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A Journal of 2018 – 6


Copies of recent Tweets:

@Pontifex On 29.11.2018, Phil Lawler said (, “A friend of mine told me, ‘This is the situation: the house is on fire and the firemen will be there in February’.”

@Pontifex The Gates of Hell will prevail against the Church of Francis, and if the don’t, or if they’re slow, the United States Justice Department and sixteen state attorneys general will prevail.”

@Pontifex “Closing churches, losing faithful? Don’t be anxious, the Pope says”( (No, don’t be anxious, and do NOT go down @CardinalBCupich ‘s “rabbit hole.” Think about climate change and migration policy instead. Forget about all that “morality” stuff!)

@Pontifex “The Pope said ‘ministry or consecrated life’ is not the place for people with homosexual tendencies” ( (Fine, but what’s this pope doing about cleaning up the homosexual network already in the Vatican and in the Church at large?)

@Pontifex When you consider the way this pope punishes people who even SEEM to criticize or disagree with his policies, it is absolutely undeniable that priests like Father Mark have tremendous, tremendous courage May God bless and protect him.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “There is no such thing as the perfect family. Only by the daily exercise of forgiveness can a family or a Church grow.” We faithful Catholics ask God to forgive this pope his errors, lies, deceit, and his protection of the Church’s homosexual network.

@Pontifex “Archdiocese of Santa Fe to file for bankruptcy” ( (Of course @CardinalBCupich would say that this is NOT the result of sexual abuse by homosexual priests. It’s just “clericalism.” Cupich has a GREAT sense of humor, doesn’t he?)

@Pontifex So now we know.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis is said to have self-critically explained himself as follows: ‘It is not to be excluded that I will enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church’.”….”The Pope wasn’t being self-critical, he was telling you the plan.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “This hapless, ignorant pope is not a young man. He will soon be facing God and be judged on the ruin he has caused the Church. We do not know why God permits this destruction, but we do know this pope will be punished for it.”

@Pontifex This pope’s “synodality” means: “I install bishops who will obey my every whim and will pretend that each local conference of bishops has made its decisions (i.e., followed MY decisions) ‘”independently’.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “If I had done to the Church what this pitiful pope has done to the Church, I would tremble at the thought of facing God on the day of my judgement. Of course, this pope doesn’t worry. He believes that evil souls are simply annihilated after death.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “This pope thinks that no evil soul is sent to hell for all eternity. Such a soul is simply annihilated after death. I think, though, that the “God of surprises” has something unexpected waiting for this pope when he dies.”

@Pontifex Putin has people poisoned in Britain. The Saudi crown prince has a journalist murdered in Turkey. At the same time, this pope is destroying the Church. O God, why has such evil been unleashed on the world?

@Pontifex As this present pope goes about his work of gutting the Church (, you have to wonder if he ever asks himself about his own death and particular judgement. The answer is that it probably never crosses his mind.

@Pontifex “Gay people should not join Catholic clergy, Pope Francis says” (Nice statement, but we all know this pope won’t actually DO anything about the problem of sodomite clergy. His homosexual network in the Vatican and elsewhere won’t let him.)

@Pontifex “Events in the Church have produced confusion and anger. Many are frustrated and helpless. Believers are raising questions: Is anything going to happen to the pervert Cardinal? Will his friends still be protected? Why is no one doing anything?”

@Pontifex “The West is crumbling. Confusion about basic reality is widespread. Within the Church, voices that should speak out remain silenced by fear. There is among Church leaders a widespread feeling that the risk of speaking out is too great.”

@Pontifex “At this last synod, not only did they do away with all the rules and pack the synod with the pliant, they published a document that was about a topic not even discussed, synodality itself. You must hand it to these folks, they just don’t care.



Copies of some Tweets:

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich In Chicago, “the ‘Renew the Church’ initiative could result in the closing of one-third of the 351 parishes in the archdiocese.” (Close 100 partishes? This is “Renew the Church”? GREAT Doublespeak! George Orwell would love it!)

@Pontifex This is how they did it ( This is how so much evil was unleashed on the Church and the world.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Nobody – certainly not this pope – can wash his hands when faced with the tragic reality of this pope lies, deceit, manipulation of clerics, and the protection he gives to the sodomite network in the Vatican and in the rest of the Church.

@Pontifex A young man asked me, “Bob, why is this pope destroying the Church?” I could give him no good reason.

@Pontifex From today’s Morning Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours: “Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not let yourselves be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.” – Hebrews 13:7-9

@Pontifex When a young man asked me why this pope is destroying the Church, at first I could give no answer. Then I remembered what St. Paul said about being “led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines” (Hebrews 13:7-9).

@Pontifex Another young man asked, “Why is this pope protecting his sodomite network in the Church, men like @CardinalBCupich, Father Rosica, and @JamesMartinSJ? Again, I had to say this pope is being “led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines” (Hebrews 13:7-9).

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Today is the feast day of a great, strong, heroic Jesuit, St. Francis Xavier. What must he be thinking now, in heaven, about a pitiful little man like @JamesMartinSJ, who goes around promoting a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance?”

@Pontifex When I think of this evil pontificate – the errors, the deceit, the drug-fuelled sodomite orgies in the Vatican, the Florida arrest of Chicago priests for public oral sex, the sodomite network – I think of Our Lady’s words, “In the end, my immaculate heart will triumph.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Advent is a time for renewing the faith, for purifying it…” But can this hapless pope, with all the evils of his pontificate do such a thing? With all the lies, the deceit, the protection of his sodomite network? “Purifying” the faith? Really?

@Pontifex A friend prays constantly, “Dear God, save us from the evil of this present pontificate.”

@Pontifex “Pope encourages Pakistan’s Christians to respond to persecution with faith and love” (Vatican Press Office) Yes, Muslims were “responded to” with faith and love as they seized North Africa, the Near East, and South Asia in recent centuries. Force drove them from Spain.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Make yourself small, humble, and a servant of others, and the Lord will give you the ability to understand how to make peace.” Now if the Lord would only give this “humble” pope some understanding of his errors and the way he is ruining the Church.

@Pontifex “Father Henry Foxhoven, a priest of the Diocese of Steubenville, impregnated a teenage altar girl.” (Oh, that terrifically demonic “spirit” of Vatican II, again! But look on the bright side: let’s at least be grateful Foxhoven isn’t a sodomite.)

@Pontifex “Synodality isn’t about empowering Bishops conferences. It’s about restricting the ability of a single bishop to act on his own. It’s about making sure no stray bishop can be a bastion of tradition and a safe space for traditional Catholicism.”

