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The Longest Now

Patrick Farley draws the blues
Tuesday August 04th 2009, 1:10 am
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Patrick Farley‘s Electric Sheep Comix are back online, with the same combination of blues, joy, nostalgia and artistry that they have always had.   The new website was launched and announced on Twitter the day I posted about them… coincidence, surely.  Roughly ten of the original comix (including most of my favorites) are reproduced in their original form — thankfully, since the Internet Archive versions I linked to earlier this week were missing some images from every story.

I recommend you start with Apocamon or Dicebox, or even Delta  Thrives when it’s put up, for a quick immersion in color and art.  But my favorites are  the Jain’s Death and the full Spiders series (only the third episode of which is currently online).

[…] some need resurrection. like Patrick Farley’s amazing comics website of art and animation (and […]

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