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Archive for March, 2008

Daily Diigo Public Link 03/31/2008

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

“Star Cities: The World’s Best-Known Architects are Turning to Planning” by Joan Ockman – Architect Online Annotated tags: architecture, bilbao_effect, joan_ockman, starchitecture, urbanplanning “Joan Ockman asks: Is a new form of urbanism emerging?” “THE MID-TO LATE ‘90S saw the realization of several colossal redevelopment projects in which superstar architects were called upon to supply window […]

Daily Diigo Public Link 03/27/2008

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Seattle’s historic contradictions – Crosscut Seattle – Annotated tags: architecture, crosscut, heritage, historic_preservation, knute_berger, seattle Sparked in part by the designation of a “googie” (a Denny’s diner) as a heritage landmark structure (a designation that the deep-pocketed owner, the Benaroya company, is going to fight in court), Berger reports on subsequent repercussions and discussions among […]

Connect the dots: two articles by Miro Cernetig and Bob Ransford that should be read together

Monday, March 24th, 2008

The Vancouver Sun published two articles, nearly back-to-back, which make a lot of sense when read in conjunction: on March 22, we read Bob Ransford’s As cities become more complex, our taxes keep rising and on March 24 we read Milo Cernetig’s Approach to social woes a moral failure by all three main B.C. parties. […]

Daily Diigo Public Link 03/24/2008

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

“Saint Brad” by Andrew Blum (Metropolis Magazine) Annotated tags: andrew_blum, architecture, brad_pitt, make_it_right_project, metropolis_magazine, new_orleans, rebuilding, urbanplanning As I don’t follow celebrity news, I had no idea that Brad Pitt is a “design junkie” or a pivotal mover-and-shaker in the rebuilding of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. (I barely know that Pitt and […]

Hume on heritage, cities, suburbs

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Christopher Hume is on a roll with three articles in today’s Toronto Star. In Urban tragedy unfolding as highrise to erase history, he offers a few (troubling) questions about the impending demolition of some 19th-century Toronto rowhouses slated for demolition so that a new condo tower can take their place. I’m not anti-development (nor is […]

Daily Diigo Public Link 03/22/2008

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Edmonton: Daunting task for crap detectors Annotated tags: edmonton, todd_babiak, urban_design “Design watchdogs have a lot on their plate” — The Edmonton Journal’s Todd Babaniak weighs in on the all-volunteer Edmonton Design Committee’s effect so far on urban design in that city, and concludes that it’s too bad they couldn’t have gotten started in 1990 […]

Diigo V3 now live: check it out

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

As any regular reader has noticed by now, I often have entries entitled “Daily Diigo Public Link,” followed by that day’s date. These are generated automatically when I use Diigo to bookmark items that I choose to make public. I have found Diigo to be the best bookmarking tool on the web, hands-down, and have […]

Daily Diigo Public Link 03/20/2008

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Architecture in Tokyo: Omotesando Steet II, Pt II – PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” tags: architecture, omotesando, ping_mag, tokyo Part 2 of a fascinating trek down Omotesando Street in Tokyo, which seems studded front to back with “starchitect” buildings. » Cash-strapped Americans re-examine driving habits • Spacing Toronto • understanding […]

Daily Diigo Public Link 03/19/2008

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

“La Biennale di Venezia: 11th Annual Architecture Exhibition” – Canadian Architect – 3/17/2008 Annotated tags: architecture, biennale, canadianarchitect, theory, venice_biennale – Intro to the upcoming (Sept.14-Nov.23) 11th Annual Architecture Exhibition / Venice Biennale, directed this year by Aaron Betsky. Its title is “Out There: Architecture Beyond Building.” (Preview from Sept.11-13/08) I highlighted a quote by […]

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