@Pontifex I’ve read about Cardinal Napier’s shameful attack on @RaymondArroyo and I agree with the tweet to @CardinalNapier, “If something Raymond reported is false, say so and be specific. But to characterize all criticism as ‘attack’ is dishonest and reflects poorly on you.”

@Pontifex “We’ve learned how corrupt the leadership of the Church in America is — McCarrick, Wuerl, Tobin, Farrell, Cupich: liars, cheats, destroyers of faith and the faithful. They’ve embraced the homo-modernist heresy, and we’re reaping the rotten fruit”

@Pontifex “Under attack from within.” (Father Mark Goring is a courageous man. This pope will do everything possible to crush and silence him.)

@Pontifex “The Pope won’t ban the Traditional Latin Mass outright. Too much blowback. He’ll do something worse He’ll change the TLM slowly: replace the lectionary, permit communion in the hand, make other changes. He’ll make the TLM more ‘meaningful’.”

@Pontifex “POPE FRANCIS: ‘NO ROOM’ FOR HOMOSEXUALITY IN PRIESTHOOD OR RELIGIOUS LIFE” (Come on, give us a break. This is just superficial damage control, pre-approved by @JamesMartinSJ How can sodomites be excluded? The sodomite network won’t allow it.)



(In response to a comment about Father Mark Goring:)

A new Fulton Sheen? Not during the present pontificate. Father Mark will be lucky to escape severe punishment for his views, much less be made a bishop.

If this present pope had been in power during Fulton Sheen’s lifetime, not even Fulton Sheen would have been made a bishop.

The only clerics that this pope rewards and promotes are those like James Martin, SJ, or Father Thomas Rosica, who meet the exacting standards of the Church’s sodomite network.


Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has established a pattern of saying one controversial thing which deflects attention from another controversial matter.”

@Pontifex “What an appalling legacy this Pontificate is leaving the Church! Who is now going to believe that Pope Francis is truly concerned about the homosexual infiltration of the Catholic priesthood and seminaries?”

@Pontifex “What Pope Francis may really be doing by saying he doesn’t want gays to become priests”

@Pontifex This pope is now trying to destroy Archbishop Viganò by telling the everyone about Viganò’s dispute with his brother. It won’t work. People know the real question is whether Viganò is telling the truth. And people know that he is.

@Pontifex Even if this present pope were to succeed in destroying Archbishop Viganò, he could not – cannot – destroy the truth.

@Pontifex Every day the world learns a little more about the truth of what this pope really is and what he is trying to do to the Church.

@Pontifex This pope cannot fool everyone. He cannot fool God.

@Pontifex The Gates of Hell will prevail against the Church of Francis.

@Pontifex This pope is now teaching that homosexuals should not be admitted to seminaries. So how will he maintain his sodomite network in the Church? That’s easy: he’ll ignore his own teaching and do the opposite, as he always does.

@Pontifex A friend commented: “The Jesuits were suppressed once before. Maybe it’s time to suppress them again. Before it was politics; this time it’s their homosexuality.”

@Pontifex St. Ignatius of Loyola was a great man, but the order he founded has been taken over by sexual perverts (not that @JamesMartinSJ is a sexual pervert).

@Pontifex This pope says sodomites should not be admitted to seminaries. At the same time, though, @JamesMartinSJ speaks with this pope’s approval Does this pope really think anyone actually BELIEVES what he says?

@Pontifex For this pope, a line from the Morning Prayer of today’s Liturgy of the Hours: “Evil whispers to the sinner in the depths of his heart: the fear of God does not stand before his eyes.”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Keep homosexuals out of the seminaries? Come on, man. Nobody believes this pope is actually serious about that.”

@Pontifex Pope Benedict asked us to pray that he would not fall prey to the wolves. I think we didn’t pray hard enough. Many say that the chief wolf is now sitting on the Throne of Peter.

@Pontifex This pope wants to canonize John Henry Newman because Newman wrote “An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine,” which this pope thinks supports his errors. As might be expected, though, this pope twists the meaning of Newman’s words.

@Pontifex The bishops of France are trying to figure out what has happened in the last 50 years so that so many priests would commit sexual abuse. What happened in those 50 years? The demonic “spirit” of the Council happened – everywhere in the Church.

@Pontifex This pope wants to bar homosexuals from entering the seminary? Oh, his homosexual network knows that statement is just for public consumption. They have nothing to fear. Nothing will change. What counts is what this pope is doing, deceitfully, behind the scenes.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “The beginning of faith is feeling the need for salvation.” If only this pope would feel that need. Then he might retract his errors, clear up his monstrous ambiguities, stop the lies and deceit, and eradicate the sodomite rot from his hierarchy.

@Pontifex “None of this (homosexual rot) has been able to be fixed from within the Church, which is why police keep battering down the doors of chanceries around the country. They’ll fix it, one way or another.” (A friend comments, “Man, will they EVER!”)

@Pontifex (1/2) “We are confused,” a group of Chinese underground priests stated. “We fully agree with Pope Francis that the agreement is for pastoral needs, but…. @Pontifex (2/2) “….we do not understand why the Pope accepts those eight illicit bishops.” (As he said, he’s the pope. He doesn’t have to give reasons for anything. He does whatever he wants.)



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Pope Francis: Church closings a ‘sign of the times,’ should not cause anxiety” (In other words, the demonic “spirit” of the Council is leading this pope and his clergy over the cliff but they feel no anxiety about that.)

@Pontifex “If the ecclesiastical authorities teach error, it is lawful to resist them, and the right of resistance becomes a duty when the common good is at stake, according to the model taught by Saint Paul (Gal. 2, 11).” – Roberto de Mattei (

@Pontifex “If canonical sanctions were imposed against those who remain faithful to Tradition, the responsibility for rupture would fall to the authorities who exercised their power illegitimately, and not on those who, remained faithful to their baptism.”

@Pontifex “We would be mistaken to imagine that the end of Pope Francis’s pontificate will represent the end of the process of the Church’s self-demolition.” – Robert de Mattei (A friend said, “Oh. Dear. God.”)

@Pontifex “The ‘listening Church’ of Pope Francis listens to everyone except those who are entirely faithful to the Gospel and to the perennial magisterium of the Church. Pope Francis uses the same language that Lenin used against his opponents.”

