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Listen to Lawyers Talk about Experiences with Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook

It seems that social networking is reaching a tipping point — everybody’s doing it. And yet, lawyers are still wary as a group. To learn more about what lawyers are thinking about and doing with these online networking tools, listen

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LinkedIn for Lawyers on the Rise?

Kevin O’Keefe over at Real Lawyers Have Blogs, has more to say on the topic of lawyers and social media — mostly that lawyers use of LinkedIn is becoming an avalanche… check it out. Related post: MySpace for Lawyers?

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Boston Blogger Meetup

Boston bloggers gathered last night to welcome to town Kevin O’Keefe, the Godfather of Law Blogging. Kevin is the president and founder of the attorney blogging platform Lexblog, Inc. He’s here in Boston to present at LMA New England’s luncheon

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MySpace for Lawyers?

With all the talk about social networks, law firm marketers and attorneys are wondering, “Should I have a MySpace page?” Such was a flurry of activity on the Legal Marketing Association List-serv this past week where most legal marketers poo-pooed

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What’s the Value of Martindale in a Google-centric World?

Clients have been asking a lot recently about what other firms are doing regarding Martindale-Hubbell listings. The cost seems steep to most firms especially when you compare the click-throughs that come from the directory to those coming from other sources

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Don’t Forget the Power of the Traditional Press and Other Do’s and Don’ts

In this age of electronic media, it’s easy to get caught up in leveraging your web site and e-communications, that you spend so much time and energy on them, you neglect the old tried-and-true pieces of your marketing/sales/customer relationship mix.

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Lawyers Slow To Embrace Blogs ABA Survey Says

The annual ABA Legal Technology Survey Report is out and shows again that law firms are slow to adopt new technologies. There is a convenient audio summary audio summary by ABA’s Laura Ikens that discusses the results in brief covering

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Web Sites Rule in Lead Generation

I’ve been meaning to post on another item of interest from’s “What’s Working in Lead Generation” (for professional services firms) that I originally referenced in this previous post. It is the question asking participants, Where would you spend an

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48 Tips for Better Writing, Reporting

Valuable footprints from this month’s National Writers Workshop in Hartford, Connecticut have been left on this Poynteronline blog, 48 Tips in 48 Hours, a collection of practical reporting and writing ideas. Even if you’re not a reporter with a beat,

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Amy’s 2006 Top Ten Web Diversions

Here’s my annual internet stocking stuffed with what’s trendy, newsworthy and just plain fun in web content. Get ready for hours of viewing, listening and reading/linking pleasure! Bookmark this page for future reference. Happy Holidaze! 1. Top Web Video Spot

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How People “Read” on the Web

I participated in a focus group with a client recently, which among other things, studied the way people use the web to find specific information. It was a good reminder that no matter how sophisticated we get using computers and

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My Web Site SEO Tips

If you came here looking for my web site SEO tips, you’ve come to the wrong place! A law firm management newsletter incorrectly attributed content from my article Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Web Site’s Search Engine Ranking to

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Blogs, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

For those who still think that blogs are just diaries of what people had for breakfast… check this out: The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School held yesterday a symposium titled Bloggership: How Blogs Are Transforming

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Amy’s 2005 Top Ten Web Diversions

1. Top Resource Google. You knew that already, right? But do you know how to take advantage of the world’s most powerful information tool? Invest a few minutes to read The Essentials of Google Search and become the info-god you

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Blog Lesson #3

Proving my point that if you write it they will come: whenever I blog anything halfway original or opinionated, it generates traffic. Latest case in point is the post below this one — simply a summary of an LMA panel

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Legal Guide to Blogging from EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has put together a comprehensive Legal Guide for Bloggers. Although it’s called a legal guide, it’s not legal advice (you need a real lawyer for that) — but it’s a great resource for those who worry

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Law firm web trends in sales and service era

As clients of law firms are demanding value outside of the billable hour and want firms to demonstrate specific, recent, relevant experience, web sites are playing an ever important role in a firm’s ability to differentiate itself and demonstrate expertise,

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Blogs on television…

Funny Jon Stewart bit on cable news coverage of blogs! [kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”360″ height=”301″ wmode=”transparent” /]

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Your 15 minutes are up…

More proof in the universe that narrowcasting is the future and mass culture is dying: this Cat and Girl comic. (Posted by permission. Thanks Dorothy.) For more, see Cat and Girl archives.

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It’s not about blogs, it’s about being relevant

Coinciding with Larry Bodine‘s presentation on “Starting a Blog for New Business and Revenue” at the Legal Marketing Association – New England Chapter‘s monthly meeting, were articles on blogging in both the Wall Street Journal and Business Week (see Blogs

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