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A Journal of 2020 – 1


Some recent Tweets that may be of interest:

@Pontifex “Christmas in the Age of Jihad And this tragic pope says to welcome more (Muslim) refugees to Europe (but not, of course, to the part of Europe occupied by the Vatican)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Today is the right day to draw near to the tabernacle.” If only he would do that, and stop supporting sodomy and finanancial corruption, while at the same time becoming a good pope, instead of what he is now.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: May God bring light and help to all the members of the Church, suffering under the catastrophe of this pontificate. May God soften this pope’s stony and self-centred heart, and make it less of a pious sham.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori explores this unbalanced pope’s latest “truth” about Christendom. Of course, this time, this tragic pontiff might be partly right. Christianity exists, but does Christendom?

@Pontifex @ebmuc “While U.S. church suffers, Latin Masses skyrocket” A friend said no one in the Vatican should be told about this. I told him that it doesn’t matter. No one in the Vatican – not the pope, not his German masters – will believe it.

@Pontifex @ebmuc Please, don’t mention this to anyone who has influence in the Vatican, not to this tragic pope, not to his German masters.

@Pontifex For this jokester pope to say “Christendom no longer exists” makes him more ridiculous than all of the posts of Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori put together.

@Pontifex “Francis’ Christmas Concert Included Pachamama Catechesis (Video)” Will this tragic pope meet “Pachamama” after his death? If he’s not careful, he will.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Reinhard Marx has expressed the view that homosexual couples can receive a Church blessing “in the sense of a pastoral accompaniment” in the Catholic Church, but not in a manner that resembles marriage.” Yeah, well, “marriage” is next.

@Pontifex “Tragically the head of the Church on Earth, Pope Francis, by his utterances, his behaviour, his teaching and his actions, has shown himself to be a great heretic.” – The Hermits of Westray (Excommunicated for those words by this merciful pope)

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Faithful Catholics pray that this tragic pope will also one day learn “how to speak about Jesus” and will learn to set an example for us. We also pray that this sick pope will end the Church’s sodomite and financial corruption.

@Pontifex “CATHOLIC TRADITIONALISM BOOMING IN LATIN AMERICA….Pachamama triggers liturgical backlash”

@Pontifex A friend said that he thought of these words from Acts 4:19 in today’s Office as directed to this sick pope: “You must judge whether in God’s eyes it is right to listen to you and not to God.”

@Pontifex “Should erroneous notions that would attempt to use the Bible to justify “homosexuality and homosexual unions as a legitimate expression of the human being” be offered to the faithful for a thoughtful consideration of their possible legitimacy?”

@Pontifex “To concede claims that God intends man to commit sodomy is a repudiation of the Commission’s purpose. It is a cause for scandal and furthers the climate of confusion and doctrinal uncertainty in the Church.” – Fr. Gerald E. Murray

@Pontifex “The Pope apologized to the Pachamama idolaters when replicas of the pagan idol were thrown into the Tiber. Will he also apologize to Mary’s devotees and to the Mother of God for his senseless words on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe?”

@Pontifex Reply to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Yes, Jesus “nourishes our love.” We pray He will nourish this troubled pope’s love of the Gospel and Church teaching, turning him away from all the sodomite and financial corruption in the Church, from all the heresy and insults.

@Pontifex “The people of the West, and especially the Holy See and the Holy Father, have forgotten about the plight of the Christians in Lebanon and their fight for survival.” This sick pope has more important things to worry about. Like Muslims.

@Pontifex “A TALE OF TWO CHRISTMAS MESSAGES…UK prime minister stands with Christians, while pope warns against ‘rigidity'” Right. This confused pope doesn’t really care much about Christians, one way or the other, but he sure hates “rigidity.”

@Pontifex “The lives of 19 religious men and women martyred during the Algerian civil war are a testament to God’s plan of love and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims,” Pope Francis said. The murdered people may have a different opinion.

@Pontifex This tragic pope “dialogues with Islam.” Meanwhile, “Converts to Christianity from Islam, in Iran, can face the death penalty. Islamist judges resort to verses from the Quran and Hadith (Muhammad’s sayings and acts) to justify their verdicts.

@Pontifex A friend tries to console other faithful Catholics who are almost in despair over this present pontificate of horror. She tells them, “God’s grace is poweful enough to convert the most evil of men, including the troubled pope we have now.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – But of course this sick pope doesn’t want us to pray for that large family of faithful Catholics who are “tried by suffering.” He does NOT want us to “invoke divine protection on them.” They don’t deserve it. They’re “rigid.”

@Pontifex From the Invitatory Psalm today: “For forty years they wearied me, that generation. I said: their hearts are wandering, they do not know my paths. I swore in my anger: they will never enter my place of rest.” (And it’s been MORE than forty years since the Council.”)

@Pontifex @ebmuc If only this tragic pope and his German masters could pray these verses from today’s Lauds: “O God, you are my God, I watch for you from the dawn. My soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you. I came to your sanctuary, as one in a parched and waterless land.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend says she prays constantly: “O God, preserve us from the horrors of this pontificate.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Another friend prays, “Dear God, protect the German Church from the horrors most of its bishops and the ZdK want to impose on it, the horrors of sodomite ‘marriage’ and Communion for ‘divorced’ Catholics.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend says, “Cardinal Marx thinks if he agrees to ZdK demands like sodomite “marriage” and Communion for “divorced” Catholics, German Church membership will increase. We’ve got news for him. The number of people leaving the German Church will only accelerate.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope’s (assistant) tweets about “God, who is poor in possessions and rich in love.” This confused pope is sort of the opposite: rich in a desire for wealth (donated by his German masters) and poor in real mercy and love.

@Pontifex An atheist’s view: “‘As for the foundations of the Catholic faith, this pontificate is an outrage to reason,’ the former professor of philosophy at the University of Pisa lamented.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Will the bishops of Germany ever understand that by following this tragic pope and the ZdK down the road of the “New Paradigm” to the “New Church,” they will drive hundreds of thousands more people away from the Church and insure its destruction in Germany?

@Pontifex @ebmuc Follow this demented pope down the path to homosexual “marriage” and Communion for the divorced and “remarried” in the “New Church,” and you end the Church in Germany, except for a very few Catholics who will always follow the Gospel and true Church teaching.

@Pontifex “Islamic State says it beheaded 10 Christian hostages in Nigeria on Christmas Day” But not to worry, this tragic pope’s policy of “dialogue,” “accompaniment,” and “discernment” toward Muslims is a great success! (Or so he claims.)

@Pontifex The fantastic “success” of this pope’s policy toward China (where churches are being closed is matched only by the “success” of his policy toward Islam (in which Christians are beheaded

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – No one seriously believes that this Peronist pope is going to stand around “entrusting his life to the Lord, speaking to Him about the people and situations he cares about.” Come on, give us a break!

@Pontifex “The Holy Family was ‘totally open to the will of God,’ Pope tells pilgrims” And faithful Catholics pray for a pope who is also “totally open to the will of God,” instead of to his own will and that of his German masters.

@pontifex Great video: Josiah’s actions are an important part of the Old Testament. Because there are many young men and women who are acting as he did, faithful Catholics have every reason to feel encouraged now, even during this pontificate of horror.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet, which started: “Let us give thanks to God for His grace.” And let’s also give thanks that this misguided pope didn’t slap the woman harder than he does in this video: (What a “merciful” pope we have!)

@Pontifex @ebmuc This sick pope and his German masters will never win in the end.

@Pontifex Oh, the mercy. The mercy. The MERCY of this merciful pope! So evident in this brief, smart phone video! It has to be seen again and again!

@Pontifex First, ten hostages beheaded by Nigerian Muslims, and now this: “Nigerian diocesan spokesman: Bridal party beheaded en route to wedding” This tragic pope’s “dialogue” with Islam is just working wonders!

@Pontifex And this sick pope’s “dialogue” with China is also working wonders: “Religious groups must spread Communist principles, Chinese government decrees” Good thing Bergoglio sent “Uncle Ted” to Beijing to work this miracle!

@Pontifex “Morocco’s cardinal calls for synod on migration” Morocco’s cardinal? MOROCCO’s cardinal? Doesn’t he know that this disturbed pope is NOT ALLOWED to convene a synod with the approval of his German masters?



Dear Klaus,

I received a Christmas e-mail from Ignatius Kordecki (who now lives in Berlin). When I answered it, I asked a question about evenings of recollection (Einkehrabende), since there are no more of them in Dusseldorf.

Ignatius replied that the evenings of recollection for Dusseldorf people are in Essen, and he gave me the name of a contact person there, Dr. Stephen Grüter. When I sent Dr. Grüter an e-mail, he replied by saying the next evening of recollection will be on 21 January.

So now I have a question (with two ulterior motives). I’d like to ask if could plan on attending. My first ulterior motive, of course, is to ask if I could get a ride with you. My second ulterior motive is that going to Essen would allow us to continue the kind of good discussions we used to have, and which I really enjoyed (although they were relatively short!).

Do you think you’d like to go – would be able to go – on 21 January? Perhaps the person responsible, together with the attitude of Opus Dei toward this catastrophic pontificate, will make us both want to attend these evenings regularly in the future. (Those were the two factors – the moderator and Opus Dei’s Bergoglio support – that made each of us not want to go on participating in the past.)

In Christo,



Dear Father Heinze,

About Mary and Pachamama, you wrote to TFP, “Regarding your accusation of the message of the Christmas Card…I just don’t understand why you see it as a sacrilege to bring Mary together with the pagan symbol for mother earth while we are all used to put a donkey next to the newborn Jesus…”

And many of us just don’t understand why you, Father, can’t see the difference between an idol and a donkey.

The difference is that the donkey is just a donkey; it is not an idol, it is not a pagan symbol of anything. Pachamama is both: an idol and a pagan symbol.

In Christo,

Robert John Bennett


Lieber Stephan Grüter,

nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Ich erwähnte den Einkehrabend am 21. Januar gegenüber Dr. Klaus Beckmann, der auch einige der Einkehrabenden in Düsseldorf besuchte. Er würde auch gerne am 21. Januar teilnehmen, also werden wir zusammen ankommen, es sei denn, es gibt Eis und Schnee, was das Fahren gefährlich machen würde. Wenn wir diesen Monat jedoch nicht kommen können, werden wir es im Februar oder März erneut versuchen.

In Christo

Robert Bennett


@Pontifex I just can’t get over this video What a splendid example of mercy and kindness on the part of this pope.

@Pontifex And just look at the “warm and friendly” expression on this tragic pope’s face after he stops slapping the woman’s hand. Aren’t atheists and skeptics lucky to have Bergoglio as pope? He’ll destroy the Church in no time!

@Pontifex (1 of 2) Don’t you just love it? In Germany, the lay organization ZdK “advises” bishops here as they devastate the Church. ZdK supports sodomite “marriage” and Communion for the divorced and “remarried.” The initials ZdK stand for… @Pontifex (2 of 2) “Zentralkomitee der deutschen Katholiken,” which means “Central Committee of German Catholics.” “Central Committee”? Why don’t they just call it the “Politburo” or something?

@Pontifex Well, this “merciful” pope at least apologized for slapping the woman’s hand – after 1.26 million views on Twitter.

@Pontifex “During grim martial law in the 1980s, many Poles greeted each other with a sardonic: “May the new year be better than you know it’s going to be!” As 2020 opens, that salutation might well be adopted by Catholics concerned about the future.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets with insight: “All I know is if I a call my wife a ‘Bruja!’ and slap her, it’s gonna take a lot more than apology then next morning for losing my ‘patience.’ I would need the Swiss Guard.” (Bergoglio can just apologize.)

@Pontifex I’m sure this tragic pope will criticize the title “Mother of God.” After all, if he doesn’t like the title “Co-Redemptrix,” then it’s logical he won’t like the title “Mother of God.” Of course, I suppose logic is the last thing we should expect from this confused pope.

@Pontifex In this video, in his own inimitable and wise way, St. Josemaria Escriva answers a crucially important question. A friend asked, “How long, O Lord, must we wait for a pope who is blessed with this degree of sanctity?”

@Pontifex “The Vatican’s financial bait-and-switch: If you ask Catholics to invest in London real estate, or a shady Italian bank, or a bankrupt hospital, don’t expect much. But say the Pope has charitable projects in mind, and the checkbooks will open.”

@Pontifex Is this confused pope right when he says it’s “foolishness” to think of Mary as Co-Redemptrix of the world? St. Paul said, “The foolishness of God is wiser than men.” (1 Corinthians 1:25)

@Pontifex Sure, he apologized. Fine, but this tragic pope’s tweets and pronouncements would have more of an impact if he learned to control his anger and didn’t go around slapping women’s hands when they cling to him. You wonder how many times it’s happened and not been filmed.

@Pontifex The woman whose hand the pope slapped look Chinese, so Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweeted, “In act of penance toward Chinese insulted by Pope’s slap, Pope donates 100 special Chinese camp memberships to Uyghurs.” (ROTFL!)

@Pontifex Often, when I think of this tragic pope, I also think of a prayer composed by St. Josemaria Escriva: “May the most just and most lovable will of God be done, be fulfilled be praised and eternally exalted above all things. Amen, Amen.”

@Pontifex Paradoxically, all the chaos, confusion, and catastrophic ruin this sick pope has produced in the Church has strengthened and deepened my faith in the Gospel and traditional Church teachings. I suppose it has made me what this pope would call “rigid.” And I thank God.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: Yes, with the Mother of God began “the revolution of tenderness.” But when this tragic pope angrily slaps a woman’s hand, we know “the revolution of tenderness” has a way to go, whether or not he apologizes for his boorishness.

@Pontifex Monsignor Ferrari (@ServizioVatican) tweets, “Apparently, the Chinese woman wanted to ask Francis to help bishops and priest and lay people persecuted by Xi Jimping’s govetnment.” (If Monsignor Ferrari is a real person, this sick pope will take revenge for this Tweet.)

@Pontifex This sick pope tweets, “Let us ask for the grace to live this year with the desire to take others to heart and to care for them.” Sure, like this tragic pope took this Chinese lady (who apparently was begging for help, whose hand he slapped) to heart and cared for her.

@Pontifex Response to a papal video: Yes, by all means, “spread the values of peace and understanding,” as this pope says. But don’t do it while slapping down someone who was apparently begging for help, as this sick pope did to the Chinese woman.

@Pontifex Who’s the real pope? The (silent) pope of Vatican sodomite and financial corruption or the pope who perhaps believes his pious tweets? The pope who angrily slaps the hand of a Chinese woman begging for help or the pope who later apologizes, still without offering help?

@Pontifex “The crisis in the Church is man-made and has arisen because we have cozily adapted ourselves to the spirit of a life without God.” – Cardinal Gerhard Müller

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori has a lesson for us: “Desperate woman pleading for her faith and country oversteps bounds of decorum. Gets slapped by the King. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Bergoglio does it again.

@Pontifex I can’t get the anguished expression on her face out of my mind – that Chinese woman in the crowd the other day, as this tragic pope slapped her hand and turned angrily away. What was she begging for? Help for the Church in China? Freedom from government oppression?

@Pontifex What a “merciful” pope – the anguished Chinese woman holds on to his hand, begging for help, and what does he do in his “mercy”? He slaps her hand and turns away with an angry expression on his face. What a “noble” pope the Church has. (God help us.)

@Pontifex A newsreel recently of the Holy Year of 1950: Pius XII among a crowd of pilgrims, leaning down and listening kindly to an earnest young man who had kissed the pope’s ring and was telling him something important. “Rigid” Pius XII didn’t slap the man’s hand and turn away.

@Pontifex If “rigid” faithful Catholics are “unbalanced,” as this tragic pope claims, then how “balanced” is a pope who slaps the hand of a pilgrim and turns angrily away, an anguished pilgrim begging for help?