@Pontifex “Bad shepherds, fearing to lose human favor, shrink timidly from speaking freely the things that are right; and (…) when the wolf comes they hide themselves under silence.” – St. Gregory the Great

@Pontifex “It is hypocrisy to limit the scandals to pedophilia, as bishops will do when they gather in Rome on February 21-24, ignoring the scourge of homosexuality which is not only a vice against nature, but also a power-structure within the Church.”

@Pontifex “If the last five years of Pope Francis’s pontificate can be judged a disaster, how can we deny ourselves the right to call the process of the Church’s self-demolition, which today has reached its final consequences, a disaster as well?”

@Pontifex “Vatican II heralded a great pastoral reform to purify the Church, and resulted in a corruption of faith and morals. It enthroned homosexuality among the highest ecclesiastical hierarchies and allowed it to be publicly defended and theorized.”

@Pontifex “Charity concert at Cdl. Schönborn’s cathedral features shirtless actor dancing on Communion rail” (Another “gift” from this present hellish pontificate.)

@Pontifex “The authority of the papal magisterium rests on its continuity with the teachings of previous popes. If not, how could one guarantee that a paradigm shift implemented today would not be considered passé tomorrow, no longer valid?” – “Pope Francis’ Paradigm Shift” P. 4

@Pontifex What does it profit a man if he gain the papacy – and then lose his soul by lying, spreading errors, protecting a sodomite network, and causing destruction in the Church?

@Pontifex A friend asked, “What does it profit a man to gain a diocese – and lose his soul by remaining silent while a pope nearly destroys the Church?”

@Pontifex This hapless pope asks, “Am I building my life on the rock of God, or on the sand of worldliness?” Poor man. Anyone who is familiar with devastation he has visited on the Church with his lies, deceit, errors, and sodomite rot, can easily answer that one.

@Pontifex This hapless pope asks, “Am I building my life on the rock of God, or on the sand of worldliness?” Poor man. Anyone who is familiar with devastation he has visited on the Church with his lies, deceit, errors, and sodomite rot, can easily answer that one.

“For them, the truth is not some intellectual notion floating out there but an inner condemnation of their entire lives and careers.”

@Pontifex “There was a spike in abuse in the late 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s: decades when dissent from Catholicism’s settled moral teaching was rampant among priests and tolerated for the sake of keeping the peace. That appeasement strategy was disastrous.

@Pontifex “How many times have we heard that changing the Church’s discipline of celibacy would reduce the incidence of clerical sexual abuse? Celibacy is not the issue. The issues are effective seminary formation prior to ordination, and ongoing support.”

@Pontifex “The scandal of recent months is far from resolved; it lingers and spreads and festers.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Let us pray that people who are involved with the transmission of faith, like this pope, will stop lying, stop spreading errors, and stop protecting the Church’s sodomite network.

@Pontifex “Pandering to Young People Does NOT Win Them Over to the Church, It Actually Pushes Them Away” (But this pope and his collaborators will just keep on pandering.)

@Pontifex “Jesuit homosexualist @JamesMartinSJ is criticizing the Pope for calling homosexuality ‘fashionable.’ On Monday, Martin declared Francis’ comment ‘wrong and hurtful’.” (Come on, this pope’ll change his mind. He won’t oppose his sodomite network.)



Copies of some Tweets:

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Loving God means…trying to forgive without limits.” This pope may try, but he doesn’t succeed very well. Instead, he attacks his critics as being one with The Great Accusers, he insults them, he punishes any bishop or priest who disagrees with him.

@Pontifex “No cause, not even the ‘sacred’ rite of AIDS fundraising, can justify this blasphemy and sacrilege.”

@Pontifex “Convey the beauty of eternity, Pope writes in message to pontifical academies” (Vatican Press Office) If only we had a pope who conveyed the beauty of truth, decency, and honesty, one who didn’t try to protect his homosexual network.

@Pontifex “Pope’s December prayer intention: transmission of faith” (Vatican News) This pope could better transmit the faith if he actually believed in and upheld the faith, and if he surrounded himself with men who did the same.

@Pontifex Some have asked, “What is ‘synodality’?” A friend commented, “For this pope, ‘synodality’ means getting rid of bishops who won’t do what he wants so that every bishops’ conference will follow his orders.”

@Pontifex “No longer is Christ the King, with absolute authority over doctrine and discipline in His Church. Instead, the “synodal Church” is being foisted upon us, wherein the subjects tell the King what to do.”

@Pontifex Good bishops are often driven from office by a pope who wants bishops who are obedient to him and to his lies, deceit, errors, and to his homosexual network. (His remark that homosexuals don’t belong in seminaries needn’t be taken too seriously.)

@Pontifex This pope wants to “dialogue” with Muslims in Algeria. The last time that kind of “dialoguing” was tried, North Africa was completely Christian. “Dialoguing” doesn’t work with an ideology bent on world domination. This pope is in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land again, as with China.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: “What is the secret of Mary’s beauty, ‘tota pulchra’?” Not appearances or fake humility or fake “mercy,” while punishing and taking revenge on critics, as this pope does. Not error, but truth. Not protecting sodomite rot, but crushing evil.

@Pontifex “Francis is left with no defense and no respect. The Church is gravely injured. People are feeling lied-to and cheated, and they are apostatizing in anger. In America such an angry body of disaffected Catholics bodes very poorly for Francis.”

@Pontifex “We should not be fooled (by this pope’s latest comments on homosexuality). He really doesn’t like Tradition, and he doesn’t intend to reform his behaviour. At the moment, Francis is talking nice because he just needs us to drop the charges!”

@Pontifex “The experiment of 1970 is dying; the revived Mass of the Ages is thriving. Please God that He will raise up more godly prelates to foster authentically pious priests. Laymen in the Church have a right to access Her authentic and fruitful roots!”

@Pontifex Father Mark says (, “We pray the leaders in the Church acknowledge the findings of this report.” We’ll have to pray a LOT. “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” Denial’s been gushing through the Vatican too, since the start of this pontificate.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Advent is a time for this pope to admit the horror of his pontificate, with its lies, errors, revenge on critics, and its insults (“rosary counters,” “specialists of the Logos,” “ideological Christians,” “Creed reciting parrot Christians”).

@Pontifex “We must conscientiously and charitably demand that homosexuality among the clergy as a central cause of the crisis be considered frankly and forthrightly. No real solution will be found if this is not done.”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “Dear God, please don’t let this pope drive any more people away from Your Church.”

