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Communication Tip: Fight Capitalization Creep

(Updated August 1, 2018) Do your firm’s communications suffer from capitalization creep? It’s an insidious virus that infects the writing of many a professional — lawyers chief among them — resulting in an over abundance of capitalized words on a

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Marketing Legal Services the Free Way

The ever-thoughtful and social-media-savvy Doug Cornelius has a great blog post, Free and Law Firms, commenting on the book Free: The Future of a Radical Price and how it applies to the marketing of legal services. The book is written

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Martindale Hubbell Blown to Bits?

I can’t offer my own opinion on Martindale-Hubbell Connected — the Lexis Nexis venture into bringing its traditional directory product into the world of social networking and Web 2.0 and regain some relevance in the realm of lawyer shopping —

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Free Chapter on Business Development for Lawyers

A free chapter from the book, Legal Business Development – A Step by Step Guide by Jim Hassett, Ph.D., is now available on Legal Marketing Reader. The chapter is Six Facts About New Business and it boils down some fundamentals

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Attorney Business Plan Worksheet

Two legal services business development pros, Beth Cuzzone and Catherine MacDonagh, authors of the book, The Law Firm Associate’s Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills, offer up a free chapter and this valuable PDF planning tool: Individual Lawyer’s Business

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Law Firm Marketers’ Favorite Business Books

I recently conducted a quick-and-dirty e-mail survey* of a select group of law firm marketers and consultants to get a read on what they read. More specifically, I asked these thought leaders to name their favorite marketing/sales/strategy books that I

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Business Development Pipeline Is “The Missing Link” of Law Firm Marketing

I come to law firm business development from the marketing and communications side of things — branding, graphics, web sites, brochures, newsletters, writing, informational content, etc. (the awareness and positioning piece). When I landed my first law firm client, I

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