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The Longest Now

Musical ethics: In defense of free music, Shaw and Masnick shine
Thursday June 28th 2012, 3:16 pm
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A recent kerfuffle about music sharing, free culture, and direct support of artists began on NPR and ended on TechDirt.

Last month, Bob Boilen wrote “I Just Deleted All My Music” for NPR’s All Songs Considered blog; to which summer intern Emily White replied last week “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With“.  Trichordist’s David Lowery shot off a ranting Letter to Emily White that was a viral hit.

Finally, Zac Shaw of mediapocalypse wrote “In Defense of Free Music“, an eloquent explanation of Free Culture ideals and commitment to supporting artists. And culturist and summation genius Mike Masnick has the last word, wrapping up the discussion and aftermath.

I found it very interesting that all the post I read about Emily’s 11,000 mp3s did mention that she pay for music, that no one brought up the 125,000 $/song fee that copyright infringement can inflict and asking her to pay that astronomical amount. I wonder why?

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