The Best Stuff Is Worth Repeating

Below are links to some of the best advice I have posted on this blog. As mentioned on the About page, I am a curious student of law firm marketing, and what I learn out there, I share here on this blog. Well, after a while on this beat, the same themes and best advice have repeated themselves over and over. The links below are shortcuts to some of the standard wisdom. While the dates and stats may have changed a bit, the basic advice can still be taken to heart.

What Your Client Won’t Tell You… But This Guy Just Did

Law Firm Client Satisfaction Down, Hiring on the Rise

What Drives Corporate Counsel in Their Relationship with Outside Counsel?

Business Development Pipeline Is “The Missing Link” of Law Firm Marketing

Lawyers Slow To Embrace Blogs ABA Survey Says

Want Business? Survey Says: Pick Up the Phone

Law Firm Marketers’ Favorite Business Books

Lawyers, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

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