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A Journal of 2019 – 1


To the recipients of this e-mail:

I am disgusted that Cardinal Wuerl is scheduled to play a major role in the 2019 Youth Rally and Mass for Life in Washington DC later this month.

This video ( explains in more detail the reasons for my disgust – and for the disgust of many other faithful Catholics.

In addition, if EWTN broadcasts any participation by Cardinal Wuerl in this rally, that network will be shredding its credibility as a reliable source of real news about the state of the Church today.

In Christo,

Robert John Bennett



Dear Klaus,

I know you have a lot of things to read, so I hesitate to send you written material, but I thought you might want to at least skim this letter ( by Michael J. Matt, the publisher of The Remnant newspaper in the US. Matt is an intelligent, level-headed individual, not at all the sort of man who easily flips into panic mode and runs around screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” So I was struck by the things he said in this letter about the present and future state of our society, especially this: “Our families are broken beyond repair, our priests are predators, our Pope has lost the Faith, our governments are the embodiment of Satan at work.”

Matt is not entirely pessimistic, though, about our current situation. He reminds us that God would not have destroyed Sodom if there had been ten just men in the city. So perhaps God will not allow our civilization to collapse if he finds enough individuals on this planet who are willing to pray and do acts of reparation in order to save it.

In Christo,




Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “It has become necessary–even vital–for Catholic Faithful to strongly reaffirm the Truths of Faith and Doctrine when presented with grave error,” such as when this pope last week implicitly denied the infallibly defined Immaculate Conception.

@Pontifex “Boston’s Cdl. Sean O’Malley has reported a case of predatory homosexual sex abuse by a New York priest and the ensuing cover-up by New York’s Cdl. Timothy Dolan to the papal nuncio to the United States, Abp. Christophe Pierre.” How long, O Lord?

@Pontifex Response to this pope’s Tweet: May Jesus, Mary, and Joseph protect the Church from what a Princeton professor warns against in this video: (And may they protect the priest who also speaks in this video. Our “merciful” pope may try to punish him.)

@Pontifex “One day, a pope, against all expectations and against all human calculations, will take things in hand and all that needs to be corrected, will be corrected, because the Church is divine.” – Father Davide Pagliarani, Superior General of the SSPX

@Pontifex In response to this papal Tweet: “Let us give thanks to God for the year drawing to an end.” Let us give thanks to this pope for not wrecking the Church any more than he has up to now, and for not denying the sodomite rot in the Church too much.

@Pontifex “2018, The Catholic Church’s Year From Hell”

@Pontifex And CNN weighs in with “How 2018 became the Catholic Church’s year from hell”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has acted as an advocate for Islam. He has portrayed it as the moral equivalent of Catholicism, and a force for good. A number of people now feel that the pope has seriously misled Christians about the nature and goals of Islam.”

@Pontifex “The pope has done much to promote the cause of Islam. Is Francis aware of the possibility that Islam will become dominant in Europe? Is he aware that this may spell the end of European Christianity? And if he is aware, does he care?”

@Pontifex Somebody should tell this pope it’s going to take more than a new Editorial Director of the Dicastery for Communication and a new Editor-in-Chief of L’Osservatore Romano to respond to 45 US Attorneys General and the US Justice Department now investigating the Church.

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: Today more than ever, our societies need a good pope who will rebuild the Church while remaining loyal to truth of the Gospels. We need a pope who will rid the Church of financial and sexual corruption, not a pope who hides these things.

@Pontifex When this pope says homosexuals should not be admitted to seminaries, that makes a good cover story. What is he actually DOING, though, to rid the Church of his sodomite network? Besides, WHY is sodomite-protector @Cardinal_Wuerl leading a youth conference in January?

@Pontifex “The Pope Who Made a Joke of the Papacy” by Christopher A. Ferrara “…an occupant of the Chair of Peter who can no longer be taken seriously if we are to take seriously the Faith and the Church that has propagated it for two millennia.”

@Pontifex “We’re sick of this insulting secrecy….The corruption network has ruined the reputation of the Catholic Church…Wuerl thinks he can still go along as if nothing happened…We’re asking EWTN not to air any masses where @CardinalWuerl is involved.”

@Pontifex It’s too bad that an open and honest discussion like this cannot be held at the Vatican: ( Maybe that’s why people are leaving the Church in droves, but of course this pope doesn’t care about that.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “To make peace is to imitate God, who wants to make peace with us.” We all pray that this pope too will want to make peace within the Church, instead of punishing critics, insulting faithful Catholics, and promoting and protecting sodomite clerics.

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: If this lamentable pope were to live as Jesus tried to teach him, and in harmony with what the Church has always proclaimed, this poor pope’s efforts would bear fruit, instead of bringing chaos and ruin to the Church.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis rails against ‘hypocritical Christians’: ‘Better to live as an atheist’” When we consider “hypocritical Christians,” no one would EVER think of including the pope in that group, would they?

@Pontifex This pope says, “How many times do we see the scandal of those people who go to church and stay there all day or go every day and then live hating others or talking badly about people?” Of course this pope would NEVER do anything like that!



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex This pope says that we faithful Catholics worship in a “museum” Church. Even if that were true, it would be better than what is happening under this pope. This pope’s “revolution” is emptying churches in Europe and turning them into mosques.

@Pontifex This pope thinks it’s better for us faithful Catholics to be atheists than “hypocrites.” A friend commented, “This pope is NOT a hypocrite, as many claim; he’s simply lost whatever faith he once had. He himself has become, in effect, an atheist.” I don’t agree.

@Pontifex “Pope blames US bishops for ‘crisis of credibility’ on sex abuse” The bishops? No, it’s those pesky 45 US state attorneys general and the US Justice Department. If they’d stop the investigations, the bishops could just sweep everything under rug.

@Pontifex As this pope says, it’s better to be an atheist than to hate faithful Catholics and call them “superficial Christians,” “fomenters of coprophagia,” “rigid,” “museum mummies,” priests and seminarians who are “wheeler-dealers,” “little monsters,” and “smarmy idolaters.”

@Pontifex The “Vatican Post Office” (@CaproEspiatori) tweets, “Concerned that the world has come to view him as merely a Machiavellian manipulator who covers for abuse, Pope issues much needed statement to remind people that he was a heretic first.”

@Pontifex “The Pope’s recent letter placed the responsibility for resolving the scandal squarely on the shoulders of the American bishops.” Oh, so that’s why this pope told the US bishops in November not to discuss policies regarding the sex-abuse crisis.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “Jesus is the gift of God for us.” If this pope welcomes Him, this pope too can be a gift of God to others, a good pope, faithful to the teachings of the Church, who does not cover up evil, a pope who respects others and does not insult them.

@Pontifex “More proof the pope’s investigation is a sham” “Conclusion: Rome and Pope Francis are the problem here — Rome, Pope Francis and the homosexual clerical culture dominating the Church.”

@Pontifex “Catholics are outraged by a scandal-ridden cardinal taking center stage at the Youth Rally and Mass for Life on January 18.” “We cannot allow the corruption network among our Church leaders to get away with sexual abuse cover-ups anymore!”

@Pontifex “Catholics are renewing calls for @CardinalBCupich to resign after reports reveal he knew about sexual predators living in his former diocese of Spokane and failed to act.” Of course this pope will protect Cupich, as he does all corrupt clerics.

@Pontifex “As I look back on the past year, it seems to me that the most telling illustration of the deep crisis gripping the Catholic Church is Pope Francis’ abandonment of the body of Christ in China.” – Alan Keyes at Church Militant

@Pontifex “The Lord is extending a special mercy to us: the opportunity to wake up to the dangers of swallowing whatever a reckless pope wants to shove down our throats, even when it runs against the papacy’s ministry of preserving and defending tradition”

@Pontifex “The pope said that the bishops must abandon the ‘modus operandi of disparaging, discrediting, playing the victim or the scold’.” Sounds like a good idea. Maybe the pope should start following his own advice.

@Pontifex “Does Francis manifest a ‘readiness to listen’? It’s becoming obvious that he does not listen to his critics. He ignores them, fails to respond to their sincere concerns, demotes them, and, in some cases, criticizes them harshly.”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “O God, convert this poor pope. Make him a good man and a good pope. Transform him into the opposite of what he is now. We beg You, O God.”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “O God, restore this pope’s faith. Make him a holy man.”

@Pontifex We pray that God will help this pope to stop insulting people he finds fault with, people he seems to dislike or perhaps even hate.

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Remember what St. John said: ‘Do not be amazed, brothers, if the world hates you.’ And so we should not be surprised if a worldly pope hates and insults us.”

@Pontifex Good for Father Mark. And by the way, this controversy has everything to do with MORALITY, not “politics.”



@Pontifex “Everything we do risks being tainted by self-referentiality, self-preservation and defensiveness, and thus doomed from the start,” Pope Francis wrote in a letter. Can this pope really be oblivious to the fact that he’s talking about himself?

@Pontifex “Editorial: Pope Francis indicates a way forward” “Personal closeness to the American Bishops”? Sure, in order to paralyze their efforts. “A way forward”? Huh? You sure don’t find that in this editorial.

@Pontifex US dioceses have released names of over 1,000 accused priests (AP) “It’s not enough,” said Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Shapiro. “I do not believe that the church is capable of policing itself. They need outside forces, law enforcement, to hold them accountable.”

@Pontifex More “procedures”? “We want to see how we also can put on the table the question of bishops’ responsibility. That is THE question that should be discussed—the only question that really matters.”

@Pontifex (1/3) “The papal letter encourages the American bishops to find ways to protect against sexual abuse in the future, but not to look too deeply into how the problem arose in the past:…” @Pontifex (2/3) “…not to investigate the corruption that gave rise to a culture of secrecy and cover-ups, of protecting the guilty at the expense of the innocent. If the same attitude prevails when the Vatican hosts the presidents of the world’s episcopal conferences…” @Pontifex (3/3) “…in February—and we have little reason to expect otherwise—that meeting will result in further frustration, greater cynicism about Church leadership, more damage to the evangelical mission of the Church.”

@Pontifex “Credibility is not rebuilt with marketing strategies.” – Andrea Tornielli Okay, so why doesn’t the Vatican cut out the marketing strategies?

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The Church grows in silence, in prayer, and with the good works that give witness.” It also grows with a good pope who rebuilds the Church instead of ruining it, a pope who is faithful to the Gospel, who doesn’t hide a network of sodomites.

@Pontifex Archbishop Thompson of Indianapolis, USA, should have a trusted individual carry out a full and complete investigation of Marian University’s status as a Catholic university. I refer to this article on the internet:

@Pontifex Father Mark Goring has not been punished, only told that he must “cease and desist” and be “obedient.” I respect him very much. I was afraid worse might happen to him under this “merciful” pope. I wish this pope showed obedience to the Gospel.

@Pontifex “A prominent group of Catholic laity are calling on bishops and priests to break their silence surrounding the ‘homosexual networks’ in the Church’s hierarchy.”

@Pontifex “Stunner: Vatican said to have deemed McCarrick sex acts with 16-year-old altar boy as ‘consensual’” A friend said, “Oh, well, if it was consensual, then it was okay. McCarrick’s in the clear. Isn’t that right?

@Pontifex “What do we do when we have a Pope who, in his moral teaching, tends to pander to the sins and weaknesses of man, rather than to instill in them a deep abhorrence of it?”

@Pontifex Islam is among this pope’s illusions. “Islam requires submission. One of the things to which it requires submission is the doctrine that all men are not created equal. Under Islam, France will have no liberty, equality, and fraternity.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis attempted to continue his line of attack on his critics in Chile, even doubling down on accusing them of the grave sin of calumny; the leaked letters made it unsustainable.” Huh? Does this pope LIE? I guess it’s the New Paradigm.