@Pontifex If “rigid” faithful Catholics are “unbalanced,” as this tragic pope claims, then how “balanced” is a pope who slaps the hand of a pilgrim and turns angrily away? He turns away from an anguished pilgrim begging for help – oh, so very “merciful.”

@Pontifex A “merciful” pope slapping away the hand of an anguished woman begging for help? Yes. Incredibly. So it seems that hypocrisy – like truth – is in the end always revealed.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets about “rest.” Faithful Catholics hope he’ll soon give us a “rest” from his errors and nonsense. But we know that the next pope will probably be as bad as this one. It may take two or three or more pontificates before we again have a good pope.

@Pontifex So now this tragic pope is tweeting about Jesus being “the only Savior.” He can’t really believe that. If he did believe it, he’d start trying to live up to the Gospel and Church teachings. He’d stop producing nonsense and start trying to be what God expects of a pope.

@Pontifex Msgr Ferrari @ServizioVatican tweets: “For those unfamiliar with the elegant Italian of the Papal Court, a few expressions heard on the top floor of S Marta over Christmas: Bacha ma culo, Cagacazzo, Cazzo, Caglione, Faccia a culo, Testa di cazzo, Troia, Puttana, Zuia.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis tells teens they’re not a ‘disciple of Jesus’ if they try to convert non-believers” More “wisdom” from this sick pontiff.

@Pontifex “Rigid Catholics who won’t change are imbalanced, says Pope Francis in Christmas address” And a tragically confused pope who will not or cannot change is imbalanced.

@Pontifex I know a faithful Catholic who prays, “O God, look with mercy on your ruined Church, devastated by this present sick pontiff, and send us – if only far in the future – a good pope like those who have restored the Church in the past – but how long, O Lord, how long?”

@Pontifex Rumors exist that this present sick pope may resign. A friend commented, “Resign? This pope? Bergoglio has spent his whole life with power as his goal, the thing he worships. He’ll never give it up, not now when he’s so close to his other goal: destroying the Church.”

@Pontifex Again, from the Invitatory Psalm: “If only, today, you would listen to his voice.”

@Pontifex On the hand-slapping incident: “What it revealed (yet again) is that Jorge the Humble is a wholesale fabrication, likely created by the same diabolical agents that labored to place him on the balcony at St. Peters back on 13 March 2013.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – And let us ask the Lord for the gift of a real pope, a great and good pope, one who will rebuild the Church and rid it of the current financial, sodomite, and theological corruption that is flourishing under this tragic pope.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Some German bishops recommend Catholics question key tenets: an all-male priesthood, priestly celibacy and sexual morality, ‘changes are necessary for the Church to save itself from perpetual decline’.” This will accelerate the decline.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The poison paralyzing the Church is [the] opinion that we should adapt to the Zeitgeist, and not the spirit of God, that we should relativize God’s commandments and reinterpret the doctrine of the revealed Faith.” – Cdl. Gerhard Müller

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Younger Catholics can be forgiven for cohabiting, using contraception, abusing drugs, and believing only select Church teachings, but they must NOT believe that the traditional Latin Mass is a sensible and faithful form of worship.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc @JamesMartinSJ “Trying to build bridges that do not lead people out of their slavery to sin is not compassion.”



Lieber Ulrich,

Roberto de Mattei schreibt in diesem Artikel (, “Ob sich Papst Franziskus dessen bewußt ist oder nicht, der Ursprung dieser „hybriden“ Sichtweise des Mysteriums der Menschwerdung Gottes liegt in der Häresie von Eutyches (378–454).”

Natürlich ist dieser Papst sich dessen nicht bewusst. Er scheint an nichts anderes zu denken, als an seinen Drang, seine Macht zu entfalten und auszuüben und die Kirche zu ruinieren. Aber wie die Muttergottes in Fatima vorausgesagt hat, wird sie am Ende triumphieren, egal wie viele Jahre, Jahrzehnte oder Jahrhunderte es erfordern mag.

De Mattei auch schreibt, “Die Gottesmutter ist nicht vermischt, im Sinne wie es Papst Franziskus darstellt, weil es nichts Hybrides, Dunkles, Verwirrtes in ihr gibt. Maria ist nicht vermischt, weil sie Licht ohne Schatten ist, Schönheit ohne Unvollkommenheiten, unverfälschte Wahrheit, immer makellos und integer.”

Schade, wir scheinen einen tragischen Papst zu haben, der NUR das in sich hat, was “Hybrides, Dunkles, Verwirrtes” ist. Schade, dass er ein Schatten ohne Licht, Unvollkommenheiten ohne Schönheit, verfälschte Wahrheit und überhaupt kein Mensch ist, der “makellos und integer” ist.

In Christo




Some recent Tweets that may perhaps be of interest:

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “Pope sends thank you note to Trump for drone strike that changed the subject.”

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “The Lord continues to come among us and give us the gift of His Word.” It’s too bad this tragic pope doesn’t listen to the Lord’s Word. Instead, he goes on distorting Church teaching, and allowing sodomite and financial corruption to go on.

@Pontifex_de (1/5) Roberto de Mattei schreibt in diesem Artikel (, “Ob sich Papst Franziskus dessen bewußt ist oder nicht, der Ursprung dieser ‘hybriden‘ Sichtweise des Mysteriums der Menschwerdung Gottes liegt in der Häresie von Eutyches (378–454).” @Pontifex_de (2/5) Natürlich ist dieser Papst sich dessen nicht bewusst. Er scheint an nichts anderes zu denken, als an seinen Drang, seine Macht zu entfalten und auszuüben und die Kirche zu ruinieren. Aber wie die Muttergottes in Fatima vorausgesagt hat, wird sie am Ende… @Pontifex_de (3/5) triumphieren, egal wie viele Jahre, Jahrzehnte oder Jahrhunderte es erfordern mag. De Mattei auch schreibt, “Die Gottesmutter ist nicht vermischt, im Sinne wie es Papst Franziskus darstellt, weil es nichts Hybrides, Dunkles, Verwirrtes in ihr gibt…. @Pontifex_de (4/5) Maria ist nicht vermischt, weil sie Licht ohne Schatten ist, Schönheit ohne Unvollkommenheiten, unverfälschte Wahrheit, immer makellos und integer“. Schade, wir scheinen einen tragischen Papst zu haben, der NUR das in sich hat, was…. @Pontifex_de (5/5) ‘Hybrides, Dunkles, Verwirrtes‘ ist. Schade, dass er ein Schatten ohne Licht, Unvollkommenheit ohne Schönheit, verfälschte Wahrheit und überhaupt kein Mensch ist, der ‘makellos und integer‘ ist“.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Younger Catholics can be forgiven for cohabiting, using contraception, abusing drugs, and believing only select Church teachings, but they must NOT believe that the traditional Latin Mass is a sensible and faithful form of worship.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Do this sick pope’s masters, the German bishops, ever think about what they’re doing? German churches are full of old people, US traditional churches are full of the young. Yet the Germans think they can attract the young by approving gay “marriage” and adultery.

@Pontifex @ebmuc By approving sodomite “marriage,” co-habitation, and Communion for the divorced and “remarried,” German bishops will only cause more people to flee the Church in Germany. They certainly will NOT attract MORE people. But they are selfish, and blind to all that.

@Pontifex It’s wonderful how the UN and this tragic pope are able to use each other. The UN is using the pope to sponsor a world government. The pope is using the UN to become de facto head of the world government, like medieval popes who crowned european emperors. Will it work?

@Pontifex @ebmuc In the US, traditional Church teaching and the Tridentine mass are more and more celebrated, and the number of Catholics is growing. In Germany, the bishops plunge on toward the cliff with the “synodal path” and a new sexual morality, and Catholics disappear.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: and who – or what – exactly, is it that this confused pope and his German masters are worshipping? It most certainly is not what the Church worshipped before the Second Vatican Council (also called the Second Vatican Disaster).

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – This tragic pope, of all people, warns the faithful not to “use God instead of serving Him.” (A friend commented, “Oh, that IS rich. If there’s anyone who uses God, it’s this sick pope – together with his German masters.”)

@Pontifex “The pope’s mask falls again – The media insists that Jorge Bergoglio is the pope of the common man even as he turns his nose up at populist movements, hobnobs with celebrities, plots with UN elitists, and slaps the hand of a ropeline enthusiast.

@Pontifex “What exactly has Pope Francis reformed? Not the Vatican, which remains a font of scandal. Its finances look as corrupt as ever. Last year was a horror show of bad loans, bad investments, and mismanaged charities. Meanwhile – squalid affairs.”

@Pontifex “Jorge Bergoglio is not so much the pope of the common man as a friend to the globally powerful. He disdains the most devout members of his faith, labeling them ‘rigid,’ while rolling out the red carpet for thugs and pagan celebrities.”

@Pontifex “The pope’s mask of benignity has fallen before. Maybe his cruelest and most telling encounter was with an innocent altar boy who held his hands together piously. The pope mocked the bewildered boy, asking him if his hands were ‘stuck together’.”

@Pontifex “Instead of uprooting the creepy ecclesiastical culture that produced the rapist McCarrick, Pope Francis has reinforced it, throwing plums to McCarrick’s “nephews,” like Kevin Farrell, whom Francis chose as camerlengo at the next papal conclave.”

@Pontifex “The pope still hasn’t produced his long-promised report on the McCarrick scandal. The tardiness of the report is explained by the pope’s own role in the scandal. He had been told about McCarrick’s predation and ignored it.”

@Pontifex “To the woman in the crowd the other day, the pope gave the front of his thumping hand. But to Catholics aghast at his pontificate, he continues to give them the back of it.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Yes, worship does mean “concentrating on what is essential: ridding ourselves of useless things” like the Novus Ordo mass, which “anesthetizes the heart and confounds the mind.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – “In worshiping,” with the Tridentine Mass, even this tragic pope “will discover, like the Magi, the meaning of our journey. And like the Magi,” this error-prone pontiff too “will experience ‘a great joy’,” and won’t be so angry.

@Pontifex “We need to resist Francis to his face and if we find ourselves back in the catacombs, so be it, and thank God for it, because that means we haven’t lost the faith. It means the revolution failed where we are concerned.” – Michael Matt – Video

@Pontifex “A residential building secured for migrants by a cardinal close to Pope Francis was used for a drug- and alcohol-fueled illegal gay rave on New Year’s Eve.” Each level that this sick pope’s sodomite clergy sinks to is lower than the one before.

@Pontifex (1/2) “The German FSSP seminary is so overcrowded, a seminarian told me today, that it creates problems in the refectory and elsewhere. At the same time, the diocesan seminary in Munich…. @Pontifex (2/2) is all but empty, while Cardinal Marx and the other German bishops are racing on the “synodal way” over the cliff to the “New Church” and the “new sexual morality” and more closed churches.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “A German Catholic bishop has endorsed the proposal of his Protestant counterpart for Catholics and Protestants to worship under one roof.” I guess that’s one way of filling the churches emptied by the “New Paradigm” and the “Synodal Path”

@Pontifex A friend commented, “There is a verse from today’s Lauds that is important: ‘The Lord is our delight. His mercy lasts for ever, his faithfulness through all the ages.’ And not even a sham pope can destroy that delight. We know one day God will have mercy on His Church.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend commented, “In a line from today’s Office, the Church cries out against this pontificate of horror and the pope’s German masters: ‘Rescue me from betrayers, from the wicked’.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Behind the facade of the ‘kindly and merciful’ pope, there is the real pope who rages in anger and tolerates all the sodomite and financial corruption in the Church, all the perverted theology arising from Disaster II, i.e., Vatican II.”

@Pontifex Again, Archbishop Vigano’s words: “The tragic story of this failed pontificate advances with a pressing succession of twists and turns. Not a day passes: from the most exalted throne the Supreme Pontiff proceeds to dismantle the See of Peter.”

@Pontifex “Given the structure of how the Church works, and with the extremely corrupt hierarchy we now have — hell-bent on hiding truth from the laity — media reports are the only source victims have these days to gain some measure of justice.”

@Pontifex William Kilpatrick: “Church leaders continue to insist that Islam is not a threat, despite the fact that an abundance of facts shows Muslim hostility to Catholicism.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: And we all wish this tragic pope the light and peace of Christ the Saviour. Sunk deep in heresy and corruption at the Vatican, this troubled pontiff certainly needs all the light and peace he can get.

@Pontifex Marcello Pera: “Why does this pope lack realism (about immigration)? The answer I can give myself is only one: The Pope does it because he hates the West, he aspires to destroy it. . . .As he aspires to destroy the Christian tradition.”

@Pontifex “The idea that Pope Francis hates the West is beginning to seem plausible. It would explain much – his criticism of capitalism and colonialism, Amazonian initiative and, above all, encouragement of mass Muslim migration into Europe.”

@Pontifex “All of North Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East were once Catholic. For many centuries they were the great centers of Catholic culture. Now these regions are over 90 percent Muslim. It looks like the same thing is happening again.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc So Cardinal Marx of Munich believes two men in a sodomite relationship, and thus in a state of mortal sin, should receive the Church’s blessing and can’t be excluded from the sacraments. God help the German Catholic Church. Can it survive?

@Pontifex Today the question put to a saint might be revised thus: “Are you mad, that you resist the will of this politically correct pope and cardinals before which the whole world bows? Do you not dread the wrath of such a pope and cardinals?”

@Pontifex “China Announces New Crackdown on Religious Freedom” It is simply becoming clearer and clearer, isn’t it, what a brilliant success this sick pope’s agreement with China is turning out to be.

@Pontifex @ebmuc Some German bishops think they can increase Church membership by “merging with the Lutherans.” This will work for a while, until the older people die off. Younger people aren’t going to mass, though, because the “New Paradigm,” the “New Church,” is meaningless.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “EMBEZZLEMENT IN THE GLOBAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY” $1 billion — that’s the estimate.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Worship involves making an exodus from the greatest form of bondage: slavery to oneself. Worship means putting the Lord at the centre, not ourselves.” If anyone should know about slavery to himself and putting himself at the center, this pope should.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: Faithful Catholics pray to God that this sick pope will “bring his life to the Lord” and “let himself be pervaded by God’s tender love,” instead by whatever “spirit” of anger and hate for the Church that invades him now.



Some Tweets that may be of interest:

@Pontifex Today the question put to a saint might be revised thus: “Are you mad, that you resist the will of this politically correct pope and cardinals before which the whole world bows? Do you not dread the wrath of such a pope and cardinals?”

@Pontifex A bit of history from New York: “Emails to Dolan detail priest’s alleged….sex romps”

@Pontifex “The lavish homes of American archbishops” from CNN (, which also quotes this current sick pope: “How I would like a Church which is poor and for the poor!” (Ha! The guy’s kidding, isn’t he? Just look at some of the photos in the article.)

@Pontifex “Based upon validated research models and confirming data from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, it’s estimated that more than $1 billion is stolen annually from the U.S. Catholic Church.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “EMBEZZLEMENT IN THE GLOBAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY” $1 billion — that’s the estimate.

@Pontifex “The USCCB has folks close to the books who say donations across the United States are beginning to dry up. If that continues in 2020, it could be a good year: squeezing the crooks dry.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “German cardinal warns that adapting to ‘spirit of the age’ would make Church useless” Thank God there is one German cardinal heading a diocese who understands this. But how long before Cardinal Marx and this tragic pope destroy him?

@Pontifex “Eastern Christians are going extinct, but the Vatican is obsessed with global warming” A friend prays, “Dear God, the Church is suffering and dying under this confused, sick pope. How long, O Lord, how long?”

@Pontifex “Can we passively witness the murder of the Church in China by those who should protect and defend her from her enemies?….This (papal) document has radically overturned what is normal and what is abnormal.” – Cardinal Joseph Zen

@Pontifex Response to papal (assistant’s) Tweet – A friend commented, “Dear God, if only this sick pope would follow his own advice and “try to remain in the Lord,” instead of ignoring the Gospel, Church tradition, and all the sodomite and financial corruption in the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – No, hope is certainly not utopian. Faithful Catholics around the world hope and pray for this tragic pope’s conversion and an end to his wrecking of the Church.

