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Test post

Just a test, as something seems to be broken with my feed reader and I need to check whether it’s a one-off problem or something deeper.


  1. Looks like my reader is working : )

    Comment by davin — October 1, 2008 #

  2. Thanks, Davin, for letting me know, I appreciate it!

    Yes, after talking (writing) a big game about how I was coming back to blogging more frequently, I went away again for many days instead. And then when I did come back, I noticed that my feed reader wasn’t picking up the previous post from earlier in the day.

    By the way, because I was AWOL, it wasn’t till yesterday that I saw your Sept.25 blog post via my referrer stats, on the purpose of blogging, where you mention me in some pretty good company . I’m flattered, and only wish I could be as good/ disciplined/ consistent about it as I should be. (One small question: I take it you meant “Expert or authoritative” on point 4, not “authoritarian”? 😉 At least I sure hope I’m not being authoritarian, although I do want to give my inner bitch free rein from time to time, haha!)

    I’ve added your blog to my feed reader now, so I guess that, among other goodies found there, I’ll be getting some exposure to a music scene I’m not familiar with. Looking forward to it!

    Comment by Yule — October 1, 2008 #

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