@Pontifex “‘Shocking’ sexual abuse of children by German clergy detailed in report” And this present pope indicates that he thinks the problem exists only – or mainly – in the US?

@Pontifex “Pope blames US bishops for ‘crisis of credibility’ on sex abuse” Right. That’s great leadership: when there’s a problem, NEVER take responsibility for it. ALWAYS blame somebody else.

@Pontifex “US bishops aren’t alone in having a ‘crisis of credibility.’ It goes all the way to the pope” Now THAT is a headline you can believe!

@Pontifex “I am certain that the great renewal impulse of the Second Vatican Council is not being truly led forward. We must further work on that. Further adaptations of Church teachings are required.” – Cardinal Marx MORE Vatican II? Dear God.

@Pontifex From the Department of When-You’re-in-a-Hole-Don’t-Keep-Digging: “I am certain that the great renewal impulse of the Second Vatican Council is not being truly led forward. We must further work on that.” – Cardinal Marx God help us.


Dear Klaus,

No, I hadn’t heard of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute. I went to their website ( and copied their organizational chart (attached below). The President of the Advisory board is Cardinal Burke, and the board itself includes the other impressive people you mentioned (along with Cardinal Zen, who tried strenuously and repeatedly to warn the pope against making the recent disastrous agreement with China).

Steve Bannon is listed only as a “patron.” Frankly, that doesn’t bother me, because Otto von Habsburg is listed as a former patron, and Fra’ Matthew Festing is among the other current patrons. I know that Bannon has tried to promote right-wing parties here in Europe, but I also know that Bannon is very skeptical of Muslims. For me, that’s a point in his favor.

I’d say that this institute has, on the whole, some very good people associated with it, so I would give it all the support I could.

In Christo,




A comment posted in response to a YouTube video of a talk by Father Mark Goring:

I grew up with the Traditional Latin Mass, and because I was able to study Latin in school, I could also follow and understand the mass in Latin. When the Novus Ordo mass was introduced, it contributed to my loss of faith for many years. I knew nothing about the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter until a few years ago when someone told me about a parish where they celebrate mass on Sundays. The first time I went, and the priest and altar boys entered the sacristy, knelt down, and began saying the prayers at the foot of the altar, tears came into my eyes. The reason? Everything that Father Mark says about the Traditional Latin Mass in today’s video is true. It DOES direct you to God in a way that the Novus Ordo mass fails to do, mainly because the Novus Ordo mass is directing you to the priest and to the people around you. I’m sorry to say this, but comparing the Novus Ordo mass to the Traditional Latin Mass is like comparing a cartoon to a painting by Rembrandt.



Copies of some recent Tweets that may perhaps be of interest:

@Pontifex Cardinal Marx “wields considerable influence at the Vatican.” You bet he does. The German Catholic Church, richly supported by state funding, has almost more money than it can handle. And nothing influences this pope more than you-know-what.

@Pontifex Cardinal Marx: “I am certain that the great renewal impulse of the Second Vatican Council is not being truly led forward.” Really? Vatican II said nothing about mass facing the people, or Communion in the hand, or an entirely vernacular mass.

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: Let’s ask God: help this lamentable pope to rediscover the joy of being faithful to the Gospel and to Church teaching and tradition, to rediscover the joy of rooting out evil and rebuilding the Church from the destruction he himself caused.

@Pontifex This poor “dictator pope” has still to learn what all authoritarian leaders learn in the end: having a good reputation depends on TRUTH, not on public relations. Andrea Tornielli won’t be able to change that fact.

@Pontifex “It’s important that everyone understand that the Catholic Church is now being investigated as a criminal organization on the federal level. This includes all entities within the Catholic Church, not just the dioceses.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “God became man in Jesus in order to share our lives.” And we pray that this pope will not continue to betray that relationship by being unfaithful to the Gospel and by abandoning Christians in the East.

@Pontifex “And if some of these young men end up in lives of addiction and sexual exploitation and even kill themselves, oh well. As long as we all get along and not say things that are divisive, that’s all that matters.”

@Pontifex “The Pope’s Laxity Catches Up With Him: Pope Francis lectured the American bishops this week on their ‘crisis of credibility’ even as his own reputation took another hit in the wake of revelations about one of his protégés.”

@Pontifex “The pope’s plum-throwing to perverts is simply a habit he can’t break, not even at the most intense moment of the abuse scandal.”

@Pontifex (1/2) “Had the cardinals shown even a modicum of interest in Bergoglio’s governance of the Buenos Aires archdiocese before electing him, they would have known of his enormous laxity — his practice of surrounding himself with deviants,… @Pontifex (2/2) …promoting them to positions of power and influence, and then visiting some of them in exile after their shocking lapses became too well known.”

@Pontifex (1/2) “The pope’s USCCB letter is clotted with rationalizing jargon and odd rebukes, to the point where it is obvious that he is not asking for any real action on the abuse scandal but continued passivity. As usual,… @Pontifex (2/2) “…he implies that the few bishops who care are the villains — ‘finger-pointing’ agents of ‘dispersion and division,’ as if faked-up collegial unity is a greater priority than robust truth-telling in the midst of a scandal on this scale.”

@Pontifex “MULTIPLE ITALIAN BISHOPS EMBRACE HETERODOX INTERPRETATION OF AMORIS LAETITIA – At least six regional bishops’ conferences promote adulterers having access to Holy Communion” (What a tragedy the Church has become under this poor pope.)

@Pontifex “The heavy-handed approach of calling the police, meted out by church authorities to this peaceful penitential pilgrim, is alarming to say the least.” (The “spirit” of Vatican II never sleeps. And this poor pope does all he can to keep it awake.)

@Pontifex “Dubia Cardinal: ‘Statistically proven’ that clerical sex abuse is linked to homosexuality” (This present lamentable pope will no doubt do all he can to silence and punish Cardinal Brandmüller, in order to keep his sodomite network happy.)

@Pontifex “Cardinal Müller: Blaming sex abuse crisis on ‘clericalism’ is an insult to victims” (But has this poor pope ever NOT insulted anyone who is faithful to Church teaching and the Gospel? Cardinal Müller will be punished for this effrontery.)

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Love does not tolerate indifference; love is compassionate. Love means putting your heart on the line for others.” Love is not silent in the face of the Viganò testimony. Love does not hide the Vatican’s sodomite network. Love does not punish critics.

@Pontifex This is a shatteringly GOOD video! If the message gets through to the right seminarian, or seminarians, it could make all the difference in the world. It could save the Church.

@Pontifex (1/2) St. Catherine of Siena: “We’ve had enough exhortations to be silent. Cry out with a thousand tongues-I see the world is rotten because of silence.” (“Oimè, non più tacere! Gridate con cento migliaia di lingue. Veggo che, per tacere, il mondo è guasto,… @Pontifex (2/2) “…la Sposa di Cristo è impallidita, toltogli è il colore, perchè gli è succhiato il sangue da dosso, cìoè che il sangue di Cristo, che è dato per grazia e non per debito.”


Father Mark, you say you don’t know what to do. Your first reaction was the right one – obedience to your superiors. But, I know, that does nothing to put out the fire within. So how do you handle that fire? Appeal to the pope? Father, I think that if this pope wouldn’t answer the dubia cardinals, if he wouldn’t respond to the millions who have signed petitions to him with regard to Church teaching, I doubt that he’ll respond to you. (He may, however, contact your superiors and have you punished.)

So what do you do? How do you deal with that fire? How do you react to your superiors with love and obedience and not cause them any pain or anguish?

I think you try to do something very difficult. You try to do what the French playwright Jean Anouilh did during the Nazi occupation of France. Anouilh wrote a version of Sophocles’ play “Antigone” that at one, subtle level was a devastating critique of the the Nazis. It was so subtle, though, that the Nazis didn’t get it and allowed the play to be performed. The Nazis thought Anouilh was PRAISING them!

Many in the audience DID get it, though. (However, for some people, the play is controversial, because it is SO ambiguous that they miss the anti-Nazi element.) In general, the play has ALWAYS been considered a masterful, courageous kind of double-entendre. This was the way the play was introduced to me by a French lady who once tutored me in the language. She greatly admired the play, and she admired Anouilh.

So, my point is, you could try, somehow, to do the same thing. You could try to find a way to speak about the deplorable condition of the Church, but subtly, so that the fire – for those who can perceive it – is there, just below the surface, but hidden from anyone who thinks the Church is just fine now.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “But what about THEM?” (Someone should tell this tragic pope that “But what about THEM?” is not really much of a defense.)

@Pontifex “I am reminded of Napoleon’s threat to destroy the Church. Card. Consalvi responded, ‘We clergy have been trying to destroy the Church for the last 1800 years.’ Even if Francis or his band of hangers-on were trying that, they would fail.”

@Pontifex “John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II did have some “laudable” qualities. The same cannot be said for Jorge Bergoglio, in whom I find nothing laudable or praiseworthy as a Catholic. Almost everything about this man makes me sick.” – The Remnant

@Pontifex “Benedict XVI expressed the defeatist spirit of the churchmen of our time, whose main sin is cowardice. I say this with compassion for this elder, made to watch the historical consequences of his decision by Providence.” – Roberto de Mattei

@Pontifex “This pope tweets: “Do not be afraid to weep when you encounter difficult situations. Tears of compassion purify hearts.” (These days we can only weep for the ruin this lamentable pope is causing the Church, just as we weep for his salvation from the fires of hell.)

@Pontifex “God’s commandments are ‘concrete’, hence this concreteness is the ‘criterion’ of Christianity. Pope Francis made the point in his homily at Mass.” (Oh, so that’s why this pope gave such concrete answers to the Dubia Cardinals.)

@Pontifex “Another gospel (an abomination) has entered the Church—Protestant theologian Richard Niebuhr, tells of ‘a God without wrath who brings men without sin into a kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross’.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The spirit of the world is conquered with the spirit of faith.” But if there is financial corruption, a sodomite network, and countless bishops who have lost their faith, then how can the spirit of the world be conquered without rebuilding the Church?

@Pontifex “There is no way that a group of homosexual men in control of the Vatican and with the closest ties to the Pope are ever going to condemn homosexuality and nail it as the cause of the homosexual predation scandal. These men are the problem.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has done just about everything possible to advance the cause of sodomy. Despite his public comments about homosexual marriage being from the devil and so forth, he promotes and protects and advances men who disagree with that.”

@Pontifex “This pope says same-sex-attracted men shouldn’t be allowed in seminaries and ordained, but he lets them off the hook when they get caught destroying adolescent boys and attacks those who want to see such wicked men defrocked as somehow ‘rigid’.”

@Pontifex “James Martin, Thomas Rosica, Blase Cupich and Donald Wuerl—homosexualists through and through—have no love for the Church. They have been trying to destroy the Church for many years. They are enemies of Christ — Judases across the board.”

@Pontifex ” Each and every bishop now has a moral duty to stand up in his diocese and declare the full truth of the matter regarding this monstrous evil, to actively preach the truth—the destruction that the Faith has undergone in the past 50 years.”

@Pontifex “The evidence that the Vatican isn’t serious about stopping homoclerical predators includes creating positions for them in the Vatican and letting them avoid prosecution because of legal technicalities, e.g., scuttling the case against McCarrick.

@Pontifex “Dubia Cardinal: ‘Statistically proven’ that clerical sex abuse is linked to homosexuality” Oh please, this pope doesn’t accept anything so mundane as “statistics” or “proof.” This pope is told what is true by some “spirit” (wherever it’s from).