@Pontifex “Why the U.S. Catholic Church Has Lost More Members than Any Other Major Denomination”

@Pontifex To paraphrase this video ( Appointing @CardinalBCupich to organize the February meeting about sex abuse is an insult to faithful Catholics. Cupich has invited @JamesMartinSJ to speak in Chicago, while the homosexual network rots the Church.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Keep the faith.” If only he didn’t drive so many Catholics AWAY from their faith with his lies, insults (“rosary counters,” “Creed reciting parrot Christians”), deceit, manipulation, hypocritical “synodality,” and protection of his sodomite network.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Every human person, created in God’s image and likeness, is a value unto themselves and is subject to inalienable rights.” “SUBJECT” to inalienable rights? POSSESSES those rights! This pope is obsessed with “subjecting” people as possible to his evil.


2018.12. 12

Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Various bishops may not be able to agree on how or what to do with regard to homosexuality among their own ranks, the McCarrick investigation or the Vigano testimony, but they sure know what to do when it comes to covering their own assets.”

@Pontifex “France has to choose between two futures: either the faith that Lakdim embraced or the faith that Lieutenant Colonel Beltrame bore witness to.” ( This pope has to choose too, but can he get rid of his illusions about The Great Religion of Peace?

@Pontifex @JamesMartinSJ “Entrust yourself to God as Mary did, Pope says on feast of Immaculate Conception” (Vatican News) (Now if only this pope would entrust himself to Mary and stop spreading errors and confusion and start eradicating his homosexual network.)

@”Conversion is the way to wait for the Lord’s coming, Pope tells pilgrims” (Vatican News) (Meanwhile, faithful Catholics around the world are praying for this pope’s conversion – or an end to this pontificate of horror.)

@Pontifex “FBI engaged in wide-ranging probe of clergy sex abuse in Buffalo Diocese” (Buffalo News) (This pope can ignore and deny the homosexual scandal in the Church, but the US authorities won’t. Thank God for the FBI and the US Justice Department.)

@Pontifex @JamesMartinSJ And in Germany too: “Over 20 German prosecutors are investigating Church abuse scandal” (CNS)

@Pontifex “Vatican launches apostolic visitation of Chilean religious community” (AP) God help any religious community that doesn’t agree with this pope. They will all go the way of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

@Pontifex “The Council resulted in an unprecedented corruption of faith and morals, for it has reached the point of enthroning homosexuality among the highest ecclesiastical hierarchies, and of allowing it to be publicly defended.” – Roberto de Mattei

@Pontifex What’s going on in Detroit? ( As one more piece of the Church in America crumbles, people wonder if the archbishop is a fool – or just stupid, while many pray for an end to this pontificate before this pontificate ends the Church.

@Pontifex This pope asks, “How does the Lord give comfort?” Certainly not the way this pope tries to: by spreading error, offering fake “mercy,” allowing divorce and sodomy, permitting sacrilegious Communion, twisting the Gospel, and corrupting theology.

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “Keep the faith,” while at the same time doing all he can to undermine the faith, driving thousands from the Church in Europe and America. He does this with his errors, his bizarre interpretations of the Gospel, and by allowing divorce and sodomy.

@Pontifex “What Jesus Would Tell Clerics About the Scandals”

@Pontifex “Holy See offers praise as 164 nations adopt Global Compact on Migration” (Holy See Mission) (How wonderful! The Great Religion of Peace is well and truly on the march as its members invade Europe and North America – and now have world approval to do so!)
@Pontifex_de Buch Sirach (19,23): „Es ist einer, der sich trügerisch erniedrigt, sein Inneres aber ist voll List.“

@Pontifex_de „Ein wahrhaft Demütiger“, sagt Bernhard, „will stets geringgeachtet, nicht als demütig gepriesen werden.“

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Marxism, Islam, LGBTQ – has this pope ever met an ideology he didn’t like?”

@Pontifex “On anniversary of landmark documents, Pope decries grave human rights violations” (Zenit) If only this pope would, once in a while, also decry grave violations of God’s law with regard to matters such as divorce and sodomy. If only he would also decry his own errors.

@Pontifex “Austrian diocese withholds results of investigation of bishop’s spending” ( Of course. We can’t let anyone know about the ongoing corruption in the hierarchy, can we?

@Pontifex A friend commented, “Yes, it’s terrific that this pope has decided that homosexuals should not be admitted to the seminary. I’m sure, though, that the Church’s sodomite network will make certain that this decision is ignored, and this pope will remain ‘silent’.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Let us beg Our Lady of Guadalupe to continue to accompany and protect the peoples of the American continent” (and every continent, from the influx of members of The Great Religion of Peace, so there will be no more murders as in Strasbourg yesterday.)

@Pontifex With this corruption (, it’s not surprising people in Europe and America are leaving the Church in droves. What IS surprising, though, is that so many people are STAYING. Like me, I think, they’re waiting for God’s judgement on this hierarchy.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex You have to wonder how much more of this the Church in America can tolerate (

@Pontifex Church Militant reports
A double standard regarding who stands trial and who is covered by “sovereign immunity”?
No, of course not. There’s no double standard.
There is only ONE standard: the whim of this pope.
And his whims must be obeyed.

@Pontifex “We ask our readers to pray for the repose of the soul of this great Catholic man and witness to the Faith, Professor Robert Spaemann.” (And will this present pope, when he dies, be characterized as a “great Catholic man”?)

@Pontifex Michael Matt of The Remnant newspaper says that this present pope is the worst pope in history, but the disaster of today’s Church began long before this pontificate.

@Pontifex “Report: police in Chinese city directed to arrest religious believers or be fired” ( Just one more aspect of this pope’s brilliant move in signing his (still secret) agreement with communist China. (Thousands pray, “God, send us a good pope.”)

@Pontifex_de Die Pforten der Hölle werden die Katholische Kirche, die Kirche Jesu Christi, nicht überwältigen können. Niemals. Aber die Kirche von Franziskus? Ah, das ist etwas anderes. Jeden Tag können wir sehen, wie die Pforten der Hölle die Kirche von Franziskus zerstören.

@Pontifex As I listened to this jaw-dropping report (, I thought to myself that the horrific church masquerading as the Archdiocese of Detroit will in the end disappear. Christ promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church, but…. ….He said nothing about protecting places the “Church of Detroit.” And there are many such places. In a recent interview (, Cardinal Gerhard Müller refers to the chaos that has rendered the Church here in Germany “nearly meaningless.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Even when we pray alone, we pray together with all the people of God.” Like so much of what this pope says, this idea sounds nice, but it is undercut by his attempts to “update” (suppress) contemplative orders of nuns.

