product or a policy drives customers away, they change the product or policy. But the Church? The demonic “spirit of the Council” and the Novus Ordo mass have driven millions away, but the Vatican just keeps following that “spirit” towards the cliff.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “You cannot love only as long as it is ‘advantageous’.” No, but this pope seems to think you CAN spread error and deceit, even heresy, and also protect a sodomite network in the Church as long as it is “advantageous.”

@Pontifex “Two federal lawsuits filed against the Vatican and the USCCB — applying RICO standards — may soon begin to smash that facade of unity which bad bishops use as codeword for cover-up.” (No changed course. They keep rolling on toward the cliff.)

@Pontifex “Just after the close of the USCCB meeting in Baltimore, Legatus, a national group of Catholic businessmen, announced it would be temporarily revoking its annual tithe to the Holy See. The annual tithe is significant, nearly $1 million.”

@Pontifex The Vatican won’t worry, because there are always the Germans, who are loaded: “After the USCCB meeting in Baltimore, Legatus, a national group of Catholic businessmen, announced it would be temporarily revoking its annual tithe to the Holy See”

@Pontifex “U.S. bishops were slapped with a lawsuit alleging they concealed ‘clergy accused of sexually abusing children.’ Another suit filed against the USCCB and the VATICAN ITSELF accuses the Church of crimes under FEDERAL RACKETEERING STATUTES.”

@Pontifex “The class-action suit accuses the Church of violating the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which was originally devised to target organized crime syndicates.”

@Pontifex “Up to now, the Vatican avoided liability, saying it has no authority over clergy. That was shattered Monday when the Holy See blocked the USCCB vote in Baltimore. ‘If that’s not command responsibility, I don’t know what is,’ said one attorney”

@Pontifex “Church leaders accused of conspiracy, deception, concealment” (Deception and concealment? Now those are things this present pope would NEVER, EVER engage in, right?)

@Pontifex So much for “discernment” and “accompaniment” and the rest of the “New Paradigm” claptrap: the US government is bringing suit against the Catholic Church under a federal racketeering statute originally devised to target organized crime syndicates

@Pontifex The pope ordered the USCCB to postpone cleaning up the rot in the US Church until February (probably BEYOND February). The US Justice Department decided not to wait that long. Somebody should tell this hapless pope he’s not in Argentina anymore.

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Yes, I’m bitter and angry about this pope, but nothing causes bitterness and anger like the loss of ideals, the loss of trust in a pope and a hierarchy that you once thought were good and decent men.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “What is now adding to the emergency is outside forces, state and federal government investigations as well as a recently announced pair of lawsuits actually naming the VATICAN in addition to the bishops’ conference.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Faithfulness is the characteristic of free, mature and responsible human relationships.” (It is also the characteristic of a free, mature, and responsible pope, one who is faithful to Gospel and to Church teaching, not prone to error and deceit.)

@Pontifex (1/2) “After Cdl. Donald Wuerl spearheaded a $25 million grant to the Vatican earlier this year through the Papal Foundation, sources confirm the money remains unaccounted for,…” @Pontifex (2/2) “…the Rome hospital designated as beneficiary apparently never having received the grant.” (Not to worry; the Pennsylvania Attorney General, who is investigating the Papal Foundation, will surely find the money.)

@Pontifex “Individuals and peoples are journeying toward a ‘definitive encounter’ with the Lord, Pope tells pilgrims” (Zenit) (Yes, that’s certainly true, but I wouldn’t want to be this pope when he has his ‘definitive encounter’ with the Lord.)



Copies of recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Bishop Joseph Strickland is a real hero for supporting Church teaching on homosexuality. If the past is any guide, however, this pope won’t let that support go unpunished.

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: May the Virgin Mary help this pope to joyfully follow Jesus on the way of truth, of ending deceit, and ending the protection of the Church’s sodomite network. This is the royal road that will lead this pope to Heaven, and away from hell.

