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A Journal of 2018 – 2


@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “Torture is a mortal sin! Christians must commit themselves to helping victims of torture.” And this current pope must stop torturing the Church with his errors and with the way he allows vast numbers of homosexuals to corrupt the Church.


@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “Life must always be protected and loved.” If only this pope believed that the Gospel and authentic Church teaching must also be protected and loved, without the kind of error and confusion and heresy that this pope embodies.

@Pontifex “Everybody knew” ( And no one said a word.

@Pontifex If McCarrick could become a cardinal (, then it’s easy to see how Bergoglio could become pope.

@Pontifex “Professor Thomas Schüller of the University of Münster, says that the Pope has created a ‘pastoral patchwork’ and a ‘complete mess'” ( with his latest statement on intercommunion. This pope punishes critics. Is Professor Schüller’s job safe?

@Pontifex Psalm 79: “God, the nations…
have defiled your holy temple…
We have become the reproach of our neighbors,
the scorn and derision of those around us.
O LORD, how long? Will you be angry forever?
Will your jealousy burn like fire?”
Send us a good pope, good bishops.

@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “Let us pray for the new Cardinals: may they assist me in my ministry.” And may they turn this pope away from error, confusion, and heresy. May they contain this pope’s anger and his acts of vengeance against critics.

@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “Let us pray for the new Cardinals: may they assist me in my ministry.” And may they prevent this pope from inflicting any more damage on the Church or causing any more ruin in the Church than he already has.

@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “Let us pray for the new Cardinals: may they assist me in my ministry.” And may they somehow lessen the hold that the German bishops and cardinals have on this pope, and may they decrease his dependence on the riches of the German Church.

@Pontifex “You have been a part of the ruination of the Church and much better you begin to atone now than when you come before Our Blessed Lord.”

@Pontifex “It should concern all Catholics when the vicar of Christ himself references in an uncritical way the Kabbalah and refers the faithful back to those native religions that have not yet received the Light of Christ.” ( How long, O Lord, how long?

@Pontifex The current pope, of all people, “warns against ‘jealousy, envy, intrigue’”? (CWN) Oh, gimme a break.

@Pontifex Lord, end Your Church’s suffering. Send us a good pope.

@Pontifex This current pope condemns “turning our backs on God and His love.” When this pope doesn’t turn his back on error, confusion, ambiguity, heresy, anger, vengeance against critics, or a clergy full of homosexuals, isn’t he turning his back on God and His love?

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “When we are firmly united to the God who loves and sustains us, we are able to withstand all life’s difficulties and challenges.” And a pope not united to God spreads error, confusion, ambiguity, heresy, insults, anger, and vengeance against critics.

@Pontifex Enough With Pervert Church! ( (

@Pontifex “What the church should stop doing is…trying to grow its congregation in all the wrong ways, while at the same time it runs off its more devout members.”

@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “I ask all of you to join me in prayer….” We’ll do that, and we’ll be asking God to send us a good pope, one who will restore the Church, one who will not spread error, confusion, ambiguity, or heresy.

@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “We receive God’s graces to share them with others.” And a pope, even one elected by the St. Gallen mafia, receives God’s graces to spread truth, not error, to speak the truth about sexual morality, not to try to bless and “normalize” sodomy.

@Pontifex “Baldisseri claims this revolutionary first use of ‘LGBT’ by the Vatican merely quotes a pre-synodal document by young people—yet the ideological term never appears there.” The world asks, “Why does the Vatican lie so much?”

@Pontifex “Al Gore lauds Pope Francis in Vatican News interview” (Vatican News) “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” Luke 6:26

@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “Do we know how to silence our hearts and listen to the voice of God?” If you reflect that this pope’s heart seems so full of anger, error, confusion, heresy and thoughts of vengeance, then in his case, the answer would seem to be, “No.”



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex This pope should read José Antonio Ureta’s new book “Pope Francis’ Paradigm Shift: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church?” Ureta explains “where Pope Francis is erring, why resistance to error is an act of charity, not dissent.”

@Pontifex The current pope tweets of “an urgent reminder that we Christians must be more united.” Yes, but united in truth, according to Catholic Church teaching, and faithful to the Gospel. Not united in this pope’s – and the German bishops’ – errors and heresy.

@Pontifex “Traditional Priests Account for 20% of 2018 Ordinations in France” ( Well, I’m sure this current pope will put a stop to THAT nonsense! We can’t have all these “rigid”, neo-Pelagian priests running around now, can we?