@Pontifex “Material heresies, formal heresies, idolatry, superficiality of every kind: the Supreme Pontiff Bergoglio never ceases stubbornly to humiliate the highest authority of the Church.” – Archbishop Vigano,

@Pontifex “This pope’s action seeks to violate the Sacred Deposit of Faith and to disfigure the Face of Christ through duplicity and lies, through theatrical gestures that flaunt spontaneity but are carefully conceived and planned.” – Archbishop Viganò,

@Pontifex “This pope exalts himself in a continuous narcissistic self-celebration, while the figure of the Roman Pontiff is humiliated and the Sweet Christ on earth is obscured.” – Archbishop Viganò,

@Pontifex “The pope’s action makes use of magisterial improvisation that can highlight a pathological delirium of illusory omnipotence. – Archbishop Viganò,

@Pontifex “The primary thing that needs to be done is to destroy the current ambiance found in most parishes, which is only attractive to gay men of the 1970s. Merely entering a typical suburban Catholic parish is emasculating.”

@Pontifex “The main question (regarding the Pan-Amazon synod) will be whether the Pope backs the synod fathers’ proposal to ordain married permanent deacons to the priesthood.” Of COURSE he’ll back it. That’s why he convened and manipulated the synod.

@Pontifex This video ( seems to indicate that this sick pope has a serious anger management problem. If the mask drops too often, people will no longer think he’s just a kindly, merry old man who believes in the pious, holy Tweets put out in his name.

@Pontifex Some day we will have a pope to whom these words from today’s Office can apply: “The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely. He will receive the blessing of the Lord.”

@Pontifex An antiphon from today’s Office: “O God, you will not spurn a humbled, contrite heart.” Will this current tragic pope ever display a truly “humbled, contrite heart,” or will it simply be more theater, mask that hides his rage and anger?

@Pontifex A friend commented, “If this tragic pope lets the mask drop too often, then even more people will stop believing he’s a kindly, merry old gentleman, full of love and ‘mercy.’ So keep the mask up, Bergoglio, keep the mask up.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – This tragic pope mentions all of the idols we shouldn’t worship, but it’s significant that he doesn’t mention one idol that was in so many churches – even on the altars – at the recent synod: Pachamana.

@Pontifex This sick pope tweets, “Life’s greatness doesn’t consist in having, but in loving.” But for him it appears that life’s greatness consist of having enough power to destroy the Church and punish those who object. And “loving” mean slapping a woman?

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Worship means bending low before the Most High.” But for him it does NOT mean genuflecting before the Most High present in the Eucharist at Mass. Why is that?

@Pontifex @ebmuc Cardinal Marx doesn’t believe in hell? ( Jesus did: Luke 16:23, Mark 9:43, Matt. 13:42, Luke 16:19–31, Matt. 25:30, Matt. 10:28 “Jesus warned against the absolute reality of hell.” God help the Church in Germany.

@Pontifex @ebmuc So Cardinal Marx seems not to believe that hell exists? ( The Venerable Servant of God Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said. “Someone recently told me he doesn’t believe in hell. ‘You will when you get there,’ I replied.”

@Pontifex “After having downgraded her to the ‘next door neighbor’ or a runaway migrant, or a simple lay woman marked by sin; Pope Bergoglio has, with a couple of jokes, struck at the heart of the Marian dogma.” – Archbishop Viganò,

@Pontifex From a psalm in today’s Office, verses that seem directed at this sick pope and his German masters, as if the psalmist knew them: “How great are your works, O Lord, how immeasurably deep your thoughts. The fool does not hear, the slow-witted do not understand.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope and his German masters, and all modernists, have forgotten these words from the First Reading at Mass today: “The whole world is under the power of the evil one.” (1 John 5,14-21)

@Pontifex This confused pope tweets, “In worship, we allow Jesus to heal and change us.” And we pray, “O God, O Jesus, when will You heal and change this sick pope?”

@Pontifex This troubled pope tweets, “In worship, we make it possible for the Lord to transform us by His love.” But can this tragic pope even allow the Lord to transform him? Behind the mask he wears, there is still much rage and anger.

@Pontifex “Showing how devious the Vatican has been in promoting its act of ecclesiastical treason, Cardinal Zen notes that the ‘pastoral guidelines’ pluck a phrase from Pope Benedict’s letter on the Church’s situation in China completely out of context.”

@Pontifex “The Cardinal ends with this plea to his fellow cardinals: ‘Dear Eminence, can we passively witness this killing of the Church in China by those who should be protecting and defending it from its enemies? Begging you on my knees, your brother’.”

@Pontifex “From the cardinals, only silence (after Cardinal Zen’s plea). The silence of the hireling who ‘sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep.’ (Jn 10-12) The sheep in China have been handed over to the wolves by the Vatican apparatus.”

@Pontifex “That Santa Maria in Traspontina, the center of Rome’s exorcism ministry, became the center of the Bergoglians’ new cultic worship of a demon, is appalling. It is as if Jorge Bergoglio were flipping a giant middle finger in the Face of God.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Raymond Burke said the idea that there is a ‘new’ magisterium of Pope Francis that requires a ‘new theology’ that must ‘abandon all the old categories’ to match it is ‘simply preposterous’.” How will Bergoglio punish Cardinal Burke?

@Pontifex “In 2006, a survey by the Pontifical Catholic University found that 70% of all Chileans identified as Catholics. In 2019 that number has shrunk to 45%.” Ah, the “Francis effect.”

@Pontifex “Villagers in the Dutch countryside, where churches are rapidly closing, would rather leave the Faith than go to another parish. And as people leave the Faith, Catholic churches close; as more churches close, more people leave the Faith.”

@Pontifex [VIDEO] “Ilhan Omar Reads From Quran and Praises Allah in Catholic Church Ceremony” And what do you think would happen to a Catholic woman reading from the Bible and praising Christ in a mosque ceremony? Stabbed? Shot? Stoned to death?


Rabbi Sacks’ explanation is rather surprising, because Hebrew verbs, like the verbs of certain other languages (i.e., Japanese) have no future tense. The future is indicated by context, especially with terms such as “tomorrow,” “next week,” “next year,” and so forth. At any rate, since God exists in eternity, and in eternity there is no past, present, or future, many scholars believe that the words spoken by God to Moses, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, can indeed be translated “I am Who I am.”

In addition, there are in fact Jewish translations of the Bible that render אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה into English as “I am Who I am.” See, for example, Exodus (Chapter 3, Verse 14) at

Certainly, as Rabbi Sacks says in the video, Judaism is “the religion of the future tense,” but since, again, there is no future tense in the Hebrew language, would it perhaps be even more correct to say that Judaism is the religion of timelessness, the religion of eternity?

And in that respect, Judaism does have much in common with Christianity. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Pope St. John Paul II referred to Jews as “our elder brothers” in a homily at the Rome synagogue on April 14, 1986



Some recent Tweets to the Vatican and elsewhere that may perhaps of some interest:

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: faithful Catholics pray that someday even this tragic pope will be “reborn by water and the Holy Spirit,” so that he is truly converted and becomes a great pope, one who does not preach heresy and evil.

@Pontifex For nearly three years, this troubled pope has had no time to meet with the “Dubia cardinals,” so that he can “dialogue” with them. But this confused pope has PLENTY of time to meet with rock stars like Bono and men like George Soros, Jeffrey Sachs, and Ban Ki-moon.

@Pontifex Bevil Bramwell, OMI: “His way is something quite different than we might imagine. We might even end up on the Cross.” (Under the horrors of this dreadful pontificate, many faithful Catholics feel that they have indeed ended up on the Cross.)

@Pontifex Christine Niles (@ChristineNiles1) reports “Cardinal Burke was removed from the Congregation for Bishops under Pope Francis. McCarrick ‘nephews’ Cardinals Tobin & Farrell will probably join McCarrick ‘nephew’ Cupich in that group – assuring a crop of corrupt bishops.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc After Vatican II (aka “Disaster II”), vast numbers of priests left. It was a sign that something was wrong, but Paul VI plunged ahead. Now, vast numbers of the laity are leaving the Church, but the pope and prelates still rush toward the cliff of “modernization.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend said, “Sick popes and prelates cannot go on forever. How do I know? Today’s Office: “You are not a God who loves evil. The wicked cannot stay near you, the unjust cannot remain in your presence.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Someone pointed out there is hope. This sick pope and his German masters can’t continue forever. In today’s Office: “You hate all who do evil – you destroy all who speak falsehood – the Lord abominates the bloody and deceitful man.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc In today’s Office we find: “I will worship you in your holy temple, with fear and reverence.” FEAR? Cardinal Marx’s “modern” theology doesn’t quite jibe with the Bible. But hey, in today’s happy-clappy German Church, who cares? Right?

@Pontifex @ebmuc Sodomite “marriage”? Check. Cohabitation? Check. Communcion for the divorced and “remarried”? Check. Communion for non-Catholics? Check. No more fear of hell? Check. Laity fleeing the Church? Check. The German Church races to the cliff.

@Pontifex “The most politically conservative voters are also faithful, orthodox, Mass-going Catholics who oppose Pope Francis’ liberal, ‘social justice warrior’ weaponizing of the papacy.” That describes a great many of us formerly liberal U.S. Catholics.

@Pontifex This sick pope tweets: “Christian life is a love story with God.” So when is this tragic pope going to start living that life? When is he going to give up the anger and vindictiveness that lurks behind his “kindly, merry old pontiff” mask?

@Pontifex @ebmuc “In the Dutch countryside, as people leave the Faith, Catholic churches close; as more churches close, more people leave the Faith.” And here in Germany?

@Pontifex @ebmuc The traditional, Latin-rite FSSP seminary in Germany is overcrowded while Cardinal Marx’s Bavarian seminary, which follows the modern, liberal “synodal path,” is practically empty Why is that?

@Pontifex Again, today’s Invitatory Psalm perfectly describes today’s sick pope and his German masters: “For forty years they wearied me, that generation. I said: their hearts are wandering, they do not know my paths. I swore in my anger: they will never enter my place of rest.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc From today’s Lauds: “The Lord’s own counsel stands firm for ever, his thoughts last for all generations.” An American friend commented, “And the follies of Cardinal Marx’s ‘synodal path’ – will they too last ‘for all generations’?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend commented, “Cardinal Marx doesn’t believe much in ‘fear.’ In today’s Lauds we read, ‘The eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, upon those who trust in his mercy.’ Oh, for enlightened German bishops such an idea is so very ‘pre-modern’, isn’t it?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A verse from today’s Office, for the hundreds of corrupt prelates ( all over the world: “You must wake up now: the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon. Live decently as people do in the daytime.”

@Pontifex “Vengeful bishops running roughshod over good priests – welcome to the Catholic Church in the 21st century”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Jesus had authority because there was consistency in what he taught and what he did, in how he lived.” O God, when will You send us a pope who has the consistency that Christ had, a pope who really is merciful, not vengeful and hypocritical?

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Tens of millions of Catholics in the United States no longer believe the Faith, and this kind of evil is exactly the reason why.”

@Pontifex “The Marian dogmas are the seal placed on the truths of our faith, defined at the Councils of Nicaea, Ephesus and Chalcedon. To attack the Mother is to rebel against the Son and the very mystery of the Most Holy Trinity.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex @ebmuc This pitiful pontiff tweets about Christ’s “consistancy.” Tragically, the only consistancy that this sick pope exhibits is the consistancy of his anger, vengeance, hypocrisy, and the tolerance of corruption, all of which he hides behind a mask (as best he can).

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Evil whispers to the sinner in the depths of his heart: the fear of God does not stand before his eyes.” That is a verse from a psalm in today’s Lauds, a reminder to this sick pope and to Cardinal Marx that “fear” is not something that should be disregarded.

@Pontifex Lauds today, for Bergoglio: “Evil’s flattering light disguises his wickedness, so that he does not hate it. His words are false and deceitful, he no longer considers how to do good. Even when in bed he plots mischief; he follows the wrong path; he does not hate malice.”

@Pontifex This vengeful pope, full of anger as always, will surely punish Cardinal Sarah over this situation (, but will he also try to punish the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI?

@Pontifex “In today’s Church, any clear affirmation of orthodoxy is interpreted as a challenge to the authority of Pope Francis.” ( A friend asked, “Is that because this sick pope wants nothing to do with orthodoxy, with Church teaching or the Gospel?”

@Pontifex “Bishop Schneider writes: ‘One might say that the intervention of Cardinal Sarah has provoked, so to speak, the anger of hell’.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: May the Holy Spirit revive in this tragic pope a belief in God, and an awareness of the importance of Church teaching and the Gospel.

@Pontifex Anyone who watches this Vortex episode ( from Church Militant should make sure they’re sitting down.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “How does one acquire men for the priesthood if one shows them only a priesthood of effeminacy? How does one gain vocations by employing methods that naturally repel vocations?”

@Pontifex “Pope Bergoglio no longer seems to contain his impatience with the Immaculate, nor can he conceal it under that seeming and ostentatious devotion which is always in the spotlight of the cameras.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Cdl Marx: Spreading ‘fear of hell’ undermines Gospel” And Isaiah said, “My eyes are drawn to the man of humbled and contrite spirit, who trembles at my word.” (Isaiah 66:1-2)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets we should “often repeat this simple prayer: Lord, I am a sinner, have mercy on me.” Faithful Catholic hope to heaven that in the case of this sick pontiff God will hear and answer that prayer. This confused pope may then stop wrecking the Church.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori merrily tweets, “Archbishop Georg Gänswein issues new statement from Pope Benedict ‘I’ve got no strings / To hold me down /
To make me fret / Or make me frown / I had strings / But now I’m free / There are no strings on me’.”

@Pontifex “A Vatican-based journalist has alleged that Pope Francis was “furious” over Pope Benedict’s contribution to a book co-authored with Cardinal Robert Sarah.” Mercy? Compassion? Fury? This sick pope really does need a course in anger management.

@Pontifex I said to a friend, “I don’t understand why this tragic pope was so furious ( about the book by Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI. The book supports priestly celibacy as much as this sick pope does, right?” “Don’t be so naive,” she answered.

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “Every week now there’s some new sensational story about this troubled pope. Last week it was slapping the woman’s hand This week it’s his fury about the Sarah-Benedict book What’s happening to the man?”

@Pontifex In today’s Lauds, St. Paul seems to be speaking directly to this confused pope: “Do not model yourselves on the behaviour of the world around you, but let your behaviour change.” (Romans 12:1-2) But will this tragic pontiff listen to St. Paul?

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “The Lord teaches us that we must also preserve the health of the heart, spiritual health.” Faithful Catholics everywhere pray for this sick pope’s spiritual health, so that he will end his self-destruction and the destruction of the Church.



And the war (World War II) goes on. As happens here in Dusseldorf every few months or so, ANOTHER unexploded bomb (this one dropped by the Brits) was discovered at a construction site. This time, 31,000 people were affected, some forced to evacuate their homes in one area, others not allowed outdoors until the bomb was defused and removed. As an American, I can hardly imagine what people would do if something similar happened in a US city. Germans, though, just take it in stride, like a temporary road closure or flight cancellations at the airport.


(Meme with a picture of Hitler, and the text, “No matter what he said or did, they just kept cheering…Later they said they didn’t know.”)

Well, the text of this meme may be a bit unfair to the Germans, among whom I live happily (here in Dusseldorf), because many of them – indeed, maybe MOST of them – really did NOT know about the death camps until after the war (there were no social media in those days). And many of them who DID know were executed for resisting Hitler. (See the new film, “A Hidden Life” But the larger question is this: when the Age of Trump is finally over, will many Americans be saying the same thing? (“Oh, we didn’t know….”)