@Pontifex “No one, it seems, apart from one or two faithful toadies, can summon enthusiasm for Francis. Those who offered tepid support have moved to outwardly maintaining a facade of obedience and loyalty while privately expressing dismay and alarm.”

@Pontifex “There have been many popes who were lazy, venal, incompetent, narrow minded and some who were downright hellishly wicked.”

@Pontifex “Mary ‘walked and sang,’ Pope Francis preaches on feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe” (Vatican News) But at Fatima she said how much she grieved over the way people were living. She must grieve even more now, over people’s lives and over the awfulness of this pontificate.

@Pontifex “To a very great extent, American Catholicism has become a form of Protestantism. And worse still, a form of liberal Protestantism.” (At least American Catholics are not “rigid, bead-counting, neo-Pelagians,” so I suppose this pope is happy.)

@Pontifex “New DNA” in Detroit? ( Give us a break. But why won’t this pope DO something (instead of just SAYING something) about the homosexual rot in the Church hierarchy? I think we all know the answer to that.

@Pontifex Surely Catholics everywhere say a prayer of thanksgiving that God has continued to defend His Church from attacks by the Gates of Hell, especially from the attacks coming from this wretched hell of a pontificate.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “This is the first step in order to grow on our journey of faith: listening.” This pope should follow his own advice and listen to those who criticize him and disagree with him, instead of punishing, insulting, ignoring, and taking revenge on them.

@Pontifex This pope writes, “This is the first step in order to grow on our journey of faith: listening.” That is rich. This pope expects everyone to listen to him and his Cloud-Cuckoo-Land ideas. He expects everyone to listen and OBEY, but he listens only to some “spirit.”

@Pontifex “Lists of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse Are Spilling Out Across the Country” – The New York Times (But of course this pope will remain silent, while @CardinalBCupich will just keep on insisting it’s a “clerical” issue. Good luck with that.)

@Pontifex “Pope prays for gift of children for childless families, respect for life in the womb” (Vatican Press Office) Oh, so that’s why this pope thinks so highly of Emma Bonino.



Dear Klaus,

I always try to agree with others, whenever I can, but in this case I cannot agree with you. Of course I have only a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Harvard and four years of secondary school Latin, but I find this article written with enormous competence and and in a clear and examplary style. The author, Ryan Grant, seems well-qualitified to express the views represented here. He received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and also studied at Holy Apostles Seminary. He taught Latin for seven years and currently runs Mediatrix Press. Like all articles I have read on the One Peter Five website, this one is solid and authoritative.

From my knowledge of Latin, I also have to say that what Grant writes about the construction, “declaro me … renuntiare ita ut a die 28 februarii MMXIII, hora 20, sedes Romae, sedes Sancti Petri vacet,” is absolutely correct. The subjunctive “vacet” is the subjunctive in a result clause, so that it means “is vacant” or “will be vacant” (from the 28 February 2013). It canNOT mean “may be vacant” or “might be vacant” or whatever some people would like to believe.

Yes, the current pontificate is a catastrophe, but God is permitting this catastrophe for His own good reasons, and Francis is the pope, for better or for worse. As Ryan Grant says, some future pope or some future council or some future investigation may decide otherwise, but we have to treat Francis as the pope, however pathetic and hapless and misguided he is.

In Christo,




Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex The current pontificate is a catastrophe (, but God is permitting this catastrophe for His own good reasons. Of course, some future investigation may decide otherwise, but we have to treat pathetic, hapless, and misguided Francis as the pope.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Our life spreads light when it is given in service. The secret of joy is living to serve.” That IS rich, coming from someone who takes revenge on critics, is obsessed with power, spreads error, allows the sodomite rot to grow, and destroys the faith.

Nowadays you can get ejected from social media for defending traditional Catholic teaching on sex and morals. So the Pope will still be on Twitter when all of us are gone.

@Pontifex “China: ‘underground’ bishop formally cedes role to government-appointed prelate” (AsiaNews) Another shining example of this pathetic pope’s “brilliant” diplomacy.

@Pontifex “Pope urges Telepace TV to avoid gossip, be voice of voiceless” (Vatican News) Great! So will faithful Catholics (i.e., “rigid, neo-Pelagian bead-counters”) now have a voice?

@Pontifex “Pope condemns Strasbourg terrorist attack, expresses compassion for victims” (Vatican News) But at the same time, this hapless pope welcomes members of The Great Religion of Peace into Europe with open arms.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Eijk: The Church must investigate Viganò testimonies to regain credibility” ( INVESTIGATE THE VIGANO TESTIMONIES??? That is the LAST thing this pope will ever agree to! He’d prefer to just PRETEND the Church will regain credibility!

@Pontifex “How Should the Church Address Clerical Misconduct With Adults?” ( The pope and @CardinalBCupich have already answered the question haven’t they? The pope’s answer: say nothing, but blame Archbishop Viganò. For Cupich, say it’s all “clericalism.”

@Pontifex “Church of England to Create ‘Celebratory’ Transgender Liturgies” ( It’s only a matter of time and this pope’s sodomite network and @CardinalBCupich and @JamesMartinSJ will be saying that this is a splendid idea for the Catholic Church as well.

@Pontifex In response to this pope’s Tweet: “Joy, prayer and gratitude are three ways that” could prepare this pope to undergo a conversion, to become a good man, to stop spreading error, to stop manipulating people and taking revenge, and to stop protecting his sodomite network.

@Pontifex “State and federal prosecutors…are coming to the realization that this evil monster that has seized operational control of the Church is far-flung and motivated by sexual and financial corruption on a scale that staggers even these veterans.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets, “O Wisdom from the mouth of the Most High, you fill the whole world.” Millions pray that this Wisdom would also fill the mind of the present pope, driven as he is by error, deceit, the desire for vengeance, and the need to protect his sodomite network.

@Pontifex (1/3) “In the Universal Church — the Catholic Church — present in every nation, Satan has brought about such a moral rot, a loss of supernatural faith among huge numbers of leaders, that the entire worldwide Church is suffering immensely.” @Pontifex (2/3) “The loss of faith, the homosexual predation of not just minors, but also adult males, the lies, the deceit, the cover-up, the lack of transparency,… @Pontifex (3/3) “…the authoritarian approach, the unaccountability and most sickening of all, what the faithful cry to Heaven for justice for — all of it wrapped up in a cloak of religiosity and spirituality.”

@Pontifex “The First Islamic Country to Ban Christmas – “5 Years in Prison for Anyone Who Celebrates Christmas” Ah, The Great Religion of Peace! And so tolerant too!