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The first step in prayer is to be humble, go to the Father and say: ‘I am a sinner’.” We all pray this pope will follow his own advice, return to the Church and be faithful to its teachings, while no longer protecting his sodomite clergy.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has shown the world that he has a tendency to be a manipulator, an ideologue, a dictator, and a relativist about dogma, so perhaps it is not so worthwhile to take too seriously these problematic things he says.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Smallness is freedom. One who is small, in the Gospel sense, is unencumbered and free from any urge to show off, and from any claim to success.” O God, give us a pope who is small in the Gospel, free from any urge to show off or claim “success.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “The Zanchetta case: Pope Francis protects his friends and allies. This case illustrates how the Vatican has moved backward on two crucial fronts: sexual abuse and finance. Reform is dead, unless the reform begins with the Pontiff himself.”

@Pontifex “CONFIRMED: WUERL KNEW ABOUT MCCARRICK – The Washington Post reported that Wuerl, was made aware of a claim of sexual misconduct against McCarrick in 2004, and passed along the information to then-Vatican ambassador Gabriel Montalvo.” Wuerl LIED??

@Pontifex “Whoever loves God must also love his brother, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” (Vatican News) Does that mean not insulting his brother, not calling him ““obsessed,” “doctor of the law,” “neo-pelagian,” “fundamentalist,” “rigid,” “idolater,” “heretic and not Catholic”?

@Pontifex “It’s time to turn in our rowboats for sailboats, and take our cue from the guidance of Christ’s spirit,” @CardinalBCupich said. Cupich should just be sure it’s Christ’s spirit, and not one of the demonic kind, like the “spirit” of Vatican II.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’s advocacy for Islam could destroy Europe – If one depended on European media and schools, one would indeed come away with a misleading picture of Islam, like Catholics who rely on Church pronouncements about Islam.”

@Pontifex ” Church leaders present a smiley-faced version of Islam which emphasizes the commonalities with Catholicism and leaves out the alarming elements. For six years, the chief proponent of this bowdlerized view of Islam has been Pope Francis.

@Pontifex “Catholic apologist expresses bewilderment over Church silencing a faithful priest but not dissenters” A friend commented sarcastically, “Bewilderment? Hey, get with it, bro. It’s this pope’s New Paradigm at work.”

@Pontifex “Gay Apologist Thomas Reese to Address 2019 LA REC on Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis” Of course this pope silences only those who uphold Church teaching, like Cardinal Burke. If you’re a sodomite, you can say whatever you want, or preach anywhere.

@Pontifex “Looking back over nearly 60 years of Vatican II, I have concluded that firstly the world and the Church are as they are now, because the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been largely replaced by a man-centred communal meal.”

@Pontifex “A priest said to my family many years ago that, given constant exposure to the new mass, a family’s faith would be largely extinguished within two generations.”

@Pontifex Again, in connection with The Great Religion of Peace: “Lessons We Seem Unwilling to Learn.” We all pray that even this poor pope will be willing to learn a few lessons about Islam, a “religion” he seems to be so very ignorant of.

@Pontifex Today, this pope might just as well have written, “The papacy is the best gift we have received. Through it, we belong to no one and we possess the joy of tremendous power, the power to punish our critics and enemies, the power to protect our sodomite network.”

@Pontifex The “Vatican Post Office” (@CaproEspiatori) tweets, “Concerned that the world has come to view him merely as a Machiavellian manipulator who covers for abuse, the Pope issues a much needed statement to remind people that he was a heretic first.”

@Pontifex There is “a parallel between Herod and the Sanhedrin of 2000 years ago to the Modernists of today; both groups had as their intention the destruction of the Body of Christ– first His actual body and then His mystical body.”

@Pontifex “More Pieces Added to Puzzle of Holy See Press Office Resignations” A friend commented, “Making staff changes at the Holy See Press Office will do as much to prevent disaster as switching the assignments of stewards on the Titanic.”

@Pontifex ” Instead of claiming territory, the Francis pontificate is turning Catholicism into a chaplaincy for the elite interests in the emerging global world order. Those who know Jesuits will recognize this as their historical pattern.”

@Pontifex “The Rot Runs Deep – The Church will lose hundreds of millions more in sex abuse judgments. Pope Francis’ meddling in the USCCB might even strip the Vatican of legal immunity. That could put the Vatican’s art and buildings on the auction block.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Let us look at our hands, often so empty of love, and let us try to think of some gift we can offer freely.” How would it be if this pope offered the gifts of truth, faithfulness to Church teaching, honesty, and eradication of his sodomite network?

@Pontifex This pope must have had a good laugh when he read Archbishop Viganò’s latest letter about McCarrick ( He probably called @Cardinal_Wuerl so they could laugh together. “Public repentance?” said a friend sarcastically. “Oh, that is SO medieval.”

@Pontifex “No salvation outside the Church may have been fine for pre-conciliar saints, popes, virgins and martyrs but these days even the Bishop of Rome begs to differ, so enlightened is he.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “This is little else than cash register Catholicism, and when you consider how so many of these men have sold out the faith for the past 50 years, cash is about the only thing left to focus on.”

@Pontifex “The bishops want to get the money out of as many older Catholics as possible before they die off because once they are dead in the next half generation or so, that’ll be it. Their children don’t go to Mass.”

This pope tweets, “Don’t let the sufferings you see frighten you.” A friend commented, “Even though that advice is coming from this lamentable present pope, it’s good advice for faithful Catholics who suffer mightily under this corrupt and monstrous pontificate.”

@Pontifex “A Texas bishop famed for his orthodoxy has seconded Viganò’s plea for McCarrick to repent.” (A friend said, “A bishop FAMED FOR HIS ORTHODOXY?? Once this pope finds out about that, he won’t be a bishop much longer.”)

@Pontifex “Catholic apologist expresses bewilderment over Church silencing a faithful priest but not dissenters” (Oh, but surely our present terrific pope doesn’t know about this situation. If he did know about it, he’d correct it. Wouldn’t he?)

@Pontifex “@Cardinal_Wuerl is refusing to apologize after having been caught deceiving Catholics about his knowledge of Abp. Theodore McCarrick’s sexual predation.” ( He didn’t lie? Watch this:

@Pontifex “In a recent survey, only 31% of Catholics rated the “honesty and ethical standards” of clergy as high or very high—down from 49% in 2017 and 61% in 2008.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’s commitment to sex abuse reform is nonexistent. Here’s proof”

@Pontifex “Cdl. Wuerl asks for ‘understanding’ after evidence shows he lied about McCarrick” (Sure, people will give @Cardinal_Wuerl “understanding,” but maybe, in return, he might want to give us an apology for his lies.)

@Pontifex “A prominent theologian has challenged Pope Francis’s recent remarks implying it’s better to be an atheist than a Christian who hates, saying the Pope sometimes “slips into a schizophrenia that clashes with the very idea of mercy.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The Spirit of God speaks freely to each person through feelings and thoughts.” Demonic spirits do the same thing. We can know the difference between the Spirit of God and a demon by relying on traditional Church teachings, not on papal whimsy.

@Pontifex “For classical commentators, a pope who departs from his office in dogmatic questions, that is to say, who is guilty of heresy ceases to be the Pope, automatically.” – Cardinal Burke

@Pontifex “Pope’s preacher for US bishops’ retreat condemns riches, stays quiet on homosexuality or abuse” (Of course

@Pontifex “Pope’s preacher for US bishops’ retreat condemns riches, stays quiet on homosexuality or abuse” (Of course. When members of this pope’s own homosexual network are in the audience, you can’t preach against homosexuality.)

@Pontifex “Homosexualist bishops create a kind of universalism of religions. Terrified of conflict that would require real masculine traits, they will never admit this, because they will meet rejection, and fear of rejection is kryptonite to a homosexual.”

@Pontifex “Why is @JamesMartinSJ allowed to rampage around the Church and inflict himself on unsuspecting souls? Because gay bishops allow him to; other gay men in robes promote him because he preaches the perversion of Catholicism that they wallow in.”

@Pontifex “These bishops refuse to believe Catholic truth, Who the Church is, because to do so would destroy their sodomitic empire. They will never dismantle it; we must destroy it. Your duty as baptized and confirmed Catholics: declare the truth.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Let us not have a perverse heart that leads to cowardice; an obstinate heart that leads to being shut off; a heart that is slave to the seduction that leads to a Christian life of compromise.” O God, take away such a heart from this poor pope.

@Pontifex “Underground Priest: ‘Catholicism in Communist China is Facing Calamity’” A cynic might ask if this pope even really CARES about Catholicisim in Communist China.

@Pontifex “Never have grudges against others, or lose your temper, or raise your voice to anybody, or call each other names.” – St. Paul (Ephesians 4:29-32) Some people wonder if this pope has ever read the New Testament.

@Pontifex “Cdl. Wuerl now claims he ‘forgot’ about knowing about McCarrick sex abuse” (Oh, come ON! Gimme a BREAK! How stupid does @Cardinal_Wuerl think we are? Or how stupid can @Cardinal_Wuerl be, if he thinks anyone will believe that nonsense?)



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope’s preacher for US bishops’ retreat condemns riches, stays quiet on homosexuality or abuse” (“Stays quiet on homosexuality”? Oh, that speaks VOLUMES, doesn’t it?)

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Today is the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: all of us are asked to implore from God this great gift.” It’s only a gift if it means that non-Catholic Christians become Catholic, NOT if it means protestantizing the Catholic Church.

@Pontifex In this remarkable interview ( with Michael Voris, Milo Yiannopoulos discusses his life and its relation to his Catholic faith. He mentions that his latest book contains a chapter entitled “Make the Vatican Straight Again.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Prayer from a humble heart is heard by God.” A cynical friend commented, “Then will God hear the prayers of any pope who is proud, arrogant, hypocritical, and greedy, one who punishes critics and refuses to eradicate the sodomite rot in the Church?”

@Pontifex “The Screening, Protection, and Crisis Education of Seminarians” Faithful Catholics everywhere are praying that one day God will send us a pope who will follow the suggestion contained in this article, instead of denying there’s a problem.

@Pontifex “Chinese Communists to rewrite Christian Scriptures to make them more Chinese and Communist” (This pope’s [still secret] agreement with the Chinese Communists is a gift that just keeps on giving.)

@Pontifex “The Vatican Surrenders to China – The Vatican may learn the hard way that that the Communist Chinese government does not honor its agreements. Beijing may attempt to extort even more concessions from the Vatican.”

@Pontifex A papal tweet: “What will remain on the threshold of eternity is not how much we earned, but how much we gave away.” (Then you have to wonder how much will remain for this lamentable pope, whose greed – many say – drove him to destroy the FFI to acquire their assets.)

@Pontifex “Experience in the confessional leads me to further reflection on the present crisis in the Church. People expect bishops and priests to do what Jesus wants, to teach the same things that He taught to the apostles.” ( We expect it of popes, too.

@Pontifex “Priests and bishops are sent by the Church to make available to everyone the graces of truth and salvation. Their absolute fidelity to this mission is expected by both God and men. Anything else is an imposture.

@Pontifex Father Gerald Murray writes, “Pressure seems to be only thing that produces decisive action in dealing with sexual abuse and episcopal cover-ups.” (Father Gerald Murray has now made himself a target of this pope’s revenge and punishment.)

@Pontifex Newman wrote: “The whole course of Christianity is but one series of troubles and disorders. Every century is like every other, and to those who live in it seems worse than all times before it.” So even in this horrific pontificate, there’s hope.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The Christian way is that of the Beatitudes: meekness, humility, patience in suffering, love for justice, ability to endure persecution, not judging others.” (DEAR GOD, SEND US A POPE WHO WILL FOLLOW THE CHRISTIAN WAY, AND NOT ITS COMPLETE OPPOSITE.)

