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The Longest Now

Kalashnikov, on fascism and homeland
Wednesday December 09th 2009, 6:03 pm
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Mikhail Kalashnikov gave a few rare interviews and public
appearances last month, during events commemorating his 90th birthday — which was celebrated widely in the Russian media.

In a Rossiyskaya Gazeta interview, the retired Lt. General
discusses his inspirations, and those of the designers of the Uzi and the M-16.  It is short, and worth a read.

Once when I was thinking it over, I recalled our specialist term – ricochet. At least the three of us – Eugene Stoner, Uziel Gal, and me – developed guns to do away with fascists as soon as possible… But the bullets fired from the М16 hit Vietnamese people who fought to unite their homeland. Uzi bursts shatter the slim hope for peace in Palestine and the countries next door… Let alone my АК?

Kalashnikov is the last of his generation.  Eugene Stoner died in 1997, at 74;  Uziel Gal in 2002, at 79.

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Sunday December 06th 2009, 10:41 pm
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In other news, Vitter, Coburn, Brown, Dodd, Mikulski, and Franken all found something they can agree on: an amendment they are co-sponsoring that would require all Congressmembers and their families to adopt a government option in whatever health-care bill passes.

How I love multipartisanship – it gives my heart’s cockles’ goosebumps goosebumps.

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