@Pontifex “Here we are, fighting un-Catholic presentations like we have a reasonable hope that all men are saved, Holy Communion received in the hand is hunky dory and the whopper: homosexuality is a gift from God and we must treasure it.”

@Pontifex “The number one duty of every single faithful son of the Church is to fight this corruption with every fiber of your being in what has proven to be unconventional ways.”

This pope tweets: “Be like Saint Joseph:…a man of silence, because he respects God’s plan.” (Don’t be like this pope, a man of silence who wants to cover up the homosexual network in the Church, who wants his errors and confusion to spread throughout the Church.)

This pope tweets, “May our hearts not be closed as were the houses in Bethlehem.” (May this pope’s heart not be closed to the truth about himself and his destructive pontificate.)



On many CNN programs yesterday and today, people have been preoccupied with the motive for Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Everyone is focusing on Trump’s supposed reason: a putative victory over ISIS that now allows American troops to leave the country. However, no one at CNN seems to have noticed that Trump’s Tweet came just before the start of Putin’s annual press conference, in which Putin emphasized that it was the right thing to do for US troops to leave Syria.

It is useless for anyone to try to change Trump’s mind by attempting to demonstrate that ISIS has not in fact been defeated in Syria. Trump doesn’t really care about ISIS. Trump is a Russian asset, and an asset does what his handler wants him to do. In this case, Trump’s handler, Putin, wants the US out of Syria so that Russia will have a free hand there. I’m amazed that this seems to have occurred to almost no one else. A conspiracy theory? Gimme a break. All the elements are there, out in the open. It’s a conspiracy, all right, but no theory.


2018.12 22

Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex “Cardinal Parolin spoke at length:…’it is essential to adopt an inclusive approach in addressing migrants’ needs’.” But “VATICAN REFUSES TO OFFER ASYLUM TO ASIA BIBI” (What’s the word we’re looking for here? Hypocrite? Pharisee?)

@Pontifex “Wherever I go in the whole world, the thing that makes me the saddest is watching people receive Communion in the hand.” – St. Teresa of Calcutta

@Pontifex This pope is supposed to have said that he may be remembered as the pope who split the Church. It’s worse than that, though. He may be remembered as the pope who all but destroyed the Church.

@Pontifex This was first pointed out by, and it is so very rich: “Pope encourages nations to show compassion to migrants” And at the same time: “Vatican Refuses to Offer Asylum to Asia Bibi” (Pharasaism?)

@Pontifex “Law enforcement officials from up to 45 states have sought assistance from Pennsylvania authorities in pursuit of alleged misconduct by Catholic priests and related efforts to conceal that abuse by the church.” Can this pope just ignore it all?

@Pontifex “Fr. James Martin Blasphemes the Holy Rosary” (But of course @JamesMartinSJ remains a leading official in the Vatican press bureaucracy. This error-prone pope just wouldn’t have it any other way, of course.

@Pontifex (1/2) In the U.S. there are ongoing investigations into Catholic Church sex abuse by the authorities in the following states (among others): Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Virginia, New Mexico,… @Pontifex (2/2) …Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Guam, the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), California, and Texas. This pope cannot stop THESE investigations the way he stopped the USCCB inquiry.

@Pontifex “Confusion Over Holy Communion for Protestant Spouses – Pastoral – Guidelines allowing the practice in some cases is predictably causing chaos and ‘great harm’ to the Church, says Cardinal Gerhard Müller.” (But does anyone in the Vatican CARE?)

@Pontifex More news from about Detroit: “Deception from the chancery, Protestant catechism disguised as Catholicism…What could possibly go wrong? How long before the Cardinal. Dearden boys are all gone; how long, Lord?”

@Pontifex A response to this papal Tweet: “Advent is a time to make peace with ourselves and our neighbours.” Great! Will this pope stop having his critics punished and fired? Will he stop taking revenge on those who disagree with him? Will he stop insulting faithful Catholics?

@Pontifex “The so-called ‘Rainbow Rosary’ promulgated by @JamesMartinSJ comes from the pit of Hell.” ( Too bad the Vatican’s sodomite network won’t allow this pope to put a stop to Martin and his demonic activities.

@Pontifex “In the sight of all that has occurred last week, one must ask: have Pope Francis’s platitudes supporting unhindered migration turned deadly?”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis’ new comments on the death penalty are incoherent and dangerous” Yes, “incoherent and dangerous,” like most of the things that this pitiable pope has said.

@Pontifex A response to a papal Tweet in which this pope goes on and on again about what he sees as “the God of surprises.” Poor man. St. Paul wrote: “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14). Yes, “an angel of light” or a putative “God of surprises.”

@Pontifex A Tweet by @JZmirak : “An organization which literally can’t figure out how to stop cardinals from buggering kids wants to restructure the world economy and dictate its immigration policies.”

@Pontifex “Here’s an early Christmas present the USCCB isn’t going to like…Law enforcement officials liken some of the operations of the Church to an international organized crime syndicate. 2019 will not be a happy year for various Church officials.”

@Pontifex The terrible thing about today’s Church is that people like @JamesMartinSJ are PROMOTED and work in the VATICAN, while people who criticize men like him, or who criticize this pope, are CRUSHED. So I pray for Father Mark and hope he remains safe.

@Pontifex “More garbage from Germany: Communion for Protestants” “And where is Rome in all of this? You know exactly where Rome is in all of this.”

@Pontifex The feds are coming. All over America they’re descending on chanceries and taking away documents. This pope, of course, will just ignore them and remain silent. But that approach won’t do him much good. It’s time for him to come clean.



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex As the Illinois Attorney General closes in (, perhaps it’s time to watch this video once again: (

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich A friend commented, “I’m quite willing to support the Church, but why should I give money for expensive lawyers and for settling abuse claims – now running into the hundreds of millions of dollars – against the Church’s sodomite network?”

@Pontifex I have a friend who prays: “O God, end this present pontificate before it’s too late.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: May the symbols of the nativity scene and the Christmas tree allow a reflection of God’s light and tenderness to enter into the mind and heart of this poor pope. May he see the truth.


@Pontifex Catholics around the world are praying for this pope’s conversion. They are praying, “O God, turn him into a good a decent man, a good pope, one who has faith and is devoted to the truth, one who will not spread error and take revenge on his critics.”