@Pontifex “The Vatican received information in 2015 and 2017 that an Argentine bishop close to Pope Francis had taken naked selfies, exhibited ‘obscene’ behavior and had been accused of misconduct with seminarians.” (2015?? Dear God!)

@Pontifex “The Chinese government further uses the tentative agreement with the Vatican to force all underground churches to join state-approved ones.” You have to wonder what the Chinese did for McCarrick to get an agreement so favorable to the Chinese.

@Pontifex 1/2 A papal tweet: “Saying “yes” to God’s love is the first step to being happy, and to making many other people happy.” Does this pope believe that? Or does he believe… @Pontifex 2/2 …that saying “yes” to taking money from the FFI and the Knights of Malta, saying “yes” to punishing critics, saying “yes” to hiding the sodomite rot in the Church will make him happy and will make the bishops and cardinals who are his accomplices happy?

@Pontifex has what might be called its own version ( of these verses from Genesis: “The two angels arrived at Sodom…(and) said to Lot,’The outcry to the Lord is so great that he has sent us to destroy this place’.” (Genesis, 19)



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Intimate photos of two priests in the diocese of Paterson, New Jersey reveal a homosexual relationship that sources say the local ordinary is ignoring. Church Militant obtained a series of selfies taken by the two priests.” (Just “clericalism”?)

@Pontifex “’Priest-focused Catholicism’ isn’t Catholicism at all. It’s misplaced faith; one reason: priests are human beings who will eventually do something wrong – including commit sin, sometimes gravely. It’s all too easy to be let down by them.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Even though God is allowing the Gates of Hell to prevail against the church of Francis, we pray that He will remember His promise and not allow them to prevail against Christ’s Church.”

@Pontifex “A Swiss bishop who heads the country’s Bishops’ Conference has become the center of controversy after he gave permission for a pastor who had been previously convicted of child sexual abuse to be placed in a parish.” The pope won’t stop this?

@Pontifex “Ending rule by the ‘McCarrick Doctrine’ – It cannot be denied that a large number of Catholic bishops and their vicars lied, covered up, and abused their positions and faith.”

@Pontifex How long will it be until this pope crushes Fr. Jerry Pokorsky for this article (, in the same way that he punishes any priest who is faithful to Church teachings and to the Gospel?

@Pontifex If this heroic priest ( applied for admission to most seminaries today, he would quickly be rejected as being “rigid.”

@Pontifex “Vatican denies early knowledge of Argentine bishop’s misconduct” A friend responded, “ROTFL.”

@Pontifex “The Beatitudes are the Christian’s true way of life, Pope preaches at weekday Mass (Vatican News)” (A friend commented, “Too back this lamentable pope doesn’t practice the Beatitudes once in a while.”)

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “I am leaving for the World Youth Day. I ask you to pray for this very important event on the path of the Church.” We will pray for a pope who understands the difference between what he calls “the path of the Church” and “the Way” that is Christ.

@Pontifex “The Gay Church – Thousands of priests are closeted, and the Vatican’s failure to reckon with their sexuality has created a crisis for Catholicism.”

@Pontifex “There is a homosexual subculture within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that is wreaking great devastation. The church needs more hatred” of homosexual sexual behavior, “a sin so grave it cries to heaven for vengeance.” – +Robert Morlino

@Pontifex “If you are a faithful Catholic, you are the enemy in too many of the bishops’ eyes because you are probably also politically conservative.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’s Parade of Embarrassing Friendships – The least we can say is that Pope Bergoglio is embarrassing. Moreso for the people whom he obviously favors, protects, and defends. Or for those who actively contributed to his election.”

@Pontifex “The pontiff chooses or prefers people who have a past, and at least one skeleton in their closet. Who is more obedient and more faithful than men who are afraid? Is this a pope who governs, not with the Gospel, but rather with dossiers?”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “What prompts us to encounter each other in this WYD?” He says the answer is “love.” You have to wonder, though, if a pope who refuses to eradicate the sodomite network and the financial corruption in the Church knows what love is.

@Pontifex In response to a papal Tweet: at this WYD, let everyone pray for the conversion of this pope.

@Pontifex We pray that God will protect the young people at WYD in Panama from any predatory priests and bishops who may be there as part of this poor pope’s sodomite network.

@Pontifex “Archimedes first figured out why dense elements sink in water, while less weighty matter floats. This might suggest why so many insubstantial bishops “lead” the Catholic hierarchy while substantial priests rarely rise above the rank and file.”



The Prophet Nehemiah describes what happens when the People of God hear the Law read aloud to them: they weep, because “they find something that draws them nearer to their origins.”

I think that one day, when the Modernists have nearly finished they work of destroying the Church, there will be a remnant of faithful Catholics who remain. They will “weep,” in a sense, as they come to understand that the law of God, expressed in the Gospel and in the ancient teachings of the Church, is not some “rigid,” “neo-Pelagian” legalistic structure that oppresses them.

God’s law is a liberating force that unites all the faithful to St. Paul’s “cloud of witnesses” who surround and wait for us in the Kingdom of God.


Sehr geehrter Monsignor Hennes,

heute morgen vor der Heiligen Messe fiel mir noch einmal auf, dass vor dem Tabernakel in der Lambertuskirche keine rote Kerze angezündet wurde. Das passiert ziemlich oft, und ich denke, dass das nicht überraschend ist, denn heutzutage glauben immer weniger Laien, Priester und sogar Bischöfe an die Reale Präsenz. Für den kleinen Rest von uns gläubigen Katholiken, die glauben, dass Christus in der Eucharistie physisch anwesend ist, ist es jedoch enttäuschend, wenn vor dem Tabernakel in einer katholischen Kirche, wo die Eucharistie sich befindet, keine rote Kerze angezündet wird.

Übrigens bin ich froh, dass diese Messen so oft am Samstag gefeiert werden und dass so viele Menschen anwesend sind. Ich bedauere nur, dass ich Ihre Predigten nicht hören oder verstehen kann. Ich bin ein 78-jähriger Amerikaner, ein wenig taub, und mein gesprochenes Deutsch ist sehr arm. Sie halten Ihre Predigten jedoch mit so offensichtlicher Begeisterung ab, dass dies allein inspirierend ist und ich dafür sehr dankbar bin.

In Christo

Robert John Bennett



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Individuals and groups have operational control of the Church, but they have no supernatural faith. They are men and women of the world who view the Church as an institution of the world. httpsbit.ly2FZ4fJQ

@Pontifex Michael’s right. Why AREN’T more bishops talking like this httpsbit.ly2CTHsuD

@Pontifex This poor pope tells the young people at WYD to keep walking, keep living the faith and sharing it. We pray that this pope too will one day live the faith. As for sharing it, that’s something new. He used to be against proselytism. httpsbit.ly2MBY7HJ

@Pontifex In response to a papal tweet We pray for the Venezuelan people, in the tragic situation their leader has brought upon them. In the same way, we pray for faithful Catholics, in the tragic situation this lamentable pope has brought upon us with his errors and confusion.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, Let us pray for the victims of the terrorist attack in the Philippines. And let us pray for this blind pope, that he may see what The Great Religion of Peace really is, as clearly as Aquinas saw it. httpsbit.ly2MyhgKw

@Pontifex This tragic pope tells young people of the WYD to go forth and bear witness to what you have seen and heard. We pray that this poor pope will some day bear true witness to the teachings of the Church and the teachings of Christ in the Gospel – not to his own whims.

@Pontifex This sad pope tweets to the youth of the WYD, I thank God for having given us the opportunity to share these days together. And we thank God no homosexual priest or bishop preyed on any young man at the WYD – as far as we now know.

@Pontifex This lamentable pope tweets I don’t know if I’ll be present at the next WYD. Oh, we can be sure he’ll be around for many more WYDs. God is not finished purifying His Church through the errors, confusion, denials, and even deceit of this desperate pope.

@Pontifex The Vatican Post Office (@CaproEspiatori) tweets, Nowadays you can get ejected from social media for defending traditional Catholic teaching on sex and morals. So the Pope will still be on Twitter when all of us are gone.

@Pontifex Pope Francis said Monday that he sensed ‘inflated expectation’ surrounding the Vatican’s February sex-abuse summit. httpsbit.ly2FSZaCx He’s right. We have the inflated expectation the meeting will deal with the homosexual rot in the Church. The joke’s on us.

@Pontifex Pope Says He Is Against Making Priestly Celibacy Optional in the Latin Rite httpsbit.ly2G7D4Ma Yes, he said this yesterday to a group of reporters, but tomorrow, to another group, we know he can say something completely different, in the best Peronist tradition.

@Pontifex A new book exposes the Vatican as ‘one of largest’ homosexual networks in the world. httpsbit.ly2Rl5S5C It will be published in 20 countries on February 21, 2019, the day when this poor pope’s Abuse Summit in Rome begins. The pope will surely find it helpful.

@Pontifex Pope downplays expectations for February summit during in-flight interview (CWN) (A friend commented, He’d BETTER ‘downplay’ them! httpsbit.ly2Rl5S5C)

This pope tweets about the virtues of meekness and tenderness. Those are virtues we pray this lamentable pope will develop, instead of his usual anger and revenge against critics, instead of his blindness to sodomite rot and other corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex Instead of preaching about meekness and humility, this tragic pope would do better to curb his desire for revenge against critics, his obsession with power, and his greed in grabbing at the wealth of the Knights of Malta and the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

@Pontifex A friend asked me why I keep sending these Tweets to the Vatican. I said, Those who do nothing to oppose evil are complicit in that evil. Like many, many others, I believe that what this pope and his accomplices are doing to the Church is evil.

@Pontifex Oh WOW! A chance to win a Lamborghini blessed by this always laughing pope! httpsbit.ly2sV5f93 What a great opportunity! What’s next Perhaps a chance to win a piece of Vatican art Maybe you could get Michelangelo’s Pietà for your living room!

@Pontifex This tragic pope now tweets, The secret to navigating life well is to invite Jesus on board. Maybe it will occur to this pitiable pontiff that, after throwing Jesus off the Barque of Peter with confusion, ambiguity, and moral rot, he could invite Jesus back on board!

@Pontifex It has been a palace coup of the most diabolical kind. You must learn the history of these malevolent men and their awesome powers of perversion and destruction, and you must warn those whom you love and care about before it’s too late. httpsbit.ly2FZ4fJQ

@Pontifex People continue to leave the Church in even larger numbers. In the end, only a remnant of will be left. From the crisis of today the Church of tomorrow will emerge. She will have to start from the beginning. – Father Joseph Ratzinger, in 1969. httpsbit.ly2MEYYaA



@Pontifex This is what this poor pope should be preaching against: New York’s new abortion law. Born at 12:05? You’re lucky. You could have been murdered at 12:04 – or worse: in New York aborted babies who live can legally be left to die. How did we come to this?

@Pontifex “Vatican spokesman rues lack of compassion, spirit of condemnation in Catholic media” (Vatican News) I expect soon also to read something like, “Vatican spokesman rues spirit of condemnation in Jesus’ words to certain groups.”

@Pontifex This pope said, “Catholic media that condemn statements and actions not in line with Catholic doctrine are opposing the “centrality of compassion.” Yes, we must definitely NOT “condemn statements and actions not in line with Catholic doctrine.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Says ‘No’ Then ‘Maybe’ to Married Priests” Of course. This pope is simply following the example of his “holy” patron, the “saintly” Juan Peron, who also managed to simultaneously express two completely contradictory ideas.

@Pontifex “Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not let yourselves be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.” (Hebrews 13:9) From today’s Morning Prayer in the Liturgy of the Hours (Does this pope remember St. Paul’s words?)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Don Bosco had the courage to look at reality with human eyes and with the eyes of God.” And faithful Catholics pray that this pitiable pope will have the courage to look at the ruin he’s made of the Church and try to correct it.

