Law Firms Getting “Cuddly”?

Just a quick pointer to this article found on the New York Times most e-mailed articles list in case you missed it: Who’s Cuddly Now? Law Firms. It covers trends in flex-time, the billable hour, and work/lifestyle at law firms large and small.

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Posted in Law Firm Marketing
One comment on “Law Firms Getting “Cuddly”?
  1. Dan Cox says:

    It’s about making quality-of-life one of your areas of expertise, isn’t it. One way to achieve it is to hire a legal ghostwriter to generate articles that are contributed to business journals and industry trade publications–which often welcome contributed content, and are routinely read by prospective clients.

    This is one way to do business development without diluting billable hours or cutting into personal time. A win/win to be certain. Because the attorney can spend the time they save with those who matter more than their practice.