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Daily Archive for Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Gay? Fine by me: A Grassroots Example

(that’s andy bloch in the background behind annie duke and howard. andy made it happen, and dan walsh and michael bolcerek)

gay fine by me on my t shirt to open yesterday’s poker meeting now thinking about it as i load the audio from my morning walk into my machine along the way to linking it here. let’s hear it for barney frank. let’s hear it for taking a sensible approach to poker at all levels of our society and throughout the world.
now the task is to fill the wiki. jay kadane please give us your story. make us smile.

april 25, 2007 hubbard park cambridge massachusetts united states of america planet earth –howard lederer perhaps the smartest man i’ve ever met -right up there with mort halperin maybe past at this point i’d say yes -game theory at the hightest level -conversations at the top – john clippingerhoward lederer talk about war annie duke talk about negotiation the power of position play why do you want your opposite number in a negotiation to make the offer first?

todd rakoff to teach contracts in second life in contract when you make an offer you are vulnerable to having your offer accepted then you will have a deal but what enforces it what are its terms poker at the highest level how we deal how we make deals how we learn what it takes to keep them sometimes deals we have to make with ourselves. now the wiki to fill it in to offer report to the conference on friday

first we spoke about the caution of not finding happiness in a database though there was contest over whether we could look for it perhaps even in the doing of that find it. then talk of addiction our struggle to find it the effort that seemed right to me to rethink it as an issue of public health collective health a problem that is of all of us when we act in our best interest. sometimes best interest means taking care of part of yourself that is rebelling see how gently you can put rebellion down see how lovingly you can do it like stretching out a pain the pleasure of the stretch a thank you that the pain was there.

thank you poker stars you were wonderful right up to the end where we foundered on secrecy just a bit. so here’s to barney frank barney we are with you -who are we let us figure out some way to let you know -how do you play rhetorical poker -now you see do it now you see don’t like the cards that flip in three card monte the queen that’s never there -like avery playing poker, fun to remember that here hello to avery

then on from addictions to life skills where annie duke took over and showed you how a woman runs the room -thanks to her older brother that was really nice –think of sister ivy andrew spoke he was great -lookin out over that laptop silouette in the room red headed energy chin up great smile talked about doin it for the money and giving it up because the money wasn’t good enough wanted to do other things -then lunch sitting next to neil trying to read him not succeeding interesting guy long and lanky voice booming deep journalist from the wall street journal before whom others will not speak wanting to hold back information because it’s part of the release on which barney has first claim. so go for it barney. i say it again.

-then the afternoon is poker a game of skill yes unquestionably is it a game in which skill predominates over chance -what is the chance one setting about to make a game could make a game as elegant as this?

poker is a work of art an exquisite game it is education to play it who needs to be convinced of this who does not see it why do you not see it what have you got against us we’ve got nothing against you except that you won’t let us play hey forgive us we are your children growing up -on some things we think we know better and you know letting your kids grow up is learning to let them decide -it’s a sensibility of loosening up -what is the skill of poker did we pin that down i don’t think so -what does it mean for skill to predominate well what do you mean it to mean do you mean it to mean that we can’t play this game howard lederer annie duke michael bolcerek keith whyte what is this game we play -what is the core of poker -the wiki’s there all you do is press [edit] i wish i’d showd them

going back over the aftermath at the noir bar cold sitting outdoors feeling shake inside sitting with howard fern andrew fern speaks of richard lederer as the greatest english teacher her face lit up when she connected howard and annie both sitting there with their dad and back around through st. pauls alright so it seems well enough done in one way and yet was feeling down in the cold of the noir not as warm as i wanted it to be it seems it has come later

so if one can’t find happiness in a database where can you find it we live in a digital world i guess we have to find it in a second life -the other one -the one besides this -the place where we aren’t when we are where we are right now -and be so much in that moment so well tuned in that you can see down the pathways of the other. that’s the story i heard howard tell across the table from i love that man gabe kaplan somewhere the clip is on the net -the four o’clock session with the blue letters of the attorney generals opinion up on the screen coming around to run the arrow on the computer issac gave me his card andrew speaking out like clarity sign up for a clinical with the berkman center to work on a declaratory judgment action with andrew bradt of ropes and gray

we talked about universities with alcohol policies but not gambling policies and noted that those who had gambling policies were against it -we struggled with the taxonomy in which we are encased as meme -poker reclaim the name see it for the elegant game it is -who are the people you are playing against in poker -who are the people you are playing with -who will sign up for a berkman clinical project to help draft a model policy for a university with respect to poker

who will help the university generate its norm -who will convene the meeting send out the invitations -who will fill the wiki in when the conference event is done