@Pontifex This lamentable pope wants to “update” the Lord’s Prayer. Why stop there? And the “Hail, Mary”? – “Hey, Mary, very nice person! The Lord is with us, and happy are we. Super is your child, Jesus. O, lucky one, accompany us on our journey. Amen.”

@Pontifex “Notre Dame willing to cover up Christopher Columbus mural but not graphic porn” Only a pitiable pope would allow this.

@Pontifex “The pope’s remarks about sex ed are either naïve or nefarious” Only a truly pathetic pope would these things.

@Pontifex “Melkite Jesuit Father Henri Boulad…asked that the Holy Father change his position on Islam, calling his approach ‘much too naive and angelic’.”

@Pontifex Fr. Matt Fish (@frmattfish) tweets: “Working for the Catholic Church in America in 2019 feels like working for Blockbuster Movies in 2005. We’re still arguing about how we should display the DVDs, and meanwhile our current model and customer base is about to collapse.”

@Pontifex A response to a papal Tweet: May the Lord give this lamentable pope the grace of memory and of hope, in order to persevere in becoming a good pope, one who is true to Church teaching and to the Gospel and who will eradicate the sodomite rot among the clergy.

@Pontifex “According to a June 2017 Gallup survey, nearly half of U.S. Catholics (49 percent) had a “high” or “very high” opinion of the honesty and ethical standards of clergy. By early December 2018, the number had fallen to 31 percent.”

@Pontifex “Whether this is the ‘final trial’ or the worst crisis since the Reformation, it is an extremely serious crisis—one that should evoke an equally serious response. But Pope Francis doesn’t seem to see it that way.”

@Pontifex “The present crisis is not mainly about the abuse of minors. It’s about the abuse of seminarians by priest and bishops, consensual sex among priests, and the coverup of such sexual misconduct by bishops and cardinals.”

@Pontifex “The February meeting has been engineered to avoid the root problems—one of which is the existence of a homosexual subculture within the Church. One ‘well-informed’ source said the meeting is a ‘masterpiece of hypocrisy’ in the making.”

@Pontifex “The man Pope Francis has appointed to organize the February meeting has a major conflict of interest. Cardinal Blase Cupich, let’s recall, is one of the prelates named in Archbishop Viganò’s indictment of corruption in the hierarchy.”

@Pontifex (1/2) In Februrary, “we will be encouraged to move on and to ignore the fact that the same compromised people remain at the helm and continue to set the course. In the meantime,…. @Pontifex (2/2) “….the faith of countless Catholics will continue to erode, the Church will be seen as increasingly irrelevant, and the enemies of the Church will continue to grow in power and ferocity.”

@Pontifex “It pains me to see the Church in the state of ruin but worst of all it pains to see it being decimated to ashes by so-called ‘Princes’ of the church, our very own shepherd.”



Dear Klaus,

No, I hadn’t heard of Timothy Snyder, but if he’s a professor at Yale, I think it’s safe to assume that what he writes is reliable – probably authoritative. And as for that sentence you quoted, I think he’s absolutely right. And I can’t understand WHY the British continue to believe that somehow Brexit is “the will of the British people.” It never seems even to have occurred to them that the result of the Brexit referendum was largely due to a cyber campaign by the Russians. But of COURSE it was. I’m sure nothing makes Putin happier than the chaos that Brexit has brought to the UK, and the British don’t seem to have a CLUE that Putin is causing it! (Putin will be even happier if and when the UK finally leaves the EU. It WILL be a great victory for him.)

At the moment, of course, he has another victory to savor: Trump’s decision to abandon the INF treaty. On CNN this morning, commentators were saying that that is a “great gift” from Trump to Putin. Now Putin has the freedom to develop and deploy all the missiles he wants. And Trump’s decision will also widen the gulf between the US and NATO and between the US and Europe.

Putin and his former KGB cronies must be overjoyed at the way the things are working out for them, and as long as Trump is in the White House, things will go swimmingly for the Russians. A Russian agent as President of the United States – what more could they want?

Again and again I keep thinking that I am SO GLAD that I’m 78 years old, because I won’t live long enough to see the worst that is surely in store for Europe and America.

In Christo,



If more people understood the truth that is explained in this essay (, there would be much less unhappiness in life.

There might even be the kind of joy that things like opioids and alcohol can’t provide.

But that awareness is perhaps for a future, more enlightened generation, the kind that has always followed collapses of society, everywhere in the world, from Old Testament times to the modern era.



The author of this essay ( writes, “Jeremiah invites us to trust more deeply: for him, a Savior will come. For us, a Savior has come. Nothing, especially no man, will stop this.”

These words are profoundly encouraging for many of us who live in Europe, where not a day goes by without some evidence of the fulfilment of Pope John Paul II’s prophecy, “I see the Church afflicted by a mortal wound. More profound, more painful than those of this millennium,” referring to Communism and Nazi totalitarianism. “It is called Islamism. They will invade Europe.”

So the idea that “a Savior has come” and nothing can stop him is a source of great hope for us. We are confronted daily by the naivete of our political and religious leaders as to the threat this continent is facing.


Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Michael Voris reminds us at the end of this Vortex episode that in spite of Cupich and Vigneron and all the rest, there IS hope.

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics everywhere are praying for this poor pope’s conversion. We pray that God will make of him a good pope, one who will be true to Church teachings and to the Gospel, one who will escape hell when he dies.

@Pontifex Advice for this tragic pope, from his own Tweet: Consecrated life is a living encounter with God in his people. It is a call to faithful obedience to Church teaching and the Gospel. It is an authentic encounter with Christ, not with the demonic “spirit of the Council.”

@Pontifex This poor pope talks about “the God of surprises” or “surprises from the Spirit.” What makes him so sure it’s not “the Demon of surprises” or “surprises from the Demon”? The chaos and confusion in the Church and the dwindling number of Catholics suggest the latter.

@Pontifex “Catholic churches disrupted, suppressed in Chinese diocese” (AsiaNews) This tragic pope’s agreement with China seems to be a gift that just keeps on giving (to the communist Chinese anyway). Just another achievement of McCarrick, whom this poor pope sent to China?

@Pontifex “The Pope, Young People, And His Silence on Viganò – The Reason Nobody Trusts Him”

@Pontifex “3 Keys to Credibility at the Upcoming Sex Abuse Summit: There will be little real progress unless the summit tackles these three issues — including the ‘forbidden’ topic of homosexuality” – Msgr. Charles Pope

@Pontifex This misguided pope tweets about his trip to the UAE. We will pray for him in his blindness. Jesuit Henri Boulad believes Islamist terrorists are applying what their religion teaches them, and the Church has fallen prey to a destructive ideology.

@Pontifex Will this poor, misguided pope’s trip to the UAE bring about a result similar to his agreement with communist China? He capitulated to the Chinese, and we know what’s happened to others who have “dialogued” with Islam over the centuries. Will it happen to this pope too?

@Pontifex When it comes to Islam, the word “naive” is spelled B-E-R-G-O-G-L-I-O. A Jesuit expert on Islam has written about what this benighted pope is missing:

@Pontifex “‘Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence’, the Pope claimed, not quite accurately. It’s as if all of the Pope’s efforts have been directed to exonerating Islam from any of its responsibilities.”

@Pontifex “Unfortunately, Pope Francis’s stance on Islam seems to be coming from a fantasy world.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis now faces the potential risk of a Christian world physically swallowed by the Muslim crescent — as on the Vatican logo chosen for the Pope’s upcoming trip to Morocco. It is time the appeasement is replaced.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis…not quite accurately remarked that ‘Islam is a religion of peace, one which is compatible with respect for human rights and peaceful coexistence’.” A friend commented, “LOL and even ROTFL.”

@Pontifex “Just as he has little anxiety about the wave of church closings, Francis seems to have little anxiety about the Islamization of Europe.”- US Catholic columnist William Kilpatrick.

@Pontifex Pope John Paul II: “I see the Church afflicted by a mortal wound. More profound, more painful than those of this millennium,” referring to Communism and Nazi totalitarianism. “It is called Islamism. They will invade Europe.”

@Pontifex “Persecution of Christians is part and parcel of the history, doctrines, and socio-political makeup of Islam — hence its tenacity and ubiquity. It is a ‘tradition.'” — Raymond Ibrahim

@Pontifex (1/2) Msgr. Charles Pope writes about the upcoming sex abuse summit at the Vatican: “The summit must focus on more than the sexual abuse of minors. The summit must speak to the link between homosexuality and sexual abuse by clergy.” @Pontifex (2/2) You have to respect Msgr. Pope’s courage. To criticize Francis, even implicitly, as to risk severe punishment. This lamentable pope, despite claiming to be a pope of “mercy,” is in fact a pope of vengeance against those who disagree with him.



(Message to Klaus Beckmann)

If you scroll down this page (, there’s an article in English where the term “Holy Mass” is used, so I was kind of wrong. The term IS occasionally used in English, when the solemnity of the Mass is to be emphasized. As the article continues, there is an excerpt from the writings of Archbishop Lefebvre. He uses the words “our holy Mass” once at the beginning, but then reverts to just the word “Mass.”

So I guess we do use the term “holy Mass” sometimes, but it is not usual. Normally in conversation we say simply “Mass,” as in “I’m going to Mass,” or “the priest is celebrating Mass.”

As the American writer Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “And so it goes,”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex In the horror and confusion that this pope is inflicting on the Church, we faithful Catholics believe “this is not vengeance that God exacts against us, but a warning inflicted by the Lord on those who are near his heart.” – From today’s Liturgy of the Hours (Feb. 4)

@Pontifex Christ said, “Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Mt 28:19) But this tragic pope has made sure we “understand” Our Lord: “Never proselytize,” he says.

@Pontifex This poor, benighted pope has today signed a document with a Muslim leader regarding “all persons who have faith in God.” For a Muslim, that means Muslims first and all others (“dhimmis”) second. We pray for this tragic, blinded pope.

@Pontifex “Despite an agreement between the Vatican and Beijing, Chinese authorities continue to squelch churches.” ( Pitiable? Blind? Benighted? Naive? Tragic? It’s hard to know which word best describes this pope. Will his “deal” with Muslims be better?

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Prayer purifies the heart….” A cynical friend commented, “Maybe he should try praying once in a while. We’d all be better off.”

@Pontifex “Like early Christians, Chinese Catholics must meet secretly; priests face arrest if caught. Despite the Vatican-China Deal of 2018, the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of underground churches has intensified.” Our poor, blind pope.

@Pontifex This poor pope is welcomed with joy in Abu Dhabi. That’s fine. We pray that one day there will be religious freedom in the Muslim world, that Christians won’t be killed in Pakistan or persecuted in Saudi Arabia, that apostasy from Islam will not be punished by death.

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics pray that God will continue to give His suffering Church the strength to bear the cross that is this pontificate.

@Pontifex “These are the differences between St. Francis and Pope Francis: both are willing to dialogue peacefully with Muslims, but the medieval saint was not willing to compromise Christian truths or ignore Islam’s violent reality, whereas the pope is.”

@Pontifex “As should be evident by now—and contrary to what many, including the current pope, suggest—St. Francis did not preach passivity before aggression.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’ Fake ‘Interreligious Dialogue’ with the Muslim World”

@Pontifex (1/2) Pope Pius XI: “What evil they do and how far from a true appreciation of the Man of Assisi [St. Francis] are they who, in order to bolster up their fantastic and erroneous ideas about him, image such an incredible thing … @Pontifex (2/2) ” … that he was the precursor and prophet of that false liberty which began to manifest itself at the beginning of modern times and which has caused so many disturbances both in the Church and in civil society!”