@Pontifex Responding to a papal Tweet: Let’s pray this pope stops tweeting about “World Fisheries Day,” and concentrates on the Gospel, on chastity, goodness, on the Four Last Things, on all the teachings of the Church – before the whole Church becomes like the Church in Holland.

@Pontifex This poor, hapless pope tweets about things like “World Fisheries Day.” It’s this weird sort of teaching that has brought about the collapse of the Church in the Netherlands – and threatens the collapse of the Church worldwide.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich @Cardinal_Wuerl “Cardinal Cupich denies he and Cardinal Wuerl hatched rival plan before USCCB Baltimore meeting” ( (Of course Cupich and Wuerl wouldn’t DREAM of doing that. Cupich simply hatched the plan with this pope.)

@Pontifex “They diminish and insult every father and doctor of the Church with their deliberate dumbing down of the Church’s rich intellectual history.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’ approval rating plummets among American Catholics in response to sex abuse crisis”….”It’s been one PR disaster after another,” (Steve Skojec) said.

@Pontifex “The effect of the Extraordinary Form on vocations to the priesthood” (This pope probably thinks this is “fake news.” If it turns out to be true, though, he’ll do all he can to crush these vocations. Can’t have all these “rigid” vocations.)

@Pontifex “VATICAN AUTOCRACY AND THE U.S. BISHOPS” ( “What happened to the ‘synodality’ and ‘collegiality’ that were supposed to characterize the Church under Pope Francis?” (Another of this pope’s deceptions maybe?)

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “No one can despise the lives of others.” (However, this pope reserves the right to despise and insult faithful Catholics, calling them “rigid,” “Rosary counters,” “Mr and Mrs Whiner,” “slaves of superficiality,” “Pagan Christians,” and so much more.)

@Pontifex “Discouragement over the long history of sexual crimes and episcopal cover-ups is widespread. This is understandable, but something to resist, because discouragement can become an excuse for inaction.”

@Pontifex “If the Vatican is having money problems, they’re about to get worse. Just this month, The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued a judgment ordering Italy to recover five billion euros worth of property tax from the Vatican.”

@Pontifex In the US, a new lawsuit could produce “an investigation under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). And this class-action suit is seeking to use RICO provisions to ‘triple’ the ‘financial damages’ against the Church.”

@Pontifex “As the walls close in against a corrupt hierarchy, it’s anyone’s guess how things will turn out. But however protracted, the tide will turn in this battle for control of the heart and soul of Catholicism, and we know which side will win.”

@Pontifex “Despite Vatican-China agreement, police kidnap a bishop to undergo government indoctrination” (For faithful Catholics in China this bizarre present pontificate is a gift that just keeps on giving.)

@Pontifex “Is Islam compatible with America? 10 questions to ask” (You could ask, “Is Islam compatible with Europe?” Of course this present pope doesn’t pose such questions. He dialogues with those who believe “Lying is permitted to deceive an ‘enemy’.”)

@Pontifex “Beware of churches, Catholic or Protestant, that advertise themselves as ‘welcoming.’ Translated into English, ‘welcoming’ means ‘We are in the process of committing institutional suicide. Come join us as we leap off the bridge’.”

@Pontifex Michael Voris tweets, and millions agree, “In just a little more than a week, the Church enters into Her New Year. What a wonderful New (Church) Year resolution it would be for Pope Francis, if he were to resolve to resign. Dominus Vobiscum.” (How long, O Lord?)

@Pontifex “Say ‘yes’ to your vocation from God, Pope says in video message for World Youth Day” (But as this pope stays with the demon “spirit” of the Council and his sodomite network, few people in their right mind will decide for a religious vocation.)

@Pontifex “Vatican foreign minister: reform the fishing industry through ‘human rights-based approach’” (Zenit) (Forget the “fishing industry”. Why not reform the Church instead of following the demonic “spirit” of the Council over the cliff?)