Copies of some Tweets that may perhaps be of interest:

@Pontifex “All of this is because a bunch of homosexual men got into seminary, became bishops, brought in other homosexual men, raped altar boys by the tens of thousands, stole money by the billions, seized control of the Church, abandoned the Faith and..”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “Holy Spirit asks to be removed as co-author of the new Catechism.” (But will Bergoglio agree?)

@Pontifex “’Let’s hope that Pope Francis will destroy the final document,’ steeped with cultural relativism, calls for revolutionizing priesthood, and suggestions to introduce ‘Amazonian’ elements into the Catholic liturgy.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “Popes Benedict and Francis sign joint letter urging Trump to drone another terrorist to change the subject.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Obedience is important. That’s why this sick pope must obey his German masters, and all of us must accept that these masters want married priests, deaconesses, and, eventually, priestesses. We too must obey this tragic pope’s German masters.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend said, “Once we accept what this sick pope’s German masters want, i.e., married priests and the blessing of sodomy, then we must also accept sodomite priests married to each other. It’s only natural.”

@Pontifex In response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet: cynics would say that this sick pope, in has rage and fury, doesn’t show he has any faith or feel a great need for God. He hardly believes in his “own smallness.” And behind his mask, he never surrenders himself fully to God.

@Pontifex @ebmuc German bishops are rushing headlong down the “synodal path” toward the cliff of self-demolition. Christ said the Gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church, but He didn’t specify any particular country where that wouldn’t happen.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “It is for us to decide now how many wrong paths the Church must still go down, how much more must be destroyed before we can find our way back to the truth, to doctrine and tradition.” – Alexander Tschugguel

@Pontifex @Erzbistum_MUC @ebmuc “Catholic laity protest Cdl Marx, call him to repent for leading German church down schismatic ‘synodal path’”

@Pontifex @ebmuc @Erzbistum_MUC It is a source of immense joy to know that Christ did NOT say, “The Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, except in Germany.”

@Pontifex @Erzbistum_MUC “St. Teresa of Avila described souls falling into Hell as a snowfall. St. John Vianney: ‘See, they fall into Hell as the leaves fall from the trees at the approach of winter’.”

@Pontifex “The enthronement of that Amazonian idol was a declaration of war on the Lady and Patroness of all the Americas, who with her apparition to Juan Diego destroyed the demonic idols and won the indigenous peoples for Christ.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “I shall pour clean water over you and you will be cleansed; I shall cleanse you of all your defilement and all your idols. I shall give you a new heart, and put a new spirit in you.” (Ezekiel 36:25-27) Dear God, hear our prayer for this sick pope.

@Pontifex “Pope Francis continues to avoid the elephant in the room, Muslim antisemitism. Is it because he remains blind to it or because he’s afraid of antagonizing the millions of Muslims in Europe who are the carriers of the current antisemitism?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc In his most recent Tweet, this lamentable pope prays for freedom from evil. We too pray for that. We pray that this tragic pope will be freed from slavery to the evil of his schismatic German masters, and to the evil tolerance of sodomy and financial corruption.

@Pontifex “After the synodal event – pachamama in the heart of Catholicity – we learned that the disaster of the Novus Ordo Missae is undergoing modernization, including “Dew” in the Eucharistic Canon instead of the Holy Spirit.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex From today’s Office of Readings: “If one corrupts through evil doctrine the faith of God for which Jesus was crucified – such a person will depart into the unquenchable fire.” – St. Ignatius of Antioch

@Pontifex @ebmuc @Erzbistum_MUC Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – If only this tragic pope and his German overlords could be “docile to the Word of the Lord,” instead of being docile to the spirit of the world.

@Pontifex This sick pope tweets: “I am moved only by the desire to make our Church survive by updating our collective spirit to be in tune with modern civil society.” Michael Voris responds, “Oh, Holy Father. No. No, no. Somehow, you have missed the ENTIRE point of the Church.”

@Pontifex “Get Jesus Outta Here” (Video “It’s galling that a phony belief system could come into a Catholic church and go through its phony motions, yet bishops all over the country cringe and agitate against the Traditional Latin Mass in their parishes.”

@Pontifex “The Prisoner of the Vatican” ( “No one is more intolerant than a ‘tolerant liberal’ who rises to the top of an institution, and then denies to others what he once claimed for himself. That is the phenomenon we are witnessing in the Church.”

@Pontifex “While we can find many examples of outright lunacy in other places throughout the Church, the German bishops have taken a leading role and are now in the process of positioning themselves as the chief voice of heterodox teaching and practice.”

@Pontifex In today’s Office: “You choose what is weak in the world to shame what is strong.” A friend wrote, “We faithful Catholics are weak compared with this sick pope and his German overlords now ravaging the Church, but in the end Our Lady’s ‘Immaculate Heart will triumph’.”

@Pontifex “The introduction of “Dew” in the Eucharistic Canon instead of the mention of the Holy Spirit – this is a further step in the direction of a pantheistic and idolatrous Novissimus Ordo.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Let us ask the Holy Spirit to preserve this tragic pope. May God free him from his subjection to his German overlords and from his tolerance of financial corruption and sodomy among the clergy.

@Pontifex “A Church that rests on the decisions of a majority becomes a purely human Church. Opinion takes the place of faith.” (J. Ratzinger, Una compagnia sempre riformanda, Meeting of Rimini in 1990).

@Pontifex “Those saddened (or rather bored) by the empty formula of ‘walking on a path together,’ in which the divine law gives way to renewal, might be consoled with Carissimi’s ‘Historia dei Pellegrini di Emmaus’.”

@Pontifex On the Anti-Christ: “The ideal subject of the totalitarian regime is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced communist, but the man for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.” – Hannah Arendt

@Pontifex “Let us return to Pope Bergoglio’s declaration (that the Pachamama statues were recovered from the Tiber). Once again, the Pope’s words have the scent of a colossal lie.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity being dedicated to “hospitality.” A friend wrote, “Terrific papal insight. That’s JUST what the world needs most: MORE HOSPITALITY!”

@Pontifex Instead of wasting a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on the theme of “hospitality,” why doesn’t this tragically sick pontiff dedicate such a week to something slightly more important?

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets that he wants us to be “better human beings, better disciples.” We all pray that this troubled pontiff himself will become a better human being and a better disciple, instead of a defender of financial and sodomite corruption among the hierarchy.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The Austrian Catholic bishops’ conference reports that 67,583 people formally left the Catholic Church in 2019. That number is a 15% increase from the previous year’s total.” And Germans rush on the “synodal path” toward the cliff.

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “Faithful Catholics look forward to the end of this pontificate of horror, when they will be able to sing the words in today’s Lauds, ‘Cry out with joy and gladness, you who dwell in Zion. Great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel’.”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “One day, when this pontificate of destruction is over, faithful Catholics will read these words from today’s Office as if Our Lord were speaking to them, ‘In your tribulation you called on me and I freed you, I heard you from the heart of the storm’.”

@Pontifex “Incest is forbidden within Catholic marriage, but not apparently within the hierarchy. How bishops are selected and appointed has got to change. It’s destroying the Church.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Ecumenical hospitality requires a willingness to listen to other Christians.” But NOT if they’re faithful Catholics like Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Müller, etc., or faithful lay people. In that case, you ridicule them and call them “rigid.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal Müller: Europe must imitate courageous witness of St. Agnes ” Faithful Catholics pray for a pope with the courage of St. Agnes, a pontiff with the courage to remain faithful to Church teaching, and the courage to end Church corruption.

@Pontifex “For more than six years now we have been poisoned by a false magisterium, a sort of extreme synthesis of all the conciliar misconceptions and post-conciliar errors that have been propagated without most of us noticing.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex From today’s Office: “The true sacrifice is a broken spirit: a contrite and humble heart, O God, you will not refuse.” Yes, “a contrite and humble heart,” without the hypocrisy of the present broken pontiff.

@Pontifex From Lauds today: “The learned will shine as brightly as the vault of heaven, and those who have instructed many in virtue will shine like stars for all eternity.” And those who have done the opposite, like this sick pope? Will they shine brightly in the fires of hell?

@Pontifex @ebmuc @Erzbistum_Koeln A friend commented: “St. Augustine wrote that God can draw the greatest good from the greatest evil. I think that includes this present pontificate and the reign of this tragic pope’s German overlords.”

@Pontifex “The Catholic millionaires of Chicago may be great at making money, but they are woefully behind the eight ball when it comes to knowing they are being completely snowed by a cover-up, lying, cheating cardinal who is playing them for fools.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet, from a friend: “Dear God, if there’s anyone who’s good at making up ‘stories,’ it’s this tragic pope. He can’t open his mouth without some new ‘story’ coming out.”



I sometimes think of another leader who took office with the wild enthusiasm of his supporters, and for the first several years of his government, his country prospered and was brought back from ruin. In less than ten years after his election, however, he’d led his people into the worst catastrophe they’d ever seen, and they thoroughly rejected him. The government leader I’m thinking of was elected to office in Germany in 1933.



If what this article ( says is true, I may fairly soon be living in a country (Germany) where there are no Catholic churches left.

There are priests here who really believe that the German “synodal way” is the wave of the future. In a sermon this morning, on the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican priest actually said Aquinas would approve of the “synodal way” (which supports cohabitation, artificial contraception, homosexuality, same-sex “marriage,” gender theory, as well as female ordination to the diaconate and priesthood).

The only thing left to say to such a priest is “dream on.”



Response to a Church Militant article:

It’s not just Italy. I live in northwestern Germany, on the other side of the country from Berlin. The other day, a friend of mine, just back from Berlin, said, “It’s incredible. There are whole areas of Berlin that the police don’t dare go to. Real no-go areas. Lawless. Drug sales are widespread. If the police go into any of those places, they’re immediately attacked.” My friend blames the left-wing, “tolerant” Berlin city government that believes we should all be nice to those poor migrants that this tragic pope says we have to “welcome.”



Copies of a number of recent Tweets to the Vatican and the German Catholic bishops’ conference that may be of some interest:

@Pontifex Fake news? Unfortunately, no. “Witness: Bishop Michael Olson unstable, ‘possessed'”

@Pontifex @Erzbistum_Koeln @Erzbistum_MUC “Germany is playing a central role in the process of the self-destruction of the Catholic Church.” – Aldo Maria Valli A friend said, “God save us from this tragic pope’s German overlords.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis should understand: Rigid Catholics are much less dangerous than rigid Muslims”

@Pontifex Today is the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. Millions pray for the conversion of this present tragic pope, just as God brought about St. Paul’s conversion. We pray this pope will be freed from his German overlords, as St. Paul was freed from the Pharisees.

@Pontifex Christ said to St. Paul, “My power is made perfect in weakness.” Millions of faithful Catholics pray that Christ’s power will be made perfect in the weakness of this present sick pope.

@Pontifex Today in an antiphon the Church sings, “He who was a persecutor of the Church has become God’s chosen instrument.” And we pray that this present tragic pope, a persecutor of the Church, will also become “God’s chosen instrument.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Faithful Catholics pray that this lamentable pope will somehow acquire “a transparent heart, like that of David, a transparent heart that seeks justice and peace,” instead of the heart he has now, full of anger and vengeance.

@Pontifex This pope tweets about “the great love story between God and humanity.” Catholics pray this sick pope will come to believe that Jesus was God ( and that He rose from the dead ( We pray this pope will give up his heresies.

@Pontifex “Hospitality” is important for this tragic pope. For him, “hospitality” means allowing vast numbers of Muslims into Europe and America, but certainly not “proselytizing” them. Just let them do what they did in the once-Christian Middle East and North Africa: take over.

@Pontifex @ebmuc In a video with the title “Is Francis Cracking?” (, Dr. Taylor Marshall says that the destruction of the Church may continue for fifty years, but eventually a saintly, heroic pope will be elected who will restore the Church from the ruins.

@Pontifex “Vatican II opened Overton’s Window and so gradually that we did not realize the upheavals carried out, the nature of the reforms and their consequences, nor did we suspect who was at the helm of that subversive operation.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Lay faithful from around the world stood for an hour in silent prayer in the center of the Bavarian city of Munich today to ask Pope Francis and Germany’s bishops for ‘clarity and coherence’ and an end to ‘dissimulation and deception’.”

@Pontifex An antiphon from Lauds today: “As he was walking by the Sea of Galilee he saw two brothers making a cast in the lake with their net. He called them, and they left their nets at once and followed him.” Someday we’ll again have a pope who follows Christ.

@Pontifex @ebmuc Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Faithful Catholics know that God “is at our side,” as we resist the destruction this tragic pope is carrying out in the Church, as he obeys his German overlords.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – We pray for this lamentable pope’s conversion, so that he will hear the Word, speaking to him about fostering the life of the Church, not destroying it, not allowing it to sink into a morass of sodomy and financial corruption.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Dear God, teach even this sick pope that “You are close to him, that You dispel his darkness and, with great love, lead his life” out of the sinkhole of clerical sodomy in the Vatican and financial corruption.

@Pontifex Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – Lord, free this troubled pope “from the bondage of his selfishness and summon him to conversion. You have the power to change this sick pope’s life” and lead the Vatican out of the darkness of sodomite and financial corruption.

@Pontifex This article in Catholic World Report makes the point that Pope St. John Paul II spoke out in support of priests. This present tragic pope couldn’t be doing more to destroy the priesthood and the Church if he wanted to (and perhaps he does).

@Pontifex Those who have been merciful toward faithful Catholics, who have not mocked and ridiculed them as “rigid” or “imbalanced,” will not be condemned, for “the merciful need have no fear of judgement.” (James 2:12-13 – in today’s Lauds)

@Pontifex @ebmuc This confused pope tweets, “If we lose our memory, we destroy our future.” Yet he and his German overlords are keen on destroying Church memory, i.e., Church tradition and the liturgy and “rigid” ancient teachings. Losing THAT memory doesn’t concern them at all.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “If the Pope is quoted as revising the whole mystery of the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ from the pages of Repubblica, well maybe some sign of life from the Holy See [refuting it] is just what’s needed.” – Marco Tosatti

@Pontifex @ebmuc “A diocese starts planning for decline of the Novus Ordo and growth of the TLM….A demographic sink hole is about to open up under the Church in these USA and elsewhere.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Younger people will inevitably stop even pretending to identify with the religion of their parents…..We are faced also with the sink hole opening up beneath the priesthood, too.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “I think that by changing the English wording of the ‘Our Father,’ this tragic pope is taking revenge on those millions of ‘rigid’ English-speaking Catholics who have been critical of him. So much for this sick man’s ‘mercy’.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “Whenever I read these words in the Office, I think of this tragic pope and his German overlords: ‘For forty years they wearied me, that generation…I swore in my anger: they will never enter my place of rest’.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Response to a papal (assistant’s) Tweet – The Gospel will only go forward with joyful evangelizers, full of life, who speak the truth about the Gospel and Church teaching, who do not support the bizarre theology of this imbalanced pope and his German overlords.

@Pontifex @ebmuc Before Vatican II (aka “Disaster II”), German bishops had to obey the pope. Now the pope must obey the German bishops, his powerful overlords.

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiator has forwarded a message: “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you without the @USCCB mandatum, let him be anathema.” — Bishop Barron

@Pontifex “4.2 Million Americans Abandon The Catholic Church In Protest Of Pope Francis” The Francis Effect – it’s a gift that just keeps on giving and giving, to the demons in hell.

@Pontifex @ebmuc As we approach the point where this tragic pope’s German overlords will force him to choose between them and true Church teaching (, faithful Catholics pray – and pray. There’s nothing else they can do when confronting this monstrous evil.

@Pontifex “Over the decades, the Mystical Body has been drained of its blood: the Sacred Deposit of Faith gradually squandered, the priesthood vilified, the Eucharistic Sacrifice protestantized and transformed into a convivial Banquet.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Germany’s Catholic Church lost 216,078 members in 2018.” It’s the “Francis effect” again! The deluded German bishops think the “synodal way” will reverse this trend. (But how much will the “synodal way” actually accelerate it?)