@Pontifex We pray unceasingly that God will send us a good pope, one who will rebuild and restore His Church, after the ravages and destruction that this current pope and his homosexual priests and bishops have brought about.

@Pontifex Deaconettes? Oh sure, that’s just what we need in the Church now isn’t it? They’ll fit in so nicely with all the effeminate and homosexual priests and Bishops. May God help us.

@Pontifex To paraphrase a Tweet by this pope: “The God of all consolation, who heals the broken hearts and takes care of the wounds, hear our prayer”: Let us have a Church where the pope teaches without error and confusion, a Church where homosexual clergy do not hold sway.

@Pontifex May God send us a pope who is not a dictator, one who is not prone to error, confusion, and anger, one who does not take revenge on anyone who criticizes or opposes him.

@Pontifex “Vatican official questions priests’ role in preparing couples of marriage” (CNA) “Priests ‘have no credibility’ regarding married life because ‘they have never lived the experience’.” Priests should probably also stop conducting funerals because they have never died.

@Pontifex “In 1969 the community centered around Paul VI began its wearisome journey down the road of calling its very being into question, as it chopped away century after century of development in pursuit of an illusory updating.”

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “May all humanity hear the cry of the children of the Middle East.” May God hear the cry of the faithful members of His Church, suffering under this pope’s errors, confusion, heresies, and anger, suffering under the active homosexuals in the clergy.

@Pontifex A picture of this current pope, friendly, smiling, and merciful, as always.

@Pontifex The current pope tweets: “Every occasion is a good one to spread Christ’s message!” True, but this pope undermines Christ’s message with his errors, confusion, ambiguity and heretical ideas. And if he’s questioned on this? Anger and revenge on critics and “dissenters.”

@Pontifex “The problem in Catholic parishes today is not the lack of priests or the validity of the sacraments, it’s the lack of the Catholic faith, all of it, not some politically correct, cherry-picked version of it being transmitted.”

@Pontifex This current pope tweets: “Every occasion is a good one to spread Christ’s message!” True, if only God would send us a good pope, who can spread Christ’s message without error, ambiguity, confusion, or heresy, without exploding in anger and taking revenge on critics.

@Pontifex “And therein lies the essence of the disaster that is this pontificate.”

@Pontifex What a friendly face!

@Pontifex To paraphrase today’s papal Tweet: “A pope is the Good Shepherd when he recognizes the face of Christ” in the Truth of the Gospel and in Church traditions, without error or heresy, and when he puts an end to sodomy and active homosexuality among the clergy.

@Pontifex “The abuse scandal has already cost the U.S. Church $1 billion, as well as immeasurable spiritual harms, predicated on the grotesquely perverse intuition that personal sexual anarchy can co-exist in a truce with priestly life.”

@Pontifex To paraphrase a Tweet by this current pope: “Europe rediscovers hope when Truth – not error or lying – is at the heart of the papacy. Europe rediscovers hope when this pope speaks without ambiguity or anger. St Benedict, pray for him – and for us!”

@Pontifex “The Church of Nice establishment is just one big protection racket.”

@Pontifex If adulterers and sodomites can receive the Eucharist if they “discern” that their “conscience” allows it, then what about rapists and serial killers? Are their acts also part of the “new paradigm.”

@Pontifex Faithful Catholics know that the outcome of the Synod of Youth has already been decided by the homosexual lobby among the hierarchy: approval of adultery, sodomy, transgenderism, and other sins. We also know that such a Church must die, while the true Church will live.

@Pontifex “One of Fr. Schall’s main themes is that we must try to understand Islam as Muslims understand it, not as we would like it to be. But instead of adjusting our theories to fit the facts, we keep trying to force the facts to fit the theory.”

@Pontifex “A Benedictine theologian is complaining about the ongoing confusion in the Church about sacraments for the divorced and civilly remarried.” This theologian should be careful. Academics who disagree with this current pope are severely punished.

@Pontifex We pray that God will send us a good pope, one who will rebuild and restore the Church, not destroy it with errors, confusion, and heresy, with a hierarchy and clergy full of homosexuals.

@Pontifex Christ promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. So we are confident that not even this current pope, with the destruction caused by his errors, confusion, and heresies – together with the homosexuals among the clergy – also will not prevail.



Some recent Tweets:

@Pontifex Has Cardinal Marx no shame? Or perhaps he simply WANTS to wreck the Church in the Diocese of Munich and Freising.

@Pontifex “A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: June 2018” (Are we diverse yet?)

