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To: lessig, larry – Subject: still in the game

i listened yesterday and watched your concession speech. while there was much to commend it, i felt there needed to be less and more, less down, more warmth and affirmative strategy. we need to reach out to jackie speier, see her smiling face, not just a locomotive.

larry, you formulated an excellent strategy to change congressional corruption: a stunning internet-sparked win by you and ccc attracting both local and national attention, even international, would have made ccc attractive for other candidates in future races because of ccc’s demonstrated capacity to deliver votes. okay, you misjudged the challenge and have decided not to run. but your strategy works even though you are not the one who wins with it. if you throw your energy into supporting jackie speier‘s election by a turnout in your district that so far exceeds what would otherwise be expected without support of ccc, that would make evident the potential strength of ccc for other candidates. your district would make a statement, led by their new congresswoman and their leading academic, backed by ccc and the interest and support you can raise. we can focus celebrity and intelligence on the april 8 election to express our message.

you don’t need to be the candidate.

don’t be down. though you are understandably disappointed at disengagement, no need.
a movement has started and this way we get to keep you as professor.



what are your thoughts when facing an opponent.
there is no opponent.

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