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Archive for December, 2003

No Floppys were harmed in the making of this entry

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

After my enviro-BSE-bad restaurants rant on the 27th, I felt the pain of overdoing the stitchery on the negativity blanket. But not for long, no, not for long. Yes, it’s true that (a) most Canadians mean well, (b) not all politicians or restaurants are bad, and (c) I really do think that in Canada we […]

Meat is Murder, and so is eating out in Victoria

Saturday, December 27th, 2003

If it turns out that the BSE infected cow that was recently diagnosed in Washington State originally came from Canada, I won’t be surprised (just look at Brian Evans’s face in this article and tell me he’s straight). This country has the most corrupt and lax system for overseeing environmental and health issues that I’ve […]


Saturday, December 27th, 2003

It’s The Blue Angel‘s birthday today. The Nazis eventually really hated her because she was a traitor to their pure cause. It’s also Noel‘s birthday. He’s a dedicated race traitor on the academic scene. His name is Noel, as in “No�l No�l, born is the king of Isra�l,” because his parents had also had the […]

Capitalist coffee, parasailing, and a day off

Friday, December 26th, 2003

Checking out Anis Shivani’s other writings online, I found this article in Dissident Voice, Is It Time to Move to Canada? The Degeneration of the Liberals, from late January 2003. It’s not exactly comfort reading since Shivani’s assessment of the current American status quo is bleak, but I found myself cheering this criticism in particular: […]

Are we there yet?

Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

I used my blogging time today writing in comments to my Dec. 22 post, Michael Moore on AlterNet, and I don’t have energy left for anything else just now. There’s this article I refer to in the comments, but if you don’t want to check that thread out, take a look at the article here: […]

Individualism today: Feelings being exploited instead of addressed, or, how I learned to stop worrying and be Dagwood

Monday, December 22nd, 2003

While I’m at it, AlterNet has a bunch of great articles just now. There’s Noam Chomsky’s Dictators R Us, originally printed in the Toronto Star, and a terrific interview with Arlie Hochschild focussing on the blue-collar guy who’s likely to vote for Bush in 2004: I think we all have feelings and they all can […]

Michael Moore on AlterNet

Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Michael Moore has a great article on AlterNet detailing the negative and desperate attitudes of American service personnel on the ground in Iraq. The article also includes much detailed information on how you can help the soldiers. It concludes with a rallying call by Moore: I know it feels hopeless. That’s how they want us […]

Manual dexterity: the original Orgasmatron (accept no substitutes!)

Monday, December 22nd, 2003

I saw a reference to this in the local paper’s business section today (paper copy, in a cafe) and looked it up online on Google. Wow. It’s a special time for DIY, I guess. Maybe this is what happens when “home ec” is no longer taught in school? People (I mean girls of course) forget […]

Not if, but when do we get the big one

Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Ironically — and frighteningly — the Oakland Tribune ran this article, Monster quake could hit Pacific Northwest, about 8 hours before today’s severe 6.5 earthquake hit Central California. My husband was on a conference call to colleagues when it happened — suddenly they said, “We have to cut this call short since we have to […]

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