@Pontifex The present “debate” about a “review” of Humanae Vitae is not about Humanae Vitae at all. It’s about changing Church teaching on sexuality, especially homosexuality, so that homosexual priests and bishops can feel less guilty about their sodomy and other sexual sins.

@Pontifex This current pope and his clergy are one of a kind. All earlier popes, bishops, and priests were concerned with making the world conform to the Church. We now have a pope and many in the clergy who are more concerned with making the Church conform to the world.

@Pontifex If, in the last 50 years of post-conciliar “reform,” all we have is a dwindling number of Catholics in Europe and America, plus a vast number of homosexuals and sodomites and child molesters among the clergy, is it perhaps time to rethink that “reform”?

@Pontifex To paraphrase a papal Tweet: this current pope should “try reading the Gospel” as it’s written, not as he wants it to be. He should reflect on it without error, ambiguity, or heresy, and without a sense of anger. It will change his life and rescue the Church from ruin.

@Pontifex This current pope about to resign? Never! People who love power NEVER resign. However, they LOVE to keep making people think that they’re GOING to resign, and that goes on and on and on.

@Pontifex This pope about to resign? They’d have to carry him kicking and screaming out of the Vatican. Getting and keeping power, not God, has been the purpose of this pope’s whole life. He’ll NEVER resign.

@Pontifex This current pope resign? Hardly. The vast number of his supporters among the homosexual and sodomite hierarchy will never allow that. They know that without this pope, their efforts to make sodomy part of lawful Catholic morality would be doomed.

@Pontifex This pope resign? No. They cardinals in the “St. Gallen mafia” who conspired to get him elected will never allow that.

@Pontifex A friend commented, “The ‘St. Gallen mafia’ MIGHT let this current pope resign, if they have someone waiting in the wings who will make even greater efforts to destroy the Church than this pope has made.”

@Pontifex To paraphrase Pope Paul VI, the smoke of Satan is filling the Church. It would take more than this current pope’s resignation to drive Satan out.

@Pontifex To paraphrase today’s papal message: “May the Virgin Mary, Queen of Carmel, accompany this pope on his daily journey, without error, confusion, heresy, and without anger and insults, without taking revenge on critics, without all the homosexuals in the clergy.”

@Pontifex Closed churches, dwindling Mass attendance, shrinking number of Catholics, homosexuality rampant among the clergy – is it all “the Francis Effect”? No, of course not. It’s 50 years of modernism and “aggiornamento.” So, is the Church renewed yet? Can we stop now?

@Pontifex Katy Perry says, “Meeting the pope brought me back to God.” Oh wow! It’s the “Francis Effect”!

@Pontifex This current pope resign? Not on your life! He’s worked too hard throughout his entire career to achieve this position and to acquire this power! He’ll NEVER give it up now! And can anyone (except those “rigid” neo-Pelagians, those “museum” Catholics) blame him?

@Pontifex A friend said, “Resign? THIS pope? Ya gotta be kidding! He’s worked during his whole career to get this position, power, and influence.
That was his whole purpose in life. Why in the world would he give it up now?”

@Pontifex To paraphrase this papal Tweet: “Jesus invites us to build the civilization of love,” and also of truth, faithful to Church teaching, without error, confusion, ambiguity, heresy, anger, or vengeance. That is what this pope is called to do and where he fails every day.

@Pontifex “Catholic Journalist: All Bishops Involved in Sex Abuse Scandal Must Resign” “I observe each Sunday how few young people and families attend Mass. The sin and hypocrisy of the hierarchy has turned away the people. How the Lord must weep!”

@Pontifex “If Pope Francis consents to any deviation from the teaching of Humanae Vitae, he would be endorsing ‘a total ethical error and a huge heresy,’ renowned Catholic philosopher Josef Seifert said.”

@Pontifex The disturbing history of this pope’s rhetoric: “All the manifestations of modernity are a dismantling of definitive faith made alive through grace tied to a specific historic event — the Incarnation and then the Passion and the Resurrection.”

@Pontifex This homosexualist priest and heretic ( ), Fr. James Martin, will be speaking at the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Dublin? And he is a consultor to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications? Shame on this current pope! SHAME on him!

@Pontifex This current pope is just heretical words: “The next time you hear Francis lamenting or denouncing transgendernism, remember that it’s just words,…a de facto acceptance of an unacceptable evil, an evil entirely incompatible with human dignity.”

@Pontifex All faithful Catholics pray constantly that God will have mercy on His Church, end the horror of this pontificate, and send us a good pope.