@Pontifex “The pope (Francis) failed to mention or understand that violence committed IN ACCORDANCE WITH a religion (Islam) and violence committed IN CONTRADICTION OF of a religion (Christianity) are radically different.

@Pontifex (1/2) “Christian teachings of mercy and forgiveness are meant to counter violent impulses. Conversely, much of the violence and intolerance being committed by Muslims around the world is often a byproduct of Islamic teachings…. @Pontifex (2/2) “…(for example, persecuting and executing ‘apostates,’ that is, born Muslims who wish to leave Islam or embrace another religion).”

@Pontifex “St. Francis did not mock Muhammad, but he unequivocally portrayed the Muslim prophet’s message as false. Conversely,Pope Francis never seems to preach Christ to Muslims but rather confirms them in and validates their religion.”

@Pontifex “‘Jesus’ public ministry begins with a rejection,’ Pope tells pilgrims” (Zenit) It must be comforting for this rejected pope to think he has something in common with Christ. Others, though, point to Matthew 4:12-25 as an account of the start of Christ’s public ministry.

@Pontifex “Vatican outlines pastoral appointments of 7 Chinese bishops reconciled to the Holy See” (Vatican News) As if nothing was happening to Catholics in China. Has any pope ever been more benighted, blind, or naive?

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Saint Francis reminds us that Christians set out armed only with their humble faith and concrete love.” And faithful Catholics pray for a pope who also has “humble faith.” Someday God will hear our prayers.

@Pontifex “Vatican cardinal: reconciliation among Chinese Catholics will help revive evangelization” (Vatican News) But as the Chinese government continues closing churches ( will there be any Chinese Catholics among whom “reconciliation” can take place?



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “All of the corruption is coming out. The house of cards is collapsing. The game is almost over. For the love of God, for the love of the victims, for the love of the Church and souls — most especially your own, bishops — do the right thing.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “The Beatitudes are a roadmap for our life.” Catholics pray that the Beatitudes will become a roadmap for this tragic pope’s life, instead of the roadmap he has now: confusion, undermining Church teaching and the Gospel, covering up clerical sodomy.

@Pontifex “Cdl. Zen in new book: Vatican’s China ‘strategy was wrong, all about compromise and surrender’” And how will this blinded, tragic pope punish Cardinal Zen for writing such a book?

@Pontifex “Muhammad repeatedly made peace covenants with his adversaries, only to violate them as soon as he was in an advantageous position. Betrayal, deception, and outright lies are fully condoned in furthering the work of Islam.”

@Pontifex “For Josef Seifert, Amoris Laetitia is the basic problem in modern Catholic moral theology. This lamentable pope has already punished Seifert once, so what will he do now?

@Pontifex “The fact that Francis deals with the most delicate and complex subjects in a simplistic and confused way does not eliminate but rather increases the damage that his statements, like those referring to Our Lady, inflict upon souls.”

@Pontifex “Francis signed document saying that God willed the ‘pluralism and diversity of religions’” ( St. Thomas Aquinas said Islam is a heresy ( So now this tragic pope is saying that God wills heresy?

@Pontifex So now is this poor pope saying that God wills heresy? Do we have here another example of the demonic “spirit of the Council” speaking through this lamentable pope?

@Pontifex The Vatican’s Lavender Lobby strikes again – this poor pope says that God wills heresy?

@Pontifex This pope has signed a “pledge of fraternity” with a Muslim leader. ( Is this naive pope aware that Muslims believe it is no sin to lie in order to further the goals of Islam? (

@Pontifex First the Chinese, and now the Muslims. Is there no end to this poor pope’s naiveté?

@Pontifex In response this pope’s Tweet: It would also be a “surprise” of God if the demonic teachings about “unbelievers” were erased from the Qu’ran. As it now stands, “If unbelievers do not convert or surrender, then they must be killed.”

@Pontifex “God permits non-Catholic religions to exist; but permitting something is not a way of willing it. Thus God permits many innocent people to be killed, but He does not will it. We would not talk about God’s permissive will for Jews to be gassed.”

@Pontifex “God can lead the inculpably ignorant through mysterious means to the true faith, but adherence to Islam or any other non-Christian religion cannot constitute this faith.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Gerhard Müller commented on a recently launched campaign to Stop Homosexual Networks in the Catholic Church as organized by the Swiss organization Pro Ecclesia and LifeSiteNews, calling it ‘legitimate’.”

@Pontifex “George Neumayr stated that the recommendations contained in the campaign Stop Homosexual Networks in the Church ‘represent the only real solution to the abuse crisis, which is defined overwhelmingly by cases involving male teen victims’.”

@Pontifex “Tornielli said, ‘…brothers and sisters in the faith who have different opinions.’ That line says everything about the current state of affairs in Rome. Church teaching is not an ‘opinion.’ It is divinely revealed truth.”

@Pontifex Many have said repeatedly: if Father Rosica manages to put together his “approved” list of Catholic media outlets, then we’ll know that it is precisely those outlets that should be avoided and that it is the other “unapproved” outlets that will be telling the truth.

@Pontifex This is what real mercy looks like: It’s a little different from the fake “mercy” that the Vatican is selling these days.

@Pontifex If the People of God could survive the crucifixion of the literal Body of Christ, we can survive the present crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ being carried out now, during this woeful pontificate. We can only pray, “Domine, dona nobis misericordiam tuam.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is flourishing, while the seminaries and vocations of so-called progressive dioceses are in free fall.”

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics pray for a good pope, one who will lead the Church out of this “pit of despair” that this current pope has led it into.

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics everywhere pray for this desperately blinded pope, who lives in his own world of fantasy and illusion, far from the teachings of the Church and the Truth of the Gospel, surrounded by a network of sodomites who have no faith at all.

@Pontifex This pitiable pope tweets: “We all need to be healed, and we can all heal others if we are humble and meek.” Thousands pray that God will heal this tragic pope and remove his pride and anger, and stop him from supporting the corrupt homosexualist network around him.

@Pontifex A very insightful analysis (, and all of it true. But will many people listen? Not, until the decline reaches the point where the alternative to complete destruction is a return to truth and goodness, in every area of life, especially the Church.

@Pontifex Let’s pray that Muslim countries will offer a welcome to victims of human trafficking, enforced prostitution, and violence. Let’s pray that the pope wion’t just preach but welcome such people to the Vatican. Let’s pray that this pope will lose his illusions about Islam.

@Pontifex “If one were looking for a front-row seat to comprehend the disarray that’s befallen the Catholic Church, one needn’t look far from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (“REC”), taking place March 21–24 at the Anaheim Convention Center.”

@Pontifex In this video (, Michael Matt says that of COURSE this poor, befuddled pope will NOT answer when asked if he accepts the Church’s infallible teaching on the immorality of homosexual acts. And the world media will CELEBRATE his silence!

@Pontifex If asked whether or not he accepts the Church’s infallible teaching on the immorality of homosexual acts, the pope WILL answer. In the best Peronist fashion he reply, “yes and no,” or today “yes,” tomorrow “no.”

@Pontifex A response to a papal Tweet: There’s no point trying to change the subject from the shameful scourge of a homosexual network among the clergy to “this shameful scourge” of human trafficking. Nobody’s going to buy it. We see what this poor, tragic pope is trying to do.

@Pontifex Some people are saying that mental illness is the reason for this pitiable pope’s disorientation. If so, Catholics everywhere are praying that God will cure him.

@Pontifex (1/2) “If there ever was a time when males in Western societies needed to be unconfused about their gender, this is it. That’s because we’re surrounded by enemies and potential enemies who are unapologetic about their gender identity and are quite prepared…. @Pontifex (2/2) “…to rule over those weaker cultures that prefer appeasement to confrontation. Islam, which is a hyper masculine religion, is the world’s fastest growing religion.”

@Pontifex “The Church is in trouble because it is perceived as too feminine—feminine in the pejorative sense of the word as used to describe one who is too submissive, too absorbed in frivolous pursuits, and too concerned with appearance over substance.”

@Pontifex “In two important Church gatherings—The World Meeting of Families and the Youth Synod—Church leaders showed an unusual solicitude for LGBT individuals and families while paying scant attention to families of the mother-father-and-children sort.”

@Pontifex “A number of influential prelates now seem to view the Church primarily as a non-judgmental group therapy institute for the working out of sexual and emotional problems. That also detracts from what once attracted young men to the Church.”

@Pontifex “As long as Western societies continue to sow confusion about masculinity and femininity, the gravitation toward Islam will continue, and our security will be further endangered. Our society’s experimentation with gender fluidity is dangerous.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Life has value when we give it, when we give it in love, in truth.” Especially, for a pope, in TRUTH, in truth that is faithful to Church teachings and the Gospel, in truth that eradicates the lying of those who comprise the homosexualist network.

@Pontifex “Italian protesting clerical abuse arrested in front of the Vatican” ( Such MERCY this befuddled pontiff has!



Dear Klaus,

Gott sei Dank, es gibt Menschen, die sehr gut verstehen, was passiert. Ich denke zum Beispiel an Dein Zitat von Timothy Snyder, als er über Putin schrieb:, “Wenn Merkel Flüchtlinge will, werden wir sie liefern, und wir nutzen dieses Problem für…die Zerstörung der dt. Demokratie.”

Leider sind diese Leute, die “gut verstehen”, nicht in Führungspositionen. Die meisten Regierungsleiter verstehen nicht, Putin tut alles in seiner Macht Stehende, um den Westen auf das Niveau Russlands zu ziehen (Russland, diese “Tankstelle, die sich als Land verkleidet”, wie Senator John McCain einmal Russland nannte).

Wir haben Führer, die scheinbar keine Ahnung haben, was los ist: Wir haben Trump, Putins Agenten im Weißen Haus. Wir haben Theresa May, die sagt, dass sie “den Willen des britischen Volkes“ durchführt, als sie auf die Klippe stürzt, die “Brexit” genannt wird, während sie tatsächlich den Willen von Wladimir Putin und seinen “Cyber-Kriegern” in sozialen Medien durchführt. Und schließlich haben wir Angela Merkel, die manchmal auch wie eine russische Agentin handelt, obwohl sie wahrscheinlich nur eine bizarre mentale Fixierung auf Nord Stream 2 hat.

(Klaus, ich muss gestehen, wenn ich Deutsch schreiben kann, ist es nur mit Hilfe von Google-Translate. Mein Deutsch ist wirklich nicht so fließend!)

In Christo



An Klaus Beckmann:

Danke, aber das, was ich schreibe, ist nur teilweise “mein” Text. Wie gesagt, benutze ich Google-Translate als Hilfsmittel.

Timothy Snyder scheint eine Art Genie zu sein. Ich glaube, viele Leute haben vermutet, was er geschrieben hat und was Du zitiert hast: “Aus russ. Perspektive war Trump ein Gescheiterter, den man gerettet hatte, und jetzt war er ein Aktivposten, den es zu benutzen galt, um in der amerikanischen Wirklichkeit ein Chaos anzurichten.”

Und das hat Trump immer wieder getan, vor allem während der Präsidentschaftskampagne. Man denkt an eine Geschichte von Thomas Mann, “Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull”. Trump ist ein Hochstapler par excellence.

In Amerika aber glauben viele Leute, dass dieses Jahr das Ende seiner Hochstaplerei sein wird.




An Andreas Unterwalden:

Jeder Deiner Sätze – ein kleines Juwel. Ja, es könnte vielleicht „der Anfang der großen Drangsal” sein oder „die Früchte des Bösen, wie 1933″ oder es könnte einfach der Beginn eines langen, langsamen Verfalls und Zusammenbruchs sein, wie der lange, langsame Abstieg und Fall des Römischen Reiches, der Jahrhunderte dauerte.

