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Daily Archive for Monday, April 2nd, 2007

catch a fire

catching up with time
looking at the head of my wordpress application seeing Your Drafts: Post # 41, sitting in limbo, sitting in limbo, Global Voices, kiwi, JZ +ZUCKERMAN=zz=bZZ, Let’s Hear IT for Librarians and Judges, dean’s advisory, Internet & Society, Trial of the Socratic Method, We are all maroons., Open WIFI on Elm Street – Greensboro, but all lit up in blue, like if you click on them something will happen.

invite ms. rastafari to talk about jamaica with the twins
invite to come to talk with us
what is rastafari as spirit of jamaica
what is our connection with nanny and the maroons
what is our expression through garvey and marley and F.W.Woolworth and Dred Scott

restorative justice
what it is and how to put it into action

this is the process courts institutionalize

what is the significance of the magnificent gathering charles ogletree is bringing together this week to rethink and relive Dred Scott? How does the sensibility represented by this gathering connect to the spirit of Marcus Garvey and Stokely Carmichael and the sit-ins in Greensboro and the place of race in American and Jamaican and global law and society?