About those “shepherds who mislead and scatter the flock” — if you read St. Peter Damian’s “The Book of Gormorrah” and discover what was going on in the Church in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh centuries, the Medici popes — and the current error-prone pope with his heretical, homosexualist hierarchy — look like luminous saints in comparison.

The Gates of Hell have made some pretty effective attempts to prevail against the Church in the last 2,000 years, but they’ve never succeeded.

They won’t succeed now, either, even with the help of the outfit now controlling the Vatican.



Some Tweets:

@Pontifex “Chinese authorities raze Catholic church, claiming zoning violations” (AsiaNews) To paraphrase the immortal Sarah Palin, “How’s that dialoguey thing working out for ya?”

@Pontifex We pray that God will end the Church’s suffering and send us a good pope.

@Pontifex “Chancellor Angela Merkel’s allies are pressing her to toughen up immigration policy. Their Christian roots impel them to help the poor and weak, Cardinal Marx said.” ( Fine, but help for thousands of unattached, military-age Muslim men?

@Pontifex “Woe to the shepherds who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture, says the Lord.” – Jeremiah 23,1-6

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “God wants us to call Him Father, with the trust of children who abandon themselves in the arms of the One who gave them life.” And God is One who speaks the truth, without error, confusion, anger, or heresy. If only God would send us a pope like that.

@Pontifex An example of this pope’s”mercy” and “justice”: The Vatican tried to use Father Stefano Manelli to put pressure on the owners of the assets of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. This failed, so now this pope wants to punish Manelli.

@Pontifex Punish Father Stefano Manelli because he won’t allow the assets of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate to be seized by this pope? Hey! Way to go, Bergoglio! The world is SOOO impressed with your “mercy.”

@Pontifex St. Francis of Assisi was a saint of poverty. But this current pope, his namesake? Hey, he LOVES all the money he can get his hands on, from the Knights of Malta, the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, the German bishops, ANYONE! Money, money, MONEY is all he wants!

@Pontifex Whaaaat? This current pope a hypocrite? Noooo, of course not. Just because he professes poverty and then tries to rake in all the money he can get his hands on, well, that doesn’t make him a hypocrite! Uh, does it?

@Pontifex We pray that Christ and His Mother will send us a good and decent pope. We beg God not to send us a clown again.

@Pontifex Clown popes were good enough for the times of St. Peter Damian and St. Catherine of Siena, but we don’t want another clown pope when the horrors of this current pontificate and its homosexualist hierarchy are finally, mercifully, ended.

@Pontifex 162,000 German Catholics left the Church in the most recent year for which there are figures Hey, it’s the FRANCIS EFFECT! That means that the Diocese of Essen, for example, lost 500 euros of government support PER CATHOLIC!

@Pontifex No wonder the rich German bishops are worried. They lose hundreds of euros of government money for each Catholic who leaves the Church And Church membership is down by 162,000 in the latest yearly figures. Intercommunion anyone?

@Pontifex It’s no wonder the German bishops are pushing Intercommunion for Protestant spouses of Catholics. The bishops lose HUNDREDS of euros of government money for EACH Catholic leaving the Church, and the latest annual figure is down by 162,000.

@Pontifex “60 percent of young German Catholics doubt that the Church has answers to questions that are really important to them.” Hey, no wonder German bishops are worried. They lose HUNDREDS of euros in state support for EACH PERSON leaving the Church.

@Pontifex Hey, could we have a little more “Francis effect” here in Germany, please? 162,000 Catholics left the Church in the most recent year for which figures are available. The bishops are worried about the government MONEY they’re losing!

@Pontifex 162,000 German Catholics left the Church in the most recent year for which figures are available. The German bishops are worried about the government MONEY they’re losing! And this current pope may be worried about the German money HE’S losing!

@Pontifex More “Francis effect” here in Germany? With 162,000 Catholics leaving the Church here every year (the latest figure) (, um, well, maybe we’ve had ENOUGH “Francis effect” for a while.

@Pontifex “I had told that person that he was playing with our lives…but as the provincial, he did nothing to defend (us), and ‘we began to have suspicions about his honesty.’ Yorio asserts that for years, Fr. Bergoglio subjected them to harassment.”

@Pontifex “The Church’s faithful are thus challenged to contemplate the possibility that they have as pope a figure who falls short of the standards of integrity that we have come to assume in that office.”

@Pontifex “The faithful thus contemplate the possibility that they have a pope…who has conducted a highly successful whitewashing campaign to present himself as a limpid spiritual figure, first to the Argentine public and then to the world as a whole.”