In Christo



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex A papal Tweet: “Love of God and love of neighbour are inseparable. They are…the true strength of believers!” But for this tragic pope, they are meaningless without love of the truth and the end of the deception involved in the sodomite network.

@Pontifex “The University of Notre Dame, a Catholic university named after the Blessed Virgin Mary, has seen an eradication of authentic Catholic identity. The same is true for many Catholic colleges and universities.” (Does such a Church have a future?)

@Pontifex “Restrictions on the practice of Christianity are relatively mild in Abu Dhabi, but just a few hundred miles away, in Iran or Saudi Arabia, Catholics could be jailed for attending Mass and converts from Islam would be summarily executed.”

@Pontifex “A six-year-old boy was beheaded with a piece of broken glass in front of his screaming mum. Officials in Saudi Arabia said the taxi driver has mental health issues.” Of course. Or maybe he needs the pope to tell him Islam is a religion of peace.

@Pontifex “The pluralism and the diversity of religions are willed by God,” said our befuddled pope. Japanese martyr St. Paul Miki said, “And so I tell you plainly: there is no way to be saved except the Christian way.” Given a choice, I’ll take Paul Miki.

@Pontifex “The Prefect of the Congregation for Evangelization insists that the Vatican’s agreement with China is historic and will open a new chapter for the Church in China.” Right, more churches closed, more Catholics arrested.

@Pontifex “Christ calls us to conversion and meekness, Pope preaches at weekday Mass” ( Faithful Catholics everywhere are praying that this disoriented pope will answer Christ’s call to “conversion and meekness.”

@Pontifex “Boko Haram sets churches on fire in latest Cameroon attack” Our pitiable pope has just GOT to explain to these people that Islam is a religion of peace, right?

@Pontifex +Athanasius Schneider writes, “Christianity is the only God-willed religion. It can never be placed complementarily side by side with other religions. Those would violate the truth of Divine Revelation.” Will the pope punish +Schneider for that?

@Pontifex “The Apostles and countless Christian martyrs, especially those of the first three centuries, would have been spared martyrdom, if they had said: ‘The pagan religion and its worship is a way, which as well corresponds to the will of God’.”

@Pontifex “No authority on earth has the right to dispense people from other religions from the explicit Faith in Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, the only Savior of mankind, with the assurance that the different religions as such are willed by God Himself.”

@Pontifex “Outside the Christian Faith no other religion can be a true and God-willed way, since this is the explicit will of God, that all people believe in His Son:”(Cf. John 6: 40).

@Pontifex This should give our blinded, naive, and tragic pope a good laugh, “Bishop Schneider: Abuse summit will be ‘doomed’ if it doesn’t address homosexuality” (And then this poor pope will take revenge on Bishop Schneider.)

@Pontifex “Father Hans Zollner, S.J. – called by Pope Francis to prepare the upcoming February Abuse Summit – has stated in an interview that the underlying problem of the crisis is not homosexuality, but ‘abuse of power’.” ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL

@Pontifex “Cardinal Burke Launches His Own Personal Website” Well, I’m sure our lamentable pope will put a stop to THAT website. We can’t have these bishops and cardinals running around preaching the truth, can we?

@Pontifex (1/2) “Pope Francis Leading His Flock to the Slaughter? – The ‘Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together’ is being portrayed as a ‘historic pledge of fraternity’ and applauded as a ‘historical breakthrough.’ The problem is…. @Pontifex (2/2) “…that one of the two men who signed it, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, has repeatedly contradicted — when speaking in Arabic and appearing on Arabic media — all the lofty sentiments highlighted in it.”

This pope tweets: “If we practice seeing with the eyes of Jesus, we will always be able to recognize those who need our help.” This befuddled pope might have tweeted, “If we practice seeing with the eyes of Jesus, we will always be able to recognize the truth.”

@Pontifex If only this tragic pope could see with the eyes of Jesus and recognize the truth of the Gospel and the truth of Church teachings. If only he could recognize the need to eradicate the homosexualist cabal among priests and bishops and among his advisers.

@Pontifex “Expel the wicked person from among you” (1 Corinthians 5:12-13)

@Pontifex A papal Tweet: “If we practice seeing with the eyes of Jesus, we will always be able to recognize those who need our help.” Yes, and if we practice seeing with the eyes of Jesus, we will always be able to recognize evil when it is there before us.

@Pontifex “There is no love without justice.” – Pope St. John Paul II. “Justice without love could become tyranny, and love without justice could become toleration of evil.” – Bishop Fulton Sheen This current tragic pope cares nothing for such ideas.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “I am afraid that Canon Law may apply according to which a Pope automatically loses his Petrine office when professing heresy, especially when he professes the sum-total of all heresies.” – Josef Seifert

@Pontifex Good ol’ Cardinal Kasper – always did have a great sense of humor.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: May Our Lady of Lourdes help this tragic pope to obtain peace and comfort by having a clear mind, without confusion and disorientation, by following Church teaching and the Gospel, and by freeing the Church from the sodomite network.

@Pontifex Here’s a “divisive” discussion ( Divisive? Yes, dividing truth from error, which is what Cardinal Kasper and this lamentable pope should be doing, instead of supporting and promoting error, instead of hiding their sodomite network.

@Pontifex A response to a papal Tweet: Thousands of children are robbed of the Truth by a Church that has only ignorant lay people teaching them. They learn almost nothing about the Faith, and so they soon leave the Church, their lives as disastrous as this poor disastrous pope.

@Pontifex “Men having sex with men is not normal, and you, Father, are a son of Satan to allow it, promote and backhandedly support it. Your parish is and has been for many years little else than a gay bar with pews .”

@Pontifex “These tentacles certainly do have a long reach, as Archbishop Viganò would say, tentacles strangling the Church.”

@Pontifex God will not allow all this to go on forever – gay parishes, drug-fuelled orgies in the Vatican ( It will end, even though this confused, befuddled pope and his sodomite accomplices can’t imagine how that will happen.

@Pontifex “Bishops applaud Cardinal Müller for ‘prophetic’ Manifesto of Faith” ( And it’s not only bishops who are applauding. We pray for a pope who can also applaud the contents of such a manifesto. How long, O Lord, will you allow your Church to suffer?

@Pontifex “Iran: Tel Aviv and Haifa Will Be Razed to The Ground” ( Maybe this poor, befuddled pope should go to Teheran and explain to the mullahs that Islam is really a religion of peace. Or maybe he could even sign another “agreement” with them.

@Pontifex “Bishop Sheen saw the anti-Christ setting up a counter-Church ‘which will be the ape of the Church because, he the devil, is the ape of God. It will have all the characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content’.”

@Pontifex “Unless the pope and rest of the Catholic hierarchy begin to take chastity and conjugal morality more seriously, these would-be guardians of marriage will become its subtle destroyers.”

@Pontifex “The Vatican will announce the penalty before the meeting on sex-abuse. That’s no coincidence. The spin-control experts in Rome will say, in effect: ‘See? Now even a powerful cardinal is accountable. We’re really getting serious.’ Not so fast.”

@Pontifex “The sentence of laicization will be imposed on McCarrick alone. What about the many other prelates who knew of his misconduct for years, did nothing to curb it, and even advanced his ecclesiastical career? They too must be held accountable.”

@Pontifex “Until the files in the apostolic nunciature are examined, by trustworthy independent investigators, please don’t ask us to believe that a symbolic penalty on an aged prelate represents a new commitment to accountability. The cover-up continues.”

@Pontifex “Bishop Schneider on Pope’s statement with Muslims: ‘Christianity is the only God-willed religion’”

@Pontifex “Father Hans Zollner, S.J. has stated in an interview that the underlying problem of the crisis is not homosexuality, but ‘abuse of power’.” Please. The Vatican STILL expects us to believe that? STILL peddling that line? Give us all a break.

@Pontifex This woeful pope tweets: “Detachment from worldly appearances is essential to prepare ourselves for heaven.” If that statement applies to anyone, he applies to this lamentable pope himself.

@Pontifex “The meeting in Rome on Feb 21-24 is a positive step, but as serious as pedophilia is, it is only part of a larger problem of clerical homosexual activity.”

@Pontifex “Vatican Cardinal Condemns Spate of Church Vandalism in France….Several of the acts of desecration took place where the Muslim population is particularly concentrated.” But of course this woeful, tragic pope is silent about this. Why?



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex From today’s Morning Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours: “Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not let yourselves be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.” (Hebrews 13:7-9)

@Pontifex Response to a papal tweet: Those who love use their imagination to find ways of supporting Church teaching. Those who love help others according to their needs and with creativity, and with the truth of the Gospel, not with fake “mercy.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal tweet: Those who love use their imagination to find ways of resolving the horrendous problems that the Church hierarchy have created, problems relating to error and confusion and widespread homosexuality among the clergy.

@Pontifex “Bishop Schneider praises Cdl. Müller’s Manifesto of Faith: ‘necessary’ and ‘very timely’” Now, of course, the question is this: how will this current woeful pope revenge himself on Bishop Schneider for the audacity of supporting Church teaching?

@Pontifex “The pope was clearly lambasting precisely those media that make a point of upholding Catholic tradition and orthodoxy.” A friend commented, “But if this tragic pope doesn’t uphold Catholic tradition and orthodoxy, SOMEBODY has to!”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Catholics pray that someday this tragic pope will understand that, yes, “Truth is the wonderful revelation of God,” especially as expressed in Church teaching and in the Gospel, expressed by prelates who see the Church’s catastrophe as it is.

@Pontifex Hypocrites.

@Pontifex “PITTSBURGH DIOCESE CLOSES 4 CHURCHES” And so the “spirit” of Vatican II continues to lead the Church over the cliff.

@Pontifex “The French journalist Frédéric Martel writes that ‘even in San Francisco’s Castro’ there aren’t ‘quite as many gays.’ He’s talking about the Vatican. And he’s delivering a bombshell.”

@Pontifex “It’s often been said of Pope Francis’s bridge-building initiatives with Islam that the traffic over the bridge goes only in one direction—away from Rome and toward Mecca.”

@Pontifex “There is nothing in Islamic doctrine that calls for mutual reconciliation. What Islam seeks from other religions is not reconciliation, but submission. Catholics nursed on fantasy narratives about Islam are in for a rude awakening.”

@Pontifex A response to a papal Tweet: There’s still time for even this tragic, befuddled pope to make a work of art out of his woeful life. He could stop the deceit; he could start being faithful to Church teaching and the Gospel; he could rid the Church of its sodomite network.


@Pontifex Archbishop Viganò: “Why does Pope Francis keep and even call as his close collaborators people who are notorious homosexuals?”

@Pontifex “What else have we come to expect from Church authorities today? We hear about abusive priests being protected and moved around by their bishops, but a priest who is too openly orthodox or critical of what is happening in the Church he serves?”

@Pontifex +Viganò: “Majority of abuse inflicted by ‘homosexual clerics’ so it’s ‘mere hypocrisy’ to condemn abuse ‘without facing up to this fact honestly.’ Spiritual revitalization of the clergy will be ‘ineffectual’ if it does not address this problem”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: A pope promotes peace, starting with the preservation and support of Church teaching and the Gospel, then continuing with the eradication of the homosexual networks among his papal colleagues and throughout the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: A pope promotes peace by protecting faithful lay people and clergy. He doesn’t try to punish and destroy them while at the same time promoting heterodox priests and homosexuals.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: We all pray that this tragic pope will confront the widespread homosexuality among the clergy and not cover it up with a manipulated meeting on “the protection of minors.” Pastoral responsibility means eradicating the sodomite networks.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis Asks for the Faithful for Prayers Ahead of Vatican Abuse Summit” But **Vigano says,”Rome Has No ‘Genuine Willingness to Attend to the Real Causes’ of Clerical Sex Abuse Crisis” So what’s the point of praying?