@Pontifex As this tragic, benighted pope asks Europeans to “welcome” Muslim migrants, this is what’s happening as the Muslim population increases: “Police have told a French teenager to go into hiding after she received death threats for insulting Islam.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc This tragic pope tweets “about happiness that knows how to live side by side with suffering.” This sad pope and his German overlords don’t understand that only those who follow Church teaching and the Gospel – not the “synodal way” – can know such happiness.

@Pontifex This troubled pope’s latest Apostolic Exhortation is coming in a few days. Michael Matt says it’s going to be a “bombshell,” so, “Brace yourselves.”

@Pontifex “Bishop Barron’s call for hierarchy to police Catholic media is a recipe for disaster” On the other hand, we’ll know that the websites that DON’T receive hierarchical approval are the ones we can trust.

@Pontifex Do these verses from today’s Office pretty much disqualify this sick pope and his German overlords? “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord? The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Faithful Catholics don’t fear the anger and vengeance of this tragic pope and his German overlords. In the words of the psalm, God has promised “to rescue us from our enemies and all who hate us.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet: Faithful Catholics this sick pope has ridiculed support him: “Let us ask the Lord for the grace to not fear the cross, let us ask for the capacity to feel humiliated,” but we hope he will not be humiliated as much as he’s humiliated others.

@Pontifex “The U.S. hierarchy, collectively, is composed of terrified, weak, cowardly, feminized men who would be more comfortable in a gay bar on South Beach than at a traditional Latin Mass.” And THEY’re going to tell us which Catholic websites are “bad”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Yes, this tragic pope quotes St. Mark, and it’s a quote that he and his German overlords should DEFINITELY keep in mind: “The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.” (Mk 4:24).

@Pontifex “Many bishops endanger souls, they lie, distort, abuse the liturgy, cover up for gay rapists in their ranks, rip off hundreds of millions from Catholics, denigrate the Faith, bully good priests and have lost any semblance of supernatural faith.”



Dear Klaus,

At St. Andreas today, the priest said in his sermon that St. Thomas Aquinas would approve of the German bishops’ “synodal way”! (As they say on the internet, “ROTFL!” [Rolling On The Floor Laughing].)

I can never hear or understand the sermons at St. Andreas, so I wouldn’t have known what the priest had said except that a man I’ve started talking with after mass explained it all to me. He finds all such ideas absurd. I invited him to our discussion on Monday. (I can’t tell you his name, because I’ve neglected to ask. Anyway, he’s in the age-range of most of the members of the group. I’m just letting you know so that if he arrives at your place on Monday before I do, you won’t wonder who he is.)

Have you been going to St. Dionysius on Fridays? If so, do they still sometimes sing vernacular hymns during the mass, or is every mass once more a “stille Messe”?

Also, here’s a Tweet someone posted today as a joke: ” ‘But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you without a USCCB mandate, let him be anathema.’ — Bishop Barron”

(USCCB, of course, is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Bishop Robert Barron is often a target of conservative American Catholics.)

In Christo




To the BBC:

Visiting the UK, I happened to see “The Windermere Children,” and I simply do not have the words to define what a truly transcendent experience it was to watch this film. Parts of it brought me to tears. My admiration for everyone involved in the creation and production of this film is boundless.

It is truly a masterpiece. I’m fairly well-educated (for a Yank, I think!) and so I know a great deal about the Holocaust. I have read about it and seen numerous other films, but nothing, absolutely nothing, has ever stunned me the way this film did.

And one of the true strokes of genius was the ending, where the adults that some of these children grew into were presented. Perhaps there were some whose lives did not turn out so well, but simply knowing that this handful of individuals were able to overcome the evil that they were subject to at the beginning of their lives was inspiring – more than inspiring, in fact, but I don’t know what word I could use for that.



Copies of some Tweets that may possibly be of interest:

@Pontifex @usccb “The U.S. hierarchy, collectively, is composed of terrified, weak, cowardly, feminized men” who are going to tell us which Catholic social media are “bad”? Great, because THOSE are EXACTLY the social media we know will provide the truth.

@Pontifex @usccb “Of course, what, oh what would the bishops do about social media hog James “Brokeback” Martin, who never misses a chance to promote sodomy as a gift from God? It might be a little awkward for them to include him on their “baddie” list.”

@Pontifex @usccb “To accuse faithful Catholics pointing at your destructive evils and say we are the ones causing the division — how dare you? But any list produced by this corrupt lot of who NOT to watch would be a nice list of precisely WHOM to watch.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Apparently, when you’re the pope you can do whatever you want and there will NEVER be any consequences.” (Not in this life anyway.)

@Pontifex @ebmuc This pope tried to stop them (, but the pope’s German overlords are plunging ahead with their “synodal way.” Their attitude seems to be, “We are Germans, and we can disobey the pope whenever we feel like it.” Sure, just like Martin Luther.

@Pontifex @ebmuc German Catholics are fleeing the Church and German bishops think that Church approval of contraception, cohabitation, sodomy, gender theory, married priests, and priestesses will stop them. Dream on, excellencies.

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend said, “It wasn’t this tragic pope who objected to the book by Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI. It was this pope’s German overlords. Their ‘synocal way’ favors the abolition of priestly celibacy. The book could upset their plans.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc May a future heroic pope of true holiness erase the horrors of sodomite and financial corruption among the hierarchy. May he guide young people into the Church, a Church that this present tragic pope and his faithless German overlords are bent on destroying.

@Pontifex “Hiding homopredator bishops, lying for them, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars meant for the poor — that isn’t Church teaching, but it’s apparently a ‘policy’ of this pontificate.” Agree with it or leave the Church, says Cardinal Bassetti

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – May the Lord give this tragic pope someone who can warn him when he’s slipping into a feeling that everything seems legitimate because he’s lost his sense of sin. In fact, the poor man should have gotten that warning a long time ago.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “German bishops’ synod working doc calls for approval of contraception, homosexuality, women’s ordination, masturbation, and an end to priestly celibacy.” In other words, it calls for everthing that has made Protestant churches irrelevant.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Pollyanna lives on in a parallel ecclesiastical world of new springtimes, new evangelizations, second Pentecosts, conferences of ‘diocesan leaders, celebrating the life and dignity of the human person’.” – Fr. George W. Rutler

@Pontifex @ebmuc In Boston, “Closed churches become condos” And this is what lies at the end of the “synodal way” in Germany, no matter how many people try to deny it.

What kind of corruption allows this tragic pope to suppress an order of good men like the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, while allowing the monsters of the Legion of Christ – and the community itself – to continue unchecked? God, when You draw good from such evil?

@Pontifex @ebmuc This tragic pope’s German overlords must be ecstatic that the latest Apostolic Constitution will support the abolition of priestly celibacy ( They shouldn’t be too happy, though. The struggle against the Gates of Hell hasn’t even begun.

@Pontifex @ebmuc So the German bishops’ “synodal way” calls for the end of priestly celibacy, the approval of sodomy, and priestesses ( Now can we look forward to sodomite priests married to each other and priestesses married to insurance salesmen?

@Pontifex @ebmuc So the latest Apostolic Exhortation will call for the abolition of priestly celibacy ( No wonder this mentally troubled pope lost it when he heard about the latest book by Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI.

@Pontifex @ebmuc Okay. Maybe I’m kind of stupid, but this video ( almost brought tears to my eyes. And for a time, I won’t worry so much about the havoc this sick pope is wreaking in the Church – or his German overlords, with their twisted “synodal way.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Doctrine is renewed with roots planted in Magisterium, Pope says.” “German bishops call it ‘unacceptable’ for doctrine to be decided in Rome.” Haven’t we seen this movie before, starring a guy named Martin Luther?

@Pontifex @ebmuc Response to this mentally troubled pope – “Whoever keeps their gaze fixed on Jesus learns” that remaining faithful to the Gospel and Church teaching, while ignoring all German episcopal overlords, is the true way to life.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “70,000 fewer women religious today than in 2010” Of course. And the reason is that once the German “synodal way” has determined Church policy, the women who would have become nuns all expect to be ordained priestesses.

@Pontifex “The Church in California is paying $1.9 million to settle its first case of clergy sex abuse since the Golden State passed its Child Victims Act (CVA) in September.” It’s FIRST case of clergy sex abuse? How many more are expected?

@Pontifex “Fr. James Martin: ‘Church must stop firing married LGBT people’” ( And the Church must stop acting as if this mentally troubled pope is not habitually teaching error.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Whoever keeps their gaze fixed on Jesus learns” life’s goal isn’t acquiring power, and learns to contol emotions like anger and the desire for vengeance. This applies especially to this mentally disturbed pope and his German overlords.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “Let us pray for consecrated men and women who dedicate themselves to God and to their brothers and sisters.” And let us pray that they’ll never be as badly and unjustly treated as this sick pope treated the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

@Pontifex This mentally disturbed pope tweets, “The ability to be amazed makes our encounter with the Lord fruitful.” What makes it really fruitful, though, is faithfulness to the Gospel and Church teaching, together with an avoidance of this sick pope’s numeous gross errors.

@Pontifex “Now the Church is lifeless, covered with metastases and devastated. The people of God are groping, illiterate and robbed of their Faith, in the darkness of chaos and division.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex @ebmuc The Synodal Way brings democracy to the Church! ( From now on, not God, but lay people will decide what God’s will is. “Our will be done on earth as it should be in heaven.” God doesn’t like our synodal will? Too bad! WE’re in charge now!

@Pontifex “With unprecedented acceleration, thanks to the subversive drive of this pontificate, supported by the powerful Jesuit apparatus, a deadly coup de grace is being delivered to the Church.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex If he hasn’t already, I’m sure this psychologically troubled pope will soon direct these questions at God, taken from today’s Lauds: “Who can comprehend the power of your wrath? Who can behold the violence of your anger?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc When faithful Catholics regard the horrors this tragic pope is inflicting on the Church, we take comfort from the reading in today’s Lauds: “This is not vengeance that God exacts against us, but a warning inflicted by the Lord on those who are near his heart.”

@Pontifex Response to this mentally troubled pope – This tragic pope is alone, separated from good people, confined to fellowship with corrupt prelates. Will he ever cry out to the Lord and ask for release from his prison, or will the attraction of evil prove too strong?

@Pontifex “With Pope Bergoglio — as with all modernists — it is impossible to seek clarity; the mark of the modernist heresy is dissimulation. Masters of error and deception, they strive to make what is ambiguous universally accepted.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – When this tragic, sick pope feels far from God, it would do him good to listen to this voice in his heart: “Jorge, don’t yield to the sodomite and financial corruption all around you. Try to destroy – not the Church – but that corruption.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Catholics pray that God will grant this sick pope and his German overlords, now, late in their lives, time to repent and do penance for the horror they have visited on the Church, and which may have caused souls to be damned because of their errors and confusion.

@Pontifex The faithful want justice, but you can’t get justice from confirmed liars and wicked men, especially ones pretending they believe the Faith. The Church, for them, is a money-making institution that must be protected at all costs.



Few Church leaders will speak out against these heresies, as Father Mark correctly says they should, because this psychologically troubled pope will punish them if they do. He has no choice. It is this tragic pope’s German overlords who are proposing these heresies in their “synodal way,” and the pope must obey them because they’re keeping him supplied with what he needs most – money.



Lieber Andreas,

Morgen ist gut, aber ich muss eine andere Uhrzeit vorschlagen. Es ist schade, dass der Abend für Dich und der Nachmittag für mich schwierig ist. Mein Tagesablauf ist ziemlich fest, fast so, als hätte ich einen Job!

Lass mich erklären: Jeden Morgen gehe ich zur Heiligen Messe und verbringe ungefähr eine Stunde in der Kirche, ich lese das Stundengebet und bete. Am Nachmittag habe ich dann eine lange Liste kleiner Aufgaben, die ich jeden Tag erledigen muss. Dazu gehören: Einen kleinen Teil eines langen autobiografischen Romans aus dem Englischen ins Deutsche übersetzen, unnötige Dateien auf meinem Computer überprüfen und löschen, im Internet nach Artikeln suchen, die als Teil des „Widerstands“ gegen die Häresien dieses Papstes an den Vatikan gesendet werden sollen, dann diese Artikel per Tweet senden, Spam von meinem Google-Konto löschen und – zu dieser Jahreszeit – ein oder zwei Teile meiner US- und deutschen Einkommensteuererklärung ausfüllen. Und unvermeidlich gibt es ein oder zwei andere unerwartete Dinge, die ich ebenfalls tun muss. Dies kann sein, zum Beispiel, die Überarbeitung von englischen Texten eines Freundes, damit diese fehlerfrei sind, oder sogar die Übersetzung von Texten vom Deutschen ins Englische.

Natürlich könnte jemand sagen: „Du könntest einige dieser Dinge oder all diese Dinge einfach NICHT tun.“ Das Problem ist, dass, wenn ich diese Aufgaben an einem bestimmten Tag vermeide, könnte ich sie vielleicht JEDEN Tag – immer – vermeiden!

Deshalb wäre der Abend für mich besser als der Nachmittag. Aber ich weiß, dass der Abend nicht gut für Dich ist. Könnte ich also 15:30 statt 13:30 vorschlagen? Ist 15:30 zu spät für Dich? Wenn ja, könnten wir uns ein bisschen früher treffen, aber nicht ZU viel früher!

In Christo




Yesterday, on the TV program “Democracy Now,” Professor Manisha Sinha, who holds a Radcliffe fellowship at Harvard, mentioned that there are disturbing parallels between events surrounding Donald Trump and what happened here in Germany starting in 1933. When you watch Leni Riefenstahl’s film “Triumph des Willens” (Triumph of the Will) you see some of those parallels depicted in broad strokes: the mesmerizing speeches, the ecstatic crowds, as well as other elements. An effective advertisement for the Democratic Party could perhaps be made by juxtaposing scenes from Riefenstahl’s film with Trump’s speeches and crowd responses. Just a suggestion.


Copies of some recent Tweets that may be of interest:

@Pontifex Friends say, “Imagine this tragic pope’s loneliness: a life spent in the angry, vengeful pursuit of power, no friends, only perverts around him, clerics he’s promoted, holding over them his knowledge of their corruption in order to manipulate them into doing his will.”

@Pontifex “A disproportionately high percentage of priests is gay; a disproportionately high percentage of gay priests routinely engages in sodomy; this sodomy is frequently ignored, often tolerated and sometimes abetted by bishops and superiors.”

@Pontifex Vague, ambiguous, confused – like all modernist pronouncements – the heresy goes on. This tragic pope tweets, “The Document on Human Fraternity, signed one year ago, has written a new page in the dialogue between religions.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis has the duty to prevent bishops in Germany from leading clergy and faithful down the ‘synodal path’ over the precipice of heresy, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has said.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Bishop Athanasius Schneider has “argued that the ‘synodal path’ is ‘an attempt’ to officially sanction the ‘heretical doctrine and practices’ that have been corrupting the Church in Germany for decades.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The decisive problem in this tragic event is that Pope Francis, by his silence, seems to tolerate those German bishops — first and foremost Cardinal Reinhard Marx — who openly profess heretical doctrines and practices.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “Pope Francis announces he is hiring Iowa Democrats to develop app for the next conclave.”

@Pontifex “Rhode Island priest bars pro-abortion politicians from Communion” Meanwhile, “Pro-abortion Argentina president receives Holy Communion along with mistress at Vatican” How long, O Lord, how long?

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Reform of Roman Curia could lead to validation of German ‘synodal path’ – The draft document refers to ‘genuine doctrinal authority’ for bishops’ conferences.” To paraphrase T.S. Eliot: “This is the way the Church ends, with a whimper.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “German priests: ‘Synodal path’ is a ‘theological disaster full of falsehood and lies’” Cardinal Marx probably thinks, “Hey guys, what are a few falsehoods and lies between friends?”

