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The Longest Now

One man’s salvation from persistent madness to reasoned satirist
Saturday February 09th 2013, 4:27 am
Filed under: indescribable,meta,Seraphic

96 days of altered consciousness and recovering from a psychotic break. Told with humor and self-awareness, in an epic 18-part tale.

Let’s say that every time I see a yellow car, you actually see what I would call a green dragon, and we’ve just adapted to different driving styles… Now let’s assume we both see an object descended from the Model-T, and not the offspring of a bat fucking an iguana in a wood stove.* Except now I’m secretly attaching the symbol of car to dragon.

* I say natural selection demands that if you did this enough times, something would survive, and I bet that something would be a dragon. If there are any crazy people reading this right now, you have your mission.

[…] One man’s salvation from persistent madness to reasoned satirist […]

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Thanks for posting. Having known and taken care of someone who had a remarkably similar episode, with the same symptoms and triggers, I can say with some assurance that it’s uncomfortable, often downright terrifying, and deeply unromantic from the outside looking in; and that as far as I can tell this whole compelling piece pretty much sums the experience up.

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