@Pontifex O God, inspire this poor, hapless pope. Inspire him to RESIGN!


@Pontifex O God, give us a good pope.

@Pontifex Bring about the miraculous conversion of this pope, O God.

@Pontifex Do not let the entire Church, O God, collapse to almost nothing, as it has in the Netherlands. Drive out the demon, the “spirit” of the Council from the Church.

@Pontifex This hapless pope is battling the shrinkage of the Church in Europe and America. Help him, O God, to see it is a battle he cannot win without You, because he is battling a powerful demon, the “spirit” of the Council.

@Pontifex Surely, O God, there was a time in his life when even this hapless pope wanted to build up Your Church, not tear it down. Help him to remember that time, O God, help him to rid the Church of the rot he and others have brought into it, especially the rot of sodomy.

@Pontifex “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil,” especially when he disguises himself as an angel of light, as the “spirit” of the Council, and tries to destroy Your Church.

@Pontifex “The Vatican’s Agreement With China Looks Even Worse Now – The provisional agreement, now two months old, is being used to suppress the faithful” (And the Vatican itself looks worse and worse, the longer this hapless pope maintains power.)

@Pontifex “The Pennsylvania Grand Jury report into clerical sex abuse in the Catholic Church, the Australian Royal Commission on child sex-abuse, and the UK Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse are all active.” (Does this pope worry? Of course not.)

@Pontifex “Knights of Malta expel ‘Dictator Pope’ author from order” (If you criticize this most merciful pope, he will see to it that you are punished without mercy.)

@Pontifex “Light is creeping into this abyss of evil, as was bound to happen eventually. All the bad consequences bishops hoped to avoid will now happen anyway, all the worse for the delay, and the continuing reluctance of bishops to do the right thing.”

@Pontifex “Islamic blasphemy laws have now been elevated to the law of the land in Europe.” (Maybe if this pope “dialogues” a bit more, he can reduce Islam’s influence in Europe, just as he so successfully resolved the situation of Catholics in China.)

@Pontifex “To most Catholics, the Pope’s actions and seeming resistance place the ownership of the scandal squarely in his court; he has increasingly become the face of the scandal.”

@Pontifex “This is conquest. If it is not stopped, the Church will die out everywhere. We must appeal to Heaven and be prepared to help stop it, confident in our Lord’s promise that those gates shall not prevail and that his Church will not fail.”

@Pontifex “We have a Pope bent on conquering the Church in order to level it to the ground and rebuild it according to his own dystopian “dream”: the distilled essence of a degenerate neo-Modernist Jesuitism and the cunning maneuvers of power politics.”

@Pontifex “It would be lawful to resist a Pontiff invading a body, so is it lawful to resist him invading souls, and much more if he should endeavor to destroy the Church. It is lawful to resist him, by not doing what he commands.” – St. Robert Bellarmine

@Pontifex “The Pope is not an absolute monarch whose thoughts and desires are law. The Pope’s ministry is a guarantee of obedience to Christ. He must not proclaim his own ideas, but bind himself and the Church to obedience to God.” – Pope Benedict XVI

@Pontifex “Bergoglio will be able to rubber-stamp the outcomes of the synods he stage-manages. Bergoglio can rig one pseudo council after another without all the fuss of a true council at which a stubborn conservative minority might impede his designs.”

@Pontifex “The preposterous suggestion is that young people have the gift of prophesy, and that “This is the experience we had in this Synod, listening to the voice of the Spirit.” Meaning, of course, the voice of Bergoglio and his inner circle.”

@Pontifex “What does it tell us about Bergoglio that the first words he rammed down the throats of the Synod Fathers are a misleading Scripture citation? He and his collaborators have a commitment to obtaining whatever result ‘the Dictator Pope’ desires.”

@Pontifex “‘Synodality’ has never been anything other than a vehicle for the Bergoglian dictatorship over the Church. It operates only in Rome, where he is in total control of proceedings that are but a masquerade for his own exercise of power.”

