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The Longest Now

Items of beauty : of Maskots and Royalty
Sunday March 22nd 2009, 7:25 am
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Every now and again I run across something sufficiently excellent that I am bound and determined not to let it, or my interest in it, become buried in the Web’s swamps.  This post will be without other useful content…

Turtle Fur Maskots have been a wintertime standby of mine for years.  Balaclavas with good nose and mouth cover that finesse the various physics challenges posed by that arrangement, they are happily still in production (though they were scarce a few winters ago).  Without one I would fear to bike through winter ice.  With one, it is a cheerful game to tangle with the coldest winds and densest snows.

<NTS: this was almost buried in a swamp, drafted but unpublished, for lack of finding a link!>

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