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Daily Archive for Saturday, April 28th, 2007

how to play a hand

at the noir bar after our poker meeting howard lederer told me about an interesting hand of poker he played with gabe kaplan. i asked him to send me the link.

the hand occurs about 1/3rd of the way through, and here’s my blog of the experience of watching and listening to the leadup and the segment.

glitz for a full minute at the beginning
how the people who talk the game play the game
howard says he’s an analyst
mike sexton pushes it doing his thing
conversation going at the table
this is not a good idea because conversation at the poker table is desultory
blind 200 400
gabe in the big blind with 24000
lederer on the button 10s 7s with 15000
raises to 1200
kaplan qs js
flop 2d Ah 8s
gabe checks
howard bets 1300
gabe calls

turn 2h
kaplan bets 3000
howard calls

river Ad
gabe checks
howard bets 3000
gabe folds

in this hand there is a script expressed in the calls and raises
as judith donath observes this is communicative betting
howard, i’d love you to tell the story in words play by play
at each move pause and let clippinger and halperin have their say
this is pure poker

what did gabe think howard had
how did howard lead gabe to think that

here’s my morning audio walk transcribed:

april 27, 2007, i fell off my bike last night, skidded in the rain when i put on the brakes, not too bad considering, felt my helmet hit the pavement, felt the cushion of it, felt my shoulder hit, no cushion. i feel it now. it happened after charles ogletree’s conference salute to john doar

knowledge above authority -if knowledge is above authority and wants authority to respond to knowledge wisely how would one best proceed? is it a prisoner’s dilemma in which we are always required to tat? or can we give a little tit without getting carried away.

what are the ways in which issues press your buttons. what are the issues on which you could loosen up.

play with digital media that’s the name of our game -michael yap writes back delighted to collaborate in playing with digital media -back to singapore this summer comes state of play -i began this play with you when last i was there walking along that lovely esplanade out in front of the ritz hotel enjoying a weed in the land of lee quan yu and then offering that information to the crew i was teaching cyberlaw to, eight faces from the office of the attorney general at full attention, intelligence engaged -how could singaporeans learn to loosen up, how about coming to jamaica, how could jamaicans learn to tighten up just enough to get the place running right, visit singapore -suppose each were to create the other in virtual reality what would the other look like -could we meet in second life to learn to play poker together

on the thursday night of the is2k7 conference there is an open slot, a time for people who have had food for thought to sit down and play some poker -suppose we were to play in a newly structured way, suppose we were to record it, make it an asset, fill the airwaves -would we enjoy would we learn.

my shoulder stiff and aching last night i was up in the middle wathcing tv, watched poker after dark on nbc, saw little new in form over world poker tour but could see a more interesting way of using the talents there on display, wrote to howard this morning to see what he would say.