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Legal Services Predictions and Trends for 2014

Here is a collection of informative trend pieces and prognostications on where legal services is headed. If you have other resources you would like to add to this list, please use the comment feature to add them. Legal Industry Predictions

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish — Steve Jobs’s home page on October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford 2005 Watch it again on YouTube

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So Begins My 10th Year of Blogging!

Somehow I became aware of the fact that this month marks my 9th anniversary as a blogger. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’ve shared a lot of it here. Anyhow, I think it is a milestone worth

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What This Blog Is About

Here’s a visual representation (or tag cloud) of what this blog is about. It was created using, a tag cloud generator. It works with any web page URL or you can input your own text. Try it. It’s fun.

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Celebrating Teamwork ala Celtics

Not that this town “needed” a parade, but getting one in a particular shade of Green was especially inspiring and gratifying to anyone who believes that true teamwork trumps a loose collection of individual talent. See related post: Sales and

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Things That Make You Go, Hmm…

I just read this post over on Charles Green’s Trust Matters (a blog I keep up with via Legal Marketing Reader): Hey! Your Company Just Turned Into a Supply Chain! Green describes how to rethink the way we do business,

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48 Tips for Better Writing, Reporting

Valuable footprints from this month’s National Writers Workshop in Hartford, Connecticut have been left on this Poynteronline blog, 48 Tips in 48 Hours, a collection of practical reporting and writing ideas. Even if you’re not a reporter with a beat,

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Amy’s 2006 Top Ten Web Diversions

Here’s my annual internet stocking stuffed with what’s trendy, newsworthy and just plain fun in web content. Get ready for hours of viewing, listening and reading/linking pleasure! Bookmark this page for future reference. Happy Holidaze! 1. Top Web Video Spot

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Amy’s 2005 Top Ten Web Diversions

1. Top Resource Google. You knew that already, right? But do you know how to take advantage of the world’s most powerful information tool? Invest a few minutes to read The Essentials of Google Search and become the info-god you

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Listen to Steve Jobs’ Speech

Take 17 minutes out of your busy day to listen to Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech — it will be worth it. I keep recommending this to folks, so I figured I’d just post it here for easy access. Stay

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Hey, my Infoworks! web site has fallen out of Google. Has this ever happened to you? I assume the server was down when Google did its last index. I’m posting this in an attempt to get it back in the

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Blogs on television…

Funny Jon Stewart bit on cable news coverage of blogs! [kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”360″ height=”301″ wmode=”transparent” /]

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Amy’s 2004 Top Ten Web Diversions

Here’s my annual contribution to the seasonal dip in office productivity — my top ten list of interesting and innovative web content links. Enjoy. Be inspired. 1. Top Team Relive the magic! The’s Red Sox multimedia files of the

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Google‘s wearing the red ribbon today and lending the power and reach of its homepage to raise awareness of the world AIDS epidemic.

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Go Sox!

What all Red Sox fans look like on the inside today/tonight. (This little darlin’ sat in front of me at the infamous Game 3 ALCS)

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A picture is worth…

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Amy’s 2003 Top Ten Web Diversions

Nothing like a blizzard to get some end-of-the-year wrap up chores done. Among them is my “fun” Top Ten list for 2003. I have another more useful one in the works. Enjoy. 1. Top Words If you can’t use the

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My Web Log Experiment – Part 3

Not much to report as I’ve not been very active lately. However, my blog continues to pull viewers as I hover around the 45th spot on the Harvard rankings… a kind of autopilot driven by the power of archives in

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Testing the Markets of Information

Lately I’ve been using blogs (or web logs) as experiments to test the markets of information. As the web (read Google) evolves, it gets better at rewarding good content. While email systems have trouble routing out spam, Google seems to

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My Web Log Experiment – Month 2

Two-month status report see one-month status report here In month two, I tried to tame myself from blogging’s addictions. Following links until my eyes pop out… Checking my referrers list… tracking hits to my website from my blog and elsewhere.

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