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Daily Archive for Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

seeking a Declaratory Judgment in the Court of Public Opinion

it’s the end of the world as we know it plays on speakers in my kitchen. sammy’s fed, fern is sleeping, water in the pool is warm, my body’s feeling fine, just a lttle stiff this morning. poker off the bat at 8:30 in the morning, dinner last night at sandrine’s as the frame. andy bloch beside me on my left, fern beside me on my right, dan walsh directly across the table from me like in a T, tyler tassin food his passion onthe end, andrew cross far left with bradt in the middle, amber and chuck on the other side, chuck wide. chuck won ten thousand dollars on a thirty dollar buy in and says he’s never played since so he’ll never be a loser, golf his passion. amber’s into finance, likes numbers, used to play poker but doesn’t much now, eyes that shine out, her passion finance . bradt is into declaratory judgments, his passion history, see his passion flash when he makes an argument. andrew into people, loves them. andy, like a bear to my left leaning forward eyes forward, ready to play the game for real, telling us how they cut in the commentary later, see it as a separate act, tournament life on the line. fern our teacher and photographer playing pass the camera around.

talk is naturally of poker, what will harold shaffer say about addiction? every parent knows some kid who got in trouble, maxed out mom’s credit card, stole the neighbor’s pocketbook. poker is gambling. gambling is an addiction. gambling is bad. q.e.d. your witness.

dan’s passion for the working of government in the service of his clients and his daughters, lobbyist for the poker industry wants to know is rounders real, talked about barney frank’s bill, told barney frank stories.

how can we win in the court of public opinion. how can we show the mothers of the kids who are getting in trouble how better to guide their kids. can we make a movie in which mom learn’s how to play the game. we should hear this morning about growing up in a poker playing family,
in handling risks so that kids find the learn.

session one today on addiction. you can blog it, oops, that comes first. what happens to the intellectual property this meeting represents? think from the core creative commons with outlet through the net. let the wall street journal message follow, let radio follow, let images and audio arranged in different streams from a sensibility that freedom to play online poker and net neutrality internet democracy go hand in hand. we are producing story. let’s do it right.

if you can talk about a problem civilly you can deal with the other problem that are getting in your way. learning how to talk about a problem civilly is what cyber law is all about. there is no law in cyberspace but code and norms.

so yes, first session on addiction, then next on what we learn and how we teach. third what is it that we teach, the nature of the skill, what is it that we know. fourth on where we go.