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The Longest Now

Love the Forseti look.
Saturday May 29th 2004, 6:15 am
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How sweet is that? Not saccharine, that’s for sure.

Love the Forseti look. …

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channels of digestion
Thursday May 27th 2004, 1:21 am
Filed under: indescribable

Recipe for butter finger sandwiches:

1 stick frozen butter (sweet, if possible)
6 tbsp liquid peanut butter
6 tbsp apple butter
Warm sharp knife.
1/4 c. flour (whole wheat works well)
2 tbsp brown sugar

Preparation: Warm a sharp knife for cutting the butter. If your peanut butter is not easily spreadable when refrigerated, separate out 5 tbsp of it and mix in 1/2 tbsp peanut oil and 1/2 tbsp cream, then rechill. Sift the flour and sugar together in a small bowl.

  • Flour hands and a cutting board with the flour mixture.
  • Slice frozen butter into millimeter-thick squares with the knife, and place on the board.
  • Alternately spread peanut butter and apple butter on the upturned faces of the butter slices (with a cold knife).
  • Flip each peanut-buttered butter slice onto the neighboring apple-buttered butter slice. Place the resulting sandwiches on a sugared serving plate.
  • Refrigerate until ready to eat.

Bon appetit!   Makes ~50 finger sandwiches (serves 10).

welcome to the highest level
Thursday May 27th 2004, 12:54 am
Filed under: poetic justice

“no space available.”

BC calc alums fight ‘55 alums in Ultimate tourney. News on the 11th.

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How EU QC plans came to pass…
Tuesday May 18th 2004, 8:02 am
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Mmmm. Thanks, Jeed.

How EU QC plans came to pass… …

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Spring lawn parties
Monday May 17th 2004, 2:58 pm
Filed under: popular demand

250 same-sex marriage license were handed out b/t midnight and 1am this morning at Cambridge City Hall, after an afternoon-long party in front of the city hall. Everyone looks beautiful when they beam! And there were a lot of beaming faces there. I walked back home just as a line of policemen were walking back to the Central Sq station; someone was taking a photo of the passing line, and her friend started singing the “one of these things is not like the others…” theme song.

All I have to say is, if I were getting on in years, there could hardly be a better old age home than the one across the street from that city hall. Those gentlemen and women have front row seats to everything, and they seem awfully happy.

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bash the org
Friday May 14th 2004, 5:20 am
Filed under: poetic justice

Pretty hilarious. ~ ~ killer app || postal job ||
the cult (1, 2) ||
too late… ||
eternal elementary school ||
masculinity ||
truth (in advertising) ||
sad (1, 2, 3, 4!…) ||
vegans ||
linux ||
end guy
right ||

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35 megapixel channel!
Friday May 14th 2004, 4:24 am
Filed under: %a la mod

Mars speaks! That super-hi-res photo rocks my entire week. Look at those sand waves… and the sedimentation layers from ancient waters@! As Struppi would say, “Waugh!” …And keep your eyes peeled for some of the advantages of having real live waters here on Earth — a Lobster Zone machine coming soon to a resto near you.

35 megapixel channel! …

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New pinnacles of efficiency
Wednesday May 12th 2004, 6:52 am
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T-shatsu no forudeengu no koto. Three motions and one flop. On-bereevaburu? Ta-daah!

New pinnacles of efficiency …

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GBR Free 74kg… Nate Ackerman rides again
Sunday May 09th 2004, 1:53 pm
Filed under: international

…with a wild-card trip to the Athens Olympics. Nate
rocks my world. And what a boost for British wrestling! I’m *so*
excited.  He seems to have had an AMAZING trip, too. 

GBR Free 74kg… Nate Ackerman rides again …

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Some things have to be seen…
Friday May 07th 2004, 12:36 am
Filed under: international

to be believed. And some can use as many channels to the public as possible. The images from abu Ghraib qualify… the americans in those photos are representing all of us — even those tangentially part of the coalition — to the world.

Some things have to be seen… …

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Waxing Moon, Waning Moore
Friday May 07th 2004, 12:27 am
Filed under: %a la mod

Crowning of the Rev. Moon as King of Peace by our National Reps… and Disney not letting Miramax release Moore’s new con-Bush film. I wonder if they have enough stake in the IP of the movie to keep it from release for six months!

Waxing Moon, Waning Moore …

Thursday May 06th 2004, 11:57 pm
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Leave it to those slap-happy clowns at to keep on top of breaking news like the temperature range and female body count in placid agricultural regions of Texas like Bee County.

1…Love…xONNA …

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The Radioactive Boy Scout
Wednesday May 05th 2004, 3:49 pm
Filed under: indescribable

David Hahn! Getting more deserved publicity from the original Harper’s reporter. May this Eagle Scout live to see 30.

The True Story of a Boy and His Backyard Nuclear Reactor...

Not everyone who dreams of greatness sets up a
minor nuclear chain reaction before graduating high school… in his
relative’s backyard, with home-grown gear… manages not to tell anyone
about it for a year… and, after said back yard is turned into a Superfund cleanup site, gets away with a slap on the wrist.

The Radioactive Boy Scout …

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Where have all the cyborgs gone?
Sunday May 02nd 2004, 6:04 pm
Filed under: chain-gang

Steve MannThad Starner… both long gone, off on their own personal quests.  Why don’t any of the orbiting Media-Lab advisors have any gear on them? Neither the people currently in the Wearables Lab, not even Sandy Pentland or Neal Gershenfeld, keep on them more than the universal wristwatch and maybe a set of contact lenses. SAY WHAT???

Where have all the cyborgs gone? …

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