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Canada’s fateful next step

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Canada’s government, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is about to sign into law a new trade agreement with China. The agreement has had no public input by the Canadian people or their elected representatives. One can only suppose that it’s designed to enrich Canada’s corporate class. It certainly impoverishes Canada’s democracy. As The Tyee, […]

Where’s our “I, Claudius” when we need it?

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

When I read about art events like this, I can’t help but think of I, Claudius and its relentless chronicle of Rome in decline… …performance art legend Marina Abramović created a stir when she was accused of exploiting other artists during L.A.’s MOCA gala. Guests at the posh event paid up to $10,000 dollars so […]


Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

I’ve censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet–a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit: I ███████ ████. ████ on: ██████ are ██████ █████ █████ two web ██████████ █████ […]

Respect and the authoritarian personality

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Aretha Franklin demanded it, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, because to get it confers authority on the person who is respected. Singing from the perspective of the blues, that is, of the oppressed, to get authority and therefore respect is a good thing. But what happens when established authorities themselves harp on demands for respect? Or when the supporters […]

Front-line/Downtown – Community Solutions

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

On Monday March 30, the Downtown Residents Association (DRA) hosted a public meeting, On The Front Lines: Community Solutions for Homelessness and Social Issues, at City Hall. Moderated by DRA chair Rob Randall, we heard from Victoria City Councilor Charlayne Thornton-Joe, the Coalition to End Homelessness‘s Jill Clements, the Downtown Victoria Business Association’s Ken Kelley, […]

Canadian cities in a quagmire?

Friday, December 19th, 2008

We’re experiencing an exceptional cold weather spell in southwestern British Columbia, and last night a 47-year old homeless woman died in Vancouver.  She burned to death, trying to keep warm with a live fire; the police think her blankets must have caught fire. The story is all over the news of course, including here: Woman’s […]

Connect the dots: two articles by Miro Cernetig and Bob Ransford that should be read together

Monday, March 24th, 2008

The Vancouver Sun published two articles, nearly back-to-back, which make a lot of sense when read in conjunction: on March 22, we read Bob Ransford’s As cities become more complex, our taxes keep rising and on March 24 we read Milo Cernetig’s Approach to social woes a moral failure by all three main B.C. parties. […]

Daily Diigo Public Link 03/24/2008

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

“Saint Brad” by Andrew Blum (Metropolis Magazine) Annotated tags: andrew_blum, architecture, brad_pitt, make_it_right_project, metropolis_magazine, new_orleans, rebuilding, urbanplanning As I don’t follow celebrity news, I had no idea that Brad Pitt is a “design junkie” or a pivotal mover-and-shaker in the rebuilding of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. (I barely know that Pitt and […]

On Robert Dziekanski’s death by Taser at the hands of the RCMP at Vancouver International Airport

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Below, several articles that report on this matter. I watched the video two days ago, it’s shocking on several levels. It’s a record of stupidity aggregating into calamity — the endless prattle of the moron in the background, insisting that Dziekanski is speaking Russian, alerting us to every detail (“he threw a chair” blah blah […]

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