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The Longest Now

A new endeavour: making ideonomy into a science
Wednesday February 20th 2013, 12:42 am
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Jorn Barger, Mortimer Adler, Patrick Gunkel, Vince, Misha Herscu, Popova: what do all of these people have in common?  Exploring the densely textured space of possible ideas,  the mereology of existence, learning to see implied, hidden, missing, combinatorial spaces.

Ideonomy is a dream of structuring that work; embraced by Gunkel in lists and charts and drawings, never fully realized.  Modern tools and languages bring us closer to being able to explore such spaces computationally and comprehensively, to come up with questions about idea space and experiments that can resolve their answer: not in the naively space-filling method of the Library of Babel, but in the equivalent populated entirely by meaningful and informative works.

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