@Pontifex “Typically modernist is the tactic of affirming what you want to destroy, using vague and imprecise terms, and promoting error without ever formulating it clearly. This is exactly what Pope Bergoglio does.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex Good popes have always promoted good and holy men to higher office in the Church. This mentally troubled pope promotes perverts ( so that he can better control and manipulate them by holding his knowledge of their perversion over their heads.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – When this troubled pope speaks of poverty, he no doubt believes what he says – like all delusional people – and as long as he obeys his German overlords, and they keep shovelling out the cash, he can continue fooling himself, if no one else.

@Pontifex The gay mafia gets a pass, as long as it wasn’t a minor, but the innocent, heterosexual, traditional priests get skewered. That’s a horrible double standard — disgusting. It’s disgusting but typical.

@Pontifex “The gay mafia gets a pass, as long as it wasn’t a minor, but the innocent, heterosexual, traditional priests get skewered. That’s a horrible double standard — disgusting. It’s disgusting but typical.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The Lesbian Bishop Solution – Fr. Mark Goring” Such a TERRIFIC idea! Why didn’t anyone think of it before?

@Pontifex @ebmuc “China bans Christian funerals as new rules take effect” Bergoglio’s China agreement’s really working well. (At least it’s working for those who want to destroy the Church in China, as the “synodal way” will destroy the Church in Germany.)

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The situation in the Church today is so severe that five Cardinals and two of the most prominent bishops in the world have spoken about these as the end times.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “Vatican says they have not denied Christ, they have just redistributed him.” WOW! Just like Gänswein and a “redistribution of his duties”! Was Bergoglio unhappy, because Gänswein was giving Benedict too much freedom?

@Pontifex @ebmuc I feel sorry for friends of mine who cry out in prayer, “Dear God – sodomy among clerics, financial corruption, this sick pope’s heresies, the heretical “synodal way” – why have You allowed all this monstrous evil to enter the Church?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend said, “2,000 years of Church prayer, and we wind up with this crowd of sodomites in the Vatican, with financial corruption, with an error-ridden pope, with the heretical “synodal way,” all this enormous evil. It almost makes you wonder if God exists.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Another friend said, “Yes, there is tremendous evil in the Church, especially during this pontificate and in the “synodal way” of the German bishops. But these are the Gates of Hell. They will not prevail. We have Christ’s promise.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc In today’s reading, the eyewitness account of St Paul Miki and companions’ martyrdom was impressive because of their JOY in the Cross. No happy-clappy “New Paradigm” or heretical “synodal way.” Just JOY in Christ’s ancient Cross and its world-redeeming suffering.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This psychologically troubled pope speaks of migrants, human traffickers, and financial corruption. Poor disturbed man. How many migrants has the Vatican taken in? What is being done about the financial corruption in the Church?

@Pontifex @ebmuc “‘All my fears were confirmed’: Cardinal Woelki criticizes German synodal assembly” “Archbishop Stefan Hesse ‘distanced himself from church doctrine on homosexuality’ and said the Church ‘was not doing justice to same-sex couples’.”

@Pontifex “The crisis has moved beyond issues like the language of the liturgy or nuns’ habits—even beyond sexual morality. Today the theological frontier is the stark question of whether there is indeed only one God and Jesus is His only-begotten Son.”

@Pontifex If only this tragic pope were as concerned about Catholics in Muslim countries as he is about migrants: “Pakistani court upholds forced marriage of 14-year-old Catholic girl to Muslim man”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “Hey, Bergoglio, all that “dialogue” stuff with Muslims – how’s that working out fer ya? (”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – This psychologically disturbed pope has proven that you can suffer humiliation and STILL not be humble, although – as he has also shown – you can PRETEND to be humble.

@Pontifex As the Chinese honor their pact with the Vatican by tearing down churches (, Muslims carry on their “dialogue” with this sick pope by kidnapping Christian girls and forcing them to convert to Islam (

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Portuguese cardinal allows divorced and ‘remarried’ Catholics to receive Communion” (This troubled pope’s German overlords were planning the same thing for Germany, but the Portuguese beat them to it. Still, the Germans must be happy!)

@Pontifex “Even now, to this very day, bishops all over America continue to deny that homosexuality has anything to do with the ongoing meltdown of the Church.”

@Pontifex “Seminaries empty out — all brought to you by what Abp. Viganò correctly labeled the “corrupt gay mafia” running the Church. But as gay cover-up artist and skilled liar Donald Wuerl comforted us, thank God it’s ‘not a massive, massive crisis’.”

@Pontifex “Pope Francis says priestly celibacy is a ‘decisive grace’ for the Latin rite” Yeah, well, that’s what this troubled pope says NOW. But, good Peronist that he is, he’ll soon support the OPPOSITE idea. Keep ’em guessing, Jorge, keep ’em guessing!

@Pontifex When this confused pope’s German overlords get through with him, he’ll pretty quickly give up THIS idea: “Pope Francis says priestly celibacy is a ‘decisive grace’ for the Latin rite”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “U.S. Bishops Policing Catholic Media: Bad Idea, Won’t Work”



Dear Klaus,

Thank you for sharing your letter with me. And you’re absolutely right: “Sicherheit müsse vor Schnelligkeit gehen und wir dürften uns nicht durch ein totalitäres, kommunistisches Regime erpressbar machen. That’s just common sense, and either a lot people don’t understand that, or they think that if Germany refuses to accept Huawei as a partner, China will retaliate somehow in their trade policies. But again, for Germany to make itself “erpressbar” in that way REALLY doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It’s good that someone like Norbert Röttgen understands the situation. It’s too bad that he somehow got on the wrong side of Merkel a few years ago, and his career was derailed. Otherwise, I believe he could easily have become leader of the CDU and would be on track to run for election as Bundeskanzler. I think that if that had happened Germany and Europe would not be facing so many difficulties. Instead, what do we have? Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer? Heaven help us.

In Christo



Reply to a Tweet by Robert Reich on the dangers presented by Donald Trump:

That’s what happened here in Germany starting with the election of 1933. Germans were asleep then. Many Americans are asleep now too. I hope they wake up before it’s too late. Most Germans didn’t wake up until 1943, after the Battle of Stalingrad. Then it was REALLY too late.


I’m afraid people in the United States are reliving what happened here in Germany between 1933 and 1939 – and then 1945. A government leader who, during his first years in power, kept thousands enthralled with his speeches, who had wildly adoring and enthusiastic crowds, an economic “recovery” – and all of that followed by the worst catastrophe the country had ever known, one of the worst catastrophes ANY country had ever known.



@Pontifex @ebmuc The Synodal Way to disaster: “Anyone who reads the study is alienated by the unscientific style of wide passages, by a feuilleton style and anecdotal remarks, and by an almost complete lack of scientific and critical discussion of results”

@Pontifex “Francis’ response to Amazon synod coming Feb. 12, Vatican announces” ( A friend wrote, “Well, I wonder what new heresies we have to look forward to on February 12.”

@Pontifex From today’s Office, a message for the financially corrupt and sodomite clerics in the Vatican and elsewhere in the Church: “When the wicked sprout up like grass, and the doers of evil are in full bloom, it will come to nothing, for they will perish for ever and ever.”

@Pontifex From today’s Gospel, “His heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd.” A friend prays, “O God, we are those sheep who have no shepherd. Give us one, give us a good pope, not this tragic person who now sits on the throne of Peter.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – And let’s pray that this psychologically unstable pope will also be able to break the chains of slavery, slavery to his mental illness, slavery to his German overlords, and slavery to his grave ignorance of Christ and His Church.

@Pontifex This disturbed pope tweets about trafficking and says we can “defeat this scourge and protect the victims.” And the Christian victims living in China and Muslim countries? Well, we don’t need to worry about them too much, do we, Jorge? That’d be politically incorrect.

@Pontifex “Argentine bishops launch prayer campaign to counter bid for legal abortion” A joke, right? This tragic pope greets the divorced, pro-abortion president of Argentina and his mistress; they receive Communion at St. Peter’s.

@Pontifex “A Vatican bishop defended Communion for the pro-abortion president of Argentina and his mistress. The bishop said I was a ‘fanatic’ for challenging him on it.” Gotta watch those fanatics. They believe in things like sin and God’s existence.

@Pontifex Steve Skojec (almost exploding with laughter): “The BISHOPS are gonna make sure that websites are CATHOLIC! When did THEY become Catholic? (Watch the VERY END of the video, after Steve signs off and the video seems to end.)

@Pontifex “Those of us who have not let ourselves be deceived by these enemies of the Church enfeoffed in the ecclesial Body, must unite and face off against the Evil One, whose head the Blessed Virgin will definitively crush.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex “Islamism is becoming pervasive among French Muslims. Since France has not fought it, its hold over France can only increase.” And of course this mentally unstable pope thinks welcoming migrants and “dialoguing” with Islam will solve the problem.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – One result of the “Francis Effect” is that people who might live and spread the grace of Christ are fleeing the Church, along with those who might let the light of the Gospel shine.

@Pontifex “The advent of the Antichrist is inevitable; it is part of the epilogue of the History of Salvation. But we know that it is the prerequisite for the universal triumph of Christ and his glorious Bride.” – Archbishop Vigano Has the Antichrist come?

@Pontifex “Now it’s our turn: without letting ourselves be driven out of the Church whose children we are and in which we have the right to be at home, without the horde of Christ’s enemies making us feel schismatic and excommunicated.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds, a message for every corrupt prelate and pope, as the Psalmist speaks to God: “You hate all who do evil – you destroy all who speak falsehood – the Lord abominates the bloody and deceitful man.”

@Pontifex In today’s Lauds, the Psalmist continues his message, applied to the Vatican’s corrupt prelates and pope: “For there is no truth in their mouth – their heart is a bottomless pit – their tongue seduces. Lord, let their own plans destroy them. They are rebels against You”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets of the “painful reports” about women and children suffering in the war in Syria. I guess it would be politically incorrect for him to tweet about the Christians suffering in Syria and all over the Muslim world, at the hands of Muslims.

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets of the “painful reports” about women and children suffering in the war in Syria. I guess it would be politically incorrect for him to tweet about the Christians suffering in Syria and all over the Muslim world, at the hands of Muslims.

@Pontifex “THE FANTASY WORLD OF POPE FRANCIS’ MYTH-MAKERS….Two meetings illustrate pope Francis’ taste for cozying up to the elites of the secular world, with blithe unconcern for Catholic principle.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The ancient liturgy is a sign of unity over time. Using the same words as our predecessors is a reminder of the ‘horizontal’ unity of the Church.” (This pope’s overlords’ synodal way will soon end ALL unity.)

@Pontifex Response fo a papal Tweet – A friend wrote, “When a pope gives every indication of having lost his faith and then pretends to give advice to people on how to increase THEIR faith – well, that’s really a bit rich, isn’t it?”

@Pontifex A bishop gives Communion to a pro-abortion President of Argentina and his mistress, and this sick pope doesn’t disapprove. Can you really say that this tragic pope has any faith left – or at least any Catholic faith?

@Pontifex In Lauds today, we read, “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place? The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.” (That pretty much excludes all Vatican prelates.)

@Pontifex More lines from Lauds today, for this confused pope and the legions of other corrupt prelates: “If you turn back to him with all your heart and soul – if you keep faithful to him – he will turn back to you and hide his face no longer.”

@Pontifex “Diocese pressures parish to cancel talk by man who threw Pachamama in Tiber” Isn’t “dialogue” wonderful? This tragically confused pope must be very happy about all the “dialogue” that’s going on in the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let’s pray that Christ will show mercy to this psychologically troubled pope in his present situation of “distress,” with all its “frailty, suffering, and weakness.”

@Pontifex This troubled pope tweets, “I warmly assure everyone of my closeness in prayer,” if they are carrying “the burden of illness.” A friend asked, “But are this sick pope’s prayers really helping anyone? Or do they fail because of his error and the corruption he tolerates?”

@Pontifex “As Muslim govt ignores slaughter of Christians, Nigerian bishops beg West for help” Well, they shouldn’t waste their time asking this tragic pope for help. He’s too busy “dialoguing” with Muslims and worrying about “traffickers.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets about Christ’s “tender love.” Is that the same kind of love this troubled pope showed when he crushed the good and holy Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, while letting the monster Marcial Maciel’s group flourish?

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets about Christ’s “tender love.” Is that the same kind of love this troubled pope shows when he crushes good and faithful priests while allowing his corrupt prelates to run the Church (giving him power over them in their corruption)?

@Pontifex @ebmuc The destruction of the Church began after the Council. It will take a huge step forward today with this tragic pope’s “Amazonian” exhortation. Then his German overlords’ “synodal way” will almost complete the horrific ruin. Lady, crush them with your heel.

@Pontifex @ebmuc This tragic pope and his prelates (from today’s Lauds): “Evil whispers to the sinner in the depths of his heart: the fear of God does not stand before his eyes. Evil’s flattering light disguises his wickedness, so that he does not hate it. His words are false.”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – We pray that one day God will send us a pope who forgives and corrects with tenderness, instead of one who seeks revenge in his anger, who destroys the faith, and who tolerates sodomite and financial corruption.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – It might be better if this sick pope tried to awaken “affection and concern” for a Church that is “ours,” instead of worrying so much about the world and instead of destroying the Church with his errors and corruption.

@Pontifex Response to a Tweet – Faithful Catholics dream of a pope who is concerned with the Church, not the world, who fights to save souls, as the brave missionaries did in the past, in Africa, in Asia, and in the Americas. God, how long must we suffer under this pope’s errors?

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Lord, teach this psychologically troubled pope to care for souls and for the Church. Teach him to avoid the world, its politics, and the corrupt prelates he has promoted to positions of power.

@Pontifex “Bishops aren’t trusted and for good reason. A Catholic who gives money to them is a fool, enabling their organized crime. (Apologies to the mobsters out there who make an “honest” living with drugs and murder and don’t hide behind religion.)”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Faithful Catholics dream of a good pope, free of erroneous teachings, one capable of generous commitment to the Gospel and the teachings of the Church, a good pope who will give the Amazon a new face with features of the Catholic Church.

@Pontifex As this tragic pope Tweets, “The Amazonian peoples have a right to hear the Gospel,” but as this disturbed pontiff plunges on with his destructtion of Church teaching and of the Church itself, there will be fewer missionaries to preach the Gospel in the Amazon.

@Pontifex “The pope speaks of ‘entering’ into ‘communion with the forest,’ of the ‘Amazon’ becoming ‘like a mother,’ calling the Amazon a ‘theological locus, a space where God reveals himself and summons his sons and daughters’.” Don’t ask what that means.



To Rachel Maddow:

Rachel’s commentary yesterday on the decay of US institutions and an apparent crumbling of democracy in the US was brilliant.

I’m an American and I live in Germany. Even though I wasn’t alive in the 1930’s, the political and governmental atmosphere in America now seems to be eerily similar to what it was in this country after the election of 1933: one man with iron control over his party, parliament destroyed (literally), the judicial system caving in obedience to the government, politicians rationalizing their leader’s every unconstitutional and illegal move, revenge against political oppoents, and, always, everywhere, masses of screaming, adoring crowds.

I hope Rachel and others can wake America up before it’s too late.



Stephan Richter is absolutely right about Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is the Democrats’ only hope of dethroning the dangerous Donald Trump. So what if Bloomberg spends his own money on his campaign? I admire him for that. Sanders says Bloomberg is “buying the presidency”? Gimme a break. I’d rather have someone as president who believed in himself so much he’d spend his own money in order to seek office. Many of us are tired of having a con man in the White House. And if Bloomberg is beholden to “big money,” well, it’s his OWN “big money.”


Sanders says Bloomberg is “buying the presidency”? Hey, with the system we have now, ANYONE who runs for president is “buying the presidency.” It’s just a question of whether you use other people’s money or your own money. I’d rather have a candidate who’s using his own money.There’s a good chance he’ll spend his time in the White House doing something for the American people, not doing favors for the rich b—–ds who paid to get him there.