@Pontifex “Such is our lot until Heaven grants us the holy and courageous Pope who will restore the Church. The reign of the petty tyrant from Argentina, whom God allowed to afflict the Church as our chastisement, will be only a bitter memory.”



Recent Tweets:

@Pontifex And now a word about Cardinal Maradiaga, this pope’s closest adviser, and about the homosexual rot in Maradiaga’s seminary in Honduras.

@Pontifex This pope still tweets: “None of us can survive without mercy. We all need forgiveness.” His Jesuit training appears to have been defective. He apparently never learned that God is ready to grant mercy and forgiveness, but only if we are determined to stop sinning.

@Pontifex “It is known that while demons have free will, their wills are locked. They make a choice, and that’s it. And I watch the pope making one self-defeating move after another, as if his will is locked into one goal: destruction of the Church.”

@Pontifex “McCarrick’s online footprint suggests he was deeply involved in doing pope’s bidding” (A friend commented, “There’s no liar like an old liar.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis appoints Cardinal Cupich to organize Vatican summit on clergy sex abuse” (We know how that summit will turn out.)

@Pontifex “Father Weinandy said it will be clear ‘how serious’ the Pope is about the problem if the February meeting addresses ‘the issue of active homosexuality among the clergy and the bishops’.” We already know how serious this pope is about the problem

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich This pope has a GREAT sense of humor: putting Cupich in charge of a conference on sexual abuse. Maybe he can get those two priests caught “clericalizing” each other in Florida to act as his assistants.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich This pope is joking, right? Putting Cupich in charge of a conference on sexual abuse is like putting Bashir al-Assad in charge of a peace conference for Syria.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The great ones of the Earth build themselves ‘thrones’ for their own power, God chooses an uncomfortable throne, the cross, from which to reign by giving his life.” (How sad: this pope hasn’t chosen the cross, but a “throne” for his own power.)

@Pontifex Christ promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church. However, the Gates of Hell WILL prevail – ARE prevailing – against the Church of Francis. And for that, all faithful Catholics thank God.

@Pontifex In this video (, Cardinal Burke speaks brilliantly about Christ the King, about obedience to Him. This obedience excludes all errors, all lies, all deceit, all manipulations, the protection of the sodomite network, and every form of papal tyranny

@Pontifex Will this pope punish Cardinal Burke for this video ( Of course. This hapless, vengeful pope has already punished Cardinal Burke, but to a vengeful man, no punishment he has meted out is ever enough.

@Pontifex Cardinal Burke should be happy to be among men like St. Athanasius and others who were punished by popes for being faithful to the Truth of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church.

@Pontifex Bishop Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin, has died. He was a courageous shepherd who spoke out against the homosexual network that is rotting the Church. No doubt Cupich will advise this pope on choosing a man from that sodomite network to replace Morlino.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Christine Niles tweets about: “McCarrick cronies either get promoted or remain protected” ”

@Pontifex Christine Niles tweets: ( “The winds of scandal whipping around the Church’s gay problem are not dissipating. This is foiling the devious plans of Pope Francis, who scheduled his ‘abuse summit’ six months out, hoping few would care about it then”

@Pontifex Christine Niles tweets an article: ( “Not a single McCarrick crony has been demoted under Pope Francis. Some of them, such as Paterson (New Jersey) Bishop Arthur Serratelli, preside over openly corrupt dioceses.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Christine Niles tweets an article: ( “The scandal is one of homosexual abuse, precisely the McCarrick problem that the beneficiaries of his sinister influence and dirty money have no interest in solving.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Christine Niles has tweeted at article ( that demonstrates how the demonic “spirit” of the Council has been – for fifty years – “a gift” that just keeps on giving. (Coincidentally, the word “Gift” in German means “poison.”)