@Pontifex If the pope has lost credibility, according to ++Viganò (, if the outcome of this meeting has already been manipulated and fixed, what good will prayer do? Yes, the meeting is a “powerful gesture,” i.e., a gesture of power, but nothing more.

@Pontifex “Preserve and transmit the tradition of the Church Fathers, Pope tells Augustinianum” (Is this lamentable pope joking, or is he just practicing the Peronist philosophy of “tell everybody what they want to hear, even if you have to lie.”)

@Pontifex “As long as men like this remain in the clergy, as long as they are allowed to continue their way — either sinful activity and/or acquiescent silence — the destruction of the Church will continue. This is why all of this needs to be exposed.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: In the darkest moments of history, the Lord always sends us a good pope and good clerics to restore and rebuild the Church. Faithful Catholics hope such men will soon lift the Church out of the ruins and ashes left by this present pontificate.

@Pontifex “Vatican sex abuse cover-up unravels as prosecutors home in on bishop protected by Pope Francis”

@Pontifex “There is already ample evidence that Pope Francis will continue to protect his friends and allies in the hierarchy, while denouncing their critics as Pharisees. The appointment of Cardinal Kevin Farrell, a McCarrick protégé, speaks volumes.”

@Pontifex “Attack the evil in your own ranks. Stop attacking faithful laity, stop playing the victim. Do your job, which is to slave away for the salvation of souls. Do that or step down — or wait for the police to come and cuff you.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: If the pope spoke the truth, it would sound like this: “As of tomorrow, we will live several days of deflection from the issue of homosexuality among the clergy, several days of covering up the sodomite network in the Church.”

@Pontifex “New Jersey diocese won’t comment on photos of cuddling, kissing priests” (The “spirit” of Vatican II continues to shower us with its “gifts.”)

@Pontifex “Open Letter From Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller to Conferences of Bishops: ‘The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church’” (If this letter doesn’t trigger the pope’s most far-reaching revenge instincts, nothing will.)

@Pontifex “Open Letter From Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller to Conferences of Bishops: ‘The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church’” (If this letter doesn’t trigger the pope’s worst revenge instincts, nothing will.)

@Pontifex “The Horror! A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio” (in 2013)

@Pontifex Respose to a papal Tweet: Lord, open this tragic pope’s heart enough to recognize the true extent of the sodomite rot and homosexual networks in the Church and to resolve to eradicate the problem.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “All of this denial of the obvious and professional presentation of distortions is beyond pathetic and serves only to further underscore that there is indeed a very powerful current of homosexuality within the hierarchy.”

@Pontifex “The Twilight Zone”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “As Church Militant and others have been reporting for years, the devastation the Church has endured for decades has been due in large, not solely, but largely to a homosexual problem in the ranks of the hierarchy.”

@Pontifex Blaise “Rabbit Hole” Cupich enters The Twilight Zone. What better place for him?

@Pontifex “Pope says on eve of abuse summit: Those who spend lives accusing Church are ‘relatives of the devil’” But those who spend their lives accusing the sodomites – and their network – who spread evil in the Church are faithful Catholics.

@Pontifex “Catholic laity urge Pope Francis to address homosexuality at abuse summit” ( Or is this Catholic laity simply what this miserable pope calls them: “relatives of the devil”?



Whenever I can, I attend a Traditional Latin Mass, with its aura of profound majesty. It sometimes occurs to me that those of us who attend such Masses are like the small group of Christians in the catacombs of the Roman Empire. They truly did “live from and for the love of Christ…with compassion and forgiveness.” Such a life sometimes requires of us a kind of white martyrdom, just as it required a red martyrdom of many of those early Christians. We pray that we do not shrink from our martyrdom, just as they did not shrink from theirs.


Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Catholic laity urge Pope Francis to address homosexuality at abuse summit” ( A friend commented, “Dream on, Catholic laity. Dream on.”

@Pontifex St. Augustine: “To Peter Christ confided his flock so that he might guide it like a good shepherd, and he who had been so weak would now become the support of all.” May God strengthen this tragic, miserable pope and make him a good shepherd.

@Pontifex ““This is a crisis due to the scourge of homosexuality…It is an enormous hypocrisy to condemn the abuse, claim to weep for the victims, and yet refuse to denounce the root cause of so much sexual abuse: homosexuality.” – Archbishop Viganò

@Pontifex Another wildly laughable pronouncement by @CardinalBCupich: “Vast majority of clergy abuse is homosexual, but homosexuality ‘not a cause’” A friend commented, “What a GREAT sense of humor Cupich has! He’s just joking. Um, isn’t he?”

@Pontifex Reponse to a papal Tweet: Lord, deliver this tragic, woeful pope from the temptation of wanting to avoid facing the truth about the widespread homosexuality among the clergy.

@Pontifex “Martyrs who resisted Islam were once celebrated. Has Pope Francis rejected their sacrifice?We have a clash between the traditional faith of the Church, represented by the lex orandi of her Martyrology, and the novelties propounded by Francis”

@Pontifex Archbishop Vigano said that “these conversions of St. Peter… are a great consolation and a great lesson for us.” Faithful Catholics pray that this current tragic pope will also undergo a conversion and become a good man.

@Pontifex “Bishops at Vatican summit hear from 5 abuse survivors” Fine, but what are the bishops doing about the homosexual rot that is CAUSING the abuse (despite what @CardinalBCupich and other homosexualists try to claim).

@Pontifex “The de-masculinization of Christianity has touched the clergy and has gravely corrupted and compromised the priestly sacrament that the laity depend on. Rather than men joining its ranks, soft-spoken and sensitive boys present themselves.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Yes, “Lord, focus our gaze on what is essential,” Doesn’t this tragic pope understand that at this present meeting, what is essential is to eradicate the homosexual network that is corrupting the Church?

@Pontifex This lamentable pope knew about Zanchetta but still promoted and protected him, and now he “faces a serious criminal charge of sexual abuse.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “Things have never been this bad. Priests are afraid to wear cassocks, afraid if they look “too traditional” they will be reported to the Vatican…Homosexual activity here is off the charts. The Swiss Guard is a regular target.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “Whistle Blower Found Dead: Accused Gustavo Vera, Close Friend of Pope Francis, of Human Trafficking” Found dead after accusing a leader from Argentina? In the case of Juan Peron, yes. And under this tragic pope? Why not?

@Pontifex Is getting rid of whistleblowers ( a revered custom among leaders from Argentina – whether Juan Peron or the present occupant of the Vatican?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Yes, “every abuse is an atrocity.” But it is an even greater atrocity to dismiss the real cause of that abuse: homosexuality and the homosexual predators and their network in the Church – especially those close to this tragic pope.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich This pope said, “The time has come to work together to eradicate this evil from the body of our humanity.” More deflection. He should have said the time has come to eradicate the homosexual network from the body of the Church.

@Pontifex “If this summit accomplished anything good, it was that a concentration of forces, an alignment of the stars, began here with clerics and laity alike completely fed up with the lies and distortions and deflections from those within the Vatican.”

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “Eyes are starting to open wide that almost to a man, anyone considered an insider of this pontificate simply cannot be trusted. Bishops we have talked to privately admit that some of these leaders are lying.”

@Pontifex “Many were hoping that Francis might wake up and set about fixing this. But with the news out of Argentina pointing at what looks like the Pope’s own involvement in cover-ups — a clamp-down on the network was never really in the cards.”
@Pontifex “This phony summit might well turn out to be the sunset on the papacy of Francis.”

@Pontifex “With his own cases now coming to the forefront, with federal and state investigations intensifying all over the United States, it looks more and more likely that this papacy is simply going to be buried by the avalanche of sin and immorality.”

@Pontifex “Francis may be the pope who goes down in history as the man who could not extricate himself from his own past and alliances and was eventually buried under a mountain of homosexual filth and the hierarchy that tried to keep it all covered up.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Truly faithful Catholics pray for this pope’s conversion into a good pope, one who is faithful to Church teaching and to the Gospel, one who is not deceitful or manipulative, one who will restore and rebuild the Church and eradicate the homosexual networks.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Despite the ugly rumors, the Vatican is NOT “like North Korea,” with tapped telephone lines, spies who report on “too conservative” priests, a dictatorial and deceitful leader, etc. That is surely impossible. Isn’t it?

@Pontifex Many are praying for a pope who will see that the “spirit” of Vatican II has for fifty years been leading the Church toward destruction: vacant parishes, shrinking mass attendance, sell-off of churches, sodomite clergy, closure of schools, empty seminaries and more.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “God’s love is the only power capable of making all things new.” But when God is faced with a woeful pope who inflicts suffering and ruin on the Church, God permits such a pope to block the restoration and renewal of the Church.

@Pontifex “When we cover these nightmare accounts of sodomy and financial corruption and the lies and cover-up by these so-called princes of the Church, there’s no way it’s not personal.”

“This whole thing is done. The pontificate of Francis is over.”

@Pontifex “Decrying sexual abuse in family, society, and Church, Pope concludes abuse summit” (Vatican Press Office) Oh, terrific. Now why doesn’t the pope decry the sodomite priests and the homosexual network in the Church. Why not decry his own cover-up in the Grassi case?

@Pontifex With which group of Catholics does the future of the Church lie?

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller warned, “The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church,”…promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis covered up for someone in Argentina who had gay porn involving minors. I mean, can we actually believe that this is going to change now?”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Religious life consists in loving God with all your heart, and your neighbour as yourself.” It also consists in supporting the Gospel and Church teaching. It consists in eradicating the sodomite network in the Church, in not being deceitful.

@Pontifex “A tremendous opportunity to restore credibility to the Church was missed in failing to review and criticize the structures and decisions that allowed Theodore McCarrick to advance, failing to identify and call to account those responsible.”

@Pontifex “The summit hardly merited the intervention of the Pope and Rome that suppressed the votes and actions of the U.S. bishops on this topic at their meeting in November. The Catholic faithful are justified in being dismayed.”

@Pontifex “The Church doesn’t need a stage-managed abuse summit. It needs to investigate its dioceses.” – Dr. Christian Spaemann

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich “Although 80% of the cases of abuse are ‘male on male,’ Cardinal Cupich claims that homosexuality itself is not one of the causes. In view of the facts, this statement of the Cardinal’s seems slightly outrageous.”

@Pontifex “Mass attendance”? “Obedience to the Divine Law of the Church”? “Holiness of life”? A friend commented, “Oh, gimme a break. Does anyone really think the present pope and his accomplices CARE about such things?”

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics pray that God will give us a pope and bishops who care about these things: mass attendance, obedience to the Divine Law of the Church, holiness of life. Otherwise, since the Gates of Hell are here, will they really NOT prevail?

@Pontifex “Many people in positions of power within the Church in the United States and in Rome do not want McCarrick’s deeds to become fully known because they would be exposed as his proteges and need to be dismissed from the clerical state as well.”

@Pontifex These words uttered by this tragic pope could just as well be applied to the pope himself: “Anyone who feels far away from God and the Church, those who think they can no longer change: the Lord calls you too.” – General Audience of 12/06/2013

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’s sex abuse speech was a disgraceful display of excuses”

@Pontifex This sad pope once asked, “How do I make this faith that I received and that belongs to the People of God grow?” (General Audience of 12/06/2013) He can make his faith grow by being faithful to Church teaching and the Gospel – instead of to the likes of Cardinal Kasper.


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