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free to all

john palfrey leads the Digital Public Library of America (see the likeness?)

“we need a mechanism to start building, in an iterative fashion … on open-source code base, with metadata that is as open as we can make it, the materials openly available, and always “free to all”

free to all means capable of use without fear of copyright infringement

this requires:
(a) a registry of impeccable credential; and (b) legal means to defend it and its users against legal attack

we can do this

lessig on fire – hacking at the root of evil

‘Should Corporations Decide Our Elections’ A Big Apple Coffee Party Forum–7:00pm-October 15, 2010 at the All Souls Unitarian Church, in NYC, NY

the audio condenses to essence (3:30)


my edit of what lessig has to say


design and build a digital registry of copyright and public domain

embedded in larger design of the digital library of knowledge

Good Piece in the Register

World’s dumbest file-sharer guilty for third time

Everyone loses

By Andrew Orlowski

Orlowski observes:

Copyright and the statutory damages framework are unchanged – as they were after the Tenenbaum verdict, in which Nesson had vowed to “put the record industry on trial.” Thomas-Rasset maintains her innocence in defiance of all reason – part of the reason for the original guilty verdict three years ago was that her peers felt she was insulting their intelligence, and wasting public money by bringing such a weak case to court. The plaintiffs will never see the damages, and don’t want it anyway. The defendant’s lawyers have been working pro bono, so there’s an opportunity cost for them, too.

why are we in it

what are we fighting for


an addition to the Register piece – subsequent to the initial rejection of my amicus offering, Judge Davis accepted my amicus brief, asked the riaa to respond, to which, when they did, i replied. The issues are now finally coming clear. Four trials now demonstrate that the court’s misapplication of the copyright law predictably leads to wildly excessive unconstitutional verdicts. Something is obviously wrong.

Orlowski concludes, “Nobody has become richer, or wiser. And Thomas-Rasset insists it must drag on. ® “

One can see that Orlowski does not play poker. as bob seger sings in face the promise, you won’t stop there. game still on.


songs as shared things

wayne\'s tweets

no ruling yet on whether wayne will be allowed to testify

but please, read this
thank you wayne, however this goes

obama internet platform

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draft lessig
to be chairman of the fcc

put the net in the hands of people who love it

Forwarded conversation
Subject: obama platform

From: Charles Nesson
Date: Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 9:44 AM
To: Lawrence Lessig

on monday night (july 28) i am hosting a Listen to America platform meeting on Internet Democracy and Education.
where better to start than with your thought. what would you say is platform number one?

From: Lawrence Lessig
Date: Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 6:13 PM
To: Charles Nesson


From: Charles Nesson
Date: Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 8:40 AM
To: Lawrence Lessig

you put a . after trust

trust what
trust whom
trust why

From: Lawrence Lessig
Date: Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 7:50 PM
To: Charles Nesson

trust in the very idea of government. that differences might be differences of good faith. that agreement might be won for the right reason.



i want to thank everybody for coming here today and especially the people who were here from the beginning

eric wiseman
tom smuts
dave marglin
jon zittrain
john perry barlow
larry lessig
alex and wendy
myles berkman
fern and eric saltzman

we are here to talk about the future of the net.

my vision of the future of the net is the same as the vision i enunciated ten years ago.

cyberspace is an integrated media realm of stories told and shared by digitally connected and enabled hearts and minds.
WE are the Future of the Internet. We have good stories to live and to tell.
let us make our stories represent our values of
open code
open access
open talk
open education
let’s bridge the digital divide
let’s build the commons of the net

Re: Casinos and games in education

thank you pablo. i will forward you an interesting story

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 6:02 PM, Pablo Baques wrote:

Hello Charlie.

My name is Pablo Baqués and I shared with you lunch at Berkman today.

I am interested in the CASINO bill from several angles.

One. I live in Newport, RI, where we have a vociferous group that makes opposition to casinos about 60% of their daily activities.

Two.Like you, I see many possible favorable outcomes from the study of games. I have authored myself a program called The Necklaces (read about it here), which, although not strictly an “outcome” game does rely on imagination and creativity to “win”.

Three, I am a history buff in my scarce spare time, and this struggle in Newport falls within my interest ( I love Newport, and would like to see it turn a little more liberal and less stuffy). And yes, I also want to learn more about these “earmarks”!

If I can find it, I would like to share with you a past edition (UNavailable on line, sorry…) of our very own Newport Daily News ( relating to a town meeting where the casiNO group expressed loudly their views…

Also, I wanted to thank you for making what seemed to have turned into a blank Tuesday at Berkman one of the most interesting and lively.

take care.

Pablo Baqués
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, BOSTON
Skype name: pbaques

when appropriate (in my judgment) to an open project and not sensitive (in my judgment) in terms of privacy, i may post email to my blog. all privacy requests respected.

To: lessig, larry – Subject: still in the game

i listened yesterday and watched your concession speech. while there was much to commend it, i felt there needed to be less and more, less down, more warmth and affirmative strategy. we need to reach out to jackie speier, see her smiling face, not just a locomotive.

larry, you formulated an excellent strategy to change congressional corruption: a stunning internet-sparked win by you and ccc attracting both local and national attention, even international, would have made ccc attractive for other candidates in future races because of ccc’s demonstrated capacity to deliver votes. okay, you misjudged the challenge and have decided not to run. but your strategy works even though you are not the one who wins with it. if you throw your energy into supporting jackie speier‘s election by a turnout in your district that so far exceeds what would otherwise be expected without support of ccc, that would make evident the potential strength of ccc for other candidates. your district would make a statement, led by their new congresswoman and their leading academic, backed by ccc and the interest and support you can raise. we can focus celebrity and intelligence on the april 8 election to express our message.

you don’t need to be the candidate.

don’t be down. though you are understandably disappointed at disengagement, no need.
a movement has started and this way we get to keep you as professor.



what are your thoughts when facing an opponent.
there is no opponent.

jackie speier – take the ccc challenge


will you agree that if we turn out a vote for you 15% higher than your expectation that you will adopt the CCC pledge