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The Longest Now

on the future of Wikipedia
Wednesday July 22nd 2009, 12:45 pm
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A number of recent initiatives have been started to plan for the future of Wikimedia projects and of Wikipedia in particular. The Foundation has made a 12-month Strategic Planning initiative one of their top priorities for the coming year, and hired three staff and an outside consultancy for the purpose of organizing input from the communities.

On the English Wikipedia, the Arbitration Committee tried to organize a community think tank to provide research and advice on community development and long-range plans, something which is generally wanted and needed by the community, but which people didn’t like having associated with the AC. (personally I think the idea will work fine once people get rid of application processes and acceptance metrics, and simply encourage everyone to take part in a focused sort of brainstorming, in a well-ordered way.)

At the New York Wikiconference this coming weekend, a number of the talks are about planning for outreach and future chapter and project growth — something it would be good to see more of at local events and on-wiki.  And I am running for the Wikimedia Board in part to help vitalize and expand Wikipedia’s sister projects, which have never emerged from its shadow (while still promising the same sort of universal single-source for free knowledge that we would all love to see and use).

So… what would you like to see in Wikipedia’s future?  What have you been waiting to happen for years that hasn’t yet come to pass?  What would you like to see from Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wiktionary, Wikinews, or Wikisource?  Are you still secretly hoping that Wikispecies will merge with the Encyclopedia of Life?  Do you want Wikiquote to be as popular as LyricWiki, only legal? Are you happier with Enciclopedia Libre and WikiZnanie?  Let me know.  The best ideas will be thrown up on the whiteboard at the wikiconference.

Support for the “other” languages.. Clear and measurable objectives like:
* Timely updates of the localisation
* Support for the scripts used by Wikipedias..
Longer term support:
* Commons images searchable for every language

Comment by GerardM 07.20.09 @ 3:36 pm

I’d like to see Wikinews rebooted. The current model is not viable and looks like it will never reach critical mass.

See my thoughts at:

WMF should ask Clay Shirky, Jay Rosen, and other people who think serioulsy about social media and journalism what a viable Wikinews model might look like.

Comment by Sage (User:Ragesoss) 07.20.09 @ 3:43 pm

I do hope that there will be a way for Encyclopedia of Life and Wikispecies to merge. I think challenges are rather political than technical. I work at EOL (my part is a global list of scientific names and it sounds to me as a natural thing to happen.

Global Names Index is a part of Global Names Architecture idea which will hopefully help to glue EOL and Wikispecies.

Comment by Dmitry Mozzherin 07.21.09 @ 10:13 am

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