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The Longest Now

General Wesley Clark
Friday October 17th 2003, 3:53 pm
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Or, to lay it all out for you, General Wesley Kanne Clark (ret.). All things Wes Clark are pooled here. (OK, for the time being I haven’t recopied my infamous Draft Clark summary, and I’m generally excluding things like “Wes Clark’s avocado memories“, “Wes Clark model aircraft“, etc….)

 Now that's refreshment!

Clark ’04, no longer a whispered myth, has become a reality. Even Michael Moore supports Clark. Wesley Clark is a presidential candidate; yea, for he wants be YOUR president in 2004. But Kanne he pull it off?  (Ouch.)  What has Clark to offer? What ties has Wesley Clark, Little Rock prodigy, to the vast Clinton network? What binds General Clark (ret.), Army veteran, to military powers in this country? What baggage does General Clark, former NATO SACEUR, carry with him from prior military and political contacts around the world? What does Wes Clark, friend to every American, envision for the nation — or the world — over the next hundred years? Who provided Clark’s fortnight-long $250K/day fundraising sprint immediately following his announcement, 65% of which was reportedly raised online?

More personally: What is the Clark family heritage? Is there any deeper meaning in the fact that every official Wesley Clark site ever put online has been broken on at least one major web browser? Is there any truth to the rumors that, despite his “Kanne”, Wes Clark was adopted?  Why was the Clark campaign struggling against the Draft Clark movement?

I once compiled an extensive list of “Wesley Clark” links, fan- and enemy-sites, and secondary sources, back in the spring when Clark first started saying “psst!” from the wings of the presidential stage in a booming stage whisper. Back then the General was finishing up his run as political columnist and commentator, and taking to the ‘almost presidential’ lecture circuit. Clark is a fine speaker, and I enjoyed looking for old speech transcripts online… but now there is so much more material available! The campaign just released a whole raft of award/citation documents, people are unearthing old speeches he gave supporting various third parties, etc. If I’ve missed your favorite primary source or Clarkism, it will be here soon.

(also, even though wesleyclark sites abound, I’m particularly fond of non-american sites like [cf., e.g.,], and would like to diversify further). Finally, if you know of any *other* people with the poor grace to also be named Wesley Clark (or even ‘General Clark’), they can have a little breathing space here too.

This site not sponsored by clark for prez, kanne for clark, wesley for crusher, kanne crusher for wes,,,,,,, hispanosconclark, african-americanporters4clark, or any of the other hemidemisemi-official clark campaign sites or orgs, nor is it sponsored, funded, or deniably encouraged by the official “wesley clark 2004 campaign”, now that such a thing exists.  Nor is it intended for Clark-bar enthusiasts, Clark Kent wannabes, Kanne-Kanne dancers or wavering wesleys who don’t know whether they’re coming or going.

Hiow much were paid to degrade Sen. John Mccain.How did
you become a general..That was a sad commentary.

Comment by james mccarthy 07.01.08 @ 12:36 pm

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