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The Longest Now

Miscellaneous ecstasies: Link Dump Sunday returns in full force
Sunday February 17th 2013, 10:14 pm
Filed under: poetic justice,Rogue content editor,unfinished draft

The well-scripted life: Colbert counsels Patinkin “It’s pretty nice!”  (around 15:00 ).

…poetry should be written on the run, on the sly, during the time not accounted for…

metaresources for teachers finding materials:
Conan the Cybrarian (web 1.0 linklist)
Literacy and Learning Resources (doc list)
700 Ed+Tech events, late 2011 (doc list)
OER for German Schools (doc)

crisis of excellence
crisis of exmil (ST6)
An unknown future and a doubtful present: on mobilizing nations

data: – support for civic foia
Y Worlds knowledge teams – projects and systems for a new millennium?
Data Synthesis: $100 of awe from Common Crawl, via Lucky Oyster

Strategy ideas
Governance reform
Medical translation task force

Nerdfighteria! (wiki)
Waste Heat and speciation (metafilter ← Saurabh?)
Best thesis ever (PSU)
Frost flowers in the Arctic teeming with life

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