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich The Gates of Hell are prevailing against the Church of Francis (

@Pontifex Today is the feast of Jesuit St. John Berchmans. How different from @JamesMartinSJ “Berchmans developed a deep spirituality based on the practice of fidelity. St. Aloysius of Gonzaga was his model, and he was also influenced by the example of the Jesuit English martyrs”

@Pontifex Many of us hope that at the February conference, @CardinalBCupich will investigate how much active “clericalism” there is among the clergy in, for example, Chicago. And what kind is it? Oral “clericalism”? Anal “clericalism”? What about mutual “clericalism”?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Let this pope ask the Lord for the grace of being honest, truthful, not manipulative, and not protective of his sodomite network, so that his eyes may be opened and he can see the great ruin he’s caused in the Church.

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Over and over again I keep in mind that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Catholic Church, as Christ promised. However, the Gates of Hell ARE prevailing against the Church of Francis. Just ask the US Department of Justice.”

@Pontifex “German bishop: priests have no right to restrict access to Communion” (LifeSite News) “The bishop’s directive appears to conflict directly with the Code of Canon Law” (Canon 844) (Please. We know that one of the last things this pope cares about is Canon Law.)

@Pontifex “Pope to discuss clericalism, homosexuality in book-length interview on consecrated life” (Revista Ecclesia) (Wait. Didn’t this pope get the message from @CardinalBCupich about not going down that “rabbit hole”?)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: God invites this pope to ask: what state does this pope want God to find him in when God calls? The state of one who lies, is deceitful, manipulates synods, protects the Church’s sodomite network, has caused ruin and destruction in the Church?

@Pontifex This pope and China:
“Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly,
“’Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “The Vatican is mocking us now.”

@Pontifex In defense of this pope, @CardinalBCupich goes bonkers in this video (

@Pontifex Another brilliant move by this cunning pope: for him to appoint @CardinalBCupich, one of McCarrick’s “friends,” to investigate the homosexual rot among the clergy and hierarchy is like appointing Al Capone to investigate the Mafia. Who does this pope think he’s kidding?

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: This pope cannot truly follow Jesus when he’s weighed down by things, and by lies, errors, heresies, deceit, anger, manipulation of others, and by the protection he gives to the sodomite network in the Church.

@Pontifex “‘Generosity enlarges the heart,’ Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) Yes, true generosity does that, but not fake generosity, fake mercy, a “Paradigm Shift,” “discernment,” or “accompaniment,” about which some Church leaders love to babble.

@Pontifex “Leading Chinese dissident rips Vatican deal with Beijing” (Public Discourse) You have to wonder if Beijing got what it wanted from this pope’s favorite negotiator, Theodore McCarrick, because Beijing perhaps plied him with toy-boys when he went there to talk.

@Pontifex “Cdl. Zen: Vatican is helping China’s Communist govt. ‘annihilate’ underground Church” A friend commented cynically, “I’m sure this pope is not concerned about that. As it is, he’s well on the way to ‘annihilating’ the Church outside of China.”

@Pontifex “And so the destruction of the Church continues, carried out by this hapless pope, apparently under the influence of the demonic ‘spirit’ of Vatican II.”

@Pontifex “Questions about the state of the process of the reform of the Church in the United States during this second major phase of the clergy sexual abuse crisis have come like a downpour after the meeting of the U.S. bishops in Baltimore.”

@Pontifex “It’s confirmation of all the filth….Noting the vast disparity between the auxiliary bishop’s actions and his homilies, the ‘protected witness’ testified to homosexual relationships between Bishop Pineda, Cravioto and others.”

@Pontifex “‘We will resume our weekly offering when the Bishop resigns or is removed,’ read one handwritten note that was placed in a Sunday collection basket…”


2018.11. 30

Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex And now “@JamesMartinSJ shovels scandalous rubbish to justify sin.”

@Pontifex “If this report is true, bishops working in close collaboration with the pope are instructing other bishops to avoid and refuse manifestations of Christian unity due to a bishop who is, beyond any question, in full communion with him and them.”