@Pontifex “Fr. James Martin Blasphemes the Holy Rosary” (With this pope, no matter what he says, the Church’s sodomite network really has little to worry about.)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Yes, “let us entrust ourselves to Our Lady so that she may help us prepare our hearts to welcome Baby Jesus,” and let us entrust this pope to Our Lady so that she may prepare him to welcome the REAL Jesus, with all His truth, without error.

@Pontifex “In his annual Christmas message to the Curia on Friday, Francis urged sexually abusive clergy to surrender to authorities.” Does anyone really believe that these clergy, who have refused to obey God’s law in this matter, will now obey this pope?

@Pontifex “How can this pope expect anyone to take him seriously?”

@Pontifex In the US, “law enforcement officials have likened some of the operations of the Church to an international organized crime syndicate. We’ve been told 2019 will not be a particularly happy new year for various Church officials.” – Michael Voris

@Pontifex “ILLINOIS ATTORNEY GENERAL: 500 UNREPORTED CASES OF PRIEST ABUSE” It looks like the Illinois Attorney General is going down @CardinalBCupich ‘s “rabbit hole,” despite what the good cardinal says.

@Pontifex “Chinese priest begs for clarity in Vatican stance on Patriotic Association” (AsiaNews) This poor priest is going to have to beg the Vatican for a long time if he wants “clarity.”

@Pontifex The Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life tweeted, “There are no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be similar or analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family.” Whoever the head of that dicastery is, the sodomite network will make sure he’s gone soon.

@Pontifex “Contrary to every catechism from the first one in the 16th century down to the era of John XXIII, the “new” Catechism (of Francis) speaks alone. This, I submit, is a sign of megalomania, of a man disconnected from his office and from reality.”

@Pontifex “What this pope has done will backfire, like the hubris of the protagonist in a Greek tragedy. For he has given us a pressing invitation to chuck the new Catechism and reach for the Catechism of the Council of Trent or the Baltimore Catechism.”

@Pontifex “Chinese authorities rip apart faithful Catholic nuns’ convent” A friend commented, “O the glorious fruit of this pope’s wisdom in putting his signature on an agreement with communist China!)

@Pontifex “Did Pope Francis just compare Archbishop Viganò to Judas in his Christmas address?” (Of course he did, but the main question is this: just exactly WHO is the REAL Judas today in the Vatican, in his relation to Christ and Christ’s truth?)

@Pontifex Does this pope range from being an “ill-tempered autocrat to a calculating punisher of disloyalty”? (A friend commented sarcastically, “O, how could anyone even think such a thing about our ‘merciful’ pope?”)

@Pontifex “This February the Pope’s meeting with the bishops will either be a watershed in the history of the Church, purging it of the deepest roots of perversion, or it will be yet another and more devastating blow to the Church’s moral authority.”



Father Rutler’s thoughts ( are always very fine, and I have much admiration and respect for his columns. However, when he writes, “The darkening that comes with the year’s shortest hours of daylight is like the lowering of the lights in a theatre…,” I think to myself, well, yes, that’s true for us in the Northern Hemisphere, but what about Catholics in, for example, Australia? For them, this is the period of the longest hours of daylight. Perhaps you could say that in the Southern Hemisphere these days are like the lights coming up on the world’s stage at the time when we remember the start of the “Drama of Salvation.”



@Pontifex “Don’t say that the problem is clericalism. The problem is the deepest sexual turpitude entrenched at every level of the hierarchy. If clericalism is a problem, it’s because clericalism has become the instrument for avoiding reform.”

@Pontifex “I was deeply struck by how beautiful and incredible a thing (the Traditional Latin Mass) really is, and how much in this time of discord and struggle we could benefit from an authentic, unified Catholic identity again.” This pope disagrees.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: May Jesus drive away the darkness of these things from the soul of this poor pope: hatred, error, insults, vengeance against “disloyalty,” and the instinct to protect sodomite clergy. And may Jesus forgive him for nearly destroying His Church.

@Pontifex (1/3) Fr. Paul Sullins told Michael Voris ( there is a modern equivalent of King Cyrus ending the Babylonian Captivity and allowing the Jews to return and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. The Cyrus equivalent is the body… @Pontifex (2/3) …of US authorities investigating the Catholic Church. When they finally lay bare the Church’s financial and homosexual rot, these attorneys general and the Justice Department will end the captivity of faithful Catholics, allowing us to rebuild the Church. @Pontifex (3/3) Now we have to pray that this pope will not take revenge on Father Sullins.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich ChurchMilitant sent this message to Cardinal Cupich: “Secular media reached out to @CardinalBCupich to ask his opinion on Church teaching on homosexuality. No response. Catholic media also asked him. No response. Why so silent, Cdl. Cupich?” No answer?

@Pontifex What a fine letter! ( What a LIFE Father Doyle led! It was a world away – a universe away – from the life led by some Jesuits of today, like @JamesMartinSJ. How did the Jesuits ever sink from the heroic to the tawdry? How did they come to THIS?

@Pontifex A friend prays, “O God, remind this poor pope that it is the truth of Jesus Christ he should be following, not the “truth” of Karl Marx or anyone else.”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “O God, forgive this poor pope for what he has done to Your Church.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: May God who became a child, radiating light from the humility of the crib, teach this pope real – not fake – humility, and also teach him real – not fake – tenderness, goodness, and mercy. May God give us a pope who spreads truth, not error.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: May this pope also start seeking the face of God where it can be found – in truth, not error; in decency, not corruption; in morality, not in the protection of the Church’s homosexual network.

@Pontifex This pope criticizes greed. May this pope also curb his greed for the millions belonging to various religious groups: the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, the Knights of Malta, the Legatus organization and the Papal Foundation in the U.S.

@Pontifex (1/2) “So many people are waking up to the true and evil spirit of the revolution in the Catholic Church that we must allow for the very real possibility that God Himself,… @Pontifex (2/2) “…in His mercy, is intervening on behalf of his Church by removing the blindfold from a faithful remnant.” – Michael Matt

@Pontifex This pope calls for “Fraternity among people with different ideas, yet capable of respecting and listening to one another.” That’s true, of course, unless you’re a “rigid, neo-Pelagian” faithful Catholic. Then you get only insults from this pope.

@Pontifex @CardinalBCupich This video ( is perhaps worth a laugh (once again), while we pray that the tragicomedy of this pontificate will soon end.

@Pontifex Father Mark Goring is absolutely right in this video (, when he speaks about @CardinalBCupich and “the voice of conscience.” Father Goring is so right, in fact, that this pope may try to punish him, because Goring criticizes this pope’s errors.

