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Please call me Sam

And another thing. Perversely, I find comfort in Hubble’s view right now. It’s balancing to think that there is a vast universe out there that exists according to a much larger tic-toc clockwork than anything human spawn could muster. Thank you, cold full-empty all embracing carefully non-tactile hotly isolating universe for being there, because otherwise I might just go insane. For I had an unexpected whirlwind visit from one of my sisters today — we all live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles apart, and I was today again reminded that there is a reason for this. Does anyone remember the ancient 60s TV show Bewitched? Well, I feel as though I just had a visit from Endora (Agnes Moorehead) herself. It makes me feel quite like Darrin, and that’s such a drag.


  1. Yes.

    Comment by Joel — March 19, 2004 #

  2. In Robert Zelazny’s Lord of Light, the Buddha (known as Mahasamatman) is called “Sam” for short.

    Comment by Joel — March 19, 2004 #

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