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The Longest Now

Wikimania 2006 release : festivities planned for Cambridge in August
Tuesday May 23rd 2006, 11:33 pm
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Dear all,

The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce the second annual Wikimania convergence, Wikimania 2006.
The event will bring together members of the Wikimedia project
communities, internet professionals and visionaries, and academics from
a wide range of fields sharing the nexus of ideas and technology
surrounding Wikipedia and its sister projects. The conference will be
held August 4–6, 2006 at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Attendees can now register online; with discounted rates available for community members.

Help is being made available for overseas travelers in need of US
visas… We are looking forward to another huge get-together; come join

Wikimania 2006 release : festivities planned for Cambridge in August …

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Wikimania update
Wednesday May 17th 2006, 1:00 pm
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Registration for Wikimania 2006 is now open.  There’s no better way to spend August 4-6 … (defcon?  I mean really.)  You can swing into Boston early and pick up another hacker conference as well; either Hacking Days or SIGGRAPH.

Wikimania update …

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Representing a diversity of perspectives across language divides
Thursday May 11th 2006, 3:41 am
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Ethan, one of my favorite sparring partners in discussions about
most anything under the sun, carved out an hour the other week to
discuss language issues and equitable representation of the world’s
multitude of perspectives. We had an excellent discussion of the
subject, which became heated for a moment when it seemed we were
veering off into philosophy rather than a practical discussion of how
to improve the world’s current defaults.

He wrote a lovely blog post about the discussion here, and followed up with a quick evaluation of a metric we had discussed. (How can one not admire
a person who dashes off two new metrics before breakfast?)  But there are a few points where I would like to differ.

(editor’s note : where’d the rest of this post go? –2/2008)

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