@Pontifex “Pope’s Christmas Wish: Peace and Brotherhood in World’s Conflicts” A friend commented, “If only he’d wish for peace and brotherhood with faithful Catholics, especially with those who love the Traditional Latin Mass.”

@Pontifex “8 Simple (but not easy) Steps to Happiness” ( A friend commented, “Oh, but these steps are so RIGID! They don’t fit with this pope’s nice New Paradigm. So what if they’re steps that Christ says we should follow?”

@Pontifex “Ecclesia Dei Commission for the Latin Mass to be extinguished?” Of course. Could we expect anything else from a pope who says one thing about “dialogue,” “respect for others,” “fraternity,” “mercy,” and “listening,” and then does the opposite?



This Mic’d Up ( with George Neumayr was absolutely excellent! I think the discussion about finding an investigative panel was particularly good. Perhaps we could be optimistic about that, because in a way, there already IS a panel with around 45 members, or more. The US attorneys general who are investigating the Church in their respective jurisdictions constitute such a panel, along with the US Justice Department. All of that should make us confident that the entire truth will one day be uncovered. Maybe we don’t have to be too concerned about the problem of the bishops investigating themselves, or, as Neumayr and Michael Voris put it, the problem of the foxes guarding the hen house.



Copies of some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex So this poor pope is about to nullify Summorum Pontificum? Certainly, what else can we expect from this pope?Paul VI, who wrecked the Church in so many ways, didn’t formally abolish the Latin Mass, but this pope will do it.

@Pontifex This poor pope can abolish the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” (, but he won’t be able to abolish any US attorneys general or the US Justice Department. It is they who may paradoxically save the Church, as this pope wrecks it.

@Pontifex A friend prays, “O God, haven’t we been punished enough? End this pontificate of horrors. Please. We beg You.”

@Pontifex_de “Trump erläßt Gesetz zum Schutz verfolgter Christen – Vatikan reagiert eisig” Natürlich. Dieser Papst macht sich nicht allzu viele Sorgen über verfolgte Christen, er ist damit beschäftigt, den Muslimen dabei zu helfen, Europa zu übernehmen.

@Pontifex “Fr. James Martin Blasphemes the Holy Rosary” (But of course this present pope is quite happy to let @JamesMartinSJ go on blaspheming to this heart’s content.)

@Pontifex “We declare that the most Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin.” – Pius IX / “Our Lady and Saint Joseph – saints are not born, they become thus, and this is true for them too.” – This current pope / And the horror-comedy goes on.

@Pontifex So now Bergoglio denies the Immaculate Conception? Does he even know what he’s talking about anymore?

@Pontifex Response to: “Looking at Jesus we see the face of God who is Love.” Many wish Bergoglio would see that face, and stop punishing faithful Catholics like Henry Sire (@DictatorPope ), and stop trying to grab millions of euros from the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

@Pontifex Bergoglio thinks that dialogue with Muslims is the solution? He should read what St. Thomas Aquinas had to say about Islam ( (On the other hand, maybe Bergoglio should NOT read Aquinas. If he did, he would probably condemn the Angelic Doctor.)

@Pontifex “The Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas in Rome, commonly known as the Angelicum, has recently instituted two regular weekly Masses in the traditional Rite.” (Well, Bergoglio will soon put a stop to THAT!)

@Pontifex Bergoglio punishes bishops who are also faithful Catholics, like Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider. But a bishop who denies the perpetual virginity of Our Lady? Hey, that guy can rattle on all he wants.

@Pontifex “Islamic Call to Prayer Replacing Advent in Linz — Bishop Silent” Now HERE’s a chance for Bergoglio to “dialogue”! (But he should probably hurry before Sharia is adopted in Austria, and any such dialogue is considered “blasphemous.”)

@Pontifex “You, like the Devil, are asking us to sit on our hands in a sh*tstorm and to think we are pious souls for doing so. That is not Catholic spirituality and I hope your advice is due to ignorance rather than motivated by something baser.”

@Pontifex “‘St. Stephen teaches us to forgive,’ Pope tells pilgrims on St. Stephen’s Day” (Vatican News) And we ask God to teach us to forgive this pope for what he has done to the Church – and we beg God to forgive him.

@Pontifex While “‘St. Stephen teaches us to forgive,’ Pope tells pilgrims on St. Stephen’s Day” (Vatican News), does this mean that this pope has learned forgive all those he has punished for criticizing him? Cardinals Burke and Mueller, for example? Bishop Schneider and others?

@Pontifex This pope should write, “Let us commit ourselves to making this papacy one that does not deny fundamental truths of the Faith, like the Immaculate Conception. Let us make this papacy one that is faithful to all the teachings of the Church, instead of spreading heresy.”

@Pontifex The Gates of Hell versus the Catholic Church in America (and in Quebec and Ireland).

@Pontifex “Communist China Unleashes New Round of Religious Persecution” But this pope, as @CardinalBCupich says, has more important things to be concerned with. He doesn’t want to go down this kind of “rabbit hole.” Isn’t that right?

@Pontifex “Avoiding another Roman fiasco in February” You think this pope will avoid another fiasco in February? Really? Would you like to make a little bet on that?

@Pontifex This pope Tweets: “Bring God’s tenderness and mercy to all who are discarded by society.” Maybe this pope should bring God’s tenderness and mercy to all those he has punished and discarded, and to desperate refugees like Asia Bibi whose neighbors still want her dead.



For the BBC:

I live in Germany, but I was in the UK. I watched “The ABC Murders.”

In addition to the writing and the production values, I was dazzled by the air of authenticity. Every detail looked perfect – except for one thing. The interior of the Catholic church that Poirot visits in London was not the interior that there would have been in 1933. There was no tabernacle over the altar, for one thing. It looked more like an Anglican church.

In addition, the “mass” that the priest was saying and the vestments he wore were not the Traditional Latin Mass and vestments of 1933. Moreover, Catholics did not line up to receive the Eucharist then; they knelt at the altar rail and the priest moved along the rail with an altar boy and gave them Communion. (Even today, priests are allowed to say mass this way, as happens here in Germany in some parishes and in other countries as well, especially in my country, the United States. In the UK in 1933, though, mass was always celebrated this way, the traditional way. Priests had no other option.)

The mass, vestments, and Communion in “The ABC Murders” were like those of what is called the “Novus Ordo” mass, which was introduced in the 1970’s.

All that is really a quibble, though. The entire program was excellent, astonishingly good!

Best regards,

Robert John Bennett


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