Professor Reich sensibly writes, “If the only way we can get rid of a sociopathic tyrant named Trump is with an oligarch named Bloomberg, we will be forced to choose the oligarch.” Yes, that’s true. But it may be that the only person who can beat the sociopathic tyrant is the oligarch. Call me stupid, but I don’t think Amy Klobichar or Pete Buttigieg can do it. Trump would chew them up and spit them out. I can just imagine what he’d do with “Mr. and Mr. Pete Buttigieg.” Yeah, okay, maybe I’m stupid.


I was one of the dopes who was taken in by the fact that this tragic popes’s latest exhortation didn’t mention married priests or priestesses. I was one of the fools who were rejoicing. Now I realize that the worst is yet to come. This disturbed pontiff WILL do what Steve and Tim said. Just as with Amoris laetitia eventually allowing Communion for “remarried” Catholics, so in a few months we’ll see Bergoglio subtly allowing (of course not openly) married priests, priestesses, and – who knows? – probably gay priests married to each other. The spirit of Juan Peron lives on: “Tell ’em ALL whatever they want hear, even if it’s contradictory or doesn’t make any sense.”



The French program “Résistance,” which PBS has been broadcasting, is certainly gripping. But, given the political situation in the United States, there is a BBC series which goes into detail about the way one notorious group slowly, steadly took over the levers of power in Germany in the 1930’s. This series too may be of interest to PBS viewers.

It’s not as dramatic or absorbing as “Résistance,” but Americans may see parallels between events in the United States and events in Germany after the election of 1933. In some ways, the parallels are somewhat frightening. PBS may want to consider broadcasting the series as a warning.

As many people are pointing out these days, democracy can be fragile. What happened in Germany almost ninety years ago could happen in any country, including the United States.

Impossible? Watch that BBC program and see how it was done in Germany, and consider what the Trump administration and the GOP are doing, and then say it’s impossible.

Best regards,

Robert John Bennett



Sehr geehrte und liebe Dominikaner von Düsseldorf:

ich bin ein wenig taub und meine Fähigkeit, gesprochenes Deutsch zu verstehen, ist sehr schwach, so dass ich die Predigten und die Ankündigungen in der Andreaskirche nie hören oder verstehen kann, aber ein Freund erklärte mir, was der Priester letzten Sonntag bei der heiligen Messe um 8:30 Uhr in Düsseldorf predigte. Anscheinend sagte der Priester, es sei bedauerlich, dass der Papst – in seiner Erklärung zur Amazonas-Synode – die Abschaffung des Zölibats oder die Ordination von Diakonissen und Priesterinnen nicht billigte. Dieser Priester (der viel Mitgefühl verdient) soll auch gesagt haben, wir sollten für den Erfolg des “Synodalen Weges” beten.

Wenn all das wahr ist, kann ich, wie viele, viele Menschen in anderen Teilen Europas und in meinem Heimatland, den USA, nur antworten: Sagen wir ein Dankgebet an Gott, dass der Papst die Abschaffung des Zölibats und die Ordination von Diakonissen und Priesterinnen verhindert hat.

Menschen wie ich (an jedem Sonntag verehren schätzungsweise 100.000 Katholiken in den USA der alten Messe []) sind sehr dankbar, als wir über unseren Kardinal in Köln Artikel wie diesen lesen: „Woelki sieht beim Synodalen Weg theologische Defizite: ‚Vieles ist mit dem Glauben der Kirche unvereinbar‘”

Möge Gott den Kardinal für seine Einsicht und Weisheit segnen. Kardinal Woelki zeigt den gleichen Mut, den die großen Heiligen gezeigt haben, als sie – ganz allein (jedenfalls in diesem Leben) – gegen die Mächte des Bösen standen. Ich denke an Heilige wie den Heiligen Athanasius und auch an den Heiligen John Fisher und den Heiligen Thomas More in England, um nur drei von einer riesigen “Wolke von Zeugen ” zu nennen.

Die „neuen“ Katholiken und die „neue“ katholische Kirche in Deutschland verschwinden (, aber als der “Synodale Weg” die Kirche zum Aussterben in diesem Land bringt, haben treue Katholiken die Freude zu wissen, dass diese “Wolke der Zeugen” wird weiterhin über uns wachen und sie wird eines Tages dafür sorgen, dass die Kirche in Deutschland aus den heutigen Ruinen wieder aufgebaut wird..

Mit einer Bitte um Ihre Gebete

Robert John Bennett


Thank you for the comment, but I’m afraid that my letter may not do much good. This pope didn’t actually FORBID married priests or “priestesses.” As many have pointed out, he simply left those matters open, as with the question of Communion for the divorced and “remarried” in Amoris Laetitia. At that time, this pope waited a few months and then indicated such Communion was allowed. Many people think the same thing will happen with the end of celibacy and the ordination of priestesses. He’ll grant a few exceptions some time in the future and these exceptions will spread through the whole Church, or what’s left of it. I know, I probably sound cynical, but basically I’m not. The Gates of Hell will not prevail. Our Lady will crush the serpents head. In the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph.



Copies of recent Tweets:

@Pontifex This psychologically conflicted pope tweets about God’s “tenderness.” This pope’s idea of “tenderness” is different from God’s – it resembles anger and even revenge – and Archbishop Gänswein seems to be just the latest to feel the brunt of it.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Ukrainian bishops rebuke German bishops for support of LGBT groups” Well, at least the Ukrainian bishops are still Catholic, even as the German bishops slip closer to the cliff of heresy, faithlessness and utter corruption.

@Pontifex Archbishop Gänswein may be disappointed to have been the object of this psychologically disturbed pope’s dismissal and revenge attack (for the book on celibacy), but he must be relieved to no longer be in the company of all the pervert-prelates surrounding Bergoglio.

@Pontifex @ebmuc German bishops think if they allow cohabitation, masturbation, homosexuality, Communion for the “remarried,” etc., with the “synodal way,” young people will be attracted to the Church. But all those things will make the Church even more irrelevant for the young.

@Pontifex @ebmuc If the German bishops really want to attract young people to the Church, they will take note of what’s happening in the US, where the Tradtional Latin Mass is being ever more widely offered, and young people and families are flocking to it in large numbers.

@Pontifex By the pope: “The Amazon is portrayed as a special, mystical place where God manifests himself more than in other regions. Mention is made of ‘cosmic’ experiences, ‘cosmic’ contemplation, reminiscent of pantheistic, pre-Christian ideas in Europe”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Whatever we may think of Francis, today he deserves unqualified praise from all traditional Catholics. Indeed, the Pope is still Catholic.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, a powerful voice in current Church debates, has called the Exhortation an effort at reconciliation. That may – or may not – be so.” So, good news, sort of. And this pope’s still Catholic, kind of.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Yes, “God’s grace and love will stop” this pope’s slide into heresy and error “if we ask in prayer.” And faithful Catholics pray for that every day, at Mass, in their morning prayers, and throughout the day, always.

@Pontifex @ebmuc In this English-language video (, Steve Skojec asks simply, “What are we supposed to do?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Like many people, I was very complacent and failed to see all of the dangerous elements in this tragic pope’s exhortation, “Querida Amazonia.” In this video (, Timothy Flanders and Taylor Marshall point out these elements.

@Pontifex @ebmuc German bishops claim they are using the “synodal way” to attract more young peope to the Church. Actually, they are using it to justify sins – homosexual acts, masturbation, etc. In the US, the Church attracts crowds of young through the Tridentine Mass

@Pontifex @ebmuc Faithful Catholics beg God to send us a pope and bishops who can honestly pray these verses from today’s Lauds: “Wash me ever more from my guilt and cleanse me from my sin. For I know how guilty I am: my sin is always before me.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc Faithful Catholics also beg God to send us a pope and bishops who can sincerely pray these verses from today’s Lauds: “The true sacrifice is a broken spirit: a contrite and humble heart, O God, you will not refuse.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc As German bishops follow the “synodal way” to disaster, they should ponder these words from today’s Lauds: “Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever. Do not let yourselves be led astray by all sorts of strange doctrines.”

@Pontifex Reponse to a papal Tweet – Today it’d do this tragic pope good to think about those clerics and prelates whose hidden sins and crimes have enabled him to get and retain power, because he can hold those sins and crimes over them and thereby manipulate them.

@Pontifex “Woman gives Communion to bishops, priests at opening Mass of German ‘synodal path’” And the German Church takes one more step toward falling off the cliff into schism and irrelevance.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “‘Major setback’ to female deacons, married priests or ‘back door’ to change?” Gimme a break. Of COURSE it’s a “back door to change.” Deceit, deception, “back doors” – this sick pope and his German overlords can operate only that way.

@Pontifex “Vatican spiked Benedict’s statement on celibacy book, Italian journalist says” Is this just one more example of this tragic pope’s vengeful “mercy”?

@Pontifex “In Indonesia, Islamist protesters attack new parish church” A friend wrote, “Hey, Bergoglio, how’s that dialogue-with-Islam thing working out? Muslims murder Christians in Nigeria and desecrate a Church in Indonesia – it’s all going so WELL!”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Cardinal Zen criticizes Vatican for ‘despis[ing] the heroes of faith’ in China” The result of tragic moves by this tragic, psychologically ill pope, supported, no doubt, by all those weak, schismatic bishops in Germany.

@Pontifex @ebmuc After a papal Tweet: The “universal dimension” of faithful Catholics’ prayers include this tragic, confused, psychologically troubled pope. We pray God will free him from his lust for money, from his anger and vengeance and from the perverted prelates around him.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Migrant terrorists involved in attacks were purposefully deployed to the migration flows by a terrorist group for attacks in destination countries.” But this confused pope says, “Bring ’em in! Bring ’em in!” (But not into the Vatican.)

@Pontifex @ebmuc This tragic pope is said to dislike the criticism of his new exhortation. The criticism is understandable. Many see the exhortation as a ‘Trojan horse’ for a female ministry (i.e., priestesses) and married priests.

@Pontifex I know the worst is yet to come from Querida Amazonia. This sick pope will act as he always does: say one thing and do the opposite, as with Amoris Laetitis. Soon Bergoglio will allow married priests and priestesses, maybe married to each other.

@Pontifex The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary — Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces — passes through her “little ones,” who are certainly frail and sinners but are absolutely opposed to the members of the Enemy’s army. – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex @ebmuc From the First Reading at Mass today: “No man does God command to act unjustly, to none does He give license to sin.” – Sirach 15,15-20

@Pontifex “They Came to Kill Him”: The Persecution of Christians” A friend wrote, “Hey, Bergoglio, how’s that ‘dialogue’ with Muslims working out?”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “In today’s Gospel, Jesus encourages us to accept the Law in our hearts.” Yes, accept the law, but not if it inconveniences us regarding divorce and “remarriage,” homosexual acts, masturbation and all the other things along the “synodal way.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc “The Amazon Synod is beginning to look like a dumpster fire. I hope you will agree with me that this is an opportunity for the good guys. Francis is weak and his camp is divided against itself.”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “Dear God, send us a good pope, one who will replace this evil entity now occupying the throne of St. Peter.”

@Pontifex_de @ebmuc Ich habe dies neulich gelesen „Woelki siehtbeim Synodalen Weg theologische Defizite: ‚Vieles ist mit dem Glauben derKirche unvereinbar‘” Möge Gott Kardinal Woelki für seine Einsicht und Weisheit segnen.

@Pontifex @ebmuc As this video ( show there seem to be just no end to the “joy” that Vatican II and “the Francis effect” have brought to the Church.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – If anyone needs to unmask himself and stop hiding his past and his real personality, it’s this sick and tragic pope.

@Pontifex @ebmuc “Professor of Canon Law mocks farce of German Synodal Path”



For anyone interested, the CNA article that Father Mark cites is available online at ( Needless to say, Father Mark quotes the article accurately. The meeting and the article are two examples of the confusion that God, for His own good reasons, is allowing in the Church at this time.

Someday we’ll again have a pope who will restore and build up the Church, not tear it down as this present tragic pope seems bent on doing, whether or not he really was angry about the way the Martin meeting was reported.



Copies of some Tweets that may perhaps be of interest:

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori jokes, “For full transparency, I want everybody to a know I am in the Vatican Post Office joke business for the mad mad euros. Vespas are no free you know!” (This pope is in it for the “mad mad euros.” too. But transparency?)

@Pontifex .”Our task is to be vigilant and pray as St. Catherine of Siena ardently recommended: ‘Sleep no longer in negligence; use what you can in the present time’.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “Our job is to pray for this error-prone, desperately sick, psychologically disturbed, and vengeful pope. May God help the poor man.”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “This disturbed pope is an old man. He will be facing God soon. After what he’s done to the Church, doesn’t he fear God’s judgement?”

@Pontifex A friend wrote once more: “If Bugnini is in hell, for what he did to the Mass, will this tragic pope meet him there?”

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend wrote again: “We pray desperately for God’s intervention. Please, God, don’t let the destruction of the Church continue. Please stop it now.”

@Pontifex Perhaps we could paraphrase the reading from today’s Lauds as a message to this tragic pope: “It is not as if you live in the dark, for that Day to overtake you like a thief. No, do not belong to the night or to darkness.”

@Pontifex “Vatican ‘lost everything’ in deal with Beijing, says Cardinal Zen” A friend prays, “Dear God, when will you free us from this tragically misguided pope?”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Lord, free this tragic pope from hardness of heart. Lord, let him keep his “heart open and faithful.” Open to the truth, and faithful to the teachings of the Church.

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: “Who will climb the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place? The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart, who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.” (And does that include this present tragic pope?)

@Pontifex ”The Church is shrouded in the darkness of modernism, but the victory belongs to Our Lord and His Bride.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex Every faithful Catholic cries out to God with these words from today’s Lauds: “My heart rejoices in the Lord, my strength is raised up in the name of my God. I cry out in triumph over my enemies.”

@Pontifex Pope Honorius I was posthumously declared a heretic by the 3rd Council of Constantinople. Is that why this sick pope (already a heretic for allowing unrepentant public adulterers to receive Communion) didn’t abolish priestly celibacy or allow priestesses to be ordained?

@Pontifex “Liberal says faithful Catholics need to have a “personal relationship” with Jesus, not be tied to dogma and law. But traditional Catholics DO have a personal relationship with Christ: they love the truth and want the lies and corruption stopped”

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Faithful Catholics pray for a truly meek pope, one humble enough to believe the teachings of the Church, and humble enough to want to restore the Church, not destroy it.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – When will we have a pope who is meek enough to humbly tell people that if they want to save their souls, they have to obey a loving God, not a pope who distorts the commandments so that they seem more “merciful.”

@Pontifex Vatican Post Office (Not) @CaproEspiatori tweets, “Apostolic Exhortations are like Star Wars. Sure, this one wasn’t as bad as the last one, but it still stinks, the fanboys aren’t happy, and you have to listen to people argue about it on social media forever.”

@Pontifex “’Stay with the Pope and the Church,’ the cardinal archbishop of São Paulo advised as he denounced ‘inflamed reflections, lies, and calumny’ against the Pope.” Faithful Catholics will stay with this tragic pope if he stays with us and the Church.

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: “Shepherd of Israel, listen – Awaken your power and come to us, come to us and save us. Bring us back, O God: let your face shine on us and we shall be saved.” (Yes, Lord, we’ll be save from the horrors of this present catastrophic oontificate.)

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: “Protect the vine, for your right hand planted it…The vine is burnt and dug up.”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “When a pope gives “permission” to public adulterers to commit sacrilege by receiving Communion, when he takes revenge on men like Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Gänswein and others, when he can’t hide his anger, it’s hard to take his pious Tweets seriously”

@Pontifex Response: To follow Jesus we must take these steps: 1. Draw close to Him unemotionally, for emotions can deceive and change, 2. Know Him better through REASON, for reason is stable, 3. Believe He is God, 4. Follow Him with humility. Can this tragic pope do any of that?

