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Re: Casinos and games in education

thank you pablo. i will forward you an interesting story

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 6:02 PM, Pablo Baques wrote:

Hello Charlie.

My name is Pablo Baqués and I shared with you lunch at Berkman today.

I am interested in the CASINO bill from several angles.

One. I live in Newport, RI, where we have a vociferous group that makes opposition to casinos about 60% of their daily activities.

Two.Like you, I see many possible favorable outcomes from the study of games. I have authored myself a program called The Necklaces (read about it here), which, although not strictly an “outcome” game does rely on imagination and creativity to “win”.

Three, I am a history buff in my scarce spare time, and this struggle in Newport falls within my interest ( I love Newport, and would like to see it turn a little more liberal and less stuffy). And yes, I also want to learn more about these “earmarks”!

If I can find it, I would like to share with you a past edition (UNavailable on line, sorry…) of our very own Newport Daily News ( relating to a town meeting where the casiNO group expressed loudly their views…

Also, I wanted to thank you for making what seemed to have turned into a blank Tuesday at Berkman one of the most interesting and lively.

take care.

Pablo Baqués
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, BOSTON
Skype name: pbaques

when appropriate (in my judgment) to an open project and not sensitive (in my judgment) in terms of privacy, i may post email to my blog. all privacy requests respected.

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