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Daily Archive for Thursday, April 12th, 2007

please, help me with this question

How are universities similar to and different from for-profit businesses and what are the implications for their rights as owners and users of intellectual property?

This question, asked to me by Jeremy Williams, S.V.P. and Deputy General Counsel Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Jeremy has agreed to host a gathering in Los Angeles to discuss this question with me when I visit May 4, 2007.

Somewhere at the heart of this question are the core identities of university and for-profit corporation. what is the core identity of university? what of for-profit corporation?

start from the premise perhaps contestable that profit is at the core of for-profit corporate identity. staft from the premise that at the core of university identity is knowledge creation and dissemination.

reasoning from these premises who can explain to me why university should bear the burden of proof of fair use? do you see implications from this bearing on the request of RIAA for university acquiescence and cooperation in enabling settlement of copyright infringement claims against our students?

please, help me with these questions, and if not me than Jeremy.