@Pontifex “‘Abuse knows no bounds’: US senator comes down hard on Vatican deal with China” The “wisdom” of this psychologically disturbed pope is almost overwhelming.

@Pontifex “Although Querida Amazonia’s stance on priestly celibacy comes as a relief, the document contains ‘lamentable doctrinal ambiguities and errors,’ Bishop Schneider writes in an in-depth analysis” (Bishop Schneider is next on this pope’s hit list.)

@Pontifex “In the first year or two of Francis’s pontificate, conservative Catholics made huge efforts to place the perplexing ways of the pope in continuity with his immediate predecessors. But there were signs that challenged this reassuring consensus.”

@Pontifex “This papacy that has been largely silent about the decimation of Christian communities in the Arab and Islamic Middle East. The Koran, Pope Francis insists, is incompatible with ‘every form of violence.’ This is false, and everyone knows it.”

@Pontifex “This is a Vatican that conflates the truth of Christ with a ‘religion of humanity’ that has become a substitute for a religion that affirms transcendence.”

@Pontifex “The Church remains largely silent about ‘crimes and sins that cry out to Heaven’ — the terrible sexual abuse and the hideous cover-ups that followed. Francis puts his energies into promoting ecological activism and simplistic progressive causes”

@Pontifex “By becoming shrill, dogmatic, and moralistic practitioners of a politically correct religion of humanity, the Church follows the path of perdition.”

@Pontifex “For generations to come, the Catholic Church will bear the shame of its capitulation before a totalitarian regime in Beijing.”

@Pontifex “A preference for left-wing dictatorships is not simply evidence of change in a change-obsessed papacy but a sign of foul moral corruption in the upper echelons of the Church.”

@Pontifex “All those synodizers, those dreamers of process, get a key thing wrong”

@Pontifex This is the feast day of St. Peter Damian, author of “The Book of Gomorrah,” which condemned sodomy among the clergy of that time. If the Church could survive the sodomites of that period, we can survive the sodomite clerics at the highest levels of the Church today.

@Pontifex “Catechist killed, parishes closed after jihadist attack in Burkina Faso” Just one more example of how well this tragic pope’s “dialogue” with the representatives of the Great Religion of Peace is working. (Almost like his dialogue with China.)

@Pontifex In this video (, Michael Voris discusses the “mortal danger” threatening the priesthood and makes a suggestion of what to do about it. Liberals will love it.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Faithful Catholics pray for a pope who will give life to the Church, not try to kill it.

@Pontifex You have to wonder if this tragically troubled pope feels any concern at all about the fate of his soul, because he has “allowed” public adulterers to commit sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion.

@Pontifex “Cardinal Müller criticized using Pachamama in religious ceremonies in the Vatican as part of the Amazon Synod. ‘Catholics in the Amazon region and wherever the videos of this Roman spectacle have been seen will leave the Church in protest’.”

@Pontifex “‘The desire of many bishops to silence people, especially a priest like Father Mark, is part of what led to such an abomination within the Catholic Church. Sweeping any of it under the rug will lead to future abuses’.”

@Pontifex This tragically disturbed pope suppresses a thriving, traditional congregation of holy men like the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, but lets the Legion of Christ continue. Dear God.

@Pontifex ”We desire to continue to profess the perennial faith of the Church in the face of the roaring evil that besieges her.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: “The Lord said to Simon Peter, ‘I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail, and when you have repented, you must strengthen your brothers.’” Lord, pray also for this present tragic pope that he will recover his faith.

@Pontifex Pope St. Leo the Great paraphrases Christ’s words to Peter (PL 54, 14a ; SC 200): “Earthly opinion has not led you astray…” And faithful Catholics pray that one day Christ will be able to say the same thing to this present tragic pope.

@Pontifex US Catholics prostrate themselves before God and pray, “Lord, we have a president who is destroying the country and a tragic pope who is destroying the Church. God, help us.”

@Pontifex This tragically confused pope tweets, “On this feast, we give thanks to God for the mission entrusted to Saint Peter and his successors: to gather His people and guide them in charity and truth on the path of salvation.” Please God, send us a pope who will do that.


Lieber Ulrich, lieber Klaus,

ich danke Ulrich für die Nachricht und für den Artikel. Ich denke, Ulrich, Du hast genau Recht, wenn Du schreibst: “Auf die Erziehung in einer verständnisvollen Familie, die sich für kleine Kinder Zeit nehmen kann, kommt sehr viel an.”

Oder – wie der Artikel es ausdrückt, „Bei vielen Rechtsextremisten ist zu beobachten, dass sie vaterlos aufwuchsen oder Väter haben, die in ihrer Rolle versagten…. Mangels männlicher Rollenvorbilder gelingt es solchen Personen nicht, eine intakte männliche Identität und die damit verbundene Lebenskompetenz zu entwickeln…. Eine mangelhaft ausgebildete männliche Identität äußerte sich bei den Tätern auch in einer passiv-aggressiven Einstellung sowie in Verschwörungsdenken, das im Verborgenen handelnde Mächte für die eigene Lage verantwortlich macht und eine Ausrede für sie darstellt, um der Verantwortung für das eigene Leben auszuweichen.“

Ich denke, diese Sätze “really nail it”, wie wir in Amerika sagen. D.h., diese Sätze wirklich treffen den Nagel auf den Kopf.

Die einzige Schlussfolgerung, zu der jeder intelligente Mensch kommen kann, ist folgende: Der Staat kann immer mehr Polizisten überall stellen, aber bis sich das Familienleben verbessert und irgendwie wieder gesund gemacht hat, wird sich sehr wenig ändern.

Und ich denke, dass diese Schlussfolgerung für die tragische Situation in meinem Heimatland noch zutreffender ist als in Deutschland.

In Christo




A e-mail sent to Hiroyuki, as an answer to his question:

It’s quite possible that I’m kind of stupid, and I was somehow incapable of really listening to your playing before. This evening, though, for the first time, I felt I really heard something in your playing that I’d never heard before.

I felt that you were really expressing emotions and ideas that I can’t translate into words, because they go beyond any words that I know. I felt that you were speaking a kind of language that I’d never heard you speak before, the language of your music.

As I said, maybe I am the stupid one, and for some reason I was never capable of hearing that language before. But I felt that you were speaking that language so smoothly and expressively that it was beautiful and amazing.

Before, I thought that you – like many Japanese – were obsessed with simply playing the music accurately, playing each note exactly as it was written on the page, and nothing more. This evening, though, I felt you were in fact playing each note with amazing accuracy, but at the same time you were doing so much more than that. The accuracy of your playing was being used to convey emotions and ideas that can be expressed only in music.

That expression is what music is all about.

As I said, maybe it’s me. Maybe I was so stupid that I could never hear those things before in your playing. Maybe they were there all the time, and I could just not hear them.

Or – and this is what I really think – your playing has so much improved that it was raised to another level this evening, another dimension, the level and dimension of a real artist.

As I listened to you playing this evening, I thought of a quote from a story and a movie I once showed you, a quote by a famous Danish writer: “In Paradise you will be the great artist that God meant you to be! Ah, how you will delight the angels!”

This is the best answer to your question that I can come up with. I hope it makes sense.



Liebe Freunde beim Erzbistum Köln,

ein Bekannter wies in der Rheinischen Post auf einen Artikel hin (, in dem beschrieben wurde, wie viele liberale Katholiken Kardinal Woelki unter Druck setzen, weil er die “Reformen” des Synodalen Weges nicht anerkennen will.

Ich will nur sagen, dass ich eine ziemlich große Anzahl treuer Katholiken kenne, die Kardinal Woelkis Position unterstützen und glauben, dass die durch den Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzil hervorgerufenen Veränderungen in der Kirche eine reine Katastrophe sind. Wir glauben, dass der Synodale Weg nur zu einer größeren Katastrophe führt.

Ich bete darum, dass uns jemand zeigt, wie wir den Kardinal bei seinen Bemühungen unterstützen können, die Kirche zu erhalten, angesichts derer, die sie zerstören wollen.

In Christo

Robert John Bennett



Copies of some Tweets:

@Pontifex “Cardinal warns Church about slipping into idolatry of ‘mother earth…Gaia’ worship” (I’m sure this tragic pope and his German overlords will have a good laugh over that article.)

@Pontifex ”We desire to keep vigil with the Church and with Jesus, in this new Gethsemane of the end times; to pray and do penance in reparation for the many offenses caused to them.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Restore broken relationships”? (You mean, instead allowing the sacrilege of adulterers receiving Communion?) “Instill hope”? (You mean, helping those saddened and crushed by this tragic pope’s destruction of the Church?)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – “Encourage those caught up in themselves”? (You mean, now that we have a pope who seems caught up in himself, we should pray that he will have some regard for the damage his self-centered attitude is causing souls and the whole Church?)

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets, “If we want to be disciples of Christ, this is the way: to seek no profit from the good we do.” (But he can take revenge on others, he can show anger, and he can lie. He can also take the assets of religious groups he has crushed, like the FFI.)

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us pray to the Lord that he may move this tragic pope’s heart so that he will overcome the logic of anger and revenge against men like Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, Archbishop Viganò, and many, many others.

@Pontifex Response to a papal Tweet – Let us pray that this tragic pope will in the future not seem like such a hypocrite, by preaching against anger and revenge while displaying exactly those qualities: anger and revenge.

@Pontifex “We went through one of the most disgraceful episodes in which we saw the prince of lies at work to discredit the book of Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah by covering them with vile insults and vulgar insinuations.” – Archbishop Vigano

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “How the German bishops must have celebrated when Bergoglio was elected pope. Now the overlords had a new underling, one who would do as they ordered – as this pope always does – one who would push the Church over the cliff on the ‘synodal path’.”

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: “One day in the courts of my God is worth more than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be at the doorstep of the house of my God than live in the dwellings of sinners,” as this sick, confused, and tragic pope does.

@Pontifex From today’s Lauds: “He will judge all the world with justice. He will judge all the peoples with fairness,” including this psychologically troubled pope, who has done so much to see to it that a catastrophe rains down on the Church.

@Pontifex If only this disturbed pope could mean it when he says the prayer from today’s Lauds: “Sanctify us, and guide our every thought, word and deed according to the commandments of your law,” but, if he prays at all, his prayers seem directed to another, darker Entity.

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “Faithful Catholics pray desperately for this confused and tragically misguided pope.”

@Pontifex Many who are possessed by what this pope calls “the logic of confrontation, hatred and revenge” learned that “logic” from this tragically confused pope himself. He often appears to be possessed by “the logic of confrontation, hatred and revenge.”

@Pontifex @ebmuc For this tragic pope and his German overlords, from the first reading at Mass today: “If you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, don’t boast and be false to the truth. Wisdom of this kind doesn’t come down from above, it’s earthly, demonic.”

@Pontifex This tragic pope tweets St. Paul’s plea to the Corinthians to be “reconciled to God.” Faithful Catholics pray that this dangerously confused pope too will someday received the grace to be “reconciled to God.”

@Pontifex This disturbed pope tweets his “wish” that we “may all learn to look at life from above, from the perspective of heaven.” Catholics think of his monstrous errors, his anger, his tendendy to take revenge, his destruction of the Church, and we wish the same thing for him.

@Pontifex “The Vatican’s sellout of the underground Church in China, Abp. Viganò’s revelations, as well as the social and moral decline of the West – the situation in China has worsened.”

@Pontifex “The Amazon Synod was called for and used by Bishop Kräutler, and many in the German episcopacy, not for the sake of the peoples of the Amazon at all but for their own agenda.”

@Pontifex A friend tweeted, “Again and again, my prayer is a simple one: Dear God, send us a good pope, one who’ll obey You instead of some gang of German overlords, one who’ll build up the Church, not destroy it.”

@Pontifex A friend also prays, “God, send us a pope who’ll bring people into the Church, not drive them away.”

@Pontifex I read this verse from the Invitatory Psalm, and I think of this tragic pope, to whom it is directed, apparently in vain: “If only, today, you would listen to his voice…” This confused pope seems to listen to the voice of another “spirit,” and to his German overlords.

@Pontifex This troubled pope tweets, “There is only one path against the spirit of the world: humility.” And if we had a pope who followed that path, instead of a pope who seems obsessed with power, the Church might not be in ruins, as it is now.

@Pontifex This pope tweets that what is important is, “Serving others, choosing the last place, not climbing the ladder.” A friend commented, “That IS rich, coming from a pope who seems to have spent his whole life obsessed with ‘climbing the ladder’.”

@Pontifex “The idea that any diocese in America is actually flourishing is total absurdity….These bishops need to be reminded of these dismal results and urged to change their lives or simply step down.”

@Pontifex “Catholics blind about Islam should read ‘Black Wave’. It should serve as a wake-up call to all those naive Catholics who worry more about the threat of ‘Islamophobia’ than the reality of Christian genocide.” This sick pope should read this book.

@Pontifex A friend said to me, “When a pope loses his faith, as this present tragic pope apparently has, then all the Church, the whole Church, everywhere, is impaired. We pray that God will soon send us a pope who believes in the Gospel and Church teaching.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “We pray that Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, will either restore the faith of this tragic pope, or give him the faith he never had, faith in the Gospel and in the ancient teachings of the Church – and faith in God.”

@Pontifex Some people say that we are living in the twilight of our civilization. If so, we beg God to send us a pope who will bring some light to the darkness, unlike this present troubled pontiff, who seems only to increase the darkness wherever he goes and whatever he says.

@Pontifex A friend tweeted, “We pity this psychologically disturbed pope, and we pray for him. We pray desperately for his conversion and for the health of his confused and troubled mind.”

@Pontifex A friend wrote, “We ask God to forgive this pope for what he has so tragically done to the Church in China and for what he’s doing to Christians in the Muslim world, with his misguided and delusional policies and beliefs.”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “Mother of God, please ask your Son not to punish us all too severely for what this pope and his German overlords and so many in the hierarchy have to the Church and, by extension, the entire world.”

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics pray with words from today’s Lauds: “Give us help in our troubles, for vain is the help of man. With God we shall triumph.”

@Pontifex Some verses from today’s Lauds: “For Zion’s sake I will not be silent, for the sake of Jerusalem I will not be still, until her justice comes forth as brightness, and her salvation is lit up like a torch.”

@Pontifex A friend said, “It’s a tragedy when a pope loses his faith, a tragedy for him and for the whole Church.”

@Pontifex In today’s Lauds we pray, “Let us bear witness in our bodies to the death of your Son, for in his body you have brought us to life.” Lord, bring this present pope to life.

@Pontifex @ebmuc A friend tweeted, “We continuously beg God to forgive this troubled pope and his benighted German overlords for what they are doing to the Church. We beg God that they may stop and reverse the destruction they’ve caused and are causing.”

@Pontifex This troubled pope tweets that Lent prepares us “to celebrate with renewed hearts the great mystery” of Easter. Faithful Catholics pray that God will not only renew but also convert the heart of this confused pope, and stop him from destroying the Church completely.

@Pontifex It’s hard to take this confused pope seriously when he tweets about “knowing how to renounce vanities.” His whole life seems to have been the pursuit of the vanity of power. Anyone who tries to stop that pursuit is subject to this troubled pontiff’s anger and revenge.

@Pontifex “Catholic feminists in Western Europe are mounting an open ‘revolt’ on March 1 demanding the ordination of women.” They needn’t worry. Priestesses are the next thing on this tragic pope’s hidden agenda, after he ends priestly celibacy.

@Pontifex “Archbishop Zani’s vision is in contrast to the Catholic idea of God’s omnipotence, which is the cause of and not an obstacle to human freedom. The idea that God’s actions exclude those of his creatures recalls the 18th-century heresy of deism.”

@Pontifex “Cardinal who advises Pope Francis: Path to married priests still ‘open’” Of course. Bergoglio’s middle name is “Juan Peron.” By presenting two opposing viewpoints, Peron managed to deceive people regarding his real intentions.


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