A Digest of Legal Services Trends for 2008 (updated)

I’m noticing a lot of hits to this blog for queries related to “legal services trends for 2008,” because of these two previous posts:

Summary of Law Firm Marketing Trends, 30 Years After Bates v. Arizona

Legal Services Trends 2007-2008

So, for the convenience of others, I offer below links to a collection of other trend articles and posts that I’ve recently run across. If you have other links to add, please leave a comment and I will keep expanding the list. While they don’t all paint a rosy picture, I hope you find them helpful in bringing you up to speed or providing perspective on market trends.

Added 2/18: Hildebrandt 2008 Client Advisoryhighlights trends in 2007, and those it believes will impact the market in 2008.

Survey: Corporate Lawsuits, Use of Outside Counsel Trending Downward – New England In-House

Hot Legal Jobs for 2008 – Robert Half Legal

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession – Robert Denney via ABA LPM

Doom and Gloom for the Legal Profession – It’s Coming – Gerry Riskin

Get Ready for the Recession – Larry Bodine

The Legal Profession Has Entered a Recession – Larry Bodine

Law Firm Marketing Technology Trends – ABA Law Practice

Am Law 200 Managing Partners Issue Fog Advisory for 2008

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