Advantages of Boutique Law Firms

godinMass High Tech takes a page from Seth Godin with its article Small: The New Big, which discusses how bigger isn’t always better for law firms looking to differentiate themselves. The article points out how tech boutiques sell on expertise and reduced overhead, and even in an age of law firm mergers, some firms prefer to remain small, specialized and nimble despite buyout offers from the big firms. While the phrase “small is the new big” may not have been coined by Seth Godin, he definitely has made it famous with his best selling book by the same name. Here is his original blog post from a couple years ago on the concept. May it inspire others to stop emulating what you’re not, and start emphasizing the unique value and service that you can and do offer your clients. (Disclosure: The Mass High Tech article features my client, Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton.)

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