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Daily Archive for Thursday, April 26th, 2007

breakfast with yinlan

is it the mission of university to promote and foster the creation and lawful use of intellectual property? this is the creed of RIAA

and if there is some vision of our mission which includes some contextualized true form of the riaa creed how should university seek to accomplish it?

riaa-mpaa let’s get to it

talk with me
be my client
let me speak with yours
you be he or she

we see the old form is broken
to dependant on threat of law to keep its leaking hulk afloat
we feel the plight of those of you caught within it to transcend to an open environment
let us help you find you way

come play a game with us
in which we build a university together and together set the norms
poker university numbers and norms reality in the game you play the ultimate name of the game

breakfast with yinglan recording to yap playing poker in second life in singapore and jamaica each helping the other to loosen up sorry for the terrible sound we were in noisy henrietta’s table