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The Longest Now

Tracking local news: a case study
Saturday May 12th 2012, 9:46 pm
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I passed a burning Bolt Bus this morning. I wanted to learn more about it, so I trolled some local news sites.
Then some hyperlocal news sites.
Then The Internetz, via various search engines.


Twitter? Came through after a fashion: people passing it, like me, on the NJ Turnpike. Some had cameras to match their rubber necks. (HT to LilianeHaub)

Someone also tweeted from another Bolt Bus that whose driver commented on the fire to them.
But no word from people on the bus, or involved with the event; and no actual coverage.

It’s locally newsworthy;
Are there any alternatives to find out more?
Alternatives that focus on certain subgenres?

If you really can’t find any information online, writing down your own interest and what information you’ve gathered is a poor second option. That at least gives others interested in the same topic a place to talk about it.

I was on that bus just before it started to burn! I have also been trying to find out more so that I can report to the DOT bus safety division. They want a DOT number but Bolt refuses to provide it to me – so going in a circle. The bus had a blow out of the front right tire. The driver pulled over to the side, we stood on the side of the road for twenty minutes watching the tire steam and smelling the burning rubber until a state trooper required we all return BACK INTO the bus!!! we complained of smoke and toxic fumes and could not find any windows to open. Only two escape hatches to the roof of the bus. Spent about half an hour in bus breathing in fumes. Bolt sent another bus for us and literally two minutes after we were all off the bus with the melting tire, the tire went up in flames completely blocking the door and any chance of escape. We were amazingly lucky. The company automatically refunded us our money but I have been unable to learn more information inspite of requests to the company. Thank you for taking the photo from the road.

Comment by Adrienne 05.26.12 @ 3:00 am

Adrienne – thanks for the comment. That sounds unbelievable… I don’t know anything about DOT reports, but would love to know how that could happen. The photo isn’t by me, it was another passerby I found via Twitter; I didn’t have my camera handy.

Comment by metasj 05.27.12 @ 7:23 am

DOT # is clear as day on the side of every bus, as well as every other commercial vehicle on the road.

Comment by g 06.22.12 @ 1:47 pm

Who are you what good is you to report greyhound when the trooper comes to see what happen, if you want to really no when a trooper comes to the scene of a problem especially a fire they will record the incident, Mr.Adrienne Bolt Bus/Greyhound has a good safety record ,Just remember things happen anything that is man made. It will break down and that goes for any machine. Just remember safety first Greyhound number 1.

Comment by Anonymous 06.23.12 @ 11:51 pm

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