@Pontifex Church Militant reports, “@JamesMartinSJ has made a career out of trying to normalize homosexuality. Some of the more egregious examples are here (” (And our hapless pope lets him spread his poison, while banning Cardinal Burke? How long, Lord?)

@Pontifex “Pope concludes catechesis on Ten Commandments” (Vatican News) Ten COMMANDMENTS?? Oh, surely not. It’s the Ten IDEALS, right? To be reached by “discernment” and “accompaniment” and a little help from the demonic “spirit” of the Council.

@Pontifex “Examine your conscience to prepare to encounter the Lord, Pope preaches at Mass” (Vatican News) Let’s hope this poor, hapless pope, in the midst of his nightmare pontificate, is examining his own conscience before his encounter with the Lord.

@Pontifex “Report: Chinese government authorities targeting Christian students at universities (Bitter Winter) One student ‘was told that she wouldn’t be granted her diploma if she didn’t renounce her faith,’ according to the report.” How wonderful is this pope’s pact with China!

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Faced with the tragedies of life, we are called to look to the horizon…” (The HORIZON? What in the world does THAT mean? If this pope stopped lying, deceiving, manipulating people, and protecting his sodomite network, he could perhaps look to God.)

@Pontifex “SAGINAW, Mich. ( – The number of Catholics in Saginaw has plummeted to nearly half in just 13 years.” (Ah, the “spirit” of Vatican II – just overflowing with riches, at least for the Demon.)

@Pontifex Will all of us Catholics eventually see this pope for what he really is? Remember, by 1945, even the Germans finally saw Hitler for what he was: a destroyer of the nation. And Germans have damned his memory ever since. Germany, though, was rebuilt.

@Pontifex I said to a friend: “Another diocese, another attorney general investigation, this time in Texas.” My friend replied: “Don’t despair. Christ isn’t allowing the Gates of Hell to prevail against His Church. He’s allowing them to prevail against the Church of Francis.”

@Pontifex A response to a papal Tweet: Let us ask the Lord to give this pope the grace to leave everything – the errors, the lies, the manipulation of others, the protection given to his sodomite network – in order to go forward in proclamation and witness, and to save his soul.

@Pontifex A response to a papal Tweet: Let this pope ask the Lord for the grace to leave everything – the greedy desire for money from the Knights of Malta, money from the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, money from the Papal Foundation – so that he can save his soul.

@Pontifex “Who is most guilty of sowing division in the Church? Pope Francis seems to suggest that the blame lies not with the worldly bishop who takes the sixth commandment as a suggestion, but with the conscientious Catholic who takes it seriously.”

@Pontifex “When Pope Francis tells us that the Holy Spirit is prompting us to welcome millions of migrants from Islamic lands, Catholics are justified in wondering whether he hasn’t once again confused the Holy Spirit with the spirit of the times.

@Pontifex “Francis’s policies seem to play into the devil’s hands. Against all the best interests of the faith he is supposed to protect, Francis has energetically promoted the migration of Muslims and, thus, of the Islamic faith into Europe.”

@Pontifex “The devil, as Francis points out, is a master of disguise. He can appear as an angel of light. He can quote scripture. And he is certainly not above taking advantage of a Christian’s best instincts—particularly the impulse to charity.”

@Pontifex “Francis should give consideration to the possibility that it is not the Holy Spirit that wants to open the floodgates of migration into Europe, but the ‘spirit of the devil’.”

@Pontifex “‘Readiness to listen’? It’s becoming obvious that Francis does not listen to his critics. He ignores them, fails to respond to their sincere concerns, demotes them, and, in some cases, criticizes them harshly.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has not been very discerning about the men he has elevated to key positions in the Church. Why suppose that he has correctly discerned the promptings of the Holy Spirit in other vital matters?”

@Pontifex “Recognizing the connection between homosexuality and preying upon minors is something the bishops can act on without permission from Rome. They can begin by shutting down the @JamesMartinSJ road show.”


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