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Spring in the air

According to this site, the 2004 Vernal Equinox happens at 6:41 UT (Universal Time) on March 20, which puts it at 23:41 Pacific Standard Time on March 19. According to this other site, the Vernal Equinox is observed as a holiday from 6pm of the evening prior to the day listed, but I bet they’re not terribly scientific about it, fiddling with UT and PST and all that. I think the basic message for us on the other side of UT is that tonight, regardless of atomic clocks, we fly our tulips.


  1. My freesia and a few of my cacti are blooming!

    Comment by Joel — March 19, 2004 #

  2. My freesias are already past blooming — ditto for the clematis, but the broom is going strong. So, do I dare say it? Fly my broom tonight?

    Don’t know about up there in Victoria, but here, north of San Francisco, we, who like to do things differently, skipped spring this year just so that we can have our own endless summer (and a preview of sorts for that new movie you mentioned, “The Day After Tomorrow.”

    Comment by maria — March 19, 2004 #

  3. Well, it’s definitely nice and springy here, but certainly not as warm (hot??) as you’re getting it in California. Clematis is in bloom, but it’s not gone yet. Broom is also blooming, has been for a while (Scotch broom, highly invasive, yellow flowers), and it’s way too thorny for flying on, ouch! Then we had a spell of rotten weather (in time for the unexpected drop-in of Endora, er, I mean, my oldest sister from Tokyo), but now it’s just delightful again.

    Nothing like what you’re getting in Marin or in Orange Counties though! But you’re in the same neighbourhood of latitudes as Italy, aren’t you? Meanwhile, in Boston they had snow: aren’t you glad you’re not putting up with that?

    Comment by Yule Heibel — March 22, 2004 #

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