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no copyleft lynching is2k7 guarantee

larry and pam
please come
you are cordially invited to is2k7

please come
bring your friends

here’s email from henry


We (i.e., Elsevier) are willing to contribute $10K to the conference, provided we get some sort of appropriate sponsorship acknowledgement.

In addition to inviting me (I’ve received and happily accept), I would be grateful if you could get invitations issued to YS Chi, Vice Chair of Elsevier, Mark Seeley, General Counsel of Elsevier, and Nick Fowler, Director of Strategy of Ellsevier.

We are still discussing the conference with a number of people in the industry who we feel would make a contribution to the event. We have encountered a degree of reluctance to engage in this sort of discussion, but I hope to be able to get back to you soon with quality names.

Best Regards,


i wrote back asking the obvious question, to which henry further replied:


The fear we’ve heard is that this will be yet another copyleft lynching party such as periodically staged by Larry and Pam.

I do think that a list of the tentatively commited university representatives (which I would use discreetly and with appropriate disclaimers), would be very helpful in showing that this is not at all the same old-same old.

Best Regards,


to which i replied:
henry, i give assurance that is2k7 will not be a copyleft lynching. the idea of the conference is to recognize the tremendous potential generativity of university in internet space and the opportunities of all involved to profit. the idea of a library of university of the future is one in which users (students) have access to information both copyrighted and open. derek bok is our honorary chair. sid verba is our honoree. our premise is that we (university) needs a symbiotic relationship with the corporate world. our attendees include librarians, museum curators, archivists, presidents, provosts, deans, counsels, professors, students. the tone and civility of the conversation engaged in between Y.S. Chi and Stuart Shieber will continue. We are looking for ways through to a new paradyme.

colin maclay chimes in:
hi henry,

to that end, if you have ideas on framing, format, invitees, or other means we can use to help us towards the reset of these relationships and the development of the new paradigm, we are ALL ears!

best regards,


are you following this?


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