@Pontifex “The Catholic Church in Germany has captured the attention of Catholics everywhere for its bishops’ worrying innovations in Church life, particularly liturgy and doctrine.” And people STILL wonder why German Catholics leave the Church in droves?

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Prayer is never in vain: it always brings forth something new that, sooner or later, bears fruit.” And millions are praying for a speedy end to this pope’s reign, with its clergy rotten with homosexuals.

@Pontifex “Catholics who criticize their bishops (or pope) are not showing disrespect. On the contrary, those who revere the authority of a Catholic bishop (or pope) should protect that authority – if necessary, even from the man who occupies the office.”



Some Tweets:

@Pontifex “ ‘What (McCarrick) did was he ruined my life. I couldn’t live up to my ability — stay employed, married, have children. I lost all those opportunities because of him,’ James said, breaking into tears.” How long until this pope REACTS to all this?

@Pontifex When is this pope going to rescind McCarrick’s status as a cardinal? Or does this pope really CARE about this scandalous, horrific situation?

@Pontifex And McCarrick is STILL a cardinal?? What a JOKE this pontificate would be, if it weren’t at the same time so MONSTROUS!

@Pontifex This current pope tweets: “Grandparents are a treasure in the family.” True. And decent, honest popes are a treasure in the Church. We pray that God will soon free us from this clownish pontificate and send us a good pope, free of error, heresy, confusion, and anger.

@Pontifex “Cardinal McCarrick should be laicized and his enablers should resign: Psychiatrist”

@Pontifex Ah, the “modern” Church, the “Church of Nice,” the Church of James Martin, S.J., and the present pope and his cohort of homosexualist clergy.

@Pontifex The time has come.

@Pontifex “I will appoint over you shepherds after my own heart, who will shepherd you wisely and prudently.” – Jeremiah (3,14-17) Millions are praying that God will fulfill this prophecy soon, by ending this monstrous pontificate with its homosexualist clergy and hierarchy.

@Pontifex “Honduran seminarians report ‘irrefutable evidence’ of homosexual network” (National Catholic Register) Millions pray for a good and decent pope, one who can do away with this evil in the Church.

@Pontifex Now here’s a great idea. Cardinal Maradiaga says: don’t punish active homosexuals among Catholic seminarians, punish those who REPORT active homosexuals among seminarians. (That way it can all be kept quiet, right?)

@Pontifex “Do you really think we are stupid?…Did you really think we would let you destroy the Faith of our families, our treasure for 100 generations since Christ walked the earth? Think again, your excellencies.”

@Pontifex “Not one penny more.”

“Pope emphasizes ecology, dialogue, and networking in message to Catholic ethics conference” (Vatican Press Office) Oh, right. Ecology, dialogue, and networking are all we need to get rid of the homosexuality now rampant among the clergy.

@Pontifex “With McCarrick’s involvement in promoting the election of Bergoglio, it’s possible that once the dominoes start falling, the last one in this network of corruption that is protecting clerical abusers will fall at the feet of Pope Francis.

@Pontifex Millions of Catholics around the world are praying for a good and decent pope, without a homosexualist clergy.

@Pontifex So, McCarrick’s resigned his position as cardinal. That’s one down and how many more priests, bishops, and cardinals to go? Millions still pray for a good and decent pope, a real pope, free of error and heresy, one who can clear the remaining rot out of the Church.

@Pontifex This pope tweets: “Holiness is not only about the spirit ” No, it is also about the Church having a good and decent pope, one who does not allow homosexualist clergy to determine his priorities, a pope without error, confusion, heresy, or anger. We pray for such a pope.

@Pontifex Millions are praying for a good, decent, and GREAT pope who can restore God’s ruined Church, like the great popes of the past who have restored the Church in times of devastation, as in the 11th century, in St. Peter Damien’s time.

@Pontifex Millions of Catholics are asking, “How much longer, dear God, must we suffer under this present horrific pope and his clownish pontificate?”

@Pontifex Millions of Catholics are asking, “How much longer, dear God, must we suffer under this present horrific pope and his clownish pontificate?”

@Pontifex And the upcoming “Synod of Youth”? Will the clowns and homosexuals in the clergy and hierarchy use to spread their “LGBT” propaganda? Mother of God, beg your Son to stop them.

@Pontifex Catholics without number are asking, “This pontificate of clowns and perverts – when will it end?”

@Pontifex A friend prays, “Dear God, send us priests and bishops who still believe in You, still believe that You exist, still believe in the truths of the Gospel and the teachings of Your Church. Take away this crowd of theological dunces and homosexuals.”


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