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Archive for September, 2008

Test post

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Just a test, as something seems to be broken with my feed reader and I need to check whether it’s a one-off problem or something deeper.

Another confirmation that cross-use is crucial: “Reinventing Grand Army Plaza”

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I just came across this piece on Cool Hunting, on Reinventing Grand Army Plaza.  This bit really jumped out for me: With regal statues and a sparkling fountain, it’s majestic and — its function as a busy traffic circle separates the cultural landmark from the surrounding pedestrian sidewalks — inaccessible. In other words, the traffic […]

I’ll be back (i.e., I am back)

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

A quick sign of life from me, the semi-absent blog owner: after another month of slacking (because I was too busy doing other stuff), I now resolve — nay, promise! — to get back to regular blogging. Some astute readers may have noticed that I stopped posting my Daily Diigo bookmarks.  I’ll re-institute them. And […]

Comment on A VC’s post, “Community Organization Is A Conservative Notion”

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I’m reblogging a comment I made earlier today to Fred Wilson’s post, Community Organization Is A Conservative Notion, in part because I want to test the functionality and whether it works with my blog.  (Update: Harvard Weblogs denied access, so I’m putting this in by hand.) Read Fred’s post here — there is […]

Sometimes I see spots, and they’re granular…

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

It’s a weird sensation: take a basic idea — but it has to be something big, like …oh, beauty — and then read around in various and different-from-one-another fields, and let the basic idea act like a filter, …or is it like a connector?  Whichever, but you begin to notice basic transferability or kinship between […]

A comment on “Sarah Palin: the liberal voter’s worst nightmare” by John Carlson

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Crosscut Seattle published Sarah Palin: the liberal voter’s worst nightmare, by John Carlson, a “longtime Republican” who in this article “enumerates the many ways by which Gov. Sarah Palin could become the most beloved national figure since Ronald Reagan.” Ok, let’s just agree to disagree here. What really interests me is a reader comment by […]

Jane Jacobs on “differences, not duplications”

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Rereading Jane Jacobs‘s classic, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, and came across the following on p.169, in the chapter on “The Uses of City Neighborhoods”: Almost nobody travels willingly from sameness to sameness and repetition to repetition, even if the physical effort required is trivial. Differences, not duplications, make for cross-use and […]

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