Amy’s 2004 Top Ten Web Diversions

Here’s my annual contribution to the seasonal dip in office productivity — my top ten list of interesting and innovative web content links.
Enjoy. Be inspired.

1. Top Team
Relive the magic! The’s Red Sox multimedia files of the World Series and ALCS will bring a smile to your face and lump in your throat. Yes, it really did happen. See full archive here. Also see video highlights on

2. Top Trends
What are the latest bleeding-edge consumer trends and marketspeak sweeping the globe? Go to so you can toss around terms like “snobmoddities,” “digital embrace” and “generation-C“.

3. Top Manifestos
See what’s happening at Change This. Kind of like business school for the wireless-black-turtleneck-triple-expresso set. Start with Hugh (The Hughtrain)
MacLeod’s How To Be More Creative to inspire your New Year’s
resolutions. See more manifestos here.

4. Top News Interface
10 x 10 is a surprising and visually fluid approach to scanning the top, world news stories — you can almost see topic trends develop before your eyes, one hour at a time.

5. Top Remix
DJ Danger Mouse caused a stir when he created “The Grey Album” by merging The Beatles’ “White Album” and Jay-Z’s “Black Album.” Critics loved it; IP lawyers hated it! Learn and listen at And now there’s a Grey Video, too.

Speaking of remix: How about this re-edit of “The Planet of the Apes” movie as a Twilight Zone episode, or “It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 Seconds” re-enacted by bunnies!

6. Top Panoramas
Amazing photography! Visit Mars, sail around the world, climb Everest, party in Times Square… all without leaving your chair. See full archive here.

7. Top Art Maker
TypoGenerator creates abstract art from typography you select. Type in your favorite letters, name or phrase and make instant art. Don’t like it? Try again. (A great way to make CD covers for your iTunes playlists.)

8. Top Scrabble Score
Word nerds: Check out this animated, creative non-fiction piece about one woman’s quest for the perfect Scrabble play at VidLit.

9. Top Work Break
If you’ve read this far, you need this: Yoga for the desk-bound.

10. Top Google Love Potions
How do you get Google to fall in love with your web site? Read my Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Web Site’s Search Engine Ranking and take advantage of my offer for a free SEO audit.

To add your comments or favorite web diversions, use the comments link below.

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