Amy’s 2005 Top Ten Web Diversions

1. Top Resource
Google. You knew that already, right? But do you know how to take advantage of the world’s most powerful information tool? Invest a few minutes to read The Essentials of Google Search and become the info-god you were meant to be.
Hiding behind Google’s famous front page is a host of services and tools to explore — most useful/amazing among them: Google Alerts, Google Maps, and Google Earth. Want to emulate Google as a company? Read Google’s Ten Golden Rules.

2. Top Archive
Some day all information will be available online via Google. In the meantime, there’s the Internet Archive. Dip into the archive, or type your web address into the Wayback Machine and see the past come back to life before your eyes.

3. Top User-Contributed Content Tool
Blogs are so last year. The more interesting story in 2005 is the collection of web tools that enhance web logs and web sites (and stand alone on their own merits). The standout among them is Flickr, a web app. for publishing and sharing photos online — but it is so much more. Its applications for social networking and live reporting are pushing the new-media envelope in interesting ways. Consider the role Flickr played during the immediate aftermath of the London bombings and Katrina — Flickr users on the scene shared their first-hand photo reports lickety-split from multiple perspectives. See Flickr Toys for an ever growing list of ways to use Flickr — including the Calendar maker, which helped me make this calendar for you.

4. Top Market Shift
The mass market is dead. Long live the long tail. I bookmarked The Long Tail early this year as an interesting site to keep tabs on and include as a top new media trend. Business Week seems to agree, having identified it as one of the top ideas of 2005. The net changes everything.
For a thorough introduction to the economics of the long tail, see this Wired article.

5. Top Mashes
As a collage artist, I am abnormally fond of “mash ups” — pop tunes ripped and torn, and cut-and-pasted together into a completely new beast. Last year it was the Grey Album, this year it’s the unlikely duo of Queen and 50 Cent,
listen here
. Discover more at Mash Culture — like this unlikely matchup/mashup of Dr. Dre and a track from Grease.

Holiday Bonus: This stocking full of Christmas Mash-ups. My favorite: Christmas in Boston. Also, see The Riddim Method for more mashes.

Software Bonus: Mashups aren’t just for music anymore… read “Mix, Match and Mutate — homespun combinations of mainstream services are altering the Net.”

6. Top Creative Dip
Again on the user-contributed content beat, is a site to check from time to time for creativity that bubbles up rather than trickles down — like this captivating, animated song.

7. Top Bunny Re-enactment
Last year’s It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 Seconds reenacted by bunnies, cannot be outdone. But A Christmas Story in 30 Seconds reenacted by bunnies comes awfully close. Check out more bunny madness at

8. Top Flashback
Boot up a little Space Invaders and Pac-man and crack open a Miller High Life and it’s 1979 in Cleveland Circle all over again. These vintage video games that you can play on your PC will really take you back.

9. Top Web Toy
Montage-a-Google creates instant-art by turning your Google search term into a spiffy, topical montage. It’s great for making gift covers for iTunes CDs. View samples 1, 2, 3, 4. Now try it yourself.

10. Top of the Heap
Here’s a quick sampling of top Google rankings I have helped my clients achieve for these keyword searches:
new hampshire law firm” = #1, #2
largest settlements” = #1, #2
largest verdicts massachusetts” = #1, #2
velasmooth massachusetts” = #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
information of value” = #1

Are you looking to enhance your Google presence? Give me a call to discuss improving your visibility via search engines.

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